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									                                        Hoof Prints
Volume 7, Issue 6
Sept 12th , 2011                                                        North Hancock Elementary

Upcoming Events:                          We’re Banananananas About Seeing You!

                                          We are in our first full week of the attendance blitz. This week’s highlights! Thursday is
Wednesday, Sept 15 - State                crazy hair day. Friday is wear yellow!

Wide High Attendance Day
                                                                                    State High Attendance Day
& Crazy Hair Day!
                                                                    by                                     Day”. We are competing with
Friday Sept 23 - Fall Festival Thursday, Sept 15th is designated the the state of KY as “High AttendanceWe want our kids to win! We
                               all other schools in the state to be    school with the highest attendance.
                                          can only accomplish this with your help! We need for all kids to be at school on time and not to leave
                                          until the bell rings at 2:40. We are mandated by the state to track all student daily attendance throughout
Fall Festival Grade Level Donations
                                          the year via Infinite Campus. Even a minute late counts against your student’s attendance and against
                                          the school overall in reference to winning high attendance!
K/1st: Homemade or Store bought cakes
and cookies
                                                                                             Library News
2nd/3rd: Bags of chips
                                         AR - The week of September 12-16 I will check kids AR goals to see if they half their points by their library class
4th: Bags of apples                      time. Those who do will receive a small reward for staying on track. Remember that AR ends October 7.

5th: 2 liter drinks                      AR Club

                                         The AR Club gives students an opportunity to read AR books and to take AR tests outside of regular school hours. Any
                                         NHES student who reads AR books may participate. The AR Club meets EVERY Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00
      Student Lunch Schedule             PM in the library media center. Any student wishing to participate should have his/her parent/guardian complete the
                                         permission slip sent home this week and return it to Mrs. Wilkerson, the club sponsor, before attending. Students
Singleton/Gray       10:45-11:15         enrolled in Kidz Quest do not need to complete a permission slip.
James/Clark           10:50 – 11:20
Ward/Allard           10:55 – 11:25      Library Pages Club - Mrs. Wilkerson is starting up an after school club for interested 4th graders called Library
                                         Pages. Students will learn the nitty gritty of working in a library media center and assist Mrs. Wilkerson with library
Kelly/Blanton         11:00-11:30        programs this year. This club will meet for the second time on Thursday, September 29, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. Any 4th
Dauby/Etienne         11:15-11:45        grader wishing to participate should have his/her parent/guardian complete the permission slip and return it it to Mrs.
Heeke/Gregory         11:20-11:50        Wilkerson, the club sponsor, before attending. Students enrolled in Kidz Quest do not need to complete a permission
Shaffer/Holland       11:25-11:55        slip.
Aldridge/Naviaux     11:30-12:00
White/Harris -        11:45 – 12:15      Fall Book Fair Volunteers NeededOur fall Scholastic Book Fair will be held Monday, October 3, through Friday,
Beck/Elder            11:50-12:20        October 7. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Tuesday hours are 7:00 AM-
Chapman/Goffinet 12:00 12:30             5:30 PM. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your shift (except the Tuesday 7:00 AM shift) to receive a brief
                                         training on how to use the registers. If you are interested in working, please contact Carrie
Ostria/Morris         12:05-12:35        Wilkerson at carrie.wilkerson@hancock.kyschools.us or at 295-6330.
Boeglin/Adkins        12:15-12:45
Please cut out and post on your                                               Interested in being a Reading Buddy?
fridge for future use!
                                         We are having a volunteer orientation on Wednesday, Sept 14th, 8:30 –9:00 am at North Hancock Elemen-
                                         tary Library. Volunteers are needed! You only need an extra hour per week to help a child learn to read.
                                         Bring a friend! If you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to volunteer, contact Pam Allard at

                                                      Guidance Notes by Sona Miller
A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook is a terrific book!!

My primary classes have been hearing this story about a boy who tattles so much that he gets the dreaded “tattle tongue.” I shared this story with
my classes as a way to open up the discussion on the differences between tattling (trying to get someone in trouble) and reporting (trying to get
someone some help). The students learned that if a person is in danger or if someone could get hurt; they must tell someone and this is never con-
sidered tattling.

Take the opportunity to talk with your children about tattling and reporting. Help them to understand situations that might arise where they will
need to report to an adult.

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