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                                                                                                                           Volume 20, Number 3
                                                                                                                               January 30 , 2009

        Tran s p l ant Hou se :                                                                                               (Left to right): Rafael Viñoly, Ralph Muller,
                                                                                                                              Abraham Shaked, Richard Leighton (Transplant
                                                                                                                              House committee), Clyde Barker, Dode Barker

           A Step CloSer to reAlity
                                                                                                                              (Transplant House committee), Nancy Williams
                                                                                                                              (Board of Woman Visitors), Karyn Mullen
                                                                                                                              (Philadelphia Antiques Show committee),
                                                                                                                              and Arthur Rubenstein.

             Organ transplantation is one of medicine’s              The Clyde F. Barker Transplant House will
         true, life-saving miracles, but, for many patients       help ease these emotional and financial burdens,
         and their families, receiving the good news of a         providing a “home away from home” that is               Donated Services
         life-saving organ match also causes anxiety. Over        affordable, convenient, and comfortable.                The $2-million Clyde F. Barker Transplant
         one-third of Penn’s transplant patients must travel         “Transplant is a desperate time for patients and     House will become a reality thanks to
         more than 50 miles for their surgery — some              their families. The house will make a big difference    many generous cash donations as well as
         coming from as far as New England, the Carolinas,        in their lives,” said Clyde Barker, MD, former chair    companies that will provide their services
         Ohio, and beyond. All too often, the joy of receiving    of Surgery, at the groundbreaking. “My name on          free of charge, including:
         a compatible organ is tempered by the harsh reality      this house is the nicest thing to happen to me in        • Rafael Viñoly Architects, PC –
         of extended hospital visits for the patient and travel   my 50 years at HUP.” Barker performed HUP’s first         architectural designs.
         expenses for the family.                                                                                          • L.F. Driscoll Company –
                                                                  organ transplant in 1966 and is recognized as a
                                                                                                                            construction management services.
             And such challenges are not short-term.              leading investigator in the transplant field.
                                                                                                                           • Philadelphia Trade and Labor Unions and
         After they have received the transplants, organ             “The Barker Transplant House represents the             the Philadelphia Sprinkler Fitters Local
         recipients must return repeatedly for follow-up          reality that patient care extends beyond our hospital      Union 692 – labor services.
         care — as often as 50 times during the first two         walls in addition to our continued commitment to         • Ballinger – mechanical engineering.
         years post-surgery. For loved ones, the full trans-      improve the patient experience,” added Abraham           • Thorton Tomasetti – structural engineering.
         plantation experience adds up to a mountain of           Shaked, MD, director of the Penn Transplant              • Pennoni – site engineering.
         non-reimbursable hotel, transportation and meal          Center and chief of Transplant Surgery.
         expenses — at a time when emotions and finances
         are already stretched to a breaking point.                                        (continued on back page)

                                                                                                                Strategies to
“ We are doing everything                                                                                       Increase Revenue

   we can to increase our
                                                                                                                   Scheib stressed that no mass layoffs are

                                                                                                                being planned. “We are doing everything we
                                                                                                                can to increase our revenue and reduce costs
   revenue and reduce costs….”                                                                                  to minimize any potential future job losses.”
                                                                                                                   Leadership is trying several approaches to
                                                                                                                increase revenue. One way is to aggressively
   No one knows for sure when the current                   In addition to the shortfall in operating           recruit physicians in key service areas — and
economic environment will improve but, at the            income, the Health System has seen a dramatic          their patients — from other health systems. “We
most recent Meal with an Administrator, HUP              decline in its investment income. This is a direct     get many calls from doctors who want to come to
executive director Garry Scheib spoke about the          result of the significant decline in the financial     Penn. They see who’s strong and that’s where they
many measures being taken to help UPHS keep              markets since September 2008.                          want to stake their future,” he said.
its financial strength in these challenging times.          The current decrease in income reduces how              Another strategy is to actively recruit
He stressed that we are fortunate to have built          much we can reinvest in the Health System.             transplant patients. UPHS is the leader in
a strong financial base but “no organization is          Scheib explained that each year UPHS spends            transplants in this region. In fact, we rank among
immune to the overall decline in world economy.”         about $100-150 million to repair and replace old       the top 10 in the country for all solid organs.
   For the period July through November of FY09,         equipment and add new capacity to meet the             “Every other program in our area is very small. In
the Health System was behind target in $13.5             increasing patient demands. “If we don’t make          fact some are in danger of losing their Medicare
million of income from operations. “This doesn’t         enough income to replace equipment, we’ll fall         funding because they do so few transplants, “
mean we lost money,” he stressed. “We just didn’t        behind, which will have significant long-term          Scheib said. “We see this as a big opportunity.”
make as much money as we planned.”                       effects,” he said.                                        While no major layoff is in the plans, Scheib
   There are many reasons for this. After a big             In addition to current challenges, major state      personally reviews all open positions at HUP
dip in its activity in August, “HUP is very busy         and federal budget deficits could have a significant   each Monday before giving the green light to fill
but we’re seeing more patients with Medicaid or          impact on our future Medicaid and Medicare             them. “It’s not a hiring freeze but we are filling
Medicare insurance which doesn’t pay as much as          reimbursements.“Pennsylvania is facing a $1.7          them based on need.” The same process occurs
commercial insurers.”                                    billion deficit and the biggest piece of the state     throughout the Health System.
   Also, we’re seeing more medical than surgical         budget is Medicaid,” he said.“We are the state’s          Reducing our supply utilization is another
cases, which pay more.“We’re definitely seeing a         second largest Medicaid provider [after Temple].       cost-cutting effort. “Even something as simple
shift but not as much as other hospitals in the area.”   Our concern is how much will the state take from       as turning off lights,” he said. “This is a big place
   Many people are putting off elective surgery.         Medicaid funding to balance the state’s deficit.”      — 2.5 million square feet with the Perelman
While this does not have a major impact on HUP              The federal government not only funds               Center and Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse. The
finances, it does affect our other System hospitals.     Medicare but also provides approximately half          more we conserve, the better.
   Another hit: In the past the state provided $9        of Medicaid’s costs to states. The hope is that           “Or use both sides of paper if you’re making
million each year as part of MCare abatement,            some of the money from President Obama’s               multiple copies rather than two pieces. It doesn’t
which helps hospitals and doctors pay for                economic stimulus package will be used to              sound like a lot but it adds up in a $3 billion
malpractice coverage. This year the state did not        support the health-care industry, which is             organization.”
renew the abatement. “That’s approximately $3            often the biggest business in a community.
                                                                                                                   No one can predict what the economic future
million out of our $13.5 million negative variance                                                              holds, but Scheib promised to keep employees
so far this year.”                                                                                              informed as plans are made. He welcomes any
                                                                                                                suggestions for cutting costs.
MoRE                 Gi v i n g
The January 2 issue of HUPdate focused on the many acts of
generosity on the part of our employees, but there were more!
Read below for additional examples of how we care.

■    More than 75 PENN Medicine volunteers participated in Councilwoman
    Jannie Blackwell’s Holiday Party for the Homeless and Disadvantaged.
■    Anesthesiology issued a challenge to its faculty and residents: Who
    can collect more food for Philabundance? The prize? Breakfast! Residents
    brought in a respectable 389 pounds of canned food but the faculty
    outdid themselves: 479 pounds of canned food and 125 pounds of rice,
    for a total of over 600 pounds. In addition to bringing nearly half a ton
    of food, the department donated $600 to Philabundance as well.
■   And more than 60 employees of Respiratory Care and Pulmonary
                                                                                         Volunteers at the Sunday Breakfast Mission included (front row) Lynn Radak, Tamara Cross,
    Diagnostics and their family members volunteered to serve three
                                                                                         and Katie Trifiletti; (middle row) Mao Pezzella, Lou Ann Norton, Julio (from the Mission), and
    meals at the Sunday Breakfast Mission. In addition, they collected                   Susanne Snedeker; and (back row) Cameron Griffin, Jesse Pezzella, Tony Griffin, Jill Gehman,
    and delivered three truckloads on nonperishable food and $300. The                   and David Moore.
    mission was so successful that they hope to try it again in the spring.

                                                  ImaGInG                                    to Meet Every Need
    Radiology’s recent move to the Ruth and                Most imaging services on Silverstein 1 have also                Radiology services are located on the street level,
Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine              moved, with the exception of those for orthopaedic           available as soon as patients get off the elevator
opens up a whole new world for outpatients.                patients. Nuclear medicine and ultrasound for                from the parking garage or enter from the street.
“We’re committed to offering friendly, efficient           outpatients will also remain at HUP, but Bryan said          “It’s very convenient for patient access,” Bryan said.
service to our patients,” said Nick Bryan, MD,             that, with the future expansion of the Perelman
chair of Radiology.                                        Center, these services will also be relocated.
    This includes same-day service, Bryan noted,           Benefits for Employees
if the patient needs the imaging study and report             The move benefits employees as well.
                                                                                                                      Radiology at
for another appointment that day or finds it more          The department is currently working                               the Perelman Center
convenient to complete the diagnostic testing before       on streamlining the scheduling and pre-
leaving the campus. “We are doing all we can to            certification process (which is necessary                  The 34 Radiology rooms at Perelman include the
meet the needs of the patients and their referring         for CT, MRI, Nuclear and PET scans).                       following imaging services and capacity:
physicians.”                                               “We’re in the process of rolling out an                       ➤   All-digital mammography (7)
    The capacity at the new location is almost double      electronic radiology order entry system                       ➤    Breast ultrasound (3)
what it was at HUP and the Penn Tower mezzanine            on EPIC,” Bryan explained. “This allows
location. And, at the Perelman Center, the service                                                                       ➤    Breast biopsy (1)
                                                           doctors to order the test directly online
is dedicated exclusively to outpatients. “It will not      while the patients are getting dressed and                    ➤    MRs (5 including 3 Tesla scanners)
only be a very different experience for these patients     checking out. That way, patients will have the                ➤    Digital radiographic x-ray rooms (5)
but we’ll have improvement on the inpatient side as        appointment before they leave.”                               ➤    CTs (3)
well, now that there’s a dedicated service for them as        With the new EPIC order entry system, “our                 ➤    Interventional radiology suites
well,” said Ann Costello, director of Administration.      referring physician staff won’t have to spend so                   (3, with 2 for venous access)
    A separate women’s suite provides services for         much time waiting on the phone to get through
screening and diagnostics, and surgical breast
                                                                                                                         ➤    DEXA scanners (3)
                                                           and then calling the patient,” Costello added.
patients. A separate waiting area, with a private          “We’re very excited.”
                                                                                                                         ➤    GI/GU fluoroscopy (2)
entrance, is dedicated to breast imaging patients.            An electronic version to pre-certify is also
                                                                                                                         ➤    SPEC CT (2 nuclear cardiology scanners)
    All radiology services at the Penn Tower               in the works.
mezzanine have now shifted to Perelman.                                                                               There is also a PET-CT and MRI in Radiation Oncology.
(continued from front page)
Transplant House:
A Step CloSer to reAlity
Generosity of Many                                                    The Transplant House will be located at 3940 Spruce Street,
   As CEO Ralph Muller noted about transplantation, “it’s          very close to HUP. It will be staffed with social coordinators and
heroic medicine.” And it has been the generous giving of so        nurses around the clock and, much like the Ronald McDonald
many that will bring this house to fruition.                       houses, the facility will be designed to meet the unique needs of
   Indeed, the Board of Women Visitors, which gave the naming      its patient population and families.
gift for the Transplant House; the Philadelphia Antiques              Features include kitchen facilities, computers and Internet
Show Committee; and donations from the entire transplant           access, laundry room and rooms furnished with two double
community are funding the $2 million project.                      beds. There will be a continuously running shuttle to HUP and a
   Muller also thanked the many people and organizations that      comprehensive education center with meeting space for support
are donating services, including Rafael Viñoly, who designed       groups. “The extended support of families is very important to
the Barker Transplant House. “I am grateful to be given the        patients’ successful outcomes,” Muller said.
opportunity to participate, to work on a ‘house’ that offers a        “The Transplant House has a special place in our hearts,”
welcoming and friendly environment,” Vinoly said. “You gave me     said Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, executive vice present of
a chance to help you, and I thank you.” Viñoly also designed the   the University of Pennsylvania for the Health System and dean
Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine.            of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. “It is an
(See front page for others donating services.)                     important milestone in care for our transplant patients and their
                                                                   families. I thank you all for your generous donations.”

                                                                      • F u n Fac t s •
There’s Still Time!
The deadline for filling out the UPHS Patient Safety                  During a typical weekday at HUp:
Culture Assessment Survey has been extended to
Saturday, January 31. Your response will allow us
                                                                      • 13 babies are delivered.
to identify our strengths in patient safety and areas                 • 160 people come through the ED.
where we can improve patient care at Penn.                            • 600 – 700 x-rays are taken.
You can access the survey from the UPHS Intranet                      • 90 procedures are performed
home page (under “What’s Hot”) or go directly to                        in the ORs.
                                                                      • 110 patients are admitted
                                                                        through The Admissions Center.

             Helping people All The Time                                                                                      Editorial Staff
                                                                                                                              Sally Sapega
             Below are August’s winners of Helping People All the Time. Congratulations to jobs very well done!               Editor and Photographer
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Woody Bowie                   Transport                        Princess Foster             Radiology                          Designers
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Mike Prince                   Radiology                        Jocelyn Charlon             Rhoads 3                           Marc Kaplan
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Laura Glorioso-Moyer          SICU                             Lauren Fox                  Radiology                          Susan E. Phillips
                                                                                                                              Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
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