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									                                BalloonSat Workshop
    Friday April 15, Flint Hills Great Plains Room, Rock Springs Conference Center!

                                                        Build a functioning model of a
                                                        satellite that collects data from
                                                                   near space!
                                                      (Also see KATS Newsletter Winter 2010 at

                                                        The KATS Kamp BalloonSat Workshop
                                                        provides an opportunity for five teams (5
                                                        people per team) to solder and program a
                                                        flight computer capable of operating sensors
                                                        and storing data. After assembly, the flight
                                                        computer will be loaded into an airframe of
   Styrofoam to become a BalloonSat. BalloonSats should reach an altitude between 70,000 and
   75,000 feet beneath a helium-filled weather balloon launched at KATS Kamp on Saturday April
   16 (as long as the weather cooperates). After recovery of the BalloonSats, the data will be
   downloaded and then analyzed using Excel. Amateur radio will return position reports from the
   balloon, allowing the progress of the mission to be monitored during KATS Kamp.

   BalloonSat kits during KATS Kamp cost $20 and there is no additional charge for the flight. The
   BalloonSat is yours to keep, however, the sensors must be returned after recovery. The sensors
   provided to the KATS Kamp workshop are expected to include a geiger counter and weather
   station. Teams may bring an additional experiment to test the exposure of the near space
   environment (near vacuum, intense cold, and increased ultraviolet and cosmic radiation).

           This is an opportunity to experience the Poorman’s Space Program for yourself!

    Workshop Leader: L. Paul Verhage,, email for questions!

      2011 KATS Kamp Pre-Conference Registration BalloonSat Workshop
          Limited to 25 people! You are encouraged to register as a school team.
                                     Friday April 15th
                                    9:00am – 4:00pm
Check your status:
If attending full conference (to register go to $36 _____________
KATS Member not attending conference                          $40 _____________
Non KATS Member not attending conference                      $60 _____________
(Fee includes boxed lunch & snacks + materials. Make checks payable to KATS Kamp Pre-
Name: _____________________________
Address: ____________________________
City: ______________________________ State: _________________ Zip: __________
Phone Number: ______________________
Email: _________________________________________

Mail Check and form in time to be received by April 1, 2011 to:
Carol Hewitt
Box 323
Meade KS 67864

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