HSIE - House of reps by jessco3


									                                             LESSON PLAN

Student Teacher        Jes Condie

Key Learning Area(s)          HSIE

Grade      6                          Date   22/8/2011                Time       45 mins

Focus/purpose of Lesson:
Introduction to legislative power – The house of representatives

Relevant Syllabus Outcome(s)

Indicators of Learning                               Assessment Strategies
    - Students know the role of the house of         -Observation of student discussion
       representatives                               -Assessment of role play
    - Students understand the composition of
       the house of Reps
    - Students know the layout of the house of
       reps, and its traditions

Links with Previous Learning
This lesson links into the students prior learning about government, and occurs after their lesson on
the constitution.

Sequence of Teaching/Learning Experiences                              Time        Resources /
Students are sitting at their desks

       Show the class the IWB slides and recap with the students      5 mins      IWB
        what they already know about the govt. and the balance of

       Introduce the term legislative power, and discuss what the     5 mins
        students already know about the senate and House of
                                                                       5 mins
       Show the video from the poa.
                                                                       10 mins
       Discuss the layout of the house of reps and the role of the
        government, the opposition, the speaker, the clerk, the
        serjant at arms, and the prime minister – then go over the
       idea of having seats and a majority.
                                                                       15 mins

      Students then have a chance to role play what question time
       would be like in the house of representatives, give out
       scripts to five of the students then sit in a layout like the
       house of reps, with the rest of the students being members
       for the govt. and the opposition.                               5 mins    Scripts

      After the role-play – have students share with a partner
       three things they learnt about the house of representatives
       that they didn’t know before.

Assessment and Evaluation after Teaching
Assessment of students’ learning

Evaluation of your teaching

Links with further learning

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