Minutes of November 27_ 2007 Meeting

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					Minutes of November 27, 2007 Meeting
President Norm called the meeting to order @ 7:10 PM.
There were no guests this evening.
The minutes of the October 23, 2007 meeting were M/S by Merv Dawe and Larry Schapansky, carried.
Lloyd Minion gave the treasurers report. There was income from the 50/50 club share from October,
121 paid members as well as 3 prepaid for 2008. Disbursement to minister of finance for non-profit
group annual fee. Report M/S by Lloyd Minion and Hubert Britton, carried.
Correspondence at the table tonight included Old Autos newspaper- newest and past issues. Anyone
wishing to take any past issues home please do so. Anything left will be recycled. Mark's
Workwearhouse discount cards and NAAACCC membership cards were available at the front table
also. The NAAACCC cards entitle the holder to discounts on car rentals, hotels (good only on weekdays
not weekends for hotel discount), etc.
Orville Dunlop is still in the hospital. Norm was up to see Orville this afternoon prior to the meeting and
Orville said he would welcome any visitors to come see him. He is in room 511 at St Paul’s hospital 1702
20th St West main phone # 655-5000.

HOBBY SHOW- Norm thanked everyone who helped and / or displayed vehicles this year. Ray
Fribance also thanked the “regulars” who come out and assist vendors to get to their assigned spot prior
to the show starting on Friday- Dave Huber, Herb Crabb, Ernie Christensen, Ed Phillipow, Jim Berg
and Gord Blair. Apologies to anyone who was missed but if you are a constant “helper” year in and out
at this show thank you! Ray said the show was down about 10 to 15 vendors and attendance was down
also. This will equate to lower income for both clubs. There will need to be a decision made in the
coming months on the future of this annual event. There are approximately 250,000 people in and
around Saskatoon so we should be able to attract a lot more attendees. Will need to get a new core of
volunteers to run the show. The Muzzleloaders are a large club but only have had a small group dealing
with duties at the show. People have been doing it for many years and wish to hand it over to a new
group. Ray said he would like to see more volunteers from the SAAC. It is possible that after 40 years
the show may have run its course as well as the fact there are increasingly more craft fairs and shows
similar to this show taking place in around the same time. Ray asked if there were any questions and
Ellen Fraser made the comment that the Market Mall antique show is one week before the Hobby Show
and it is free for people to display and attend. Some of the same vendors are at both shows. Someone
asked if it is truly a “hobby” show as it was in earlier years. Seems to be a lot more selling going on.
Some said that some small vendors were not coming any longer because it is not worth it to set up on
Friday to close down on Saturday at 6 PM. The show used to be open later but the Muzzleloaders were
adamant that none of their vendors want to be open Saturday evening. It was asked if it would be
possible to be open Saturday evening without the gun vendors. The Hobby Show name may need to be
changed to reflect the change in vendors and someone asked if there was a possibility of a date change.
People selling antique/collectibles are not as concerned with early Christmas sales as are craft people.
Ray Graves reiterated that is ludicrous that the show is not open later on Saturday and that the
Muzzleloaders are an impediment to longer hours. In past years at the Jubilee building it was a very
busy weekend when the hours were longer. The WDM also has a craft show prior to the Hobby Show.

The SAAAC held their meeting during the Hobby Show and Ray talked about the Great Race coming
through Saskatoon in early June 2008. The cars will leave New York May 30 and go through
Watertown, Albany before heading into Ottawa on June 1. From there it will got to Toronto, Sudbury,
Sault St. Marie, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Revelstoke and
arrive in Vancouver on June 14. Transportation to Beijing will begin the following day. All itinerary
information obtained from the NAAACCC Canadian Cruising newsletter 2007 Fall Edition and dates
may change at any time. Lloyd initiated a discussion regarding the vehicles that were placed in the
Circle Park mall after the Hobby Show ended Saturday night and the SAAAC insurance policy that
covers member clubs. The mall wants to be added to the policy as an insured party but this costs us
money to do that so the mall will have to accept the fact that “loss payable” is good in case there are any
problems when the vehicles are in their building. The SAAAC wants to have the payment for the
insurance dues before year end so the SAAC will split our payments to the provincial body by paying
insurance in March and membership dues in August. It was announced that the SAAAC provincial tour
in 2008 will be in North Battleford and the tentative dates are July 18-20. The next SAAAC meeting is
Saturday Feb 3, 2008 in Davidson. Ray Fribance has been going to these annual meetings, three per
year, for a long time now and has asked for some assistance. It was mentioned that possibly John
Boehmer would be a second person to go to these meetings but Ray will have to confirm with John. The
three meetings take place February in Davidson, June in Moose Jaw and November during the Hobby
Show in Saskatoon. Thanks very much Lloyd and Ray for all this information.
The Hobby Show award winners for their vehicles were as follows: President’s Choice (sponsored by
Dusty Wheels club of Rosetown)- Larry Fletcher 1926 Chrysler Roadster Model 70, Competitor’s Choice
(sponsored by Glenn Hoff Collision)- Gilbert Grabatin 1929 Chrysler Roadster and People’s Choice
(sponsored by Vintage Autos Ltd of Osler)- Norm Mowles 1975 Corvette. Congratulation to the
winners, thanks to all who displayed vehicles, to the sponsors and to Paul Collyer for making the
trophies and Al Jennings for picking them up for the show.
Draggins Christmas Party was held Saturday November 17 at the Parktown Hotel. Six couples from the
SAAC took part in the festivities and had a very enjoyable evening.
INTERNATIONAL TOUR – There will be a meeting Thursday December 13 7:00 PM at Saskatoon
Boiler on Quebec Avenue. There is a need to sell more advertising for the event program. Ray Graves
had a sign up sheet at the October SAAC meeting for people to fill in for selling advertising. Ray said
there was 100 % compliance in signing up as no one filled it in at all! Ray Fribance said it is imperative
we do not double up in obtaining similar businesses for advertising. Please go through Glenn Hoff to
insure we will be only getting one business per industry.

ELECTIONS / BANQUET- Will take place Saturday January 26, 2008 at the Parktown Hotel in
the Cedar Room. Tickets were available at this meeting and are priced at $25.00 each. Please see Lloyd
Minion after the meeting. Lloyd and Glenn Hoff will have tickets if you wish to purchase at a later date.
Call Lloyd or see Glenn at his shop for your tickets. Norm was asking for door prizes. Anyone who has
door prizes please contact George Dwernychuk. Norm also said the trophies for the annual “Spark Plug
Race” have been completed by last year’s winners and better than the 2007 trophy! For the election
there will need to be a full slate of people to fill all spots on the executive. Need people to run for vice
president, secretary, treasurer and three 2 year director’s spots. In the next two years there will be
much discussion on the club’s direction so we need people to run. Please step forward and let your voice
be heard. If you wish to run or you know of someone who would make a good addition to the executive
please talk to that member and then see or call Greg tonight. Greg apologizes that there were a couple
of people who called when he was not home but did not leave their names so if you had called Greg
asked them to call again. Nominations from the floor on the evening of the banquet will be accepted too.
Make sure you have the member's permission to nominate them before you do the deed.
The new SAAAC club roster is finally available. Cost is $2.00 each.

Lloyd stated the club web site has been updated. More event photos have been added from past year. If
you would like to spend an enjoyable trip down memory lane on a cold winter’s night check it out.
At the last executive meeting there was an extensive discussion on raising our membership fees by
$10.00 to $50.00 annually. What is the breakdown of our club dues, $35.00 goes to the WDM ($25.00 for
seniors), $5.00 to SAAAC for insurance and $3.00 to NAAACCC for membership dues. So for a $40.00
membership fee the club pays out $43.00 for a certain percentage of the members. The club has always
maintained a balanced budget based on annual Hobby Show revenue. The club would like people to get
ideas of what direction our club should proceed in the near future. We need people to be on a steering
committee as part of a strategic plan for our club. It was suggested that a dues increase may be a
preemptive move to maintain a balanced budget if the Hobby Show revenue lessens. Ray Graves said
that it seems ridiculous to discuss a $10.00 increase when you look at the value of member’s cars and the
benefits and value our club gives us. Ray Fribance said he is on the 2008 International Tour as treasurer
and the club has committed a total of $3000 to the tour in 2007 and 2008 and there may be some
pressure with this commitment due to lower Hobby Show revenue. Herb Crabb said the SAAC got into
collaboration with the WDM some time ago to assist in mailing minutes, etc. Times have changed now as
the club has a web site and a good percentage on members obtain minutes from there. Motion to
increase the annual fee by $10.00 to $50.00 made by Herb Crabb and seconded by Ray Graves. The
motion will be voted on at the January annual meeting.
Members at tonight’s meeting were told that if anyone wants a restoration plaque(s) for a vehicle or
vehicles finished this year and shown at least one of our club events please get the following to the
executive by December 30: 4 x 6 photo(s) with all information, your name, year, make and model of
vehicle(s). Greg Brash stated Walter Collins made 12 plaques last year so there are enough for this year
and beyond. If you have purchased a vehicle this year please get all information, your name, year, make
and model of vehicle(s) to Ritch Gifford by December 30 for an acquisition certificate(s).
50/50 draw was won by Ken Holmes. The amount was $36.50.
Motion to adjourn the meeting M/S by Ken Johnston and Bill Fraser.
If you want to get the minutes from the web site and be emailed a notice when the minutes are available
please let us know. It is preferable that as many people who have email addresses get the minutes from
the web site.
Ray Fribance has much inventory for sale after each meeting. Hats, T-shirts, brass SAAC I.D. plaques,
pins and other items. Please check it out and BUY BUY BUY!!
If you have any digital photos from any club events in the past or are planning to take photos at any
future events please forward them to Lloyd Minion to add to our web site.

Upcoming Events
-Annual banquet/elections Saturday 26 January 2008 @ Parktown Hotel-Cedar Room.
-Heritage Festival Sunday February 10 @ WDM
-Lethbridge Swap Meet Saturday February 16

Nuts and Bolts
Information – Larry Schapansky 254-4808 would like anyone who knows about hydraulic clutches to
call him 11
For Sale – Glen 652-1600 1954 Nash Metropolitan and a 1956 Nash parts car 11

Information – Free J. C. Whitney parts catalog. Call 1-800-603-4303*. P.O. Box 1051 Fort Erie Ont.
L2A 5N8 * Informed by Bill Holder this 800 # is Disneyland reservation phone # 10
For Sale – Glenn Hoff 652-2151. An engine rebuild credit for $1000 @ Precise Engines. Sell for $600 by
a member of Glenn’s auto body staff 10
For Sale – Dave Sloboda 373-4832 1964 Ford Galaxie 390 column 3 speed and 1974 Dodge Charger. Call
for information 10
Wanted – Don Erlandson 373-9567 Information on a seat belt retractor. Was told to go to Andover
Restraints at to see a listing for all belts and assorted hardware 10
For Sale – Rust Check 242-4212 1977 Cordoba. 27,000 original kms. 318 engine, little to no rust. Open
to offers, view at 1945 Ave B. North 10
If you have something to add to the “Nuts & Bolts” section, please stand and give your name / phone
number along with items needed, for sale, etc. It would also be appreciated if you come forward at the
end of the meeting and write down all your information so there are no discrepancies.

Rumour Mill -           Congratulations to Ernie Christensen for donating the “bones” of his 1928
Whippet to construct an “Anderson cart”. Ernie as a member of the Pioneer Threshermen’s Club
joined forces with Gerald Pauls of PTC, John Aigner of the Central Forge blacksmith group and Roy
Musgrove of the Saskatchewan Pleasure Driving Association to construct this cart. It is a 2 wheeled cart
pulled by horses and is named for J.T.M. Anderson, premier of Saskatchewan from 1929-1934.
- Congratulations also to President Norm for an article in the Davidson newspaper on his
accomplishments in restoring multiple vehicles over the years and to Dave Ballantyne for the picture
and write up on his 1952 Bel Air hardtop in “Bow Tie Beauties” in Hemmings Classic Car #39.
*Don’s Cerebellum Ticklers: Dancing cheek to cheek is really a form of floor play.
Your 2007 Executive Team-
President - Norm Mowles Res- 492-2237 Cell 492-7559 Fax 492-4843 Email :
Past President - Greg Brash Res- 242-7295
Vice President - Fred Remillard Res- 955-0300 Email :
Treasurer – Lloyd Minion Res- 384-3430 E-mail :
Secretary - Ritch Gifford Res- 931-7172 Wk-244-0818 Wk/Fax- 244-1050 Email :
Directors 2006-2007                                         Directors 2007-2008
 -Wally Bartsch Res- 934-6851                               - Orville Dunlop Res- 934-8978
 -Allen Jennings Res- 249-5323                                  -Email :
 -Ken Johnston Res- 242-0045                                - Dave Huber Res- 931-7769
           -Email :                           -Email :
                                                             - Dan Reid Res- 242-8707
                                                                -Email :
*Club web site address is:
*National club web site address is:

Next meeting Saturday, January 26 at the Parktown Hotel-Cedar
Room for Annual Meeting / Banquet. Cocktails @ 6:00 P.M., supper,
elections, short business meeting & other fun things to follow.
Ritch Gifford, secretary

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