Outsiders Enrichment by nuhman10


									                        The Outsiders- Reading Enrichment
               Name:______________________                           Due: November 24th
As you find yourself with extra time, attempt to complete the enrichment opportunities below. The
completion of three challenges may earn you seals in reading! They must be of exceedingly high quality
to be eligible for the seal goal. Attach all the assignments to this page and turn them all in on the due date.
Check off as   Activity                                      Assignment
               Timeline of events from the novel             Create a visual timeline with at least 15
                                                             events from throughout the novel. With
                                                             each event, draw and color a picture and
                                                             write a four sentence description of the
               Pony’s Diary- Pony has had a very             Write Pony’s journal with at least 7 entries
               troubled couple of weeks. If he had           (1 page each). Remember to write it with
               kept a diary of these events, what            the emotion and fear Pony must have felt
               would he have written?                        during these events. Include at least 10
                                                             doodles or sketches that Pony would have
               Sunset Visual- Pony and Cherry                Create a sunset display (poster, diorama)
               realize that all people, no matter their      using any suitable art materials. Be
               differences, see and appreciate               creative and think beyond markers and
               sunsets.                                      crayons.

               Similes/Metaphors/ Idioms Log-         Keep track of examples of these three
               There are numerous examples of these   devices on a piece of notebook paper.
               literary devices throughout the novel. Write the type, page # and actual
                                                      sentence that used it on your paper.
                                                      Collect ten in each category.
               Vocabulary List- Reading a book can Find 50 words from the novel that are
               introduce you to words that are new to unfamiliar to you. Write the page # and
               you, but only if you figure out what   sentence from the book that contains the
               they mean.                             word and give the definition from the
                                                      dictionary that best fits.
               Newspaper Article- Bob’s murder was Write the article that could have been in
               a devastating event for the            the newspaper for this tragic event. Be sure
               community and most likely made it      to include a picture, headline and a
               into the local newspaper.              detailed description of the events that

               Alphabet Book                                 Create a book identifying one person, item,
                                                             or theme for each letter of the alphabet
                                                             (one letter per page). Each item must be
                                                             illustrated (drawn by hand or computer
                                                             generated) and include 3-5 well written
                                                             sentences describing it and discussing its

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