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       The happenings of Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church
                        March 2004

            Why should we observe Lent?
            We observe Lent because it causes us to STOP. Lent says, “Stop and rest
      awhile.” Lent say, “Stop doing wrong.”
            We observe Lent because it tells us to LOOK. Look inward for an honest
      self-examination. Look upward to see the cross of Christ with healing and love.
      Look forward to the hope of the Resurrection.
            We observe Lent because it tells us to LISTEN. Listen to the words of
      Christ. Listen to the voice of God. Listen to the winds of the Spirit of God.
            Stop, look and listen. These three words are important for our safety in
      travel, but they may also be helpful for our journey through the days of Lent.

Growing and empowering disciples of Jesus Christ for the ministries of God’s work in the world
                              Ministers: People of Saint Nicholas
                 Table Of Contents - (To help you find it fast!)
    From The Pastor ...........................................................................................3,4
    From The Vicar..............................................................................................5,6
    Ministry of Administration .......................................................................7-10
        Church Directories Have Arrived ..............................................................7
        President's Sentiments.............................................................................8
        Garden Club .............................................................................................9
        Council Highlights...................................................................................10
    Ministry of Christian Education .............................................................11-12
        Adult Education Opportunities ................................................................11
        I Can’t Hear You.....................................................................................12
    Ministry of Evangelism and Outreach ...................................................13-14
          Opportunities To Reach Out .................................................................13
          Come And See (meeting) & Bring A Friend To Breakfast.................14
    Ministry of Social Concerns ..................................................................15-18
         SOUPER Bowl Update & United Lutheran Appeal .............................15
         LTSG Has Record Enrollment................................................................16
         Project ECHO Column ......................................................................17-18
         ECLA Domestic Disaster Response & Project ECHO Meal ...............18
    Ministry of Stewardship .........................................................................19-20
         Rave Reviews For Simply Giving ......................................................19-20
    Volunteer Ministry ........................................................................................21
        Let Your Light Shine ...............................................................................21
    Ministry of Worship and Music .............................................................22-25
         Healing Service .................................................................................22-23
         Communion Bread List...........................................................................23
         Singers Are Passionate People (special services coming).....................24
         But, But, But (invitation to join choir) .................................................24-25
    Ministry of Youth and Family Life ..........................................................26-28
         WELCA ..................................................................................................26
         Adults’ Night Out & Men’s Softball News............................................27
         Birthdays & Stephen Ministry .............................................................28
    Making Christ Known (Continuing Series) ......................................................29
    Doorposts & Bible Quiz ..............................................................................30

                         Office Administrator - Melissa Stuart
                         Office: 410-257-5683 Fax: 410-414-9283
                         1450 Plum Point Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639
    “ The fellowship of Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church is to share and rejoice in times of
               happiness and to pray and support in times of need and sadness.”

   We offer our prayers to Catherine Raines and family upon the death of her mother,
   Viola Boland. May they feel God’s presence.
   We offer our prayers for Ladawn Green, friend of Ruth Newman,
   who is suffering from ovarian cancer.
   We offer our prayers to the family of Shawn Moffett. Shawn, a
   young mother of four, died unexpectedly. She was the sister-in-law
   of Mary Butz. May God’s Spirit envelope them all with a sense of
   peace and steadiness for the days ahead.
   We offer prayers of thankfulness for the improvement of Ron
   Martin. He is expected to make a total recovery, but it will take time
   to get his strength and energy back.
   Please pray for safe travel and a spirit-led retreat for our youth and
   adult advisors at the shekinah camp, march 12-14.
Prayer Chain: Contact Bill At Lee at 410-414-9389, or

              Dear Saint Nicholas,
                    Thank you everyone for all the products you
           gave to Ariel. If you have seen her you can tell how
           much she has grown. She is trying to talk and imitate
           sounds. Ariel and I are moving in the middle of February
           or end of February to a 3 bedroom house. All the things
           you have given to her will be in her new room and put
           to use. Thank you again for everything that has been
           given. You are all guardian angels to us.
                                                    God bless you all,
                                         Michelle and Ariel Hellickson

                              Reverend Randall W. Casto
                       Home: 410-257-3414 Pager: 410-495-0449

                                 Just As You Are
             “God proves his love for us in that while we were sinners Christ died for us.”
                                                                           (Romans 5:8; NRSV)
      A certain portion of my time is spent      truths have been reinforced for me.
in providing pastoral care through pre-          One particularly important truth is
marital counseling and crisis counseling. I      that the strength of any relationship
spend a portion of my time with our seniors      rests largely on the respect and trust
of the congregation either in their homes or     that exist between the partners. Can
the assisted care facility at which they live. I each individual in the          union trust the
receive calls occasionally from                                   other to        truly listen to
parishioners who are                    God receives              the needs     or hurts of the
struggling with                 a                                 other, and respond however
situation that threatens       to      you just as you            possible? Lasting trust and
overwhelm          them        or       are. But God              respect come from knowing
undermine the quality of their         does not leave             that, over time, the partners
family’s life; sometimes the                                      experience consistency in
calls are to share some                    you there.             the relationship. They
wonderful news. Some weeks                    God –               experience the wonderfully
we receive “walk-ins,” some             grounded on               affirming interaction of
of whom are parishioners, but                                     being received “just as you
many are not. In all these            trust and love –            are,” and still being loved
cases, the individuals involved           grows you.              and respected. This does
want…no, need…someone                                             not mean that some level of
with whom they can speak                                          judgment doesn’t take
and who they believe will listen well. They      place. We make judgments each day of our
want to be received and appreciated just as      lives. Judgment is essential to moving
they “are.” They trust they will be. And so      forward. But it is judgment held together
they come. These are holy relationships, for     with trust, respect, and love that becomes an
which I give thanks and praise to God.           elixir for truly meaningful change.
      Through these experiences certain          Judgment in a relationship, for it to be
                                                 formative and healthy, must be grounded on
(FROM THE PASTOR continued)
trust, respect, and love. Lasting love and     points for growth. We actually come to
trust come from being consistently received    relish those judgments grounded in love,
and appreciated “just as you are.” For it is   because we learn to trust them. We trust
from there – “just as you are” – that you      them because they come from the One that
                                               loves us more than we can imagine.
         In the sacred hymn, “Just as I Am,           God receives you just as you are. But
without One Plea,” the fifth verse reads as    God does not leave you there. God –
follows:                                       grounded on trust and love – grows you.
       “Just as I am, thou wilt receive,       We grow through God’s judgment.
   Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;     Remember, judgment held together with
        Because thy promise I believe,         trust, respect, and love becomes, in this
               O Lamb of God,                  case, a holy and righteous elixir that leads to
               I come, I come.”                the transformation of life.
                                                       God receives you. God welcomes
       As we come to learn more of God’s
                                               you.     In Jesus Christ your sins (past,
faithfulness, so grows our faith. As we
                                               present, and future) are forgiven. Feel the
come to know of God’s single desire that we
                                               cleansing power of this truth. Feel the
experience His love and forgiveness, so
                                               relief. These promises are sure because of
grows our trust and respect. In that respect
                                               the sureness of God’s love in Jesus Christ.
and love we receive God’s judgments as
                                                                              Pastor Randy

                                March 5, 2004

                                   Vicar Jens G. Bargmann

         Thoughts About Lent
      What is Lent? What is the character of this season of
the church year, and why is it of great importance for us?
Where does the term “Lent” come from? Let me start with
the last question: The season is called Lent, because that is
the Old English word for spring, the season of the year
during which it falls. This is something unique to English.
In almost all other languages its name is a derivative of the
Latin term Quadragesima, or “the forty days.” Another
exception is the German language in which this time is
called “Fastenzeit” – the time of fasting.

      Lent is the forty day period before         Bible. Thus Moses stayed on the Mountain
Easter, excluding Sundays, and beginning          of God forty days (Exodus 24:18 and
on Ash Wednesday. On Ash Wednesday,               34:28), the spies were in the land for forty
we mark our foreheads with ashes as a             days (Numbers 13:25), Elijah traveled forty
reminder that our physical bodies “are dust,      days before he reached the cave where he
and to dust [we] shall return.” (Genesis          had his vision (1 Kings 19:8), Nineveh was
3:19) Lent prepares us for Easter, as Advent      given forty days to repent (Jonah 3:4), and
prepares us for Christmas. Lent prepares us       most importantly, prior to undertaking His
for the resurrection of our Lord, in which        ministry, Jesus spent forty days in
we will one day follow Him. As said earlier,      wilderness praying and fasting (Matthew
Sundays are excluded from the reckoning of        4:2). Since Lent is a period of prayer and
the forty days, because Sunday is the day on      fasting, it is fitting for Christians to imitate
which Christ arose, making it an                  their Lord with a forty day period. Christ
inappropriate day to fast and mourn our           used a forty day period of prayer and fasting
sins. On Sunday we must celebrate Christ’s        to prepare for his ministry, which
resurrection for our salvation.                   culminated in his death and resurrection,
      Why is Lent forty days long? Because        and thus it is fitting for Christians to imitate
forty days is a traditional number of             him with a forty day period of prayer and
discipline, devotion, and preparation in the      fasting to prepare for the celebration of his
                                                  ministry’s climax, Good Friday (the day of
(FROM THE VICAR continued)
the crucifixion) and Easter Sunday (the day       to God in prayer, and ask Him to use it for
of the resurrection).                             the sake of His kingdom. And make it a
      So, how should we observe the time of       point during this time, to especially look out
Lent? Traditionally, Lent is not only a           for those who are less fortunate than you. A
season of intense prayer and fasting, but         good way could be to take the money that
also a time of special concern for those in       you would have spent on ice cream,
need. Some Christians abstain from a              chocolate, or cigarettes, and give it to
variety of food during this time, some            someone who is in need. You can also do
abstain only from meat, others abstain from       that anonymously. If you do not know
something they very much enjoy, like TV,          anyone to give it to, give it to the “pastor’s
going dancing, or eating ice cream. The           discretionary fund,” to be prayerfully
point is: make a sacrifice, for a limited time,   distributed by the pastor. Especially in Lent,
that really hurts – for Christ’s sake. Fasting    let us keep in mind that we are blessed to be
always has been viewed as a special way of        a blessing.
our communication with God, as something                                   Yours in His service,
that heightens our sensitivity to God’s                                              Vicar Jens
presence. Offer this self-inflicted burden up

           Prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do in life. The Lord's
     Prayer was so special in the early church that only the confirmed members
     could pray it. They figured that spectators and inquirers weren't ready for the
     power and mystery of the prayer. It was called the “believer's prayer.”
           Even today in the liturgy of the Greek and Russian Orthodox Church, the
     praying of the Lord's Prayer is a moment of awe and mystery as a priest says at
     the introduction: “And make us worthy, O Lord, that we joyously and without
     presumption may make bold to invoke thee, the heavenly God, as Father and to
     say, ‘Our Father, ...’ ”

          Jesus does not want us to say the Lord's Prayer. Jesus wants us to become
     the Lord's prayer. REAL praying is God moving in us through the Spirit. Real
     praying is the Spirit of God praying in and through us, making us into the
     likeness of Christ. In the words of François Fénelon: “Lord, teach me to pray.
     Pray thyself in me.” Prayer is the breathing of the soul.
                           Ministry Of Administration
                                 Co-Sponsor - Julina Liefer
                                  Co-Sponsor - Ray Nieves
     Julina                                      Ray
Mission: To ensure the business and administrative activities of the church are conducted in
         an efficient and effective manner and to ensure the physical plant and grounds are
         properly developed and maintained.
                     The narthex floor will be cleaned and sealed on March 5-6.
                 There are no activities at the church building on these days.

    Church Directories Have Arrived
      The new directories arrived in mid         make the new
February. If you have not already done so        directory such a
and you had your picture taken or provided       success: •Jo &
a photo, please be sure to pick up your copy     Bill     AtLee
in the envelope with your name on it from        and •Ailene Stamp for scheduling and
the table in the narthex. The church             reminding people of their appointments,
purchased an additional small number of          •Amaré Merz for doing the photo lay-out,
directories. Those who did not submit            •Kay Aronhalt and •Kim Berche for setting
photos or have their pictures taken may          up the appointments at the table on Sunday
obtain a directory by purchasing it for $10.     mornings, manning the photo table, and
Please let either Melissa Stuart or Julina       proofing the draft copy before it was
Liefer know if you want one. We accept           printed, and •Melissa Stuart who helped
either cash or a check payable to SNLC.          with the proofing and ensured that we had
      I'd like to take this opportunity          everyone's correct name and address.
to thank the following people for helping to                                  Julina Liefer

                             Newsletter Deadline
           If you want something included in the April 2004 Nicholas News, send
     articles, announcements, or information to me by March 15. Anything sent after
     this date   may not be included in that month’s issue.
                                                               Susan Landale, editor
                                       , 410-326-9472
                                Ministry of Administration

                         President's Sentiments
                           With Wonder And Whimsy
      By the time you read this, two            will have turned out, I trust it will be for the
important events in the life of Saint           best. (God’s will be done). It is with a
Nicholas Lutheran Church will have just         sense of wonder that I consider where God
happened. The congregational meeting in         has already brought (and will have brought)
January will have determined, among other       Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church by the
things, how we are to progress with the         time you read this.
North Wing. Our leadership retreat will               My completely irrelevant whimsy:
have set the stage for how we are to progress   How often do we get to use such a cool verb
with our operational ministries. Although I     tense as the predominant one above? Who
can’t say as I write this how either of these   knows what it is called?

                               Why Are We Building?
      Do your remember our first worship        crowding them. So we brought in modular
service in this building? Many of our           classrooms as a quick fix. We grew to fill
congregation can't say yes even though that     them. The next year we brought in two
was only a little more than three years ago.    more units. Now we still notice events can
It wasn't many weeks before there were          get in each other's way.
remarks that there weren't enough                     Home gatherings, leadership retreat,
classrooms. We began "visioning" [some          area of ministry meetings, council
would call it needs assessment]. The aim        discussions, and Sunday forums all affirm
was to develop a vision of what Saint           the value of activities we conduct here and
Nicholas needed to carry out and grow each      the desire to do others. Those activities do
ministry. All were invited to give input.       serve our mission. The way we get them
The vision was captured in an architectural     done is by . . . Building on Faith.
design of what we called the North Wing.
                                                      My completely irrelevant whimsy:
      But we just could not wait. Sunday        How often do we get to use such a cool verb
School classes were so crowded they             tense as the predominant one above? Who
stopped growing. Adult classes competed         knows what it is called?
for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.
                                                                              Council President
Offices were set in classrooms, further
                                                                            Glenn Wolfgang

                            Answer to Bible quiz is B
                               Ministry of Administration

             We Now Have A Technology Team
      God’s spirit is indeed at work! Thank   should soon see some upgrades in our
you, Mike Younkers and Jack Carroll, for      systems and a better ability to serve the
stepping forward in response to our request   needs of this parish. The plans include
for help! They will help manage, update and   improvements to enhance our Internet
plan to improve our computer technology.      website. May God bless their efforts with
      With their expertise and work you       fruitfulness and a sense of joy.

                 Lawn & Garden Club Invitation
      The Saint Nicholas                                     week. We hope to form four
Lawn and Garden Club invites                                 similar teams by early April
everyone with an interest in                                 for the 2004 mowing season.
gardening or lawn care to                                    Members of our group have
our first meeting of 2004 on                                 also helped with tasks such
Saturday, March 13, at                                       as constructing stairs and
9:00am. We especially                                        decking for the modular
invite all those who have                                    classrooms, running wires
indicated an interest in       gardening sessions we         and pouring footings for
gardening and mowing on        plant, till, mulch, weed,     the plaza lighting, and
the talent inventory sheets,   fertilize, prune, and do      helping spread wood chips
but we also welcome            whatever else is needed for   for the Outdoor Center.
anyone with those same         the church landscape.         The modular classrooms
interests who has not yet                                    and     the Outdoor Center
                                      We usually begin
made them known.                                             will probably need our work
                               between 8:00am-9:00am
      The March meeting is     and finish about noon. If     this year as well.
primarily to get acquainted,   you can’t make it to the            So if you are
to discuss what is needed      March meeting, please feel    interested, or are willing to
this year, and to plan         free to join us any other     help preserve and enhance
gardening, landscaping, and    month. I will try to note     the beauty of the wonderful
mowing activities for the      each month in the Nicholas    site with which God has
season.       Future “club     News what we will be          blessed us, please join us.
meetings” will be working      working on and what tools     We are a very inclusive
get-togethers on the second    and implements to bring.      “club” and we can use all
Saturday of each month                                       the willing hearts and hands
                                      Last year we had
from April — October.                                        we can get.
                               four, 3-person, mowing
During these monthly                                                              Jim Liefer
                               teams who took turns
                               mowing and trimming the
9                              church grounds each
                                 Ministry of Administration

           February 10 Council Meeting Highlights
   Executive committee: Glenn Wolfgang, President; Chuck Baker, Vice President;
                         Donna Blankenship, Secretary; Dick West, Treasurer.
               At large: Rolf Arnesen, Ed Aronhalt, Jim Jordan,
                         Kim Berche, Barbara Harris, Sidney Kolbe.

         Happy News Again                                 Capital Campaign
     Dick West asked about an item in the               Dale Bateman of Kirby-Smith met
monthly invoice for the modular classrooms       with members of the former capital
and ended up getting about $1700 refunded        campaign information-gathering committee
for a fee that the rental company will pay       before council met. Some dates for the
but not charge us.                               capital campaign timeline were tentatively
                                                 set, including a congregation-wide event the
        Leadership Retreat                       first week of June and a few planning
      The retreat last month got very            meetings before then involving our
positive reviews and was considered a            congregational capital campaign chairman.
resounding success for settling mission          An updated set of designs for the new wing
priorities. The Key Initiatives that came out    will be prepared soon.
of that effort have been briefly introduced in
a Sunday bulletin insert.            A fuller              Worship Leader
description of the Key Initiatives will be            The Sing & Rejoice worship team and
framed in the next few months. Kim Berche        ministry sponsors met with a prospective
will investigate for Council opportunities for   leader for that service.
another leadership retreat in October.
                                                             Audit Report
      Other Building Issues                           The audit of 2003 financial records
      John Hofmann has been pushing              was completed. It is a very positive report.
progress on many building maintenance and        Signed copies will be distributed to council
repair tasks: freezing/leaking overhead,         members and reviewed at the next council
sealing the narthex floor, skirting and          meeting.
painting the modular classrooms, and                                 Respectfully Submitted,
various other jobs. He continues to meet                                   Council President
with sponsor areas to refresh the vision of                                Glenn Wolfgang
the North Wing.

                             Ministry Of Christian Education
                                       Director - Kay Aronhalt
                              301-855-1656 -

Mission: To provide quality educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults; to
         nurture and encourage all who seek to know and understand more about God's
         word; to provide personal spiritual growth opportunities for our leaders, and to
         help and support all of the ministries of this congregation as we share the Good
         News of the Gospel.

                 Adult Education Opportunities
                  So much is happening in Christian Ed at Saint Nicholas;
            so many ways to deepen your faith! Here are just a few:

                                            Lenten Soup And Study
                                     Lenten series each Wednesday in Lent, beginning
                              March 3, and concluding on March 31: “How Shall I Live,
                              Knowing that I Will Die?” Join Pastor Randy for this
                              study of the dramatic changes in how, when, and where we
                              die. Because we are sometimes reluctant to talk about
                              these issues, our “denial of death” cuts us off from the Good
                              News of the Gospel and a good life now. We will discuss
                              death and resurrection from a Biblical perspective, and
                              take specific steps now that reflect individual preferences
                              about life, health care, and death. Soup at 6:00pm, study
                              from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

                                                          Adult Forum
      For parents of adolescents (or soon to be), join us for “I Can’t HEAR You!
Maintaining Parent/Child Communication Through the Adolescent Years.” Sunday
afternoon, March 14, 3:00pm-5:00pm. See ad on page 12 for more information.
                                                                            Kay Aronhalt

                             Ministry of Christian Education

                         Active Youth
      The Youth will be kicking off their Lutheran World Relief Coffee
Project at adult forums during the Sunday School hour on March 7 and
April 4. Join us for information on the project, its value to third world
coffee farmers, and how YOU can help simply by purchasing your
usual coffee supply through the program. Of course, there will be fresh
coffee brewed for you to sample!
      Shekinah 2004, fifteen of our seventh and eighth grade youth and
three adult advisors will be traveling to Front Royal, VA, on March 12,
and returning on March 14, for our synod retreat. Please pray for safe
travel and a spirit-led retreat for the 300-plus youth and their leaders
who will gather for this event.                                      Kay

                                                       Saint Nicholas
                                                  Lutheran Church presents
                                                           “I Can’t
                                                          HEAR You!”
      Sunday, March 14               Communication
       3:00 - 5:00 pm           through the
         Special guest speakers             Years
            Dr. Elizabeth Cataldi,                          Open to all parents as a
        Director, The Calverton School                       community service —
             Mr. Karl Adler,                                      no charge
 Middle School Head, The Calverton School
    Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church, 1450 Plum Point Road, Huntingtown MD 20639

                       Ministry Of Evangelism And Outreach
                               Sponsor - Bonnie Stump
                      410-286-7147 -
                                   The Outdoor Center
                                   Director - Kim Colleli
      Bonnie                                                                      Kim
Mission : To commit ourselves to sharing the Good News, to nurturing others to do the
          same, to showing that God's house at Saint Nicholas is a warm, safe, and secure
          place where all may grow in their faith life with Christ.

                    Opportunities To Reach Out
                               Easter Door-Hanging
      Opportunity knocks every day in so many areas of our lives, and we are so busy, we
often don’t hear the knock, much less answer the door. One opportunity for reaching out this
month is the Easter door-hanging campaign. Rain or shine we will be visiting nearby
neighborhoods to leave an invitation to come and see what this crucifixion of Christ is all
about. Please prayerfully consider joining us on March 27, at 8:30am. We are finished before
10:00am. Rob says come early (8:00am) for coffee and breakfast!
     This is also the month that many of us start making plans for the summer…summer
vacation, summer camp, visiting relatives, making the book list we want to read. Think
S.N.O.R.K., (Saint Nicholas Outdoor Reading Kamp). Think the joy of reading! Think of the
cool shade of the woods on a warm summer morning. You are thinking about the Outdoor
Center. S.N.O.R.K. meets from 8:30am-11:30am, Monday - Friday. Bible stories and Ranger
Rick science themes form the basis for the entire curriculum, from craft projects to activity
time, from reading to fun worksheets. You never know when campers, ages 7-10, may be
popping for joy, trying out a kid-sized spider web, or playing sharks and fishes!
       ☺ Join the S.N.O.R.K. teaching team! Pick the themes that interest you and
          sign up early.
       ☺ Be a S.N.O.R.K. camper. KIDS — Pick the themes that interest you, and
          have mom and dad help you register early for a discount.
       ☺ If you’re out of elementary school, don’t feel left out! Be an assistant leader.
          The kids love having you help them instead of an adult. What a blast!
     Check the bulletin board for specific themes and dates, and reach out to your
community. Opportunity is knocking.
                                                                             Bonnie Stump
                          Ministry of Evangelism and Outreach

                                 Come And See
                        Ministry Meeting On March 18
      Ministry teams meet this month on               2 – Coffee House Ministry. “The
Thursday, March 18, at 6:30pm. On the           Road Less Traveled.” Does that name seem
agenda:                                         appealing or appropriate? Open mike,
      1 – Infant Day Care. Kim Reed has         music, readings, fairly traded coffee, herbal
met with the state licensing authorities        teas? Share your ideas with Norm Griese as
and has obtained a lot of important             this new ministry takes shape.
information and positive direction about              3 – The Outdoor Center. It is time to
our efforts to move forward with this           schedule spring planting and outdoor
ministry. As of the date of this report, she    furniture maintenance. Do your gifts and
is waiting to meet with the local fire          graces lead you to weatherizing wooden
marshall. This is the second step of the        outdoor furniture, gardening, planning for
process. We have so many children in our        evening lighting? Are you interested in
congregation, we know firsthand the need        developing a program that utilizes the
for infant day care. Come meet with Kim         Picnic Grove, the Meditation Gardens, or
and help move this ministry forward.            the Outdoor Chapel? This group is for you!
                                                                              Bonnie Stump

                                                    Thank You
                                     A special thank you to all the presenters in February:
                                 Rob Frick, Norm Greise, Amber and Miranda Stuart,
                                 Melissa Phipps, Dennis Brown, Kim Reed. Your
                                 “commercials” were fun and informative. ☺
                                                                              Bonnie Stump

                   “Bring A Friend To Breakfast”
                              In April
               Priceless! That’s what time spent with family and friends is. Mark your
        calendar early for our next Bring a Friend to Breakfast, on April 25. Breakfast
        is served!

                                Ministry Of Social Concerns

                                       Sponsor - Carol Blatt
                            301-855-4589 - 410 257-5340 -

Mission: To identify and more fully understand issues of social concern both locally and
         beyond, to educate and equip our community to respond, to act and to positively
         affect the daily lives of our neighbors.

                         SOUPER Bowl Update
     Some late contributions have boosted Saint Nicholas totals to $236.98 (to Project
ECHO) and 73 canned goods (to food pantry). National totals are $3,540,770 from over
12,300 organizations. Thanks to SHY for continuing this project and to all of you who
shared God's gifts with your support.
                                                                              Carol Blatt

     Just What Is The United Lutheran Appeal?
        United Lutheran Appeal is an annual   a particular agency/institution on your
appeal by the Metro DC Synod. It seeks to     check. If you want to participate, you can
strengthen the social, educational and        make a check to Saint Nicholas and
outdoor ministries of the thirteen agencies   designate “United Lutheran Appeal” (and
and institutions associated with our synod.   organization, if desired).     We will be
These include colleges (Roanoke and           forwarding contributions to the synod at the
Gettysburg Seminary), camps (Mar-Lu-          end of March. There will be notices in the
Ridge and Caroline Furnace), and social       Weekly on March 21, and March 28, to
ministries (LSS, Fellowship Square,           help remind you.
National Lutheran Home, and others). See              All gifts will go directly to the
brochure on bulletin board for a complete     participating organizations. Administrative
list with brief descriptions and web sites.   costs are underwritten from other funds.
        The appeal works similar to United    These agencies touch the lives of over
Way campaigns. A general gift will be         100,000 persons each year. Your support
distributed on an equal basis to all 13       helps to make it possible.
organizations. However you may designate                                      Carol Blatt
                                Ministry of Social Concerns

              Lutheran Theological Seminary At
              Gettysburg Has Record Enrollment
       The following is a summary of a           School, (Good Samaritan is an ELCA
article in the January, 2004 issue of            congregation in California, MD). The
“Seminary Views”, the newsletter from            LTSG is ALWAYS in need of financial
Lutheran Theological Seminary at                 support. As their growth accelerates, the
Gettysburg (LTSG). LTSG is the seminary          monetary support that we can provide is
that our synod has been assigned to support,     desperately needed. If you are a Thrivent
and the seminary that supplied us our called     member (you have Lutheran Brotherhood
pastor, and our last three vicars!!              or Aid Association for Lutheran Insurance
     It is the seminary that Good                or IRAs) you can maximize your gift to the
Samaritan's Reverend Meredith Hodge -            seminary through Thrivent's support. If this
Arnold attended for three years while            is something you might consider, contact
ministering with us at Plum Point Middle         Gus Wolf at 410-257-7998. The summary of
                                                 the article begins hence.

      The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg enrollment is setting new records
following four years of record enrollment increases in the student body. The current
enrollment of part-time and full-time students stands at 297 students, already a 44% increase
over just 1999 enrollment figures.
      The LTSG President stated that, “Once again, we at Gettysburg seminary find
ourselves at a crossroads. With the largest enrollment in our history, with our faculty
stretched thin and our facilities (especially our student housing) nearly overflowing, it would
be tempting to force a leveling off. But the church and society need theologically grounded,
spiritual and moral leaders now more than ever. We have a great educational and
formational crucible here on Seminary Ridge. So, our board of directors has made a bold
statement this month --'let's keep growing.'”
      The Seminary has been hard at work planning for growth, with a new strategic plan,
formed in 2001, calling for an expansion of the student body. A growth management task
force formed in 2002 began in response to the increased enrollments. A recent update to the
seminary's master development plan is helping prepare for additional on-campus student
                                                                               Gus Wolf
                                 Ministry of Social Concerns

     Project ECHO —               Ecumenical Council for the Homeless
                           Sometimes To Err Is Divine
          You could almost see the steam         neutrally decorated cupcakes and no overtly
rising from Lori’s ears. ECHO’s manager          Halloween-ish treats.
felt she’d been duped. The woman standing                Now it was 3 o’clock on the
before her, Janice, had arrived at the shelter   afternoon of Halloween and Janice had
2 months previously with six children in         casually informed Lori that her kids were
tow. The oldest was sixteen (and pregnant);      not going to be at the shelter after all that
the youngest was two. The kids were              evening; they were going to their uncle’s
rambunctious, and Janice generally ignored       house. All Lori’s accommodations for this
them. Over the weeks Lori’s loving care had      lady had been for naught, and, with Janice’s
gentled the children. Eight-year-old Tony        kids absent, the scouts would arrive to
joyfully ran into her office after school each   a party of only three children. Hence,
day to show her the stickers he earned for       Lori’s frustration. She took a minute to
behaving well in school. Teri, the pregnant      calm herself, then reminded Janice
teenager, had been wary                                              of the party plans and
at first, but now came to                                            ask her to please bring
Lori for advice on her                                               her children back for
soon-to-be motherhood.                                               it. Janice grudgingly
          As Halloween                                               agreed.
drew near, Janice had                                                The party began at
advised Lori that because                                            7:00pm. At 7:30pm
she was a Jehovah’s                                                  Janice and her kids had
Witness, she did not                                                 not yet arrived. The girl
celebrate Halloween and                                              scouts left at eight. As
would not allow her                              Lori was cleaning up at 8:15 Janice’s kids
children to dress up or participate in any       bounced in. They were late, they said,
Halloween festivities. For Lori, this was a      because they’d gone trick-or-treating at their
real disappointment. Each year she               uncle’s. They had bought costumes the
provided a Halloween party for the children      week before and left them there. Janice
of ECHO. Girl Scouts brought cookies and         evidently believed that if she wasn’t directly
goodie bags; there were games, scary             involved with the Halloween rituals
stories, and decorations. Out of respect for     (although she knew about them), she
Janice’s religious beliefs, however, this year   wouldn’t be violating the letter of her
Lori decided to have a small “harvest            religious laws. Lori just looked at Janice
party,” with no decorations or Halloween         and shook her head; she had no words.
costumes. The scouts were ask to bring
                                                         The next day, Lori told me what
                                                 had happened. “Well, I’ve learned my
                               Ministry of Social Concerns
lesson about trying to make people happy,”  party to allow a group of lonely children to
she said. “No you haven’t,” I laughed at    have a good evening. Even if it didn’t
her, “You’d do the same thing next time if  happen that way, in this case it really was
you thought it would bring a smile to those the thought that counted. Lori’s actions
kids.” “Yeah, you’re probably right,” she   hadn’t been foolish; they had been
sheepishly agreed. But the lesson I learned Christian. It is always right to act out of
was this. It didn’t really matter that Lori love, even if you are sometimes taken in or
had been conned and her plans for a great   have your trust abused. To err, in the name
party dashed because of Janice’s callous    of love for others, is indeed divine.
disregard. What mattered was that Lori                                     Deborah Thorn
cared enough to sacrifice her traditional

      Thinking of doing a different vacation this year? ELCA Domestic Disaster Response is
in need of volunteers. The sites are all around the country with various needs – clean-up,
skilled and unskilled repairs/rebuilding. As we experienced locally with Hurricane Isabel,
the restoration process can take many months and even years.
        To learn more, check out the website – (go to “selected topics” and
pick disaster response). It will list information about what’s needed, what’s provided (some
have housing), restrictions (age or size of groups), and contact persons.
                                                                                Carol Blatt

                            Project ECHO Meal
     Thank you to Jenna Carroll, Colleen        with a meal, there is a sign-up sheet on the
Hyland, Donna Neri, Carole Haas, Andrea         bulletin board or you can contact Theresa
Jordan and Agneta Bargmann for providing        Custer at 301-855-5422 or Carole Haas at
the January meal for Project ECHO. What         410-257-2806.
a wonderful meal it was!                                                    Theresa Custer
     If you are interested in helping out

                                   Ministry Of Stewardship

                                       Sponsor - Debbie Bang
                                 301-855-7195 -

Mission: Stewardship is a way of life, of viewing all we are and all we have as gifts from
         God, to be used for his glory and the service of others.

               Rave Reviews For “Simply Giving”
      “We started using Simply Giving because we rarely
use checks at all. With Internet payments as the norm
we wanted to keep up the same consistency and ease of
use for our church offering. Now that we have our baby,
Clara, I think I would have an even harder time
remembering to fill out a check each week.” Karen
Phelps, Member, Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church
     “Our deduction will begin on March 1st. We are
looking forward to the program helping us give a
consistent amount each week. We are out of town many
weekends and don't always catch up for the weeks missed. It will be great. One less thing to
worry about.” Theresa Custer, Member, Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church

      “The Simply Giving program offers systematic giving to the church as designated by the
participating members. It insures that designated amounts go into the church's account at
regular intervals, even if the parishioner misses a Sunday every now and then. This not only
helps the church in meeting its ongoing expenses, but also provides an effortless way for
members to fulfill their pledge commitments. I certainly would encourage those not
currently taking advantage of this giving opportunity to consider doing so. Dick West,
Member, Treasurer, Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church
     “I believe the people who are using the program are happy with it. The church benefits
from 1) the predictable stream of contributions and 2) less expense to purchase offering
envelopes. The second benefit has not been realized yet - if a large percentage of the
congregation is in the program, then these costs will be reduced!!” Tom Blatt, Member,
Financial Secretary, Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church
     “I DEFINITELY like the Simply Giving program. I've heard my whole life how our

                                   Ministry of Stewardship
giving should come from the "first fruits" of all that we receive in life, instead of from what
we have left over. Until I enrolled in the simply giving program, I was unable to do this. I
unfortunately adjusted my weekly giving according to my check book balance. Now, I adjust
my expenditures around my church offering and as a consequence, I've increased my weekly
offering AND am making a contribution to the building fund! It's easy and also makes me
feel better about the financial aspect of my stewardship commitment.” Barbara Smith,
Member, Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church
      Simply Giving is a reliable, safe way to put part of your personal stewardship plan into
action. It allows you to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity
into ongoing stewardship. Because your gift is given consistently, you won’t need to play
“catch-up” at year end, worry about forgotten checkbooks, or missed Sunday offerings. Our
congregation benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year, more
efficient bookkeeping, and greater confidence in meeting its financial commitments.
      Enroll now! Simply Giving enrollment forms are available in the narthex.

                                                                                Debbie Bang

   A New Member Class To Be Held On March 7
    A new member class will be held on March 7, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. If you would like to
join with us in membership, please let us know. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin
board. We will provide some tasty nourishment. Childcare will be provided if needed.
             We are truly blessed to have you with us in ministry!

            We will welcome our newest members on March 28.

                                            Volunteer Ministry
                                         Coordinator - Karen Phelps
                                 410-414-3288 (Home) - 240-299-8566 (Cell)

Mission: To integrate new and existing members into the life of the congregation in order
         that the mission of congregation may be carried out.

                            Let Your Light Shine
      This Lenten season the Volunteer Ministry will be exploring the idea “Have a Passion
for Volunteering.” It’s time to make one last big push to get each and every member to be a
part of our talent inventory. If you haven’t already filled out your form, please take a few
minutes to complete one. Lent is a great time to examine your involvement in volunteer
activities and to consider new ways to make a contribution.
                          There are many ways to be involved. They include:
     • Summer Sunday School team members
     • Preparing food for a Project ECHO meal
     • Delivering for the food pantry
     • Serving as an offering counter
     • Leading a men’s fellowship breakfast
     • Caring for the altar after a church service
     • Organizing activities for family fellowship
     Please contact me if you would like to be involved in any of the many opportunities for
volunteer service offered through Saint Nicholas.

                                          The “Mom’s (and Dad’s) Morning Out”
                                          program met for the first time at the end of
                                          February.     Please look in the Weekly for
                                          more details and for the next meeting date!

                                    (D   ad’s
                       Ministry Of Worship And Music
                             Co-Sponsor - Barbara Smith
                                Co-Sponsor - Jean Wolf
                         410-257-7998 -
     Barbara                                                                    Jean

Mission: To provide for various and expressive settings of worship that are consistent in
         quality, reverent in nature, and supportive of the central roles that worship and
         music play in the life of the congregation as it gathers to gratefully celebrate the
         Good News of God in Jesus Christ.

       Please note that Co-Sponsor Barbara Smith has a new email address:

                 Thoughts On A Healing Service
      When I first heard that                                  I was feeling fine at the
we were going to have a                                        moment, so I could see no
healing service at Saint                                       reason why I should kneel
Nicholas several years ago,                                    and feel hands upon my
you can imagine what went                                      head. But then the urge
through my mind.          I had                                came to me that I was being
visions of television                                          quite selfish. I had friends
evangelists, swaying and                                       and family who needed
keening to the Lord, smacking                                  God’s healing touch. I could
a sufferer on the head and                                     represent them. And so I
saying, “Heal!” I had seen too                                 came forward, received the
many movies, I suppose! But because         I   prayer, and walked away feeling stronger
can’t imagine facing a new week without         and more focused on everything - life,
the strengthening of worship, I attended.       health, caring for others. I was definitely
I am so glad that I did. It was a more          moved by those few moments.
subdued worship experience, less music,               God wants the whole creation to be
quieter and less joyful than a regular Sunday   healthy in body, mind and spirit. When
service. But there was an air of intensity      any one member of the Body of Christ
there. I felt as if we were all gathered for    suffers, all members suffer together. Jesus
one important reason, and that was to           performed many acts of healing and by
bring healing to those who needed it.           extension we can reach out to others
                               Ministry of Worship and Music
( HEALING SERVICE continued)
and avail ourselves of that power. We can         the rite has evolved to a more biblical
be an instrument of healing and be a part of      understanding of the individual as a whole
the totality of this ministry to others.          person who needs more than just words of
      The rite of healing has three parts, as     sympathy.
practiced in the Lutheran church. There is             Roman Catholics and Episcopalians
confession and forgiveness, there is the          often include the celebration of Holy
Word, in psalms, lessons and prayers, and         Communion in healing services, but it has
there is the laying on of hands. We are of        not been the Lutheran practice to do so.
course familiar with the first two parts. It is   There are other services during the year
the laying on of hands that we find a little      when we do not have communion. In fact,
unusual for us as Lutherans. This ancient         most of us can remember a time when we
practice serves as a demonstration of God’s       had communion only once or twice a
concern for the total welfare of God’s            month, and there are many Lutheran
people, physical as well as spiritual, and is     churches who continue that practice.
an active prayer for that person. Through              We offer the service of healing at only
the centuries, ministers and other spiritual      one of our three services on a Sunday, so
leaders have been attending the sick and          you always have the option to worship in a
performing this same act, often with the          more usual way. But be assured that for
addition of anointing with oil. For a time,       centuries, Lutherans and other Christians
the rite was largely used to counsel the sick     have made use of this special opportunity to
person to be submissive and to endure             reach beyond themselves.
suffering. But as we think of the body as
more than just physical, with the body and                                         Jean Wolf
soul tied together, it is natural to see how

                       Communion Bread Providers
           “We place upon your table, Lord, the food of life, the bread and wine,
              as symbols of our daily work, according to your grand design.”
        We use pita bread during Lent and will resume fresh
         baked bread on Easter morning, April 11.
                March 7 - Julina Liefer
                March 14 - Jennifer Matthews
                March 21 - Andrea Sullivan
                March 28 - Ann Scopel
           April 4         - Jan Schmidt - Palm Sunday
                              Ministry of Worship and Music

                   Singers Are Passionate People
                         At Saint Nicholas!
      Yes, we are passionate about singing, and we are especially passionate at the upcoming
opportunity to sing the St. John Passion by John Ferguson. A Passion story tells of the
suffering and death of Jesus Christ, and passion plays were performed in the Middle Ages in
Europe. Many composers have crafted Passions set to music. This year, in lieu of an Easter
cantata, the Saint Nicholas Choristers will be offering the Ferguson St. John Passion as part
of the Good Friday service on April 9. Just as we always have, we will hear the story of
Christ’s suffering and death through music and Word.
      The Good Friday service is part of the Triduum, the three-part worship experience that
leads us through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to the Vigil of Easter. Those who
attend all three services find that they fully experience the joy of Easter for having walked
that journey with our Lord. We hope you will make plans to worship at all three services!
And be sure to come hear the Choristers be passionate about singing!
                                                                                 Jean Wolf

                       An Invitation To Join The Choir
      It’s a paradox. If a choir is bad, no            “But you don’t seem to have enough
one wants to join it and be a part of that       room up there for me.” We can make
“badness.” If a choir is good, people think      adjustments. If we have that many singers,
that there is no need for them to be in it! So   we can move out into the congregation’s
I had a conversation with an imaginary           seats!
parishioner.                                           “But I can’t read music.”     What
      “But you sound so good already, you        exactly do you mean by that? You don’t
don’t need me.” There is ALWAYS room             have perfect pitch? You can’t pick up a
for someone who wants to sing in a choir.        piece of new music and sing your part
Imagine how much better we will sound
with you there!
                               Ministry of Worship and Music
(BUT, BUT, BUT continued)

perfectly? Few of us can. Not                                  note is without hearing it, we
one member of the chancel                                      understand what we are doing
choir has perfect pitch, and                                   more and more easily. Of
most of us have to go over                                     course, it helps if you are able to
parts more than once. Do you                                   match a pitch, that is, to sing
follow along with the hymns                                    the note that is being played.
pretty well? Are you willing to                                “But I am so busy! I don’t think
learn a little more than you                                   I have time for choir.” Ah,
know now about music?                                          there’s the crux of the problem,
      “But it’s too late in the                                isn’t it? You have heard that we
choir season to join.” That                                    always make time to do what
might be true if we were a high school or        we love to do, haven’t you? I might not
college chorus, preparing for a couple           have the energy to mop my kitchen floor,
concerts a year. But we sing EVERY week.         but let a friend call me up and ask me out to
That means that we are putting music away        lunch, and suddenly I am zooming. I think
and getting new music out all the time. You      that you will find that those who sing
might be a little lost for a week or two, but    regularly in musical groups do so because
before you know it, you will be in the           they just love to do it. They can’t help
swing.                                           themselves! They might leave their houses
      “But if I join, won’t I have to be there   all worn out, drag themselves to rehearsal,
every week?” It helps, but we realize that       and slump in their seats, but by the time
people do get sick or get called out of town.    they get singing, the energy begins to flow
We all try to be there for every rehearsal       and by the time they leave, they are smiling
and service, but sometimes we just can’t.        and bouncing.
      “But I haven’t sung in ages.           I         It’s really a case of “you need us as
probably forgot how.” Singing is just like       much as we need you!” So if you love to
any other exercise. We get better the more       sing, why not try us out?
we do it. We can sing longer without a                                               Jean Wolf
breath, we begin to know what the next

                     Ministry Of Youth And Family Life
                              Co-Sponsor - Donna Neri
                        410-535-3869 -

                               Co-Sponsor - Cat Raines
                         410-535-5131 -
    Donna                                                                       Cat
Mission: To nurture the youth, equip families, and strengthen fellowship for service to our

                           WELCA News              (Women of ELCA)
                             The Metro DC Synodical spring conference will be held at
                        Christ Lutheran Church in Fairfax, VA on Saturday, May 1, from
                        8:30am – 3:45pm.
                             The organization will conduct its annual business and elect
                        new officers for the year. There will be Bible study, speakers,
                        workshops and a worship service. Each church can send a voting
                        delegate and all women are invited to participate.
                             If you would like to participate, please see Jean Wolf or
                        Geneva Wallace for a registration form.

                              The church wide “Women of ELCA” will sponsor a regional
                        retreat in Baltimore, MD from April 30 – May 2. There will be
                        opportunities for personal growth, strengthening your role in
                        Women of ELCA, Bible study, music, worship and networking.
                              If you are interested in attending, check the website at
               or contact Geneva Wallace at 410-326-1283 or
                                                                          Geneva Wallace

                     Married Couples Get Away!
             Lutheran Marriage Encounter weekend in Alexandria, VA on March, 12-
       14, or in Tidewater, VA on April, 23-25, is 44 hours where married couples can
       get away from jobs, kids, chores, phones and focus on each other. For more
       information or to register, contact Kim or David Berche at 410-586-9066.
                           Ministry of Youth And Family Life

                                           Adults’ Night Out
                                   Adults’ Night Out is a time to relax at an area restaurant.
                             Last month we raised $24 for the building fund by raffling a
                             delicious loaf of bread. In the past, we have raffled off other
                             home made items, including jelly and salsa.
                                   The next Adults’ Night Out will be on Saturday, March
                             20, at 7:00pm. Dinner will be at Adams Rib restaurant in
        Adults’              Prince Frederick. Check your calendar now to see if you are
                             free and contact Pat Hofmann at 410-535-5112, to make a
                                   All adults are welcome to attend!
                                                                          Patricia Hofmann

        Men’s Softball Team Is
         Looking For Members
       The Saint Nicholas men's softball team is looking for
any male who will be 16 or older by December 31, 2004, and
is interested in playing slow-pitch softball this summer.
       We lost a number of people from last year's roster and
need to add new players so we can field a team this summer.
Games are played on Saturday or Sunday late afternoon/
early evening from late April through early August at the
county parks.
       The first team practice is TENTATIVELY scheduled
for Sunday, March 21, at 2:00pm at Marley Run Park.
       Please contact Tom Blatt at 410- 257-5340 or 301- 855-4589 or leave a note in his box
at the church office if you are interested in playing softball this summer.
                                                                                  Tom Blatt

                           Ministry of Youth and Family Life

                                                 Happy Birthday
                                                    To The
                                                  March Babies
    1 Corrine Hickin              10 Joshua Blankenship           24 James Fields
      Clara Musser                13 Ben Camilletti                  Carolyn Lenz
    4 Sophia Diaz                    David Reed                      Rachel Nowak
      Kim Disney                  15 Joseph Walton                25 Jason Brown
      Jason Meyer                 16 Kyle Neri                       Louise West
      Pamela Schmale              17 Reagan Reed                  26 Benjamin Griese
    6 Suzi Brown                     Keith Williams               27 Pam Diaz
      Jeanette Ciccone            21 Barbara Harris                  Elaina Stump
    7 Lauren Butz                 22 Chuck Baker                  28 Matthew Meyer
      Andrew Nowak                23 Sally Brown                     Marie Stephens
      Austin Owens                   Karen Phelps                    Laura Thorn
      Miranda Stuart                 Alexander Roth               30 James Liefer
      Earl Westphal                  Jennifer Thorn               31 Brad Smith
    9 Darlene Musser                                                 Sharon Blatt

        If you were omitted or the date is incorrect, please contact the church office

       Stephen Ministry
     If you have expressed interest in the past in
becoming involved in this potential area of
ministry, please contact Pastor Randy at 410-257-
5683 or

          Faithful, Wise And Courageous
                      ELCA Devotional Guide
  Then the prophet Miriam, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her
hand; and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with
                      dancing. Exodus 15:20

                         Feeling Urgency
      God had done a mighty deed by opening the Red Sea to the people of Israel-and then
entombing Pharaoh's warriors within it. Freedom was won; a land of promise was ahead. It
was an event never to be forgotten. Miriam could not, would not, let the moment go
unheralded. It was too important. She shook the tambourines; she began the dance and a
song of triumph declaring the victory of God.
      In Miriam we see how urgency and insight generate enthusiasm and prompt action.
Knowing the importance of a moment and being able to point out its meaning in the larger
scheme of things can be the critical factor in helping others act. The leader who is stirred by
insight and grace in her life is captivating and compelling to be around. The leader who sees
what is urgent and needful taps the minds and imaginations of her hearers.
      God invites us to peer deeply into the events of our lives and into the meaning of our
duties There we will surely see God's hand at work as Miriam did-leading people to hope and
freedom, entombing the forces of destruction and decay. We will see that our lives and our
work are privileged to echo this same redemptive purpose of creating hope and dispelling
despair. We will know that there is no need to carry on tasks that do not do this. Then we,
like Miriam, can lead with enthusiasm. We will help others see the movement of God in the
joys and challenges of the moment, to be struck by its importance and urgency, and to want
to act in response.
      Leaders are inspired and inspiring. By their lives and work they sing the song of the
Victorious One so that others find themselves singing it too.
     Where do you see God's hand freeing and restoring people?

Let us Pray: Open our eyes, Lord; we want to see clearly your presence in the events and
             tasks around us. May we be inspired by your redemptive activity, and may we
             be urgent about inspiring others. Amen

      This continuing series is from the ELCA 2004 Devotional Gude for Congregation
       Councils and Committees, “Faithful, Wise And Courageous” By Stanley J. Meyer.

                                                  From the Ministry Of Evangelism & Outreach
                                                       The early Hebrews placed texts of
                                                   Scripture around their doorposts as
            Bible Quiz                             reminders of God’s presence in their daily
                                                   lives. Cut out & put on your door frame.
      St. Paul assured the people of the
Church in Rome that they could win out
over anything that threatened them. He
listed such difficulties as hardship, distress,
persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or
sword. With great assurance, he said, “... in
all these things we are more than
_______________ through him who loved
us.” (Romans 8:37)

one of the
words below
should be put
in the blank
A. losers                                                       I pray that out of
B. conquerors                                                  his glorious riches
C. victorious                                                he may strengthen you
D. hopeless                                                        with power
                                                               through his Spirit
                                                              in your inner being,
                                                               so that Christ may
                                                              dwell in your hearts
                                                                  through faith.
 Answer to Bible quiz on page 8
                                                                       Ephesians 3:16,17

                                                             Non Profit Organization
                                                             U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                              Prince Frederick, MD

Saint Nicholas Lutheran Church (ELCA)
1450 Plum Point Road
Huntingtown, MD 20639

Sunday Worship - 7:45am, 9:00am, 11:30am
Sunday School - 10:30am

                                Address Label

                              Dated Material

                          Lenten Coin Boxes
              Lenten coin boxes were made available to all families (one
          per family) starting this past Ash Wednesday, February 25.
          These can be used during devotion time, meal time or just as a
          daily reminder of the sacrifices that our Lord made for each of
          us. Coin boxes should be returned to the church during Holy
          Week – April 4-11.

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