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                                          Tuesday, January 20, 2009

                                          Cynthia Schneider, Chair

                                          2009 Strategic Initiatives
               Employee and Employer Issues | Improving Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure
                                       Stimulating the Local Economy |

Call to Order and Roll Call

Chair’s Report

        Recent Communication

President & CEO’s Report

Staff Report

Local, State, Federal Legislative Staff Updates

New Business

    1.   December 2008 LAC Minutes                                                            ACTION

    2.   Housing State Tax Credit                                                             ACTION

    3.   Legislative Report #1                                                                ACTION


                                                                                                  CHAIR’S REPORT
                                                                                         Legislative Action Committee
                                                                                                      January 20, 2009

Corona Chamber Issues Formal Statement on the I-15 / Cajalco Road Interchange Project

 The Corona Chamber issued the following statement to the California Department of Transportation
regarding the I-15 / Cajalco Road Interchange Project:

The Corona Chamber of Commerce has supported the early efforts of the Mid-County Parkway Project. We will
continue to assist the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) by educating our business community
on the importance of this major transportation investment. However, we do have some concerns regarding the
Interstate 15 Cajalco Road Interchange Project.

It is our understanding that the proposed version of the interchange project would greatly increase the bottlenecking
of traffic near the interchange. The Chamber believes that the current decision to construct half-diamond lanes
instead of the full diamond lanes would be a major contributor to the bottlenecking. The Chamber is concerned that
Corona’s local economy would be severely impacted due to the limitation of consumer access to the I-15/Cajalco

We would ask that you revisit this issue and review other alternatives when constructing the interchange.

Corona Chamber Takes Action in 2008

2008 was an active year for the Legislative Action Committee of the Corona Chamber of Commerce. We
successfully represented the interests of the Corona business community by lobbying for pro business legislation
with representatives at all levels of government. The Chamber spearheaded many countless issues, ranging from
solving our state’s water crisis and calling for increased conservation to ending state and federal legislation that
mandated millions of dollars in new taxes on businesses.

Our Chamber worked hard for our business community to accomplish as much as possible on a wide range of issues
impacting our local economy. The work performed by the LAC is a tangible return on our member’s investment in
the Corona Chamber. As a result of a vote of confidence from the Chamber’s Board of Directors in their recent
Strategic Planning session, the LAC will continue providing valuable service into 2009.

The Chamber spent time in Sacramento representing the issues listed as bullet points, below and lobbying on behalf
of Corona businesses. The Chamber also gave its members an opportunity to meet potential elected officials at a
Candidates Forum - further linking decision-makers with the people responsible for creating jobs – Corona’s
business community.

The following you’ll find highlights of some of the major issues the Corona Chamber acted upon in 2008.

• Tracked 16 proposed laws with provisions that would impact the business community. The Chamber studied each
proposed law and took a position of support or opposition on each. For the second consecutive year, Corona-area
state legislators voted with the Chamber’s state positions 100% of the time.

• Supported flexible work week schedules and a clarification to the state’s meal period requirements during the
Governor’s budget negotiations with both the Senate and Assembly leadership.

• Took action and served as a resource for information on ballot propositions in the February, June and November
elections, recommending positions on more than 20 propositions.

• Worked with United States Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Congressman Ken Calvert to lobby
for an Economic Stimulus Package for jobs and business stability in Corona.

• Hosted a special VIP reception to meet with local candidates for City Council, City Treasurer, School Board, and
Water District.

• Called on state legislators to place a comprehensive water bond on the statewide ballot to fix the current water
crisis throughout the state.

• Supported the appeal of the California Coastal Commission’s objection to the Transportation Corridor Agency’s
16-mile extension of the 241 Toll Road which will allow Corona residents and businesses easier access to the
coastal communities.

• Protected vital transportation funds by submitting letters from our membership on the type of impact it would have
on local businesses and the economy.

• Joined forces with the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento to help defeat a multi-billion dollar job-
killer mandate that would have expanded employer’s costs and liability by mandating a specific paid sick leave

• Supported efforts to reduce the costs of doing business in Corona. Specifically, deter thieves from stealing valuable
metals and materials from construction sites and city property and control litigation against businesses owners in
relation to unreasonable disability access requirements.

• Supported federal legislation to decrease truck traffic and increase movement of goods by rail that would have a
profound impact in and around Corona.

• Improved traffic on the SR-91 and I-15 to allow for easier movement of goods by leading the charge on two
important transportation related projects that were passed by the state legislature and signed into law by the

• Helped to eliminate proposed laws that would have unreasonably expanded employer’s costs and liabilities.

• Urged state legislators to support the Governor’s budget rainy day fund which simply acts as a savings account for
excess revenues taken in by the state each year and would ultimately offset proposed budget shortfalls when trying
to balance the budget.

• Continued to protect workers compensation reforms and fight against repealing any of the reforms that have
allowed for increased efficiency, less litigation, and better outcomes for injured workers.

• One of the first chambers of commerce in California to support Proposition 11 (Redistricting Reform). It will allow
for the creation of a 14-person citizen’s commission that would redraw new boundary lines for the State Senate and
Assembly districts and eliminates the conflict of interest when redrawing those district boundaries.

• Partnered with the Californians for Clean and Reliable Energy Coalition which supports the Sunrise Powerlink
Project. The project would ensure reliable electric service to the business community and region.

• Defeated a costly mandated healthcare tax on business.

New Laws Take Effect on January 1st

The Corona Chamber of Commerce wants you to be aware of new laws, taking effect on January 1, 2009. The
mission of the Chamber’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is to assume responsibility for representing the
interests of Corona businesses at all levels of government. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is to ensure
that you stay on top of changing or new legislation. Below, we have provided information on new legislation which
may impact your business or your ability to create new jobs.

Cell Phone Use
Since July 1, 2008, drivers have been required to use a hands-free device while talking on a cell phone and driving.
Starting January 1, 2009, text-based communication while driving will be prohibited. Specifically, the law prohibits
writing, sending or reading text-based communication including text messaging, instant messaging and e-mail, on a
wireless device or cell phone while driving.

Exemption for Physicians Paid on Hourly Basis
A licensed physician or surgeon who is primarily engaged in performing duties for which licensure is required is
exempt from overtime if he/she is paid at least the minimum hourly rate set annually by the state. Effective January
1, 2009, the minimum hourly rate is $69.13. This exemption does not apply to employees in medical internships or
resident programs, physician employees covered by collective bargaining agreements or veterinarians.

Family and Medical Leave Act
The U.S. Department of Labor published the final version of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations
pertaining to military families and qualifying exigencies. Importantly, among numerous, significant changes, the
regulations define what a ―qualifying exigency‖ is for purposes of qualifying for up to 12 weeks of FMLA leave.
Families with active military personnel may now be eligible if their situation meets one of the new qualifying
exigencies: short notice deployment, attendance at official military events or activities, arranging or providing
childcare, attending school or daycare meetings, handling financial and legal matters, and rest and recuperation
visits when the soldier is on leave.

 Invalid Waivers
A new law amended Labor Code 206.5 making null and void the execution of any release on account of wages due.
Employers who violate this law are guilty of a misdemeanor. Effective January 1, 2009 adds the following language:
"For purposes of this section, 'execution of a release' includes requiring an employee, as a condition of being paid, to
execute a statement of the hours he or she worked during a pay period, which the employer knows to be false."

Minimum Pay for Exempt Computer Professionals
Effective January 1, 2009, Labor Code 515.5 was amended to allow payment to computer professionals as a
monthly or annual salary. Before this change, computer professionals had to earn a minimum hourly rate, set by the
Division of Labor Statistics and Research (DLSR) annually. The hourly rate for 2009 is increased from $36.00 to
$37.94. For 2009, the minimum monthly salary exemption is $6,587.50, and the minimum annual salary exemption
is $79,050.00.

 Passport Cards for Identification on I-9
The Departments of State and Homeland Security have begun to issue "passport cards" which may be used as a "List
A" document to verify employment in accordance with the I-9 form. The passport card is more limited in its uses for
international travel (e.g., it may not be used for international air travel), but it is a valid passport that attests to the
U.S. citizenship and identity of the bearer. Accordingly, the card may be used for the Form I-9 process and can also
be accepted by employers participating in the E-Verify program. The passport card is considered a List A document
that may be presented by newly hired employees during the employment eligibility verification process to show
work authorized status. List A documents are those used by employees to prove both identity and work authorization
when completing the Form I-9.

 Political Speech
In July 2008, the president of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued guidelines to employers
concerning employee participation in political advocacy activities and providing guidance to employers as to when
disciplinary actions for these activities may be appropriate.

 The memorandum provides that:
- Non-disruptive political advocacy for or against a specific issue, related to a specifically identified employment
concern that takes place during employees' own time and in non-work areas, is protected;
- On-duty political advocacy for or against a specific issue, related to a specifically identified employment concern
is subject to restrictions imposed by lawful and neutrally applied work rules;
- Leaving or stopping work to engage in political advocacy for or against a specific issue, related to a specifically
identified employment concern may also be subject to restrictions imposed by the employer.

Temporary Employees
Wages for employees of temporary services employers shall be paid weekly or daily if an employee is assigned to a
client on a day-to-day basis or to a client engaged in a trade dispute. This requirement does not apply to employees
who are assigned to a client for over 90 consecutive calendar days unless the employer pays the employee weekly.
Failure to do so can result in civil and criminal penalties.

 Workers' Comp Injury Reporting
Labor Code section 6409.1 was amended to change the reporting of work related injuries and illnesses. Currently,
form 5020 must be filed with the Division of Labor Statistics and Research (DLSR) within five days of an incident.
Once the regulations are finalized, insured employers must file a form as prescribed by the Division of Workers'
Compensation (DWC) with the DWC, and self-insured employers must use a new, yet to be created, electronic form
within the time specified by the DWC. Amended reports following a death must now be filed with the DLSR instead
of the DWC. Insurers must use a new, yet to be created, electronic form with the DWC. The new law specifies that
regulations must be created to implement these changes, which will not go into effect until the regulations are

Nutritional Information for Chain Restaurants
A new law requires chain restaurants with 20 or more facilities in California to post nutritional information.
Beginning July 1, 2009, to December 31, 2010, each facility must disclose nutritional information or calorie count
information about the food it serves. Nutritional information includes, but is not limited to, all of the following, per
standard menu item, as that item is usually prepared and offered for sale:
 - Total number of calories;
- Total number of grams of carbohydrates;
- Total number of grams of saturated fat; and
- Total number of milligrams of sodium.

Chamber Successfully Secures Reliable Energy Supplies For Corona Businesses

The Corona Chamber of Commerce attended the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) meeting in San
Francisco last week to publically testify in support of the proposed Sunrise Powerlink Project. The Chamber
officially supported the Project earlier this year.

The Project will help ensure that the Corona business community has reliable electric service. After hours of
testimony from members of the public, the Commission approved the Project.

―The Sunrise Powerlink Project is a forward thinking energy solution to our region and will be beneficial to the
business community,‖ stated Cynthia Schneider, Chair of the Corona Chamber's Legislative Action Committee.
―This project is an example of clean energy by using solar and wind technology and will eliminate much of the
greenhouse gases that are generated by conventional power plants,‖ Schneider continued.

Why This Is Important To You

Corona's residents and businesses receive their power via a network of interconnected transmission lines that work
together to provide reliable electric service to homes and businesses throughout California. A disruption or
breakdown of major transmission lines can compromise the entire system and put consumers across the state at risk
for blackouts and energy shortages. The Sunrise Powerlink will have enough capacity to power more than 650,000
homes and businesses throughout the Corona region.

The Sunrise Powerlink would also expand access to new supplies of clean solar, wind and geothermal energy in the
Imperial Valley that are waiting to be tapped and help California move towards a greener energy future. In this new
era of ―Green‖ Energy, the Sunrise Powerlink transmission line is will provide the needed capacity of renewable
power to homes and businesses, while at the same time having minimal impact on the environment. This type of
project falls in line with AB 32, Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 that positioned California as a world leader
in effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The following statement was delivered by Corona Chamber Legislative Action Committee Chair Cynthia Schneider
at the December 18, 2008 CPUC Meeting in San Francisco:

Good morning (CPUC) President Peevey and Commissioners. My name is Cynthia Schneider and I am chair of the
Corona Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Action Committee.

I am here today on behalf of the Corona Chamber of Commerce to urge you to adopt President Peevey’s alternate
decision that approves the Sunrise Powerlink transmission line.

Despite the rosy reports, implementation of California’s aggressive plans to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and
increase green power usage is going to cost ratepayers – especially small business owners – a lot of money.

In order to implement these clean energy policies – and keep energy costs low - we must invest in cost-effective
infrastructure projects like the Sunrise Powerlink. Otherwise, we will continue to drive business out of California to
other states where the cost of doing business is much lower.

According to President Peevey’s alternate decision, the Sunrise Powerlink will save ratepayers over $125 million in
energy costs. Given the economic downturn we’re facing, this is welcome news.

Please know that the Sunrise Powerlink isn’t just about San Diego or Imperial Valley. This is a power line for all
Southern California ratepayers. After all, utilities up and down the state will use the Sunrise Powerlink to access the
solar, wind and geothermal energy in the Imperial Valley.

So while the Sunrise Powerlink won’t directly serve Corona, we still stand firmly behind it. Because we know
approval of the line will mean businesses in the Inland Empire will also have access to cleaner and more affordable
power supplies.

This vote today represents a test of the state’s commitment to a cleaner energy future. Failure to approve the
Sunrise Powerlink means all this talk about combating climate change and shifting from fossil fuels to cleaner
sources of electricity is just that – talk.

On behalf of the thousands of business owners and ratepayers who live and work outside of San Diego, please
support President Peevey’s alternative supporting the Sunrise Powerlink. We are counting on you to do what’s

Thank you.

                                                                                            AGENDA ITEM 1
                                                                                  Legislative Action Committee
                                                                                               January 20, 2009

December 2008 LAC Minutes

                                  LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE

                                       Corona Chamber of Commerce
                                     904 East Sixth Street, Corona 92879
                                               (951) 737-3350

                                         Tuesday, December 16, 2008

                                           Cynthia Schneider, Chair

                                            MEETING MINUTES

Call to Order and Roll Call

Chair Schneider called the meeting to order at 8:05am

        Chair                     Cynthia Schneider         American Security Bank                  X
                                  Jim Bradley               Consultant                              X
                                  Jack Mobilia              Manufacturer’s Council                  X
                                  Rachel Rola               AsYouLikeItProductions
                                  Chris Miller              Chris Miller Mortuary                   X
                                  Alex Braicovich           Waste Management                        X
                                  Sandy Klein               Re/Max All Stars                        X
                                  Chad Miller               Plas-Tech Sealing Tech                  X
                                  Ann Poloko                Financial Investors Group               X
                                  Javier Vasquez            Miguel’s Restaurants                    X
                                  Mark Krakower                                                     X
                                  CC Vest                   Midpoint Bearing                        X
                                  Ken Rivers                Corona Regional Medical                 X
                                  Sue Wakefield             ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings        X
        Chamber                   Bobby Spiegel             Corona Chamber of Commerce              X
        Chamber                   Shaun Lumachi             Corona Chamber of Commerce              X

Chair’s Report

       2008 Vote Record
        Chair Schneider reviewed the 2008 Vote Record with the LAC members.

       Recent Communication
        Chair Schneider reviewed recent action items communicated by the Chamber.

President & CEO’s Report

        Spiegel reported on the recent conversations with City Management regarding the Chamber’s effort to
        secure a Corona-based business preference on City contracts.

Staff Report

        No report.

Local, State, Federal Legislative Staff Updates
New Business

   1.   November 2008 LAC Retreat Minutes                                                      ACTION

        Moved by Poloko. Seconded by Miller to approve the November 2008 minutes.
        Motion approved unanimously.

   2.   2009 Strategic Initiatives                                                             ACTION

        Chair Schneider asked members of the LAC to determine their Subcommittee assignments for 2009.
        The following LAC members determined their Subcommittees:

        Meeting the first Friday of each month, via conference call:

        Stimulating the Local Economy at 9:00am

        Mark Krakower
        Ann Poloko
        CC Vest
        Chad Miller

        Employee and Employer Issues at 10:00am

        Ken Rivers
        Javier Vasquez
        Chad Miller

        Improving Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure at 11:00am

        Jim Bradley
        Sandy Klein
        Jack Mobilia

        The LAC reviewed the 2009 Strategic Initiatives for final changes. Moved by Vest. Seconded by Vasquez to
        approve the 2009 Strategic Initiatives. Motion approved unanimously.

   3.   2009 Policy Platform                                                                   ACTION

        The LAC reviewed the 2009 Policy Platform for final changes. Moved by Klein. Seconded by Vest to
        approve the 2009 Strategic Initiatives. Motion approved unanimously


        Chair Schneider adjourned the meeting at 9:10am

                                                                                                  AGENDA ITEM 2
                                                                                        Legislative Action Committee
                                                                                                     January 20, 2009

Housing State Tax Credit


Shaun Lumachi
Director of Government Affairs

Staff Recommended Position

         Support the need for a tax credit in order to stimulate new home purchases in order to revive housing


    1.   The California Building Industry Association (BIA) is looking for support and is in the process of
         finalizing language that will be incorporated into bill form.

    2.   The Corona Chamber of Commerce will reserve its right to make or change its position once legislation is


    3.   New home buyers will receive a tax credit of up to $10,000 (up to 5% of purchase price) for the purchase
         of a new home over the next year.

    4.   The home must be newly constructed, unsold single-family home, used as principal residence for at least
         one year.

    5.   Taxpayers apply the credit to offset their state income taxes.

    6.   According to the former Director of the CA Department of Finance, on average, every home built in
         California generates $16,000 in state revenues and another $3,000 in revenues for local governments.

    7.   After providing the $10,000 tax credit, each new home constructed will net a positive $6,000 in additional
         state revenues.

    8.   Additionally, buyers won’t claim the tax credit until 2010, but the new home construction generated will
         occur immediately.

    9.   Lastly, no checks will be written from the state, so no revenue will ―come out‖ of state coffers.

    10. The credit is more than offset by the new revenues the housing construction will generate.

                                                                                                AGENDA ITEM 3
                                                                                      Legislative Action Committee
                                                                                                   January 20, 2009

Legislative Report #1


Shaun Lumachi
Director of Government Affairs

Staff Recommended Action

         Oppose H.R. 800 (Miller, George [D – CA]) Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)


    1.   H.R. 800 also known as the ―Card Check Bill‖ would amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish
         a system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory
         injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes.


    2.   Current law allows employees to a private-ballot election when deciding whether the employees want
         union representation in the workplace.

    3.   In 1935 Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act which allowed unions to organize workplaces
         using secret ballot elections or ―other suitable methods‖ to determine union representation.

    4.   The ―other suitable methods‖ included card-check systems in which union organizers would ask workers to
         sign union cards to signify their desire for union representation.

    5.   The card-check method created severe problems within the workplace ranging from forced signatures to
         harassment and violence.

    6.   In 1947 legislators recognized the significant problems that card-check and other forms of union election
         presented and enacted legislation that removed the language that allowed for ―other suitable methods‖ such
         as card-check to be used for union representation.

    7.   With the removal of this language, secret elections became the preferred method of union election.

    8.   The elections are overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, which has numerous procedures in place
         to ensure fair and fraud-free elections.

    9.   Federal legislation, pending in the U.S. House and Senate entitled H.R. 800 and S. 1041 respectively,
         would threaten the rights of U.S employers and employees by taking the workforce back over 60 years to a
         method of voting that has been proven to be ineffective and unfair.

    10. Another component of the EFCA is binding arbitration which would require the federal government to
        appoint a mediator and impose a contract if management and labor cannot come to an agreement.

    11. This would allow either party to delay an agreement in the hope of getting more in arbitration than the
        employer/employee would get in bargaining.

    12. In its current form, H.R. 800 contains language that would increase penalties for employers, but not for
        unions or others, who may violate union organizing laws.

    13. H.R. 800 has passed the House 241-185 in 2007, but did not make it to the Senate floor and is expected to
        be brought back when the Congress reconvenes in 2009.

Arguments in Support

    14. H.R. 800 allows for the best opportunity of working men and women to get ahead economically by uniting
        with coworkers to bargain with their employers for better wages and benefits.

    15. The National Labor Relations Act has become a barrier to workers rights as companies intimidate, harass,
        coerce and even fire individuals who try to organize unions.

Arguments in Opposition

    16. According to several chambers across the country, the EFCA would deny employees the right to a secret
        ballot election when deciding whether to join a union.

    17. Union leaders may use their power to threaten, coerce individuals to vote/form a union in public, who may
        otherwise wish to contract privately with their employer.

(Partial Listing)

ACORN                                                        Equality South Carolina
Alliance for Justice                                         Friends Committee on National Legislation
Alliance for Retired Americans                               Gamaliel Foundation - Transportation Equity Group
American Friends Service Committee                           Grassroots Policy Project
American Library Association - Allied Professional           Gray Panthers
Association                                                  Gray Panthers – Austin, Texas
American Public Health Association (resolution)              Gray Panthers of California
American Rights at Work                                      Gray Panthers of Berkley, Calif.
Americans for Democratic Action                              Human Rights Campaign
Americans United for Change                                  Human Rights Watch (resolution)
A. Philip Randolph Institute                                 Interfaith Worker Justice
Apollo Alliance                                              Japanese-American Citizens League
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance                        Jewish Labor Committee
Black Leadership Forum                                       Jobs with Justice
Business Responds to AIDS/Labor Responds to                  Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
AIDS (BRTA/LRTA)                                             Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (report)
California Church Impact                                     League of Rural Voters
Center for American Progress                                 League of United Latin American Citizens
Center for America’s Future                                  Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational
Center for Community Change                                  Fund
Center for Corporate Policy                                  Michigan ACLU
Change America Now                                           NAACP
Church Women United                                          National Association of Consumer Advocates
Clergy and Laity Network United for Justice                  National Baptist Convention of America
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists                           National Center for Trangendered Rights (NGLTE)
Coalition of Contingent Academics Labor                      National Consumers League
Coalition of Labor Union Women (resolution—PDF)              National Council of Women’s Organizations
Council on American-Islamic Relations                        National Employment Law Project
Coalition on Human Needs                                     National Federation of Filipino American
Coalition of Immokalee Workers                               Associations
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety                    National Immigration Law Center
Cornell University LGBT Center                               National Latino Congreso (resolution)
Demos                                                        National Employment Lawyers Association
Democratic National Committee                                National Partnership for Women and Families
Democratic Socialists of America                             National Puerto Rican Coalition
Earth Action Network                                         National Resources Defense Council
Empire State Pride in New York State                         National Stonewall Democrats

National Women's Political Caucus                         Sojourners/Call to Renewal
National Workrights Institute (resolution)                Tikkun/The Network of Spiritual Progressives
NDN                                                       United Church of Christ - Justice and Witness
NOW California                                            Ministries
Operation BIG VOTE                                        United for a Fair Economy
Pax Christi USA (resolution)                              United Methodist Church - General Board of Church
People for the American Way                               and Society (resolution—PDF)
Presbyterian Church USA – Washington, D.C., office        United Nations Association of the National Capital
Press Associates Union News Service                       Area
Pride at Work                                             United for Peace and Justice
Progressive Jewish Alliance                               United States Student Association
Progressive Maryland                                      United Students Against Sweatshops
Progressive States Network                                United University Professors
Queer Organizing Coalition                                Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
San Francisco Board of Supervisors                        USAction
Sierra Club                                               U.S. Labor Against the War

(Partial Listing)

Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater                    AMT-The Association for Manufacturing
Springfield (MA)                                              Technology
Alabama Chapter of ABC                                        Antelope Valley (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Alabama Restaurant Association                                API
Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailers               Arcadia (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Association                                                   Arizona Builders Alliance of ABC
Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association                            Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Alaska Chapter of ABC                                         Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association
Alliance for Worker Freedom                                   Arizona IEC
Aluminum Association                                          Arizona Restaurant & Hospitality Association
American Apparel & Footwear Association                       Arkansas Chapter of ABC
American Bakers Association                                   Arkansas Hospitality Association
American Beverage Association                                 Arkansas Hotel & Lodging Association
American Conservative Union                                   Arkansas IEC
American Fire Sprinkler Association                           Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
American Foundry Society                                      Asheboro/Randolph (NC) Chamber of Commerce
American Frozen Food Institute                                Ashland & Tri State Area Chapter IEC
American Health Care Association                              Asian American Hotel Owners Association
American Hospital Association                                 (AAHOA)
American Hotel & Lodging Association                          Assisted Living Federation of America
American International Automobile Dealers                     Associated Builders & Contractors
Association                                                   Associated Builders & Contractors Heart of America
American Meat Institute                                       Chapter
American Seniors Housing Association                          Associated Builders & Contractors of Alabama
American Shareholders Association                             Associated General Contractor
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources               Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Administration                                                Association of Equipment Manufacturers
American Society of Employers                                 Association of Millwork Distributors
American Staffing Association                                 Association of Washington Business
American Supply Association                                   Association of Woodworking & Furnishings
American Trucking Associations                                Suppliers
American Wholesale Marketers Association                      Atlanta Hotel Council
Americans for a Limited Government                            Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Americans for Prosperity                                      Baltimore Metro Chapter of ABC
Americans for Tax Reform                                      Bearing Specialists Association
                                                              Brittney Inc

Burnsville (MN) Chamber of Commerce                      Duluth (MN) Area Chamber of Commerce
Business & Industry Association of New Hampshire         East Tennessee Chapter of ABC
California Chamber of Commerce                           East Tennessee IEC
California Hotel & Lodging Association                   East Texas IEC
California Manufacturers & Technology Association        Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC
California Restaurant Association                        Eastern Sandoval County (NM) Chamber of
Camarillo (CA) Chamber of Commerce                       Commerce
Capital Associated Industries Inc                        Eastern Shore Chapter of ABC
Carolinas Chapter of ABC                                 Eastern Washington Chapter IEC
Center for Freedom & Prosperity                          El Paso Chapter IEC
Center for Individual Freedom                            Empire State Chapter of ABC
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise                Environmental Industry Associations
CenTex Chapter IEC                                       Fairfax County (VA) Chamber of Commerce
Central Alabama Chapter IEC                              Federation of American Hospitals
Central California Chapter of ABC                        FEWA-Marketing & Distribution Association
Central Florida Chapter of ABC                           Flagstaff (AZ) Chamber of Commerce
Central Indiana IEC                                      Florida Chamber of Commerce
Central Michigan Chapter of ABC                          Florida East Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Missouri IEC                                     Florida First Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Ohio AEC/EIC                                     Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Ohio Chapter of ABC                              Florida Independent Concrete & Associated
Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC                      Products, Inc.
Central Pennsylvania Chapter of IEC                      Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
Central Texas Chapter of ABC                             Florida West Coast Chapter IEC
Central Washington IEC                                   Food Marketing Institute
Centre County (PA) IEC                                   Forging Industry Association
Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana                 Fort Worth/Tarrant County IEC
Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County                 Freedom Works
Chamber of Medford/Jackson County (OR)                   Georgia Chamber of Commerce
Charleston (SC) Metro Chamber of Commerce                Georgia Chapter of ABC
Chattanooga Area (TN) Chamber of Commerce                Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
Chesapeake Chapter of ABC                                Georgia IEC
Chesapeake IEC                                           Georgia Restaurant Association
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce                          Glendale (AZ) Chamber of Commerce
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber                          Golden Gate Chapter of ABC
Citizen Outreach Project                                 Goleta Valley (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Cleveland-Bradley (TN) Chamber of Commerce               Grand Junction Area (CO) Chamber of Commerce
College & University Professional Association for        Graphic Arts Association
Human Resources                                          Greater Albuquerque (NM) Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry            Greater Bakersfield (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Hospital Association                            Greater Cincinnati IEC
Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association                     Greater Columbia (SC) Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Restaurant Association                          Greater Columbus (GA) Chamber of Commerce
Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey            Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Business & Industry Association              Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Chapter of ABC                               Greater Elkhart (IN) Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Restaurant Association                       Greater Findlay (OH) Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Consumer Electronics Association                         Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Copper & Brass Servicenter                               Greater Houston Chapter of ABC
Cornhusker Chapter of ABC                                Greater Louisville Inc.
Costa Mesa (CA) Chamber of Commerce                      Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste            Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Cumberland Valley Chapter of ABC                         Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association
Dakotas Inc IEC/Dallas Chapter IEC                       Greater Raleigh (NC) Chamber of Commerce
Daytona Beach/Halifax (FL) Chamber of Commerce           Greater Reading (PA) Chamber of Commerce &
Delaware Chapter of ABC                                  Industry
Delaware Restaurant Association                          Greater Spokane Incorporated
Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce                     Greater St. Louis IEC
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce                         Greater Syracuse (NY) Chamber of Commerce

Green Bay Area (WI) Chamber of Commerce                   Long Beach (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Guam Contractors Association of ABC                       Los Angeles-Ventura Chapter of ABC
Hampton Area (NH) Chamber of Commerce                     Louisiana Association of Business & Industry
Hampton Roads Chapter IEC                                 Louisiana Restaurant Association
Hardin County Chamber of Commerce                         Louisiana Retailers Association
Hartford (CT) Chamber of Commerce                         Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce
Hawaii Chapter of ABC                                     Lubbock Chapter IEC
Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association                        Maine Chapter of ABC
Hawaii Restaurant Association                             Maine Innkeepers Association
Heart of America Chapter of ABC                           Maine Restaurant Association
Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration                  Management Association of Illinois (The)
Distributors International                                Manufacturers’ Association of NW Pennsylvania
Henderson (NV) Chamber of Commerce                        Marion Area Chamber of Commerce
Hilliard Chamber of Commerce                              Maryland Hotel, Motel & Resort Association
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute                  Massachusetts Chapter of ABC
Hobbs (NM) Chamber of Commerce                            Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Hospitality Association of South Carolina                 Material Handling Equipment Distributors
Hotel Association of New York City                        Association
Hotel Association of Washington DC                        MEC-IEC of Dayton, OH
Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce                      Metals Service Center Institute
Idaho IEC                                                 Metro Washington Chapter of ABC
Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association                  Metro West (MA) Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Chamber of Commerce                              Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Chapter of ABC                                   Michigan Manufacturers Association
Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association                      Michigan Restaurant Association
Illinois IEC                                              Mid-America Lumbermens Association
Illinois Restaurant Association                           Mid Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Independent Electrical Contractors Inc                    Mid Tennessee Chapter of ABC
Independent Women’s Voice                                 Mid-Oregon Chapter IEC
Indian River County (FL) Chamber of Commerce              Mid-South Chapter IEC
Indiana Chamber of Commerce                               Midwest IEC
Indiana Chapter of ABC                                    Minnesota Chapter of ABC
Industrial Fasteners Institute                            Minnesota Lodging Association
Industrial Supply Association                             Minnesota Restaurant Association
Inland Pacific Chapter of ABC                             Mississippi Chapter of ABC
Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute                  Mississippi Economic Development Council
International Council of Shopping Centers                 Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association
International Foodservice Distributors Association        Mississippi Manufacturers Association
International Franchise Association                       Missouri Restaurant Association
International Truck Parts Association                     Modular Building Institute
International Warehouse Logistics Association             Monroe (LA) Chamber of Commerce
Iowa Association of Business & Industry                   Montana Chamber of Commerce
Iowa Chapter of ABC                                       Montana IEC
Iowa Restaurant Association                               Montana Innkeepers Association
Iowans for Right to Work                                  Montana Motor Carriers Association
Kansas City IEC                                           Montana Restaurant Association
Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association             Montgomery Area (AL) Chamber of Commerce
Kentuckiana Chapter of ABC                                Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
Kentucky & Southern Indiana Chapter IEC                   Mountain States Empoyers Council
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce                              Nashville IEC
Kentucky Electrical Contractors Association               Natchitoches Area (LA) Chamber of Commerce
Keystone Chapter of ABC                                   National Alliance for Worker & Employer Rights
Kentucky Restaurant Association                           National Armored Car Association
Lake Havasu Area (AZ) Chamber of Commerce                 National Association of Automobile Dealers
Larue County Chamber of Commerce                          National Association of Chemical Distributors
Las Vegas (NV) Chamber of Commerce                        National Association of Home Builders
Las Vegas Chapter of ABC                                  National Association of Manufacturers
Licking County Chamber of Commerce                        National Association of Sign Supply Distributors
Little Rock Chamber of Commerce                           National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

National Center for Assisted Living                     Northwest Washington IEC
National Council of Chain Restaurants                   Office Products Wholesalers Association
National Electrical Manufacturers Association           Offshore Marine Service Association
National Federation of Independent Business             Ohio Chamber of Commerce
National Franchisee Association                         Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association
National Grocers Association                            Ohio Restaurant Association
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers             Ohio Valley Chapter of ABC
Association                                             OKC Inc IEC
National Mining Association                             Oklahoma Chapter of ABC
National Paper Trade Association                        Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association           Oklahoma Restaurant Association
National Private Duty Association                       Oklahoma State Chamber
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association               Optical Laboratories Association
National Restaurant Association                         Oregon IEC
National Retail Federation                              Oregon Lodging Association
National Roofing Contractors Association                Oregon Restaurant Association
National School Transportation Association              Owatonna Area (MN) Chamber of Commerce &
National Small Business United                          Tourism
National Solid Wastes Management Association            Oxnard (CA) Chamber of Commerce
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association               Pacific Northwest Chapter of ABC
National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.                      Pacific Printing & Imaging Association
National Taxpayers Union                                Pelican Chapter of ABC
National Tooling & Machining Association                Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry                 Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
Nebraska Hotel & Motel Association                      Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association
Nebraska Restaurant Association                         Petroleum Equipment Institute
Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association                      Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association
Nevada Manufactures Association                         Portland Cement Association
Nevada Restaurant Association                           Precision Metalforming Association
New England IEC                                         Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic
New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association          Printing & Imaging Association Mountain States
New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter of ABC                    Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia, Inc.
New Jersey Business & Industry Association              Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica
New Jersey Chapter of ABC                               Printing & Imaging Association of New York State
New Jersey Hotel & Lodging Association                  Printing Association of Florida, Inc.
New Jersey IEC                                          Printing Industries Association Inc. ―Serving
New Jersey Restaurant Association                       Northern Kentucky and Ohio‖
New Mexico Chapter of ABC                               Printing Industries Association of San Diego
New Mexico Lodging Association                          Printing Industries Association of Southern
New Mexico Restaurant Association                       California, Inc.
New Orleans/Bayou Chapter of ABC                        Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Arizona
New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association        Printing Industries of America
New York State Restaurant Association                   Printing Industries of Michigan, Inc.
North Alabama Chapter of ABC                            Printing Industries of New England
North Carolina Chamber of Commerce                      Printing Industries of Northern California
North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association         Printing Industries of St. Louis
North Dakota Chamber of Commerce                        Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast
North Dakota Hospitality Association                    Printing Industries of the Midlands, Inc.
North Florida Chapter of ABC                            Printing Industries of Utah
North Las Vegas (NV) Chamber of Commerce                Printing Industries of Virginia
North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce                    Printing Industries of Wisconsin
North Texas Chapter of ABC                              Printing Industry Association of the South, Inc.
Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce           Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Assn.
Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce                   Printing Industry of Minnesota, Inc
Northern Michigan Chapter of ABC                        Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc.
Northern New Mexico IEC                                 Property Rights Alliance
Northern Ohio Chapter of ABC                            Public Service Research Council
Northern Ohio Electrical Contractors Association        Puget Sound Washington Chapter IEC
Northwest Pennsylvania IEC                              Redwood Empire Chapter IEC

Regional Legislative Alliance of Santa Barbara           Texas Warehouse Association
County (CA)                                              Texoma IEC
Restaurant and Hospitality Association of Indiana        Textile Care Allied Trades Association
Restaurant Association of Maryland                       Textile Rental Services Association of America
Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington        The Real Estate Roundtable
Retail Industry Leaders Association                      Tooling & Manufacturing Association
Rhode Island Chapter of ABC                              Treasure State IEC
Rhode Island Hospitality and Tourism Association         Tri-State IEC
Rio Grande Valley Chapter of IEC Inc                     Truckload Carriers Association
Rocky Mountain Chapter of ABC                            Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Rocky Mountain IEC                                       U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce                        U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Ruston-Lincoln (LA) Chamber of Commerce                  U.S. Human Recourses and Ethics Services
Sacramento (CA) Metro Chamber of Commerce                Uniform and Textile Service Association
Saginaw Valley Chapter of ABC                            United Chambers of Commerce-SFV & Region
San Antonio Chapter IEC                                  United Motorcoach Association
San Diego Chapter of ABC                                 Utah Chapter of ABC
San Diego North (CA) Chamber of Commerce                 Utah Hotel & Lodging Association
San Diego North Chamber of Commerce                      Utah IEC
Sebago Lake Region (ME) Chamber of Commerce              Utah Restaurant Association
Sierra Nevada Chapter of ABC                             Ventura Chapter IEC
Society of Human Resource Management                     Vermont Hospitality Council
Society of the Plastics Industry (The)                   Virginia Chamber of Commerce
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce                       Virginia Chapter of ABC
South Carolina Trucking Association                      Virginia Hospital and Travel Association
South Dakota Retailers Association                       Virginia Petroleum Convenience & Grocery
South Florida Chapter Inc IEC                            Association
South Texas Chapter of ABC                               Visalia (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Southeast Missouri IEC                                   Washington IEC
Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC                    Washington Restaurant Association
Southeast Texas Chapter of ABC                           Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association
Southeastern Michigan Chapter of ABC                     WECA IEC
Southern Arizona IEC                                     West Chamber Serving Jefferson County (CO)
Southern California Chapter of ABC                       West Suburban (IL) Chamber of Commerce &
Southern California IEC                                  Industry
Southern Colorado Chapter IEC                            West Tennessee Chapter of ABC
Southern Indiana Chapter-Evansville IEC                  West Texas IEC
Southern New Mexico IEC                                  West Virginia Chamber of Commerce
St. Mary’s County (MD) Chamber of Commerce               West Virginia Chapter of ABC
Staten Island (NY) Chamber of Commerce                   West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Steel Manufacturers Association                          Western Carolina Industries
Stuart-Martin County (FL) Chamber of Commerce            Western Colorado Chapter of ABC
Taxpayers League of Minnesota                            Western Colorado IEC
Tennessee Hospital Association                           Western Michigan Chapter of ABC
Tennessee Hotel & Lodging Association                    Western Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC
Tennessee Restaurant Association                         Western Reserve Chapter IEC
Texas Coastal Bend Chapter of ABC                        Western Washington Chapter of ABC
Texas Gulf Coast Chapter IEC                             Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association
Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC                          Wichita Chapter IEC
Texas Hotel & Lodging Association                        Wisconsin Chapter of ABC
Texas Mid-Coast Chapter of ABC                           Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Association
Texas Panhandle IEC                                      Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
Texas Restaurant Association                             Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Texas State IEC                                          Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association


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