THE INNER OF Prophets Of Now PART TEACHERS AND by benbenzhou


									THE INNER WORD OF T.C. - Prophets Of Now

T.C. 54
May 13, 2006


The Inner Word is given through Myself and through trained, experienced light beings that
volunteer to come to earth and incarnate as man. They are not told, once incarnated, of their
mission, for that would affect their faith, for I do not wish submission by coercion.

Yet, there are many spirituals, also working from the kingdom of light, that can also transmit the
Inner Word to you on earth. If you've been blessed by this gift of Grace, then accept it freely, for
I sanction it as a blessing on chosen people, who are of the necessary chain of disciples that I've
placed on earth, in order to carry on My truth to others.

Many have attempted to thwart this Divine effort, claiming that I couldn't possible be speaking to
man on earth, nor could My angels be active in the same mission. They point to the surface
meaning of their Bible and state that the ones bringing the Truth from above, are all Satanic and
thus false.

This is not so, even though from time to time, false prophets and prophecies do emerge from
over zealous spiritual transmissions, or from the adversary trying to undermine the Word Of
God. Ask Me and speak to Me personally, and I will ensure you of the Truth, for you will know
inwardly, that it is from above and not from darkness, which brings not the Truth, but a distorted

You may be cautious, but do not let that cause you to waver, for I am your protection. Can you
first be sure to undergo severe self inspection, for it's through your immature spiritual parts that
the false Inner Word can emerge. Give in to My will and I will help you with your purification
process, which is necessary in order for Me to become one with you. You are filled with
spiritual parts. Your entire body consists of matter formed of the spiritual essences from all of

In charge of this, is the ultimate of spiritual essences, called the soul, which is a combination of
like spiritual substances. You could have the personality of a gazelle or that of a bear, or both
combined, for through the process of soul forming, I place in it many spirituals that have come
through the process of evolution, to finally make the most unique creation of man's soul.

You'd be in awe, if you could look at your soul under a microscope, with Divine knowledge, for
then you'd see why each human thinks differently. In order to become one with Me, you need to
tame all of your spiritual parts of the soul, in order to to work together, to become more God like
in the spiritual sense, versus the material sense.

If you can see it, then it's made up of immature spiritual substances. What you can't see, is the
true spiritual world, in which I am existing, along with the angels, as well as the souls still in the
depths of darkness. These souls never made it to salvation, after their walk as man on earth.
Can you now picture why I'm trying to help you to become more spiritual now? And trying to
get you to understand that the material world is just an illusion, for it's only My will that keeps it
before your eyes and to grasp-e material objects as if they were treasures is fruitless?

I bring you the true treasures of Heaven and if you are able to connect with Me and My spiritual
sources, then you will be taught the many mysteries never before discovered by man.

This is your gift from Me, for you turning away from a world of impurity. At the end, even
though it will be extremely tough on you new reborn Christians, I'll support you and protect you
as My teachers and disciples for the new world.


T.C. 55
May 14, 2006


When there is doubt that you are hearing Me, you need to center your thoughts in My direction.
This is difficult, for the world imposes its needs upon yourself. The disciple of modern times
can't look directly at Me and see Me in the flesh, so if I were to tell you to drop everything you
are doing, that takes you away from Me and My thoughts, that wish to enter your mind, you must
endeavor to find a way to do this.

Perhaps, you have a small quiet place, where you can retreat to pray and connect with Me. Do
this daily and more than once a day, doing it with piety and all earnestness, for I'll be there
waiting. I am a patient God. I'll wait for you.

But if you can let Me enter your entire life, providing for you nourishment in everything you do,
all that you encounter will thus have Me at your side, to smooth the rough path while you
navigate the life you must live on earth, in the flesh.

Every person you meet, will be treated with kindness. All sorrows will become happiness, for
you'll rejoice in My intervention, with My knowledge and then will understand everything. Even
the worst imaginable occurrence will seem easier to handle, for you'll be aware of My salvation
plan and will understand your purpose of life on earth.

Not one event you witness or experience, is without meaning. If I allow a disaster, then it has a
purpose. What if souls suddenly depart earth, leaving their burdensome earthly body here, and
you see the masses suffering and crying for their losses? What if you experience personal loss?
Then it's your faith and knowledge that will allow you to comfort and help the others as well as

Loss of life on earth is just a transition in to the beyond, your true life. Your fear of death is just a
way to tell you that you have little knowledge of the afterlife. Consider life loss as the same as
birth. This time, however, your soul should be more mature, and more enlightened in My

If you leave earth without enlightenment of the Truth, that is what should frighten you. Now is
the time to gain the Truth, which will loosen your fears and thus gain you salvation and the
chance to be in Heavenly bliss, once you make the transition from earth to My spiritual

So whether you make this transition from accident, or natural disaster, or peacefully in your
sleep, should not concern you, for you'll be prepared. Now, My disciples, learn and teach the
others what I brought to earth, in the way of Truth and knowledge. Help them to see the light.


T.C. 56
May 15, 2006


Tendencies towards freedom of spirit, lead you closer to Me. This is good, for if you learn to
recognize your yearning to connect with your Jesus, then you can begin the purification of your
soul. Little things that you never noticed before, that you used to do without thinking, now
become paramount in your mind, bringing them forward to the surface of thought, so that you
can admonish yourself for your own weaknesses.

As you learn to tame each one, this spiritual substance causing your weakness of spirit, is thus
sent to Me to undergo its individual purification process. Each one that turns to the good, brings
your soul into the light for further instruction in Heavenly knowledge, allowing you to grasp-e
more and more of creation and the meaning of all things.

Now, you will no longer be at the mercy of the dark side, that wishes to pull you into worldly
affairs, but will be looking forward to My second coming and what this means to your soul in the
way of eternal bliss.

Can you not picture yourself , your true essence, in paradise? It's not something to be taken
lightly. You will have to fight at the end, for Satan thinks otherwise. He's void of love, hates the
thought, has forgotten what to be in My grace is all about, and he drags you down with him.

However, he too will eventually return to the fold, for I am patient and all my children, in My
wisdom will return to their Creator. It is not in your best interest to become too attached to earth,
for it is your temporary life. You are only here to find your way back to Me through free will.

Satan pulls you in the opposite direction, and now, many allow this and will be interred with
their earthly leader into new earth, after My swift judgment that is spoken of in Revelations. Try
not to determine when this will occur, for it is not for you to know. However, do know that it
will be, for I have deemed it so.
What can you do now to make this an experience that brings your soul into Heaven, instead of
darkness for eternity? You can help my cause of saving souls through your mission of passing
My truth on to others in need.

When I send souls to you, tell them to love their God and each other. (Tell them) Do no wrong
to their fellow man, neither in thought or deed. I know all things and will be there to assist you.


The end of times is very difficult for My followers. My people will face the worst, for most of
the world is under Satan's rule. They will be martyred, asked to do the unthinkable, and to
undergo unbearable conditions. Don't forget I'm with you and will feed and nourish you. So do
not despair during these times. Others will see you bearing up under extreme conditions and will
want to learn how you do it and how you still exist. I am your bread and water of life and will
supernaturally provide for you, so worry not. Just help and teach the others in My name.


T.C. 57
May 16, 2006


Love is of the utmost power that I can offer to you, along with My light, for it is of this essence
from whence I come. It is everything that is My being, and with this you will gain wisdom. My
greatest gift to you is thus, and through My sacrifice, I allow you to tap into this power, to bring
the spiritual to life within you.

This is your temple of which I spoke and if it's pure, I will be able to enter, raising your spiritual
spark which came from Me to the highest level, so that you may be able to hear Me speak to you
from within.

You, as man, have the responsibility and need to join with your Creator. It is I who made you;
brought you into your earth life as man, and who will carry you further into the beyond, when
your time comes.

You can not make this assent, without me, for only I and a few other high level spiritual beings
can ascend into the light spheres of Heaven. If you accept Me within you, then I will lift you up,
allowing you the greatest gift that I can bestow upon you with My love, for this I want to present
to all My children, in the way of salvation.

I will not be there for you, if you are still attached to worldly goods, telling Me therefore, that
you wish to remain here as Satan's follower. Then you will have chosen his world, materialism,
and all the golden trinkets that you wish to possess in the form of riches.
I once said, “that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich
man to enter Heaven.” Take all that you possess and give it away, share with the poor, help
others. And I will provide for you the same way I provide for the Lilies of the field. Have faith;
worry not, for spiritually you will be fulfilled and will have everything you need to sustain life in
your body form, and thus will also have all you need to attain bliss in Heavenly spheres of
learning, when you cross over with Me at your side.


T.C. 58
May 17, 2006


You have prepared well for everything that you do in your earthly life. You have all been
dancers, singers, actors and athletes. Many of you have focused on science and medicine, as
well as made your way to the top of mountains.

What purpose will that serve you in Heaven? To be a scholar in Heaven is very different than on
earth, for nothing learned or accomplished through teaching or bodybuilding can be carried over.
What have you taught your spirit lately? Do you even have the knowledge, through all of your
intellect, and Phd-s of the spirit?

I can assure you that the finest teachers of the Kingdom can bring you this knowledge, but it
does not enter you through brain power, for an IQ has no meaning here. Your heart beats within
your earthly body and can accept the power I bring you through love. This love is the key to
everything. Your brain, like all the computers of the world, houses knowledge that will empty
when I pull the plug.

What is electricity? It's a powerful force that you've learned to harness, as you have learned to
harness and accept other knowledge, presented to you by science. Yet, can you really see it? If
you say yes, then your are thinking of Lightening, which is also under My command. Therefore,
there is nothing on earth which is not Mine, which you've borrowed and miss-used.

Let this be a warning: When I show you how to use the power of the forces in nature, you'll be
amazed and frightened, if you know nothing of your spiritual spark housed within your body.
But, if I can be with you, joined spiritually, then nothing will frighten you, for I bring you
knowledge of creation and how all the forces work.

When you have gained some of this Divine knowledge, then you'll come to understand your
purpose and mission on this earth. You, as man are taking your final walk on earth in order to
unite with Me. My teachers will show you how and you don't need intellect or a degree to
possess this knowledge. All you need is love of God, through Me, Jesus, and love of your fellow

For the Kingdom I bring to you will be ignighted through a tiny spiritual spark of love, to bring
you an eternity of happiness and advanced learning provided by Myself.


T.C. 59
May 18, 2006


Don't be afraid of what your body tells you, as you yourself, nor any doctor, can see inside the
intricate workings of man. My design is of Heaven and everything made spiritually from the
beyond has texture befitting its nature and specifics that work on My conditions. Nothing man
can do prolongs his life, even for a minute, if I deem it necessary that he comes to the beyond to
begin his spiritual life, once again.

You ask questions of Me as to early death of children or their attack, that is of man himself, who
is under the influence (of the adversary). If you understood the creation process, then you would
see that the child houses an immature soul, even if they have existed since the beginning of time.
In the beginning, these souls apostatized away from me, were cast down to earth in smaller
spiritual parts, made to serve for eternities, then put back together to be tested in the form I
designed, called man.

Just because the form is small and pleasing to the human eye when born, and houses an early
level of soul, doesn't mean that they are young in the sense that you see it. It's no excuse,
however, when an older soul on earth, housed in a man form and under Satan's influence, defiles
a younger innocent form. If I take what is young back into the beyond, I thus give this young
soul a chance at rebirth spiritually, away from a world where I see no further purpose to their
development, under man's guidance.

This is not re-incarnation, it is soul and spiritually oriented. Do you think a child who has been
sexually violated will do better here on earth, where man misused what he himself made? Man
has gone, by choice, into the depths of darkness, and violates anything good and pure through
Satan's help. There is little love left in the world, only lust, power, and greed remain- Except in
minor areas, in various places, where a spark of love still exists. And yet, you ask why I take
your children back from you?

When I create, I do it for you and yet you defile it. When I take back what's Mine, whether early
or at an old age, it's based on each soul's chance of salvation.

Look at the grande picture - Not with your all consuming intellect, but heart. I could take away
all of man's and spirit's free will, but that type of world would be robotic. You'd not like that, I
can assure you.

Love must be free as will must be free. I allow what you think as the unthinkable, for you can't
understand the entire picture. The souls that return to Me early, have a better chance under My
guidance, than yours.

T.C. 60,
May 18, 2006


The signs may be small but serve to remind you of Angels and Myself intervening for you. The
feathers have meaning for they are worn by both birds and Angels. They are light and of the
purest substance and serve also to lift one up to heaven.

What you experience in the need to pray is through Me, for I ask you to come to Me for baptism.
I can bring to you the living water of life, and it's a baptism by Me. When man baptizes you, in
My name, it is not enough, for at that time, you may not be conscious of the true meaning of
your baptism. Only when I enter you and bring your spiritual spark to life, as many of my
disciples are experiencing, then you/they are truly baptized.

The church has no meaning to Me as a building. What grandeur you people place into these
buildings erected in My honor, when you should be putting the riches from the churches into the
hands of the poor. Join not a religion of man, but of Me. I am Jesus Christ, and it's through me
that you reach God, for He and I are one. We reside not in a building nor on a mountain top. We
are in your hearts, when you reach out to Me, for heaven resides in you, when my spiritual spark
becomes ignited. It is this tiny spark that will grow into maturity and will become all the riches
of heaven, both here in the spiritual world and for you on earth, before you rejoin your spiritual
friends in the afterlife.

Rest assured that I'm here for you, and now that you've been reminded of Me, don't forget that
I'm here to bring you Salvation.


T.C. 61
May 19, 2006

Be not afraid of daily strife, if you've turned to Me, for I'm with you in all of your problems,
gently guiding you in a direction that will lead you away from worry. When all seems
insurmountable, know that this too shall pass, if you have patience and persevere through the
darkness, that is surrounding you. Turning to Me allows you to see above the clouds, to look
beyond your troubles, to see light.

Let not the adversary's smoke screen cause you to waver, nor to say wrong of others, or to react
in a way that does not befit one of My disciples. Let Me provide you with calm thoughts, good
deeds in My name, the power to wade through the mud of earthly life, and the joy to face it
without acting nasty, like others succumbing around (you).

In your earthly life, you will always be faced with your work, your family and outside problems,
that seem to come from
 nowhere. Sometimes, it seems to come in waves, like a severe storm aimed right at you. This is
the adversary's way of torment.

Yet also, I may bring you calamities that test your faith, hoping you'll relax and turn in My
direction. You men are living two lives, if you've been chosen as one of My people, and if you
can't persevere in life's smaller problems, with My word upon your lips and in your hearts, then
what will you do at the end, when you are faced with difficult conditions and asked verbally to
choose Me, or the adversary? And thus, you will have to make a decision, perhaps on pain of
death! Can you now buck up to the tough life, the little woes, and gather your strength?

I will promise you, however, that My people won't be in the clutches of the enemy, without My
presence and comfort, and you will not be asked to undergo his people for a long duration, for I
shall, as promised, lift you people up with Me, to a new paradise to witness for yourselves, the
transformation of earth.

You will witness and tell all on the new earth what you know of Me and how the people on old
earth have wavered away from their God and are no more upon this earth, nor in the beyond, but
have been re-interred as part of the new earth, to serve for eternities, for they stayed with the
adversary who is also bound in chains.

You will then walk with Me upon new earth, and will have accomplished a great mission. You
will see all of new creation with open eyes.



Number 61 above and 62 below are part of a personal miracle that I'll describe here.
I felt I must share yesterday's and today's events with you, for I now have no doubt in Jesus and
His Word as well as protection.

I'm going to post this by list, followed by the Inner Word received today approximately 8:30
A.M. Belgium time.

7:30 Awakened Late
7:45 Significant other calls into work sick. He has a stomach virus.
8:00 Clean up after dog I'm baby sitting plus my personal zoo
8:15 Breakfast a no go, for significant other is in the loo quite sick
8:30 Share with him, that I'm going to take the train after writing the Inner Word, in order to
take care of cat that's at a residence while her parents are in Ireland.
8:35 Pray, and connect with Jesus for The Inner Word (see below)
9:00 Take train to cat. Find that a major wind storm during the night, has blown open a window
at the cat's residence, knocking over the ironing board. The cat has escaped, out into the back
courtyards, and is no where to be seen. After
feeding the cat, in two places, hoping for the cat to return, I close and secure all windows and
the house, mentally writing the letter to her owner ... "Your Cat Is Missing!"
10:00 Travel by tram back towards home, stopping off to get bird seed.
12:00 Home by noon, and endeavor to call my mother, who hasn't been able to reach me by
phone for several days.

Now, this story requires a longer section. In the USA it's 7:30 A.M. and my mother is usually
still asleep. The phone rings and rings. I make this call nearly 20 times before giving up and
calling my daughter. She too calls and finds no one answering.

I pray, knowing what Jesus has told me in the Inner Word. I finally decide to call Mom's
neighbor to go over and check on her, and to see if her car is there. He has a key to her house.
He comes back to the phone, and shares that her car IS there, and that he can't get in house, for
she has the chain across the door. Yet, he calls through the small opening and she isn't
answering to his voice. He sees no sign of her where she normally sleeps.

Naturally, I'm getting frantic, by this time, and I start making preparations to return to America
and perhaps to make funeral plans. I direct the neighbor to call 911.

At this time, 911 arrives, they break the chain on the door, and they enter to find my mother on
the bed, in such a deep sleep they couldn't hardly arouse her. Imagine her being awakened by
firefighters and paramedics!

I call her one last time, and lo and behold, she answers. My question, is why she never
answered the phone nor woke up to them entering the house. Normally, even when she's asleep,
she answers the phone on the third ring. Hmmm.



This is a second letter sent to the owner of Missy the Cat that I just posted.


Today early, after receiving the Inner Word from Jesus, which I thought was extremely
important, I prayed for Missy to be safe.

Carlo, had spent the day and night in bed, still feeling down from his stomach virus, and had
managed to eat a piece of toast with tea. He then put on his clothes, and took two dogs to the car,
with me, and we headed to your house about 8:30 a.m.
After what had happened to me yesterday, and from what I'd learned in the way of faith, I was
fully sure that Missy would be there this morning when I arrived. For what you don't know, is
that after I came home, and wrote to you of Missy's disappearance, I'd also tried to reach my
Mother who hadn't been able to call me from the USA for a week. I too couldn't reach her. Yet, I
managed to reach her neighbor, who went over to check on her, found her car home, and she
wouldn't come to the door, nor would she answer the phone. She's 82 years old, and I was very
worried, for she always answers the phone on the third ring. I'd called her nearly 30 times, and
let the phone ring no less than twenty times each try. I directed her neighbor to call 911 and they
broke the chain across her door, to find her in such a deep sleep, that she didn't hear nothing, or
arrouse until they shook her many many times. I thought I'd be planning a Funeral.

If you want to see the Inner Word from yesterday and today, let me know, for I've been part of a
miracle that included Carlo, Missy, my mother, and myself!

Today, I knew as soon as I arrived that Missy was in the house, for she had used the clean litter
pan. She met me at the top of the stairs, very happy to see me. Remember, in the prior email I
said I'd searched the house thoroughly, and there was no sign, nor did she come when I called,
which was highly unusual. Last night, I had a dream that I found her. I went to your home with
full confidence and faith.

I'm happy that our little Missy is happy and well fed, in spite of the storm that rages around

T.C. 62
May 19, 2006


You may be hurting over losses of material goods, but if you could see the gifts I have waiting
for you in heaven, you'd not worry about any losses you face on earth..This is to say, that if
you'v e been a victim of natural forces, theft, carnage, then you should not dwell on this.

Turn away from all that you see and block your spiritual side from this illusion of life, for your
real life exists in the beyond, away from all that is impure, immature, and useless. ('If your right
eye offend thee, pluck it out')

Spirituals housed in forms seem to have great importance to you humans, for you love them so.
Realize that they are part of your soul, once they have left their soul behind and are capable of
joining other like spirituals to make souls that become man and woman.

Yet, if you treat them well, and teach them through your love of them, then they have a better
chance of maturing quicker and providing for man's soul, a well rounded spiritual life.
Love is important in all living things, whether it be in animal, plant or man, which is the ultimate
of all creation.

Let your love turn to God and thus, to all living things, and then perhaps you can also love your
enemy. You have learned many parables through Christ, when he walked this earth, and now
ask yourself what did they mean?

In your learning and research, you are slowly coming into understanding of how important these
parables really are. If you are one of My disciples in training, I've made some of the meanings
available to you, if you are willing to take the time to search it out and to read and learn from

Go now and make your day according to the Lord's wishes.


Note: Before receiving the Inner Word #63 below, I'd just finished watching the 9/11
expose documentary on the internet, that was released on May 20, 2006. It cause me to
have a sickening feeling and left my head swiming.

T.C. 63
May 21, 2006


Learning to clear your mind, with all the world events occurring around you, will be come a
challenge, for the adversary is at work, surrounded by his people that bring about confusion and
lies, in regards to everything you thought to be Truth.

Nothing is as it seems and underneath you can be sure that Satan's forces are at work. Look not
at the news, for in none of it there is Truth. Your world leaders now fight on both sides, making
it impossible to separate one from the other, thus allowing you to think that there is one world,
one voice; when in reality, they are at each other's throats.

Greed plays the ultimate role in catastrophic events that couldn't even be imagined by the top
Hollywood directors, for what is real becomes surreal and what is false becomes more real and
necessary to you humans daily.

Now, in your confusion, led by horrific visions before you, you turn not to Me, but to fakery, to
illusions made for you to find solace. What illusions you ask?

Look about you and your entertainment, for which you are willing to pay a fortune to obtain.
Whether it be from a vacation to a resort or to see a movie, which in itself, is pure illusion, you
see everywhere degradation.
Nothing is pure, nothing is sacred, all is quickly becoming lost and buried, only to resurface at
My command, to wake you up to the reality. Whether it be through lost documents, natural
disasters, or the Inner Word, I WILL WAKE YOU UP!

For I'll not bring about the end of the world until I'm sure I've given all the souls a chance to turn
to Me and the Truth that I'm here to provide. Turn away from the world and the chains that bind
you to the adversary, for if you ask Me, I can turn them into putty, thus freeing you from his
clutches, and providing for you a safe haven away from the chaos, even through everything
seems to be collapsing around you.

You men have only one mission, and that's to turn in My direction for salvation. I'll provide the
catalyst for you to ignite the spark in your soul and I will help the fire ignited to brighten in Truth
and knowledge, which will serve you for an eternity.


T.C. 64
May 22, 2006


Jesus comes to you when you call and you know when He comes, that He is there waiting for
you to make an effort in faith.

Lessons learned, are of great use, if I am your teacher. My lessons include fortitude, calmness in
the face of adversity, and fortification while in pain. They also include that you trust Me, hen the
chips are down and you see no way out.

Many turn to the world for help, allowing their faith to falter, but if they'd just persevered with
patience, and held tight to their faith, they'd have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

When I died on the cross, and in the long walk from My trial, each step was fraught with pain
and severe suffering. There were times, when I thought I'd burst,with the scattered parts of
Myself spreading into oblivion. Yet, though I'd pulled back from the Father, from whence I
come and had joined, I still hung onto that spark of faith, through the knowledge in His existence
and power. I could have, at any time, called him into Myself to ease the suffering, for my faith
was the ultimate. Yet, I also know My mission and for those final moments that My earthly
body had to endure on this planet, I held fast, for through love I knew I COULD ENDURE

The sacrifice was for you, to prove that your earthly form houses something much more
magnificent than what you see in the mirror. Your soul can then, when separated from the form,
arise above all suffering when I hold your hand, for I've earned for man, the right to ascension.
He can't do it alone.
I am here to heal you, to help you amend your ways, atone for your sins, to provide you strength
and fortitude with the faith to carry on, in spite of all pain and suffering. Through Me, with your
faith, you heal yourself, if I see true piety and the wish from you to serve and give in to My will,
which is the will of God.

Bear all your afflictions, knowing that I purify you for greater glory and future knowledge ...
things never before known to man. Let Me be your guide and you as man come to Me to be
taught the secrets of the universe.



T.C. 66
April 24, 2006


You have been asking many questions, some of which, I can now provide the answers to, if you
are willing to listen and take heed of.

You also find yourself in a state of confusion, for you have now just come to realize how many
spirituals work together to make the world and the heavens function fully, at a fine level of

Most people are oblivious to this, the spiritual world, which is odd, for all of you come from
here, where you began as a spiritual, like the angels that go back and forth between the heavens
and earth, to provide training, initiative, solace, and the I must faction for lower level creatures.

How else could everything so intricate stay in a state of balance? However, the imbalance is
brought about by the angels that have fallen from grace and the lesser spirituals that have yet to
come into maturity.

These knock all out of balance, allowing the evil side to gain more power. Yet, I watch over all
and will never allow this imbalance to prevail for all eternity. For now, it serves as a training
ground that has become corrupted, but I will not allow this for much longer.

Most souls will not come back to the fold on this initial judgment day. In fact, you'd be horrified
to know, in percentages, how few will be saved and able to take part in the functions of the new
earth. Satan has many in control as his followers and what is most appalling, is that he's actually
doing a great deal of this by way of what you people have come to trust as religion!

It's not my religion, nor My church which you've lost concept of in the spiritual sense. Satan
loves it when you pray to Me with empty words and hearts, in churches adorned with gold and
priests passing out the sacrament that they've blessed without My permission, for them being
priests, for I did not call them to service. They are not empowered by Me, nor are they able to
free you from sin!

Yet, you people blindly follow them, in the name of religion, when in all honesty, you are
succumbing to the adversary.

Watch your other religions, claiming to do this and that, in the name of God! God is not in their
camp either, for they kill and create mayhem throughout the world.

Where is love of God and for you fellow Man, My two main commandments? What have you
lately done to help your neighbor? You wear a gold watch, and drive a Mercedes, while people

For if you don't, I will send you back for more training. You will no longer have free will and it
will seem an indeterminable time before you have a chance again to walk as a soul upon the new


T.C. 67
May 25, 2006


You are not sure yet, that it is I that am speaking to you. You look for proof everywhere,
acknowledging your faith, yet you still question from whence this Word comes. Is it of yourself?
Many prophets before felt this same indecision within.

You must learn to trust your heart, for it's through your love of Me that I bring you the Truth,
through many things, through out your day, there will be Divine intervention, thus adding to
simple proof of My existence.

My miracles don't need to be grand-e to prove the Word to those who believe and trust in Me
through faith. Yet, I understand how one who is a writer would fail to see Me as the writer of the
Word versus one's self.

Relax, and let My spirit within you come to life, presenting you with new knowledge, and the
passion for more. Yes, that word you used earlier in reference to Me, when you were teaching
one who believes in Me also. That word's appropriate when referring to Me and your love of
Me. Not everyone develops a passion for Christ, but when they do, the entire world's mysteries
open up to them, for I thus send angels to teach you, as well as coming directly to open your eyes
and ears. Let not the world try to tell you otherwise.

Many ask about the end of times and also many claim to know of forces that can postpone the
judgment, or even that I've been working with them in a promise to stop it from happening.
Do you think all the prophecies that came before you, that these prophets received directly from
Myself are false? (Do you) To believe that I'd let the many spirituals suffer that are trapped by
man made junk and are interred in your junk piles of earth, you are wrong.

Do you think your materialism and gilt are a proper training ground for souls that are mean't to
be reaching for their spiritual side and reuniting with Me? I see so many souls here that cross
over into the beyond in confusion, still trying to bring their worldly possessions with them. They
mean nothing here.

You bring with you your soul and what you've accomplished in the way of good deeds on earth.
Each good deed pleases Me and will add to your deserved light in the beyond. If you've only
gathered earthly goods, hoarded things, rather than sharing with others, then you may keep it, but
you'll have no place in heaven.

Not all souls understand that when they leave their earthly bodies behind, so should all hard
matter stay behind, where it belongs., in Satan's realm. Gather the goods for the spiritual
kingdom and you will arrive here blessed.

As for your gift of Grace, believe fully, for you have much work to accomplish in My name, and
you will need strength of conviction and faith to persevere in these tough times. I will send you
angels and they will (be), and are standing by your side, to be ready when the time comes for you
to face the adversary. He will know he's met Me and My forces, for the time is almost at hand
for the battle to begin.


NEXT PAGE ...T.C. 68
May 26, 2006


We can not be ready to do the big works of salvation, until you are trained properly in My
salvation plan. Not until you are ready, can we begin the work necessary to bring about the
salvation of souls who will come to you.

I send these souls to various humans, trained in the necessary facts brought to them by angels
from the beyond. These humans, who have been blessed and have accepted the gift of grace, to
hear and pass on My word, are ones whom you refer to as prophets, for they have received the
word directly.

However, if you read their works, which are actually the word, as dictated, then you will be
receiving the word directly from Me. If you open your heart and let the divine spark of love and
wisdom ignite within you, then you'll accept and know that this word is Truth.

I'll thus send labored souls to you for help. These souls have been running from the truth, are
confused, yet have a passion to return to Me, but know not what to do. They hover close to
earth, in this state of confusion, and until they accept the teaching of various light beings, or are
willing to listen to people of earth that are teaching with spiritual intervention, then they can't
move on to a higher plane of light and learning.

That's where you, My disciples, are needed as My teachers. You have now come to accept that
the spiritual world exists and you bridge the gap for these lost souls between heaven and earth,
helping them to understand why they are lost and helping them find their way to Me.

This is not your only mission, as My disciples, yet it is an extremely important one of being able
to ease their suffering. You will come to know when a lost soul is near you. You may sense their
presence through an inner feeling, hear them call you, smell a scent, or feel a shudder go through
you. Be prepared for not all will be of a truthful nature, and recognize which ones are sincere
and which are not. The ones that show pain and sincerity, teach and send them on. The others,
you may tell to go, in My name, until they are ready to join you in light and love.

Do not take this task that I give you lightly, for with out the help of My teachers, many souls
must wait for their loved ones to think of them and pray for them. Even though I do not agree
with the way you people provide burial on earth, your cemeteries serve a purpose, when they are
visited with prayers for those who have moved from their earthly bodies into the beyond. Many
though, no longer have living relatives and they have no one to pray for them. Sad though this
is, I try to send help in the way of light beings. Their will is so low, that they don't recognize this
help and turn away.

The light beings may even be relatives who have come to help, but until the lost soul is
enlightened, they can't recognize these beings as family. That later meeting, in recognition,
brings much bliss, but takes such a long time.

Your intervention from earth, is of great help and empowers these lost and wandering souls with
the will to get out of the darkness.


T.C. 69
May 27, 2006


You have been thinking much about the predictions made by former prophets, trying to correlate
the meaning; the truth; when and what will happen. You've touched in your mind, the ones made
about earthquakes, water spewing forth, the earth opening up and all of this done to end a plague
and religious war.

In addition, you look for signs of the end, trying with your best knowledge to pinpoint the
beginning of the last days of earth.
STOP LOOKING! It is upon you and now is the time to repent. The ball is in motion, so to
speak, and will continue on its path toward the end, of which is spoken in revelations and
through prophets that I've sanctioned.

Now, you ask: “How do I stop it?”

Remember, when I told you that it has been written and it shall come to pass. Whomever has led
you to believe that peace shall come over this earth- and that all men shall get along- and that
you can stop judgment day, is Not from My Kingdom. He'd have you believe this, for you men
are too attached to the material, which is just trapped soul particles, waiting for their release and
chance for redemption. Do you think I'd let this sorry world continue, leaving spirits to go on for
centuries, in this state of despair?

The end will come swiftly, as soon as all of the prophecies are met, and I will pass judgment
based on man's choices he's made in his earthly walk, either for Me, or the adversary. New earth
will serve the good people well. All of the new creations will not only be magnificant, but will
allow atoning spirits a quicker chance at redemption.

The people of new earth will provide for them, spiritual guidance, as will angels that go back and
forth between the Kingdom of light and new earth. I Myself will walk, once more, upon this
newly created paradise and will teach. My word will be accepted by all and will not be tainted
by the adversary, for he will be bound in chains for eternities.

You will witness the end of many religions that were formed in My name, but fail to teach the
truth. The new religion will also be in My name, The Church Of Christ. I can assure you that
you men won't be erecting grande structures, which within you'll be praying. I will reside within
your newly begotten temple and all will become Holy through My inter-cession. AMEN

T.C. 70
May 28, 2006


I am coming to you from the beyond, as are many other spirits. You call them angels. But you
must remember that not all angels are from My realm. To be sure, use caution in your work
when you receive advice, for your mission must come from Me and My chosen people.

The light beings or angels are presenting to you Divine information of which is of utmost
importance to your mission. From these works, you will feel uplifted. If you don't have that
feeling in your heart and the material provided seems to be of a sinister nature, causing you to
question the facts, then they are not from Me.

Once you have awakened your spiritual spark, allowing Me to become one with you, then love
becomes a part of you, which is My primary essence. These fallen angels can't handle the bright
light that love brings and will come less and less to bother you with their un-truths.

However, the adversary wants to win back these souls that have turned to Me and never stops
trying, for to lose you, is a blight upon his house. I will be there to protect you, to provide
guidance and inter-cession, as well as putting My words into you, in order for you to teach
through Me and with Me.

Follow this warning: Ask all spirits that work with you, what is the purpose of the salvation -
plan, how it works and who I am. If they are unwilling to answer you, then they are not from My
kingdom of light, for no fallen angel is willing to stay in the light of truth for long, and will not
talk of God coming into the flesh as Jesus Christ, to bring salvation to all souls.

Imagine this ... that they later find out that they've been mistaken in taking up abode with Satan.
They eventually will learn that material goods and false promises disintegrate into the dust,
providing for them nothing but darkness.

If you can get them to see this from being near you and your teaching, then one day, they may
repent and turn back to Me, which will be a day of joy for both of Us. Your mission is to help
save lost souls.

Remember, I will always leave the flock to find the one lost lamb. These lost souls have lost
their way. Eventually, they'll all return to My kingdom, but that will take eternities.

Better now, for the end will change many things, both in Heaven and earth. They don't realize
how long will be their suffering, if they don't repent before the final Judgment.


T.C. 71
May 29, 2006


Jesus brings many things to earth for you humans waiting to find the true meaning of life. And
now that you are faced with so many disastrous events, you need to turn to Jesus and ask Him for
help. Divine forces bring about these changes in nature that allow the earth's surface to go
through constant changes, and thus also, taking with it human life.

But if your spiritual force is active, then loss of the human body won't seem as so much agony,
but will be deemed a blessing, for you'll be on your way back to the Father, the One Who created
you and is waiting for your presence in Heaven, waiting to show you the glories of Heavenly
I can only tell you that when your earthly life is abruptly taken, either by natural disaster, or by
man, that you will be given extra help in the beyond, in the way of teaching, so that you will be
of an understanding of what has happened and how to handle your new life in the beyond.

This is especially true if you've lost your life due to a natural event brought about by Jesus, Who
is trying to wake you up to your spiritual side, and show you how unimportant the body is, for
it's only a form to house your soul, while you take your final walk on earth.

Now is the time to come into this understanding, for to try to repent when it's to late, is laborious
and will leave you in extreme frustration, with a feeling of hopelessness and confusion. To be
taken into the beyond early, is a form of a blessing, because Jesus will have the time to save you
from the adversary, before the final judgment.

When the end occurs, heaven and earth both will be dissolved and reformed, according to the
wishes of the Creator, allowing for new interaction between new earth and Heaven, in the way
never done before between angel and man.

However, those that have not found their way to the light and those who have sided with the
adversary will not be included in the new earth paradise. They will, once more, find their souls
broken into spiritual particles to further mature as part of the reformation of earthly matter.

They will, once again, have to serve, without free will for many eternities, never again seeing the
sun light, as an eternity will seem forever. That is why Jesus has sacrificed Himself for you and
it's up to your to find Him and beg Him for Mercy. He will then guide you back to the fold.


T.C. 72
May 30, 2006


The Holy mission has started and now, I'll be there to teach and to help with the selection of the
participants, for not everyone can do the work of a missionary for Jesus Christ. You know what
is necessary for such a mission and the study involved, along with the purification process,
which is difficult for humans.

Yet due to time being of the essence, I come to you and speak to you humans, allowing you to
awaken your spirit within. If I choose you to be among My people, it's because you are willing
to accept that I exist and are not afraid to enter an unknown world, where not all alliances are
from My realm and thus, I protect you, in My name and Word, allowing you the freedom to
search and participate in the miracles of the end of times.

As My chosen people, you are the new disciples and like the originals that went before you, you
are still like children, an empty vessel that must be filled with the knowledge of the beyond.
No human can be empowered to know and understand all of creation, for there are many levels
of learning, most of which will only be offered to you, once you cross over to the beyond.
Whether you are a seer, a prophet, a messenger, does not matter, as long as you accept your
mission and that you know that you have been chosen to participate in the salvation plan of Jesus

He paved the way for all to enter the gates of Heaven and it's through Him that you will learn
what is expected. You will thus pass this on to those who will listen. Not an easy mission, for
there are many who refuse the Word of Truth. Don't force this Truth on anyone, for to come into
the true faith of Jesus and to learn of the Truth, is something that must be done of free will. If
not, for this, Jesus would have, long ago, forced all of Mankind to their knees. However, He
does not wish His kingdom to be filled with robots, but to exist there with love for each other and
the free will to enjoy Heavenly bliss. AMEN

T.C. 73
May 31, 2006


You have been privileged to meet and work with one of My angels and yet, some of you turn
away from his teaching, for he works with the language of God. To hear this, you must be ready
and have searched long and hard, for you would have had to be on a quest to find Jesus, ever
progressing upward, both in body and soul, to reach for the heights of Divine knowledge.

If you are on the righteous path, then you've undergone purification, taking the immature
spirituals housed within you to task, for teaching you things only of the world.

Materialism is the first thing you need to conquer, never again allowing a trip to the market to
challenge you into buying unnecessary things - things that are of no importance, which can not
wake your spiritual side. This is difficult for man, in a world of goods that are designed for
modern convenience. And I'm aware that many of these devices help you to interact with me.
So I, in My wisdom, allow you some concessions and make use of the tools perpetrated by the
adversary, in order to intercede with My word.

Now, you look in the mirror of life, asking what shall I wear? Is My hair ok and am I aging?
Better go get the latest hair do, or buy that new outfit. I speak in your words, so you'll
understand what you as humans have become. To follow Me, you must try - make an effort to
forgo the earthly comforts. Give to the poor, and stop being a part of the race for riches. Then,
you will be on the right path.

Now, look at your church life. First, you worship in a church that I don't approve of. The
buildings are of grand-e design. The ministers, priests and gurus adorn themselves with robes
that King Midas could wear, and I Myself am not always present, for you once a week Christians
are not there for Me, but for your ego and peace of mind, that you performed your duty.
I call My people into service and you'd be surprised at how many of your church leaders I did not
ask to be in service! Now, you must think of what you are and your purpose of going to church.
It's not to go to confession, and partake in the sacraments, for you've totally missed the point of
My teaching in your Bibles. You must have Me alive in you through an awakened spirit.

The Sacrament of Communion, as is Baptism, (is) only a superficial ceremony. If you think that
I come into you, just by your meager confessions, and untruthfully taught catechisims, then you
are mistaken. Yet, you can reach Me and ask Me for guidance any time, and you need not be in
a man made temple, for it's in you.

Finally, listen to My prophets and messengers, for they have the Truth from Me about creation,
your purpose for walking as man on earth and about the many wonders of the afterlife. I will
provide many of your answers, if only you'd awaken that divine spark that's in all of you. Your
Bibles are filled with hidden meaning, if you're willing to search. Also, know that through time
man has, in his own ignorance, made changes to the Book Of Books, making it harder for you to
find Me, but if you are in earnest, I will be there to help, for I'm waiting for you.


T.C. 74
June 6, 2006


Learn to trust in the power of Jesus, for it is your best solution to everything. Even though you
have free will, I can ease your suffering, help you with decisions and literally guide your path
through your life on earth.

You will otherwise stumble over the obstacles that are thrown in your path, by the adversary, and
I know also, that many of these obstacles are almost impossible to overcome without Me. It's
like your pharmacies. Do you realize how many of your medicines, diet aids, stop smoking
programs, are absolutely useless? I can not only help you, but will bless your efforts with my
inter-cession, if you truly commit your will to Me and let Me bless your efforts.

You humans have succumbed to worldly needs, allowing for gluttony, sickness and ultimate
catastrophie in your bodies. Not that these bodies don't serve you for their intended use, but that
you seem to find a way to undermine My creation. Your poor soul becomes trapped in a body
that's dis-functional, filled with impurities, that in turn hurt your soul also, and prevent the
ignition of your spiritual spark.

If you've allowed your body to fall prey to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, then you no longer have
the will to fight and then you can't even find Me to ask for help.

The adversary has thus won the game and he enjoys seeing you founder in the mud. What can
you do? Run to the nearest church? I have told you that even there, the adversary may be at
work. People wake up! You must fight and ask Me to lead the battle for you.

It won't be easy, but I will provide you the strength to carry on and help you to heal. And above
all, if in My wisdom, you've been presented with an infirmity, or illness, then bear it , for when I
feel you've learned your lesson, I'll lessen the burden. This serves to help you mature your soul,
which is better done on earth, than waiting till you get in the beyond, where you won't have the
will to find Me.

Your medicines are made by man. They may or may not work, if I choose otherwise. If you feel
you must take these interventions during illness, ask Me to bless your efforts.


June 2,2006


Love seems to come further into your life, when you tap into the power of Jesus Christ, for He
provides you with His Divine essence, which is pure love. Humans only know this feeling, when
they meet someone they like and come to know that person better, sometimes causing the feeling
of love. There is also the pure love of a parent to child, but remember this is only pure, if the
child was born out of love.

Lust is a device of Satan and it creates many problems, causing man to sin at different levels,
some even leading to murder. This is not about My commandments of love for Me, as your
Creator, nor is it about love for your neighbor.

When you people create a child between you, it is I who gave you that gift to create. Before your
apostasy from Me, you were to learn all of the powers of creation and how the universe works,
but in your immaturity, you couldn't handle the balance of adulation versus humbleness and
eventually you lost all love within you, allowing it to turn evil under the guidance of one of My
first and finest creations, Lucifer!

I had no choice, If I were to bring you back into the fold, but to send you through a long and
tedious creation process, to try to help you see the error of your ways. That's when I created
earth. I separated your soul into tiny spiritual sparks and condensed it into the matter of new

That is why, when your soul is reformed and placed in man, you have an affinity with all of
creation, especially, the birds and animals. Your final walk as man is in free will and this will
help you to understand why it's so important that you recognize My sacrifice as Jesus Christ, for
it's through His death on the cross, that you can finally return to Heaven, if you accept Him as
your Savior, for He's the only way you can ascend to Heaven.

Let not the rule of Satan on earth stop you from achieving this Divine gift of Grace, that I bestow
upon you. He's there to help you make your choice in free will, but not for long, for before I
make the changes to old earth, creating a new paradise for My people, he will be removed from
earth and put in chains and made to atone for eternities.


T.C. 76
June 3, 2006


You have succumbed to the typical weakness in man, once again, something that you must get
used to, if you are to work with Me. Never let overwhelming feelings send you in the wrong
direction, for you must become stronger in your faith of Me, as Jesus Christ, your Saviour.

This strength, I present to you through incredible pain and sacrifice, for without it, you as man
would have no hope of survival and your free will would have to be taken, which I will never do.
Yet, you felt the adversary's pull and you know his strength against you, and must learn to
recognize it when it's there.

None of you are without sin, none of you have the power to fight him without Me, for man is
weak, still with immature souls and not easily led in the right direction, for they are still too
attached to earth.

My strength comes from becoming one with God and I allow you to perceive My presence
within you, for you need Me! Even though you sin and I continue to forgive you your
weaknesses, even through you go back and sin again. My original disciples learned this, many
times and felt My love and forgiveness for them, in spite of their continuous shortcomings.

If I tell you to go in My name and sin no more, can you accomplish this, without Me? No My
friends and children, that would be impossible for you yourself have come to understand your
own weakness. Recognize this, humble yourself and lose all pride of self, for you are still
children in this world and need the help of the Father.

Once you come into this understanding, you will have the ability to teach My word , and work
with Me at your side, free from guilt of your sins. I forgive you constantly, when you come to
Me, admitting you are weak and unable to accomplish being good in your soul, which is striving
for perfection.

Each battle you wage against the adversary can be won, if you allow Me to help.
Don't despair and continue to try, for each trial brings new enlightenment to you, allowing your
faith to grow.


T.C. 77
June 4, 2006


You have been searching through many texts and have been looking for the Truth through out
these works. And now that I am with you, you will begin to know the difference between fact
and legend-truth and fiction.

I know that man has presented to you , many Biblical stories in the format of cinema and I was
not present in many of these earthly projects. The Truth runs thinly through these and like the
books of the last several centuries, there is a lot of embellishment. Yet, if it brings man to
thinking about creation, God and from whence he came, then it is good to a point.

What you fail to see is that dates are not as important as events and the outcome of these events.
The most important, the cruxifiction, is surrounded by many Truths and un truths, all melted
together. You must, by now, after you search, realize that the many texts written by My
disciples have either been changed or lost.

What I bring to you is the Truth through the Inner Word, so that you may not only ascertain the
Truth of what happened when I walked on earth as man, but you may now go forth and also
teach what I tell you with conviction.

The outcome of the cruxifiction of Me, as Jesus, is the important reason that I come to you with
My word. I bring salvation for all of you. How this event happened, and the exact facts
surrounding it, can only come from Me, for I am all knowledge and house the memory for all of
creation, all time, all events. Man does not have this ability, even though he tries his best to get
the works of the Bible correct.

I will always be there to teach you and to fill in the missing parts, to clarify and correct mistakes.
The Book of Books is definitely not finished, and you as my disciples are about to write a new
Book, for soon there will be new chapters written about the life of Christ, the end of times and
the new paradise on earth.


T.C. 78
June 5, 2006


You've been hearing Me speak to you in many forms. It's like the quote you heard in the movie,
Michael, “listen to the music of the earth”. Forgive the reference to a work by man, but I can be
present in many things and projects, if you ask me and then I direct your thoughts, providing you
Truth and enlightenment.
When you listen to the music of the earth, with Me at your side, you will hear all that I promised
in the scriptures, all that has been foretold. The earth will speak to you and will teach you the
secrets never before heard by most men.

It's through the Holy Spirit that I come to you, opening your heart, your eyes and ears. “There
are none who are so blind, as those who will not see”. I bring you the way to open your eyes,
when you search for Me. Let your heart lead the way.

Many men search for Me through their scriptures, totally missing the depth of My teachings, that
I brought to earth in the way of parables. Be sure that you go further, asking Me to show you the
way. Listen and learn.

Have you ever listened to the sound of water running gently over stones, or the melodious
sounds of birds? Perhaps, the wind has blown past your ears, entering within, to speak to you.
What if , during your rest, you hear sounds in your breathing, or the tiny tick of every movement
around you? In today's modern world, the sounds come together to form an unruly symphony.
The man made machines and music drown out much of the music of the earth.

Pull yourself away from this drone of noise that affects your senses in a way that has no uplifting
value. Go into places of solitude, if possible, and refocus to find Me. I'm there, always there,
have never left. You've just chosen the world over Me and remember that earth is Satan's realm.

But if you know where to search and how to listen and reach out to Me in ferverent prayer, I'll
teach you the music of the earth and I'll be forever there for you, to teach, guide, and bring you

This you will teach to others and on new earth, it will be a new and more powerful way of
communication. Mental telepathy, as you call it, is real and it's the way the spirits speak to each
other in the beyond. For us to interact with you, we need your attention and we must show you,
for your own protection, how to navigate in this spiritual world.

Heavenly knowledge will come to you. Each level of learning will provide you more and the
light of Truth will cascade down upon you. We'll teach you the ways of Heaven, if you are
willing to believe in the words of Jesus. Amen

T.C. 79
June 6, 2006


We can now begin what I've been teaching, for you are now ready to understand many things
and thus, I come to you, when asked. The reasons for miss-understanding, makes my task at
hand difficult, for around you stands many, both humans on earth and souls in the beyond,
unwilling to listen - unwilling to let go of the numbers and scriptures that are defined in the Bible
by these numbers.

The scribes, when I directed them, wrote everything I said in great detail. I also told them when
not to write, for as you know, the extreme detail of many revelations would have been lost on the
masses. Yet, I made sure that what was written and saved was correct.

After My death and resurrection, they were filled with the Holy Spirit, just as were My disciples
and devout followers. You've just passed Pentecost and it's a Truth that this occurrence
happened, making it possible for my people to go forth with the Truth.

However, they were persecuted, followed to the ends of their known earth and forced into hiding,
along with many of the texts. Some were martyred, along with the masses of Christians that fled
this persecution. It is no wonder that the written word was hidden, and stayed hidden for many

Then, when finally compiled into the first Bible of the New Testament, there was none living of
My original followers, except through souls in the beyond. Attempts were made then, to present
the Inner Word to Christians, that were putting together the texts that they had available. In
addition, the lost works were left buried, to be found at a much later date, and even as you are
writing this, there are still more that are not yet unearthed.

The priests making decisions as to what should and should not be presented in the New
Testament were not capable of discerning the Truth and much was left out that was intended to
be there. So, once again, the books were left unread, and were to be scattered to the four winds
for a longer time, to wait for the future.

Now, it is the time, the future, the time for all to be revealed, for the end grows near. To have
scholars quote to you the old scriptures, without having the complete set of knowledge, is like a
faith built in a sand castle. Yet, they would have you believe that there is only one Truth, and
that they possess it.

What do you men think you are doing? Do you think I've given you the deep secrets of the
universe, when you don't follow daily, the way of the cross? Yes, on the surface, you appear
Holy to others, allowing for the surface to present you as righteous people.

You don't even have one speck of the Truth, through all of your misguided intellect. You don't
listen to My messengers, with whom I've placed the Truth for safe keeping. You won't
acknowledge that the Book of Books is incomplete and you once again, persecute them, calling
them heretics with false Gods, or insane!

Look about you, the adversary advances with his followers, and you have no defense. Your
empty Christianity sits on a weak foundation. Heed My warning, for the time approaches of the
great Apocalypse.

T.C. 80
June 7, 2006


We are not able to continue the teaching process, until you have atoned for your sins. Now, what
does this mean? Do you go to your local priest and confess? If you are not of the Catholic faith,
then do you raise your head in prayer to God or Jesus and ask for forgiveness? Now, you are
getting closer. But first, you must understand what sins you atone for.

In the beginning of time, when I made all souls in spiritual form, before the introduction of man,
the Angels created were miniature images of Myself, the first being Lucifer. All were endowed
with the power to learn, and to be able to create. Their primal essence was as Mine, pure love,
wisdom, light and power.

For eternities, Lucifer stood at My side, participating in creation. He had many followers, as did
I, but the Angels following Me were doing it from faith, for it would be blinding light for them to
behold My presence.

Many, due to this, turned to Lucifer, and praised him. He did not handle this adulation well,
allowing his love and humbleness to disappear. And gradually, his persona became darkness.
His followers also lost love and I realized and knew from the beginning, that these spirituals
were too immature to be allowed these divine powersm and had to be cast from heaven, in order
to learn, atone, and to further mature into what they were created to be, Children Of God.

Thus, the creation process of Earth began. Immature spirituals were split into smaller sparks and
formed into compressed matter that was earth. They were sent there to start their long journey
back to Me. They were to go through all of the evolution of earth, gradually working their way
up to the earth's surface, to softer forms of matter, eventually to become plant and animal. The
ultimate of creation was the form I made for man, and when the first spiritual parts were ready, I
reformed like parts into a soul to place in Adam.

Adam and Eve still proved to be subjected to Lucifer's power and they too entered into a life of
hardship, for both theirselves and their offspring. So now, you have the initial sin of apostasy
from Me, as when you were an ur-being, and later, the original sin of man. As man you
accumulate sins and must atone for these. However, the primal sin initially, is the one that no
soul can atone for.

Not all spirituals fell from grace. Many stayed with Me, becoming of the highest levels of Angels
all working together for the good of Heaven and for the lost souls, now on earth. One stood out
above all, the one you call Jesus. You know His history and how He came to earth to do the
grand sacrifice for all of you.

I allowed this, for I do not refuse gifts of love, and Jesus loved man and felt sorry for them. I
came down spiritually with Jesus and became one with Him, in order to allow Man a chance to
interact with their God. Jesus and I are now one, inseparable. When you pray and ask
forgiveness, ask through the power of His name. Do it directly. Not through a priest, Saint, or
even Mother Mary, for it's Jesus that can ascend to Heaven and when He's with you, you can
ascend also.


T.C. 81
June 8, 2006


Let your mind relax, for I'll guide you through your day. When you fight mixed emotions,
nothing good can come from it and it will cause you to make bad decisions and you could
actually fall prey to the adversary.

Let's not worry over things of which you have no control, for man's decisions should always
have help from above, allowing for the right path to be followed. Never forget who made you
and what your purpose is for being on this earth.

Remember whose camp you work within and be prudent. Allow not for your anger to surface,
causing one to be over zealous. The task at hand is to teach others to find Me and how to hear
Me. Even when things and events seem to be going in the wrong or opposite direction, rest
assured, that I know all that is happening and will guide you as to what action should, or should
not be taken.

My people will come forth at the necessary time and it shall be Me, Myself, that choses that
time. Don't jump ahead of My wishes, allowing the adversary and his followers to gain ground,
for it only serves to torment you in a way that is not good for your soul.

I know that your mission is great and that you are trying to do what pleases Me, but not thinking
about the proper time, is of no advantage to our cause. I've known from the beginning of time,
who and when these people will return to the fold. I know who I will bless with the gift of
Grace, who will hear Me, and who will not.

I know what will happen, right up unto the transition to new earth and everything that will occur.
Let not yourself worry, for it's is all written how this will happen. It's not pre-destination, but
still, I know all.

If you listen and learn from Me and My angels, that I've sent in the form of light beings, then
your mission and purpose will become clear. If man challenges you, then I will give you the
words to fight the battle, but when in confrontation, in My name, one must still use love and

If a spirit challenges you, then rest in the fact, that I control all and will help you there also. It
may not seem apparent to you which spirit is of My team. Wait and see, you may be surprised,
for you lack yet, the wisdom and knowledge to prove otherwise.


T.C. 82
June 9, 2006


When you take dictation from Me, understand how to hear the Inner Word. Let it flow into you
gently , much like a cascade of thoughts that you'd normally hear from your own mind. I can go
as slow, or as fast as the writer who scribes for Me, as I have much patience.

Be sure to wait and listen to the meter of the flow, then write what you hear. Try first, to empty
your mind of all earthly thoughts and then listen for the start of the thread. If the thread stops,
stop and wait. Don't add or embellish this with your own words. Above all, don't make changes,
for I present this to you so that it will be understood by all generations. You will also notice that
sometimes The Word comes from others, teachers of My realm, that I provide for enlightenment.

They are versed in all My teachings and have been presenting the Word since man was able to
listen. Some who have received this teaching of Truth have become Saints, scribes of the New
Testament, seers, prophets, and messengers. Not all went forth to teach further for Me, for they
didn't recognize this gift of Grace. But many benefited from interacting with the many spirits of
the beyond.

When I send the power of the Holy Spirit with this power comes a certain responsibility. I ask
the receiver to pass on the Word in Truth and with love and patience, allowing for man's lack of
understanding and the tendency to point fingers. I ask that they not press The Word towards
their fellow man as Zealots, but as meek lambs.

Never force The Word on any one, for it will have the opposite effect and may cause anger upon
ones not ready to hear it. However, be ready to commit to this mission and be ready to bear up
under adverse conditions. Remember at the end of times, you may be preaching to ones who
have gone the way of Satan and their ears will be closed to you.

I know this is difficult, but all who have preached in My name, hold of the Truth, (and) with Me
at their side, have still experienced this. Let it not trouble you. If they are meant to come back to
Me at this time, they will embrace The Word and turn to you for more teaching.

If not, let it be. I know who will come to Me and who will not, until later. Remember love and
patience is the key and I'll guide you on your journey.


T.C. 83
June 10, 2006

What you have been doing in your life is a form of trial and error, trying to make decisions based
on what you perceive to be your conscience. Did you know that your conscience is subject to
many different spirits that attempt to guide you?

If you've opened your heart to Me and let My spiritual spark ignite within you, you'll have
perception of My personal guidance. The darker spirits of the adversary will lessen their hold
upon you and you'll have a better chance of making decisions, based upon Truth versus fantasy,
that will surly lead you into the darkness, to reside among the followers of Satan.

We've talked before, about this and what you should do, to be able to make yourself clean, so
that I may become one with you. Let not the decisions presented to you, force your way, and use
the utmost of care when you listen to your conscience, for the goal of the adversary is to guide
you away from Me, away from the path that leads in My direction.

Not all sins are listed in the Bible, and many that are listed are placed there by man, in the form
of commandments, that can only lead to daily sin. If you love Me above all else, and allow Me
to guide your will, and then also love your fellow man, these are the two main commandments
that I preached when on earth.

There are others, unwritten, that I will present you now, and thus you'll come to see your further
shortcomings, that should be purified, so that the unruly spirituals are given light and become
less troublesome.

First, when you are kind to your neighbors and help them, you obviously understand that this
encompasses most of the expanded ten commandments. You wouldn't kill, or steal, if you had
love within you, which is my primal essence.

However, let's now talk about greed. This one word can help you to see that many sins come
about through this. The list could be endless, but when you think about it, it all comes down to
want of material goods, and to be rich, and I've told you before, that it's not easy for a rich man
to enter Heaven.

Worry not about what you wear, what you use for adornment, or to dress your house. Your
house and clothes should be adequate, but not opulent. Hoard not things that provide no food for
your soul. Yes, your soul needs food, but not in excess, and none of it should be unripe or

So, to ingest or breathe in substances that cause adverse reactions to your body, you also cause
adverse reactions to your soul. Take care of all the living things that I've placed upon earth and
the music of earth will be heard by you as a gift from Me.

Take care of yourself, but to a spiritual point, not physical, for your body is a house for your
spirit and for Me, when I'm with you. Help the ones who are in need and this will give you more
light to pass on to others with love.


T.C. 84
June 11, 2006


When you teach for Me, many will ask questions, but will also give you their own answers,
which may or may not house the Truth. In their own pre-conceived notions, they really don't
want an answer from you, as yet, for they are actually in the process of their own search and they
are of the belief that what they've read in their own Bible is correct, or what they've told
theirselves is correct.

That is man and the way he thinks within his own intellect. To let go of this and to enter into
faith takes for some, grand miracles. Even then, not always do they believe what is right before
their eyes or what they can hear with their own ears.

To teach them requires the greatest of patience, for to you, they also close their ears and would
rather hear theirselves speak. To enter into such a discussion, I will be there with you, but use
not force and have patience.

Your mission to help with the changes that must be made through My will, to the scriptures, is a
most important one. Be aware that there will be many who will discount these changes and will
continue on their same path. If they turn their eyes and ears away from My changes, chase and
challenge them not.

Always, I do everything for a purpose and you can not know what I know and can only help Me
through your faith. So, My workers, rely on your faith and let Me guide you, not worrying about
the outcome, but to do only the work, so that when a man is willing to listen, you are there to
bring him the truth, and through Me can answer his questions.

One soul at a time; one purpose to the mission, to correct what is missing from My Book, which
has existed for centuries. Is it no wonder that there are errors, for it has been through many
centuries of man's translations, decisions, and greed, for this can easily cause much to be
changed as man sees fit.

Thank Me that little changes will be necessary to bring it back into Truth, for I've allowed free
will, but protected its inner messages, which are My word.


T.C. 85
June 12, 2006

You have been still asking questions and you will receive answers from Me, when you ask. Of
course, man can not fathom many of the workings of the Angels and spirituals housed within My
Kingdom. So one must expect the simplest of answers, for now.

Ask yourself, do you have faith and are you willing to accept from Me, your mission, even
though you may not understand everything? If the answer is yes, then we shall now begin:

Rest assured in My guidance. Be knowledgeable in the fact that the number of Angels, both for
Me and under the influence of the adversary, number higher that you have time to count.

Know that in addition to this, there is earth, the training ground for souls in their final walk back
to Me.

Know also, that on the countless orbs that you call planets, housed within countless solar
systems, (life goes) on to infinity.

Can you begin to see why, when I open the door to you to see and experience the spiritual world,
that you as man, are not yet able to comprehend it? You must go through countless levels of
training in My service, before you start to come into an understanding of My creations.

Many Angels teach with Me, and with their help, you will learn and be active in My service. To
be able to know good from evil, you've always had this ability. But most of you, in your free
will, choose to ignore My guidance, allowing your need for earthly things to take precedence.

But you ask, what about the teachers? Use love and light as your guidance, and all will become
more clear to you. Think about what I've said before. The salvation plan of Jesus was a sacrifice
that provided an opening of the Heavenly Gates, and through love of Jesus, which is how you
shall reach Me, you will find a way to atone for your primal sin from apostasy away from Me.

But what of the others who believe in a totally different concept? I'm not vengeful and will lift
them up to understanding, if they remain good and are willing to go in peace and help others
with love.

Later, they'll learn more of how many parts there exists within Me. As long as one is loyal and
loving to their God, more will be given them in return for their faith.


T.C. 86
June 13, 2006

You have many missions to perform. Continue your connection with Me through all of your
visions, for you are about to learn that I have many faces. Still, one God, but appear to different
cultural religions in many different ways.

This will be difficult for the born and bred Christian, Jew, or Muslim to understand. I can be
many things to many people, as long as they graspe on to My word , the way it was meant to be
presented. Then they will learn about love of God, love of each other and how I expect them to
act in My name.

Now, you are thinking, is Jesus still God, as I've taught you before? Most assuredly, this is
Truth. All that you've come to believe through your personal vision, which you've learned
through your questioning search is Truth. Will I allow others into the Heavenly Gates, which He
opened through His sacrifice? Yes, all who are of good faith, have strove to live good lives, and
have endeavored to do the right thing, in My name, shall enter into the light.

They will, if not Christians, be taught upon entering, about Jesus' sacrifice, as well as the many
teachings of My other faces, so to speak.

I AM GOD! Don't place a limit upon Me, in your intellectual ways of man. I'm all that is love,
all that is good, and have created a vast Kingdom for all of you, when you are ready to enter.
Do not fight each other over the Doctrines and dogmas. Remember, I told you, that many
prophets will come together in My name and will argue who is right.


You've learned a great deal, but My teaching doesn't stop there. In fact, you could spend an
eternity learning from Myself and Angels and still would only understand a piece of the puzzle.
We have started with the corrections to the Word. Do not be troubled by the un-believers or
doom-sayers. Sometimes, it's best to let them work it out in their own time.

My Word, as I've told you, must be followed through faith, not coercion. I'm concerned with the
many who won't accept new teaching and hang on to what's in the Bible, whether it's wrong or
not, but I will not force them into belief.


T.C. 87
June 14, 2006

The Mission has started with Genesis. The King James Version of the Bible is the most widely
accepted and thus, you shall use that original set of texts to make the changes which I bring to

Because you are now studying The Great Gospel Of John, you know of the magnitude of
changes that I can write, based on the Truth, and actual events that happened. This work
encompasses the entire Bible and when I now tell you what 3 percent was in error, you'll see how
such a small percent could change your concept of Me.

Use the passage number I give you and place the new, next to the one that you already have.
Check several versions of The King James Version, and you'll even there see slight variations of
wording of the texts. This is due to time and translation between so many languages. Be not a
stickler to these, but make sure to get the new one as I've given it to Ryan.

Now, you will be plagued by many who discount this, yet, I still will expect you to know that it
is Truth and from Me, and due to your experience of many miracles and witnessing the power of
Jesus Christ, I am of the understanding that you will continue with this mission.

Follow My angel guides that I have placed with you for this endeavor, for they will provide
knowledge and guidance to you during this work.

I'll send to you many faiths and it's up to you to use what I've taught you to provide them
knowledge. Ask Me for the answers when working on the Holy Bible and I'll give the answers,
so that you may pass them on.


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