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					WebQuests &
    ‘04’s “Inquiring
Minds” Returns! PETE & C ‘05
                                              Hershey, PA
                                              02 - 22 - 05

                                             Presented by:
                                                Jane Glass
                           Manheim Township School District
WebQuests & More:
               ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

A WebQuests & More Inventory:
• Who has NOT heard of Webquests, but is a curious soul?

• Who HAS HEARD of Webquests, but not used one?
• Who has USED a WebQuest that was pre-made?
• Who has ventured into the CREATING of a WebQuest?

‘S & More Feedback?
      comments / tips?                 Bernie Dodge, WebQuest guru
WebQuests & More:
                 ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

What ARE they?
PIN by Tom March at Ozline
WebQuests & More:
                      ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

What do they INCLUDE?
(categories) ( of key works or, resources;
  • Topic Hotlist - compilation
           ideally a webpage with hyperlinked bookmarks for other’s use

 • Multimedia Scrapbook - links to photos, maps, stories, facts, quotes,
           audio clips, virtual tours, etc. to explore important aspects of a topic

 • Knowledge / Treasure Hunt - list of webpages and questions for
           gathering up-to-date information and knowledge

 • Subject Sampler - small number of topic-oriented links
           to engaging, interactive or emotional sites

 • Webquest - complex or debatable issue to be investigated
           and evaluated from an authentic perspective
WebQuests & More:
                            ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

What do they LOOK like?
(examples) -
  • Topic Hotlists          (hyperlinked resources)
  China on the Net:
  Crool Zone- School Safety Issues:
  Especially Espanol:
  Space Hotlist:

  • Multimedia Scrapbooks - (visual               explorations)
  Donner Online:
  Exploring China:

  • Knowledge / Treasure Hunts - (Q & A hunts )
  Banana Quest:
  Black History - Past to Present:
  Wonders of Science CyberBee:
WebQuests & More:
                           ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

What do they LOOK like?
(examples) - (up close & personal vantages)
  • Subject Samplers
  An Insect‟s Perspective:
  Crool Zone- School Safet:
  Money Matters:
  My China:
  Sampling African America:

  • WebQuests - (complex,authentic style, investigative evaluations)
  Big Wide World:
  Little Rock 9 - Integration 0:
  School Safety:
  Shh - We‟re Writing the Constitution:
WebQuests & More:
                     ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

Zen   in the Art of Teaching with the Web:
  “It's a lot like what you're already doing.
   It's unlike anything you've ever done before.”
                                                  Tom March,

                      David Thornburg, “futurist and technology specialist,”
      D. Thornburg    explains why technology requires more teacher-student
                      interaction than ever before.
           “Teachers need to show their students how to judge and
           evaluate the information they find.”
WebQuests & More:
                       ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!
                                                                “answers must be
“focus on USING information                                       discovered or
rather than on looking for it…”                                      created”

                                                               “allows them
                                                                to explore
                                                               in a guided,
                                                            meaningful manner”
“must process information -
      not regurgitate it”

                                          “allows them
                                    to use their imagination
                                  and problem-solving skills”
WebQuests & More:
                            ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!
                                                                  “Webquests also allow for a depth of
“Webquests demand much upfront work -                            topic exploration that cannot normally
but once it's completed,                                          be done in one or two class periods.”
it's a rewarding activity that can be used
over and over again.”                                                 “It allowed some creativity while
                                                                        making sure students finished
                                                                             the Webquest knowing key
“It takes the humdrum out of traditional
lessons and allows the students to gain         Why?                  elements. Students could work
                                                                            on their own pace while still
                                                                                   meeting a deadline.”
knowledge on their own…
all in a well-thought out way.”
                                                                                   “I love Webquests - -
                                                                          they are meaningful activities
“I also have found that some people are amazed                   that allow students to do a great deal
to see the way that lower functioning students                                    of controlled research
work when they are in the writing center.”                                    in a short period of time.”

                                                                                  “A good web activity
Q: Did you create your own project from scratch?                      keeps the students very focused
   A:Yes                                                                                 and on task.”
Q: How did that process work out for you?
   A: Great. I totally completed a webquest in 6 hours of a trade-off In-Service day.
WebQuests & More:
                     ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

HOW can WebQuests be
1. USE pre-existing WebQuests or Internet projects
       (be sure to CHECK ALL LINKS!)

2. MODIFY pre-existing WebQuests or Internet projects
      (again, be sure to CHECK ALL LINKS!)

3. CREATE OWN WebQuests or Internet projects
       • templates are available in html OR MS Word
       • Bernie Dodge’s San Diego State Univ.s WebQuest Templates:
       • another HTML format:
       • another MS WORD format: wqwordtemplate.doc
WebQuests & More:
                        ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

Where can you FIND pre-made
Best WebQuests:
Berks County Intermediate Unit:
Blue Web‟n:
Dr. Alice Christie‟s Matrix of 282 WebQuests:
Kathy Shrock:
WebQuests & More:
                       ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

Where can you FIND pre-made
Louisiana State University:
 Macomb County School District:

 Midge Frazel:

 Milford, CT Public Schools WebQuests:

 My Teacher Tools:

 New Mexico State University:

 New South Wales Dept. of Education:

WebQuests & More:
                       ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

Where can you FIND pre-made
WebQuests? WebQuest page (Bernie Dodge):
San Diego State University‟s
Spartanburg County SD:

South Central New Hampshire:

Technology Challenge Grants:

Teft Middle School:
University of Richmond:

West Bend WebQuest Resource List:

WebQuests & More:
                 ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

HOW does one CREATE
/modify WebQuests?
…Wondering HOW to begin planning?
      Dodge‟s site:

…Wondering WHAT SCENARIO / TASK to create?
      Design Patterns:
              this site provides descriptions, applications and examples

      WebQuest Taxonomy of Tasks:
WebQuests & More:
                     ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

HOW does one CREATE
/modify WebQuests?
…Wondering WHAT components to include?
 • “6 Building Blocks”:

       Provides a synopsis of, and examples for each step:
                 Introduction / Scenario
                 Task / Essential Questions
                 Process / Roles / Resources
                 Evaluation / Assessment Rubric
                 Conclusion / Summary
                 * (Teacher Page)
WebQuests & More:
                          ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Introduction / Scenario:

          shares background info,
          sets the stage,
          provides a “hook,”
          establishes an “authentic” situation

The Ocean's in Trouble!

Westward Ho!

Snapshot in Time:
Rock the Vote:
WebQuests & More:
                           ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Task:

          outlines a plan - or course of action,
          poses essential question,
          usually requires some type of decision-making,
          identifies a culminating product

An Insect's Perspective:
The Children's Pool: 
Snapshot in Time:    
WebQuests & More:
                           ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Process:

          describes steps of action,
          explains strategies,
          includes a set of accompanying questions to help gather info,
          provides hyperlinked resources

An Insect's Perspective:
Westward Ho!         
The Amistad Case: A Mock Trial:

Return of the Great Game:
WebQuests & More:
                          ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Evaluation:

          describes the method of assessment,
          offers an evaluation rubric

Family of Nations:
The Ocean's in Trouble:
Biotech, Inc.:
WebQuests & More:
                          ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Conclusion:

          wraps up the project,
          encourages student reflection

Farmers, Farmers Everywhere:
Finding the Lighthouse Diamond Thief:
WebQuests & More:
                        ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

The Teacher Page:

          includes extra notes,
          standards information,
          some samples

WebQuests & More:
             ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

A Puzzle …
And some Prodding
  Just yesterday, “WebQuests” may have been alien to you -
          and at first you may have been afraid - petrified -

  “…it‟s time to try…
WebQuests & More:
                 ‘04’s “Inquiring Minds” Returns!

‘S & More Info:                     (and THANK YOU for
your interest!)
     • Questions?

     • To access the Power Point show from today’s workshop,
       go to the website URL:
       and follow the instructions in the section:
        17. PETE & C „05; Hershey, PA (02-22-05)

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