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           Checklist of Periodicals

                August 2006
                                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 2

Most of the periodicals listed below can be requested in the Manuscripts and Archives Division upon
presentation of a Special Collections card. Titles followed by a call number (e.g., *ZAN-1234) should be
requested from the Microforms Division, Room 100. They are available without a Special Collections
                                                                          IGIC Periodicals, page 3

Title                                  Place of Publication   Inclusive      Continued as/
                                                              Dates          Continued from

AGA                                    New York               1984
A.R. Infos                             Brussels               1982-1984      AR Info
Aaron                                  Washington, D.C.       undated
Abe Lincoln's Digest                   Los Angeles            1979
About Town                             New York               1980
Achilles Heel                          London?                1979?
Act Up Los Angeles                     Los Angeles            1988-1989
Act Up Reports                         New York               1989
Action Male                            Los Angeles            1977-1978
Adonis                                 London                 1959-1962
Advocate *ZAN-T3212+                   Los Angeles            1970-1989
Advocate Men                           Los Angeles            1984-1988
Aegis                                  Washington, D.C.       1981-1982
L'Affaire                              Los Angeles            undated
Affirmation                            Haverstraw, N.Y.       1979-1982
After Lunch: For Men Who Like          London                 1976-1977
Each Other
After Stonewall: A Critical Journal    Winnipeg, Man.         1977-1980
of Gay Liberation
Agence Tasse                           Paris                  1979
Agenda                                 Brussels               undated
ahoy                                   Lachine, Que.          1963
AIDS Info                              Best, The Neth.        1988
ARCS News (Aids-Related                White Plains, N.Y.     1988-1989
Community Services)
Aids Resource Center, News from        New York               1988-1989
ATIN(Aids Targeted Information         Baltimore, Md.         1989
Aids Treatment News                    San Francisco          1988-1989
Aids Update                            New York               1989
Ain't I a Woman                        Iowa City, Iowa        1972-1974
Ain't it the Truth/Ain't it da Truth   New York               1974
Alabama Forum                          Birmingham, Ala.       1982-1987
Albatross: A Radical Lesbian           E. Orange, N.J.        1975-1978
Feminist Magazine
Alice                                  San Francisco          1978-1979
Alice Reports                          San Francisco          1983-1986
Alive                                  Albany, N.Y.           1980-1981
Alive                                  Miami, Fla.            1977-1980
All-Man                                New York               1987-1988
All American Man                       Los Angeles            1987
All Together: The Journal for          Chicago                1976-1980
Emerging Lifestyles
aha info (allgemeine homosexuelle      Berlin                 1982-1984
AHA Newsfile (Allgemeine               Berlin                 1982
                                                                          IGIC Periodicals, page 4

Title                                  Place of Publication   Inclusive      Continued as/
                                                              Dates          Continued from
AGLA News (Alliance for Gay and        West Hollywood, Ca.    1988
Lesbian Artists in the Entertainment
Aloha Outreach                         Hawaii                 1979
Alter Ego                              Frankfurt              1982-1988
Alternate: The American Magazine       San Francisco          1977-1985
for Social Politics
Alternative                            Springfield, Il.       1972
The Alternative                        Syracuse, N.Y.         1976-1978
The Alternative                        University Park, Pa.   1971
Alternative to Alienation              Toronto, Ont.          1975-1976
Am Tikvah: Voice of Boston's           Boston                 5743
Community of Lesbian and Gay
Amazon Quarterly: A Lesbian-           Oakland, Ca.           1972-1975
Feminist Arts Journal
American Apollo                        Hackensack, N.J.       1958-1959
American Civil Liberties Union of      Los Angeles            1987-1988
Southern California: Lesbian and
Gay Rights Chapter
American Gay Atheists Newsletter       Houston                1983
Amethyst: A Journal for Lesbians       ?                      1987
and Gay Men
Ampersand                              Dallas                 1969
Amsterdam Gayzette                     Amsterdam              1975-1976
Anderschume Kontiki                    Zurich                 1988-1989
Andrea Doria                           ?                      undated
The Androgynous One                    Jacksonville, Fl.      1976
Angles                                 Vancouver, B.C.        1984-1989
The Anglican Clarion and Tattler       Oak Park, Il.          1981-1982
Another Voice                          Huntington, N.Y.       1986-1987
Another World                          Tulsa, Ok.             1983
Answers                                Fresno, Ca.            1988
A O Vision (Alpha Omega)               ?                      1977-1980
Apollon                                Copenhagen             undated
Apostolos                              Glen Ellyn, Il.        1979
Appleseed                              New York               1972
Applesource                            New York               1988
Ar Info                                Brussels               1984-1985      A.R. Infos
Arcadie: revue litteraire et           Paris                  1956-1982
Archdiocese                            ?                      1976-1977
Archives Bulletin                      Los Angeles            1987
Archives Report                        Hollywood, Ca.         1981-1982
Arcigay                                Rome                   1984
Arena Three: a special publication     London                 undated
for women
AGN (Arizona Gay News)                 Tucson                 1977-1982
Arizona Lesbian and Gay Task           Tempe, Arz.            undated
Force Newsletter
Art and Physique                       New Orleans            1953-1960
Asian Lesbians of the East Coast       New York?              1984
                                                                         IGIC Periodicals, page 5

Title                                 Place of Publication   Inclusive      Continued as/
                                                             Dates          Continued from
ASK Newsletter (Association for       Vancouver, B.C.        1965
Social Knowledge)
ALGP Newsletter (Association of       Jamaica Plain, Ma.     1983-1984
Lesbian and Gay Psychologists)
Atalanta                              Atlanta                1978-1983
Atheneum Newsletter                   Miami                  1965
Atheneum Review                       Miami                  1964
Atlanta Gay Central                   Atlanta                1979-1980
Atlantic City AC/DC                   Atlantic City, N.J.    1974
Atlantic City News                    Atlantic City, N.J.    1980?
Au Contraire: Entertainment for the   ?                      1979
Non-conforming Male
Au Courant                            Philadelphia           1982-1989
l'autre media                         Brussels               1983
Avanti                                ?                      1969
Aware                                 Miami                  1974
Awareness Jacksonville                Jacksonville, Fla.     1985-1986
                                                                          IGIC Periodicals, page 6

BL                                     Paramus, N.J.          1982-1983
Babilonia                              Milano                 1983-1989
Ballpark                               Denver                 ?
Balls                                  San Francisco          undated
BGA Gayzette (Baltimore Gay            Baltimore, Md.         1977-1979
The Baltimore Gay Paper                Baltimore, Md.         1983-1989
BAHR Report (Bar Association for       New York               1988-1989
Human Rights)
The Bar Hopper's Review                Los Angeles            1974
The Barb                               Atlanta, Ga.           1974-1977
The Baron's Tea Room Chatter           Mt Vernon, Wa.         1977
Bay Area Reporter                      Per.\Sect. room 108    San            1987-1989
Bay Times                              San Francisco          1989
Bay Windows                            Boston                 1983-1989
Beach Adonis                           New York               1967-1968
BEAR: A Magazine for Bearded           San Francisco          undated
Men and their Fans
Because We Care, Newsletter of         Houston                1982-1983
Becoming Ourselves Together            Sioux Falls, S.D.      1978
Beefcake                               Hollywood, Ca.         1974
Behind These Walls                     Basking Ridge, N.J.    undated
Be Long to Me                          California             undated
Benelux Action                         Dordrecht, The Neth.   1980
Le Berdache                            Montreal, Que.         1979-1982
Der Berliner                           Berlin                 1982-1983
Berliner Schwolenzeitung               Berlin                 1979
The Best of the First Hand Letters     Teaneck, N.J.          1985 +
Best of Gaytimes                       Van Nuys, Ca.          1976
The Best of Honcho                     ?                      undated
Beth Chayim Chadashim                  Los Angeles            1975
Better Life Monthly                    Beverly Hills, Ca.     1975
Bicoastal                              Mountainside, N.J.     1982
Big                                    New York               1964-1965
Big Apple Dyke News *ZAN-7589          New York               1981-1988
The Big Boys                           Washington, D.C.       1966
Big David                              New York               undated
Big John                               New York               undated
Big Mama Rag                           Denver                 1980-1984
Big Mouth                              ?                      undated
Bike Lovers                            Chatsworth, Ca.        1975
The Bi-Letter, Newsletter of the Bi-   Van Nuys, Ca.          1981-1982
Social Center
Bill Higgins Journal                   Beverly Hills,Ca.      1982
Bill Landis' Slezoid Express           New York               1983
Bi-Sexual Expression Newsletter        New York               1974-1975
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 7

Black and Blue, Voice of the New    New York            1967
York Motor Bike Club
Black and White Men Together        New York            1980-1984
Information Bulletin
Black and White Men Together        San Francisco       1981-1983
Black Fever                         Chicago             undated
Blacklight                          Washington, D.C.    1980-1985
Black Maria                         Chicago             1980
The Blade                           Washington, D.C.    1975-1980
The Blatant Image: A Magazine of    Sun Valley, Or.     1981
Feminist Photography
Blazer                              Wilmington, De.     1981
Blazing Star                        Chicago             1979
The "Bleep" Bulletin                St. Paul, Minn.     1983
Blue Tricks                         Miami               undated
Blueboy                             Miami               1976-1987
Blue Notes                          Miami               undated
Body                                New York            1972-1980
Body Politic *ZAN-3631              Toronto             1971-1989
The Body Positive                   New York            1988-1989
Bohemian Bugle                      Las Vegas, Nv.      1985-19888
Bold Studs                          San Francisco       undated
Bolt, for the Best                  Los Angeles         1987-1988
Bondings                            Mt. Ranier, Md.     1987
Bondings: Publication of New Ways   ?                   1981-1987
Booked for Brunch                   Hollywood, Ca.      1983-1988
Boonies: Voice for Rural Gays       Halifax, N.S.       undated
Borderline                          Berlin              1988
Boss                                New York            1966-1967
Boston Gayline                      Boston              1972-1973
Boston Gay Review                   Boston              1976-1981
The Bottom Line                     Palm Springs, Ca.   1986-1987
The Boulder Gay Record              Boulder, Co.        1974
Bound to Serve                      Van Nuys, Ca.       undated
The Boyfriends                      Los Angeles         1969
Boy Play                            Los Angeles         1973
Boys in Bondage                     ?                   undated
The Boys in the Band                ?                   undated
Bravo!                              San Diego, Ca.      1987-1989
Bridges                             Oakland, Ca.        1984
Bridges                             Atlanta, Ga.        1982
Broadsheet                          Auckland, N.Z.      1984
Broadsheet Journal Ads              San Francisco       undated
The Broadway Machine                Chicago             1976
Brooklyn Lesbians Together          Brooklyn            1989
Broomstick                          San Francisco       1982
Bronc                               New York            1984
Bronco                              San Francisco       1966
Brother: A Forum for Men Against    Berkeley, Ca.       1973-1984
Brothers Should Do It               California          undated
Buck Rogers' Happenings             Hollywood, Ca.      1980-1982
                                                                      IGIC Periodicals, page 8

Buddies                                Boston             undated
Buddy Riders                           San Francisco      1977
The Bugle                              Los Angeles        1976-1986
Bull!                                  Denver             1976
Bulletin of the Philadelphia Lesbian   Philadelphia       undated
and Gay Task Force
Bulletin d'information                 Paris              1978
The Bulletin of the International      Washington, D.C.   1982
Association of Black and White
Men Together
Bunkhouse                              New York           1981
Buns of Playguy                        New York           1986
The Bush Report                        Washington, D.C.   1984
Butch                                  Minneapolis        1965-1968
                                                                       IGIC Periodicals, page 9

Cabirion and Gay Books               New York              1984-1985
BulletinJLM 88-1036
CGRA Roundup (Colorado Gay           Denver                1984
Rodeo Association?)
Cahiers Masques JLK 87-195           Paris                 1986-1989
Calamus: Walt Whitman Quarterly      Tokyo                 1984
Calendar                             Kansas City, Mo.      1979
The Calendar                         San Antonio           1984-1986
Calendar: A Publication of Dignity   New York              1975-1983
New York
A Calendar of Events for Gay and     Brooklyn              1979-1982
Lesbian People
California Bugle                     Cathedral City, Ca.   1984
California Knight Life               Hollywood, Ca.        1979
California Scene                     Los Angeles           1971-1975
California Voice                     San Francisco         1983-1984
Call Boy                             Van Nuys, Ca.         1979
Calyx                                ?                     1984
CHE (A Bulletin of the Campaign      Manchester, U.K.      1972-1975
for Homosexual Equality)
Campaign                             Sydney, Aust.         1975-1986
The Campaign Fund Report             Washington, D.C.      1982-1986
Canadian Lesbian and Gay History     Toronto, Ont.         1985
Network Newsletter
Can We Talk?                         San Francisco         1984
Capital District Alive               Albany, N.Y.          1980
Capital District Gay Report          Albany, N.Y.          1978
Capital Gay                          London                1982-1989
Capitol Forum News                   Salem, Ore.           1980-1983
The Capitol Forum: Community         Salem, Ore.           1987
Capitol Hill                         Washington, D.C.      1978-1982
Captives                             ?                     undated
CARASA News (Committee for           New York              1981
Abortion Rights and Against
Sterilization Abuse)
The Caretaker                        Baltimore             1975
La Casa                              Phoenix               1978
Casal Lambda                         Barcelona             1989
Cascade Voice                        Portland, Ore.        1983
Castro Times                         San Francisco         1982
The Catalyst                         Denver                1972-1973
Catch-22                             Adelaide, Aust.       1986-1989
The Cellmate                         ?                     1976
Center Happenings                    New York              1987-1989
The Center News                      Long Beach, Ca.       1986
Center Points                        Buffalo, N.Y.         1975
The Center Post                      Long Beach, Ca.       1988-1989
Center Sports                        New York              1989
Center Stage                         New York              1987-1989
                                                                        IGIC Periodicals, page 10

The Center Voice: Lesbian and         New York                1985-1989
Gay Community Service Center
Chain Male                            Chicago                 undated
Challenge: Newsletter of the Gay      Convent Station, N.J.   1976-1989
Activist Alliance in Morris County,
The Challenger                        Rock Island, Il.        1967
The Change: Japan Gay Center          Tokyo                   1981
Changes                               Orlando, Fla.           1979-1980
Changing Men: Issues in Gender,       Madison, Wi.            1985-1989
Sex and Politics
The Chanticleer                       Atlanta, Ga.            1974
Charlotte Free Press                  Charlotte, N.C.         1975-1977
Check-Up: News form the               New York                1988
Community Health Project
Chelsea Gay Association               New York                1978-1983
Chicago Gay Alliance Newsletter       Chicago                 1970-1971
The Chicago Gay Crusader              Chicago                 1973-1976
Chicago Gay Liberation Newsletter     Chicago                 1970
Chicago Gaypride                      Chicago                 1972
CHC Brand (Chicago Hellfire Club)     Chicago                 1985
Chicago Men's Gathering               Chicago                 1975-1979
Chorus Lines                          New York                1985
Chorus Lines Update                   New York                1987-1988
Chorus Quarterly                      Seattle                 1989
Christopher Street JFM 80-142         New York                1976-1989
Ciao!                                 New York                1973-1979
Cincinnati Gay Paper                  Cincinnati              1973
Circle of Friends Newsletter          Dallas                  1968
Citizens News                         San Francisco           1965-1966
City Calendar                         New York                1974
CUNY: Lesbian and Gay                 New York                1987
Community News
City Week: The Weekly Newspaper       Portland, Ore.          1987
of Oregon's Gay and Lesbian
Clean Sweep: An Anti-sexist           Ann Arbor, Mi.          1975
Clit 007                              Paris                   1984
The Closet Door                       Amherst, Ma.            1971
Clothesdick                           New York                1977
The Club House                        ?                       undated
Club Scene                            Houston                 1987
Coalition Action Alert                New York                1989          CLGR Bulletin and
                                                                            CLGR Newsline
CLGR Bulletin ( Coalition for         New York                1978-1979     Coalition Action
Lesbian and Gay Rights)                                                     ALert and CLGR
CLGR Newsline (Coalition for          New York                1982-1986     CLGR Bulletin and
Lesbian and Gay Rights)                                                     Coalition Action
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 11

Coalition of Gay Sisters            Columbia, Md.        1979
The Coalition Together              Sioux Falls, S.D.    1983
Coast to Coast Times                Los Angeles          1978
Coda: Poets and Writers             New York             1979 &
Newsletter                                               1984
COLAGE (Champion of Lesbian         Los Angeles          1987
and Gay Equality)
Cold Duck                           New York             1971
Colorado Gay and Lesbian News       Denver               1981-1983
Colt Men                            Studio City, Ca.     1974-1981
The Columns                         Seattle, Wa.         1967-1972
Come On Up                          ?                    undated
Come Out *ZAN-7316                  New York             1969-1972
Come Out Fighting: The              Los Angeles          1975-1976
Newspaper of the Lavender and
Red Union
Come Together                       London               undated
Coming Out: Monthly Newsletter of   Teaneck, N.J.        1982
the Gay Activist Alliance of New
Coming Out                          Tokyo                1985-1986
Coming Out Powerful                 ?                    1986
Coming Outrage                      New York             1973
Coming Up!                          San Francisco        1980-1989
Comite Homosexual                   New York             1978-1979
CLGH (Committee on Lesbian and      Bard College, N.Y.   1987
Gay History)
Common Bond Ink                     Albuquerque, N.M.    1983-1989
Community                           Albany, N.Y.         1972-1989
Community Communications            Akron, Ohio          1984
Community News                      Salem, Ore.          1988
The Community Voice                 Wichita, Ks.         1978-1979
Compass                             Hollywood, Ca.       1973-1986
Con Tatto                           Bologna              1989
Concern: Newsletter of the          Los Angeles          1967-1968
Southern California Council on
Religion and the Homophile
The Concord                         Cerritos, Ca.        1983
Conditions                          Brooklyn             undated
Congregation Beth Chai Newsletter   Long Island          1986
Connecticut Gay Task Force          New Haven, Ct.       1979
Connection                          Huntington, N.Y.     1983-1985
Connection                          Los Angeles          1983-1989
Connections Texas                   Austin, Tx.          1983
Connexions: An International        Oakland, Ca.         1982-1983
Women's Quarterly
Contact                             Denver               1978
Contact                             Houston              1974-1975
Continental Newsletter              New York             1975
The Continentals                    New York             1967
Coq d'or                            San Francisco        undated
Cornell Gay Liberation Bulletin     Ithaca, N.Y.         1972-1973     Cornell Gay
                                                                IGIC Periodicals, page 12

                                                                    Liberation Front
                                                                    News and Cornell
                                                                    Student Homophile
                                                                    League News
Cornell Gay Liberation Front News   Ithaca, N.Y.      1970-1971     Cornell Gay
                                                                    Liberation Bulletin
                                                                    and Cornell
                                                                    Student Homophile
                                                                    League News
Cornell Student Homophile League    Ithaca, N.Y.      1970          Cornell Gay
News                                                                Liberation Front
                                                                    News and Cornell
                                                                    Gay Liberation
Counterpoint                        New York          1977
Coverboy                            Sao Paolo         1982
Cowrie                              Berkeley, Ca.     1973-1974
Cristo Life                         Phoenix           1982
Crosswinds                          New York          1982-1984
The Crown: Newsletter of Dignity,   Woodside, N.Y.    1981-1985
Cruise                              Atlanta           1976-1984
Cruise Magazine                     Detroit, Mi.      1982-1989
Cruise News                         Atlanta           1983          Cruise
Cruise News and World Report        San Francisco     1965-1966
Cruise Newsmagazine                 Atlanta           1983          Cruise News
Cruise Weekly                       Atlanta           1982
The Cruiser                         ?                 undated
The Crusader                        Tampa, Fl.        1977-1978
The Crusader: The First Statewide   Pittsburgh, Pa.   1972
Gay Newspaper
Culbate                             Paris             undated
                                                                          IGIC Periodicals, page 13

The Daily Dish                       New York                   1984
The Daily Dragon                     San Francisco              undated
DGPC Election News (Dallas Gay       Dallas                     1984
Political Caucus)
Dallas Gay News: Fort Worth          Dallas                     1982-1984     Dallas Voice
Dallas Voice                         Dallas                     1984-1989     Dallas Gay News:
                                                                              Fort Worth
Dan                                  ?                          undated
Dare                                 Nashville, Tn.             1989
Data-Boy: An Entertainment           West Hollywood, Ca.        1982
Data-Boy California                  West Hollywood, Ca.        1983-1984
Data-Boy Los Angeles                 Los Angeles                1972-1975
Data-Boy Northern California         West Hollywood, Ca.        1975-1977
Data-Boy Pacific Northwest           ?                          1977-1979
Data-Boy Pacific Southwest           ?                          1977-1979
Data-Boy San Francisco               San Francisco              1973-1980
Data-Boy Southern California         Hollywood, Ca.             1975-1977
Data-Boy Southwest                   West Hollywood, Ca.        1980
Dateline: A Newsmagazine of Gay      Hollywood, Ca.             1976
Daughters of Bilitis Newsletter      New York                   1966
Daughters of Bilitis San Francisco   San Francisco              1966
Chapter Newsletter
David                                Jacksonville, Fl. (later   1971-1974
                                     Fort Lauderdale)
David                                Hallandale, Fl.            1979-1981
David                                Jacksonville, Fl.          1973
David and his Friends                California                 undated
David Magazine                       Fort Lauderdale            1985-1987
Demi-Gods                            Union City, N.J.           1961-1967
Desormais                            Paris                      1979
Detroit Gay Liberator                Detroit                    1970-1971     Detroit Liberator
                                                                              and Gay LIberator
Detroit Liberator                    Detroit                    1970          Detroit Gay
                                                                              Liberator and Gay
Deuce                                ?                          undated
di-Men-sions                         Philadelphia               1976-1977
Dialog: Newsletter of the Dallas     Dallas                     1982-1987
Gay Alliance
Dialogai                             Geneva, Switz.             1988-1989
A Different Beat                     San Francisco              1977
Digest: The World Congress on        Evanston, Il.              1982-1984
Gay and Lesbian Jewish
Dignity Atlanta                      Atlanta                    1977
Dignity Cleveland Newsletter         Cleveland                  1981
Dignity-Integrity                    Minneapolis                1978
Dignity, Dignity Inc. Newsletter     Washington, D.C.           1972-1989
Dignity Pittsburgh Profiles          Pittsburgh                 1976
                                                             IGIC Periodicals, page 14

Dilettante                      New York             1974
Dimensions: Dignity San Diego   San Diego            1981 &
Dinah                           Cincinnati           1981
Diplomat Magazine               Chicago              1982-1983
Directions for Gay Men          Toronto, Ont.        1977
Discovery                       ?                    undated
Diva: Insiders Newsletter of    New York             1979
Musical Personalities
DN                              West Germany         1981
DAIR Update (Documentation of   San Francisco        1985 &
Aids Issues and Research)                            1987
Dorian Columns                  Seattle              1968-1969
Double Exposure                 Philadelphia         1970
Double-F: A Magazine of         New York             1972-1976
The Dove                        Oklahoma City, Ok.   1977-1978
Drag Queens                     New York             undated
Dreamboy                        Chicago              1969
Drum                            Philadelphia         1964-1969
Drummer                         Los Angeles          1975-1989
Du Ich                          Hanover, W. Ger.     1980-1983
Dudes                           ?                    undated
Dungeon Master                  San Francisco        1980-1989
Dykes Opposed to Nuclear        New York             1980
Dykes Unite                     Genesco, N.Y.        1974
                                                                  IGIC Periodicals, page 15

East Village Lesbian and Gay      New York                1980-1982
East West: The Long Yang Club     London                  1987
Eastern Mattachine Magazine       New York                1965
Eastern Standard Times            Baltimore, Md.          1974
Ecce Homo                         Reseda, Ca.             1973
Echo of Sappho                    New York                1972
Eclipse: The Shanti Project       San Francisco           1984-1986
Ecstasy                           New York                1971
Edge                              Los Angeles             1987
810                               New York                1975
810 Flag                          New York                1980-1981
The 18 Wheeler                    East Rutherford, N.J.   undated
Elegant Extracts                  New York                1981-1982
Emanzipation                      Munich                  1978-1980
The Empire Gayzette               Spokane                 1979
The Empty Closet                  Rochester               1971-1989
Entendido                         Caracas                 1981-1987
The Entertainer                   New York                1978
Entertainment West                Los Angeles             1975
eos                               Copenhagen              1965
Epicene                           Toronto                 1987
Equal Time                        Minneapolis             1982-1989
Equal Times                       Babylon, N.Y.           1988-1989
ERA, Magazine of the New Age      Hollywood               1974
Erickson Educational Foundation   Baton Rouge             1972-1975
Eric's World                      New York                1980
Escape, Wisconsin                 Chicago                 1982
Esplanade                         Boston                  1976-1979
Esprit                            Toronto                 1975
Etc. Etcetera                     Atlanta                 no date
Etz Hayyim Newsletter             Minneapolis             1979
The Eulenspeigel Society          New York                1976-1977
Evangelical Call                  New York                1985
Everywoman's Center Newsletter    Amherst, Ma.            1975
The Exchange                      Detroit                 1977
Exclusive Male                    Toronto                 1972
Exodus Center Newsletter          Boston                  1981-1983
Extra Innings                     New York                1989
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 16

Face and Physique                     Quebec                1962-1963
Face and Physique Annual              Quebec                1963-1965
Fagbashers                            New York              1982
Fag Rag                               Boston                1971-1987
Faggotry                              New York              1972
Faggots and Faggotry                  ?                     undated
The Falcon Files                      San Francisco         1978-1982
Falconers                             San Francisco         1978-1982
Far Out Enterprises                   Brooklyn              undated
The Fat Apple Review                  New York              1979-1989
Federation of Parents and Friends     Denver                1987-1988
of Lesbians and Gays, Newsletter
Federation of Parents and Friends     Los Angeles           1978-1988
of Lesbians and Gays, Newsletter
Fellowship Indy                       Indianapolis          1985-1986
Fellowship News                       Indianapolis          1980
Female Impersonator News              Belmar, N.J.          undated
Feminine Connections                  San Francisco         1986
Feminist Bookstore News               San Francisco         1985
The Feminist Renaissance              New York              1982-1983
The 15                                San Francisco         1985-1986
5th Freedom                           Buffalo               1970-1981
Fighting Woman News                   New York              1977-1979
Fire! Newsletter of the Prometheus    Pittsburgh            1983
Fire Island News                      Ocean Beach, N.Y.     1975
Fireworks, Feminist Journal of John   New York              1980
Dewey High School
First Hand                            Teaneck, N.J.         1980-1989
First Link                            Seattle               1988-1989
Fizeek Art Quarterly                  Washington, D.C.      undated
Flash                                 Montreal              1976
Flatbush Gay Friends                  New York              1973
Le Fléau Social                       Paris                 1973
Florida Gay Liberation News           Boca Raton            1976
Florida Knight Life                   North Miami Beach     1978-1980
The Flowered Fist                     University of Conn.   undated
Focus                                 South Florida         undated
Focus, Gay Community Center of        Garden Grove, Ca.     1976-1977
Orange County Newspaper
Focus, A Journal for Gay Women        Boston                1972-1983
Folsom                                San Francisco         1981
Foot Man                              New York              1984
The Force                             Hartford              1982-1983
F.Q. (Foreskin Quarterly)             San Francisco         1984-1989
Formatt                               Cincinnati            1968
Formosus                              Surrey                1961-1964
Forum                                 Montreal              1978-1979
A Forum for Changing Men              Portland, Ore.        1976-1980
Fosaletter                            Toledo                1975
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 17

The Fountain                        Portland, Ore.     1971-1973
Framelines, Newsletter of Lesbian   San Francisco      1984-1987
and Gay Media Arts
Free Press                          Charlotte, N.C.    1977
The Freespace Newsletter            New York           1977
Free Spirit                         Tempe, Arz.        1979
Freeway, L.A.                       Los Angeles        1983-1985
Friction                            Los Angeles        1987-1989
Friends for Lesbian and Gay         Sumneytown, Pa.    1983-1987
Concerns (Quakers)
Fritt Fram                          Oslo               1981-1989
From the Center                     Washington, D.C.   1988
The Front Page                      Raleigh            1979-1989
Front Runners NY Newsletter         New York           1980-1989
Frontiers                           North Hollywood    1983-1987
Frontiers: A Journal of Women       Boulder            1979
Frying Pan                          Eugene, Ore.       1978
Full Circle                         Contoocook, N.H.   1979
Fund Focus: The Fund for Human      New York           1983
Fuori!                              Torino             1972-1982
Fur Dich                            W. Berlin          1981
The Furies: Lesbian/Feminist        Washington, D.C.   1972-1973
5 Sur                               Paris              undated
                                                                     IGIC Periodicals, page 18

GA: A Monthly Gay Magazine            Amsterdam              1986-1988
GLC Voice                             Minneapolis            1980-1989
GLIB                                  Milwaukee              1976
The GP Reporter                       New York               1982
GPU News                              Milwaukee              1972-1981
GT!                                   Columbus               1987-1988   see also Good
GTLA Cherry Chalkboard                Glendale, Ca.          1982
GWARM Monitor                         New York               1975
Gaetano                               New York               undated
Gai Pied Hebdo *ZAN-T5611             Paris                  1979-1989
Le Gai Quebec                         Pointe-aux-Trembles,   1975
Gai Saber JLM 80-166                  New York               1977-1978
Le Gaibecois                          Quebec                 1977-1978
Gaie France                           ?                      1986-1989
Gai(e)s de Québec                     Montreal               1977-1979
Gaiety                                Memphis                1976
Gaity                                 Paris                  undated
The Galah (Gay and Lesbian            Adelaide               1989
Australian Herald)
Galerie                               Minneapolis            1967
Galvanize                             Madison, Wi.           1989
The Gamble Men                        New York               1979
Ganymede: Newsletter of the Tayu      Santa Rosa             1983
Garden Tools                          Chatsworth, Ca.        1976
Gaudeamus (Dignity)                   Providence             1979-1981
Gay                                   Brussels               undated
Gay                                   New York               1969-1974
Gay                                   Toronto                1964-1966
The Gay Academic Union                New York               1974-1983
Newsletter (Hunter College)
Gay Activist Alliance Essex-Union     Maplewood, N.J.        1972
Gay Activist Alliance New Jersey      Hackensack             1971-1972
Gay Activist Alliance New Jersey      S. Hackensack          1973
Gay Activist: Newsletter of the Gay   New York               1971-1980
Activist Alliance
Gay Advertiser                        Washington, D.C.       1980
Gay Alaska                            Anchorage              1978-1980
Gay Alliance for Equality Monitor     Nova Scotia            1973
Gay Alliance of Brooklyn              Brooklyn               1972
Gay Alliance of Queens County         Queens                 1972
The Gay Alternative                   Philadelphia           1972-1976
Gay Anarchist Tide                    New York               1977-1978
Gay and Lesbian Advocates and         Boston                 1979-1985
Defenders Newsletter
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 19

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance        New York              1987-1989
Against Defamation Newsletter
Gay and Lesbian Alliance            Sarasota              undated
Gay and Lesbian Alliance of         Danbury, Ct.          1983
Greater Danbury Newsletter
The Gay and Lesbian Friends         Garden Grove, Ca.     1982
Gay and Lesbian Community           Hollywood             1980
Services Center Community
Gay and Lesbian Independent         New York              1987-1988
Democrats News
Gay and Lesbian Media Workers       Washington, D.C.      1984
Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus    Houston               1988
Election News
Gay and Lesbian Press Association   Universal City, Ca.   1986-1988
Gay and Lesbian Synagogue News      New York              1989
GALTA News (Gay and Lesbian         W. Hollywood          1988
Theatre Alliance)
Gay and Proud                       New York              1972-1973
Gay Archives Network                London                undated
Gay Archivist: Newsletter of the    Toronto               1977-1981
Canadian Gay Archives
Gay Atheist News                    New York              1979-1984
GALA Interim (Gay Atheists          San Francisco         1989
League of America)
GALA Review (Gay Atheists           San Francisco         1978-1989
League of America)
The Gay Athlete                     New York              1980-1981
Gay Austin                          Austin                1978-1979
Gay Awareness Iowa Nebraska         Omaha                 1978-1979
Gay Bards: An Anthology of Poetry   New York              1979
Gay Between                         Hillbrow, S. Africa   1983
Gay Blade                           Brooklyn              undated
The Gay Blade                       Washington, D.C.      1972-1975
Gay Bookworm                        St. Paul              1989
Gay C. News/ GC News Journal        Chicago               1976-1977     Gay Chicago
Gay Calgary                         Calgary               1979
Gay Caucus Newsletter: National     Washington, D.C.      1976
Lawyers Guild Gay Caucus
Gay Caucus Newsletter (Unitarian    Los Angeles           1972-1974
Universalist Gays)
Gay Changes                         Norwood, NSW          1979
Gay Chicago Magazine                Chicago               1976-1989     Gay C. News/GC
                                                                        News Journal
The Gay Christian                   New York              1972-1980
Gay Christian Witness               Winnipeg, Man.        1982
Gay Cleveland News                  Cleveland             1977
The Gay Clone                       New York              1976-1981
Gay Coalition Newsletter            Tampa                 1975
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 20

Gay Community Alliance News        Los Angeles         1971
Gay Community Center               Baltimore           1979
Gay Community Center News          Seattle             1975-1980
Gay Community Center of Orange     Garden Grove, Ca.   1978
County Newsletter
Gay Community Center of            Philadelphia        1976
Philadelphia News
The Gay Community Center of the    Washington, D.C.    1981
District of Columbia Newsletter
Gay Community News *ZAN-12463      Boston              1973-1989
Gay Community News                 Dublin              1988-1989
Gay Community News                 Honolulu            1988-1989
Gay Community News: National       Melbourne           1981-1983
Gay Monthly
Gay Community News and             Jacksonville        1976
Gay Community Newsletter           Boston              1973
Gay Community Pamphlets            New Salem, Ma.      1976
Gay Community Services             Kansas City, Mo.    1976
Gay Confessions                    ?                   undated
Gay Counselling News               Sydney              1983
Gay Daze                           Little Rock         1986
Gay Dealer, the Rage in            Philadelphia        undated
Gay Democrat                       San Francisco       1979
Gay Detroit                        Chicago (?)         1978
The Gay Digest Contact             Denver              1978
Gay Educational and Awareness      New York            1983
Resources Foundation Newsletter
The Gay 80's: Gay and Lesbian      New York            1982
Skills Exchange
Gay Era                            Lancaster, Pa.      1974-1979
The Gay Examiner                   London              1976
Gay Expression                     New York            1981-1983
Gay Fathers Forum/Newsletter       New York            1982-1987
Gay Fetish Times and Video         San Francisco       undated
Gay Flames: A Bulletin of the      New York            1970-1971
Homofire Movement
Gay Forum                          Washington, D.C.    1971
Gay Friends and Neighbors          Brooklyn            1984-1989
The Gay Guide Lines                New York            1975
Gay Hawaii                         Honolulu            1978-1980
Gay Hearthrobs                     San Francisco       undated
Gay Hispano                        New York            1975
Gay Horizons: A Western            Calgary, Alb.       1979
Publication for Lesbians and Gay
Gay Hotsa                          Bilbao, Spain       1982-1989
Gay Images                         Buffalo             1978
Gay Information                    Australia           1980-1983
Gay Infos                          Paris               1988-1989
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 21

Gay Insurgent: Journal of Gay       Philadelphia            1979-1981
Liberation, Research, Reviews and
GI (Gay International)              Paris                   1985-1988
Gay International News              London                  1972
The Gay Iowan                       Iowa City               1984
Gay Journal                         Heidelberg              1978-1984
De Gay Krant                        Best, The Netherlands   1982-1989
Gay Law Students                    Buffalo                 1972
Gay League for Responsible          New York                1975
Broadcasting Newsletter
Gay Left: A Socialist Journal       London                  1977-1980
Produced by Gay Men (later Gay
Gay Lib News                        Syracuse                1972
GLF (Ithaca Gay Liberation Front)   Ithaca, N.Y.            1971
Gay Liberator                       Detroit                 1971-1976   The Detroit Gay
Gay Liberation of Waterloo News     Ontario                 1983
Gay Life                            Manchester, U.K.        1987-1988
Gay Life                            Pittsburgh              1977-1979
Gay Life                            Reno                    1985
Gay Life                            San Francisco           1978
Gay Life                            Chicago                 1975-1984
Gay Light                           Syracuse                1977-1980
Gay Literature JFL 85-278           Fresno, Ca.             1975-1976
The Gay Lutheran                    Los Angeles             1976-1979
Gay Male S/M Activists              New York                1982-1985
Gay Media Alliance News             Brooklyn                1980-1981
GMAD Calendar (Gay Men of           New York                1989
African Descent)
Gay Men's Alliance of Hudson        White Plains, N.Y.      1984
Valley Newsletter
Gay Men's Health Report             New York                undated
Gay Militant Atheist Bulletin       New York                1979
Gay Morning                         Westchester             1974-1975
Gay New York Magazine               New York                1979-1980
Gay News                            Lincoln, Ne.            1971
Gay News *ZAN-T4264                 London                  1972-1989
Gay News                            Philadelphia            1979-1984   Philadelphia Gay
GNG (Gay News Germany)              Hamburg                 1978
Gay News Telegraph                  St. Louis               1983-1988
Gay Noise                           London                  1980-1981
Gay Notes: The Voice of Gay         Brooklyn                1971
People at Brooklyn College
GOAL Gazette (Gay Officers Action   New York                1989
League, Inc.)
Gay Ol' Times                       Roseburg, Ore.          1987-1988
Gay Olympics                        San Francisco           1982
Gay Opinion                         ?                       1976-1981
The Gay Paper                       Baltimore               1979-1983
Gay Patrol                          ?                       undated
Gay People and Mental Health        Minneapolis             1972-1975
                                                                IGIC Periodicals, page 22

GAYPAC News (Gay People at          Ithaca, N.Y.        1980-1984
Gay People in Health Care           New York            1981-1982
Gay People in the Labor Force       Philadelphia        undated
Gay People's Chronicle              Cleveland           1985
Gay People's Union Newsletter       Santa Barbara       1976
Gay People's Union of Kansas City   Kansas City, Mo.    1975
Gay People's Union of NYU (New      New York            1975
York University)
Gay Political Caucus                Houston             1979
Gay Post                            New York            1974-1975
Gay Power *ZAN-7315                 New York            1969-?
Gay Press Association Newsletter    Washington, D.C.    undated
Gay Pride                           San Francisco       1972-1973
Gay Renaissance Newsletter          Madison             1976
Gay Report                          Albany              1978
Gay Reporter                        London              1983
Gay Revolution of Women             Rochester, N.Y.     1973-1974
Gay Rights Newsletter               Los Angeles         1978-1980
Gay Rights Task Force Newsletter    Baltimore           undated
Gay Saskatchewan                    Saskatoon, Sas.     1980
Gay Scene                           New York            1970-1986
Gay Scene: An Indian Newsletter     Calcutta            1980
on Gay Communication
Gay Scientists                      Chapel Hill, N.C.   1981
Gay Scotland                        Glasgow             1979-1987
Gay Services Organization           Lexington, Ky.      1983-1984
The Gay Spirit                      New York            1976
Gay Sports                          San Francisco       1983-1984
Gay Student Council News            Costa Mesa, Ca.     1973
Gay Studs                           Los Angeles         1969
Gay Sunshine *ZAN-T5179             San Francisco       1970-1982
Gay Switchboard of New York         New York            1980-1989   New York Gay
News                                                                Switchboard
Gay Synagogue News                  New York            1975-1988
GAYTAS Newsletter (Gay              Sydney              1981
Teachers and Students)
Gay Teacher's Association           New York            1978-1989
Gay Tide                            Vancouver, B.C.     1973-1980
Gay Times                           London              1985-1989
Gay Times                           San Francisco       1972
Gay Times                           San Francisco       1986-1987
Gay Voice: Gay Activist Alliance    San Francisco       1972
Gay Vote: News form the Harvey      San Francisco       1986-1989
Milk Lesbian and Gay Democratic
Gay Ways                            New York            1969
                                                                        IGIC Periodicals, page 23

Gay Week                              London                  undated
Gay World JLK 80-37                   Bournemouth, U.K.       1975
Gay World: Newsletter of the          San Francisco           1977
Unitarian Universalist Gay Caucus
Gay Writes: Newsletter of the         Washington, D.C.        1985-1986
National Association of Lesbian
and Gay Democratic Clubs
The Gay World                         New York                undated
Gay Yellow Sheet                      Stanford, Ca.           1975
Gay Yellow Star, Gay Yellow Sheet     Philadelphia            undated
Gay Youth Community News              San Francisco           1979-1982
Gay Youth's Gay Journal               New York                1971
Gaya Hidup Ceria                      Indonesia               1982-1983
The Gaybeat                           Cincinnati              1987
Gaycon Press Newsletter               New York                1977-1982
The Gayly Oklahoman                   Oklahoma City           1984
Gaymen and Lesbians in                Brookhaven, N.Y.        1984-1989
Gays on the Hill: Newsletter of the   Washington, D.C.        1976-1979
Washington Office, Universal
Fellowship of Metropolitan
Community Churches
Gayseed                               Huntsville, Al.         1975
GAYSPEAK: Newsletter of the           Colorado Springs, Co.   1980-1985
Pike's Peak Gay Community
Gaysweek *ZAN-5545                    New York                1977-1979
Gaytide                               Vancouver, B.C.         1978-1979
Gaytimes                              New York                undated
Gayzette                              Tulsa, Ok.              1983
Gayzette Magazine                     Orlando                 1975-1976
Gayzette, Pederasty                   New York                1974
Gaze                                  Memphis, Tn.            1980-1989
Gazette                               Atlanta                 1982
Gazette: Liberation News Source of    Atlanta                 1981
the South
Gertrude Stein Democratic Club        Washington, D.C.        1983
Gesture: Newsletter for Supporters    Scituate, Ma.           1985-1986
of Gerry E. Studds
GLAMA News (Gay/Lesbian March         Cincinnati              1989
Go! Magazine of Great Outdoors        Riverside, Ca.          1981-1982
Men and Women
Go Guys                               New York                1963-1964
Go Info                               Ottawa                  1982-1985
Going Places                          Miami                   1975
Gold: Western Reserve Gay             Akron, Ohio             1979
Business Association
Gold                                  London                  undated
Gold Sheet: Society for Individual    San Francisco           undated
Golden Gate Business Association      San Francisco           1983-1989
                                                                       IGIC Periodicals, page 24

Goldenboys 20                        San Francisco           undated
Goldenrod                            New York                1977
Good Guys                            ?                       1968
Good Times: Newsmagazine for         Columbus                1984-1987     GT!
Gay and Lesbian Central Ohio
The Good Word (Dignity)              Hartford, Ct.           1985-1986
Gotham *ZAN-5657                     New York                1979-1980
Gotham: A Ledger of the Gay          New York                1976
Community *ZAN-5441
Grand Prix                           New York                undated
The Grand Union: Newsletter of the   New York                1980-1982
New York City Union of Lesbians
and Gay Men
Grapevine                            Huntington Beach, Ca.   1969
Grapevine: Newsletter of the         Toronto                 1979-1983
Lesbian Mother's Defense Fund
Grassroots: Voice of Gay             Saskatoon, Sas.         undated
Greater Gotham Business Council      New York                1978-1985
Grecian Guild Pictorial              Tucson                  1958
Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly       Washington, D.C.        undated
Green Mountain Dyke News             Bennington, Vt.         1980
Greg Weir Defence Newsletter         Victoria, Aust.         1979
Greyhuff                             Minneapolis             1967
The Griffin                          Hartford                1971-1972
The Guide                            New York                1981-1982
Guide Magazine                       Denver                  1982-1985
Guide Magazine                       Seattle                 1989
Guide to Gay New England             Cambridge, Ma.          1981-1986     Guide to the Gay
Guide to the Gay Northeast           Boston                  1987-1989     Guide to Gay New
Guise                                ?                       undated
G'vanim: Beth Chayim Chadashim       Los Angeles             1978-1980
Guys                                 Teaneck, N.J.           1988-1989
Gym                                  Chicago                 1959-1960
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 25

H2IQ: for Homosexuals of High IQ   New York              1977-1978
H.E.L.P. Inc. Drummer              Los Angeles           1972-1973
H.E.L.P. Inc. Newsletter           Hollywood             1971-1972
Hag Rag                            Milwaukee             1989
The Hall-Carpenter Archives        London                1982
Hand Delivered                     Cal.                  1979
Hard and Able                      New York              undated
Hard Candy                         ?                     undated
Hard to Handle                     ?                     undated
Hardrock                           ?                     undated
Harrisburg Area Women's News       Harrisburg, Pa.       1982
Harvard Gay and Lesbian            Boston                1988-1989
H2IQ: for Homosexuals of High IQ   New York              1977-1978
H.E.L.P. Inc. Drummer              Los Angeles           1972-1973
H.E.L.P. Inc. Newsletter           Hollywood             1971-1972
Hag Rag                            Milwaukee             1989
The Hall-Carpenter Archives        London                1982
Hand Delivered                     Cal.                  1979
Hard and Able                      New York              undated
Hard Candy                         ?                     undated
Hard to Handle                     ?                     undated
Hardrock                           ?                     undated
Harrisburg Area Women's News       Harrisburg, Pa.       1982
Harvard Gay and Lesbian            Boston                1988-1989
Harvey Milk Archives Newsletter    San Francisco         1983
Headlines                          New Orleans           1987
Headmaster                         ?                     undated
Health Letter: Gay Health Crisis   New York              1984-1985
Health Issues Task Newsletter      Cleveland             1987
The Healthy Closet                 Atlanta               1979-1981
The Heart of Dignity/Sacramento    Sacramento            1975
Heat                               Hollywood             1987-1988
Heavenly Bodies                    Hollywood             1986
HERA: Philadelphia Feminist        Philadelphia          1976-1983
Her-self                           Ann Arbor, Mi.        1973
Herstory                           Mahwah, N.J.          1983
Hey                                Zurich                1973-1983
High Gear: Ohio's Gay Journal      Cleveland             1976-1982
Him                                London                undated
Him Applaus                        Hamburg               1981
Him International                  London                1978-1987
HACER (Hispanic Aids Committee     San Antonio           1988
for Education and Resources)
Hit Parade                         Boston and New York   1978-1983
                                                                  IGIC Periodicals, page 26

Hold Hands: Gay Activist Alliance   S. Hackensack, N.J.   1974-1976
of New Jersey
Holiday Bulletin                    Minneapolis           undated
Hollywood After Dark                ?                     undated
Hollywood Hustler                   ?                     undated
Hombre                              ?                     undated
Hombre                              San Francisco         undated
Hombre Scene                        Los Angeles           undated
Hombres                             Paris                 1977
Home Planet News                    New York              1979-1982
Les Hommes                          N. Hollywood          1983
Homo-en-Lesbiennekrant              Antwerp               1988-1989
De Homokrant                        Sweden                1982
Homologie                           Amsterdam             1978-1989
Homophonies                         Paris                 1981-1984
The Homosexual Citizen              Washington, D.C.      1966
Homosexual Counseling Journal       New York              1974-1976
Homosexual Health Report            New York              1982
Homosexual Intransigent             New York              1972
Homosexuales                        Buenos Aires          1973
Honcho                              New York              1978-1989
Honcho Leather Special              New York              1982
Honcho Overload                     New York              1987-1988
Honcho Presents the Men of Zeus     New York              1985
Hospice Community Chronicle         San Francisco         1986-1987
Hot Dog                             New York              undated
Hot Lunch                           Hollywood             undated
Hot 'n' Hung                        San Francisco         undated
Hot Rods                            New York              undated
Hot Shots                           Fort Lauderdale       1987
Hot Shots                           Los Angeles           1986-1989
Hudson Valley Echo                  White Plains, N.Y.    1981-1982
Human Art                           New York              undated
Human Enlightenment                 Washington, D.C.      1970-1971
Hung and Handsome                   ?                     undated
Hung Studs                          ?                     undated
Hunk                                ?                     undated
Hunks Annual                        Wilmington, De.       1981
Husky                               ?                     undated
Hyacinth Foundation Newsletter      New Brunswick, N.J.   1987
                                                                     IGIC Periodicals, page 27

IRB: A Review of Human Subjects        Hastings, N.Y.        1984
Identity House Calendar of Events      New York              1982
illico                                 Paris                 1988
Illinois Gay and Lesbian Task          Chicago               1988
Force Bulletin
The Illuminator                        Fort Wayne, Ind.      1985-1987
Impact                                 New Orleans           1981-1988
Impact News                            Salem, Or.            1983-1984
Impetus: San Francisco Aids            San Francisco         1986
Impulse                                San Francisco         1980
IN!                                    Dykeville, Wi.        1983
In                                     Los Angeles           1969
In                                     Paris                 1977
In Heat                                Los Angeles           undated
In Magazine                            Washington, D.C.      1979
In Step                                Milwaukee             1986-1988
In Style                               N. Hollywood          1984-1985
In-Tight                               San Diego             1971
In Touch                               Hollywood             1973-1989
In Touch: Newsletter of the Irish      Dublin                1980-1984
Gay Rights Movement
In Touch: Special Edition              Hollywood             undated
In Touch Talks Dirty                   Hollywood             1988
In Unity                               Los Angeles           1981
Inches                                 Los Angeles           1985-1988
The Inner Tube                         New York              1969-1970
Impulse: Heartbeat of the Gay          El Paso, Tx.          1987
Inside Gay Activist Alliance of New    S. Hackensack, N.J.   1976
The Inside/Outside Press               Aurora, Co.           1983
The Insider                            San Francisco         1974
InsightJFM89-65                        New York              1976-1979
Institute Quarterly                    New York              1983
Intandem                               Los Angeles           1975
Integrity Forum                        Oak Park, Il.         1977-1983
Integrity News and Notes               New York              1984-1989
Integrity News and Notes               Washington, D.C.      1986
Integrity/NY Newsletter                New York              1978-1986
Inter Change: Newsletter of the        Washington, D.C.      1972-1974
NAtional Gay Student Center
Intermale                              Amsterdam             undated
International Gay Lesbian Archives     Hollywood             1984-1986
Bulletin and
International Gay Association          Stockholm             1984-1987
International Association              Dublin                1979-1981
Newsletter Gay
International Gay Philatelic Journal   San Francisco         1985
                                                                IGIC Periodicals, page 28

International Gay Press                 Teaneck, N.J.   1976
International Gay Youth Information     Oslo            1986
Pool Bulletin
International Journal of Greek Love     New York        undated
International Male                      Los Angeles     1977-1989
International Nudist Sun                Baltimore       undated
Into the Courts: A Quarterly            San Francisco   1979-1986
Newsletter of Gay Rights
Iron Man                                Alliance, Ne.   1952
The Islander                            New York        1975-1976
It's Time: Newsletter of the National   New York        1974-1981
Gay Task Force
                                                         IGIC Periodicals, page 29

JEK                              Amsterdam       1982-1985
Jamaica Gaily News               Jamaica, W.I.   1984
The James White Review           Minneapolis     1983-1989
De Janet                         Antwerp         1988-1989
Janus Society Newsletter         Philadelphia    1963-1965
Japanese Porn                    ?               1980-1983
Javelin                          New York        1976
Jewish Gaily Forward             San Francisco   1973-1982
Jock                             Los Angeles     1985-1989
Join Hands: Gay Prisoners News   San Francisco   1972-1978
Joint Venture                    Chicago         1988
Journal 46: Lesbian and Gay      London          1988
Christian Movement
The Journal of Aid Atlanta       Atlanta         1985-1986
Journal of Homosexuality         New York        1974-1981
Journal of Sexual Liberty        San Francisco   1986-1987
Journey-Men                      Boston          undated
Juques                           Montreal        1986
Jr.                              New York        1963-1969
Jr. Annual                       New York        undated
Just Men                         New York        1984-1987
Just Out                         Portland, Or.   1983-1987
                                                           IGIC Periodicals, page 30

K + J's Leather and Feather       New York         undated
Kake                              ?                undated
Kalendar                          San Francisco    1974-1978
Kalos: On Greek Love              Arlington, Va.   1976
Kater Street                      Philadelphia     1977
Keller Journal                    Munich           1981-1982
Kenneth Marlowe                   W. Hollywood     1966
The Key: Metropolitan Community   Houston          undated
Church of the Resurrection
The Key                           Del.             1972
Kip Noll Superstar                ?                undated
Kom Ut!                           Stockholm        1986-1987
Kontakt                           Switzerland      1976
Kontiki                           Zurich           1984-1985
Der Kreis                         Basel            1953-1965
Kris                              Chicago          undated
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 31

L'abré-g                           Sherbrooke, Que.      1984
The Ladder: A Lesbian Review       San Francisco         1964-1969
Laddie                             New York              1977-1979
Lambda                             Barcelona             1978-1986
Lambda: Carolina Gay Association   Chapel Hill, N.C.     1978-1983
Lambda                             Kalamazoo, Mi.        1975-1976
Lambda: University Of Tennessee    Knoxville, Tn.        1971
Gay Liberation Front
Lambda                             Milano                1977-1982
Lambda: University of Montana      Missoula, Mt.         1975
The Lambda                         New Brunswick, N.J.   1972-1973
The Lambda                         New York              1979-1980
Lambda                             Vienna                1982
The Lambda Club                    Topeka, Ks.           none
Lambda Horizons                    Salem, Or.            1982
Lambda Independent Democrats of    Brooklyn              1981-1982
Brooklyn Newsletter
Lambda Legal Defense and           New York              1981-1983   see also Lambda
Education Fund                                                       News from
                                                                     Lambda Legal
                                                                     Defense and
                                                                     Education Fund
                                                                     and Lambda
Lambda Letter                      Houston               1976
Lambda Letters                     Cedar Rapids, Iowa    1978-1979
Lambda Louisville                  Louisville, Ky.       1983
Lambda News                        San Jose              1979-1983
Lambda News from Lambda Legal      New York              1977-1980   Lambda Legal
Defense and Education Fund                                           Defense and
                                                                     Education Fund
                                                                     and Lambda
Lambda Philatelic Journal          Upper Montclair,      N.J.        1985-1988
Lambda Rising Book Report          Washington, D.C.      1987-1989
Lambda Rising News                 Washington, D.C.      1986
Lambda Speaks                      Jacksonville, Fl.     1977-1978
Lambda Update, Lambda Legal        New York              1983-1988   Lambda Legal
Defense and Education Fund                                           Defense and
                                                                     Education Fund
                                                                     and Lambda News
                                                                     from Lambda
                                                                     Legal Defense and
                                                                     Education Fund
Lampiao                            Rio de Janeiro        1978-1981
Lancaster Gay Era                  Lancaster, Pa.        1975
Lancer                             New York              undated
The Las Vegas Bugle                Las Vegas             1989
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 32

The Last Call: A Grassroots Co-        W. Babylon, N.Y.    1982
sexual Publication
Latitudes                              Washington, D.C.    1980-1981
The Lavender Express: New              Kearny, N.J.        1979
Jersey's Lesbian Journal
The Lavender Grapevine                 Buffalo, N.Y.       1976-1977
Lavender Health                        New York            1986-1987
Lavender Hill News                     New York            1987
Lavender Horizons                      New York            1981-1983
Lavender Left Newsletter               New York            1980-1981
Lavender Lesbian List                  Edinburgh           1985-1987
Lavender Letter                        San Francisco       1973
Lavender Morning                       Kalamazoo, Mi.      1983
Lavender Network                       Eugene, Or.         1987-1989
Lavender Opinion                       Ithaca, N.Y.        1974
Lavender Starship                      Ohio                1972
Lavender U                             San Francisco       1975-1978
Lavender Vision                        ?                   1970
Lavender Woman                         Chicago             1973-1975
The Law Group Notes                    New York            1983
Lazette: Daughters of Bilitis of New   Garwood (?), N.J.   1971-1974
Le-Hi-Ho News                          Bethlehem, Pa.      1969-1985
The L.O.V.E.R. Home Companion          Hollywood           1978
The Leaping Lesbian                    Ann Arbor, Mi.      1977-1979
Leather & Levi Guys                    New York            undated
Leather Bondage Techniques             ?                   undated
Leather Bound                          New York            undated
Leather Master                         Wilmington, De.     1975
Leathermen                             San Francisco       undated
Leonardo...your voice                  Brooklyn            undated
Lepidus                                The Netherlands     1979
Lesbia                                 Paris               1984
Lesbian and Gay Health                 New York            1984
Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph         St. Louis           1988-1989;   The Gay News
                                                           1992         Telegraph
Lesbian and Gay Political Action       Queens, N.Y.        1982
Club of Queens
Lesbian Connection                     E. Lansing, Mi.     1974-1983
The Lesbian Feminist                   New York            1973-1979
Lesbian Front                          Jackson, Ms.        1975-1976
Lesbian Herstory Archives              New York            1976-1988
Lesbian Interest Press                 Utica, N.Y.         1982
A Lesbian Message                      Stanford, Ca.       1974
Lesbian Mothers Union                  N.Y. or N.J.        1972?
The Lesbian News                       Culver City, Ca.    1975-1983
Lesbian Rights Project                 San Francisco       1984
The Lesbian Tide *ZAN-T6058            Los Angeles         1971-1980
Lesbian Visions                        Stanford, Ca.       1974-1975
Lesbians Speaks                        Miami               1975-1976
Lesbians Rising                        New York            1976-1983
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 33

Liberation!                         Fla.                  1975-1976
Liberator                           Tel Aviv              1978
Libertarians for Gay and Lesbian    Washington, D.C.      1983-1986
Concerns Newsletter
Lifelines                           Seattle               1978
Lights                              Seattle               1983
Ligo de Samseksamaj                 Geesperantistoj       ?             1978
Like, Two                           Washington, D.C.      undated
The Line: Connecting the Nation's   Lake Hiawatha, N.J.   1988
Lesbian/Gay Community Bands
Link/Skakel                         Johannesburg          1982-1985
Little Caesar                       Los Angeles           undated
Little David                        Ft.Lauderdale         undated
Long Island Beat (L.I.B.)           Long Island, N.Y.     1975-1978
Long Island Connection              Long Island, N.Y.     1981-1983
Long Time Coming                    Montreal              1975
Longhorns                           Los Angeles           1972
The Los Angeles Advocate            Los Angeles           1967-1970
Los Angeles Dispatch                Los Angeles           1988
L.A. Edge                           N. Hollywood          1983
Los Angeles Mattachine Society      Los Angeles           1963
Louisiana Gay Blade                 Alexandria, La.       1976-1977
Love and Peace Together             Hawaii                1974
Love Bug                            New York              undated
The Love Letter                     Denver                1976
Love Machines                       ?                     undated
Lovetamn                            Oslo                  1981
Lunch                               London                1973
Lutherans Concerned for Gay         New York              1976
People/New York
Lutherans Concerned-L.A.            Los Angeles           1983
Lutherans for Lesbian and Gay       New York              1981-1983
Concerns- Metro N.Y.
LXIX                                Houston               1978
                                                              IGIC Periodicals, page 34

M. Gentle Men for Gender Justice   Boston             1979-1983
MP Speaks                          San Francisco      undated
MPLS Free                          Minneapolis        1970
Der MSC Kurer (?)                  Frankfurt          1988
Mach                               San Francisco      1980-1989
Machismo Cut                       New York           undated
Macho Man                          New York           1981
Macho Tips                         Mexico             undated
Mack                               Burbank, Ca.       1968
Madness Network News               San Francisco      1977-1985
Maenad                             Gloucester, Ma.    1982
Mag Magazine                       Paris              1982
Magasin Gay                        Stockholm          1983-1984
Magnitude                          San Francisco      1979
Magnus                             W. Berlin          1989
Magnus: Journal of Collective      San Francisco      1976-1977
Maine Gay Task Force Newsletter    Bangor, Me.        1974-1977
Mainely Gay                        Portland, Me.      1977-1980
Mainstream: An Advocacy Network    New York           undated
for Gay and Lesbian Disabled
Majority Report                    New York           1972-1979
Making It In Las Vegas             N. Hollywood       1977
Maklary's Digest                   Washington, D.C.   1981
Male                               Hollywood          1978
Male Art                           London             1964
Male Athletic Nudist               Hollywood          1967
Male Classics                      London             1959-1965
Male Classics Annual               London             1964
Male Exposure                      ?                  undated
Male Express Magazine              San Francisco      1975
The Male Figure                    Los Angeles        undated
The Male Figure Review             Chicago            1969
Male Insider                       New York           1986-1988
Male Lovers                        Los Angeles        1971
The Male Male                      N. Hollywood       undated
Male Man                           Los Angeles        1968
Male Models                        Copenhagen         undated
The Male Nude                      Washington, D.C.   1966
Male Pix                           New York           1957 &
Male Nudist Portfolio              San Francisco      1965-1966
Male Nudist Review                 Philadelphia       1967
The Male Orgasm                    ?                  undated
Male Physique                      London             1959-1961
Male Pose                          New York           undated
Male Review: the right stuff       N. Hollywood       1984-1985
The Male Swinger                   Washington, D.C.   undated
Malebox                            San Francisco      1980
                                                              IGIC Periodicals, page 35

Malebox News                       Chicago            1979
Maledicta: The International       ?                  1979-1980
Journal of Verbal Aggression
Malevue                            Hollywood          undated
Mama Bears                         Oakland, Ca.       1984
Man Alive                          New York           1964-1966
Man Alive!                         New York           1975-1977
Man to Man                         New York           1981
Mandate                            New York           1975-1988
Mandingo                           San Francisco      1975
Mandrake                           St. Louis          1970
The Manhandlers                    New York           1978
Manhattan Gaze                     New York           1979-1980
Manhood                            ?                  undated
Manifest                           San Francisco      1982-1984
The Manifest Integrity/L.A.        Los Angeles        1984-1985
Man-ifique!                        London             1957-1965
Manly Devotion                     ?                  undated
Mannlich, the big boys             Minneapolis        1967
Manorama                           Washington, D.C.   1963-1966
Manroot                            San Francisco      1971, 1975
Manpower                           San Francisco      1972
Man's Way                          Ft. Lauderdale     1977-1978
Man's World                        Surrey, U.K.       1955-1957
Manscape                           New York           1984-1989
Manscape 2                         New York           1986
Manshoots                          Teaneck, N.J.      1988
MANual                             Washington, D.C.   1962-1967
Marantha                           Nashville, Tn.     1980
Marantha Newsletter                New York           1981
Marine Set-Up                      Van Nuys, Ca.      1979
The Mariposa Newsletter            New York           1983 &
Mars                               Chicago            1963-1967
Masculus                           New York           undated
Masques: Revue des                 Paris              1984         Cahiers Masques
Massachusetts Gay Political        Boston             1980
Caucus News
Master                             New York           1964
The Master                         San Francisco      undated
The Master of Discipline           Van Nuys, Ca.      1984
Master's Degree                    New York           undated
Matrices                           Minneapolis        1983
Mattachine Midwest Newsletter      Chicago            1967-1973
Mattachine New Times               New York           1975
Mattachine Newsletter              New York           1963 &
Mattachine Review                  Los Angeles        1955-1966
Mattachine Society of Washington   Washington, D.C.   1963-1964
Mattachine Times                   New York           1970-1974
Maverick                           Toluca Lake, Ca.   1978
Media Report to Women              Washington, D.C.   1974
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 36

The Media Reporter                 Universal City, Ca.   1988-1989
Men and Art                        New York              undated
Men and Wife                       Champaign, Il.        1981
Men in Action                      New York              undated
Men of Advocate Men                Los Angeles           1985-1989
Men of All Colors Together/N.Y.    New York              1985-1989
Information Bulletin
Men of Locker                      N. Hollywood          1979
Men Sharing                        Boston                1977-1980
Men's Awareness Network            Knoxville, Tn.        1975-1976
Mens News                          London                1977
Men's Wear                         New York              1974-1978
Metra Magazine                     Ferndale, Mi.         1981
Metro Community News               Toronto               1978-1980
Metro Gay News                     Detroit               1977
Metroline                          Hartford              1982-1989
Metroplex Magazine                 Akron                 1982
Metropolitan Community Church      San Francisco         1970
Metropolitan Community Church      Miami                 1970-1971
Metropolitan Community Church of   New York              1972-1984
New York News
Metropolitan Community Church      Los Angeles           1970-1971
Metropolitan Community Church      Hartford              1978-1979
News of the Connecticut River
Metropolitan Community Church      Baltimore             1974
Metropolitan Community Church      Miami                 1973
Miami News
Metropolitan Community             Miami                 1977
Synagogue of Greater Miami
Metropolitan Gazette               Atlanta               1982
Michael's Thing                    New York              1971-1989
Michigan Organization for Human    Grand Rapids          1979-1983
Rights Information
Midwest Gay Academic               Ann Arbor, Mi.        1977-1978
JournalJFM 85-95
Midwest Magazine                   San Francisco         1981        Midwest Times
Midwest Times                      San Francisco         1981        Midwest Magazine
Miede (sp.?)                       ?                     1977-1979
Milwaukee Calendar                 Milwaukee             1980
The Mineshaft                      New York              undated
Mirage                             San Francisco         undated
The Mirror                         Boston                1985-1986
The Mirror                         Indianapolis          1987
Mississippi Gay Association        Jackson, Ms.          1977
Mr. Groovy                         Ca.                   1969
Mister International               London                undated
Mr. Male Review                    ?                     1984-1985
Mister Quorum                      London                undated
                                                                  IGIC Periodicals, page 37

Mr. Sun                              Hollywood            1966-1969
Mod Nudist                           Canoga Park, Ca.     1968
Model Man                            Surrey, U.K.         1959
Modern Adonis                        London               undated
Modern Male                          ?                    undated
Moja=Gay + Black                     New York             1978-1979
Mom Guess What...(MGW)               Sacramento           1979-1989
Mom's Apple Pie: Newsletter of the   Seattle              1979-1980
Lesbian Mother's National Defense
Mondo Gemini                         ?                    undated
The Monthly Period                   Cambridge, Ma.       1975-1976
Montreal Gay Times                   Montreal             1975
Montrose Star                        Houston              1976-1979   Montrose Voice
Montrose Voice                       Houston              1980-1989   Montrose Star
Moonstorm                            St. Louis            1979-1980
More Light                           Los Angeles          1978-1980
More Light News                      Hampton, N.J.        1980-1989
Morning Doe: Journal of Men          Seattle              1976-1977
Against Sexism
Morning Glory                        Kingston, R.I.       1973
Morning Star                         Durham, N.C.         1975
Motive                               New York             1972
Motorcycle Woman Newsletter          New York             1975
Mouth of the Dragon JFM 80-252       New York             1974-1980
The Mouthpiece                       New York             1980
Move                                 Bristol, U.K.        1974-1975
Las Mujeres                          ?                    1978
Muscle Glamour                       Forest Hills, N.Y.   undated
Muscle Man World                     New York             undated
Muscle Teens                         New York             1965 &
Muscleboy                            ?                    1963-1968
Muscles a Go-Go                      New York             1966
Muscular Marvels                     New York             undated
The Mustard Seed                     New York             1975-1978
My Comrade                           New York             1988
My Report                            Los Angeles          1972
My-O-My                              Boston               undated
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 38

The National Aids Network Monitor   Washington, D.C.       1986
National Association of Gay         New York               1982-1983
Alcoholism Professionals
The National Boycott Newsletter     Seattle                1985
The National Gay                    London                 1986-1987
National Gay Archives Bulletin      Hollywood              1983
National Gay Federation News        Dublin                 1988
National Gay Rights Advocate        San Francisco          1986-1987
National Gay Task Force Action      New York               1975-1979
National Homophile Clearing         New York               1967
House Newsletter
National Lesbian and Gay            Chicago                1980
Communications Network: Midwest
Region (?) Newsletter
NOGLSTPC (National Organization     Chicago                1989
of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and
Technical Professionals)
National Socialist Mobilizer        Los Angeles            1974-1982
The Natural History Group           New York               1986
Neighbors                           New York               1979
Networks                            San Francisco          1983-1984
Nevrotica                           St. Louis              1948-1952
Nevada Gay Times                    Las Vegas              1983 &
Never Too Long                      ?                      undated
New Beginnings: MCC of Ottawa       Ottawa, Ont.           1983
The New Bolt                        Windsor, Ct.           1977
New Champions                       San Francisco          undated
New Cumers                          San Francisco          undated
A New Day                           Washington, D.C.       1979-1981
New Direction                       Winter Park, Fl.       1982-1983
New Directions for Women            Dover, N.J.            1983
The New Dudes                       ?                      undated
The New Eastern Standard Times      Baltimore              1977
New Faces                           ?                      undated
New Faces of '69                    ?                      undated
New Gay Life                        Philadelphia           1977-1978
New Horizon Magazine                Williston Park, N.Y.   1977
The New Orleans Causeway            New Orleans            1973
The New Wave: MCC of Atlantic       Atlantic City, N.J.    1980
The New Way                         Denver                 1972-1973
New Women's Times                   Rochester, N.Y.        1979-1983
New York Banker's Group             New York               1983-1984
The New York City News              New York               1980-1989
New York Gay Press                  New York               1980
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 39

The New York Hymnal                 New York              1968 &
N.Y. Gay Switchboard Newsletter     New York              1978          Gay Switchboard
                                                                        of New York News
New York Knight Life                New York              1979-1980
New York Mattachine Newsletter      New York              1958-1964
New York Physicians for Human       New York              1982-1983
New York Women's Week               New York              1976
New York Wrestling Club             New York              1979-1985
New York City Parents of Lesbians   New York              1982-1984
and Gay Men Newsletter
New York City Parents and Friends   New York              1986-1988
of Lesbians and Gays Newsletter
New York City Yale Gay and          New York              1984-1986
Lesbian Alumni Newsletter
New York Native *ZAN-5559           New York              1980-1989
New York State Coalition of Gay     New York              1974-1979
Organizations News
New York State Lesbian and Gay      Albany                1982-1988
Lobby Newsletter
The News                            Atlanta               1988-1989
News Jersey                         New Brunswick, N.J.   1979-1988
News Letter                         New York              1982-1983
News of the Columbus Gay and        Columbus, Ohio        1987-1989
Lesbian Community
News Views                          San Jose              1979
Newsleather                         San Francisco         undated
The Newsletter                      Durham, N.C.          1983
Newsletter: Los Angeles Black and   Los Angeles           1983
White Men Together
Newsletter of Parents of Lesbians   New York              1979-1983
and Gay Men, New York
Newsletter of the Gay Caucus of     New York              1979
the Members of the American
Psychiatric Association
Newsletter of the Gay Men's         White Plains, N.Y.    1983-1985
Alliance of Hudson Valley
Newsline: Newsletter of the New     New York              undated
York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-
Violence Project
Newslink: The Members Newsletter    New York              1986-1989
of Gay Male S/M Activists
Newswest                            Los Angeles           1975-1977
Night and Day *ZAN-7364             New York              1986
Night Life                          Hollywood             1979
Night Shift                         Terryville, Ct.       1980
Nightline                           New York              1982
96                                  Finland               1971
The Ninth Street Journal            New York              1973-1974;
No Apologies: A Magazine of Gay     Providence            1984
                                                             IGIC Periodicals, page 40

No Bad News                        St. Louis       1981-1985
No More Cages                      Brooklyn        1979-1983
Nomenews                           San Francisco   1986
Nontraditional Employment for      New York        1982-1984
Women Newsletter
North American Man/Boy Love        New York        1980-1985
Association Bulletin
North American Man/Boy Love        New York        undated
Association Journal
North American Man/Boy Love        Boston          1979-1981
Association News
North American Man/Boy Love        Los Angeles     1987-1988
Association Southern California
North Halsted Planet               Chicago         1989
North Star News                    New York        1986
Northern Lib Magazine              New York        1977
The Northland Companion            Minneapolis     1978
Northwest Fountain                 Portland, Or.   1979-1983     The Fountain
Northwest Gay Review               ?               1974-1978
Northwest Oasis                    Seattle         undated
Nova NYC                           New York        1976-1977
Now East                           New York        1980
Now News                           Los Angeles     1982
Now Voyagers                       New York        1985-1986
Nude Dudes                         ?               undated
Nudist Body Builder                Orebro, Den.    1965
Nudist Youth                       ?               undated
Nueitno Cuexpo                     ?               undated
Nuevo Ambiente                     Mexico          1979-1983
Numbers                            Miami           1977-1988
Numbers Annual                     Miami           1980
Numbers Hotline                    Miami           undated
The Nuntius                        Houston         1971-1972
Nuturing News: A Quarterly Forum   New York        1982
for Nurturing Men
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 41

Obsessions                           Los Angeles           1988
Odyssey                              San Francisco         1977
Off Our Backs                        Washington, D.C.      1972-1984
Ohio East Gay News                   Pittsburgh            1975-1976
Olympe                               ?                     1977
Olympians                            Ridgefield, N.J.      undated
Olympic Arts                         Metairie, La.         1960
Olympus                              Studio City, Ca.      undated
Omega One                            New York              1978-1979
OMPO                                 Rome                  1975-1989
On Alert: Newsletter of the Gay      New York              1988
Veterans Association
...On Parade: Newsletter of the      San Francisco         1981-1984
Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade
On Our Backs                         San Francisco         1984-1989
On the Line: Newsletter of the Gay   Washington, D.C.      1977-1978
Rights National Lobby
On the Scene                         Cupertino (sp.?),     Ca.         1987
One Calendar                         Los Angeles           1973-1988
One Confidential                     Los Angeles           1964-1967
100 Numbers                          Miami                 1980-1981
101 Boys                             New York              1965-1966
101 Boys Art Quarterly               New York              1965-1966
One in Detroit Newsletter            Detroit               1975
One in Los Angeles Butterfly         Los Angeles           1974-1979
One Institute Quarterly              Los Angeles           1958-1965
One Letter                           Los Angeles           1968-1989
One Magazine                         Los Angeles           1953-1972
The Oneonta Gayzette                 Oneonta, N.Y.         1975-1979
The Open Closet                      Brattleboro, Vt.      1980-1983
The Open Door                        Bloomington, Ind.     1987
The Open Door                        Salt Lake City, Ut.   1978-1979
Open Quest                           Los Angeles           1984
Open Road                            Vancouver, B.C.       1978
Opera Queen                          Salem, N.H.           1985
Options: A Newsletter for Free Men   Columbia, Md.         1979-1980
Options: Rhode Island's Gay and      Providence            1986
Lesbian Paper
Oregon Gay Rights Report             Portland, Or.         1979-1982
The Oregon Liberator                 ?                     1972-1975
Organizing Notes                     Washington, D.C.      1979
The Other Drum                       San Bernardino, Ca.   1970
The Other Paper                      Providence, R.I.      1979
The Other Voice                      Binghamton, N.Y.      1978-1980
Our Own Community Press              Norfolk, Va.          1979-1984
Our Paper                            San Jose              1982-1987
Our Paper: A Voice for Lesbians      Portland, Me.         1983-1987
and Gay Men in Maine
Our Time: Broward County             Ft. Lauderdale        1978
Coalition for Human Rights
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 42

Our Time: Newsletter of                Oklahoma City       1980-1983
Oklahomans for Human Rights
Our Voice: About Chemical              Eden Prairie, Mn.   1987-1988
Dependency and Treatment in the
Gay/Lesbian Community
Our Voices                             Ferndale, Mi.       1989
Out!                                   Auckland, N.Z.      1976-1986
Out                                    Dublin              1983 &
Out                                    New York            1973-1974
Out!                                   Ontario             1978
Out                                    Washington, D.C.    1977-1983
Out: Newsletter of the University of   Wilmington, De.     1981
Delaware Gay Student Union
Out!: Wisconsin's Lesbian and Gay      Madison, Wi.        1982-1986
Out and About                          Seattle             1979-1983
Out and About: Bulletin of Project     Winnipeg, Man.      1979-1981
Out Front                              Denver              1976-1985
Out Here!                              Fargo, N.D.         undated
Out in Academia                        Berkeley, Ca.       1985
Out-in-Front                           Philadelphia        undated
Out in Montana                         Missoula, Mt.       1983 &
Out in Texas                           Dallas              1983
Out on Campus                          Chicago             1989
Outcome                                Lancaster, U.K.     1979-1980
Outcry                                 Teaneck, N.J.       1988
Outfront                               Canada              1981
Outfront                               New York            1989
Outlines                               Chicago             1987-1989
Outlook                                New York            1987-1989
Outlook: National Lesbian and Gay      San Francisco       1988-1989
Outrage                                Victoria, N.Z.      1983-1989
Outrageous Women                       Somerville, Ma.     1984
Outreach                               Los Angeles         1973
Outwrite                               London              1983
Oxford Weekender News                  Sydney              undated
Oz                                     London              1969-1971
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 43

Pa'fuera!                              San Juan            1974-1975
Pace!                                  Philadelphia        1970
Pacific Coast Times                    San Diego           1974-1977
Pacific Exchange                       Bakersfield, Ca.    1982
Pan                                    Denmark             1980-1989
Pan: A Magazine About Boy-Love         Amsterdam           1979-1984
The Paper                              Honolulu            1978
The Paper                              Lubbock, Tx.        1978
The Paper                              Norfolk, Va.        1981
ParagraphJFL84-146                     San Francisco       1978-1979
Parents and Friends of Gays            Los Angeles         1978-1981
Parents and Friends of Lesbians        Huntington, N.Y.    1984
and Gays: Long Island Newsletter
Parents and Friends of Lesbians        Los Angeles         1983-1989
and Gays, Inc. Newsletter
Paris-Gay                              Paris               1988
Parlee                                 Long Island, N.Y.   1975-1989
The Parsonage News                     San Francisco       1984-1987
Part of the Process                    Providence, R.I.    1980
Partners                               Seattle             1986
Party                                  Barcelona           1983
Patlar                                 Sacramento          1987
Patlar Gazette                         Sacramento          1982-1984
Paz y Liberacion                       Hollywood           1979-1984
People With Aids                       New York            1986-1989
People With Aids Voice                 San Francisco       1988-1989
People's Gay Sunshine                  San Francisco       undated
Persad Community Center                Pittsburgh          1979
Personal Rights in Defense and         Los Angeles         1966
Education (PRIDE)
Le Petit Berdache                      Montreal            1984-1986
Philadelphia Gay News (PGN)            Philadelphia        1974-1989
Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task      Philadelphia        1980-1981
Force Bulletin
The Phoenix                            Kansas City, Mo.    1966-1969
Physique Art                           New York            undated
Physique Artistry                      London              1957-1963
Physique Illustrated                   New York            1962-1965
Physique Photos                        New York            undated
Physique Pictorial                     Los Angeles         1953-1971
Physique World                         Ridgefield, N.J.    undated
Piercing Fan International Quarterly   Los Angeles         undated
Pikbube                                W. Berlin           1970
Pin Ink                                Toronto             1983
The Pink Paper                         U.K.                1988
Pink Triangle                          Hong Kong           1980
Pink Triangle                          Wellington, N.Z.    1983-1986
Pioneer Valley Gay Union               Amherst, Ma.        1974
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 44

Pittsburgh Gay News              Pittsburgh            1973-1978
Pittsburgh's Out                 Pittsburgh            1980-1984
Playboy                          Chicago               1978-1983
Playgirl                         Los Angeles           1973-1986
Playgirl's Men                   Los Angeles           undated
Playguy                          New York              1977-1989
Playguy Fantasies                New York              undated
Pleasure                         New York              1969
Plexus                           San Francisco         1979-1983
Pointblank Times                 Houston               1975-1978
Politica Sexual                  Colonia-Asturias,     undated
Portfolio                        Brooklyn              undated
The Portland Gay Previewer       Portland, Or.         1974
Portland Women's Community       Portland, Me.         1981
The Power Exchange               Richmond Hill, N.Y.   1984
Power House                      New York              1964
Presbyterians for Gay Concerns   Hampton, N.J.         1973-1980
Northeast Newsletter
Preview: An Inside Look          Bayshore, N.Y.        1987
Pride Guide                      Joplin, Mo.           1975-1976
Pride Newsletter                 San Francisco         1967
Pride of Lions                   New York              1972
Prime Time                       St. Louis, Mo.        1976
Prinz Eisenherz Buchladen        W. Berlin             1982
Private Lives                    White Plains, N.Y.    1987-1988
Prod                             San Francisco         undated
Pro/Gram                         Toledo                1972-1983
Pro-Me-Thee-Us                   New York              undated
Proud Out Loud (P.O.C.)          Albuquerque, N.M.     1985
Puberty Rights                   New York              undated
The Puce Mongoose                Garwood, N.J.         1976-1979
Purple Mist                      New York              undated
Purple Rage                      New York              1972
Pursuit and Symposium            Los Angeles           1966-1967
                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 45

Q International           London            1976-1979
Q Magazine                Vancouver, B.C.   1987-1988
Quarterly Interchange     San Francisco     1988
Quash                     New York          1976-1981
Quebec Gai                Quebec            1983
Queens Liberation Front   New York          1975
Queens Quarterly          New York          1969-1980
Quester                   Reading, Pa.      1983
Quirk's Review            New York          1973-1982
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 46

RFD (Radical Fairy Digest)           Grinnell, Iowa       1974-1989
The Radical Queen                    Philadelphia         1973-1974
The Radical Therapist                Somerville, Ma.      1970-1971
Rag Times                            Portland, Or.        1985
Rainmakers                           New York             1984
Ramrod                               ?                    undated
Rapping Paper                        Toledo               1976
Rat                                  New York             1971
Rat & Tat                            Hamburg              1984
The Rawhide Male                     Chicago              undated
Reactions                            Studio City, Ca.     1986-1988
Rear Freachmen (sp.?) of America     New York             1984-1985
RG (Recontres Gaies)                 Montreal             1982-1989
Record: Newsletter of Evangelicals   New York             1979-1989
Concerned Inc.
Red Rag                              London               1977
Renaissance                          Santa Ana, Ca.       1976
Renaissance Newsletter               Madison, Wi.         1976
Reno Bugle                           Reno                 1989
The Report Line: Newsletter Of the   Atlanta              undated
Southeastern Arts, Media and
Education Project
Reporter                             Stockholm            1986
Reproductive Rights Newsletter       New York             1983
Residents Supporting Victorian       Plainfield, N.J.     1986-1987
Plainfield Newsletter
Review: A Quarterly of               New York             1979-1989
Evangelicals Concerned
Revolt                               Aseda, Sweden        1976-1985
Revolutionary Limpwristed Faggot     New York             undated
Rhinoceros                           Denver               1974-1975
The Richmond Pride                   Richmond, Va.        1989
The Ridgeleaf                        Bangor, Pa.          1987
Right On: The Voice of               New York             1970
Mattachine's Action Corps
Rip Off Rag                          San Francisco        1977
Rites                                Toronto              1984-1989
Rodeo News: International Gay        Long Beach, Ca.      1987
Rodeo Association
Rogue's Gallery                      New York             undated
Rosa                                 Bielefeld, FRG       undated
Rosa Flieder                         Nurnberg, FRG        ?-1989
Rosa Zeit                            W. Berlin            1982
Rough Times                          W. Somerville, Ma.   1973-1974
Rough Trade                          New York             undated
Rubyfruit Readher                    Santa Cruz, Ca.      1977
Ruff Stuff                           San Francisco        undated
Rugged                               Minneapolis          1967
                                                                      IGIC Periodicals, page 47

S Magazine                             Paris                  undated
The Saga Newsletter                    Anderson, S.C.         undated
Sacramento Star                        Sacramento             1983
Salute                                 N. Hollywood           1967-1969
Salute 74 Annual                       N. Hollywood           undated
Sam                                    London                 undated
Samourai                               Paris                  1982-1985
San Antonio AIDS Foundation            San Antonio            1989
San Diego Gay Times                    San Diego              1988-1989
San Diego Gayzette                     San Diego              1982-1986
The San Diego Pride                    San Diego              1979
The San Diego Son                      San Diego              1974-1977
San Francisco Bay Area Gay and         San Francisco          1986-1989
Lesbian Historical Society
San Francisco Baytimes                 San Francisco          1978
San Francisco Gazette                  San Francisco          1978
San Francisco Gay Crusader             San Francisco          1973-1980
San Francisco Sentinel Per.\Sect.      San Francisco          1986-1989
room 108
San Francisco Vector                   San Francisco          1983
San Francisco Women's Center           San Francisco          1979
Sapling: Gay Youth's Own               New York               1975
Sapphic Sisters Newsletter             Union, N.J.            1980
Sappho's Isle                          New York               1988-1989
Saturday Afternoon Breakfast and       New York               1977-1978
Theatre Club Newsletter
Savaged Studs                          New York               undated
Saxon                                  Hollywood              1968
Say Star                               Belfast                1982?
Scan                                   Atlanta                1981
Scan                                   London                 undated
The Scene                              Denver                 1975-1980
Scene B Machine: National              Washington, D.C.       1975
Levi/Leather Monthly
Scene Out                              Manchester, U.K.       1989
Scene 69                               San Francisco          undated
Schwuchtet                             Heidelberg, FRG        1977
Schwulst                               ?                      1982
Scimitar: Voice of the "9" Plus Club   New York               1976
Score                                  Atlanta                undated
Scream                                 Buffalo, N.Y.          1975
Screw                                  New York               1968-1973
Sea Script: Dignity South Jersey       Beach Haven Terrace,   1981
Seagull                                Atlantic City          1977-1978
Seattle Gay News                       Seattle                1976-1984
The Second Stone: National             New Orleans            1988-1989
Newsletter for Gay and Lesbian
                                                                 IGIC Periodicals, page 48

The Second Wave: A Magazine of       Boston              1978-1979
Ongoing Feminism
Seed                                 Chicago             1971
SAGE News (Senior Action in a        New York            1981-1988
Gay Environment)
SAGE: News, Information, Events      New York            1987-1988
Senior Action in a Gay               New York            1980
Environment Newsletter
SAGE Voices                          New York            1982-1985
SETA                                 Helsinki            1981-1989
SDA Kinship (Seventh Day             Los Angeles         1981        Connection
Sex Play                             ?                   undated
Sexual Identity Center News          Honolulu            1979
Sexual Law Reporter                  Los Angeles         1975
Sexuality Today                      New York            1983
Sexologia                            New York            1953-1955
SHE Magazine                         Opa-Locka, Fl.      1979-1980
Shore Waves: Dignity Jersey Shore    Asbury Park, N.J.   1979-1980
Short Mountain Goatzette             Liberty, Tn.        1985-1988
SIECUS Report (Sex Information       New York            1981-1984
and Educational Council of the
Siegessaule                          W. Berlin           1984-1989
Signal: Official Newsletter of the   Philadelphia        1975
Gay Nurses Alliance
Signs of the Times                   New York            1973-1974
Sir Gee                              ?                   undated
Sinister Wisdom                      Lincoln, Ne.        1978-1980
Sister                               Los Angeles         1974-1976
Sister Courage                       Allston, Ma.        1975
Sister Source                        Chicago             1982
Sisters United                       Galena, Ks.         1981
Six by Jim Kepner                    The Netherlands     1975
Skateboard Heroes                    San Francisco       undated
Skin                                 Wilmington, De.     1980-1988
Skin Flicks                          Wilmington, De.     undated
Skin Flicks (Collection)             ?                   undated
Skipper's Newsletter: A Guide to     Danville, Ky.       1972
the Baths
Skipper's Roll                       Danville, Ky.       undated
Slave Trade                          Wilmington, De.     1979
Sling                                San Francisco       1979
Smads                                New York            undated
Smart                                London              1984
Sno Ballin'                          California          undated
Sodoma                               Torino              1988
Social Action                        New York            1975
SRRT Newsletter (Social              Chicago             1982-1987
Responsibility Round Table)
Soho Studios                         ?                   undated
Sojourner                            Cambridge, Ma.      1980-1981
Solid Citizens                       New York            undated
Solo                                 Hollywood           1979
                                                                     IGIC Periodicals, page 49

Somos                                Buenos Aires            1974-1975
Sonoma County Lesbian and Gay        Guerneville Park, Ca.   1978-1979
Alliance News
Sortie                               Montreal                1982-1986
So's Your Old Lady                   Minneapolis             1974-1975
Soul and Spirit of the Male Nude     ?                       undated
The Sound                            Bay Shore, N.Y.         1978
The Source                           Colorado Springs        1985
The Source: A Feminist Newsletter    Newtown, Pa.            1974
South Texas Community News           San Antonio             1978
Southern California Women for        Studio City, Ca.        1979-1981
Souvenir Portfolio of David Warner   Van Nuys, Ca.           1978
The Sower                            Wichita, Ks.            1978-1980
Spectre: Paper of Revolutionary      Ann Arbor, Mi.          1971
Spectrum: Albany Trust Newsletter    London                  1963-1969
Spectrum: Bisexual Forum             New York                1979-1980
Spare Rib                            London                  1980
Spartacus                            Amsterdam               1981-1984
Spartan for Men                      Sherman Oaks, Ca.       1969
Spartans                             San Francisco           1981
Special Edition                      Milwaukee               1983
Spirit of Love                       New York                undated
Spree News                           Hollywood               1973
Spurs                                Studio City, Ca.        undated
Squirt                               New York                1988
Stable Stud                          ?                       undated
Stallion                             Burbank, Ca.            1968
Stallion                             Derby, Ct.              1982-1987
Stallion Studs                       Derby, Ct.              1984
Stallion's 50 Best                   Derby, Ct.              undated
Standout Magazine                    Toronto                 1979
The Star                             Austin, Tx.             1983-1984
The Star                             Houston                 1977-1978
The Star                             Sydney                  1984-1985
Star Dust: News from the Saint       New York                1982-1983
Stars                                Washington, D.C.        1979-1989
Stiff                                ?                       undated
The Stonewall Report                 Seattle                 1972-1976
Stonewall Union News                 Columbus, Ohio          1988-1989
Stonewall: Voice                     Reno                    1985
The Storm: A Journal for Free        New York                1978
Straight to Hell                     New York                1973-?
The Stretch                          N. Hollywood            1980
Stroke                               Euclid, Ohio            1983-1986
Strokes                              San Francisco           1979
Struttin' Down Fifth                 New York                1981
Struttin' Up 5th                     New York                1982
Stud: All Male Action Newspaper      New York                1981
Studflix                             New York                1982-1988
Studio Stud                          San Diego               1973
                                                            IGIC Periodicals, page 50

Studs in Leather                 Wilmington, De.    1977
Summer Boys                      New York           1967
Sun Power                        ?                  1982
Sunburst                         Ft. Lauderdale     1982
Suncoast Gay Community News      St. Petersburg     1976
Sundance Compass                 Seaford, N.Y.      undated
Sunday's Childe                  Phoenix            1976-1981
Sunflower                        Lansing, Mi.       undated
Super Cocks                      New York           undated
Support-line                     Ft. Myers, Fl.     1985
Surf Punks                       California         undated
The Sydney Star                  Sydney             1981-1982
Sydney's Star Observer           Sydney             1986-1989
Symetrie                         Lausanne, Switz.   1978
Syracuse Gay Times               Syracuse, N.Y.     1975-1976
SLURP (Syracuse Lavender Union   Syracuse, N.Y.     1975
Reporting Press)
                                                                    IGIC Periodicals, page 51

Talisman                            New York              1986
Talking Pictures                    San Francisco         1984
Talon                               ?                     undated
Tangents (Magazine)                 Hollywood             1965-1970
Tangents (Newsletter)               Hollywood             1969
Task Force Bulletin                 New York              1985
Task Force News: Newsletter of      New Brunswick, N.J.   1976
the Task Force on Gay Liberation
Task Force Report                   New York              1981-1984
Teddy Boys                          ?                     undated
Teen Nude                           ?                     undated
Telewoman: A Women's Newsletter     Pleasant Hill, Ca.    1980-1981
Tels Quels: Le Magazine d'Antenne   Brussels              1986-1989
Ten High                            San Diego             1973
Ten Percent                         Los Angeles           198?-1988
TGLTF News (Texas Gay/Lesbian       Denton, Tx.           1982-1983
Task Force)
Texas Star: Texas Edition of the    W. Houston            1984
Montrose Voice
The Weekly News (TWN)               Miami                 1977-1989
Theban                              Miami                 1979
These Bases are Loaded              ?                     undated
13th Moon: A Feminist Literary      New York              1983
TMM (This Month in Mississippi)     Jackson, Mi.          1987
3 for All                           ?                     undated
Third World Women's Gay-zette       New York              1977
This Way Out: Center for Social     San Diego             1978-1979
Services Newsletter
TWT (This Week in Texas)            Houston               1977-1984
This Week with Alexander            Toronto               1979
This Week with David                Hallandale, Fl.       1974-1979
Thor                                New York              1964
Through the Looking Glass:          Seattle               1976-1985
Women's Prison Newsletter
Thrust                              N. Hollywood          1987
Thrust                              Vancouver             1973
The Thunderbolt                     Marietta, Ga.         undated
Thursday's Child                    San Diego             1978-1982
The Line: The Nation's              Lake Hiawatha, N.J.   1987
Lesbian/Gay Community Bands
Till Tomorrow                       Ithaca, N.Y.          1979
Times Square Faces                  New York              undated
Times Up                            Nashville             1978
Tin                                 ?                     1987
Together                            Minneapolis           1974
Together                            Sioux Falls, S.D.     1987
TAGALA (Toledo Area Gay and         Toledo                1983
Lesbian Affiliation)
Tomcat Review                       New York              undated
                                                                  IGIC Periodicals, page 52

Tommy's Connection                  Boston                1981-1986
Tomorrow                            Mankato, Mn.          1975
Tomorrow's Man                      Chicago               1953-1969
Tomorrow's Man Annual               New York              1962 &
The Toolshed                        Wayne Co., Me.        1980
Topman                              New York              1980-1983
The Torch                           Fort Wayne            1986
El Toro                             New York              1964
Toronto Rag                         Toronto               undated
Torso                               Berlin                1982-1983
Torso                               New York              1982-1989
Torture Times: 15 Association       San Francisco         1986
Town Talk                           San Francisco/Los     1964-1966
Toy                                 Sweden?               undated
Tracks                              New York              1987
Trade                               ?                     undated
Trade 2                             ?                     undated
Transition: A Confide Publication   Tappan, N.Y.          undated
Transperience Daily Bugle           Miami                 1977
The Transvestian                    Tennent, N.J.         undated
TVIS (TV Information Service)       Spencer, N.C.         undated
Travel-Ons                          New York              1983-1984
Tread (The Mark of Wheels M.C.)     New York              1974-1983
Treatment Issues                    New York              1987-1989
Triangle Community Digest           Salt Lake City, Ut.   1988-1989
Tribad                              New York              1979
Trick                               Baltimore             1971
Trick                               Washington, D.C.      1982
Trick                               San Francisco         undated
Tricking at the Office              ?                     undated
Triebhaft                           Bielefeld, FRG        1982
Trigger                             Sherman Oaks, Ca.     1970
Trikon ( Gay and Lesbian South      Palo Alto, Ca.        1986-1989
Trim                                Washington, D.C.      1958-1967
Trim Studio Quarterly               Washington, D.C.      1967
Tri-State Lambda News               Cheyenne, Wy.         1982
Triumph in 86                       San Francisco         1984-1986
Truck Stop                          ?                     undated
Truly Gay News (Robert Patrick's)   New York              1977
Tryst                               Hollywood             1968
TGN (Tucson Gay Newsletter)         Tucson                1976-1977
Twin Cities Gaze                    Minneapolis           1986-1989
Twintegrity                         Minneapolis           1979-1980
Two                                 Toronto               1966
212                                 New York              1983
                                                            IGIC Periodicals, page 53

Unbound                           San Francisco     1987
Undercoverman                     New York          1984-1985
The Underground News              New York          1975
Unique                            Minneapolis       1967
Unitarian-Universalist Gay and    San Francisco     1983
Lesbian Caucus News
Update                            San Diego         1979-1989
Updater                           Ft. Pierce, Fl.   1984-1985
Upfront                           Houston           1978-1979   Upfront America
Upfront America                   Houston           1980        Upfront
Upper West Side Lesbian and Gay   New York          1981
Association (UWSLGA)
                                                                  IGIC Periodicals, page 54

Valley Women's Force                 Northampton, Ma.     1982
Vanguard Magazine                    Thousand Oaks, Ca.   undated
Vector                               San Francisco        1964-1976
Vegas Gay Times                      Las Vegas            1979
Ventana Gay                          Bogota, Columbia     undated
El Veredicto de la Ciencia           Mexico               undated
Via: The Eucharist Catholic          New York             1978-1979
Vieux Carre Star                     New Orleans          1977
Viewfinder: Journal of Focal Point   City Island, N.Y.    undated
Viewpoint Magazine                   St. Louis            undated
Vikings                              New York             1964
Vim                                  Chicago              1954-1957
Visibilities                         New York             1988
Vision                               San Diego            1978-1979
Viva: International Magazine for     New York             1974-1975
Vocations for Social Change          New York             1972
The Voice                            San Francisco        1980-1983
The Voice: Everyone's                Tarzana, Ca.         1970
Entertainment Magazine
The Voice: MCC                       Sarasota, Fl.        1978-1979
Voices from the Center               San Diego            1985
The Voice of Alcoholism Services     Garden Grove, Ca.    1981
for Homosexuals
The Voice of the Gay Students        San Francisco        1975
Voice of the Turtle                  Oakland, Ca.         1978-1982
The Volunteer: The Gay Men's         New York             undated
Health Crisis Newsletter
Vortex: Gay Alliance of Queens       Queens, N.Y.         1974
County Newsletter
                                                                   IGIC Periodicals, page 55

Wages for Housework Campaign        Toronto              1979
Walt Whitman Democratic Club        Philadelphia         1979
The Walt Whitman Herald             New York             1981-1982
Warehouse Newsletter                New York             1975
Warehouse 28                        Nashville            1980
The Washington Blade                Washington, D.C.     1980-1989
Watch My Lover                      ?                    undated
The Way                             Boston               1976
The Weekly Gayzette                 Philadelphia         1974-1976
Wellspring                          Chicago              1989
WSDG Newsletter (West Side          New York             1968-1970
Discussion Group)
The West Sider                      New York             1971-1984
Westchester Dish                    White Plains, N.Y.   1976
WGM Voice (Westchester Gay          White Plains, N.Y.   1980-1981
Men's Association)
The Western Express                 Phoenix              1982-1983
What She Wants                      Cleveland            1982-1983
Whatever                            North Carolina       undated
Wheat Dreams                        Lawrence, Ks.        1975
Wheels Magazine                     New York             1970-1982
Where It's At (East Coast)          New York             1973-1975
Where It's At (Long Island)         New York             1976-1977
Where It's At (New York City        New York             1972-1978
Where the Action Is                 N. Miami             1975
Whipcrack                           ?                    undated
Whitman Radclyffe Foundation Fall   San Francisco        1974
Wicce: A Lesbian Feminist           Philadelphia         1974
Wichita Gay Community               Wichita              1975-1976
Association Newsletter
Wildboys                            ?                    undated
Wilde Side                          Brookline, Ma.       1976
Wilde Side                          Commack, N.Y.        1988-1989
William Higgin's California         New York             1983
Windy City Times                    Chicago              1986-1989
The Wisconsin Light                 ?                    1987-1989
Wisdom's Child New York Guide       New York             1979
The Wishing Well                    Novato, Ca.          1976-1983
Woman Becoming                      Wilkinsburg, Pa.     1973
Woman Spirit                        Wolf Creek, Or.      1980-1981
Womanews                            Gainesville, Fl.     1977
Womanews                            New York             1979-1988
A Woman's Touch                     W. Babylon, N.Y.     1982
Womanspace                          Flushing, N.Y.       1978-1980
Women Against Pornography           New York             1983
Women and Film                      Santa Monica, Ca.    1972-1975
                                                             IGIC Periodicals, page 56

Women Focus                      Brooklyn            1986
Women in Hartford                Hartford, Ct.       1986-1988
Women: A Journal of Liberation   New York            1974-?
Women Organizing: A Socialist    Chicago             undated
Feminist Bulletin
Women Studies Abstracts          Rush, N.Y.          1980-1983
Women Together                   Buffalo, N.Y.       1976
Women's Law Center Newsletter    New York            1973-1974
Women's Network                  Bronx               1977-1983
Women's Rights Law Reporter      Newark, N.J.        1978
Women's Studies: An              London              1982
Interdisciplinary Journal
The Woodshed                     San Luis Rey, Ca.   1982
The Word                         Washington, D.C.    1982
Word is Out                      Irvine, Ca.         1979
The Word of Life of Hawaii       Honolulu            1974-1975
Words of Life                    Galena, Ks.         1985
Working Men                      San Francisco       1979
Workload                         Hollywood           1983
The Works: Indiana's Gay         Indianapolis        1982-1985
                                                             IGIC Periodicals, page 57

Xtra                               Toronto         1988-1989

The Yellow Book: The Gay Monthly   New York        undated
The Yellow Brick Road              Lawrence, Ks.   1978-1979
The Yellow Page                    Cincinnati      1983-1984
Yes Magazine                       San Diego       1978
Young Adonis                       ?               1963
Young and Eager                    ?               undated
Young and Ready                    ?               1976
Young Champ                        New York        1965
Young Champions                    New York        undated
Young Lions                        Hollywood       undated
Young Mavericks                    Atlanta         1970
The Young Physique                 New York        1958-1966
The Young Physique Annual          New York        1962
The Young Physique Illustrated     New York        1967-1968
Young Suckers                      ?               undated
Young Voices                       ?               1989
Youth                              Miami           undated
Youth in Art                       ?               undated
Youth in the Sun                   ?               1963-1965
The Youthful Nudist                ?               undated

Zap                                Penn. State     1974-1981
Zing                               Chicago         1960
Zipper                             London          undated
Zoom Out                           New York        1983

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