Overview of the Division of Public Health by yaofenji


									           Overview of the
Department of Health Services (DHS)
 and Division of Public Health (DPH)

             Nancy McKenney, RDH, MS
          Director of Workforce Development
        Office of Policy and Practice Alignment
         Wisconsin Division of Public Health
       Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wisconsin Department of
Health Services

        Wisconsin Department of
        Health Services


Protecting and promoting the
health and safety of the people of

DHS, 2009                            7
            Wisconsin Department of
            Health Services
• Assure the health, safety, and well-being of Wisconsin
  citizens while emphasizing prevention.

• Make Wisconsin a national leader in reforming health care.

• Improve the lives of Wisconsin seniors and people with

• Increase opportunities for children to grow up safe, healthy,
  and successful in strong families.

• Create a high-performing organization that is customer-
  focused and values our partners and employees.             8
DHS, 2009
            Wisconsin Department of
            Health Services (DHS)

• Integrity, Trust, and Respect
• Commitment
• Innovation and Creativity
• Consumer and Family Focus
• Collaboration and Responsiveness
• Recognizing and Supporting Staff
• Fostering Diversity

DHS, 2009
Henry A. Anderson, MD, State Health Officer                      vacan
         Sandra L. K. Breitborde
                                                                                         Pat Guhleman
                                                       Cindy Daggett
    Oskar Anderson

                     Diane Christen
                                              Susan Uttech

                                                                        Chuck Warzecha

     Wisconsin Division of Public Health
     Administrator & Deputy Administrator

Henry Anderson, MD              Sandra L. K. Breitborde
State Health Officer            DPH Deputy Administrator
Division of Public Health       Division of Public Health
Department of Health Services   Department of Health Services11
       DPH Bureau of Operations
• Operational & administrative
  – Budget development,
    analysis, and monitoring
  – Communications and health
  – Division Policies and
  – Grant processing and
    contracting                  Donna Moore, Director
  – Web Content                  Bureau of Operations

  – Records Management                                   12
               DPH Office of Policy and Practice
• Regional Offices
   –   Northeast
   –   Southeast
   –   Western
   –   Northern
   –   Southern

• Primary Health Care Programs
   –   Primary Care Cooperative Agreement,
   –   Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) designation
   –   federal National Health Service Corps (NHSC)
   –   J-1 Visa Waiver programs
   –   Health Care for the Homeless program
                                                               Patricia Guhleman, Director
• Policy Section                                               Office of Policy and Practice
   –   State Health Plan (Healthiest Wisconsin 2020)           Alignment
   –   Minority Health Program                                 Division of Public Health
   –   Sufficient, Competent and Diverse workforce
   –   Public Health Council
   –   National Accreditation
   –   Quality Improvement
   –   Partnerships, coalitions, lead systematic planning                                 13
Department of Health Services,
Division of Public Health Regions

     Regional Office Staffing
•   Regional Director
•   Deputy Regional Director (Southeast Region only)
•   Public Health Nurse Consultants
•   Public Health Nutritionists
•   Public Health Educators
•   Public Health Educators - Immunization
•   Public Health Sanitarians
•   Epidemiologists
•   Office support staff
•   Diabetes Consultant
•   Tobacco Consultants
•   Central office staff working out of the RO
       DPH Regional Offices

Eau Claire/Western Regional
610 Gibson Street
Suite 3
Eau Claire, WI 54701-3687
Phone: 715-836-5362           Elizabeth (Lieske) Giese
                              Regional Director
Fax: 715-836-6686             Division of Public Health
                              Western Region

       DPH Regional Offices
Regional Office
2187 N. Stevens Street
Suite #C
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Phone: 715-365-2700
FAX: 715-365-2705        Angela Nimsgern
                         Northern Region Lead
                         Division of Public Health

       DPH Regional Offices
Green Bay/Northeast Regional
200 N. Jefferson
Suite 511
Green Bay, WI 54301-5123
Phone: 920-448-5223
FAX: 920-448-5265              Dennis Hibray, Regional Director
                               Northeast Region
                               Division of Public Health

      DPH Regional Offices
Madison/Southern Regional
1 West Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703-3445
Phone: 608-266-3500
FAX: 608-266-9793           Mary Young, Regional Director
                            Southern Region
                            Division of Public Health

       DPH Regional Offices
Regional Office
819 N. 6th Street
Room 609A
Milwaukee, WI 53203-1697
Phone: 414-227-4860        Robert Harris        Georgia Cameron
                           Director             Deputy Director
FAX: 414-227-2010
                                  Southeast Region
                               Division of Public Health

           DPH Bureau of Communicable
           Disease & Emergency Response
• Communicable Disease Epidemiology
   – Investigation and response
       •    Tuberculosis, food/water/vector borne
           diseases, zoonotic diseases, suspected
           communicable disease outbreaks, and
           emerging and re-emerging diseases

• AIDs/HIV Section
   – AIDS/HIV epidemic response
   – Adult Hepatitis prevention and control

• Immunization Section                              Diane Christen
   – Surveillance and investigation of vaccine      Bureau Director
     preventable diseases
   – Wisconsin Immunization Registry
   – National Pharmaceutical Stockpile                                21
            DPH Bureau of Communicable
            Disease & Emergency Response
• Public Health and Hospital Preparedness Section
   –   Supports state systems preparation for threats and emergencies
   –   Volunteer Registry (WEAVR, MRC)
   –   Pandemic Influenza
   –   Strategic National Stockpile
   –   Partner communication
   –   WI Train (e-learning management system)
   –   Statewide trauma care system

• Sexually Transmitted Diseases Section
   – Prevention and control
   – Direct patient services and partner referral                       Diane Christen
   – Consultation and technical assistance                              Bureau Director

• Emergency Medical Services Systems and Licensing
  Section (EMS)
   – Licensing, education, training, policy and practice issues related to emergency medical
   – Assure pre-hospital patient care standards are met                                22
       DPH Bureau of Communicable
       Disease & Emergency Response

James Kazmierczak, DVM           James Vergeront, MD, Director
WI State Veterinarian            HIV/AIDS Program
Bureau of Communicable Disease   Bureau of Communicable Disease
and Emergency Response           and Emergency Response
WI Division of Public Health                                   23
                                 WI Division of Public Health
DPH Bureau of Communicable
Disease & Emergency Response

                  Jeffrey Davis, MD
                 Chief Medical Officer
Bureau of Communicable Disease and Emergency Response
               Division of Public Health
                DPH Bureau of Community
                Health Promotion (BCHP)
•   The Chronic Disease and Cancer Prevention
     –   Diabetes Prevention and Control
     –   Cardiovascular Health
     –   Arthritis Prevention and Control
     –   Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control
•   The Family Health Section
     – Improve the health of women, infants, and children -
       including Children and Youth with Special Health Care
     – Early screening, and early intervention
•   The Nutrition and Physical Activity Section
     – Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program
     – Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program
     – The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and
       Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)
     – Nutritional and Physical Activity Program               Susan Uttech, Director
•   Tobacco Prevention Section                                 Bureau of Community Health
     – Reduce tobacco use and exposure                         Promotion
                                                               Division of Public Health
       DPH Bureau of Community
       Health Promotion (BCHP)

Sharon Fleischfresser, MD              Warren LeMay, DDS, MPH
Medical Director                       Chief Dental Officer
Children and Youth with                Oral Health Program
Special Health Care Needs              Bureau of Community Health Promotion
Bureau of Community Health Promotion   Division of Public Health
Division of Public Health                                             26
      DPH Bureau of Community
      Health Promotion (BCHP)
• Murray Katcher,
  M.D., Ph.D.
• Chief Medical
  Officer, BCHP

Murray Katcher, MD, PhD      Mark Wegner, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer        Bureau of Community Health
Bureau of Community Health   Promotion
Promotion                    Division of Public Health
Division of Public Health                                 27
               The Bureau of Environmental
               and Occupational Health
• Health Hazard Evaluation Section
   – Track environmental and occupational diseases/conditions
   – Assess uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
   – Technical support for
       • indoor air quality
       • Asthma, other environmental issues
       • Researches and informs on health risks associated
         with sports fish consumption
   – Groundwater and ambient air quality standards

• Lead and Asbestos Section
   –   Tracks adult and childhood lead poisoning
   –   Policies and guidance on cases                            Chuck Warzecka, Director
   –   Promotes prevention strategies                            Bureau of Environmental and
   –   Maintain registry of lead-safe and lead-free properties   Occupational Health
   –   Certifies lead and asbestos workers                       Division of Public Health

        The Bureau of Environmental
        and Occupational Health (cont.)
• Food Safety and Recreational
  Licensing Section
   – Licenses restaurants, lodging facilities,
     swimming pools and spas, campgrounds,
     recreational/educational camps and body art
     practitioners and facilities
   – Registers environmental health professionals
     and certifies food managers

• The Radiation Protection Section
   – Inspects and licenses X-ray devices and
     mammography facilities, radioactive materials
     and devices and tanning devices
   – Technical support regarding the control of indoor   Chuck Warzecha, Director
     radon and provides environmental monitoring         Bureau of Environmental and
     around Wisconsin’s nuclear energy facilities
                                                         Occupational Health
   – Maintains emergency response capability for
     energy or transportation incidents, or potential    Division of Public Health
     acts of terrorism involving radioactive materials

DPH Bureau of Environmental and
Occupational Health (BEOH)

      Henry Anderson, MD, Chief Medical Officer
   Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health
               Division of Public Health
                Office of Health Informatics (OHI)
•   State Registrar/Vital Records Unit
     – Registers vital events – (e.g. births, deaths, marriages)
     – Train local vital records office personnel
     – Manages all WI vital records

•   Health Care Information Unit
     – Maintains Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (registry)
     – Maintains Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System
     – Provide health care provider and health care services data

•   Population Health Information Unit
     – Demographic data and population estimates                  Oskar Anderson, Director
     – Behavioral Risk Factor and Family Health Survey            Office of Health Informatics
     – Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)
     – Analyze data bases and reports
     – Web-based interactive query systems for local and statewide
       health information
     – Edit all office publications
     – Oversee Office Web sites, Health Statistics, Consumer Guide
       to Health Care
         Office of Health Informatics (cont.)
• eHealth Initiative:
   – Health information technology (HIT)
   – Develop health information exchange across the
     public and private sectors
   – Link HIT and health information exchange plans with
     prevention and disease management activities
   – Support the Governor's eHealth Care Quality and
     Patient Safety Board

• Public Health Information Network (PHIN):
   – Integrate public health information for quick retrieval
   – Disease detection and monitoring, data analysis,          Oskar Anderson, Director
     secure network communications, emergency alert
     and response, and knowledge management                    Office of Health Informatics

• Senior Epidemiologist
   – Advance knowledge-sharing and management
   – Establish best practices for data collection
     management, analysis and dissemination
   – Promote Public Health Information Network

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