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					Ros Millington
     Week 1 – What is a biscuit?
• Different types of biscuit

• Ingredients of a biscuit

• Group activity – teams of 3

• The history of biscuits
      What is a biscuit?
How many different types, or brands,
    of biscuits can you name?
Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?
 What ingredients make a biscuit?

• Flour
• Sugar
• Butter/oil
• Raising Agent
• Flavourings/Decoration

Flour is made from
the wheat grains.
The grain is the
part at the end
of the stalk.
    Flour needs to be
    ground in a mill.
    Windmills were used to
    make flour but most is
    now made in modern
    There are three
    different types: plain
    flour, self raising flour
    and wholemeal flour.
Sugar comes from two very different types of plant

   Sugar can come from       Sugar can also come
   the sugar cane that is    from sugar beet that
       grown in hot         grows in countries like
    countries like India            the UK
    and the Caribbean
 After processing both types of sugar look the same

Sugar makes things taste sweet – but too much can
be bad for your teeth!
You need sugar in biscuits to make them taste nice
and to give them texture
For home baking most people use butter or margarine

                   The biscuit companies use
                  Sunflower oil as it is cheaper
                         and healthier
            Raising Agent
Baking powder or bicarbonate of soda are the
most common raising agents.
The raising agent makes the biscuit dough
expand or rise up during cooking to make the
biscuits bigger.
They are not added to every recipe and you
only need a small amount – normally less than
a teaspoon full
Biscuits come in all kinds of different shapes
and sizes and a wide variety of flavours.

The flavouring and decoration of a biscuit is
what makes people want to eat them!
         Nutrition and Allergies
• What is nutrition?

• Are biscuits a healthy food?

• What is an allergy?

• What could people be allergic to in biscuits?
What is your favourite type of biscuit?
 We are going to design a survey to find out
 what our family and friends like – what is their
 favourite biscuit and why?
    Why are biscuits so popular?
Biscuits are the original ‘convenience’ food.

They are so popular because
• They have a long shelf life
• The are good value for money
• They can accompany any meal
• Sweet biscuits encompass our love for sugar
  and chocolate
Where did the biscuit come from?
The word biscuit comes from the Latin word
for ‘cook twice’.

Biscuits are baked in the oven
then dried out to remove the
moisture. This is what makes
them last so long in the
         The first biscuits
The first biscuits were baked for sailors to take
on trips around the world.

 As the sailors were away
 for many months at a time
 the biscuits proved to be a
 cheap snack that was full
 of energy
      Biscuits during the wars
Biscuits were also used as a staple food for the
soldiers during the American Revolution,
World War 1 and World War 2.
 How modern biscuits are made?
 Biscuits started off by being made at home,
 and even today, people still make home baked

 But how are the biscuits in our supermarkets

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