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									How to install      Ovi Maps on you Nokia device (works for the
moment only on E72, E55, E52, N97mini, X6, 6730, 6710,
5800, 5230)

1. Connect your phone via USB to “PC Suite” mod.

2. If your device is not updated to the latest version of the software you might
need to update it.

      a) To update you software device you need “Nokia Software Updater”
(download the software install it on your PC connect your phone via USB to “PC
Suite mode” run the application and follow the steps)

3. Download Ovi Maps and send it to your phone, and install it.

4. Download Nokia Maps Loader and install it (if you have installed the Ovi Suit on
your PC you don’t need to download it because you already have it)

5. Run the Nokia Maps Loader and select the maps and voices that you vant and
follow the steps.

6. Enjoy


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