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									-The Biblical Man-

Masculinity starts with…

• Proverbs is a book written by older men
  (particularly a father) to younger men
  (particularly a son) for the purposes of raising up
  mature, responsible, masculine men.

• Throughout the Bible, young men are being
  called by God to grow into spiritual maturity and
  usefulness, earlier than most of us think.
• The entire book of Proverbs is designed to help
  this early fruitfulness happen. The book begins
  like this: “The proverbs of Solomon, son of David,
  king of Israel . . . to give prudence to the simple,
  knowledge and discretion to the youth” (Proverbs
  1:1, 4).

• The Bible does not believe that wisdom is only for
  the aged. Wisdom comes from God’s word mainly
  and from life-experience secondarily. Therefore,
  we should pray earnestly and work diligently to
  become men who are blessed with wisdom,
  discretion and maturity early in life.
     The Marks of Manhood – Dr. Albert Mohler
1.   Spiritual maturity sufficient to lead a wife and children.
       •   Proficient in the disciplines of the Christian life, including
           prayer and serious Bible study. Able to teach and lead as the
           head of his home.
2.   Personal maturity sufficient to be a responsible husband
     and father.
       •   Unless called to celibacy for Gospel service, he aims for
           marriage and fatherhood. True masculinity is not about having
           masculine characteristics, it’s about being responsible in every
           aspect of the life God has called you to.
3.   Economic maturity sufficient to hold an adult job and
     handle money.
       •   Not a lover of money, attracted to material goods, or prone to
           economic carelessness, slothfulness, self-centeredness, or
           laziness. Develops a Christ-like work ethic.
4. Physical maturity sufficient to work and protect a
   family.               A
     •   Unless afflicted by injury or illness, the man should develop the
         stature, strength and confidence that marks recognizable
         manhood, and he must be ready to put it all on the line to
         defend his family.
5. Sexual maturity sufficient to marry and fulfill
   God’s purposes.
     •   Avoids pornography, fornication and all forms of sexual
         corruption, and understands the danger of lust. He has put
         accountability measures in place to honor God with his body.
6. Moral maturity sufficient to lead as an example of
     •   Not reckless or irresponsible, but always striving to think, act
         and live like Christ, imaging God correctly to bring His light to
         the dark places of this world. Able to reason morally, and
         translate Biblical principles into godly living.
7. Ethical maturity sufficient to make responsible
   decisions.             A
     •   Able to apply godly discernment to his decisions, and lead his
         family in a way the brings glory to God, stays faithful to His
         word, and is open to scrutiny.
8. Worldview maturity sufficient to understand what
   is really important.
     •   Develops a consistent Biblical worldview, and is able to
         interpret and evaluate across the spectrum of religion, politics,
         entertainment, education, etc., and is able to defend Biblical
         truth in front of his peers.
9. Relational maturity sufficient to understand and
   respect others.
     •   Has “emotional intelligence” (EQ), compassion, humility and
         self-control coupled with emotional strength, constancy and
         steadfastness. He is in tune with the hearts and minds of his
         wife and children.
10. Social maturity sufficient to make a contribution
    to society.            A
     •   Actively involved in his neighborhood and community, well
         respected by others. Not divisive and separatistic, but
         missionally engaged in the world, bringing salt and light.
11. Verbal maturity sufficient to communicate and
    articulate as a man.
     •   Able to convey God’s truth to others, and speak in front of large
         groups. Not all will be experts in this, but the man must be able
         to take his ground, frame his words and make his case.
12. Character maturity sufficient to demonstrate
    courage under fire.
     •   Has the courage, bravery and audacity required to face real-life
         challenges, defend and protect others, and take a stand under
         hostile fire, relationally and spiritually. Not silent, not like
         Adam, but able to stand as an example of Christ to others.
                           A to lead at some level
13. Biblical maturity sufficient
   in the church.
     •   Able to lead, teach and serve sacrificially. Pray before others,
         present the Gospel, and stand in the gap when a leader is
         needed. Churches fail because men lack biblical maturity. All
         of the previous marks of manhood are prerequisites for this
         level of maturity, for a man to take his place as a leader in the
         local church. God appoints specific officers who are specially
         gifted and publicly called, but we must all fulfill some
         leadership responsibility within the life of the church. Public
         or private, large or small, every man has a role in God’s story.
                   Men and Masculinity
•   Books of the Bible written primarily for Men:
      •   Proverbs
      •   Ecclesiastes
      •   1st and 2nd Timothy
      •   Titus
•   The author of every book of the Bible is a Man
•   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Our “Fathers” in the
•   God is our “Father” (not our mother)
•   Jesus is the son (not daughter) of God, and He is
    our brother (not our sister or girlfriend)
•   “Patriarchy” is a bad word in today’s culture, the
    feminist revolution and gender politics helped to
    create the negative connotation
• Much to the chagrin of staunch pacifists,
  Jesus often refers to the Church using
  military imagery and terminology, as an
  offensive force on the move, charging hills,
  and storming the gates of Hell.

• Images of athletics and warfare are used
  repeatedly by the Apostle Paul to describe
  our role in the Church and the story of
Current State of the Church:

•    Predominantly female: >60%
•    The least likely person to be in a church today is a young
     single man in the age group of 22-31 years old
•    Feminist theology, ecclesiology and Goddess Worship is
     infiltrating the Church (The Shack, The Secret, The Da Vinci
     Code, A New Earth)
•    Overly Effeminate Worship: “Prom songs to Jesus” (Over-
     realized “Bride” metaphor)

Common Types of Men in Church:

1.   Hostages: Men who get dragged to church by their wives
     and children.
2.   Church Boys: Soft, Passive, Compliant Men who wear a lot
     of pastels.
3.   Sexual Predators: Men who are just looking for better odds
     than at the bar.
Typical Men’s Ministries:

• Promise Keepers: “singing, crying and hugging”
• Prosperity/Poverty Gospel, Health and Wealth, Name it
  and Claim it
• “Instead of coming with a whip and driving out the
  money changers, Jesus helps us make money to spend on
• “Instead of heaving with grief and outrage over the death
  of Lazarus, Jesus is saying nice things to get us to distract
  ourselves from the brutal realities of sin and death in our
  broken world.”

*The answer is not to create a Jesus that fits the stereotypes
  of today's masculinity. That is just more worldliness and
  should be repented of.
Biblical Gender Distinctions:

• We need to recover and celebrate genders distinctions
  instead of denying them
• Men and Women are Equally made in the Image of God,
  but they are wonderfully different
• We were made to fulfill different aspects of God’s image,
  brought together for Complimentarian oneness in
  covenantal marriage
• Gender Confusion: women trying to be men, men trying to
  be women
• Gender Wars: Feminism (women trying to rule over men),
  Chauvinism (men abusing their authority)
  Three Layers
Masculine Identity
Man as Cultivator
Man as Fighter
Man as Teacher
How Sin Twists Masculinity:
1. Abuse
    •   Violence, Anger, Rage, Dominating, Verbal and Physical
        Abuse, Domination, Bullying
    •   Proverbs 1:8-19, 3:29, 11:16-17, 14:16-17, 16:29, 19:26, 20:29,
        24:1-2, 24:21-22, 28:15, 29:10
2. Avoidance
    •   “The Silence of Adam”
    •   Peter Pan syndrome, “Adultescence”
    •   Proverbs 3:27, 12:24, 14:23, 23:20-21, 34:30-34, 29:3, 29:21
3. Abandonment
    •   Can’t carry the weight of glory, can’t stick to his
        responsibilities, his priveleges
    •   Proverbs 2, 11:3, 24:10, 27:8, 14:4
The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

• Don’t let cultural definitions of masculinity set low
  expectations for what you may accomplish for
• Don’t postpone the burden and the blessing of
  fruitfulness in your life because you use the excuse
  of youth.
• As we begin forming our lives, marriages and
  families around the purposes of Christ, reclaiming
  biblical manhood, and seeking wisdom and maturity
  through the Scriptures and the power of the Holy
  Spirit becomes paramount.
       Keep Shoveling - Proverbs 14:4

• It’s going to be a a struggle and a fight, to be
  sure. Life is messy, the ground is cursed, our
  flesh hinders us, and powers and principalities
  unseen war against us.
• But through Christ and the enabling power of the
  Holy Spirit, we find the strength to endure, the
  ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible
  tasks set before us, and the fortitude to continue
  shoveling for God’s glory, our joy, and eternal

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