Bulletin 2-19-20-11 by pengxiang


									                                                                                   FEBRUARY    19-20, 2011
                                                                                   The 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                                                                   WEEKEND MASSES                    WEEKDAY MASSES
                                                                                   Saturday                          Monday—Friday
                                                                                   5:00 PM                           7:55 AM
                                                                                   Sunday                            12:05 PM
                                                                                   10:00 AM*
                                                                                   12:00 PM                          PENITENTIAL SERVICE
    Attentive to the Holy Spirit and nourished by vibrant liturgy,
    we are a Catholic community that welcomes all,                                 6:00 PM                           1st Friday of Month
                                                                                   * childcare available             6:00 PM
    fosters healing and reconciliation, and acts for justice.

WHY CATHOLIC?                                                                           SAVE    THE    DATE!!!

O    ngoing writing and reflection group,
     meeting monthly. Participants reflect
on what it means to be Catholic today
                                                                                        T    he 31st Annual Paulist Center
                                                                                             Auction, our largest fun and fund
                                                                                        raiser, will be on April 9 at 6:15pm
and write about their journey. Each week                                                (following the 5pm Mass—an hour ear-
one or two people share their personal                                                  lier than usual!) Our theme this year is
narrative and the group has conversation                                                A Few of Our Favorite Things, based
on what they hear and experience.                                                       on some Sound of Music fun in its
Dialogue sessions are open to all                                                       45th anniversary year. Donation forms
community members; sponsored by                                                         are online in the bulletin and in the
Young Adult Ministry and Office of                                                      racks. Please respond with your do-
Outreach and Reconciliation. Next meet-                                                 nations ASAP as the auction is three
ing: Sun., Feb. 27, 7pm. For info: Jessica                                              weeks early this year due to the
at jessica.coblentz@gmail.com.                                                          date of Easter. Any questions, contact
                                                                                        Patty Simpson at                   pat-
COMMUNAL ANOINTING     OF THE SICK                                                      typcc@aol.com or 617-948-2428.

W     e will celebrate this sacrament at all Masses next
      weekend (Feb 26-27). Anyone who is seriously ill or         DO YOU SING    OR   PLAY    AN INSTRUMENT?
who is experiencing physical or emotional ailments can be
anointed, including the elderly who become weaker, and
those waiting for surgery when a serious condition is the
                                                                  I  f so, the Paulist Center Music Ministry can use your tal-
                                                                     ents at any of our four weekend liturgies. For details
                                                                  or to arrange an informal audition, contact Michael
reason for the operation. The most complete celebration of        Kurley, Pastoral Minister of Liturgy & Music at
the sacrament is a communal one, a celebration in which           litmuspcc@gmail.com.
those to be anointed are surrounded and supported by
other members of the Christian community, whether at              MUSIC REHEARSALS      FOR    LENT        AND THE   TRIDUUM LITURGIES
home, or in the house of the church (for those who can
leave their beds and come here). In song and in silence,
with scriptures and prayers, we strengthen the bonds of
                                                                  S   ave the dates! These will be held on Thursday evenings
                                                                      7 – 9pm, starting on Thurs., March 3. If you would like
                                                                  to participate with the Music Ministry for this season to
love and faith that are stronger than the most serious dis-
ease and more powerful even than death.                           enrich your Lenten spiritual journey and enhance our
                                                                  liturgical life, please contact Mike Kurley at

C    lass is Feb. 26 from 10am to noon, for expectant par-
     ents, parents of newborns, and godparents. This class
                                                                  NO RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAMS
outlines the history, theology and practical issues involved
in the sacrament of baptism for infants.
                                                                  O   n Sunday, Feb. 20 and 27 due to winter break.

  Welcome! If you are considering becoming a member, you may fill out a membership inquiry form, found in the welcome
  brochure at the entranceway to the chapel or through our website. You may also call Bob Bowers at 617-948-2422. After com-
  pleting the form, a staff member will contact you.

              PAULIST CENTER BOSTON                PHONE 617-742-4460              FIVEPARKST@AOL.COM
              5 PARK STREET                          FAX 617-720-5756              WWW.PAULISTBOSTON.COM
              BOSTON, MA 02108
 PRAYER REQUESTS for…Lyn Dietrich, for her recovery from
 surgery for cancer                                                                                  WELCOME!
 THANK YOU                                                                         Please warmly welcome these new or returning
 Annmarie Strazzullo thanks you all for your prayers and                                 members to our Paulist community!
 kind thoughts. Annmarie is recuperating at home.                                 Cassandra Okechukwu of Jamaica Plain
                                                                                     Janine Cannizzaaro of Rockland

A     few weekends ago a theft was thwarted in one of the
     offices after Family Religious Education classes had just              SHARING THE SPIRIT
ended. Four weeks ago a thief successfully stole a laptop. We
need the entire community to be alert and aware and to take
responsibility for not only their own belongings but the safety
                                                                            F   or gay men of all ages who seek to share their Catholic
                                                                                faith with others every first Wed. of each month 7pm,
                                                                            3rd floor library.
of the building at all times. We are a semi-public space which
is open to the public for Mass, our feeding programs, twelve                EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY
step groups, and meetings and offerings of many types. While
people are often shy about doing this, we need YOU to be
comfortable, while never placing yourself in danger, asking
                                                                            O    ur food pantry is low on Ramen Noodles, jelly, tuna,
                                                                                 stews, condiments (especially mayo), tea & coffee, cereal
                                                                            and rice. Please consider dropping off these items in the bas-
someone who is in a place that seems unusual or inappropri-                 kets located in the Mary Alcove in the chapel. Thank you!
ate how you may be of help to them. Alert other community
members and staff members as soon as possible. If the indi-
vidual is not in a place they should be, try and see to it that             2011 CORI TIME FOR LITURGICAL MINISTERS

they leave the building. If you ever feel in danger or think it                  enewals (white forms) are due to be submitted now; new
is necessary for the safety of our community or our building,                    ministers (green forms) are CORI’d throughout the year.
please call 911. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our               Each liturgical minister or volunteer is required to complete
community safe while keeping our doors open to all who are                  the form once a year to cover all forms of service at the Cen-
in need of our ministries.                                                  ter. Forms are located in the El Salvador alcove of the chapel,
                                                                            and must be witnessed by a PCC staff member. Thank-you.
4TH AT 5PM                                                                                        PRAYER FOR THE FUTURE

F    r. Greg Boyle, S.J. is a member of the California province
     of the Society of Jesus. Fr. Boyle spent six years as pastor
of Dolores Mission. The parish is located in public housing
                                                                            God of Imagination, Creativity and Surprise We are made in
                                                                            your image and likeness. Help us create fearlessly, with great
                                                                            love, purpose and passion. We offer ourselves and our works as
developments and has the highest concentration of gang ac-
                                                                            the Paulist Center Community; our past, with its joys and tri-
tivity in the city. Fr. Greg was nominated for the Hecker
Award for founding Homeboy Industries, a successful national                umphs, failures and regrets; our present, with its struggles and
model that provides job training, placement assistance and                  success, hopes and setbacks; our future, with its fears and free-
other forms of support to ex-gang members in East L.A. The                  dom, pain and promise. Let us be your servants, to loose and
selection committee was deeply impressed by Fr. Greg’s dedi-                to bind, to stretch and to shape, to become more like Jesus,
cation to justice by choosing to live in kinship with and serve
some of the most marginalized individuals in our world –                    trusting the Hand that made the world trusting the Spirit that
prisoners and gang members. His life and work serve as a                    breathes life trusting the Love that will not let us go. Amen.
challenge to us all to reject the notion that some lives matter
less in this world than others, and instead to create a com-
munity where we see ourselves connected to those who live
on the margins or who are left out. Due to Fr. Boyle’s de-
manding book tour for his book, Tatoos On the Heart, the
date of the award ceremony is Sat., June 4.
                                                                            LECTURE: IN LOVE WITH ISLAM, BELIEVING IN JESUS
                                                                            P  aolo Dall’Oglio, S.J., will speak at Emmanuel College,
                                                                               Daley Library Lecture Hall on Feb. 23, at 4:30pm. For
F   r. Baer is a Swiss-trained Jungian psychoanalyst. He
    now resides and practices at the Paulist Center. Dream
interpretation is a key to self-understanding and a Jungian
                                                                            more     information:
                                                                                                     Dr.    Laurie    Johnston, john-

specialty. Fr. Baer can be reached at 617-948-2413.

    One Beacon Street Garage $8.00                                              Boston Common Garage $5.50
    Turn left at the bottom of the ramp. All weekend and after 4 PM on          Purchase single tickets in the reception office weekday
    weekdays. Validate your own ticket with the stamp on the shelf in the       evenings or purchase a 20 ticket booklet at the garage
    chapel vestibule during Masses or reception during weekday evenings.        office for $110.
                                                                                              READINGS FOR THE WEEK
                                   WEEKLY SCHEDULE
                                                                                 Sun     Lv 19:1-2,17-18; Ps 103; 1Cor 3:16-23; Mt 5:38-48
                                                                                 Mon     Sir 1:1-10; Ps 93; Mk 9:14-29
Sun 2/20       Childcare—2nd Floor, Seminar Room                       9:30am    Tues    1 Pt 5:1-4; Ps 23; Mt 16:13-19
Mon 2/21       The Center is Closed for Presidents’ Day
                                                                                 Wed     Sir 4:11-19; Ps 119; Mk 9:38-40
Wed 2/23       Supper Club—Auditorium                                  6:00pm
               Lector’s Meeting—6th Floor, Rm. 13—Team 1               7:00pm    Thurs   Sir 5:1-8; Ps 1: Mk (;41-50
Sun 2/27       Childcare—2nd Floor, Seminar Room                       9:30am    Fri     Sir 6:5-17; Ps 119; Mk 10:1-12
                                                                                 Sat     Sir 17:1-15; Ps 103; Mk 10:13-16
                                                                                 Sun     Is 49:14-15; Ps 62; 1 Cor 4:1-5; Mt 6:24-27

                              Last Week Fiscal YTD               Here’s a reflection on what is perhaps Jesus’ most radical
                                                                 teaching,“love your enemies pray for your persecutors.” Matt
Weekend Collection               $7,507        $162,967
Budget Amount                    $7,773        $177,224
                                                                 OCEANIC SLAM
Difference                      ($ 266)        ($14,257)         Put me back God.
Weekend collections are the “bread and butter” of our oper-      Just when I’ve got up
ating budget, out of which salaries and programs are funded.     a head of hostility
As always, we remind you that it is only the generosity of       toward some travesty
your resources that makes the activities of the Paulist Center   you blast me past my bounds
possible. If you wish to make an offering, please make checks    into the oceanic,
payable to the Paulist Center and mail to 5 Park Street, Bos-
ton, MA 02108. Please see our website to set up electronic       where we are all one.
giving options, which are extremely helpful to the Center.       Busted. Exposed for the poser I am
                                                                 I lose the buzz of anger
5% COMMUNITY GIFT:                                               and have to smile.
We give 5% of our total fiscal year weekend collections to       You grab me
various organizations. The week of Feb. 19/20 we name St.        turn me inside out
Francis    House.      For    information      please  see
                                                                 and whirl me around
www.stfrancishouse.org. We thank you for your continued
support and generosity of these varied organizations!            like a dad playing helicopter
                                                                 with his toddler.
                                                                 “See,” you say, “See.”
                                                                 And I say, peevishly,
                                                                 put me back
THANK YOU                                                        where I’m the center

T   hank you to all those who made a gift to the Annual
    Paulist Appeal. For those who would like to give a gift,
brochures are available at the entrance.
                                                                 around which I revolve.
                                                                 I don’t want to know
                                                                 we are one in You
                                                                 because once I do
                                                                 I can’t go back,
                                                                 to the whining, gossiping,
                                                                 Criticizing and back biting.
                                                                 You take all the fun
                        MINISTERIAL STAFF
                                                                 out of hating.
    Jessica Coblentz Frank Desiderio, CSP Michael Kurley
     Susan Rutkowski Patricia Simpson Rick Walsh, CSP
                          Robert J. Bowers                       WE   ARE   RECYCLING MORE THAN PAPER!
             Consultant for Outreach and Reconciliation
                         Robert Rivers, CSP
                         Weekend Presider
                                                                 I  n case you had not noticed, there are trash barrels on
                                                                    every floor now that have a single stream recycling
                                                                 sticker on them showing what may be put in to that bin
                          Chris O’Keeffe                         to be recycled. Please take note and recycle whenever
                      Pastoral Council Chair
                                                                 possible. Because the Center has to pay for private trash
                                                                 pickup, we needed to wait for our providers to "catch up"
       Please see our website for direct contact information.
                                                                 on this. Please do your part to sort as indicated!

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