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					Company Overview

           BHFO, Inc.
     5285 Rockwell Drive NE
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
      Phone: 319.743.1197
       Fax: 319.294.9021
                                    Who We Are And How We Became BHFO
    Our Story
BHFO was founded in early 2003 at the home of Jon and Stacie Sefton as a part-time project. Both being
from a business background, their goal was to create a successful business of their own.

Within months of starting the venture, BHFO became an eBay PowerSeller offering brand name clothing,
accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and juniors under the eBay user name

Now an eBay Titanium PowerSeller, BHFO has expanded further with an all-new Online Store
( as well as a business-to-business bulk order division. In addition, BHFO continues to
improve upon its eBay business, including a brand new makeover of its eBay US storefront.

    About BHFO
BHFO offers brand new designer apparel and footwear from major manufacturers and upscale
department stores at a fraction of retail. By building strong relationships with many suppliers, BHFO has
created a marketplace where customers can continually get incredible deals on a very diverse product
line. We give customers an opportunity to shop for bargains conveniently, while offering retailers and
manufacturers an alternative sales channel for liquidating their inventory. BHFO brings these deals to
customers throughout the world, many of whom do not have easy access to these brands. Customers
can shop their local stores or catalogs and find deep discounts on the same items at BHFO. Offering
thousands of new items each day, BHFO has become the world’s largest designer clothing outlet on

BHFO is a leader in both clothing and accessories, including pants, jackets, knit tops, blouses, sweaters,
denim, t-shirts, active wear, handbags and jewelry. This merchandise assortment reflects current
fashions and fulfills a broad spectrum of lifestyle and wardrobe needs at price points that are typically
below department and specialty stores.

BHFO also liquidates items from the World's Most Famous Sportswear and Lingerie Catalog. This
catalog is so famous that we are not allowed to use their name but you can probably guess what
company it is!

       The leading specialty retailer of lingerie in the world
       Best known for their retail operations (over 1000 stores in the US alone)
       Catalogue division (our source) offers extensive lines of apparel, suits, outerwear, swimwear and
        footwear in addition to the intimate apparel for which their stores are renowned.

Look for the Famous Catalog name in our listings for the sexiest lingerie, shoes, dresses and more!

                            5285 Rockwell Drive NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                        Phone: 319-743-1197 Fax: 319-294-9021
                                  Who We Are And How We Became BHFO
    Our Team
After years of hard work, taking risks and overcoming many challenges, BHFO now employs a growing
number of employees and ships out thousands of items per day. Maintaining a high level of customer
satisfaction over the years has been the company’s top priority. BHFO provides online consumers
incredible value and a superior customer experience.

With constant marketplace and technology changes, BHFO is striving to improve all aspects of the
company. Improving customer relations, offering more name brands, wholesaling products, creating
alternate shopping venues, and developing software enhancements are just a few projects that are
continually evaluated and upgraded as BHFO grows.

    BHFO Stores
BHExpress eBay Store
                                                 BHFO’s BHExpress eBay Store is a top clothing and
                                                 apparel seller, distributing thousands of new items
                                                 every day on the largest marketplace in the world,
                                        The BHExpress eBay Store has achieved
                                                 much success in the eBay community by reaching
                                                 eBay Titanium PowerSeller status in 2006 and with
                                                 more than a million fashion shoppers monthly.

                                                 Dedicated to providing the best prices around,
                                                 BHFO’s BHExpress eBay Store distributes clothing for
                                                 the entire family, featuring Swimwear, Maternity,
                                                 Intimates, Shoes, Dresses, Handbags, Accessories.
                                                 These items range from America's great department
                                                 stores brands to the World's Most Famous
                                                 Sportswear and Lingerie Catalog. BHFO caters to
                                                 fashion-conscious, value-sensitive men and women
                                                 around the world.

                           5285 Rockwell Drive NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                       Phone: 319-743-1197 Fax: 319-294-9021
                                    Who We Are And How We Became BHFO
BHFO brought in 2009 with the most anticipated division of the company: A stand-alone
webstore, BHFO offers complete inventory selections with direct purchase from BHFO, including specials
and savings only available through our webstore. Now our customers have the option of either
purchasing directly from, or via our eBay store, and still receive the same low prices and high-
end fashions that show BHFO’s distinguished reputation.

BHFO Direct
BHFO Direct will be a new expansion for the company as the business-to-business solutions division,
distributing a broad line of brand name products and services for bulk orders. This division will sell
directly to small to mid-size businesses in the United States and Canada, offering easy online ordering
with summary billings, usage reporting, and other special services.

                            5285 Rockwell Drive NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                        Phone: 319-743-1197 Fax: 319-294-9021
                                  Who We Are And How We Became BHFO
    BHFO Social Networks
BHFO on Facebook
BHFO’s Facebook page allows us to communicate on a more personal level with our loyal customers and
fans. Facebook Fans of the BHFO Facebook page can access daily fashion advice, links to new BHFO
inventory, and upload photos wearing their favorite BHFO purchases. They also get access to special
promo codes available only to our Facebook fans.

BHFO on Twitter
BHFO’s Twitter gives our followers up-to-the-minute fashion tips, company news, and product
information in 140 characters!

                           5285 Rockwell Drive NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                       Phone: 319-743-1197 Fax: 319-294-9021

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