Orange River Rafting

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					Tel: (027) 761 8777 / 712 1200                                                P.O Box 223
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                               Need a break? Go rafting!
               Excellent service, Reasonable Rates, Awesome scenery!
   1 – 5 Day Richtersveld Rafting trips – exciting and adventurous from mild to wild.

 Covers 10km with a few small rapids and take about 3 hours. The flow
 of the water determines your speed and there will be plenty of relaxing,
 swimming and floating. Ends at base camp and can be booked with or
                             without lunch.

     Our full day trip is similar to the Half Day trip. After having more
   confidence in your boat and a delicious lunch back at basecamp we
depart for the next section, which has more exciting fast flowing sections.
  The trip ends with a small cliff-jump and a stop at Geelkrans viewpoint
 from where Vioolsdrif’s green fields and kilo meters of the Orange River
                        creatse a picture perfect view.

   Starts at Aquacade basecamp with a safety speech. After boats and
equipment have been packed we make our way down the mighty Orange
  River towards the Richtersveld Park. We stop at lunch time where the
  guides prepare a delicious meal. The afternoon is spent paddling and
 floating down the river, experiencing beautiful scenery and birdlife. We
camp on the banks of the Orange River and watch a breathtaking sunset
 over the mountain ranges of the Richtersveld. Dinner is prepared on an
  open fire by you guides. After a relaxed night under the starlit sky and
 breakfast the following morning we get transported back to basecamp.

                     4-Day Richtersveld rafting trip
The Trip starts on the evening prior to departure at basecamp where you
 will be welcomed by the Richtersveld hospitality and get a full briefing
about the exciting few days awaiting you. The trip covers approximately
65km of the Orange River into the Richtersveld mountain desert starting
the following morning. After breakfast and packing all the equipment we
  depart from basecamp. We start off with a slow paddle lunch time so
 everybody can et used to handling the boats. We set camp under the
stars for the next two nights and enjoy breathtaking scenery and birdlife
 during daytime. All meals are prepared by the guides. On the last day
  after lunch transport will take us back to basecamp where we will be
   spending our last night. The trip ends after breakfast the following
   morning. Dinner can also be booked on prior arrangement for the
                              evening of arrival.
Tel: (027) 761 8777 / 712 1200                                                                P.O Box 223
Fax: 086 578 4073                                                                             Springbok 8240
Cell: 084 291 8833                                                                            Plot 24                                                                         Kotzeshoop 8246

Trips are done all year round and group sizes are from 6 to 30 persons. We have scheduled trips, but will take
group bookings for any available dates. Aquacade Camp is based on the banks of the Orange River and offer
campsites, chalets, bar facilities, friendly staff, safe parking and a swimming pool. Please visit our website for
directions and available dates or contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

                 2-Man inflatable rafts, paddles, dry bags for personal gear and life jackets.
  Safety equipment and medical kit, safe parking, guides, delicious meals prepared by the guides on open fire,
                wood, ice, transport back to base camp, camping on the first and last evening.
           Chalets can be booked additional to camping for the first and last evening at base camp.

Basic Personal Kit
         Valid passport
         Sleeping bag and roll mat or blow up mat
         Clothes: Costume, T shirts, long sleeve shirt, sun hat, strops, sarong, warm clothes for the evenings.
         Refreshments: Powered cool drink or mix-a-drinks, alcoholic beverages(cans)
         Own cutlery: Plate & mug, knife, fork and spoon.
         Toiletries and toilet paper
         Sunscreen, lip-ice and sunglasses (with a strap)
         Personal medication
         Torch and batteries
         Insect repellent

Not included
         Transport to and from Vioolsdrif.
         Cooler boxes
         Drinking water
         Dinner on the evening of arrival

         Snacks for in-between meals,
         Fishing rod,

Health & Climate
Vioolsdrif is situated in a malaria-free desert region.
Typical to desert climates, summer temperatures (November to February) average 38 degrees Celsius.
Winter temperatures (May to July) average 28 degrees Celsius during the day and could drop as low as 2
degrees Celsius at night.

General information
Custom clearance must be obtained at both sides of the cross border before proceeding to base camp because
the pick-up on the last day of the trip is at Ausenkher in Namibia.
Meeting time: No later than 20:00 on the night prior to departure. Please inform us if you should be later.
Guides: We make use of local guides that share a passion for the nature and knowledge of the local
No glassware is allowed on the river, please use only plastic or cans.
Accommodation: At an additional cost accommodation in chalets can be arranged for the first and last evening
of the trip.

Scheduled dates for 2009/2010
20 – 24 Nov 09 – Student special R1750                     3 – 7 Jul 2010
16 – 20 Dec 09 – Family Special family of 4 R7000          5 – 9 Aug 2010
31 Dec 09 – 4 Jan 2010                                     24 – 28 Sep 2010 - Family Special family of 4 R7000
04 – 08 Jan 2010                                           20 – 24 Nov 2010 – Student special R1750
07 – 11 April 2010                                         25 – 29 Des 2010 - Family Special family of 4 R7000
16 – 20 Jun 2010                                           31 Dec 2010 – 4 Jan 2011
Tel: (027) 761 8777 / 712 1200                                                                         P.O Box 223
Fax: 086 578 4073                                                                                      Springbok 8240
Cell: 084 291 8833                                                                                     Plot 24                                                                                  Kotzeshoop 8246

                                    Reservation Form – River Rafting
Thank you for booking with us. All reservations must include completed reservation form and 50% deposit
payment. Please fax or mail completed form and proof of payment within 3 working days after availability was
confirmed. Amount due to be paid before arrival. Please bring original with you and remember you passport.

                                                      Client Information
                 Name:                                                         Surname:
                  ID no:                                                    Passport no:
            Nationality:                                                        Sex M/F:
                    Tell:                                                   Weight/Size:
                    Fax:                                                             Cell:
                 E Mail:                                                    How did you
                                                                     discover Aquacade:
       Home address:                                                   Next of Kin name:
                                                                                   Tel nr:
    Special diets i.e.                                                   Special medical
 Vegetarian/diabetes:                                                        conditions:
 River Rafting:                                                  Accommodation: (additional to camping)
 Half day: R150p.p & R80 per child. (excl. lunch)                R250 / chalet / night for 1 person
 Half day: R200p.p & R130 per child. (incl. lunch)               R400 / chalet / night for 2 persons
                                                                                        rd      th
 Full day: R350p.p & R250 per child                              Please add R50 for 3 and 4 person or
 Overnighter: R650p.p & R450 per child                           R20 per child (4 - 13)
 5 Day: R1950p.p & R1500 per child
                                                         Trip Booked:
 Trip: __________                                                If half day incl. or excl. lunch:
 Number of persons in group/ family:                             Number of children under 13:
 Children names:                                                 Children ages:
 Date of arrival at base camp:                                   Time of arrival:
 Date of departure on river:                                     Date back at base camp:
 Departure from base camp:
                                              Additional accommodation booked:
    Single chalet                                                     Twin chalet
    Double chalet                                                     4 Bed chalet (one double & 2 single beds)
                                             Booking Total and Deposit payment:
                              River Rafting R                           Banking details for deposit payment:
                                                                 Aquacade Camp CC
                            Accommodation R
                                                                 Standard Bank
                                     Total R                     Branch: 050506 Springbok
                                                                 Acc no: 082 361 207
 50%/100% deposit payment included R
                                                                 Ref: arrival date & surname eg.1910 H J Louw

    I the undersigned have read and understand the
                                                                 Full name:
         Terms and Conditions and except them.

                                                  Terms and Conditions
I the above signed hereby vouch that I am doing a Rafting trip with Aquacade. I vouch that I am in good health. I understand
the risks associated with outdoor activities and will held no other than myself responsible for my actions. I acknowledge that I
place myself under the leadership of a guide working for Aquacade. I hold harmless and waive any claims of whatsoever
nature and however caused against Aquacade, it’s helpers, members and associates and hereby state that I will not deem
them responsible or liable for any inconvenience, loss, injury, illness, death or misadventure, to me or my personal property of
whatsoever nature. I agree with the payment and understand that there will be no refund in the event of my withdrawal.

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