Minutes of Regular Board of Trustee’s Meeting of The Horseshoe Lake Corporation December 14th , 2009

Item I. The regular meeting was called to order by President Rick Brannan @ Public Safety Building, Whitmore Lake, Michigan,
48189 at 7:08 PM for the purpose of conducting business of the corporation and transacting such other business as might come
before the meeting.

Item II. Roll Call by –– Rick Brannan(President) - The following were present: Chris Bolda, Steve Lyman, Rick Brannan, Rick
Passage(excused), Carey Scott, Chuck Steuer, Amy Sommers Jen Wilson (excused), Pamela Hill (excused), Steve Francoeur,
Staci Bennett(unexcused), Paul Tibaldi. There is a quorum.

Item III. Approval of Board Agenda – Motion by Chuck S. to approve the board agenda as amended (move gift card up and
change the place of next meeting) seconded by Steve F. Motion carried.

Item IV. Approval of December Minutes – Motion by Steve F. to approve December minutes with the amendment of changing
the spelling in the correspondence’s seconded by Chuck S. Motion carried.

Item V. Correspondences –3 foreclosures and Christmas card from Vern Poole.

Item VI. Treasurer’s Report – Checking Balance as of 11/30/2009 $2,758.38 Saving Balance as of 11/30/2009 $17,387.33,
Total Bills to pay $1880.18. Transfer recommend to cover bills $0. Motion by Chuck S. to approve the Treasurers Report and pay
the Bills as amended to add the cost of the gift cards for the Christmas decorating contest prizes seconded by Steve L. Motion

Item VII. Guest Comments – Guests that attended the meeting –Joan Steuer.

Item VIII. Committee Reports –Collection Committee- Rick B. – Rick B. has e-mailed back and fourth with Green Flag we
are still waiting on monies in the amount of $300.0 from Green Flag still on hold. We have 4 liens on property and George B. has
a few more for February. Lake Management – Rick P. & Steve F. – Rick P. Reported that the amount of signatures for the
petition was changed from 96 to 76 and will continue with Deb Mozurkewich and Northfield Township. Steve F. went to
Northfield Township regarding storm water standards and was asked not to discuss again until February. By Laws & Ordinance
Enforcement – Rick B. Schwab has moved his trees. Lake Weed Control - Rick B.- George B. has new weed calculation for
2010 Motion by Amy S. to leave back lot assessment at $25.00 and Lake front assessments at $57.00 seconded by Chuck S.
motion carried. Gate Keys & Boat Registration - Carey S.–Nothing to report. Web Site – Chris B. is still working on site
(www.horseshoelakecorporation.com). By-Law Change-Rick B., Amy S., Jen Wilson & Chuck S. – Rick B. reported we are still
on hold. Legal Representation- Rick B. – Carlson matter will go to court our lawyer has tried to contact Carlson’s lawyer there
has been no response. Johnson has been served but there has been no response cable and logs need to be moved and he needs to
pay price of survey. Lawyer said we should go and talk to him. Rick P. and Amy S. will go talk to him. Established motion to
accept ACT 126 they will act on all civil actions on our private roads. Signs will be posted for no parking-[Schrum] No
Parking In front of the Dry Hydrant Or the access lot at Schrum and Lakeview. [Shady Beach] No Parking In Front of the Dry
Hydrant [Leocadia] No Parking at the end of Horseshoe South their will be a Dry Hydrant there. [Lincoln] No Parking In Front
of the Dry Hydrant or in front of the access Lot at the end of Lake Shore and Park. Also No Parking on the right side of Park and
the right side of Beech turning into each street off of Lake Shore. All no Parking Shall read [NO PARKING FIRE LANE] .
Motion by Steve F. to accept ACT 126 to patrol for all civil infractions seconded by Paul T. motion carried. Horseshoe Lake
Corner-Courant- Jen W. & Jeff W.& Staci B. – Nothing to report. Lawn Care – Steve F. – Fall clean up was done. Motion by
Chuck S. to send Christmas bonus to Lawn care company seconded by Steve F.

Item IX. Unfinished Business –None.

Item X. New Business –– Christmas decorating contest December 20th 2009 judging in the evening. Ice fishing enforcement.
Item XI. Subdivision Report – Schrum-Nothing to report, Shady Beach –Tree across from George Brown, Leocadia –Nothing
to report, Lincoln- Nothing to report.

Item XII. Next meeting – January 11th, 2010 @ 7:00 Public Safety Building Upstairs.

Item XIII. Adjournment- Moved by Amy S. seconded by Steve L. to adjourn @ 9:10 Motion Carried.

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