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Danielle Gobert Cooley


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Danielle Gobert Cooley                                                                         http://dgcooley.com

Experienced, enthusiastic, and effective researcher, communicator, presenter, educator, and mentor. With over 12
years of extensive experience in a multitude of user research and usability analysis methods applied to a wide variety of
applications including hardware, Windows, web, telephone, and mobile, among others, Ms. Cooley's skills and flexibility
offer immediate value.

DGCooley Consulting, LLC, Principal                                                            January 2009 - Present
Provide insight and consulting to clients on usability strategy and interface design through the use of established user
research techniques.

  Selected Client: Am eren
  • Worked with a multifaceted team of communications professionals, developers, and project managers to convert
    several paper-based forms to online assets. The online forms seamlessly blend usability and form design best
    practices with business needs and technical requirements, always complying with the company’s branding
    guidelines and integrating the forms into their existing online presence.
  • Success Summary: In addition to bringing these forms online, this work established design and usability standards
     for all future Ameren forms implementations.

  Selected Client: Sigm a-Aldrich
  • Met with Sigma-Aldrich stakeholders to establish a usability strategy for their online ordering site.
  • Conducted an extensive expert review of the online ordering interface, resulting in 14 actionable findings to
    improve its usability.
  • Success Summary: This work helped demonstrate a need for in-house UX services that led to the founding of a
     User Experience group within the company.

4ORCE Digital (formerly NGAGE), User Experience Director                                           July 2010 – April 2011
Establish 4ORCE Digital’s User Experience Practice, determine strategic direction, and plan and execute UX activities for
4ORCE’s elite roster of clients.

  Strategic W ork
  • Defined list and scope of UX services offered by 4ORCE Digital.
  • Established protocols and report templates for 4ORCE UX services.
  • Sized, scoped, and staffed custom client product offerings.
  • Provided expert advice in usability audits and proposed designs included in client proposals.

  Selected Client: Scottrade, Inc.
  • Extensive wireframing of Scottrade’s online brokerage and bank applications and online banking interface.
  • Formal usability testing of Customizable Homepage prototype.

  Selected Client:Nestle-P urina/ P urinaONE
  • Conducted the first usability study of any Purina website – PurinaONE.com and the associated
  • Educated Purina brand and marketing teams on the value of usability studies as an integral part of their user
    research toolset.
  • Success Summary: This work clearly illustrated the value of usability testing and led to 4ORCE’s winning 3
     additional user research projects from Purina in the first quarter following the completion of this initial study.

Perficient, Inc., Lead User Experience Consultant                                          April 2006 – January 2009
Danielle Gobert Cooley                                                                                      228.363.2084
 In addition to planning, managing, and executing a multitude of user research activities for clients, key responsibilities
 included providing subject matter expertise in sales efforts, scoping and estimating project efforts and costs, writing
 proposals, mentoring junior staff, practice development, and providing thought leadership along functional and/or
 industry lines.

    Selected Client: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – New M ember P ortal
    • Led user research effort for BCBSF’s new member portal.
    • Collaborated with Perficient user experience, business, and technical colleagues and BCBSF information technology
      and creative personnel to design, develop, and usability test prototypes of increasing fidelity to maximize usability
      of the new member portal while also fully complying with business and technical requirements.
    • Success Summary: This work ensured the development of an intuitive interface and led to several subsequent and
       ongoing engagements with BCBSF.

    Selected Client: Sargento Foods – Intranet Redesign
    • Led and educated a team of user experience, technical, and business colleagues from both Perficient and Sargento
      in various user research activities for a new intranet portal.
    • Planned, managed, and conducted an online card-sorting activity to establish users’ ideal information architecture
      and an iterative paper prototyping study to refine the design.
    • Presented findings from these research activities to members of both the IT and executive management teams.
    • Success Summary: The portal was successfully launched and received great reviews from end users. Internal
       information retrieval is much more efficient, and the company is well-positioned to expand the system to support
       customers as well as employees.

    Selected Client: Navy Federal Credit Union – Intranet R edesign
    • Managed user research effort to design, develop and roll out a new intranet portal.
    • Implemented extensive card sort analysis to properly architect all intranet content.
    • Managed junior staff in conducting iterative usability studies of prototyped designs of increasing fidelity.
    • Success Summary: This intranet, which supports over 6,000 employees all over the world, went from a
       hodgepodge of department-specific pages to a consistent, current, informative, useful, usable, and inviting site.
       Content is now presented in a uniform template structure and is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The help
       desk has received very few questions about the intranet.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Senior Usability Architect                                           August 2005 – April 2006
    • Led user research and design aspects of requirements gathering, design, and test planning for an internal data
      mining application for Enterprise’s European Vehicle Remarketing team.
    • Conducted extensive international contextual inquiry effort and subsequent prototyping and evaluation of
      proposed designs.
    • Ensured the proposed application met all of its intended business needs.

  Technology Partners, Inc., Senior Consultant                                                February 2005 – July 2005
    Client: M astercard International
    • Led efforts to develop wireframes, conduct usability studies, and perform expert reviews to maximize the usability
      of MasterCard products.
    • Conducted an expert review of 9 prototypes of MasterCard’s PayPass hardware system.
    • Developed wireframes for several internal web sites and applications and provided expertise on design issues
      associated with MasterCard’s World Cup 2006 sites & systems.

  Perficient, Inc., Senior Usability Consultant                                      September 2003 – February 2005
    Client: P fizer Global R esearch & Discovery (P GRD) Inform atics
    • Led usability and training effort for a new, internally-developed, web-based data mining application used by
      Pfizer’s Discovery Chemists and Biologists.
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Danielle Gobert Cooley                                                                                  228.363.2084
   • Conducted iterative paper prototype testing with 26 end users at six PGRD sites and continued testing with
      progressively higher-fidelity prototypes over several months.
   • Worked closely with upper management, project managers, developers, and end users to provide user-centered
      design expertise as an integral member of the project team; Educated developers about the merits and practice of
    • Managed the creation of visual design components; Developed and enforced the use of branding for the
      application (logo, document templates, PowerPoint templates, and promotional materials).
    • Designed and developed training materials for the new application, including a Quick Reference Guide, a Hands-On
      Activity Workbook containing click-by-click examples illustrating the application’s functionality, troubleshooting
      instructions, and lecture slides.
    • Through Beta, Early Adopter, and Production releases, taught lecture-style and workshop training courses for a
      total of 799 users at five PGRD sites worldwide.
    • Success Summary: The user-centered design approach was so successful that the Help Desk calls were almost
       entirely limited to issues pertaining to forgotten passwords – an incredible cost savings as the application required
       little support. This work was presented at the Usability Professionals' Association 2005 International Conference.

  Fidelity Investments, Usability Specialist                                               January 2001 - October 2002
  Led teams to conduct usability studies, contextual inquiries, and focus groups to maximize the usability of Fidelity
  products and systems.
    • Analyzed both Intranet and Internet sites and applications, Windows-based software, touchtone and speech
      recognition telephone interfaces, touch screen kiosks, and wireless web applications on both PDAs and mobile
      phones; performed complex comparison studies of search engines and wireless interfaces.
    • Delivered results of usability analysis to over 25 different client groups and executive sponsors.
    • Received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.83 out of 5.0 – the second highest of 208 individual team-level ratings
      throughout Fidelity Investments Systems Company.

  TechTarget.com, Web Usability Specialist                                                      March – December 2000
  Acted as primary usability analyst on User Experience team to extend both the usefulness and usability of TechTarget’s
  vertical IT portal web sites.
    • Developed strategic plan to incorporate many different usability analysis methods throughout the product
      development lifecycle.
    • Recruited participants, conducted contextual inquiries and field usability studies for upcoming web sites and site
      features and reported results from those analyses to executive management.
    • Championed usability throughout the company and fielded usability-related questions from Sales, Marketing,
      Production, Business Development, and Executive teams.

  Federal Express Corporation, Business Applications Analyst                               June 1998 – September 1999
  Served as a liaison between the Data Warehouse Development team and the product’s marketing users.
    • Managed all aspects of redesign and re-deployment of FedEx’s Marketing Enterprise Data Warehouse web
      application interface, including requirements analysis, site design, storyboarding, prototyping, user testing,
      implementation, and promotion.
    • Prepared and delivered presentations to peers and managers, determined end user requirements, provided
      instruction to and developed online training for end users.

  MS in Human Factors in Information Design, Bentley College McCallum Graduate School of Business, Waltham, MA,
  BE in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, 1998

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Danielle Gobert Cooley                                                                                    228.363.2084
 Professional Affiliations & Activities
  • Sponsorships & Giveaways Chair, STL UX 2011 Conference
  • Co-chair, 2007 St. Louis World Usability Day Committee
  • Conference Committee, STL>UX>2006
  • ACM SIGCHI and St. Louis chapter (Gateway CHI)
            o Former active member of Boston chapter (GBSIGCHI)
  • Usability Professionals’ Association
            o Founding VP, Boston Chapter
            o Panels Co-chair, 2007 International Conference
            o Experienced Practitioner Co-chair, 2008 International Conference

 Publications & Presentations
  • Introduction to User Experience Methods. Flash Camp St. Louis. St. Louis, MO. September 6, 2011. (accepted)
  • Introduction to User Experience Methods. St. Louis Day of .NET 2011 Conference. St. Charles, MO. August 5-6, 2011
  • (Less) Content, (More) Strategy: How reducing your content saves your sanity and your bottom line. Usability
    Professionals' Association Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA. June 2011.
  • IGNITE UPA 2011. 5-minute talks on various topics of importance to usability professionals. Usability Professionals'
    Association Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA. June 2011
  • (Less) Content, (More) Strategy. STL UX 2011: The St. Louis User Experience Conference. 25 February, 2011.
  • IGNITE STL UX. 5-minute talks on various topics of importance to usability professionals. STL UX 2011, The St. Louis
    User Experience Conference. 25 February, 2011.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. “5 Online Community Killers to Avoid at All Costs.” Mashable.com.
    http://mashable.com/2010/12/02/online-community-pitfalls/ 02 December, 2010.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. "Usability is Important (Even for Flash Designers)" Flash Camp St. Louis. 03 September 2010.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. "Field Research for User Experience Design" Full-day tutorial presented at the Internet User
    Experience Conference. 29 July, 2010, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. "Rogue Persona Development: the Practical and Effective Approach" Half-day tutorial presented
    at the Internet User Experience Conference. 28 July, 2010, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Cooley, Danielle G., Keith instone, Mark Newman, Susan Weinschenk. "Research and Practice Interaction." Panel
    presented at Internet User Experience Conference. 27 July, 2010, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. "IGNITE Your UX Sales Pitch" Internet User Experience Conference. 27 July, 2010, Ann Arbor,
  • Cooley, Danielle G., Keith Instone, Derek Poppink, Steve Tengler. "What's Next for You in UX? Paths and Detours to
    Explore as Your Career Matures." Internet User Experience Conference. 26 July, 2010, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. "Field Testing Usability." St. Louis Innovation Camp. 26 February, 2010.
  • Cooley, Danielle G., Parth Bhwalkar, David Johnson, and Nathan Verrill. Panel: “The Importance of Usability and
    Visual Design.” St. Louis Bloggers Guild Interactive Festival. 17 October, 2009.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. Tutorial: “An Overview of User Research Techniques.” St. Louis Day of .NET conference 2009. 28
    August, 2009, St. Charles, Missouri.
  • Cooley, Danielle G. Roundtable Expert, User Research and Usability. Gateway Interactive Marketing Association
    June 2009 Meeting. 17 June 2009, St. Louis Missouri
  • Cooley, Danielle G. Tutorial: “Field Research for User Experience Design.” Internet User Experience Conference
    2009. 31 March 2009, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Peterson, Kate and Danielle Gobert. “Wireframes: What would a CIF look like?” STL>UX>2005 Conference
    Workshop, 09 September 2005.
  • Gobert, Danielle. “Evolution of a Screen” Proceedings of the Usability Professionals’ Association Conference – 2005.
  • Gobert, Danielle. “Do alternate orientations of navigation and content impact the usability of handheld applications?”
    Presentation of HFES conference paper to GatewayCHI, September 2004.

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Danielle Gobert Cooley                                                                                    228.363.2084
  • Catani, Michael, Danielle Gobert, and Tom Tullis. “Do alternate orientations of navigation and content impact the
    usability of handheld applications?” Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 48th Annual Meeting
    – 2004, pp. 754-758.
   • Gobert, Danielle. “Designing Wearable Performance Support: Insights from the Early Literature” Technical
     Communication, November 2002, pp. 444-448.
   • Panel: “What the Best Usability Specialists are Made of” Proceedings of CHI 2002, pp. 706-707.

  Multiple references available

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