Exodus Exodus A stable fast by wulinqing


                                                                                    A stable, fast and full featured ocean expedition kayak.

                                                                          Usage     Ocean, expedition.

                                                                        Overview    The Exodus is a fast and stable ocean boat that tracks well and carves
                                                                                    smoothly. The fully adjustable outfitting means you can set up for all day com-
                                                                                    fort and with the thigh brace mounted cam-adjustable backrest you can tweak
                                                                                    your fit for more control when needed. Suited for carrying a good amount of
                                                                                    weight, this sea kayak can take you away for one long day or several days at
                                                                                    a time.

                                                                        Features    Fast and stable V keeled hull • Triangulated deck and raised bow design
                                                                                    eliminates wash • GPS mounting point • Compass mounting point • 3 hatch
                                                                                    design for storage • Dual density hatches for a secure dry seal • Mini-cell
                                                                                    foam sealed bulkheads • Foot operated over stern retractable rudder • Re-
                                                                                    tractable bow grab handle • Fore and aft deck elastics • Thigh brace mounted
                                                                                    cam-adjustable backrest • Precision adjustable padded thigh braces • Adjust-
                                                                                    able seat with touring seat pad • Anodised Security Bar

                                                                        Materials   EXL™ super-linear high density Polyethylene
                                                                           Sizes    Exodus 16.10 EXP | EXO168

Model    Length   Width   Weight   Volume    Max Capacity   Spraydeck                 Red           Mango
Exodus   5.13m    0.59m   30kg     74/132L      180kg          R4

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