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                                          in Chemical Research

                                    Frontiers in the Chemical Sciences
                                 Selected and with an introduction by
                   William Spindel and Robert M. Simon, National Research Council

This collection of 38 articles from the pages of                           work in seven key areas: understanding
Science shows chemists unraveling the mysteries                            chemical reactivity, chemical analysis, theoretical
of molecular reactivity, developing powerful                               chemistry, chemical catalysis, organic synthesis,
analytical and theoretical tools, exploring and                            the chemistry of life processes, and the
exploiting new pathways for catalysis and                                  chemistry of new materials. Two Nobel lectures
synthesis, and contributing to disciplines as                              are included.
diverse as biology and materials science.
Focusing on such themes as fundamental                                     592 pp.; fully indexed and illustrated
chemical change and extreme molecular                                      Hardcover $29.95 ($23.95 for AAAS members)
complexity, this volume takes the reader on a                              Softcover $17.95 ($14.35 for AAAS members)
tour of the contemporary research frontiers in                             Order from: AAAS Marketing, Dept. C, 1333 H St., NW,
chemistry. Articles by some of the leading                                 Washington, DC 20005. Add $1.50 postage and handling
scientists in their respective fields cover new                            per order. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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8 APRIL I988                                                                                                                      233
                                                                           POSITIONS WANTED                                                 POSITIONS OPEN
         Personnel                                              Biomedical Research Zealot. Ph.D.-candidat
                                                                turned Pre-Med seeks well-established investigator in
                                                                                                                                 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGIST, Ph.D. required by 15
                                                                                                                               September 1988. Temporary 9-month position starts 15
         Placement                                              clinical setting with challe research project requir-
                                                                ing expenenced, independent researcher who knows
                                                                what hard work is. Strong physiology background. Di-
                                                                verse lab skills. Animal surgery/behavioral monitoring
                                                                                                                               September 1988 to teach animal physiology, human
                                                                                                                               anatony and physiology, and topics in iobgical thought
                                                                                                                               on small liberal arts campus. b;nd r6sum6, tanipts,
                                                                                                                               and three letters of reference by 30 April 1988 to: br.
  SCIENCE publishes each Friday, except the last Friday         eperience. Enjoy teaching and dosc patient interaction.        Tom Straw, Division of Scence/Maematics, Uni-
  of the year. Advertising is accepted only in writing; no      Academic or industrial position. Available May 1988.           versity of Minnota, Morris, MN 56267. The Unwer-
  abbreviations. Any deadline in ad must be at least 2          Box 55, SCIENCE.                                               a~4Mmnesoea is an Equal Opportunity Eduas and
  weeks after date of issue in which ad appears. Also,                                                                                  anpeicraUy inwtes and encouragedappliations
  personnel advertising is accepted only with the under-                                                                        fimwomen and ninornues.
  standing that the advertiser does not discriminate             Pori~ Bioclnmi         Twenty-two years of clinical and
  among applicants on the basis of race, sex, religion,                                           visiting associate profes-
  age, color, national origin, handicap, or sexual prefer-      sor, various skilled advanced laboratory techniques. Pub-         Pulmonary Division, University of Pittsburgh School
  ence. SCIENCE reserves the right, in its discretion, to
  decline to publish advertisements submitted to it.            lications in bio ist, clinical chemisty, lipida, li            of Medicine. Tenure/nontenure-track position at the
                                                                proteins. 1519 1/2 Blair Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104.           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR lcvel available for Ph.D.
  UNE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADUNES:                                                                                         with a strong background in ccllular physiology and
    Thursday, 10 a.m., 2 weeks prior to issue date (mailed                                                                     biochemistry. The candidate would be expected to pur-
    on issue date). For deadlines for display advertising,      Molecular BiologBiochemist, Ph.D. Publications in-
    please contact Scherago Associates.                         cude eukaryotic                ve ptn purift                   sue an independent research progm, as well as collabo-
                                                                and enzymology. MBA candidate with stong communica-            rate with M.D.'s intcrested in the role of soluble media-
  POSITIONS WANTED: 40e per word, plus $4 for use of            tion/interpersonA skills, years of industl R&D exeri-          tors of inflammation elaborated by neutrophils, macro-
    box number, per week. $10 minimum, per week.                                                                               phages and lymphocytes in a variety of parcnchymal lung
    Prepayment required. This rate is available only to         ence, seeks manag posion. Box 52, SCIENCE.
    individuals seeking jobs.                                                                                                  discases. Expenence in tissue culture, ulrastructure, and
                                                                PhD. in Nutrition (1986). Two years of postdoctoral            lipid and protein identification/purification is desired.
  UNE CLASSIFIED (POSMONS OPEN, COURSES,                                                                                       Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, a statemcnt
    FELLOWSHIPS, MARKETPLACE, and so forth):                    experience. Research experience in molce biology,              of research interests, and three letters of reference to:
    $38.00 per line; $380 minimum, per week (minimum            enzymology and protein purification. Seeking academic          James Dauber, M.D., Pulmonary Medicne, 440
    charge covers one inch on a single column; one inch         or industy research opportunities. Box 54, SCIENCE.
    equals 10 lines of 52 characters and spaces per line).                                                                     Scaife Ha2l, Pittsbr$h, PA 15261.
    No charge for use of box number. No agency commis-                                                                           An Equal OpportunityMffiinatimAcaion Employer.
    sion for ads less than 4 inches. No cash discount.          Ph.D. Protein Chemistry 1987. Purification (PAGIEF,
    Prepayment required for all foreign ads. Purchase           chromatography, electrophoresis, assay development) and
    orders and/or cover letter including billing address                                                                          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure-track). The De-
    required for all other advertising.                         charactrizaton of bactnal proteases and connective tissue      partment of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School
                                                                protns. Prior a       is experience, mcdhnical-                of Medicine seceks a candidatc at the assistant professor
  To ESTIMATE ad cost:                                          lyindined, allent problem-solving skills, inventive. De-
    Structure ad copy on a separate page, on lines of 52        sires induial position (nationwide) or po ral ap-              level to develop a program of research in primate neuro-
    characters and spaces. Include any desired heading.                                                                        cndocrinology and sleep. Candidates should have a re-
    Each line of heading, and/or extra line spaces, and all     pointment (Phi la area)/ Box 53, SCIENCE.
    partial lines (including centered reply information) are                                                                   cent Ph.D. (or M.D.) with training in neuroendocrino-
    counted as full lines. Ad titles iocated within the text    Physiologist, M.D. Research experience in nephrophys-          logy or a related field, and research expericnce invohling
    are printed in boldface caps and are only 32 charac-
                                                                iology (hemodynamics, endocrinology). Clinical experi-         prnmates. He/she should have a miimum of 2 years of
    ters per line. In ESTIMATING the cost, multiply total                                                                      postdoctoral experience, and a demonstrated record of
    lines x $38.00 = approximate cost of ad. (This is an        ence in general internal medicine. Teaching experience in      scientific accomplishments. The successful applicant will
    approximate cost 5NLY: AlIow for variation between          medical physiology. Box 31, SCIENCE.
    estimated lines and actual typeset lines and the result-                                                                   develop his/her own research program in the Division of
    ing final cost. Purchase orders must allow for some                                                                        Child Psychiatry, collaborate with other faculty members
    degree of flexibility and/or adjustment.)                                 POSITIONS OPEN                                   on work relating to the control of growth hornone
  CANCELLATION POLICY:                                                                                                         secretion during development in primates, and partici-
    NOTE: Ad cancellations made after Thursday, TWO                            ACADEMIC POSMON                                 pate in teaching activities ofthe dinision and department.
    weeks prior to issue date incur a 10% production                                                                           The Department of Psychiatry has a strong commitment
    charge. Final deadline for cancellations is 12 p.m.            The University of California, Davis, School of Medi-        to basic research in brain function and mental disease.
    Tuesday, ONE week prior to issue date. Cancellations        cine is recuiting for a full-time faculy member to be          University faculty currcntly conducting rsearch in pri-
     must be in writing.                                        jointly appointed 50% in the Department of Pharmacol-          mates utilize a large primate facility operated by the
   Send copy for all PosIons Wanted ads and Une                 ogy and 50% in the Department of Internal Medicine/            University of Pittsburgh. Salary, space, and start-up
     Clsaslfled ads less than 1/6 page in size (39 lines) to:   Cardiology. Appointment will be at the assistant or            funds are negotiable. Send curriculum vitae and thrde
              SCIENCE ClassffIed Adve g                         associate professor level commensurate with ualifica-          lettcrs of recommendation to: ProfessorJ. Puig-Antich,
               1333 H Street, NW, Room 90                       tions and experience. Candidates must have a Ph.D. or          Departmcnt of Psychiatry, University of Pittburgh,
                    Waahlngton, DC 20005                        M.D. or M.D/Ph.D. M.D. applicants must be Board-               Room E719, Wester Psychiatric Institute and C-
                  Telephone: 202-326-6555                       certified in internal medicine in at least one of the          ic, 3811 OHara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
   Send copy for Fractonal DIsplay ads, 1/6 page and            following areas: central neural control mechanisms, neu-          AnAffinnatwAtin/Equal Opportunity Employe.
     larger, and all e e ads to:                                rophysiology, neuropharmacolgy or neuroanatomy
                                                                with reference to autonomic control mechanisms regulat-
                 Sched Aa                                       ing the cardiovascular system. Responsibilities will in-                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
                   New York, NY                                 dude teahing, research and, if applicable, clinical rota-            DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY
                  Tedephone: 212-730-1050                       tions in cardiology.                                                     AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
   Blind ad replies should be addressed as follows:                Please submit a letter outlining research and teaching         Applications are invited for a tenure-track position at
                                                                background, and identifying current resarch interests          the assistant professor level. Applicants should have 2 or
                     Box (gv numb)
                             r                                  along with curriculum vitae and the names of three             more years of postdoctoral experience, and should have
                         SM:ENCE                                references to: Larry G. Stark, Ph.D., Professor and            the potential for establishing an independent laboratory
                     1333 H Stree, NW                           Cairman, Department of Phaacology, School of
                   Washington, DC 20005                                                                                        in a modern area of biochemistry and molecular biology.
                                                                Medicine, Unversity of California, D , CA 95616.               Interest and excellence in teaching and research are
                                                                   Applications will not be accepted after 31 August           expected. The Medical Center includes the Schools of
                                                                1988. The Univeriy ofCalifrnia ss anA,irmativeAction/          Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Graduate Studies.
            POSITIONS WANTED                                    Equal Opporuity Empkoer.                                       The present Department consists of 14 faculty with $1.5
                                                                                                                               million in annual research grant support. Interested
Biochemistry, M.S. Protein purification, fluorescence                         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                              individuals should send curriculum vitae with bibliogra-
techniques, HPLC, lab management, teaching. Mid-                   BIOCHEMISTRY/MOLECULAR BIOLOGY                              phy, short (three-page) summary of planned research,
South, industrial preferred. Box 51, SCIENCE.                     Tenure-track position anticipated toopen during 1988         and the names and addresses of three references to the
                                                                academic year. Candidates should have doctoral degre           following: Dr. Robe Ro ki, Jr., Head, Depart-
                                                                in biodcmistry or related area, and significant postdoc-       mcnt of Bioch isty ad              earBiology, Louisi-
Biochemistry Technologist, B.S., Research Associate,            toral training. Preference will be given to candidates with    ma State Univ            Medical Center, 1100 Flbrida
1981. Scventeen years o perinc (rarch, industry)                experience in the molecular aspects of protein and/or          Avenue, New Orleans, IA 70119-2799. Equa Em-
in a variety of biochemical, enzymatic, ELISA immuno-           DNA structure and function, induding regulatory mech-          ployment OpportunitylAffinnatveAction EmplVyer.
logical assays, which involved using radioisotopic tech-        anisms. Appointees will be expected to develop strong,
niqucs, paper chromatography, measure enzyme activ-             independent rsa          program and to partiapate in             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN NEUROSCI-
ties, various colorimetric techniques for locating, quanti-     training ofdoctoral and/or eatkh science students. Please      ENCE-The Department of Neuroscience of The Johns
tatinF proteins and carbohydrates. Experienced and char-
                                    Purification                send curriculum vitae, bibliography, summary of re-            Hopldns University invs applicatons for an assistant
actenzation of protein, enzymes.
filtration, ion-xchange, affinity romatography, >e
                                                  with gel      search goals, and names of three references to: Ronald
                                                                A. MacQuarrie, Head, Division ofMolecular Biology
                                                                                                                               presorslhigcants shoud scnd curriculum vitae and the
                                                                                                                               ology. App
                                                                                                                                             with interest in somatic saesory neurophysi-
celctrophoresis and isoelctric ming. Aso                        and Biochemitry, School of Basic Life Sciences,                names of three references to: Director, Bard Labora-
nant membrane, membrane preparation, bacteria culure.           University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City,               tories, Deparmt of Nrcnce, The Johns Hop
Excellent skills. Seeks research/academic/industrial or         MO 64110.                                                      lkins University Scool of Medicinc, 725 North Woff
medical laboratory speaking English in Canada. Box 38,             The Unierity of Misori it an Equal OppoEwnity               Street, Balimore, MD 21205. Equal Opportunity
SCIENCE.                                                        AffinrmaiveAction Employer.                                    Employer.
234                                                                                                                                                            SCIENCE, VOL. 240
               POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN                                                     POSITIONS OPEN
             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, VIROLOGIST-en-                                        COLBY COLLEGE, BOTANIST
  Applications are invited for a full-time tenure-track          ure-track position to bcgin fall 1988. Ph.D. in virology                      DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY
                                                                 or related area, and postdoctoral experience required.
position in the Department of Physiology and Endoci-             Teaching responsibilitnes include undergraduate courses               Responsibilities: Teaching the botany section of the
noiopy. Potential    to interact   with    ongoing programs      in Public Health/Pathogenic Microbiology and Virolo-               department's first semester course, intrductory biology:
within the  Department on celluar aspects of cardiovascu-        gy. The successful candidate is expected to develop
                                                                                                                                    preparation and delivery of lectures on plant struce,
lar and muscle physiology preferred. The applicant
                            is                                   vigorous externally fimded research program and to
                                                                                                                                    function, and diversity; teaching two sections of labora-
should be capabc of partiapating m teaching medical              direct M.S. and Ph.D. students. Experience in marinc or            tory in the course; and evaluation of students' work on
physiology, developing graduate level courses, and a             water virology rcsearch preferod; howevcer, all applicants         written examinations and on laboratory papers.
strong    resarch   program.   Salary     commensurate    with   with virological ecpertisc will be considered. Send curric-           Qualifications: Ph.D. or mastet's degree in biology,
expenence. Submit curriculum vitae, three recent papers,         ulum vitac, statement of research interests, and names             botany, or a related discipline is desirable, but senior
and the names of three references to: Dr. Keith Green,
                                                                 and addresses of at least three references to: Dr. Frank           graduate students with demonstrated teaching abilities
Chairman, Physiology and Endocrinlog Faculty                                                                                        and a desire to teach at an exccllent undergraduate
Search Committee, Deprtment of Ophthlmo
                                                                 G. Roders, Deprtment of        MicrobiokPSy, Un iv
                                                                 of New Hapshire, Durham, NH 038243544                              college will be considered. Salary is dependent on qualifi-
Medical Colk6e of Geri, Angusa, GA 30912.                        Non-ctizens must incude current visa status. Applicant             cations and experence.
Equal Opportunity EmocrlAffinaAcon P                     ram.
                                                                 screening will begin 1 May 1988 and continue until                    Time: H            during the fall semester 1988 to
                                                                 position is fillcd. UNH is an Affinnatie Action/Equal               1989, late August through December 1988. Applicants
                                                                                                                                    should submit by 6 May 1988 a r6sumi, transcripts of
   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BIOCHEMIS-                             Emplyment Opportuniay.                                             undergraduate and graduate study, and three ltters of
TRY, tcnure-track position. Research and teaching inter-                                                                            recommendation to: P          s        thur L Champlin,
ests in the areas of protein structure and biophysical                                                                              Chair, Deartment of BiolMy, Colby College, Water-
chemistry. Ph.D. in biochemistry or chemistry and 2                     ASSISTANT TO FULL PROFESSOR                                 vile,       04901. Colby Colkge is an Affirmae Acaionl
years of postdoctoral experience. Ability to teach bio-             The Depament of Pharmacology at Case Westem                     Equal Oppotuniy Emplkyer and couwwes ppliaiom
physical chemistry and to communicate dearly both                Reserve University has positions available for two faculty         fip ninortia and women.
orally and written. Research competence in membrane              members at either the junior or senior level. Candidates
protein biochemistry prefcrred but not essential. Send           must have outstanding research credentials in defining                CE1(UILAROLECULAR BIOLOGIST (Growth
curriculum vitae, transcripts, reprints of publications,         actions of chemical agents at the molecular leveL Re-              and Lactation). The Department of Animal Science,
and names of three references to: Dr. S. Derek Klilliea,         search areas involving molecular endocrinolgy, molecu-             University of California, Davis, invites applications for a
Chair, Search Committee, Biochemistry Deprtent,                  lar genetics, drug metabolism, and/or cellular signaling           tenure-track 11-month position at the rank of assistant
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105 by                by growth factors, ncuroansmitters or second messen-               professor with teaching and research responsibilities.
20 May 1988. An Equal Opportunity/Affinnative Aation             gers are of particular intcrest. Application letters togefer       Applicant should have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecu-
Employer.                                                        with curriculum vitae, statemcnt of research interests,            lar biology, cell physiology or dosely related fields.
                                                                 and the names of three referecs should bc sent to: Dr.             Teaching responsibilities indude a graduate course in
                                                                 Lcslie T. Webster, Jr., Department of Parmacology,                 regulatory cellular mechanisms of animal growth and
  ASSISTANT RESEARCH NEUROLOGIST.                                School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve Universi-                 lactation, contribution to undergraduate courses in ani-
Idcal candidate will hold an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in               ty, Cleveland, OH 44106. Telephone: 216-368-                       mal science, and advising undergraduate and graduate
ncuroscicnce and an M.S. or equal in electical engineer-         3394. An Equal Oppotunity/AffirmatweAcion Emflyer.                 students. Research program is to focus on regulatory and
ing; will have a strong computer programmng back-                Minorits and women           encurvjed to app.
                                                                                                                                    metabolic mechanisms of animal growth and lactation in
ground, cspecially in C and FORTH languags using                                                                                    food producing aiimals at the cellular and molecular
VMS and UNIX systems on a VAX-based graphics                                                                                        levels. Campus offers excellent opportunities for interdis-
workstation, and with programing ability to integratc                 ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                 ciplinary collaboration and wor7k with the livestock in-
digitized MRI, DSA, CT and PET images with a com-                       DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY                                    dustry. Applicants should submit a letter of application,
puterize neurosurgical strcrotactic system. Starting sala-                 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE                                       curriculum vitae, list of publications, transcripts, and
ry $36,600. Send curriculum vitae to: Professor Jerome                    MEIARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE                                   names and addresses of three referees to: Serge I.
Engel Jr., University of Calirnia, Los Ange           Medi-                                                                         Doroshov, Search Committee,DepartmentofAnimal
cal School, LOs Angees, CA 90024.
                                                                    Applications are invited for a 12-month tenure-track            Science, Davis, CA 95616. Applications must be re-
                                                                 position. The successful candidate will share responsibil-         ceived by 1 June 1988. The position is available 1 July
                                                                 ity for the teaching of cardiovascular physiology to               1988. The Universty ofCa4fornia is anAffinnativeAcaionl
                                                                 mcdical and dental students. Candidates must have a                Equal Oppunity EmplVyer.
 ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR IN                             relevant Ph.D. degree (or equivalent), with postdoctoral
PHARMACOLOGY. Medical school, fill-time faculty                  cxpernence, the potential fur developing a vigorous,                      THE CORTNER-COUCH CHAIR
to participate in the pharnacology course for sophomore          funded, and productive research program. Applicants                           IN CANCER RESEARCH
medical students and advanced courses for graduate               should send curriculum vitae, description of research                 THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA
students. An active research program with emphasis in            interest, and the names and addresses of three refcrences
molecular biology is highly desired, other areas of exper-       to: Dr. James G. Townsel, PhD., Professor and                         The University of South Florida College of Medicine
tise will also be considered. Rank and salary n tiabk            Chairman, Department of Physiology, Mharry Mcd-                    secks an established investigator for the newly established
depending on qualifications and       xperience. Startng         ical Col, 1005 D.B. Todd Bouard, Nashville,                        Cortner-Couch Endowed Chair in Cancer Research at
date: 1 August 1988. Send curriculum vitae and three             TN 37208. MeharyMed Coege is an EqualOpportu-                      the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Centcr and Research Institute.
letters   of recommendationto: Dr. P. G. Iatridis,               nityLAffinnative Action Employer.                                  Candidates must have a doctorate degree in an appropri-
Northwest Center for Medial          cation, 3400                                                                                   ate discipline, an active research program and a commit-
Broadway, Gary, IN 46408. Indiana Univeity is an                                                                                    ment to the integration of chnical activities with basic
Equal Opportunily/AffinnameAction Employer.                                                                                         science research. Applications are encouraged from can-
                                                                    BIOCHEMICAL TOXICOLOGIST. Postdoctoral                          cer scientists eligible for the rank of Professor at the
                                                                 fellow or research associate to conduct research in the            University of South Florida College of Medicine. The
                                                                 mechanisms of bioactivation of pneumotoxins. Requires              Moffitt Cancer Center is a recently opcned 162-bed free-
     ASSOCIATE IN PAIN MANAGEMEU1NT,                             Ph.D. in toxicology, biochemistry, or rchted area. Expc-
          OREGON HEALTH SCIENCES                                 rience in Cytochrome P450 isolations, lung cell manipu-
                                                                                                                                    standing cancer hospital and research facility on the
    UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE                                                                                                   campus of the University ofSouth Florida. The Unisity
                                                                 lations, or metabolism of xenobiotics is desired. Staming          ofSoutbh Florida is anAffirmatieAcaionlEqual Opportunity
  The Department of Anesthesiology at the Oregon                 1 May 1988 or after with salary $21,000 to $30,000.                Instiiution. Applicants may apply be sending curriculum
Health Sciences University School of Medicine is recuit-         Send curriculum vitae and three letters of recommcnda-             vitae and description of research intersts by 15 May
ing for a fill-time faculty nmmber at the assistant profes-      tion to: Dr. Garold S. Yos, Department of Pharma-                  1988 to: Richard C. Karl, M.D., Chairman, Sear
                                                                 cology and Toxico1osy, 113 Skaggs Hall, University
sor leve. The successfil recruit will have an academic
                                                                 o£Utah, Salt Lake Cl, UT411 AnEqualOpportu-
                                                                                                                                    Committee, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Re-
appointment in the School of Medicine, and will have                                                                                search Institute at The University of South Florida,
teaching and resarch responsibilities in the Pain Man-           nityL4ffinnatiAcion mpyr.                                          P.O. Box 280179, Tampa, FL 33682.
agement Center of our University Hospital. Candidates
should have specific training (at least 3 months) in pain                                                                              VETERINARY CLINICAL OR PUBLIG/ENVI-
 mnagement and related rsearch and should have expe-                CEL  IBIOLOGISr/POSTDOCTORAL FEL-                               RONMENTAL HALTH EPDEMIOLOGIST-
rience in a multidisciplinary pain management center.            LOW: A position is available immediately to work with              Tenurc-track position. D.V.M. and/or Ph.D., with ad-
Candidates should have an aptitude fur research, demon-          CNS regeneration in a multidisciplinary, well-integrated           vanced training in public or environmental health is
strated by primary authorship of peer-reviewed publica-          team with a special interest in spinal cord, but a broad           essential. Experience in appropriate computer database
tions in the field of pain ma        nt and/or regional          CNS program. The research utlizs a thin implanted                  management system desired. Salary commensurate with
ancsthesia. Ability to interact with basic and cinical           chamber which resembles tissue culture, and involves               qualifications. Submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae,
scientists should be shown. Candidates should be certi-          transplantation, growth factors, vascular studics, fluores-        and names of three references to: J. F. Zachadr, Vetri-
fied by the American Board of Anesthesiology and have            cent microscopy and histochemistry, as well as some                nary PatDhbiolon                     Collg o eer
an Oregon medical liccnse. Salary will be $34,000 base           electrophysiology.    Microsurgery       skills are important.     Mediine, Univ y of inis, 2001 South LZincl
per year, with overage from practice plan                .       This isa2-year position with         a compettive salary based     Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801. Application deadline is 1
Interested candidates should send their curriculum vitae         on credentials.    Ecellent      opportunitics for longer term     June 1988 or until a suitabl candidate is identified.
and the names of three references to: Wenddl C.                  advancement.      Please   apply    to:   Waher Levy, M.D.,        Starting date is 1 July 1988 or soon thereafter. Tele-
Stevens, MD., Professor and Chairman, Department                 Deartment of        Neusur            y, Universiy   of   Miami    phone nquies are encouraged at 217-333-2449. The
of An        ogy, Ore          Healt       Scences   Unive-       School of Medicine, 1600 N.W. 10th Avenue                (R48),   Uni t ofIllinoit is an Affinnative Action/Equal Oppor-
ty, Pordand,   OR 9720L                                          Miami, FL 33136.                                                   tuniy Emplyvfr.
             I988                                                                                                                                      PERSONNEL PLACEMENT 235
             POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN                                               POSITIONS OPEN
                 CORNE RESERCH                                                     DIRECTOR                                           EVOLUTIONARLY BIOLOGY
   Search reopened. A joint appointment with the De-
                                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND                                 Department of Biobgical Sciences of Rutgers Univer-
                                                                      SUPPORT IABORATORY                                   sityis sear        for an SSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE
partmllet of Ophthalmology and Ncurological Sciences               CINCINNATI, OHIO (EMSL-CIN)                             PROFESSORt in evolutionary biobgy, paticularly a
Ilnstitute of Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Cen-                         $65,994   to   $71,910
ter is available for a SCENISTwith resarch interes                                                                         scientist workng on evolutionary questions by using
in the cell biolgy, moklcular biology, biodcemistr, or           U.S. Environental Protection Agncy is seeking             modem mecular techniques, with any group of orga-
immunology of the cornea. Ihe successful candidate will                                            position Dirctor,
                                                              hiugqlyaleficd candidates for thecomponentofof the Of-       nisms. Applicants must have demons research
be exp d to establish a laboratory conductg inde-             EMSL-CIN. The EMSL-CIN, a                                    achievement, and develop an activc, funded research
pendent basic research that complements current depart-       fice of Research and Development, is responsible for the     progam, teach, and partiipate in a large ecology and
mental clinical reearch interests in cornea. Postdoctoral     planning, management, development and implements-            evolution graduate prgram within a divese Depa-
research experience required. Lcvl of appointment will        tion of multi-media (water, toxics, and haxas wastes)        ment. Excllent start-up funds and laboratory facil.
depend upon research accomplishments. Pleasc send             research programs; the devclopmcnt of monitoring data        S~end,recrablr by 15 April 1988, rdsum6, statment of
inquircs and curriculum vitae with names of three             and information processing and sophisticated ins -                    interestiMs, rernts, and names ofthre references
reerncs by 15 May 1988 to: Michael W. Kala,                   tal analytical sytem; the deveopment and operation of        to: Prossor Steve .IL Handel, Chair of E tion
Ph.D., airman Cornea Search Committee, Ne                     national pollution monitoring quality assurance program      Search,                   of B       l .        R
loical Sdences I ,tutu Good Samarita Ho                       for water and waste-water systems; the development of        U   niversity,            , NJ        -1059. RutW M -
and Medical Center, 1120 NW 20th Avenue, Port-                medxods for the concentraton, recovery and identifica-       Equa O         L     a       Action Ex*loyer.
land, OR 97209-1595.                                          tion of chemical, physical, and biokical pollutants in
   An Equal Opportuniy Empkyer.                               biotechnology research program.
                                                                 To qualify, applicants must have a bachelor's or higher           EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGIST
                                                              degree in either biological or physical sciences or engi-       Position is availabk for a person with an M.D. degree
   CLINICAL VIROLOGIST-Manage the regulaty                    neering that inuded rainin in organic or inorganic
testing acu of biolk* p sd using viral assay toch                emistry or chemical enginecr and statistics and must      and trained in anatomic and/or clinical patoloy and
        n          qlib
                 responsibe fr wn, quali                      meet the technical and executive qualifications dscribed     techniques of molecular biology. Candidate must have a
assu e, supetvision of personnel an              nanger       in the Vacancy Anouncement. Callwrite: Edna Morse,           demonstrated record of prodcvi as cvidenced by
mant of a fefor-savice lab of School of Vetinary              EPA, SES and Executive Resorces Unit, PM-224,                prime authorship publicatons in criticaly reiewed jour-
Modkinc. D.V.M., Ph.D., or M.S. degrec with     xpienc        401 M Steet, SW, Wahingon DC 20460. Tele-                    nals and as P          Invtoron USPHS grants or
in linickal virology assay S        required c                phone: 202-382-3328, fr the Vacancy Announce-                contracts. The candidate willbe expected to initiate and
growirg anci          nga v viral a                   n       ment. Aplications must be postmark by 30 April               maintain an inpndent, e ural findd rsearh
               aL~             Pkasc send r with              1988. EFA an Equal  y              O E                r-     program. At least 75% of time wil be available for
sabry    Fnx and thee c           t leers of referen to:
Virgina Marotte, Human R ees, Tuft Univer-
                                                                                                                              edc, and teaching Pathology to medical students and
                                                                                                                           residents will be assigned.
sity, 200 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02111. An                                                                               Pkase send curriculum vitae and a letter describing
Afwasi AakmlEqua Opporu*y Employer.                                                                                        current and planned research goals, and the names of
                                                                The Univcrsity of Michigan Medical School imvites          threc recfrences to:
                                                              applications for DIRECTOR OF PROTEIN CHEM-                                    John W. Kreder, M.D.
  DIRECTOR OF INSTRIUMENTATION-Pur-                           IS Y CORE LABORATORY with a research-track                            Division of i Patholo
due University, Depamet of Chemistry, seeks an                faculty position. Candidats should have a Ph.D. in                           Deparment of Patholo
individual tordinat hedevdopm o state-of-the-                 biochemistry or related field, with a strong chemical                The Milton S. Hersh Medical Center
art research and teaching instrumentation. Responsibil-       background, postdoctoral researCh traiing, and direct                              P.O. Box 850
ities include the manag ofa large group of instru-            experience in protein purification, amino acid composi-                         Hershey, PA 17033
mentation specalist and working with the faculty, staff,                                                                                                             Emplyer.
and students to sce that eir mea t needs are                  tional analsis, and amino acid sequencing, incuding
                                                              manual Edman techniques and use of automated se-
                                                                                                                             AnAffitw      w   Acxion/Efl Opporunity Apply.
                                                                                                                                 Wvomen and M onoi      Encuruged to
met. The group is involved with tasks ran&ing fron            quencers. Rank and salary dependent upon experience.
design, construion, and testing of new cqwpment to            The duties of the Core Director will be to lad a team of
maintenance of, and training on, exisng, commrc               three to four highly skilled technical assistants in the
instrumentation. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in chem-                                                                                    FACULTY POSMON
istry and should have e ience in dital and analog             design and impltation of innovative techniques as              The Deparmt of Microbiology and Immunology,
electronics preferably with a strong emphasis on sytem        well as in carrying out rounne analyses related to protein   Eat Caro         niversi School of Mdicine invites
design. Pror supervsory expenence is essentiaL A rdsu-        purification, characterization, and amino acid sequence
                                                              decrminations. While the Core Director will have a           applications for tenure-track positions at assistant or
m and three letters of recommendation should be sent          major responsibility in carrying out and suprvising          associate profssor levels. Applicants must hold a Ph.D.
by 1 June 1988 to: Profissor Harry Morrison, Head,            service-rdated anal in collaboration with research           or equivalnt degree, and have at least 2 years of postdoc-
Department of Chmistry, Purdue Univeriy, West                 laboratones, a signficant amount of time will be avail-         trai         Associate professor candidaes must have
Lafayette, IN 47907. Purdue Univenmy is an Equal              able to carry out his/her own or collaborative research.     an established, well-funded research program. Preference
Opporenisy/AffirmawAaion Employer.                            Please send r6sumi to: Dr. M. J. Coon, Chirman,              will be given to candidates having considerabk lexpri-
                                                              Department of Bolgical Chemistry, University of              ence in using conmporary molecular biolgy tech-
                DIRECTOR                                      Michigan Medical School, Box 0606, Ann Arbor, MI             niqucs to study problms in virlogy, immunology, or
                                                              48109.A n1od sain in irA atiwAcaionExplyer.                  bacterial pat    is. Successfull candidates will be ecx-
          DIVISION OF TOXICOLOGY                                                                                           pected to delop/maintain a vgorous, grant-supported
      DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY                                                                                           research program, and participate in the traini of
             AND TOXICOLOGY                                                                                                medical and graduate students and posdoctoral fellows.
       UNIVERSiTY OF ARKANSAS FOR                                                                                          Teaching in medical and graduate courses is required.
               MEDICAL SCIENCES                                                                                            Salaries and research start-up supot are nationally
  The Depart of Pharmacology and Toxicology of                                FACULTY POSMON                               competitve. Submit currim vitae, descripon of
                                                                           CULLEN EYE INSTrTUTE                            research interests, and names of three rerences by 15
the Univcrsity of Arkansas for Mecal Sdcnces is con-                 BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE
ducting a search to ikentify candidates for the position of                                                                June 1988 to: Paul V. Phlbbs, Cha n Der t
Director of the Division of Toxicology. A succeSSful             Applications are inited for a faculty position in a       of Mkrobiology and Immunol , School ofMedi-
candidate will have an carned doctoral degree with active     myor eye institute for a scientist with an et in the         ane, East ( l         Uieq G e,NC
resach interests in pharmacology, toxicology, or occu-        mechansms rating tissue gwth. Qualified appli-               278584354.AxEqal (AiE
pational medicine.                                            cants must have a Ph.D. or M.D. deree with strong                  FedwLuwr                   sie NW
   Thc Director of the Division of Toxicology will be         postdoctoral cxperience in basic ear. Su l ap                 anph)wbis BA tic _r f ea . Its wquasai di
responsible for administering graduatc programs in toxi-      plicant will be exected to esblish a vigo in -                dnauwsanim lke inddd -vIqq s n .
cology and industrial hygien. Other educational respon-       dent research program in onc of the folwing areas: (i)
sibilitis includsciontinuing education in toxicology for      intracular vascular prolifraion, (ii) pigment cpithelial
health professionals.                                         cell proliferation and migration; or (ini) tpiC factors,       FRUrT TREE MOLECULAR GENETICIST.
   Thc director is expected to have and maintain an active    which would omplnt oder resarch programs in                  Tweivc-month tenure-ack position (80% rsearch:
research program and should have demonsated ability           vision and ophthaiogy already underway in the de-            20% taching). Research wil be part of a team that
to compete successfull for research support                   partmnt. Possibilities for joint appointments in an ap-      investigates the getic and physioloical bases for pest
   Te        e      of Arkanas is an Equal Opporuity          propriate basic science departm or graduate program          resistance and improved productivit of Pwns. Teach-
EmloVer. Women and m*nony candidte          ar   enued        m the college are desirabe and        ouraged. Rank and      ingwillbe at   undergraduand graduatc levels in area of
to apply.                                                     salary will be commensuate with expericnce and qulifi-       specalixaton. Candidates must have carned Ph.D. in
  Submit curriculum vitac, summary of research and            cations. Send curriculum vitae, a statmnt of rsearch         plant scince with mphasisn genctics, physioog, or
administrative ecpericnc, and the names of at least throe     interest and names with addresses and tdcphone num-                         with experience in molcular blopydesir-
refirences to:                                                bers of at kast dtrec refecrnces to:                         able. Applicants should submit curiculum vitac and
               Dr. Donald L Mattso                                              Dr. Joe G. Hollyled                        official transcripts and arrange for threc letters of refer-
      Department of Obstetrics and Gynclog                                  C   irman, Search                              encc to be sent by I May 1988 to: Dr. D. C. Costmn,
     University of Arkanss for Medical Siences                                 Collkn Eye Institute                        Dept t of Horic , Clmson Univerdty,
            4301 West Markham, Slot 518                                     Baylor Colkge of Mediine                       Clet on, SC 29634-0375. Clemon Uniqne an            ssy
                Little Rock, AR 72206                                          Houston, TX 77030                           Equal OpprtuiSy/AjffimAtiwActiOn Emplyer.
236                                                                                                                                                         SCIENCE, VOL. 240

    tory concentrating on the study of infectious disease and immunological approaches to prevent
    disease in domestic animals and THE ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY GROUP, an interdisciplin-
    ary team which includes faculty from Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine and VIDO
    SASKATCHEWAN, SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN have the following positions available:
                                        VETERINARY INFECTIOUS DISEASE ORGNIZATION:
    IMMUNOLOGYAMMUNOCHEMISTRY-The Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), at the University of Saskatchewan, has a position for
    an immunologist with a strong interest in developing vaccination regimes for infectious diseases of animals. Major projects are in the area of viral and
    bacterial pneumonias and enteritities of cattle and swine. The applicant will be part of a large team of molecular biologists, immunologists and veterinarians
    investigating mechanisms of enhancing immunity to recombinant DNA produced proteins or synthetic peptides as potential vaccines. Experience in
    adjuvants would be a definite asset. Applicants should have a degree in microbiology or veterinary medicine, together with a Ph.D. in immunology with an
    interest and experience in potentiation of immune responses to natural or synthetic viral and bacterial antigens, seriological techniques and assays for
    humoral and CMI responses. A strong interest in the application of modern immunological techniques to the solution of problems related to the diagnosis
    and control of infectious diseases of animals is essential.
    Applications must be submitted by May 31, 1988.
    MOLECULAR BIOLOGY/VIROLOGY-Two positions for individuals with expertise in molecular biology, cloning and expression of viral genes.
    Expertise in various types of expression systems would be an asset. The level of appointment would be dependent on the individuals' expertise ranging
    from the post-doctoral level up. These individuals will work with a team of virologists, molecular biologists, immunologists and veterinarians interested in
    developing methods to prevent and control economically important viral diseases of the respiratory and enteric systems. The potential exists for a senior
    virologist to become program manager of the virology group. In the latter case, experience in managing a number of projects using both conventional and
    molecular virology approaches and interpersonal skills would be a prerequisite.
    Inquiries and applications should be directed to:
                                                         Lorne A. Babiuk
                                                         Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization
                                                         124 Veterinary Road
                                                         Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                                         Canada, S7N OWO
                                                      ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLY GROUP:
    IMMUNOLOGY/HORMONE REGULATION-The Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) in collaboration with the Animal Biotechnology
    Group, which includes faculty from the Colleges of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan is developing a
    program to study immunological control of growth and reproduction in livestock. A position is available for an individuals interested in developing methods
    of hormone immunoneutralization which will influence these production traits. Studies are underway in the area of growth, lactation, increasing
    reproductive rates as well as sterilization. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in immunology with a strong interest in physiology. As part of the animal
    biotechnology group, the candidate will have access to protein chemists, molecular biologists, animal scientists, veterinarians and physiologists.
    Experience in application of monoclonal antibodies to hormone regulation would be an asset. The successful candidate should also have expertise in
    adjuvants, conjugating antigens to various protein carriers and a variety of serological assays to determine immune responses to specific hormones.
    Applications must be submitted by May 31, 1988.
    MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGIST/BIOLOGIST-Two positions for individuals with expertise in endocrinology at the molecular and systems
    level. One position will emphasize cellular and subcellular aspects of growth factors and their receptors in studies of growth physiology. Experience in the
    use of immunological techniques such as monoclonal antibody's production would be helpful. The other position will emphasize the mammalian
    reproductive system and will employ immunological techniques to increase rates of ovulation, implantation and embryo survival.
    Inquiries and applications should be directed to:
                                                            J. G. Manns
                                                            Associate Vice President (Research)
                                                            50 Murray Building
                                                            University of Saskatchewan
                                                            Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                                            Canada, S7N OWO

                                           WESTERN COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE
    Tenure track position at the Assistant Profesor level in the Department of Veterinary Physiological Sciences. The candidate must have a Ph.D. in
    physiology with extensive experience in the methods of biotechnology as applied to endocrinology. A degree in Veterinary Medicine is highly desirable. The
    appointee will be involved in the department's teaching program at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He/she will be expected to develop an
    independent research program and to contribute as a member of a team of molecular biologists, immunologists and physiologists participating in a major
    new interdisciplinary research program in Animal Biotechnology.
    Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.
    Inquiries and applications should be directed to:
                                                 Dr. C. S. Sisodia, Chairman, Search Committee
                                                 Department of Veterinary Physiological Sciences
                                                 University of Saskatchewan
                                                Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                                Canada, S7N OWO

    Applications must be submitted by May 31, 1988.
    In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN
                 FACULTY POSMIION                                   FACULTY POSMON. The Department of Physi-                                   IMMUNOLOGY AND
   The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Uni-           ology/Biochemistry, Medical College of Pennsylvania is                      INFECTIOUS DISEASES
versity of California, Davis, invites applications for a full-   accepting applications for a position at the assistant           The Department of Immunology and Infectious Dis-
time (11 months per year) tenure-track appointment as            profesor level. The applicant should have taining in the      eascs of the Research Institute of the Palo Alto Medical
an assistant professor of biochemistry and assistant bio-        area of vascular physlolbgy with resarch interests related    Foundation seecs an M.D. or Ph.D. IMMUNOLO-
chemist in the Agricultural Experiment Station. A Ph.D.          to atherosclerosis and eixpcnc in imagin techniques.          GIST with at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience
or equivalent degree is required in biochemistry or              The successful applicant is expected to establish a strong    The individual will jom a department with a focused
closely related field; postdoctoral experience of at least 2     rcscarch program and to intcract with other faculty           interest in the area of host resistance to infection and
years is preferred. Preference will be given to applicants       mcmbers within the framework of a well-established            should be caable of cstablishing an active independent
with dernonstrated rescarch competence in the general            lipoprotein/atherosclrosis research group. Tcadcing du-       program in this area. Adequate resources will be provid-
area of eukaryotic molecular biology. In addition to             ties will indude areas of cardiovacular physiology to         ed to do this.
research, duties involve teaching in graduate and under-         medical students and a contribution to graduate courses.         The Research Institutc of the Palo Alto Medical
graduate biochemistry courses, advising students and             A joint appointmcnt in the Department of Radiology is         Foundation is a well-equipped, not-for-profit institute
guiding graduate students to advanced degrees in bio-            possible. To apply, send detailed letter of application,      located in downtown Palo Alto near the Stanford Uni-
chemnistry. Applications must be received b 1 August             curriculum vitae, and the names of three references to:       versity campus.
1988. Candidates should submit a r6sum4 copies of                Dr. George Rothblat, Chairman, Department of                     Scnd curriculumn vitac, a description of research intcr-
publications, outline of proposed research program, and          Physiology/Biochemistry, The Medical Colege of                ests, and names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at
the names and addresses of three references to: Dr. Roy          Pennsylvania, 3300 Henry Avenue, Philadphia, PA               least three references to:
H. Doi, Chair, Search Committee, Department of                   19129. An Equal Opportunity Employr.
Biochmistry and Biophysics, Univerity o C f-                                                                                            Jack S. Remigtn, M.D., Chairman
nia, Davis, CA 95616. The Uni y of al is an                                        ICHTHYOLOGICAL
                                                                                                                               Department of mmunology and Infectious Diseases
                                                                                                                                                   Research Institute
Equal OpporttyAf            i Actio Emplocr a invts                            COLLECTION MANAGEIR                                          Palo Alto Medical Foundation
apliaionfl all qual~iedindnuas                                        UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (UW)                                                860 Bryant Street
                                                                    The School of Fisheries soeks to fill a full-time staff                      Palo Alto, CA 94301
                                                                 position with responsibility for the care and maintenancc
    FACULTY POSMIION IN TOXICOLOGY                               of a fish collection of about 30,000 lots devoted primari-
     UCLA SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                ly to the fauna of the North Pacific Ocean and Bcring
                                                                 Sea. Duties indudc field work, identification, curation,         INSTRUCTOR IN BIOCHEMISTRY. A position
   The Division of Environmental and Occupational                loan management, and responding to scientific and pub-        is availabk in the Departnent of Phyiology and Bio-
Health Sciences of the UCLA School of Public Hcalth              lic inquiries. Candidates must havc a B.S. in biology or      chemistry for an individual capable of contnbuting sub-
invites applications for a tenure track faculty position in      related field and 2 years of ecperience working with          stantialy to a research program focused on the cellular
toxicology. Emphasis will be on an appointment at the            muscum collections. Computcr data-basc experience is          differentiation of the mammary gland and the role of
professsorial leve although an appointment at the assist-        desirable. Call UW Staff ]Employment: 206-543-2544            retinoids in this process. It is expected that the successfil
ant or associate professor leve will bc considered. The          to request official application packct (rsumrs may not be     candidate will have expertise in protein and glycoprotein
candidate should have an established scientific reputation       substituted). Application packcts must be submitted by 1      purification, enzyme isolation, preparation and use of
with national and intemational standing; a strong back-          June 1988. Rcference #0209 (Curator 1). Affirmative           monoclonal antibodies, and histochemical procedures.
ground in chemistry, biochemistry, or the basic biologi-         Action/Equal Opportunity Employr.                             The ability to evaluatc pathologic changes in mammary
cal sciences; and research interests in biochemical or                                                                         tissue would be advantageous. Applicants must hold a
environmental toxicology. The appointoe will be respon-                                                                        Ph.D. or M.D. degree, have previous postdoctoral cxpe-
sible for ecpanding the research and teaching program in            INFECTIOUS DISEASES/AIDS VACCIN1E                          rience, and have the potential to develop as an indepen-
toxicology at the School of Public Health and will               PROGRAM-Full-time position available at assistant or          dent researcher. Participation in the medical and gradu-
interact with faculty in the Division, the Southem Occu-         associate professor rank for infectious diseases specialist   ate teaching programs in biochemistry is expected. Appli-
pational Health Center and the Environmental Science             with experience in HIV-immunology to evaluate AIDS            cants are requested to send a letter detailing past research
and Engineering Program.                                         vaccines. Position also involves clinical and teaching        and teaching experience, and requcst that thrce letters of
   Qualified individuals should send curriculum vitae and        activities in general infectious discases in the School of    recommendation be sent to: Dr. A. Catharine Ross,
the names and addresscs of three references to: Dr. John         Medicine and in the Department of Intemational Health         Department of Ph iology and Biochemisty, the
R. Froines, Chair, Search Comnmittee, Division of                of the School of Public Health. Please contact: Dr. Mary      Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphi, PA
Environmcntal and Oupational Health Sciences,                    Lou Cements, Johns Hopkins University OHU)                    19129.
UCLA School of Public Healt, Los Angekls, CA                     Center f Immuntion Research, 624 North                          An Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAcion Employer.
90024. The Univeniy of Clifirnia is an Affirmative               Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205. JHU an Equal  Ji
Action/Equal Opporunity Emplyer andw wdelome appli-              OpportunityLAffirmativeAaion Employr.
cationsfilm membens of min groups and women. Appli-
cations will be received untl 15 May 1988.                                                                                        MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST to conduct studies on
   Under Fedeal low, the Unvt of Clirna may                                        IMMUNOCHEMIST                               the molecular mechanisms involved in neoplastic devel-
employ ony              who are legally abhorized to work in
                                                                    Progrcssive and dynamic biotechnology and food             opmcnt. Must have at least 5 years of postdoctoral
the United States as stablishd prvidin d ments                                                                                 experience in recombinant DNA tecdmiques, with partic-
spefied in the Immiro Reform and Contr Act of                    products company is seeking B.S./M.S. in immunology/          ular cmphasis on cDNA doning, site-directed mutagene-
1986.                                                            microbiolopy/biochemistry with protein lbeling; back-
                                                                 experience i protein separation,
                                                                                                      2 years of laboratory
                                                                                                                               sis, DNA sequencing by chemical and enzymatic meth-
                                                                 ground in immunologyr and tissue culture helpful. Must        ods, and expression of biological modulators and onco-
                                                                 beaself-starter and abe to work with minimum supervi-         genes using bactcrial and mammalian expression vectors.
                                                                 sion in this lead role position. Salary commensurate with     Must have demonstrated accomplishments in the isola-
              FACULTY POSMONS IN                                                                                               tion and molecular characterization of human oncogenes,
               MOLECULAR BIOLOGY                                 experience. Send resume (including three refirences) and      as well as oncogcnes activated by chemical carcinogens in
                             OF                                  salary history in confidence to: PCI-Freez, Inc., Human       animal tumor systems. Salary commensurate with qualifi-
               MEMBRANE PROTEINS                                 Resources Department, P.O. Box 68, Rogers, AR                 cations. Submit curriculum vitae to: The Squibb Insti-
                                                                 72757. Deadline: 22 April 1988.                               tute for Medical Res , Human Resources De-
   Applications are invited from individuals with a strong         Pel-Freez is an Equal Opportunity EmpWyer.
record of research on mcmbrane protein structure and                                                                           partment 400, Princeton, NJ 08543. An Eqsua Oppor-
function for faculty positions at the full, associate, or                                                                      tu    Employr.
assistant professor leve. We are particularly interested in                          IMMUNOLOGIST
individuals using genetic and recombinant DNA ap-                   The Clinical Research Center for Periodontal Diseases
proaches in the study of membrane transport proteins.            and the Dental Research Institutc of the University of
Modem laboratory space and substantial start-up funds            Minnesota invite applications for a tenure-track faculty                   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY/
are available. Rank and salary will be based on academic         position to pursue independent research and collabora-                       CANCER BIOLOGIST
and research record. Exccellent opportunities exist for          tion with CRCPD and DRI invcstiptors. Applicants                 Tenure-track assistant prrofessor position availabk in
interaction with molecular biology and neuroscience              with outstanding prgrams or promLse in any area of            the Department of Urology with a joint appointment in
faculty from basic science and cinical departments and           modem immunology arc encouraed to apply. Candi-               one of the basic science departncnts. Persons interested
with genetics and ncuroscience Ph.D. programs. Mini-             date must have a D.D.S. degree with 5 years of research       in regulatory and developmental biology and endocrinol-
mum requirements indude the Ph.D. and/or M.D. de-                experience or a Ph.D. and postdoctoral experience. Ex-
gree, and 2 years of postdoctoral training. Candidates                                                                         ogy of the male reproductive system are particularly
should send curr             vitae, description of research      celent lboratory facilities and start-up funds are avail-     encouraged to apply. Applicants should have completed
activities, representative reprints, and the names of three      able. Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, a state-     postdoctoral training, and are expected to develop an
or more references to:                                           ment of professional goals , and the names of three           independent research program and participate in gradu-
                                                                 references by 30 May 1M88 to: Dr. Mark C. Herzberg,           ste/postdoctoral/resident training. Send curriculum vitae
                  Dr. Kevin P. Campbell                          Chairperson, Immunol               Sear     Committee,        and names of references to: Leland W. K Chun,
       Department of Physiology and Biophysics                   School of Dentistry, 17-164 Moos Tower, University            Ph.D., Box 026, Deparment of Urology, The Urn-
     Thc University of Iowa Conlege of Medicine                  of Minneo, Minneapolis, MN 55455. The Univrty                 versity of Texas System Cancer Center M.D. Ander-
                   Iowa City, IA 52242                           ofMinnesota is anEqua OppotnityEdctor and Emplo-              son Hospita and Tumor Institute, Houston, TX
                 The Univety ofIowa i an                         er, and specifically invits and encures applcations fw        77030. Application should bc submitted before 1 Junc
      Eqsal Opporunity/AffirmativeActiom Emplyer.                women and minonties.                                          1988. Equal Oppotunity/AffirmativAction Employer.
238                                                                                                                                                              SCIENCE, VOL. 240
                    PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE                                          Opportunities
      Fellowships available for experienced molecular biologists for a
        megabase DNA sequencing project involving automated DNA
      sequence analysis of neurotransmitter receptor genes (PNAS 84
                                                                                    in Chemical
    8296-8300, 1987) and of disease loci of human chromosomes and for
         site directed mutagenesis studies involving adrenergic and                 Information
         muscarinic cholinergic receptors (JBC 263, 4052-4055, 1988)              Chemical Abstracts Serice (CAS), a dvsion of the
              Applicants must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens                 American Chemial Sodety, Is the acknowledged
             Initial appointment is for two years with extensions                 world leader In chemical Information services.
                             possible up to 7 years                               Founded in 1907, CAS produces a variety of printed,
            Starting salary will be commensurate with experience                  computer-base, and on-ne information services.
         For staff fellows (less than 3 years postdoctoral experience)            Our continued growth has resulted in a number of
                               $20,000 to $37,997                                 available positions.
       For senior staff fellows (over 3 years postdoctoral experience)
                               $24,000 to $42,600                                       DOCUMENT ANALYSTS
                 For further information and qualifications call                  The  continuin grow of CAS's information serv-
                    Janet Clagett, NINCDS Personnel Office                        ices has created a number of new posions. These
                                   301-496-6334                                   full-time career opportunities allow scientists to
                                                                                  make an important contribution to sence by ana-
         Applicants should send their curriculum vitae and names                  lyzing the world's chemical journal and patent
                                                                                   iterature. Positions In the folowing areas are avail-
                            of three references to                                able for technialy qualified individuals with good
                        J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., Chief                             English language skfis:
          Receptor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Section
            Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
     National Institute of Neurological & Communicative DIsorders &
                                    Stroke                                          MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
                          Park Building, Room 405
                                                                                   HORMONE PHYSIOLOGY
                         Bethesda, Maryland 20892                                     BIOTECHNOLOGY
                      NIH IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER                               GENETICS
                                                                                   PROTEIN BIOCHEMISTRY
                                                                                    CLINICAL CHEMISTRY
                                                                                    ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
                                                                              I        GEOCHEMISTRY
         POSTDOCTORAL                                 FELWW                        MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
                            Neurobiology                                           INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
                                                                                    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY
         The Wellcome Research Laboratories, located in Research                  Preferences wil be given to appicants who have a
         Triangle Park, North Carolina, has a Postdoctoral Fellow position        reading comprehension of Czech, French, German,
         available in the Department of Medicinal Biochemistry.                   Japanese, Polsh, or Russian.
         The position involves multidisciplinary approaches to study the
         mechanism of neurotransminter/ hormonesynthesis and secretion.
         The candidate will be mostly concerned with the coordinated
                                                                                              The Environment
         regulation of neuropeptide synthesis and processing and stimulus-        CAS is located in Columbus, Ohio, a growing and
         secretion coupling using the adrenomedullary chromaffin cells in         dynamic metropoltan area with excellent housing,
         culture as a model system. This position will also investigate the       cultural, recreational, and transportation facilities.
         functional significance of opioid peptide-amine co-secretion on          Our moden offices, situated In a campus-like set-
         the regulation of respiration and circulation. M.D. or Ph.D. in          ting, provide a professional, state-of-the-art working
         Physiology, Biochemistry or Pharmacology (or equivalent)
         with strong training and/or experience in neurochemistry and             environment.
         physiology or arterial chemioreceptors.
         BURROUGHS WELLCOME CO. offers a comprehensive company-
         paid benefit package, a competitive salary and an excellent
                                                                                                  Tthe Rewards
         environment in which to apply your professional capabilities.            CAS provides a complete benefits package, which
         Qualified minority, female, veteran and handicapped individuals          incudes an excelent employer-paid retirement plan,
         are encouraged to apply. To apply, forward curriculum vitae, with        relation assistance, tuion reimbursement, and a
         transcript, to:                                                          range of insurance programs, as well as salary scales
                              Employment Supervisor                               commensurate with your background and experi-
                                   Positlon 03014                                 ence.

                                                                                  To apply for one of these positions, please contact:

     I    BURROUGHS WELLCOME CO.                                                                 CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS

         An Eqol O
                                                                                                 Employment & Staff
                         tunity/                3030 Cornwallis Road                             Development Department
         AffnpIqyqr                            Research Tiangle Park,                            P. 0. Box 3012
                                                                                                 Columbus, Ohio 43210
                                                        NC 27709

                                           The UNDPIWORLD BANK/WHO Special                  for Reaarch and
The World      Health Organization         Training In Tropical Diseas
                                                                       (TMR) Is globally coordinated efort                       to

(WHO)     is   an   inter-govemmen-        bring the resources of modern scence to bear upon the control of
tal agency internationally rec-            major tropial diaease        and to        strengthen the             rch capbility of

ognized for its efficiency, integ-          endemk, developing countris               where   new diseas         control technolo-
rity and numerous lasting                  gles       most   neaded.   To met         fts objetives,   TDR   has recruitd      Into                aILeiII .. WII M.. 1:711I
achievements. Guided by hu-                Its global   network   scientists of the     highest   calibre   to   participate In this   U
manitarian concerns WHO                    Internatonal resarch efort.
works to direct and coordinate                                                                                                               TOXICOLOGIST
global and national efforts to                                                    .     2
improve    the health of    peoples                                                                                                        RHONE - POULENC INC and RHONE - POULENC
throughout the world. To meet                                                                                                              AG COMPANY are the growing U.S. sub-
its objectives, WHO depends                                                                                                                sidiaries of one of the largest diversified
                                                                                                                                           chemical companies in the world. Our
on staff members with special                 TDR is seeking to fill the post of scientist                                                 Toxicology Department, headquartered in
qualities of leadership, dedica-                                        for   a       qualified                                            Research Triangle Park, N., is expanding to
tion and commitment.                                                                                                                       meet the growing needs of our crop pro-
                                                                                                                                           tection business, as well as several other
                                                               Epidemiologist                                                              business groups.
                                                                                                                                           This entry- level position for a mammalian
                                                                                                                                           toxicologist is available immediately. The
                                               to be stationed at WHO headquarters in                                                      successful candidate will assist in estab-
                                                         Geneva, Switzerland                                                               lishing and maintaining toxicological testing
                                                                                                                                           programs for U.S. products, provide tech-
TDR has taken a leading role in the development of a variety of new disease control tools against tropical diseases                        nical expertise to marketing groups, assist in
and is now entering a new phase which will emphasize the development of field research required for the testing of                         the design, monitoring and reporting of
these new tools. The key activities in this new phase will involve the establishment of a network of field research                        contracted laboratory studies, and assist
                                                                                                                                           in the preparation of regulatory-com-
and training projects, including the development of regional coordinating centres.                                                         pliance documentation.
TDR is therefore seeking an epidemiologist with experience in tropical disease research and teaching in                                    A Ph.D. in Toxicology or a related discipline
developing countries. The winning applicant will work in close liaison with a multidisciplinary group of scientists                        is required, with 0-2 years of related ex-
to stimulate and promote this new set of activities. The challenge will be to take a leading role in determining field                     perience knowledge of mammalian toxi-
research priorities, developing study design outlines and research protocols, and organizing workshops,                                    cology is essential. Familiarity with environ-
"summer schools" and training activities geared to "on-the-spot" training in field research methods in tropical                            mental toxicoJogy is also desirable
disease-endemic areas.                                                                                                                     Rhone - Poulenc offers a competitive salary,
Applicants should have at least five year's experience in epidemiological research and training, including in a                            attractive benefits and the chance to join a
developing country, and two year's international experience in promoting and managing such activities. A                                   growing, vital, dynamic organization in
doctoral degree in a field related to epidemiology and postgraduate training in epidemiology is a requirement, as                          a position with opportunities for career
 is an excellent knowledge of English or French, with a good working knowledge of the other.                                               growth. Send resume (including salary
                                                                                                                                           requirements) to:
 Please send your detailed curriculum vitae by 15 May 1988 to Personnel (MPR), Avenue Appia, CH-1211 Geneva
27, quoting EPD/TDR/88 and the name of the joumal in which this announcement appeared. Applications from                                            Employment Coordinator
women are encouraged. Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted.                                                               PHONE-POULENC AG COMPANY
                                                                                                                                                   PO Box 12014
                                          World Heafth Organization                                                                    U
                                                                                                                                       m           Research Triangle Park, NC - --
                                                                                                                                                         -    --l-          -- 27709

Headquarters in Switzerland with Regional Offices in Congo, Denmark, Egypt, India, Phillippines and the USA

                                                                                                                                           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR!
                                   Senlor Scientist                                                                                        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
                                                                                                                                             Department of Biochemistry

                    VIROLO GY                                                                                                              The Department of Biochemistry of the Universi-
                                                                                                                                           ty of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New
                                                                                                                                           Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ, isseeking can-
                                                                                                                                           didates for a faculty position at the Assistant or
                                                                                                                                            Associate Professor level. The position is available
                                                                                                                                           forthe Fall of 1988. Candidates should have train-
                                                                                                                                            ing in biochemistry or cognate fields and have a
                              s one of the world's most innovative and highly regarded                                                      minimum of 3 years of postdoctoral training. Can-
                      v L pharmaceutical and medical research organizations,                                                               didates will be expected to conduct actie, indepen-
                              Hoff mann-La Roche is continuing a tradition of commitment to                                                dent and funded research programs and participate
               a healthier tomorrow with our HIV research programs.                                                                        in the teaching of medical, dental and graduate
                    As a result, we have a newly created opportunity for a Senior Scien-                                                   students.
               tist/irologist to join a multidisciplinary team engaged in the fight against                                                Candidates with interests in immunochemistry,
               AIDS. Working with Molecular Biologists, Medicinal and Protein Chemists,                                                    transmembrane signaling, and gene amplification
               Immunologists and other members of the team, you will explore the func-                                                     are being sought, but outstanding candidates with
               tion of HIV genes and participate in the formulation of appropriate strategies                                              other research interests will be considered.
               for antiviral therapy.                                                                                                      Interested candidates should submit their cur-
                    To qualify, you must possess a PhD with at least 2 years of postdoctoral                                               riculum vitae and bibliography, a statement con-
               experience. The ideal candidate will have a background in retrovirology or                                                  ceming research interests, record of grant awards,
               molecular/cell biology, with a strong record of research in virology.                                                       three letters of recommendation supporting
                    In return, we offer an environment that fosters innovative and important                                               research and teaching ability and reprints of most
               research, professional development, and a comprehensive compensation                                                        significant work, by June 30, 1988, to: Norbert
               package. For consideration, please send your resume and 3 references to:                                                    1. Swislocki, Ph.D., Professorand Chair-
               Mrs. Eleanor M. Malone, Professional Employment and Staffing                                                                man, Department of Biochemistry,
               Specialist, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., Nutley, New Jersey 07110. We are an                                                     Univerity of Medicine and Dentistry of
               equal opportunity employer.                                                                                                 NewJerey-New Jerey Medical School,
                                                                                                                                           185 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ
                                Q            Hoffmann-La Roche                                                                                    The UMDNJ is an Affirmative Action/
                                                                                                                                           Equal Employment Opportunity Employer M/F/HN.

                       Working Today For A Healthier Tomorrow
                                                                                                                                                                      R   sI\
                  YON NIV                    T
                 Department of Chemistry
                 The Guy Warwick Rogers Chair
                   in Atmospheric Chemistry               SCIENTISTS
Applications are invited for the Guy Warwick
Rogers Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, a ten-
                                                          * Fermentation Microbiologist
ured position within the Department of Chemis-
try. The applicant must be familiar with impor-
tant chemical processes in the atmosphere,
                                                          * Separations/Isolation Chemist
sources and sinks of significant atmospheric
species, instrumental methods of measuring
these species, and computer modelling of the               Make a Vital Contribution in the Natural Products Drug
atmosphere, and must be well recognized in at              Discovery Effort in our new Pharmaceutical R&D
least one of these areas.
The successful candidate will have the opportu-
 nity to participate in activities of the York Univer-     EASTMAN PHARMACEUTICALS, a division of Eastman
 sity Centre for Atmospheric Chemltr and the               Kodak Company is building its R&D operations in Chester
 Canadian instite for Research In Atmospheric
Chemistry (CIRAC).                                         County, PA near Philadelphia. We have two immediate open-
Applications will be evaluated as received. The
                                                           ings for experienced Research Scientists in our new natural
closing date for applications is August 1, 1988.           products drug discovery program.
Applications consisting of a curriculum vitae, a           We are establishing the nucleus of an interdisciplinary team
summary of research plans and interests, and               and are anticipating significant growth. We seek highly
the names and addresses of three referees                  motivated individuals with a proven track record in the
should be sent to Dr. H. Niki, Chairman,                   discovery and evaluation of novel pharmacologically active
Search Committee, Department of Chemis-                    molecules from natural products sources.
try, York University, 4700 Keele St., North
York, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3.                             Microbiologist- Candidate must have a Ph.D. degree,
In accordance with Canadian Employment and                 preferably in microbiology, biochemistry, or bioengineering,
Immigration requirements, priority will be given           with a minimum of 3 years experience in small to medium
to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of            scale fermentation of wild microorganisms for production of
Canada. York University is implementing a policy           pharmacologic agents.
of employment equity. Qualified women and
men are invited to apply.                                  Initial responsibilities will include establishing a functional
                                                           fermentation laboratory, supervising two research assistants,
                          m-                               maintaining a production organism culture collection and
                                                           database, and bioassay-guided fermenting of lead cultures
                                                          -for chemical isolation of pharmacologic agents. Experience
                                                           in process and strain improvement, as well as familiarity
   SENIOR SCIENTIST/                                       with the taxonomy and ecology of fungi, actinomycete and
   PROJECT SCIENTIST                                       soil bacteria would be highly desirable.
                                                           Isolation Chemist- Candidate must have a Ph.D. degree
  Ph.D. in physical sciences or engineering                with a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience in the
  with research and publications written on an
  aerosol physics subject, with at least three             bioassay-guided isolation of natural products from fermen-
  years of active, related post - doctoral work            tation broths, plants, or tissue homogenate. Expertise in
  experience, including designing and build-
  ing laboratory equipment. A candidate with               state-of-the-art separation techniques, and familiarity with
  a background in fluid dynamics and heat                  analytical chemistry methods for structure elucidation are
  transfer analyses is required. Will perform
  experimental measurements of hygroscopic                 critical.
  particle growth kinetics and deposition rates
  of particulate matter of health effects con-             Initial responsibilities will include establishing functional
  cern. Will be responsible for developing a               isolation chemistry facility, supervising a research assistant,
  surrogate bifurcating airway system in which
  the fluid dynamics and atmospheric environ-              and establishing isolation schemes for the preparative
  ment (temperature and relative humidity) of             separation of active agents from fermentation and plant
  the human respiratory tract in vivo are simu-
  lated. Will operate instrumentation neces-               sources.
  sary to generate and characterize the mono-
  disperse aerosols upon which the hygro-                 We offer competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits
  scopic growth and deposition measure-                    package and the opportunity for career growth in our
  ments will be conducted within the in vitro
  system. Will also be responsible for pur-                dynamic, new organization. For confidential consideration,
  chasing, designing, and building necessary
  laboratory equipment. A candidate familiar
                                                           qualified applicants should send their resume, with salary
  with integrated laser -fiber optics technology           history/requirements to: Personnel Relations, Depart-
  theory and experience utilizing laser particle          ment MICR, EASTMAN PHARMACEUTICAIS, 9 Great
  sizing instrumentation is preferred.                    Valley Parkway, Great Valley, PA 19355. An Equal Op-
  Salary: $35,880.00                                      portunity Employer, M/F.
  Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
  Contact the Job Service Office at 516 North
  Mangum Street, Durham, NC 27701 or the
  Job Service nearest you. Refer to Job Order
  Number NC 7102179, DOTcodeO29.081 -010.
             An Equal Opportunity Employer                Pharmaceuticals
                                                          A Division of Eastman Kodak Company
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN
         MACROMOLECULAR CBEMIST                                    MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST to conduct studies on                      PLANT BIOCHEMIST: Department of Biochemis-
                                                                 the molecular mechanism involved in ncoplastic develop-       try, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A 12-month ten-
   The Brown University Division of Biology and Medi-            ment. Must have at least 3 years of po ral experi             ure-track position with 80% research and 20% teaching
cine is seeking a macromolecular chemist to operate and          ence in immunological techniques (Wcstem blotting,            at the assistant or associate professor level. Wlll be
manage its newly established Macromolecular Biochem-             RlAs, etc.) and in the development of monoclonal              expected to develop a plant research rogram that relies
istry Facility. This is a fee-for-service facility, located in   antibodies against viral oncoproteins. Extensive exper-       on modem biochemical and mokuar biological tech-
the Section of Biochemistry, which contains equipment            ence in culture techniques utlzig embryonal stem cell         niques. APh.D. in biochemistry, or closely reated area,
for automated peptide synthesis and purification, amino          lines as well as expertise in recombinant DNA technolo-       and postdoctoral experience are required. Submit curric-
acid analysis, and oligonudeotide synthesis. Applicants          gy including DNA sequencing and expression of gencs in        ulum vitae, statement of research interests and plans,
should hold an M.S. in organic chemistry or a B.S. in            mam an cells using retroviral vectors is required.            representative reprints, and three letters of reference by 2
chemistry with at lcast 4 years of cxperience in organic         Salary commensurate with qualifications. Submit cunric-       May 1988 (or until suitable applicant is found thereafter)
synthesis and compound purification. The successful              ulum vitae to: Thc Squib Institute For Medical                to: Dr. Robert Khcas, Department of Biochemist
applicant will bc expected to operate and maintain the           Research, Human R                 Departnt 300, P.O.          206 Biochemist Hall, University of NebrLin-
equipment as wcll as keep records of income and expen-           Box 4000, Princeton, NJ 08543.AnEqual Opporunity              coln, Lincoln, NE 68583-0718. Telephone: 402-
ditures. Previous experience with pcptidcs hel ful but           Employfr.                                                     472-2932.
not required. Starting salary range is Si8,900 to 24,000
depending on expcnence. Scnd r6sumc and three letters                                                                               AffirmativActionlEqual Opportunity Employer
of reference to:
                   Dr. Wayne D. Bowen                               PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST. Company                                      SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY
           Assistant Professor of Biology and                    needs Group Leader, Trichothecene Conjugation Group                             DEPARTMENT OF
  Director of Macromolecular Biochemisty Facility                to dcvelop new and improved conjugation procedures                          BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
            Division of Biology and Medicne                      for simple and macrocychc trichothecenes; establish prin-        PLANT PATHOLOGY: Applications are invited for
                 Brown University, Box G                         ciplesto predict the strucure of the best molecules to        a tenure-track position at the ASSISTANT OR BE-
                  Providence, RI 02912                           construct antibody conjugates; develop trichothecene          GINNING ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR level in the
   Brown Univers is an Equal Opportuniry/Affirmativ              immunoconjugates and test for selectivity for tumor cells     general area of plant pathology. The successful candidate
Action EmTloyer.                                                 in vitro; help immunopharmacology group develop ani-          is expected to participate in the Department's undergrad-
                                                                 mal models to test conjugates' potency against estab-         uate teaching program, preferably in the area of plant
        MANAGER, QUALITY ASSURANCE                               lished tumors; develop toxicology assessment in animals;      pathology, physiology, biochemistry or microbiology. In
   Ambico, Inc., a rapidly growing veterinary biotechnol-        analyze metabolites of conjugates; develop scale-up pro-      addition, the position includes graduate level instuction
ogy company, located just outside Des Moines, Iowa, is           cedures to make conjugates for dinical trials according to    and supervision of students in the Departmet's Ph.D.,
seeKin a manager for its Quality Assurance Department.           Good Manufacturing Practices. Job requires Ph.D. in           M.Sc., and Master of Pest Management program. Appli-
We will consiXer candidates with a Ph.D., D.V.M., or             chemistry. Research during Ph.D. program must be in           cants should have a strong research record in some aspect
M.S. degree and work expcnence in tissue culture,                area of trichothecenes and include linking trichothecenes     of basic and/or applied p t pathology. The position is
virology, bacteriology, enzyme assays, and U.S.D.A.              to antibodies preserving their activities. Research must      available immediate.
regulatory procedures. Responsibilities will also indude         also include use of the following equipment and tech-            Applications togeher with an up-to-date curriculum
certain developmental activities in collaboration with our       niques: isolation, purification and identification tech-      vitae, an outline of research interests, reprints of pub-
Research Departmnct. This is an excellent growth oppor-          niques, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography                lished research, and the names of three referees should be
tunity for the right individual. Please send resum' to:          (HPLC), IR and UV-Vis Spectoscopy; high-field and             sent to:
Human Resources, Ambico, Inc., Box 522, Dallas                   two-dimensional NMR. Forty hour week; 8:00 a.m. to                        Dr. L. M. Srivastava, Chairman
Center, IA 50063.                                                5:00 p.m.; $37,665 per year. Position in Seatde, Wash-                   Department of Biological Sciences
                                                                   igo.Mail r6sume within 30 days of 8 Aprnil 1988 to:                          Simon Fraser University
   MICROCIRCULATION-POSTDOCTORAL                                   Ih Dploymcnt Security Departmcnt, AS Divsion,                           Burnaby, B.C., V5A 1S6, Canada
POSMIION to study microdrculatory hemodynamics.                  Atention: AEC #46494J, Olympia, WA 98504.                        Closing date for applications is 31 May 1988 or when
Work indudes measurmnt of hemodynamic variables                    An Equal Opporunity, AffirmativeActon Etployer.
                                                                                                                               the position is filled. In accrdance with Canadian Immi-
in microvessels in vivo, development of relationships in                                                                       gration rgultions, this advrtisemt is dircted in thefist
vitro, and use of computer simulations to interpret                                                                            instance to the attcntion ofthoc individuals egaUy enttd to
characteristics of in vivo blood flow. Ph.D. in physiolo-           PHARMACOLOGY FACULTY POSMON. The                           wor pmanently in Canada.
gy, biomedical engineering, or related field, preferably         Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the
with appropriate experience. Resume and three letters of         Mcdical College of Virginia invites applications for a
recommendation to: Dr. Giles R. Cokelet or Dr.                                                                                    PLANT PHYSIOLOGICAL ECOLOGY-
Ingrid H. Salius, Deprtment of Biophysics, Uni-                  tenured faculty position at the rank of associate or full     POSTDOCTORAL POSMON (1-year minimum,
versity of Rochester, Roc er, NY 14642.AnAffir-                  professor. Wc are seeking an outstanding scientist study-     available immediately): Field and laboratory research on
matnie ActioEqual Oppounity Emplyer.                             ing the neurochemical or molecular pharmacology of            plant/soil nutrient relationships of competn perennial
                                                                 drugs of abuse to join an established multidisciplnary        species. Training in study oT nutrient upte kinetics
   MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST at the assistant or                       research effort and to contribute to the teach of             mycorrhizal relationships and rhizosphere interactions
associate professor level beginning 1 September 1988.            graduate and professional students in the area of CNS         utilizing stable and radioactive isotopes desirable. Appli-
Appointee will teach undergraduate courses at the intro-         pharmacology. Send curriculum vitae and the names and         cants must have completed Ph.D. by starting date. Send
ductory and intermediate levels and will be expected to          addrcsses ofthree references to: Dr. Louis S. Haris,          resume, selected repnnts, and names of three references
develop and offer courscs in cell biology, research meth-        Chairman, Depart of Phama gy and Toxi-                        to: James H. Ricards, Ecology Ccnter, Utah State
ods, and related arcas. Washington and Jefferson College         cology, Medical College of Virgia, Virgnia Com-               Univcersity, Logan, UT 84322-5205. Closing 25 April
is a private, independent, liberal arts insttution enrolling     monwealth Uniersity, Box 613, Rihod, VA                       1988 or until suitable applicant found. USU is an Equal
 1,200 students and is located 25 miles south of Pitts-          23298-0613 by 15 May 1988. A complete job descrip-            Opporunity/ffirmative Acion Employer.
burgh. Deadline is 30 April 1988. Apply: Dr. Hcrbert             tion and qualifications will be sent on request. Virginia
B. Wylen, V-ice President and Dean of the College,               Commonwealth Univerity is an Equal OpprnitylAffir-
                                                                 mativeAction Employer. Women and minorties are encour-                  POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE
Washington and Jeffirson College, Washington, PiA                agcd to apply.
 15301. Equal Oppotnity Expkoyer.                                                                                                Postdoctoral position available to study maternal
                                                                                                                               mRNA expression during early Xenps development or
            NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMIST                                                                                             the expression of transcription factors using injected
    Thc Department of Food Science, North Carolina                               PLANT ANATOMISr
                                                                                                                               Xenops oocytes. Experience in biochemistry/molecular
 State University, invites applications for a position as                                                                      biology required. Scnd curriculum vitae and three letters
 assistant profcssor (tenure-track). Applicants must have a                        CELL BIOLOGIST                              of reference to: Dr. Joel D. Richter, c/o Personnel
 Ph.D. degrec and a strong background in nutritional               The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology,               Office, Worcester Fondation fiwr E rtal Biol-
 biochemistry. Postdoctoral experience is preferred. Ap-         Purdue University, invites applications for a tenure-track    ogy, 222 Mapk Avnue, Shre , MA 01545.
plicants will be expected to establish a research program        assistant professor position. The incumbent will be re-               An Equal OpportunityLAfirmat Actin
which complements existing nutrition programs within             sponsibk for the development of an independent basic                               Employer MIFIH.
 the Department, teach an advanced undergraduate or              research program in structural and cytological aspects of
graduate course in nutrition, cooperate with other facul-         lantumwth development and diflrentiation, or cyto-                     POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE
ty members in nutrition-related activitics, and direct             gic aspects of adaptive changes to environmental or
M.S. and Ph.D. graduate search programs. Applicants              biologcal stresses. Teaching responsibilities include an         Position available in September, 1988, for research on
should submit curriculum vitae, transcnpts of al academ-         introductory plant anatomy course, and a graduate level       the behavioral pharmacology of opioid drugs in rodents
ic work, a statement of research interest and goals,             course that provides students with training in moden          and small primates. App icants should have received
reprints of recent signifint t publications and three let-       approaches to plant anatomy and cell biology. Applica-        within the last 3 years a Ph.D. in pharmacology or other
ters of rec ndat to: Dr. George L. C                             tions will be received until 30 April 1988 or until a         basic medical science or in experimental psychology. Skill
 Box 7624, Deprment ofFood Science, North C                      suitable candidate is found. Submit curriculum vitae,         in stereotaxic surgery and in the use of microcomputers is
 lina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7624. Ap-              transcripts, reprints of significant publications, a state-   desirable.
 plications will be accepted until 1 June 1988 or unti[a         ment of research interests, and three letters of reference       Send curriculum vitae and names of throe references
 suitable candidate is found. Applicants will be required        to: Dr. Ronald Coo                Head, Department of         to: Stephen G. Holtzman, PhD., Deprtment of
 to furnish proper domentation of identity and employ-           Botany and Plat Patholoy, Purdue U ity                        Pharmacology, Emory University School of Medi-
 ability. North Carolina State Univerity is an Affirmative       West Lafayette, IN 47907. Purdu Unirt is an                    ine, Atlanta, GA 30322. Emory is an Equa Opporunity
AcionEqual Opportunity Employer.                                 EquaW OpprtnityAffirmativeaction Employer.                    Employer.
242                                                                                                                                                              SCIENCE, VOL. 240
                                                                                              FACULTY POSITIONS IN
U.S. PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                                                  ENDOCRINOLOGY, DIABETES,
POSmON: Microbiologist/Patent Examiner Opportunity in-
volves the scientific and legal evaluation of patent applica-
                                                                                  AND METABOLISM RESEARCH
tions involving recombinant DNA, molecular and cellular                               MAYO CLINIC AND FOUNDATION
immunology, molecular genetics, microorganisms, cell biolo-
gy, cell culture, fermentation, enzymology or clinical                        The Endocrine Research Unit has unparalleled career opportuni-
chemistry.                                                                    ties for three highly qualified scientists (Ph.D., M.D., or M.D./Ph.D.)
                                                                              to develop independent research programs in the areas of 1)
QUAUFICATIONS: A full 4-year or longer professional curric-                   diabetes mellitus and related disorders, 2) thyroid disease, and 3)
ulum in an accredited college or university leading to a                      bone and mineral metabolism. Candidates should have advanced
Bachelors Degree or higher with specific study in Molecular                   training in basic sciences related to their research, in such areas as
Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Enzymology, Embryolo-                      membrane, receptor, or hormone biochemistry; immunology;
gy, Protein Chemistry, Microbiology or Cell Biology.                          molecular or cellular biology; or mechanisms of hormone action.
A Ph.D. or M.S. degree with relevant research experience is
preferred. A B.S. degree with significant research experience                 The Endocrine Research Unit has six NIH-funded staff investiga-
will be considered.                                                           tors (4 in diabetes/metabolism, and 2 in bone/mineral research),
                                                                              training grant support, ample modern research space and equip-
Research Experience in any of the following areas would be                    ment, and active collaborations with members of other depart-
beneficial: DNA cloning, protein chemistry, gene expression,                  ments. Startup funds are available for establishment of the new
sequencing techniques, muteins, hybridoma technologies,                       laboratory programs. Mayo Medical Center encompasses the
monoclonal antibody applications, mammalian or plant cell                     Mayo Clinic, Mayo Medical School, and the Mayo Graduate
lines, cell culture, immunossays, hybridization techniques,                   School of Medicine. These are career research opportunities with
fermentation, enzymatic reaction, diagnostics and automation                  a strong, active, multidisciplinary group.
of clinical analysis.
                                                                              Qualified candidates should submit detailed curricula vitae, bibli-
SALARY: Dependent upon experience and qualifications.                         ographies, and names of three references to:
For further information contact:
                                                                              Hunter Heath IIl, M.D.                                ma
                                                                              Chairman, Endocrine Search Committee
                  Patent and Trademark Office                                 Mayo Clinic
                  Office of Personnel, C&E                                    5-164 West Joseph Building
                  CPK 1, Suite 700                                            Rochester, MN 55905
                  Washington, D.C. 20231                                      (Telephone 507-285-4300)
                  Toll free: 800-368-3064


 (Avian/Aquatic Studies)
FMC CORPORATION's Chemical R & D Center, is experiencing            MAMMALIAN TOXICOLOGIST
exciting expansion as we develop new and advanced chemical          This position would assist the Manager of Toxicology Programs
groups for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.   with the following:
Located in beautiful Princeton, NJ, we currently have two ex-
cellent openings within our Corporate Toxicology Department.        * Planning and directing sub-chronic and chronic toxicity
MANAGER                                                             * Interpreting and analyzing study results and supervising
ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY                                              report preparation.
This position requires an experienced Avian/Aquatic Tox-            * Compiling and disseminating technical information including
icologist to manage our Environmental Toxicology Group. This          overviews, MSDS's, product literature and study and program
manager will have worldwide responsibility for the following:         summaries.
* Planning and directing all contracted avian and aquatic           Qualified candidates should possess a MS/PhD Degree in Tox-
  laboratory and field studies.                                     icology or a related field and several years in an industrial or
* Interpreting and analyzing study results and preparing regu-
                                                                    contract research environment.
  latory compliance documentation.
        -                                                           FMC offers an excellent salary, and a full range of benefits to in-
* Preparing environmental risk assessments and compiling and        clude educational and relocation support. For highly visible and
  disseminating technical information including overviews,          exciting careers with the Chemical R & D Group of a Fortune 150
  MSDS's, product literature and study and program summaries.       company, send your resume with salary history/requirements to:
                                                                    Personnel Manager, CPG. FMC CORPORATION, Chemical R &
Qualified candidates must possess a PhD in Environmental            D Center, Box 8, Princeton, NJ 08543. An Equal Opportunity
Toxicology or Ecology with at least 3 to 5 years of relevant        Employer M / F.

             POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN
     VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE                                       POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW                                  POSMOCTORAL POSITION available July
       AND STATE UNIVERSITY (VPI&SU)                             To work in laboratory of Lewis Cantkey, PhD.,              1988 for a Ph.D. in biochemistry or chemisty to
        PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST                             Professor of Physiology on expression of oncogenes and        investigate the molecular mechanism and metabolic con-
              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             various channels in Xenpus oocytes.                           sequences of drug oxidations by cytocirome P450.
                                                                 Please forward curriculum vitae and letters of reference   Studies will involve detmination of why some sub-
   This is a new tenure-track position to develop a                                                                         strates require cytoome b5 for oxidation by cyto-
research program to ecplore the use of RFLPs in con-          to: Dr. Cantley, De            t of Physiolopy, Tufts         chrome P-450. Send resume and three letters of recom-
structng linkage maps and in developing selection meth-       University School of Medicne, 136 Harrison Ave-               mendation to:
ods and new tools for breeding agronomic crops. Active        nue, Boston, MA 02111.
breeding programs in the department include whcat,                                                                                          Dr. Lucy Waskll (129)
soybeans, tobacco and turfgrasses. Teaching responsibil-         POSIDOCTORAL POSMIION available to study                                      VA Medical Center
ities will embrace aspects of plant molecular biology in      the physical propertes of proteins of the cytoskeleton,               Uniesty of California, San Francisco
relation to plant brceding.                                   particulrly actin and actin-binding protcins. The proj-                         4150 Clement Street
   Applicants should have a Ph.D. or postdoctoral expen-      ects incude the characteristcs of the polymerization                         San Francisco, CA 94121
ence in plant molecular biology or related fields, with a     process, the viscoelastic nature of actin gels, the use of
strong background in genetics, and training and experi-       fluorescence photobleadhin& experiments, and the use of         POSTDOCTORAL POSMON, Ph.D. (physiolo-
ence inmolecular loning, chromosome mapping with              inagng techniques both in vitro and in vivo. Send             gy, animal science, nutrition or related area) for work in
DNA probes, DNA sequencing and other relevant tech-           currculum vitae and names of throe refercnces to: Dr.         NIH-funded study of the effects of parenteral nutrition
niques.                                                       Carl Frieden, Deartment of Biocdemistry, Washing              on intestinal growth and development in neonatal swine.
   Salary will be commensurate with training and experi-      ton Univrity ol of Medicne, Box 8094, St.                     Experience in intesinal function (e.g., transport, mor-
ence.                                                            uis, MO 63110. An Equal Opportunity Employer.              phology, enzyme analysis, etc.) and cxpericnce handling
         cations will be accepted until 31 May 1988 or                                                                      expermental animals is preferred. Send curriculum vitae
untila suitabkc applicant is identified, should that be at a    POSTDOCTORAL POSMON availabk in a labo-                     and three ktters of recommendation to: Mark G. Clem-
later date.                                                  ratory studying development of immunogenic vaccines            ens, Ph.D., Pediatric Surgical Laboratory, Depart-
   Applicants should send a letter ofapplication, a r6sume by genetic engineering. Send curriculum vitae and have           ment of Surgery, CMSC 7-116, Johns Hopkins 'ni-
(including transcripts), and the names and addresses of ree letters of reference sent to: Dr. Stephen E.                    versity, School of Medicne, Baltimore, Mb 21205.
three references to:                                         Wright, Department of Internal Medicne, Texas
                    Dr. R. Q. Cannell                        Tech University School of Medicin, 1400 Wallace                   POSTDOCTORAL POSMON. A postdoctoral
                   Professor and Head                        Boulevard, Amarll, TX 79106-1797.                              position is available immediately to invesigate mecha-
                Dqparment of Agronomy                                                                                       nisms of vascular smooth muscle control an their alter-
                        VPI8cf                                  POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION available immedi-                     ation by pregnancy. Special interest in catecholmine
                  Blacksburg, VA 24061                       ately on an NIH trainig grant in immunology. Studies           interaction. Experience with either Doppler, suspended
                Telephone: 703-961-6305                      will concentrate on molecular immunology with empha-           isometric rings, or roceptor binding technology a plus.
VPI&SU i an Equal OppmdsyL4ftwiveAcixm Empuwr. sis on describinig structural correlates of function of                      Applicants shoud have a recent Ph.D. and a strong
                                                             cornplement proteins by using site-directed mutagenesis.       background in vascular physiology. Interested candidates
                                                             Applicant should have an M.D. or Ph.D. (or their               should send curriculum vitae, two or three reprints of
   Seeking POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW to work on equivalent). Previous training in protein chemity and/                            recent work, and the names of three references to: Carl
studies involving the regulation and cxpression of neuro- or recombinant DNA techniques preferred. Salary con-              P. Weiner, M.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gy-
transmitter synthetic nzyms. Expeince in molecular tingent on previous experience. Please send cover letter,                necology, University of Iowa Colege of Medicne,
biology and biochemistry essential. Experience in tissue curriculum vitae, and names of three references to: Dr.            Iowa City, IA 52242. Telephone: 319-356-2305. The
culture desirable. Proects focus on genomic transcrip- John Voanakis, Division of Clinical Immunolmy                        Univet of Iowa is an Equal OpporunitylAffirmative
tional and translational regulation of neurotransmitter and Rh iteumay, THT437, Univeriy fAlabama          o                Action Employer.
cnzymes in vivo and in vitro. Funding available immedi- at Birmingh , UAB Station, Birm , AL
ately. Send copy of curriculum vitae and three letters of 35294.AnAf&nativeAatilEqa                            Employfr.
refercnce to: Dr. Dona Lee Wong,                      t of                                                                     POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION available immedi-
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, S              Uer-        POSTDOCTORAL POSMON available to study                       ately for research on neural tissue transplants in mice
sity School of Medicne, Stard, CA 94305. Stan- glucocorticoid receptor-heat shock protein interaction.                      using neuroendocrinological, pharmacological, behav-
   i is an Equal Opportuniy/AffirmatiAction Emploer. Project involves in vitro transcripion and translation                 ioral and anatomical techniques. Send curriculum vitae
Mi        and womcn               are cncoured to apply.     techniques. Experience in molelar biology desirable.           and names of three references to: Marie J. Gibson,
                                                             Send curriculum vitae with names and addresses of three        Ph.D., Box 1055, Division of Endocrinology, The
                                                                                                                            Mount Siai School of Medicine, One Gustave L.
   POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW/AMSOCIATE RE- references to: Dr. Clark W. Distelhorst, Department                                    Levy Place, New York, NY 10029-6574. An Equal
SEARCHER. Position available to study regulation of of Meicne, Case Western Resrve university                               Opprunity Employer.
expression and mechanism of action of mammalian pep- (CWRU), Cleeland, OH 44106. CWRU is an Affir-
tidases using recombinant DNA. Competitive salary mativc aionEqual Opportunity Empkyer.
commensurate with experience. Send curriculum vitae                                                                            POSITDOCTORAL POSMIION for Ph.D. or M.D.
and names of references to: Dr. Louis Hersh, Biochem-                   POSDOCTORAL POSTIION                                to work on cell biology of (i) macromolecular transport
itry Department, Southweste Graduate School                                                                                 across intestinal follicular epithelium or (ii) intestinal
5323 Harry Hine Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75235. An memory in the   For an (extraceliular) single-unit investigation ofvisual   epithelial basement membrane synthesis. Experience in
Equa Opprunity Employer.                                                      awakc, behaving macaquc. Expericnce in         elctron microscopy and immunocytochemistry desir-
                                                             any of the*following areas is desirable: electrophysiology,    able. Salary according to NRSA guidelines. U.S. citizen-
                                                             mathematical/statistical data analysis, behavior, visual/      ship or permanent residency status required. Send curric-
             POSTDOCrORAL FELLOW                             mnemonic physiology. Training will accrue in these samc        ulum vitae and names of three references to: Jerry S.
               MOLECULAR BIOLOGY                             areas. Stipnd is atNH levels, with the position avail-         Tricr, M.D., Gatroenterology Divi, Brigham &
                                                             ablc as early as
   The Monsanto Company Biological Scicnces Depart- names of three July, Dr.curriculum vitacDepart-
                                                                                          Send                    and the   Women's Hosptal, Harvard Medical School, 75
                                                                              references         James Ringo,
ment, located in suburban St. Louis, has an immediate men of Physiology, Box 642, University of R s-                        Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115. Equal Oppounity
opening for a postdoctoral fellow. This position involves ter Mediad Center,                    , NY 14642. An Equ
i enificaton of gene products, specifically regulated by Opporuity Enmloyer MF.
sonartotpiM. Candidates for this position must have a                                                                          POSTDOCTORAL POSMON immediately avail-
strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry or         POSTDOCTORAL POSMON available immedi-                       able for Ph.D. molecular virologist to study B.V.D.-
cell biology. Please send curriculm vitae and names of                                                                      M.D. virus of cattle. Position for 1 year ffective May
three re*frences to: Monsanto Company, 700 Chestu- ately for research in molecular and cellular biokgy of                    1988. The ideal candidatc will have experience with
field Vilage Parkway, Departmcnt BBSB-KG, Ches- Particular Pennisetm species and interspecific hybrids.
                                                             apomictic                                                      molecular doning and gene sequencing. Salary up to
                                                                         emphasis will
terfield, MO 63198. An Equal Opporunity Employer DNA probes for RFLP be placed Techniques will in-   on development of
                                                                                                                            $28,600 Canadian. In acrdanc with Canadian immi-
MIFIHIV.                                                                                 mapping.                           gration regulation this notice is directed firet to Canadian
                                                             dude construction of genomic and cDNA libraries, in            cizens and permanent rsiden. Write to: Dr. Arnost
                                                             situ hybridization, and plant cell culture. Send curricu-
             POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW                             lum vitae and names of three references to: Dr. Peg            Cepica, Department of Pathology and Microbioloazy
           MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY                              Ozias-Akins, Depart of Horticulure, Universty                  AtlantiC Veterinary Collge, University of Prince lrd-
                                                                                                                            ward Island, anada, CIA 4P3.
   Fellowship availabk spring/summer 1988 for studies of Georgu, Col Plain Experiment Station, P.O.
of human immunogenetics emphasizng the srcure BOx 74, Titon, GA 31793. An Eqal Opportunityl
and regulation of HLA genes. Qualifications: Experience AffirmativeAcion Employer.                                             POSTDOCTORAL POSMON to study the DNA
in molecular biology highly desirable, with interests in                                                                    affinity binding of potential chemopreventive and anti-
human genetics, autoimmunity, gene regulation, recom-           POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION is available to                       neoplastic drugs and their effect on covalent DNA
bination, or expression; M.D. or Ph.D. Highly interac- study the role of T-cell surface markcrs in T-cell activa-           adduction by carcinogens. A recent Ph.D. in chemistry
tive environment, affiliated with the University of Wash- tion. Background in cellular activation and immunology            or biochemistry is required, and previous experience in
ington, focused on basic immunogentics and clinical an advantage. Send curriculum vitae and names of three                  covalent and affinity DNA binding is referred. Send
autoimmunity. Contact: Gerld T. Ncpom, M.D., references to: Dr. Julia L. Greenstin, Immulogic                               curriculum vitae and three letters of reerence to: Dr.
Ph.D., Director, mmunology, Vrginia Mason Re- PharmaceuticalCorporation, One Kendall Square,                                Barry Gokl, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer,
search Center, 1000 Seneca Street, Seattle, WA Building 600, CanibAidg, A 02139. An Equl       M                            University of Nebrask Medical Center, Omaha, NE
98101. Telephone: 206-223-8812.                               Opp(ouy Enployer.                                             68105. Equal Opportuniy/A ffirmativAction Employer.

244                                                                                                                                                           SCIENCE, VOL. 240
                   Exceptiona1                         Scientists.
             Extraordinary                               Cha1lenges.
                The Immunobiology Research Institute Announces
                 Career Opportunities In Peptide Drug Research.

Immunobiology Research              PEPTIDE CHEMICAL                    FORMULATIONS
Institute, a newly formed           DEVELOPMENT                         Opportunities exist for in-
Johnson & Johnson Company,          You will be applying your PhD       dividuals with a BS/MS/PhD in
is offering a rare opportunity to   in Chemistry or Chemical            Pharmacy/Pharmacology and
grow with our organization. Our     Engineering and 2-5 years' pro-     2+ years' experience with solid
mission is to improve the quali-    cess development experience to      and semi-solid formulations.
ty of life for mankind through      the methodology development         Peptide formulations experience
our dedication to peptide drug      for large scale peptide produc-     is highly desirable.
research. It is possible that our   tion. Experience with pilot plant
bright future could also be         scale-up or peptide chemistry is    IMMUNOCHEMISTRY
yours.                              also desired.                       A BS or MS in Biology or Cell
At our state-of-the-art facility
                                                                        Biology is necessary as is 3-5
located in central New Jersey,      ANALYTICAL &                        years' experience in cellular im-
you will work alongside our
                                    QUALITY ASSURANCE                   munology, immunochemistry,
                                    We seek BS's, MS's and PhD's        tissue culture and biochemistry.
distinguished scientists who        for opportunities in analytical
have a proven track record of                                           In addition to a stimulating
                                    chemistry. 2-5 years' experience    work environment, we offer
success in the research,            in analytical methods develop-
development and approval of in-                                         highly competitive salaries and
                                    ment, stability studies and         an outstanding Johnson &
novative breakthrough drug          analytical support in the phar-
therapies. We invite qualified                                          Johnson benefits program. For
                                    maceutical industry is required.    consideration, forward your
individuals to join us in one of
the following areas:                PEPTIDE DRUG                        credentials to:
PEPTIDE SYNTHESIS                   METABOLISM                          Director of Human Resources
We seek PhD's in Chemistry or       Bioavailability                     Department S-2
Biochemistry with 2-6 years' ex-    For this area, we require a         IMMUNOBIOLOGY
perience with pharmaceuticals       BS/MS in Chemistry or               RESEARCH INSTITUTE
and in the design, synthesis,       Biochemistry and 4-7 years' ex-     P.O. Box 999
purification and characterization   perience in drug metabolism.        Annandale, NJ 08801
of peptides. Opportunities also     Also, experience with ADME,         A 9v       flV   n   u Company
exist for BS/MS Chemists with       bioavailabfity, pharmacokinetic
2+ years' chemical synthesis        studies, TLC, HPLC,                 An Equal Opportunity
experience.                         radioisotope methodologies and      Employer mi/f/h/v.
                                    tissue handling techniques is
               POSITIONS OPEN                                               POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
           POSTDOCTORAL POSITION                                 POSTDOCTORAL POSMON available to study                              POSTID)OCORAL POSMONS IN
                 YALE UNIVERSITY                              blood flow using magnetic resonance imaging. Require-                            BIOTECHNOLOGY
   A postdoctoral position is available immediately to        ment: Ph.D. with cxperience in MRI, biofluid mechanics
join a multidisci linary group studying a recently identi-    and Doppler laser anemomcty, and familiarty with                   Enzymology and molecular biology of lipid biosynthe-
fied doned pcptide hormonc. This peptide is produced          SAS. Plcasc send curriculum vitae and three references          sis; mchanism of regulation of gene ecpression in
by selected normal and malignant clls and has certain         to: Dr. Panos P. Fatouros, Chairman, Radiation                  specialized cells and tissues.
parathyroid hormone-like actions and a limited PTH-           Physics Division, Box 72, MCV Station, Richm                       Send curricuhlm vitae and names of three references
                                                              VA 23298-0072, by 22 April 1988. Vir-nI Conmon-                 to: P.E. ola       , Director, Biotechnoloy Cen-
like sequence. The specific project will involve studying     wealth Unxisity is an EquW Opptuiy              i A-           ter, Rightmire Hll, The Ohio State University, Co-
the control of the expression of this hormone in normal       tion Emplyer.                                                  lumbus, OH 43210. Equal Oppotunity AffirmativeAc-
and malignat cells. A strong background in molecular                                                                         tion Emprecr.
biology is essential. The imtial appointment is for 2
years, at a salary range geared to NIH guidelines and            POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS availble for
commensurate with experience. Applications should in-         structre/function studies of membrane transport pro-              POSTDOCTrORAL POSMONS IN MOLECU-
dude curriculum vitae, bibliography, and the names and        teins. An immediate project concerns the construction          LAR VIROLOGY available mmc dialy. Topics in-
telephone numbers of three individuals familiar with the      and expression of a synthetic gene of the mitochondrial        dude (i) structrfunction relationships of viral poly-
candidate's qualifications. Contact:                          phosphate transport protein and ADP/ATP carrier in E.          peptides, (ii) studies on the replication of influenza virus,
                 Dr. Arthur E. Broadus                        cdi for in vitro mutagenesis. Individuals with taining in      and (iii) viral etiology in the development of Type 1
              Endocrine Section, Fitin I                      molecular biology and/or (membrane) protein biochem-           Diabetes. Background in molecular biology and/or virol-
           Department of Internal Medicne                     istry are invited to send their curriculum vitae and names     ogy is desirable. Competitive salary, subsidized housing
                                                              of three rferences to: Dr. Hartmut Wohlrab, Boston             available. Scnd curriculum vitae and names of hree
                     Yale University                          Biomedical Research Iniute, 20 Staniford Street,               references to: Dr. Mark Kst, Department of Mi-
                    333 Cedar Street                          Boston, MA 02114. Equal OpportuntylAffinnatie Ac-
                New Haven, CT 06510                           tion Emplyer.
                                                                                                                             crobiology, The Mount Sinai School of Medicne,
                                                                                                                             Box 1124, One Gustave L. Levy Place, Ncw York,
   Tak Uniienty is an Equal OpoartuiyLdffinnmati                                                                             NY 10029-6574. An Equal Opporunity Employfr.
Actan Employer.                                                  POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS avaiable in the
                                                              laboratories ofDrs. R Dcsrosiers and Y. U for molecu-             POSTDOCTORAIARESEARCH ASSOCIATE
            POSTDOCTRAL POSMON:                               lar genetic studies of simian immunodeficiency viruses.        training in molecular basis of prostate cancer develop-
              IDENTIFICATION AND                              Research opportunities indude: (i) genetic comparison          ment and meastsis. A position is availablc immediately
             CHARACTERIZATION OF                              of divergent SIV isolates; (ii) site-specific mutagenesis      at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Sur-
                     ONCOGENES                                and recombination for study of moklcular mechanisms of         geons to define and molecularlyc one the gene(s) in-
   A fullr funded postdoctoral position is available in the   pathogenicity and cell tropism; (iii) approaches to AIDS       volved in the development of prostatc cancer in humans.
laborator of Dr. David Steffen. Projects indude the usc       vaccine development. Scnd curriculum vitae incuding            Studies will employ bNA transfection and cotransfection
of murine leukemia virus-induced lymphomas for the            publications and names of three references to: Dr.             procedurcs, cDNA cloning techniques, DNA sequenc-
identification and isolation of novel oncogenes and the          RoadDeoir, New R n                      R     Primat        mg, expression vector construction and gene expression
use of gene transfer to analyze the biochemical function      Research Center, Harvard iRodic S-chool, 1 Pine                studies. Experience in recombinant DNA techniques,
of proto-oncogenes and oncoScnes. Experience in the           Hill Drive, Southboro, MA 01772.                               nuceic acid biochemisty and/or tumor cell biology
basic techniques of molecular biology is highly desirabk.                                                                    desirable. Send curriculum vitae and three letters of
Send curriculum vitae and names, addresses, and tele-            POSIDOCTORAL POSMONS at the National                        reference to: Dr. P. B. Fisher, Departments of Pathol-
phone numbers of three references to: David Steffen,          Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of       ogy and Urology, Co lubia University, College of
The Department of Cell Biology, Baylor College of             Health, Public Health Service are available starting 1 July    Physicians and Surgeons, 630 West 168th Street,
Medicine, 1 Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030.                  1988 to study the biochemistry and physiology of the           New York, NY 10032. An Equal OpportunitylAffima-
                                                              70-kD class of heat-shock proteis in yeast. The focus of       tive Ation EmplVyr.
                                                              the laboratory is on the functon of these proteins in the
      POSTDOCTORAL           POSITION-MOLECU-                 heat shock phenomenon, in translocating newly synthe-
IAR BIOLOGY OF HYPERTENSION. Require-                         sized proteins through the endoplasmic reticulum, and in          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
ments are Ph.D. or M.D. with experience in molecular-         the uncoating of thrin from coated vesicles during             position available immediately. Requires Ph.D. in bio-
genetic techniques. Techniques to incdude doning,             endocytosis. These positions have a salary range of            chemistry with research background and experience in
RFLP studies, protein purification and sequncing. Sala-       $20,000 to $37,997 per annum depending on experi-              purification and characterization of metal binding pro-
ry negotiable. Submit cuiculum vitae and statement of         ence, and are located on the National tut of Health            teins and especially metallothionein. Experience in mo-
interest to: William A. Petinger, MD., Professor,             (NIH) campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Please send cur-           lecular biology is desirable but not required. Annual
Department of Pharnacology, University of Texas               riculum vitae and three letters of recommendation to:          salary of $18,750. Send curriculum vitae, statement of
Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 75235.                Dr. Lois Grene, lAboraoy of Cell Biolg, Nation-                career goals, and three letters of recommendation by 15
  Equal OpporuitylAffirmativeAaion Intiti.                    al Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 9000 Rockville            May 1988 to: Dr. Keith Myers, P.O. Box 94600,
                                                              Pike, Building 3, Room B1-22, Bedesda, MD                      Lincoln, NE 68509.
            UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                            20892. An EquaI Opportunity Employer.
               CHIARLOTESVILLE                                                                                                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
            POSTDOCTORAL POSMON                                  POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS to study mem-                            Position availabk immediately to study the molecular
           PATHOLOGY/BIOCHEMISTRY                             brane-protein systems with objectives of describing inter-     genetics of aging inDlopbhila. Send curriculum vitae and
   A postdoctoral position to study hormonal regulation       action prperies and/or role of membrane in z e                 names of three references to J. E. Fleming, Ryochi
of gene expression using calbindin-Dgk as a model sys-        activity and    tionAreas und            esigation indude      Sasakawa Laboratory for Aging Research, Linus Pau-
tem. Techniques indude protein structure, gene sequenc-       protein kinase C, the membrane attack complex of               ling Institute of Scincne and Medicne, 440 Page Mill
ing, gene probing, cell culture, and monoclonal antibod-      complement, and blood coagulation enzymes. Send cur-           Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Telephone: 415-327-
ies. Hormones involved are 1,25-dihydroxycholecalci-          riculum vitae and three ekttcrs of reference to: Dr. Gary      4064.
ferol, sex steroids and growth factors.                       Nesestun, Departmcnt of Biochemistry, University
   Background in molecular biology/biochemistry pre-          of Minn , St. Paul, MN 55108.T l                     : 612-
ferred. Sedcurriculumn vitae, reprints, and three refer-      624-3622. The Uni ofAMinneso anEqal,Opor-                         POSIDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
ences to:                                                      nity  Eduator and E lr,           specaUy    invites appli-   position available immediately in fatty acid biochemistry.
            M. Elizabeth Bruns, Ph.D, and                     casiomfrwx womex ana .mnortwa.                                 Background in arachidonic acid metabolism, prostaglan-
                  David E. Bruns, M.D.                                                                                       din biochemistry, omega-3 fatty acid metabolism, and
     Departments of Pathology andBicesty                         U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                              GCCMS analysis desirable. Studies will indude arachi-
                         Box 214                                                      (USDA)                                 donic acid and omega-3 fatty acid metabolism in plate-
         University of Vrwin Medical School                    AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE (ARS)                           lets, vascular tissue and monocytes, and their relationship
                Charlatesville, VA 22908                         POSIDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE (a                          to thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Send curriculum vitae
                                                                                                                             and names of three references to: Victor A. Skrinska,
      AnAffiawtiveAationEqua Oppotunity Emplyer.              research biochemistphysiologist/or cell biologist) imme-
                                                              diatcly availabk to conduct basic research on the bio-         Ph.D., Cleveland Rescarch Institute, 2351 East 22nd
                                                              chemistiy and physiology of the surface mcmbranes of           Street, Cleveland, OH 44115.
   POSTDOCTIORAL POSMONS availabk imme-                       the mammalian sperm cell. Project involves identifica-
diately to study nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene        tion, isolation, and purification of specific membrane            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-
expression in the peripheral and central nervous systens.     protein using biochemical, immunocemical, molecular            Position availablc, 1 May 1988 to study the medullary
Experience in molecular biolgy is desirable but not           biology and cell-sorting techniques. Candidate should          vasomotor center in rats. In vivo and in vitro neurophys-
  3ec~end curru      vitae and names of three refcrences      havstrong bakground in biocfmistiy and cell biolo-             ological and ncuroanatomical approaches will be used. A
                                                              gy. Ph.D. required. Salary commensurate with experi-           bagound in experimental cardiovascular sciences and
                                                              encc ($27,716 to $33,218). Send agplications (SF-171)          an interest in neuropharmacology are required. To apply,
                  Dr. Daniel Goldman                          and copy of curriculum vitae to: Dr. L A. Johnson,             send complaet curriculum vitae to: Dr. Patrice G.
       M.H.RI. and D t of Bio emitry
                       r                                      USDA, ARS, Buildng 200, R                        Labora-       Guyenet, Department of Pharmacology, Univerit
               Univrsity ofMichin                             tory, Betville, MD 20705 or call 301-3442809.                  of Viinia School ofMdine, Box48, Ch                    s-
                  205 Wahtenw Place                           Applications should bc marked 8E007. An Equal Oppor-           ville,EA 22908. An Equa Opportunity/Affirmative Ac-
                  Ann Arbor, MI 48109                         tnity Employer.                                                tion Employr.
24z6                                                                                                                                                          SCIENCE, VOL. 24.0
 IN CANCER RESEARCH                                                       The Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute an-
                                                                          nounces an opening for a Post Doctoral Scientist
   AMERICAN HEALTH                                                        in the Molecular Cardiology Department of its
                                                                          Drug Discovery Division. Our present research is
     FOUNDATION                                 POST*DOCTORAL             directed to the etiology of human heart failure.
Several positions are available for post-
doctoral fbelows, senior postdocoral            SCIENTIST                 The successful candidate will have research ex-
                                                                          perience in enzymology, protein separation and
fellows, or associate resorch scie-
tists in divisions of the AMERICAN
                                                MOLECULAR                 purification, monoclonal antibodies and addi-
                                                                          tional immunochemical techniques. A Ph.D. in
These openings offer the possibility of
deveopment into permanont staff
                                                CARDIOWOGY                Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Cell Biology and
                                                                          1-2 years of post doctoral experience is required.
positons for individuals who are inter-                                   Good communication skills both oral and written
ested in establishing Independent re-
search programs related to cancer
                                                Committed                 are desirable.
cause and prevention.                           To Scientific             Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute offers a
Openings exist in the areas of:
     organic synthesis
                                                Excellence                competitive stipend and an opportunity for profes-
                                                                          sional growth. We are located near Albany, New
     mmetabolic activation and DNA bind-                                  York which is a center for summer and winter
     ing of carcinogens                                                   recreational activities.
* *- oncogene activation and related ar-
     eas of molecular biology                                             Interested candidates please send resume in con-
  * cancer chemoprevention                                                fidence to:
     nutritional biochemistry
                                                                          William F. Sheldon
Applicants should submit CV to:                                   <_      Employment Manager
      Dr. Stephen S. Hecht
      DIrector of Research                                                STERLING-WINTHROP
      Amercan Health Foundsaon
      1 Dana Road
                                                                          RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                                                                          Sterling Research Grup
      Valhalla, NY 10595                                                  A Divijon of Sterlng Drug
An equal opportunity/affirmative                                          Columbia Tumpike, Renlaer, NY 12144
action employer, M/F/HNV                                                  Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H

       Radian Corporation, a national leader
 in environmental consulting and health           Merck Chemical Manufacturing Division has a challenging opportunity
 risk assessment, is seeking highly moti-         available for a Fermentation Microbiologist in its Biotechnology laboratories.
 vated individuals to join our expanding          Responsibilities will Include:
 health risk assessment and toxicology
 services staffs in Los Angeles and               * Identifying and developing microorganisms and enzymes for bloprocessing
 Sacramento, CA. Entry and mid-level posi-          applications.
 tions involve review of published toxicol-       * Optimizing fermentation conditions In present and future production
 ogy data in the literature to analyze the
 environmental fate and potential human             operations.
 health impacts from exposures to toxic           * Conducting experimental programs at the bench and pilot-plant scale to
 substances. These positions require a BS           support bloprocess dovelopment.
 or MS in toxicology (or related field) and
 sound written/verbal communications              The successful candidate must have a PhD in Microbiology with 0-2 years of
 skills. Computer experience is desirable.        post-doctoral or related experience. A strong background in microbial
 Senior positions involve directing health        physiology, genetics and molecular biology is required. Experience in strain
 risk assessment projects and supporting          improvement, protein engineering, fermentation optimization and statistical
 our classical toxicology consulting ser-         methods is highly desirable. Excellent communication skills and the ability
 vices. These positions require a PhD in          to work Independently are essential.
 toxicology or a related field and a back-
 ground in classical toxicology. Board cer-       Located in the Shenandoah Valley, the Biotechnology laboratories are closely
 tification preferred.                            associated with large-scale bioprocessing facilities of Merck's Stonewall
       All of these positions offer excellent     Plant in Elkton, Virginia.
 opportunities for professional growth as         Interested candidates should submit their resume with the names of three
 well as a competitive salary and benefits        references and salary requirements to Mr. Stephen Harris, Merck & Co., Inc.,
 package. Send resume to:                         P.O. Box 7, Elkton, VA 22827. Merck & Co. Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
     James W. Embree, PhD, DABT
    Senior Environmental Toxicologist
       10395 Old Placerville Road
      Sacramento, California 95827
       An Equal Opportunity Employer
             POSITIONS OPEN                                              POSITIONS OPEN                                              POSITIONS OPEN
         POSTDOCTO0RALJRESEARCH                             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH IN INSECT                                PROFESSOR OF MICROBIOLOGY AND MO-
              ASSOCIATE POSMONS                          NEUROBIOLOGY-The Arizona Research Labora-                      LECULIAR GENETICS-The Harvard Medical
     DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION AND                         tories Division of Neurobiology (ARLDN), a research            School invites applications for a full-time professor of
              CELLULAR ONCOLOGY                          unit (8 faculty, 27 trainees and staff) devotod to cellular,   microbiology and mokcular genetics. Thc applicant
           UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                         developmental, and molecular ncurobiology and neuro-           should bc an outstanding scientist with an ezcptonal
  Positions are availablc immediately to work in various ethology of misects, ivites inquiries from potental post-      reputation in the area ofvirus-cell interactions, primarily
areas of cytogenctics, molecular, and cellular biology.  doctoral trainees. Applicants should send resume, state-       involving large DNA viruses. It is expected that the
                                                         ment of interests and future plans, and names and              successful candidate will work at the interface of virology
  Dr. Charles R Ashman: Molecular analysis of gene       addresses of at least two faculty references. Wnte to:         and cel biology to dcfine various facets of cell stucture,
mutations.                                               Professor John G. Hildebrand, Director, ARL Divi-              function or metabolism using viral probes. The successful
   Dr. Janet M. Cowan: Cytogenctic and molecular sion of Neurobiology, 611 GouldSimpon Building,                        candidate will bc expct to lead a strong research
studies of solid tumors.                                 University of Arizona, Tuson, AZ 89721. The                    program and to supervise junior faculty, graduate and
   Dr. Alan M. Diamond: Dominant/recessive onco-          miy of Atizna is an Equal OppotuitAyL4ffinnatiw               medical students. Applicants should submit currkulum
gencs, mammal repair genes.                              Action Employer.                                               vitae and a statement of essarch interests to: Dennis L
   Dr. Rudy 0. Pot: Molecular and genetic ap-                                                                           Kasper, MD., Chairman, Mkrobioloa Search Com-
proaches to the study of metastasis.                        POSTDOCrORAL TRAINEESHIP IN MA-                             mitte, Channing Lborato, Harard Medial
   Dr. Jeffrey L, Schwartz: DNA damage and repair in TRNAL AND CHILD NUTRITION. Position is                             Schoo, 180  I              Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.
mammalian cclls.                                         available immediately on an NIH training grant. Bio-           Hard Mdial Sool an Armatie AcoEqual
   Dr. Ralph R. Weichselbaum: Molecular aspects of medical, epidemiological, and/or behavioral research                 Opportunity Employfe.
human genctic disorders, growth factors, and radiation projects can be developed on basic or applied topics that
resistance.                                              utilize animal models or human subjects living in the
   Interested individuals should send their curriculum U.S. or in other countries. Applicants must be U.S.                 PROFESSORSHIPS IN BIOLOGICAL X-RAY
vitae and names of persons to contact for refcrences to: citizens or permanent residents and have completd the          CRYSTALLOGRAPHY-The Harvard Medical
Dr. J. Cowan, Dep t of Raditon and Ceular requrmients for the doctoral degree in nutition or                            School, Departmnt ofBiological Chemistry and Molec-
Oncog Bo 442, Univerit of chicago, Chicago, odter rdelvant field. Send curriculum vitae and names of                    ular Pharmacology and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
IL 60637.                                                three references to: Dr. L M Rasmus , Prgram                   are engaged in building a program in struural biology
                                                         Director, Savage Hal, Diviion of Nutit Sci-                    and invite ap licants for two professorships in biological
                                                         cnees, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-6301.              x-ray crystahography. Applicants sould have an out-
   POSTDOCTORALRSMEARCH FELLOW posi- Equal Oppounity ExplycrlA4ffinnati Action.                                         standing recordof achievement in x-ray suctal studies
tion available imnediately for Ph.D. or M.D. to study                                                                   on proteins, nucleic acids, or suprarolecular structures.
the molecular and celular biology of Ca2'-binding pro-           PREDOCIOR.AL FELLOWSHIP IN                             We seek individuals with strong interdisciplinary inter-
teins. Experience in molecular biology or cel cule and             NEUROBIOLOGY OF VISION                               ests to interact with current biochemistry and pharmacol-
protein purification would be advantageous. Please send     Availabk for 2 to 3 years to stud synapac anis-             ogy faculty in Harvard Medical School and with faculty
curriculum vitae and names, addresse, and teephone sion and modulation in a network of icentlfed nonspik-               in the divisions of medicine, pediatrics, cel biology,
numbers of three refernces to:                           ing intemcurons in crustaccans. The project involves           tunmor immunology, and cancer pharmacolgy at the
                 Dr. Thomas C. Sfidhof                   neurophysiological, immunocytochemical and neuro-              Farber Institute. ertd candidates should send cur-
           Howard Hughes Medial Inttute                  chemical analysis. The salary scale is based upon the          riculum vitae to: Professor Christopher Walsh, De-
           D utmcntOfMolecular Genetics                  N.I.H. formula for posorals. Send curriculum vitae             partment of Biolgial                      and Moecuar
            UT              SMedial Center               and the names of hree reerences to: Raymon M.                  Ph amcoly, Harvard Medical School, 25 Shau
             5323 Harry Hine Bokvard                     Glantz, Depart of Biology, Rice University, P.O.               Stret, Boston, MA 02115. HarrwdMedicl Sool and
                Dallas, T 75235-9050                     Box 1892, H T, X 77251. Rice Unierity is an                    Te Dana Farber Caner Instute are AffirmativeAciA n
              Equal Oppotuxity I r.utioms                Equal OpptunitylAffinawa Acaion Expoyer.                       Equal Opptnity Employen.

                     Cell Biology                                                              and darkroom skills is required. Experience with im-
                                                                                               munocytochemical and immunofluorescent methodology
                     Research BS/MS                                                            would be helpful.
                                                                                               MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY: This B.S. or M.S. level per-
                                                                                               son will work independently on production and characteriza-
                                                                                               tion of monoclonal antibodies to a variety of antigens, small
             The Upjohn Company has several Associate position open-                           molecules and proteins. Investigations will include develop-
             ings in our Pharmaceutical Research and Development                               ment of new methodologies for hybrid production and assay
             Division. These positions offer a challenging research en-                        development.. Mammalian cell culture experience necessary.
             vironment and the opportunity to interact with the scientific                     Small animal and assay development (RIA, ELISA,
             community at Upjohn.                                                              fluoroscence, Western blotting) experience desirable.

             CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES RESEARCH: Posi-                                           Upjohn is located in Kalamazoo, a mid-sized community in
             tion requires a B.S. or M.S. degree in Biochemistry, Cell                         southwestern Michigan midway between Chicago and
             Biology or related field, and several years of research ex-                       Detroit. Our area offers varied cultural events, cosmopolitan
             perience utilizing biochemistry and/or molecular biology                          shopping and entertainment, lakes and woodlands minutes
             techniques. The research involves projects of endothelial cell                    away, abundant year-round sports and recreation. Upjohn of-
             biology, with particular emphasis on regulation of                                fers advancement opportunities, a highly competitive salary,
             fibrinolysis. Experience in cell culture, protein purification                    comprehensive benefits and relocation assistance. For
             and assay, and DNA/RNA hybridization is highly desirable.                         prompt, confidential consideration, call from outside of
                                                                                               Michigan toll free 1/800/253-8600, ext. 3-6767, (inside
             ELECZTRON MICROSCOPY: Successful candidate will                                   Michigan call collect 616/323-6767) to request an employ-
             have a B.S. or M.S. degree in the biological sciences and                         ment application to be sent. Please refer to advertisement
             participate in studies of the intracellular pathways en-                          number 22000-A when calling. An Equal Opportunity
             countered by macromolecules and peptides. Current projects                        Employer M/F.
             include studies on membrane trafficking within cultured
             epithelial and brain capillary endothelial cells by using
             monoclonal antibodies. Proficiency in all phases of transmis-                     Our Commitment to Scientific
             sion electron microscopy including quality ultramicrotomy                               Excellence Continues...


   Drug Metabolism
                                                                CCA                 BC
                                                               POSTDOCTO RAL
Genentech, Inc., a leader in the field of biotech-
nology, is expanding its Drug Metabolism Phar-                 Available June 1988 to study the role of cell-extra-cellular
macokinetics area and currendy seeking the                     matrix interactions in differentiation and growth. Specifically,
following professionals.                                       we wish to study the control of fibronectin, collagen and
                                                               laminin receptor gene factors. We also wish to study the role
                     Sr. Scientist                             of these receptors in tumor cell invasion of basement
                                                               membranes and probe the mechanism of signal transduc-
                     Phanrnacokinetics                         tion elicited by these membrane spanning molecules. Appli-
Requires     a   Ph.D. and at least          yar   experi-     cants should have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, or related
ence.   Preference given to candidates with some               discipline and experience in cell and molecular biological
prior   industry or biodisposition modeling                    techniques.
experience.                                                    Send curriculum vitae, a statement of research interest, and
                                                               three letters of reference to:
                        Scientist                              Dr. Shoukat Dedhar
                     Pharmacoldnetics                          Deparrtmnt of Pahlogy
                                                               The University of British Columbia
Ph.D. and at least 2      yearg academic postdoctoral          c/o B.C. Cancer Control Research Centre
training is required;     some   industry experience           601 West 10th Avenue
preferred.                                                     Vancouver, B.C.
                                                               Canad V5Z IL3
                        Scientist                                                                           0
          Protein Cliemisty/Cell Biology
Requires     a   Ph.D. and at least 2 year     postdoctoral
training utilizing technology which is applicable to
studies of protein metabolism/disposition.
    Postdoctoral Researcher
Requires a Ph.D. in Protein Biochemistry or Cell
Biology with an interest in protein metabolism                The Department of Biological Process Sciences at Smith
and/or mechanisms of protein clearance from the               Kline & French Laboratories, located in suburban
plasma.                                                       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is seeking an associate re-
                                                              search scientist interested in studying the impact of micro-
          Research Associates                                 bial physiology on the production of heterologous gene
Positions require a BS or MS in Pharmacology,                 The successful candidate will develop and evaluate new
Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences as well               process control strategies to optimize microbial
as experience in analytical techniques of protein             fennentations producng recombinant products in a state-
quantffication, receptor-binding, pharmacokinetic             of-the-art computer-controled pilot plant. Candidates
anaysis, or perfused organ techniques.                        should have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with
                                                              coursework in process control, microbiology and biochemis-
Genentech, Inc. offers an excellent salary and ben-           try. Candidates with a B.S. in Microbiology will also be
efits package coupled with the opportunity to                 considered.
make a significant contribution to our organiza-              We offer an exceilent compensation, benefits and
tion. For consideration, send your resume to Eiic             relocation package as well as opportunities for personal
RB. Mankuta, Human Resources Departnent,                      and professional growth. For confidential consideration,
                                                              please forward your resume and the names of three
Genentech, Inc., 460 Point San Bruno Blvd., South             references to: Ms. Angela Varrichio, Associate Employment
San Francisco, CA 94080. An equal opportunity                 Administrator, V0019, SK&F Laboratories, P.O. Box 1539,
employer.                                                     King of Prussia, PA 19406-0939. We are an equal opportu-
                                                              nity employer, M/F/H/V.

                                                                                               LUCILLE P MARKEY
   UBC                          The
                                         University                                             SCHOLAR AWARDS
                                                                                            IN BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE
                             British Columbia                                                            1989
                                                                                Nominations are invited for the 1989 Markey Scholar
                                                                                Awards which provide substantial support in post-
                                                                                doctoral years and in the first five years of faculty
          BIOTECHNOLOGY                                                         service. The fifth series of awards will be made
                                                                                for the twelve-month academic year beginning
    Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Teaching Assistantships
                                                                                July 1, 1989.
                 in the Biotechnology Laboratory                                A maximum of sixteen annual appointments will be
    The Biotechnology Laboratory, under the directorship of Dr. Michael
                                                                                made to individuals who hold a Ph.D., D.Sc., M.D./
    Smith, is a new venture of the University of British Columbia. It is        Ph.D., M.D., D.VM. or D.D.S. degrees. Awards will
    designed to build bridges in research and teaching in biotechnology         provide both a stipend/salary and support for the
    between basic and applied sciences. Emphasis is on the use of               Scholar's research. Nominations must be submitted
    molecular genetics to solve major problems in forest, plant, animal
    and human biology and infectious disease, on fermentation and               by the institutions in which the nominees will be
    process engineering applied to mammalian cell studies and on pro-           pursuing postdoctoral research training when the
    tein structure-function relationships.                                      awards are initiated.
    Prospective graduate students should have undergraduate degrees
    in the life, physical or engineering sciences and prospective post-         For further information and nomination procedure,
    doctoral fellows should have graduate training in these areas.              please write:
    Stipends will start at $11,795 for graduate students and at $19,860                   Scholar Awards in Biomedical Science
    for post-doctoral fellows. Positions will be available in September,                             Department 510
    1988.                                                                                   Lucille P Markey Charitable Trust
    Submit applications by May 31, 1988, including curriculum vitae,                           3250 Mary Street, Suite 405
    complete academic transcripts and the names, addresses and                                       Miami, FL 33133
    phone numbers of three referees who are competent to evaluate
    your scientific potential to: Mrs. Darlene Crowe, Supervisor, Ad-
    ministration, Biotechnology Laboratory, The University of
    British Columbia, #238 - 6174 University Boulevard, Vancouver,
                                                                                                      Ai       iO
    B.C., CANADA V6T 1W5.
    In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, priority will
    be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
                                                                                 Deadline for nominations is October 3, 1988

                                                                                            BUILDING A
                                                                                             NEW LAB?
Beckman Instruments has an immediate opportunity for a
                                                                               LET THE SCIENCE FREE PRODUCT
self-motivated, business-oriented, visionary scientist to support              INFORMATION SERVICE PUT YOU IN
the planning and development of reagents, chemistries and
supplies for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.                               TOUCH WITH THE VENDORS WHOSE
Responsibilities will include discovery of new product can-
didates and ideas within the SmithKline Beckman research
organizations, technical liaison between contributing scientists               PRODUCTS YOU WILL NEED.
and product development, and technical advisor for product
and business planning and development.
This position requires a person with a Ph.D. in molecular                      SIMPLY WRITE US A LETTER STATING
biology or closely related field with experience in a firm serving
the needs of molecular biologists or biochemists a definite                    THE SPECIFICS ABOUT YOUR PROPOSED
plus. The ability to communicate effectively throughout the
organization with both technical and non-technical discip-
lines is essential. Significant travel is required.                             LAB AND WE WILL DO THE REST.
This position offers an excellent opportunity for profiessional
recognition and a competitive compensation and benefit
package. Please send your resume including salary history in
confidence to: Professional Employment D-30-A, Beckman                         WRITE TO:
Instruments Inc., 2500 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA
92634-3100. An equal opportunity employer. Principals only
please.                                                                                SCIENCE MAGAZINE
                                                                                       NEW LAB SERVICE DEPT.
                                                                                       1515 BROADWAY
                                                                                       NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036
  eL 44,     REFERRAL AND REVIEW                                                                   The Center for Laboratory Animal Sciences at
                                                                                                   this prominent 1112-bed New York City medical
               Division of Research Grants                                                         center is expanding its programs and is seeking
   $*fe        National Institutes of Health                                                       qualified candidates for the position of
                                                                                                   Laboratory Animal Veterinarian. The successful
                  Public Health Service
           A Senior Executive Service Vacancy
                Closing Date: May 6, 1988
The Division of Research Grants, National Institutes of Health (NIH),                                  LABORATORY
invites applications for the position of Associate Director for Referral
and Review. The Division is responsible for the receipt of all Public
Health Service (PHS) grant applications for research and research
training, the scientific merit review of these applications and referral
to appropriate PHS components. Candidates must meet the minimum
educational requirements for Health Scientist Administrator, possess
knowledge of and have experience with scientific merit review as
practiced at the NIH, understand the biomedical research community,                          Center for Laboratory Animal Sciences
and have shown evidence of skill In the negotiation of sensitive issues                            The Mount Sinai Medical Center
in a scientific environment. In addition, applicants must have
demonstrated leadership qualities, be experienced in establishing
and maintaining relationships with key Individuals and groups outside                              candidate will perform health evaluations of
the organization, experience in directing and guiding programs and                                 animals, various diagnostic procedures of the
projects, experience in establishing procedures for budget develop-                                clinical laboratory, and conduct research on
ment and allocating fiscal and personnel resources, developing pro-                                diseases of laboratory animals. Emphasis will be
cesses and overseeing activities to assure the fair and equitable
employment of qualified persons, and experience In the development                                 placed on teaching and research which will be the
and implementation of procedures for monitorina oroaram oerfor-                                    major activities of this position.
mance. Send an Application for Federal Employment (SF-171), cur-
riculum vitae, bibliography, and current performance appraisal to:                                 An advanced degree (Ph.D.) and documented
                                                                                                   ability to conduct independent research are highly
         CHARLES McL. HADLEY Ill                                                                   desirable.
         PERSONNEL OFFICER                                                                         Send resume to Dr. Shalev, Director, CLAS,
         DIVISION OF RESEARCH GRANTS                                                               Box 1264, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, One
         NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH                                                             Gustave L. Levy Place, New York, NY 10029-
         5333 WESTBARD AVENUE, ROOM 438                                                            6574. An Equal Opportunity Employer.
         BETHESDA, MD 20892
All applications must be received by the closing date of May 6, 1988.
Resumes alone are not acceptable applications for the Senior Ex-                                   MOUNT SINAI
ecutive Service.                                                                                   lbe Mount Simi Medical Centerof New York

                 B, v _ ___
              __A_____ X~~
       Research Associates                                                                      Nor                   Service
       The Agricultural Research Service               ARS Is currently recruiting f* 100       Successful candidates will be hired
       as the principal scientific research            postdoctoral positions throughout        under excepted appointments up to
       agency of USDA, conducts research               the country. Opportunities exist In      2 years in duration. Salary for these
       to produce more and better food and             the following research areas:            GS-1 1/12 positions ($27,716 to
       fiber; to control insect pests and                                                       $33,218) will be based on
       weeds safely; to get food to                        Genetics                             qualifications and experience.
       consumers in better condition; to               *   Biochemistry
       improve human nutrition; to help                *   Chemistry
       protect soil, water, and air, and to                                                     For information on positions
       find new uses for agricultural com-             * Microbology                            available and application
                                                                                                procedures, write to:
       modities. Much of the work is on the            * Animal Science
       cutting edge of each discipline-                * Entomology
                                                                                                N. L BAKES
       biotechnology (including molecular              * Plant Physiology                       P*sonnd DIviion (S)
       biology, genetic engineering, and                                                        USDA/ARS/BARC-W
                                                       * Plant Pathology
       membrane research), appilcation of                                                        Bdg. 003, Room 101
       theories of artificial intelligence to          *   Agronomy                             BeteviNe, MD 20705
       computer technology, and in-                        Soil Science
       novative approaches to pest control                 Nutrition
       through insect neurochemistry and                                                        ARS is an Equal Opportunity
       the use of pheromones.                                                                   Employer. Women and Minorities
                                                                                                are Encouraged to Apply.

              POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN
                PSYCHOPHYSICIST                                  RESEIARCH ASSOCIATE: For research in endo-                     RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-IMMUNOPARA-
                                                               crinologial manipulabion of meabolism of eicosanoids           SrTOLOGY. Position available to study immunolog of
  The   Department of Ophthalmology, the Cullen Eye
Insttute, Bayyr College of Medicine, Is rcivin inquir-         and nudeotdes in organ ansplantat. HPLC, RLA,                  Tpaoma crui infections in mice. Salary: $20,000 to
ies for a fauy position as apsychohysicist WCe sok a           and cell cultre xpnce desirable. Salary accoding to            $24,000. Send curriculum vitae and names of referees to:
candidate who has strong clinical interest in human            exprience. Ph.D. reuid Address inquires to: Dr.                Dr. R. E. Kuhn,              of Biology, Wake Forest
psychophysics and dectrophysiology, induding ad-               Peter W. Ramwel         prtent o£ Phio and                     Univesiy, W, NC 27109.
vanced ERG, EOG, VER, and other smndard visual                 Biophysics, Georgewn University MedicalCenter,
finctions. Prefernce will be given to individuals who          3900 Reseroir Road NW, Waigtn, D.C. 20007.                        TWO RESEARCH ASSOCIATE POSMTIONS.
have an established independent rsearch program and                                                                           Available immediately. Ph.D. required. (i) To study
who wish to interac wth both linicians and animal                                                                             integration of the polyoma viral genome into the host
dectrophysiologist. Academic rank and salary will relate                      RE3SEARCH ASSOCIATE                             genome with emphasis on ecoizing host featres/
to qlifications. Please send a statement of rsearch                                                                           strutures which mediate non; to majp the integra-
interests and curriculum vitac incding a list of publica-         Henry Ford Hospital, the                t of Pathology,     tion sites at thechromo maed by in situ hybdiza-
tions to: Gunter L von Norden, Mi.D. Culen Eye                 invites- appLications for a               level candidate      tion; and to gain an undering of the in in
Institute, Baylor Colge of Micine, One Baylor                  (Ph.D. or M.D.) with the          tial for advancement to      reltion to                structure in the interphase nu-
Plaza, Houstom, Ix 77030. An Eq                                permanent staff. Individ should possess itrst and              cleus. Expericnce in molcular biology or cyl, and/
Emplyfr.                                                        xperience in: (i) mollar mechani in tumor-host                or sernccs required. (ii) To Study vral and host faors
                                                               interacion, (ii) rol of oncogenc and growth factor             which control viral persistence and tumigenesis in the
                                                               activation in cellular transformation, or (iii) stucture       mouse by polyoma virus and to detemine and analyze
       QUALrTY CONTROL SUPERVISOR                              fimction of surface moleculs in tumor cellular adhesion.       the compartment ofthe immune response responsibk for
   Ecogen Inc., Bucks County, Pennsylvania (suburban           Interested individuals should send curriculum vita, re-        the protction agst tumors in immunocompetent am-
                                                               search interests, and thre rfrnces to: John D. Criss-          mals. Experiece in viral immunology desird. Scnd
Philadelphia), has an            openig for a Quality          man, MD Deprtnt of Pathology, Henry Ford                       curriculum vitae and list of rferences to: Dr. x. M.
Control Suprvisor. Requires Ph.D./M.S. biochemist or           H tal, 2799 West Grand Bouleva Detoit, MI                      Fhlk, D            t of Microbo          M in State
microbiok$ist with excllent hands-on skills intchniq
assay, gel etrophorcsis, and odter nalytical
                                               immuno-         48202.                                                         Univers, Et Lansing, MI 4824-1101. Af
as well as good organizational ability to cons and                                                                            tiveAction/Equatl Opportunty Employfr.
supervise quality control group. Ecogen's products are
microbial pesticides for agi markts. Interested                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATEIPOSTDOCTORAL                                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-Dcpartment of Psy-
candidates should submit a cuent rdsumr, induding the          POSTIION for Ph.D. in cell-molecular biolyirolo-               chiatry, Emory University Schoo of Medicine. candi-
names, add , and telphone numbers of threc refer-              gy/rated field. In laboratory stdying genetic d s in           date must have Ph.D. in biolo$ical or chemical scinces,
ences to:                                                      punne metabolism that cause immune deficiency; influ-          and extensive laboratory expern in the deveopment
                   Personnel Director                          ence of nudooside metabolism and host cell factors on          andperformanceofradioimmunoassay and high press
                      Ecogen Inc                               HIV repliation, expression; nmebolism/action of an-            liquid chromatography with ctroche detection.
             2005 Cabot dBuevard West                          tiretoiral nucleoside anaogs. Send currculum vitae,            Substances to be assayed include neurotanitters, neu-
            Langlorne, PA 19047-1810                           names of efe s to: Dr. Michael rshfed, De-                         iranstter metabolites, hormones and peptides from
        Ecagen is an Equal Opporuy Empyer.                     partments of Medicine and Biohemist, Bo 3049,                  plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and urine. This laboy
                                                                      Univery Medial Ccnter, Durham, NC                       supports a multi-investigator clinical research unit study-
                                                               27710. Duke Uxiverniy is an Affirmative AcinEqual              ing the psychobiology of major psychiatric illnesses
      RESEARCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             Opporuniy Employer.                                            inchiding depression, schizophrenia and panic disorders.
  Position pending. Cook College, the land-grant col-                                                                         Please send curiculum vitae and list of three references
                                                                                                                              to: Theresa C. Schrum, Emory Un                    Dep-
kge of Rutgers University, invites applications for a                                                                         ment of Psychiatry, P.O. Box                A ta, GA
tenure-track research assistant professorship in Shellfish                  IA TROBE UNIVERS1TY                               30322. AfirmatiAcn/Equal O                      E r.
Genetics/Breeding. Primary research responsibilities will                        AUSTRALIA
indude the developmnt and improvement of stocks of                 SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
commercialy important shellfish. The successfil appli-                         RESEARCH FELLOW                                         UNWERSITY OF QUEENSLAND
cant will be expected to have expertise with mdr                                                                               Equal Opportunity in Emplyment is Uieni Policy
genetic approaches to stoc improvement (e.g. moklcular           A position is available in the School of Biological                    SIX RESEARCH POSiONS IN
techniques, polploidization, gynogenesis). Initial re-         Sienacs for a research fellow in the area of cell and                      SENSORY NEUROSCIENCE
search eflbrts will focus on the maintenance, evalaton,        molcular biolgy. The project deals with the molecular                  VISION, TOUCH, AND HEARING
and improvement of disease-resistant stocks of Delaware        mechanisms of tunor cell invasion. Preference will be                          RESEAlRCH CENTRE
Bay oysters. The position will be based at Rutgers                                  with a Ph.D. degree, and experience
                                                               riven toorcandidates the areas molecuar biology, protein          The Vision, Touch and Hearing Research Centre is
Shellfish Research Laboratory in Port Norris, NJ. Appli-       m one       more of                                            being established in new laboratories at the University of
cants should send their curriculum vitae and the names of      chemisty, ahd immunology. Furher information tnay              Quecnsland under the Directorship of Profor J. D.
at least three refecrnces by 9 May 1988 to: Dr. Richard        be obtained from: Professo Roger Parish on Tci-                Petigrew FRS FAA, with fimding from the Common-
A. Lutz, Fisheris and A         uue Center, P.O. BOX           phon: 613^479-2228.                                            wealth Special Research Centres Program. Applications
231, Cook Collge, RutgerS Uniity, New Bruns-                      Cosing date: 8 May 1988. Ref No: ACAO/799.                  are invited from scients with post a qualifica-
wick, NJ 08903.                                                Salary: A$28,381 to A$37,122.                                  tions in sensory ncuroscienc and related subjects for
  Rutget Univny is an Equa Opportunity/Affinsati                               RESEARCH FELLOW                                appointment to six fixed-term research positions in labo-
Acion Employer.                                                                                                               ratories hcaded by Professor Pettiw (Director), Dr.
                                                                  A position is available in the Botany Department for a
                                                               research fellow in the area of cell and molecular biology.     D. L. Vaney (Vision), Dr. AL                (Soniatosensa-
  RESEARCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Depart-                        The project deals with the mechanisms of cell-cell interac-    tion) and Dr. B. P. Oldfield (Audition).
            Ph.D. in physiology or pharmac=logy
ment of Medicine,                                              tions and their role in differentiation ofthe cellular slimc      The Centre's interdiscplinary program addresses t
with postdoctoral   fellowship in renal physiolgy and/or       mould, Dicty ium. Prefercnce will be given to candi-           basic themes of neurosensory research: transduction and
expenrmental hypertension. Knowledg of radioim-                dates with a Ph.D. degree and experience in moilcular          central processing ofsensory infortion neuronal plas-
munoassay, clromatography, reetr assays desired.               biology and/or protein chemistry. Further inforation           ticity and its arnaclogial modification; neuronal
Will develop/direct xpimental animal laboratory. Scnd          majbe obtained from: Professor Roger Parish on                 compkxity and topographic organisation of local proc-
curriculum vitae and three references to: John Bauer,          Tdepbone: 613-479-2228.                                        essing circiits. The Centre's laboratorics will indude
M.D., Professor of dicine, niversty of Missouri-                  Closing date: 8 May 1988. Ref No: ACAO/800.                 fully equipped auditory and quantitative somatosensory
Combia, Cohumbia, MO 65212. An Aji nativ Ac-                   Salary: A$28,381 to A$37,122.                                  suites, an anechoic chamber, isolated retna and brain
tionEqul Opportunity Emhoyfr.                                     Applications (marked confidential) including reference      slice labs, and a dedicated lab for voltage-sensitive dye
                                                               number, names of three refrees, and curriculum vitae           image analysis. Service facilities will include histology
                                                               should be forwarded to: The Staff Officer, La Trobe            and Cl biodcemistry labs, a sterile surgery, an electronics
   RESEADRCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, MEDI-                        University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, 3083.               and computing serice, and advanced facilities for quan-
CINE. A position is available in the Division ofMetabo-          Equal Opotn0 is Uniarserr Policy.                            titative microscopy. In addition to research on standard
lism, Endocrinology and Nutrition, Dcparment of                                                                               laboratory species bred in an SPF facility, selective use is
Medicinc at the Unve        of Washintn for a Ph.D.                                                                           made of diverse Australian fauna, ranging from coral reef
scientist in the field of molcular bilogy related to                                                                          fish to flyng foxes.
nutrition. Caididates should have at last 5 years of             RESEARCH       POSMONS: Positions available for                 Appointments will be made at the level of research
postdotoral   experaince in molecular  bioloy with a           Ph.D.   orM.D. at the research fcllow through assistant        associate or research fellow, and will be until December
fixus on nutrition and lipid metabolism related to ath-        professor level in a resech   program on the expression        1990, with the possibility of 3 years renewal subject to
erosderosis in humans and in animal models. Personal           and structure ofgenes involved mnrisk for and devel            Conmonwealth funding. Inquiries should be addressed
grant support and dmonstrated ability to perform high          ment of human colon cancer. Positions also providc             in the first instance to: Profssor Pettigrew at the
quality, indeendent reearch is higly desirable. Submit         opportunity to participatc in Clinical Oncoogy Program         Vision, Touch and H            Resach Centre, Depart-
curuum vitae tO: Alan Chait, M.D. Dep                of        for qulified individuals. Availabk i               Send        ment of I*oand Pb                      V Untvrit of
Medicine RG-26, Uniersity of W       ,                         curriculum vitae to: Leonard Auge         t, Phib., Di-             and, St. Oi;l, d=X                  7, i a2
WA 98195. Deadlinc: 22 April 1988. U              s       qf   rector, Moeclar Oncoloy P             m, D            t of        Salary: Research Associate SA24,534 to SA28,028
Washint     an Equal Opuir                        Actio        Oncolg, Abert Einsti                             111East       per annum. Research Fellow $A28,380 to $A37,122
Employer. W            am c       to              .            210th Sreet, Bronx, NY 10467.                                  per annum. Reference No: 13188.
252                                                                                                                                                            SCIENCE, VOL. 240
              POSITIONS OPEN
   Director/Supervisor of facility for sexuencing, synthe-
sis and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. Position
indudes supervision of technical personnel, interaction
with faculty and other scientists of Biology Department
                                                                             RE SFEA RC H
                                                                             SCIENTIv STSo
at M.I.T., responsibility for operation of protein sequen-
ator, amino acd analyzer, oligonudeotde and oligopep-
tidc synthesizers. Prior ezperience should includc re-
search involving peptide sequencing and/or synthesis.
We offer competitive salaries and excellent fringe bene-
fits. Send curriculum vitae and three letters of support to:
                                                                                                     The Biotechnology Laboratory of Eni-
Dr. Rihard Hynes, Howard Hugh Medid Insti-
tute,        u
fur Cancer Rech, 77 M
                       Ititte of Tedolgy, Center
                                     as            Avenue,
                                                                        CAREER                      Chem Americas, Inc. has several posi-
                                                                                                    tions available for Scientists at our Re-
Room E17-227B, Cambridg MA 02139.
   Howard HqbsMe :
ty Emplyer.
                                   t is an Equal 0pporui-      OPPORTUNITIES IN                     search and Development Center near
                                                                                                    Princeton, N.J. These vacancies present
  The Seattlc Biomedical Rcearch Instue (SBRI)
imites applications for a pemanent position at the
                                                                  AGRICULTURAL                      a unique opportunity to join a group of
                                                                                                    highly motivated researchers develop-
small, non-profit Institute dedicated to basic biomedical
research in a cooperative, scientist-orinted nvinment.
                                                                 BIOTECHNOLOGY                      ing programs on crop improvement
                                                                                                    through biotechnology.
Interactions wido         Seatt research institutions arc
encouraged. Current progmnu focus on basic molecular
bio,y, immunology, and mokcular and immunlogical
parasntolo Thc successful candidate will establish an                                 PEPTIDE CHEMIST
             fu     dindependent research progam that is
related to infeous diseases and that employs mollar            Work with a team of Biochemists and Biologists in the design and
and/or immunological approaches. Limited initial sup-          synthesis of physiologically active peptides related to plant improve-
port from the Institute is availablc. Candidates in d
in molecular pathogenesis of viral and bacterial disease or    ment. A Ph.D. in Organic, Peptide or Biochemistry and 1-4 years of
in intercellular interactions are encouraged to apply.         postdoctoral or industrial experience in solid phase peptide synthesis
Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, a brief         and peptide isolation and purification is required. Experience with high
statement of proposod research, and names of dtrec
refrences by 1 June 1988 to: Dr. Kenneth Stuart,               field NMR techniques is desirable.
Seattlc Biomedial Research Institute, 4 Nickerson
Strect, Scattl, WA 98109-1651. Eqal Opprtunity
Explkyer.                                                                            ORGANIC CHEMIST
   SYSTEMS ECOLOGIST. Corvallis Environmental                  Synthesize and study enzyme inhibitors. A Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry
Research Laboratory (USEPA), Corvallis, Oregon, an-
ticipates availability of a position as a systems ecolgst m    with 1-4 years of postdoctoctoral or industrial experience is required.
the plant toxicology research team which is currently          Hands on experience with NMR, IR and UV as well as with either HPLC
composod of plant physiolois, plant ecologists, micro-         or GC techniques is also required. A working knowledge of enzyme
bial ecologists, and chemist. The position will focus on
the evaluation of existing population, community, and          kinetics and other biochemical techniques is beneficial.
ecosystem models plus the adaptation and development
of hlerarchial ecosystem level models which are suitable
for use in assessing the ecological impact of stressors
especially xenobiotic chemicals. Applicants should have
Ph.D. degree or equivalent in ecology with experience in
                                                                     BIOCHEMISTS or PLANT PHYSIOLOGISTS
the development and use of terrestrial ecosystem models.       Openings exist at the BS, MS and Ph.D. levels for candidates with
Salary range, $33,218 to $43,181. Applicants should            expertise in Plant and Membrane Biochemistry or Whole Plant
submit their curriculum vitae, induding publications list
and the names and addresses of at least three references,      Physiology.
by 9 May 1988 to: Jay D. Gilc, U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, Corvallis Evironment Re-
searh Laboratory, 200 S.W. 35th Street, Corvallis,
OR 97333. An Equal Opportunit,lAffirmatn'e Ation                             ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTS or
Employer. Applcants mart b U.S. citins.                                        MOLECULAR BIOLOGISTS
            TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                 BS or MS level scientists with experience in at least one of the following
   Dirctor of asbestos information to serve as technical       areas: Analytical Chemistry of nucleotides, peptides or proteins, particu-
director of Asbestos Abatemnent Council (AAC). Re-             larly by HPLC or FPLC, synthesis and purification of oligonucleogtides,
quirments include: technical/scientific background; cx-
cdlent wntten and verbal skills to assist in newsletter and    or molecular cloning techniques.
magazine; training proficiencies; asbestos knowledge
required; computer capability hdpful Six years of pro-         Successful candidates will enjoy the benefits of joining a new research
  ssional experience required. Salary $34,000 to               team in a well-equipped, custom designed facility. EniChem Americas,
$42,000. Send rcsume to: AAC, 25 K Street, NE,
Washington, DC 20002. tion: Technicd Direc-                    Inc. is the American affiliate of EniChem, the chemical arm of ENI (Ente
to Search. No calls please.                                    Nazionale Idrocarburi). EniChem offers competitive starting salaries as
                    TECHNICIANS                                well as an excellent benefits package.
  Biophor Corporation, a new biotechnology company,            If interested, please submit your Curriculum Vitae in confidence to:
located at the Texas A&M University Research Park, is
now hiring technicians with expericnce in basic biochmn-                 Personnel Coordinator
ical-immunocheical, analytical methods. Applicants
with a B.S./M.S.C. degree preferred. Industrial experi-
ence is an advantage. Please send rcsumn and the names
of at kast two references to:
                                                                         EniChem Americas, Inc.
                                                                         Research and Development Center
                 Biop C                                                  2000 Princeton Park Corporate Center
                 Prsonne D rtment
           100 Resarch Par , Suite 150                                   Monmouth Junction, New Jersey 08852
        Tcs A&M Universit R                 Park
              Collge Stan, 77840.                                                  Equal Opportunity Employer m/Y
 8 APRIL 1988                                                                                                                 F4, V4
             POSITIONS OPEN                                               POSITIONS OPEN                                                         FELLOWSHIPS
ENTIST. The California Department of Food and Agri-          ADMINISTRATOR-The Department of Biology at                   for applicant with Ph.D. and experience in peutide
culture will hold a competitive exam for senior scientist    West Chester University is seeking a veterinarian for a      chemistry, sequencing, synthesis and preparation of anti-
(staff and supervisory) in the Environmental Monitoring      tenure-track research/teaching position with additional      bodies to synthetic peptides. Projects include studies of
and Pest Management Branch (Sacramento). Starting            responsibility as an animal care facility administrator.     glomerular matrix proteins (D. H. Lovett) and the Na/H
salary $38,772. Excellent benefits. Minimum qualifica-       Teaching competency is expected in areas of anatomy,         antiporter (D. G. Warnock). Send curriculum vitae and
tions: Two years of research experience after a master's     physiology, parasitology, and general biology. The appli-    names of three references to: D. G. Warnock, M.D.,
degree, plus a Ph.D. in chemistry, biological sciences,      cant is expected to pursue a vigorous research program.      University of Californiia Medical Service, Nephrology
environmental sciences, biochemistry, earth sciences, tox-   D.V.M. with current license is required and 1 year of        Service (lllJ), VA Medical Center, 4150 Clement
icology, meteorology, physics, statistics, computer sci-     college teaching experience is desirable. Expected avail-    Struet, San Francisco, CA 94121. Univenity of CaGifr-
ence, mathematics, or related agricultural science. Desir-   ability, September 1988. Please submit curriculum vitae,     nia is an Affirmative AcionlEqual Opportunity Employer.
able qualifications: (i) Technical expertise in environ-     undergraduate, and graduate transcripts, and three letters
ment chemistry, and research experience in environ-          of recommendation postmarked by 6 May 1988 to: Dr.              POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP: A position is
mental pesticide residue monitoring and in experimental      Maureen Knabb, C=r, Search Committce, Depart-                available for research in pediatric brain biochemistry
design, or (ii) supervisory expertise in environmental       ment of Biology, West Chester University, West               using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Training
sciences, an ability to coordinate the work of the pro-      Chester, PA 19183.AffirmativeAction/Equal Opportun-          in MRS will be used to understand the genesis of brain
gram with other units, programs or agencies, and an          tyEmployer. Women and minorities are enouaged to apply.      damage by investigating the affects of ischemia and
ability to manage program budaeting and develop pro-                                                                      asphyxia on the neonatarbrain using animal and human
gram policies. Exam final filingte: 6 May 1988. For an                                                                    subjects. Opportunity is provided to apply P-31, H-1
exam application, contact: John Sanders or Kathy               VISION SCIENCE. TENURED OR TENURE-                         and C-13 MRS for in vitro study. There will be close
Brunetti, California Depatment of Food and Agr-              TRACK POSMON available immediately to join                   collaboration with the Department ofPediatrics. A back-
culturc, 1220 N Street, A-149, P.O. Box 942871,              strong research-oriented group of vision scientists. Ap-     ground in biochemistry and/or neurochemistry is desir-
Sacramcnto, CA 94271-0001. Telephone: 916-324-               plicants must have active research programs and willing-     able. Facilities include 2 Telsa/meter bore, 4.7 TesWa40
8916.                                                        ness to participate in teaching courses m ocular physiolo-   cm bore imaging and spectroscopy units and computer
                                                             gy and pharmacology to optometry students, Ph.D.             resources. Send curriculum vitae and three lettcrs of
        SENIOR RESEARCH ASSISTANT                            required. Rank and salary dependent upon qualifications.     reference to: Ray L. Nunnally, Ph.D., Biomedical
                                                             This is an additional position to the one previously         Magnetic Resonance Center, Dcpartment ofRadiolo-
   Senior research assistant needed to carry out experi-     advertised. Send letter of application, indu&ing state-      gy, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
ments in the area of biochemistry and also be responsible    ment of research interests, curriculum vitae, and names of   at Dalls, 5323 Harsy Hincs Boulevard, Dallas, TX
for overall laboratory organization. Experience i tissue     three individuals willing to provide letters of reference    75235-9071. An Equal O rtunty University.
culture is desirable and familiarity with techniques for     to: Dean Jerry L Chrstensen, School of Optometry,
purification and characterization of enzymes is impor-       Univcrsity of Missouri-St. Louis, 8001 Natural
tant. B.A. or B.S. in biology or chemistry, 2 years of       Bridge Road, St. Louis, MO 63121. Women and                     TWO POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS in vi-
post-college laboratory experience and excellent organi-     minorities are encouraged to apply. An Equal Opportunity     rology/molecular biology available to study (i) the molec-
zational skills are required. Please send resume with two    Employer. Deadline: 6 May 1988.                              ular interaction of retroviruses and a togavirus causing
to three references to: Senior Research Assistant                                                                         motor neuron disease in mice and (ii) purification and
Search, Department of Molecular Biology, Lewis                                   PROGRAM                                  molecular characterization of nucleoside/nudeobase
Ihomas Laboratory, Princeton University, Prince-                                                                          transporters of mammalian cells. Send curriculum vitae
ton, NJ 08544.                                                                                                            and three letters of recommendation to: Dr. Peter
   Pincaton Unirsity is an Equal OpporunitylAffimative            SHANNON POINT MARINE CENTER                             Plagenann, Microbiology, Box 196 UMHC, Univer-
Acion Employer.                                                                      (SPMC)                               sity of Minnesota, Minncapolis, MN 55455. The
                                                                 WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                            Uni ofMinnesota is an Equal Opportun EmVloyer
                                                                UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM.                           and educator and pecificaiy invites appicationsfrm women
    DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY                           SPMC has been designated by the National Science             and minorities.
             UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA                           UNDERGRADUATES SITE for the summer of
   Applications are invited for two full-time TENURE-         1988. We invite applications from undergraduates inter-       THE MARY GIBSON HENRY FELLOWSHIP.
TRACK APPOINTMENTS in the Department of                      ested in independent research projects on life history       The Henry Foundation announces the Mary Gibson
Physical Therapy, for 1 July 1988. The U3niversity of        studies of Puget Sound crabs. Participants will receive a    Fellowship for botanical research preferable to be done
Alberta offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in physical thera-                                                                 on native plants. The fellowship is open to predoctoral or
                                                             $2000 stipend plus on-campus housing for the nine-           postdoctoral students. Predoctoral fellowship is 3 years,
py. Qualified candidates must possess a doctoral degree.     week program (20 June to 20 August 1988).Applons             with yearly review. Postdoctoral fellowship is 2 years
A physical therapy background would be an asset. Salary
willbe commensurate with qualifications and experience.
                                                             firm women and member of minoity gmups bacground
                                                                                                            encrad.       with potential extra year. Facilities available for field and
                                                             Applications should indude letter describing                 laboratory experiments. Predoctoral students may obtain
(Assistant professor range: $31,612 to $45,340; Asso-        and interests in pursuing research experience, undergrad-    their degree at university of choice. Preference given to
ciate professor range: $39,620 to $57,236.)                  uate transcript, and one reference submitted by 25 April     students carrying out a largc amount of rescarch at the
   Responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate        1988. Applications and requests for further information     Henry Foundation. Stipend for predoctoral students is
teaching, research and scholarly work, and admiustrative     should be addressed to: Dr. Stephen D. Sulkin, Profes-       $10,000 plus tuition and living facilities. Postdoctoral
duties. A strong clinical background would be an asset.      sor and Director, Shannon Point Marinc Ccnter,               fellowship is $22,000 plus living facilities. Closing date:
In addition, undergraduate and graduate teaching in           1900 Shannon Point Road, Anacortes, WA 98221.               15 June 1988. Awards of fellowship will be by 15 July
cardiac/pulmonary physiotherapy is required for one of                                                                    1988. Submit applications to: Dr. Ruth Patrick, The
these positions.                                                                                                          Henry Foundation for Botanical Research, Box 7,
   In accordance with Canadian Immnration requirements,                     FELLOWSHIPS                                   Gladwyne, PA 19035.
pnoty wil be given to Canadtan citizens and prmanent
residents of Canada. The deadline for receipt of applica-        POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS IN
tions is 15 May 1988.                                                          IMMUNOLOGY                                                        MARKETPLACE
   Qualified applicants should send curriculum vitae,         The Irvington Institute for Medical Research will
state their teaching and research interests, together with award ten postdoctoral fellowships in basic immunologic
the names of three references to:                                                                                                              COLLECTED PERSPECTIVES IN
                                                           research for 3 years ofstudy at a hospital or laboratory in                        CANCER RESEARCH: 1966-1967
               Dr. Martha C. Piper, Dean                   the United States, beginniin 1 J 1989. Applicants                   Cancer Researchannounces the latest compilation of articles
           Faculty of Rehabilitation Mcdicne               holding M.D.s, Ph.D.s, and M.D./Ph.D.s are encour-                  from its acclaimed "Perspectives" series. Oncogenes, retrovir-
                     316 Corbett Hall                      aged to apply. Those applicants having no more than 3               uses, growth factors, natural killer cells and breast cancer
                  Univcrsity of Alberta                                                                                        treatment are among topics examined by leading cancer au-
               Edmonton, Alberts, Canada
                                                           years of previous postdoctoral expenence will receive               thorities. Order copies from SubsurMptIon ufillment
                                                           priority. Successful candidates will receive an incremental         Dept., Waverly Pres, Inc., P.O. Bolx 6473, Bltimore,
                         T6G 2G4                           stipend of $22,000, $24,000, and $26,000 for years 1, 2,            MD 21264.0473. Price (payable in US currency), S9/copy
    The Uniemiy ofAlberta it committed to the pnnapk of and 3. $2,000 annual overhead allowance to host institu-               ($11 outside US).
Equity in Employmnt.                                       tion. Write or telephone for applications: The Irvington
                                                           Institute for Medical Research, 120 East 56 Street,
         TISSUE CULTURE TECHNICIAN                         Room 330, Ncw York, NY 10022. Telephone: 212-
                                                           758-8250. Applications are due 15 August 1988.
    Technician needed who will be responsible for cell
 culture work, maintaining stocks, preparation of subcel-                                                                           I-           -   -.
 lular fractions, ultracentrifugation, etc. Tissue culture    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW-
 experience is required. Please send resumr with two to SHIP. Positions are available irmediately at p
 three references to: Tissue Culture Technician Search, levels in the areas of: (i) regulation of cyroskeletal gene
Dprtment of Molecular Biology, Lewis Thomas expression, (ii) growth and regulation of hepoietic stan
Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ cells, and (iii) oxidant-induced tissue injury. Sed curri-
08544.                                                     lum vitae and inquiry to: Min-Fu Tsan, MD., PhD,
    Prineton Univernity it an Equal OppounitylAffirmative Associate Chief of Staff for Rearch, Research Service
                                                                                                                                    $10.00   base for the first 15 bases, $7.50 for
                                                                                                                                      each additional base. For gel purification,
                                                                                                                                         add $5.00 a base and allow an extra
                                                                                                                                                24 hours for deliverv.
                                                                                                                                             Research Genetics                                  I
Action Employer.                                           (151), VA Medical Center, Albany, NY 12208.                          Circle No. 1 12 on Readers' Service Card
25,+                                                                                                                                                               SCIENCE, VOL. 240
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