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                                    EDUCATION WORLDWIDE


Prospects Education worldwide was established with the objective of providing effective and reliable
counseling and career guidance services for students seeking to pursue their higher education abroad. In
Sri Lanka there is a huge demand for higher education overseas due to the fact that out of approximately
150,000 students who sit for the GCE advanced level examination, only about 17,000 are accommodated
in state universities. The rest of the students are forced to seek higher educational options in the private
sector institutes locally and in colleges and universities abroad. In Sri Lanka, private institutes are not
allowed to grant degrees. Therefore students who require undergraduate degrees are forced to seek 2 + 1
programs from local institutes who are affiliated to foreign universities to conduct degree programs, or
overseas universities and colleges. Also there is a huge segment of international school students who have
no option but to complete their degree abroad, due to local universities not recognizing GCE London
Advanced Level qualifications. Also due to the economic climate in the country, students prefer to study
and obtain employment abroad, to obtain more lucrative salaries.

There is a huge vacuum in Sri Lanka for a student agency which provides reliable information to students
such as career guidance and assistance to obtain placements in a reputed university or collage. Advising
the students on a course of study which is in line with the student’s ambitions, merits, academic
performance, financial resources and employment prospects needs to be done with a lot of care, since the
students future is at stake. Therefore responsible and reliable as well as accurate counseling is imperative,
from staff members who have both the experience and exposure locally and internationally in higher
education, and with an insight regarding the opportunities available abroad. The reason being that
education is not merely a business but a responsible service which is provided to students to sharpen and
enhance their knowledge and education, to make them well balanced and well rounded citizens who could
contribute to society and global development and growth.

As Prospects Education World Wide we Strongly believes that it is the responsibility of the student
agency to advise and guide the students in the correct path for higher education in line with their aptitudes
and strengths as much as it is the responsibility of the university or collage to deliver education of high
quality and standards, in order to develop the students into worthy global citizens.

It is with these guiding principles and objectives that PROSPECTS EDUCATION WORLDWIDE was
   To be the leading student recruitment agency in the region, for overseas
                               higher education.

 To maintain quality and service excellence in all aspects of our operations,
   to serve students and parents with responsibility and to the best of our
abilities, to counsel and guide students to obtain placements in colleges and
 universities of repute in accordance with their merits and aptitudes, and to
   ensure that students are guided in the correct path to overseas higher
  education, enable them to obtain globally recognized qualifications, and
                    become responsible and global citizens.


Prospects Education Worldwide was inaugurated with an objective to provide internationally recognized
overseas universities and colleges of repute, for the students of Sri Lanka. Our main objective is to provide
reliable counseling and career guidance services to students and assist them in obtaining suitable
placements from overseas universities and colleges by assisting them with all aspects such as applications,
documentation and obtaining visa, along with obtaining accommodation and part-time employment if there
is no objection from that countries law.

Prospects Education Worldwide was formed by individuals with experience, background and exposure to
the local and overseas higher education sector. . The company is an associate company of Godagama
(Pvt) Ltd, an established group of companies which have been operating for over 30 years. The company is
engaged in the real estate sector; renting out prime commercial properties in the hub of Colombo, in the
agriculture and plantation sector managing and developing several estates, in the leisure sector owning
and managing a restaurant in Colombo 3. In addition Godagama (pvt) Ltd also has business interests in the
textile, garments and manufacturing sectors. The company’s venture into the higher education sector is a
result of a partnership formed between Hasitha Sri Wijesekara, Director/CEO of Godagama (Pvt) Ltd and
K.S Praminda perera, who has considerable experience in the higher education sector.

PEW is conveniently located in the heart of Colombo, Galle road
Colombo 03, with easy access to public transportation and places of
importance. We are housed in our own premises.
Our experience and exposure in higher education

Praminda Perera, one of the directors of PEW, has over 10 years of
experience in the higher education sector, with exposure in General
management, administration, academic administration and quality
control, sales and marketing and business administration.

Mr. Perera has been involved in administration of masters programs
conducted under franchise agreements with universities in Australia
and India, in his capacity as head of the postgraduate division, of a
leading private sector educational institution. Areas under his purview
included handling of all applications, admissions including obtaining
offer letters, evaluation and feedback of lecturers, coordinating
assignments, coordinating with lecturers and corresponding with
overseas university partners.

Hasitha Wijesekara, , a Director at PEW is also serving on the board of
Godagama Pvt Ltd, as a director. He is responsible for several of their
projects including construction of a apartment and shoping complex
in Colombo. Mr. Wijesekara counts almost 8 years of experience in
administration/general management, finance and HR, marketing and
business development locally and overseas, having being actively
involved in Godagama(Pvt) Ltd at senior managerial capacity. Presently
he is reading for his MBA from Edith Cowan University Australia.



Malaysia has become an increasingly popular destination for students seeking to pursue higher education,
especially for students from Asia. In Sri Lanka too, Malaysia is gradually becoming a popular destination for
higher studies. Some of the reasons students prefer Malaysia for higher studies is :

       Cost – Cost effectiveness is one of the main reasons Sri Lankan students seek Malaysian
        Universities. The most popular country for higher education for Sri Lankan students is UK, followed
        by USA, Australia . However if you compare the cost of course fees, Malaysia is almost 50% less

       Reputed universities and colleges – Malaysia has several reputed universities and colleges with
        world class facilities comparable to most western universities and are approved by the Malaysian
        Education ministry

       Students could still graduate from world class universities from UK, Australia and USA at a fraction
        of the cost – This is a huge advantage for students who seek reputed western universities. With the
        present economic crisis and global recession, this seems a sensible option to save money

       Students could still complete 1 or 2 years of their degree in UK, USA or Australia, this is a huge
        advantage for students seeking employment and PR in these countries

       The cost of living in Malaysia is much cheaper and affordable compared to western countries

       Culture – The culture in Malaysia is very similar to Sri Lanka in customs, food etc Hence students
        feel at home and parents feel comfortable to send their children with no social issues to worry
        about. Malaysia is also a safe and secure country.
Universities and Colleges we represent in Malaysia at present:

       Taylor’s University College

       INTI University College

       RIMA Group of colleges

Other universities and colleges we represent:

       Wichita State University USA

       Central Queensland University Australia

       Bell’s College UK
                                MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS


       To create awareness among the target market segment, namely students and parents who are
        keen to pursue their higher studies overseas, regarding Prospects education, our services, the
        universities and colleges we represent, the countries we represent, and the courses of study

       To achieve targeted student recruitment numbers

       To build the brand name of Prospects and our partner universities and colleges among our target
        audience and the general public of Sri Lanka as trustworthy and reliable brands associated with



Regular advertisements would be published in leading English daily and weekly newspapers in Sri Lanka
with the widest circulation, namely the Sunday Observer, Sunday Times, Daily news and Daily Mirror.
Advertisements would also be run in leading Sinhalese language newspapers. In addition regular articles
would also be published.
Marketing and Promotions

   School Visits – Regular visits would be done to leading schools in Colombo and outstation areas to
   conduct counseling sessions and presentations for students and parents of A/L classes. Schools
   visited would include public, private and international schools. Visits would also be organized for
   university representatives to conduct presentations and interviews for A/L students.
   Open Seminars – During periods after A/L’s and results have been released, for students to be
   educated on the options available.
   Interview sessions – With foreign university representatives in Colombo and selected areas out of

   Sponsorship and advertising in school events – To create awareness, brand building and to strengthen
   the rapport with principals and authorities of schools

   Organizing special events for principals and teachers of schools to build rapport and convince them
   regarding the programs and universities and colleges we represent, who would in turn influence the

   Participation at leading educational exhibitions in Sri Lanka such as EDEX and Adyapana

   Database Marketing – E-mail, postal and telemarketing campaigns aimed at databases of A/Ls
   students and parents

   E-marketing – Advertising in popular websites browsed by target market segments and e-mail
   campaigns. Utilizing a well developed and informative website to run promotions, collect databases and
   generate inquiries.

   M-Marketing – SMS campaigns targeted at selected student and parent databases.
Corporate Information

1.    Company Name:          Prospects Education Worldwide

      Registration No.        W/A 82192          Place of Registration: Colombo

2.    Address:                422/1, Galle Road, Colombo – 03, SRI LANKA

3.    Telephone Numbers:     +94 11 2574848

      Fax No:                +94 11 2574848


5.    The company is incorporated in Sri Lanka

     The names of directors: K.S. Praminda Perera & Hasitha Wijesekara

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