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                                       THE NEWSLETTER FOR PUBLIC SERVICE WORKERS IN TRAFFORD

                                                               February 2008                        No. 60
                                                       Branch Office:
                                                       Unit 2A, Warwick House, 17 Warwick Road,
                                                       Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0QQ.

                                                       Tel: 0161 877 9840 Fax: 0161 877 4821


          Where is PARIS again?

   The increasingly                                          any    comments
   lengthy saga of                                           you make now
   Trafford’s    Job                                         could    support
   Evaluation                                                your case.             Trafford Leisure Trust 2
   exercise starts
   with news of                                                                     Schools Remodelling   2
                                                             Mid January will
   a n o t h e r                                             see the start of       Trafford Housing      2
   lengthening     of                                                               Trust
                                                             the Moderation
   the deadline for                                          exercise, when         Equal Pay Update      3
   implementation.                                           all job overviews      Ban Bullying          4
   The new                                                   w i l l       b e
                                                                                    North & South         4
   deadline is now the end of              moderated by a panel consisting of
   December 2008 which we believe is       two management representatives           Young Members         5
   a more realistic deadline given the     and two from the unions.                 AGM                   5
   amount of work Trafford still have to
                                                                                    Fat Cat               6
   complete.                               This will of course place a heavy
                                           workload on the branch, Trafford         Quality of Working    6
                                                                                    Life Project
   Beginning in mid-December job           have recognized this and Paul
   overviews were sent out to post         McDermott (who covered for the           Take a Break          7
   h olde rs who h ad f illed in           Branch Secretary during Joan’s           Something             7
   questionnaires. We would advise all     recent absence) has been retained
   members who receive these to                                                     2008 Conferences      8
                                           on secondment until March.
   check them carefully and if there                                                Branch Officers       9
   are any points they don’t agree with    January will also see the                Pop the Question      10
   or any responsibilities they consider   continuation of Pay Modelling which
   have not been included please                                                    Lottery               11
                                           will decide the final pay structure
   ensure they feed comments back to       Trafford will use.                       Application Form      12
   the Paris Team.
                                     UNISON will be involved in all
   If at the end of the process when negotiations on Pay Modelling and
   pay is known you wish to appeal, the final Pay Structure.

   …. When you’ve finished reading….                         ….pass on this edition of Trumpet….
PAGE 2                                         T R U MP E T                             FEBRUARY 2008

             Good News from the Leisure Trust -
              Awards Evening and Staff Bonus
 Staff at the Leisure Trust were delighted with the 0.5% bonus in their
 October pay packets. This was a thank you for all their hard-work which
 delivered a very good year financially for the Trust.

 February will see all staff invited to a special awards evening. Among the
 many awards to be presented will be ‘Best Team Player’ and ‘Most Impact
 on Young People’. To ensure that everyone will get the opportunity to
 attend the leisure centres will all close early on the day.

         Remodelling of the School Workforce —
                   Pays off for Some

 UNISON recently published the results of their survey of non-teaching staff in schools to find
 out how they had been affected by school remodelling.

 The good news is that for the majority of members their jobs have become more varied and
 interesting; pay has increased to reflect increased responsibility; many staff have been

 Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the experience of all of our members in schools. Many are still
 not getting paid for the job which they are actually undertaking, skills are only being rewarded
 at a lower level, split contracts are used for different parts of the day. Many staff are not given
 sufficient (or any) time for preparation and planning – two thirds of them are undertaking
 unpaid overtime just to get the job done.

                Trafford Housing Trust
              New Contract of Employment

                        When staff moved across from Trafford MBC to Trafford Housing Trust
                        under the TUPE agreement, UNISON strongly recommended that staff
                        did not sign up to the new terms and conditions.

                        However, it is now almost 3 years since the transfer and over that pe-
                        riod of time the great majority of staff have signed over to the new con-
                        tract and therefore UNISON feel that those remaining members may
                        wish to take an individual decision regarding signing the new contract.

 Any members remaining on the TMBC terms and conditions wishing to discuss this issue,
 should contact their UNISON stewards - contact details in this issue of Trumpet.
PAGE 3                                                T R U MP E T                                     FEBRUARY 2008

                              Equal Pay Update

Trafford Council has written to all those                              Equal Pay Claims.
who signed a COT3 agreement to                                         If you wish to make an equal pay claim
explain that those agreements have now                                 phone the Branch office to obtain an
expired. That means that all those staff                               Eq ual Pay Case Form and a
are now able to lodge equal pay claims.                                FREEPOST envelope. You need to
The Council has also stated that they                                  complete this to the best of your ability
intend to make an additional payment to                                and return it. This applies to everyone
those staff when it implements the new                                 who is:
pay structure in December 2008 in
recognition of the delay from January 2008.                    a) in a work group wholly or mainly comprised
The Council is being very careful not to describe              of women or men, and not evenly balanced
this payment as back pay. This is because they                 between the sexes and
have made clear that they do not intend to award
any back pay arising from the implementation of                b) likely to find their work group has gained
job evaluation and single status. This position                ground in the job evaluation exercise compared
has not been agreed by UNISON. Neither have                    to another job which is wholly or mainly done by
we given any commitment that we will be                        the other sex and which has scored the same
prepared to discuss back pay for this group of                 as theirs or less but which used to be paid more
members in isolation from the needs and
aspirations of all our members. We have noted                  You may also have a claim if your new score
the Council’s intention and will review our stance             under the Job Evaluation Scheme matches
nearer the implementation date.                                another person’s who has been paid more over
                                                               the years.
UNISON remains committed to negotiating an
acceptable single status deal which will reward                There are very strict time limits for presenting
all staff fairly and that will abolish historic unequal
                                                               equal pay claims and each of the following acts
pay. We remain committed to obtaining back pay
                                                               will trigger the time limit:
for members and to ensure that members who
lose out are properly protected.                               a)     If you leave your job (including retirement)
It is important to stress that Unison has not                  b)     If you change your job
agreed to any deferment of the original timescale              c)     If you are promoted
which envisaged Trafford implementing single                   D)     If your employment is transferred to a
status and equal pay by 1 April 2007. We remain                different employer
disappointed that the Council will not make that
timescale. Neither have we agreed to the further               Equal pay claims must be submitted to the
delay to December 2008                                         Tribunal within 6 months less one day of the
Those members who signed COT3 settlements                      above acts taking place.            It is your
will recall that UNISON was unable to                          responsibility to advise us of any of the above
recommend the offer. The first reason was that                 actions so that we can diary the correct
the sums offered were significantly lower than                 limitation period for your claim. If you fail to
what members might expect to achieve if they                   provide us with this information it may result in
brought an Equal Pay claim in the Employment                   your claim becoming time barred and as such it
Tribunal.     The Council’s offer was an                       will have no prospects of success.
undervaluing of the true amount of a claim and
                                                               UNISON has been in discussions with the
UNISON did not recommend it. Those members
                                                               Council and those talks continue. However, it is
are now in the same position as members who
                                                               clear that there are differences emerging in our
did not sign and can now make a claim from a
                                                               approach to the issues.
current date.
You may remember that some time ago we wrote                   Update and opportunity for
to update you on the current situation with the                questions on Paris and Equal Pay
implementation of the Single Status Agreement                  at the AGM.
and the possibility of UNISON members pursuing
PAGE 4                                                  T R U MP E T                                       FEBRUARY 2008

                     7 NOVEMBER 2007
 Trafford MBC promoted the ‘Ban Bullying at Work’ campaign by showing a video of the Chief Executive, David
 McNulty, Leader of Council, Susan Williams, Senior HR Advisor Lisa Hannan and UNISON Chairman Paul McDer-
 mott each speaking out against Bullying.

 Additionally, there were display boards and posters on notice boards at Trafford Town Hall, Sale Waterside and
 Stretford Public Hall and other promotional handouts raising awareness about this serious issue.

 This is a nationally recognised problem within workplaces and regrettably there are still cases being referred to
 Trafford UNISON. Thankfully we have a very good working relationship with Trafford HR on trying to stamp out
 this problem.

 Quite often the perpetrator does not realise that their behaviour has crossed the line and it should also be noted
 that bullying isn’t exclusive to managers. We each need to look at ourselves and our behaviour towards col-
 leagues to make sure we treat everyone with dignity and respect.

 We will continue to raise awareness of this issue in the hope that we can stamp this out of all workplaces.

                                 NORTH & SOUTH
                            A TALE OF TWO COLLEGES
 As from 1 September 2007, North Trafford College and South Trafford College were merged to form Trafford
 College but the two existing sites are retained.

 This is a very large undertaking and inevitably there will be some redundancies. The management initially re-
 quested for staff to ‘express an interest‘ in seeking voluntary redundancy. However, staff could only be allowed
 to leave from areas of work where there was a staffing surplus.

 At the time of writing, the draft of the structure for the new college has been issued along with most of the job
 descriptions. Applications for posts followed by interviews will take place over the next couple of months.

 Any UNISON member who has any concerns, should contact their local stewards Jackie Regan and Chris
 Mullineux who have already done an excellent job in keeping members informed, and arranged for UNISON’s
 Regional Officer, John Rhodes to give talks to members at each college in December 2007.

                              International Officer
2007 has been my first year as International Officer,         Officer and Unison activities in other countries.
but what a fascinating and busy year! I have repre-
sented the Branch at the following :                          A seminar where there were about 100 International Offi-
                                                              cers from all over the country who attended. Speakers top-
The National Delegate Conference which covered a              ics included the Russian Health Workers Union, Rebuilding
number of international issues including a speech             the Unions in Sierra Leone after the civil war, the situation
from Annie Geron, the Philippines Trades Union                in Zimbabwe and modern forms of slavery & migration.
Leader, Baroness Howells regarding the legacy of the
Slave Trade and Ashok Sinha of Stop Climate Chaos.            A Cuba Solidarity meeting where the guest speaker was
                                                              American lawyer Leonard Weinglass who is representing
A talk from 5 Colombian speakers who revealed how             the Miami 5. Another speaker was Father Geoff Bottoms
their human rights and the environment are affected           who makes regular visits to the jailed Cubans.
by ruthless oil corporations and how it is the most
dangerous place in the world to be a trade union ac-          I was pleased that so many people contacted me after my
tivist.                                                       last Trumpet article. If anyone wants any information on an
                                                              issue that is dear to them please contact me and I will pro-
A training course for International Officers, which ex-       vide it, where possible.
plained the role and duties of the Branch International                              Teresa McNeil - International Officer
PAGE 5                                          T R U MP E T                             FEBRUARY 2008

                                 Quality of Working Life
         Trafford Council’s Quality of Working Life project has been underway for over 12
         months. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of working life for everyone
         at Trafford, principally by asking staff what they need. Some of you will have re-
         ceived the questionnaire that was sent out last year and some of you will have been
         invited to attend focus group meetings. Focus groups have been well attended so
         far and the suggestions are being compiled into action plans for the services. A
         Council-wide action plan, so that lessons can be learned across the whole council,
         will be another outcome of the project.

         UNISON were glad to accept the invitation to be members of the Working Group for
         this project, but were very disappointed not to be invited onto the Steering Group. If
         the unions are to be truly involved then a place on the Steering Group would be es-
         sential. However, Trafford were not to be budged on this matter. After much de-
         bate (about whether or not UNISON should refuse, on principal, to participate in the
         Working Group) the Branch Committee has decided that our members will be best
         served if we maintain our input into the Working Group rather than have no involve-
         ment at all. In theory this means that we should have some influence on the project
         but without being specifically involved in the decision-making process.

         We shall just have to see how the situation develops and of course we will report on

          All the members of the Branch Committee
         request the pleasure of your company at one
                      of this year’s AGMs

                        Tuesday 4th March, 5.15pm-6.45pm
                             Council Chambers, Sale Waterside
                                (free buffet from 5.00pm)

                      Thursday 6th March, 12.15pm-1.45pm
                              Room s 2 & 3, Trafford Town Hall
                                 (free buffet from 12.00pm)
PAGE 6                         T R U MP E T                               FEBRUARY 2008

                      Hello Cool Cats,
                I hope my mewsings have given food for thought where thought
               was needed and tickled fancy where fancy was in need of tickling
               and where feathers were ruffled, are now smoothed!

               Fat Cat certainly did the rounds of social events over the Christmas
               holiday and here we are at the start of a New Year which is, of course,
               a time for reflection and resolution (mewsing to me). No doubt every-
               one has resolved to make improvements personally and professionally!

               Fat Cat spent New Years Day curled up on the sofa nursing a hangover
               (laced milk is the very devil), and whilst ‘chewing on the left over bones
               of the Christmas bird’ mewsed that there is a lot of ‘management’ book
               reading going on out there. Of course self improvement is a good thing
               and new ways of working is always worth a try but I must also mews “is
               there anything new under the sun?” or “is it just down to packaging and
               budgeting?” There is a tendency to dress things up so well we lose
               sight of what’s left underneath. There is also a very worrying ten-
               dency to ask staff for their views on “how are we doing”? In reality
               your answer is not required, unless, of course your answer is that which
               the questioner wants to hear and not, ‘heaven forbid’ the truth, which
               they will swiftly admonish as being ‘negative’. Isn’t this called ‘The
               Emperor’s New Clothes’ syndrome?

               ‘Paws for Thought’ - Budget cuts = Staff cuts = More work loads =
FAT CAT’s      Staff Stress = Increased Sickness = Reduced Service = Poor Customer
               Satisfaction. Of course this is packaged as being increased efficiencies
Mewsings       but methinks it’s ‘ the Emperor’s New Clothes’ again!

               I have mewsed, that there is a great need for a return to the world of

    The        business of that little ol’ thing called INTEGRITY. Those lacking it will
               be asking “what exactly does integrity mean?” It means wholeness,

 UNISON        soundness, uprightness and above all honesty. Some may still be strug-
               gling with this concept so, in a nutshell …. to treat others as you would

cat with his   have them treat you and should you be in a position to pass judgement
               on others, only do so if you yourself have INTEGRITY.

 ear to the    Mewww, I was quite exhausted with all that cerebral stuff so thought
               it would be fun to end with some quotes from the great and good.
  ground!      Winston Churchill on qualities required by a politician - “they must
               have the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next
                week, next month, and next year and to have the ability afterwards
               to explain why it didn’t happen.” P.G. Wodehouse …. “The trouble with
               Cats is that they’ve got no tact” - very true my friend, very true.

                                Happy Mew Year to you all!
PAGE 7                                     T R U MP E T                            FEBRUARY 2008

         Take a Break—It’ll do you good!
Holidays are important for people's
wellbeing -- but for many families on
low incomes, a holiday is simply beyond
reach, according to new research.

The research -- sponsored by UNISON               members receive help with a holiday or
Welfare, the Family Holiday Association,          get well break from UNISON's charity.
the Family Fund and the Youth Hostel
Association (England and Wales) --                The service, called wellbeing breaks,
found that families cited the                     includes support for day trips and
'opportunity for fun and happy                    leisure outings.
memories for children' and 'the chance
to spend time together as a family' as            "We know only too well about the
the top benefits of their holiday.                impact on family life and general health
                                                  of long hours, difficult shift patterns and
The researchers from the University of            inflexible working conditions," says
Nottingham identified a range of                  general secretary Dave Prentis.
circumstances affecting low-income
families -- money, health, disability,            "So we recognise the value of holidays
stress and neighbourhood problems --              and the need for low-income households
which can be helped by a break from               in particular to have more access to
challenging circumstances and a fresh             adequate leisure time and a break from
perspective.                                      the stresses of daily life."

They concluded that holidays can open             Please contact our Branch Welfare
up new ways to live which can have a              Officer for more information about
lasting impact and cited the positive             applying for a grant for a wellbeing-
effect on issues such social exclusion            break from UNISON Welfare Officer -
and child poverty.                                Derrick Dickinson 0161 912 3568 or
                                                  contact the branch office 0161 877
Every    year,   hundreds     of   UNISON         9840.

  Trafford Direct and Libraries to Merge
The proposed merger has been underway since November. The management teams met with
all staff who might be affected at 5 separate meetings followed by 6 workshops. This gave the
staff an insight into the proposed new structure and how all the changes would be handled.
Staff were also encouraged to send in ideas where they thought the procedures may be im-
proved or to raise any queries .

This merger is being brought about in an attempt to streamline services but also to make over-
all budget savings of £450k.

This will inevitably lead to some job losses but UNISON officials will endeavour to sup-
port members throughout this process .
PAGE 8                                    T R U MP E T                        FEBRUARY 2008

              UNISON Conferences 2008

                                  14th-16th February
                            National Women’s Conference

                                    8th-11th May
                              Young Members’ Conference

                                    15th-16th June
                             Local Government Conference

                                    17th-20th June
                             National Delegate Conference

                                      4th-5th July
                                   Labour Link Forum

                                   14th-15th October
                             Retired Members’ Conference

                                   25th-27th October
                            Disabled Members’ Conference

                                  14th-16th November
                            Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans-
                            gender Member’s Conference

         If you would like to express an interest or find out more about attending
              any of these conferences then please contact the Branch office.
                                   0161 877 9840
PAGE 9                                              T R U MP E T                                 FEBRUARY 2008

                        UNISON Stewards & Officers
Need Help and Advice? Contact any of the following
UNISON stewards and activists who should be able to
help you. If you want to be a steward or even a work-
place contact, phone us on 877 9840.

         Department/Section                   Name                   Position in Branch        Tel No
    UNISON Branch Office             Joan Beswick                  Branch Secretary         877 9840
    UNISON Branch Office             Tony Ward                     Assistant Branch Sec     877 9840
    Grounds Maintenance              Paul McDermott                Assistant Branch Sec     877 9840
    Carrington Depot                 Keith Bradshaw
    Meadowside Centre                Scott Caplan                                           912 5951
    Audit, Scrutiny and Governance   Margaret Carroll              Treasurer                912 1282
    Learning Support Service         Nina Chidgey                                           912 8256
    Northenden Road                  Derrick Dickinson             Welfare Officer          912 3568
    Environment                      Chris Dooley                                           912 5515
    Culture & Sport                  Denise Fahmy                                           912 1274
    Connexions                       Jack Hartley                                           912 8600
    Turn Moss Playing Fields         Derek Hodges                                           07769 903292
    Parking Services                 Norma Lockett                                          912 1388
    Legal & Democratic Services      Ben Kennedy                   LGBT & Young Members     912 4248
    Planning & Building Control      Derek Austin                                           912 3199
    Planning Enforcement             Geoff Hayes                                            912 1097
    Community Safety                 Mo Mir                                                 956 7851
    Public Protection                Teresa McNeil                 International Officer    912 4578
    Finance Management               Catriona Scott                                         912 4316
    Mental Health Support            Sandra Simister                                        07980 164826
    Connexions                       Mike Smith                                             912 8622
    Admin Buildings                  Jerry Wieczorek                                        07834 869716
    Youth Offending Team             Jenny Walker                                           911 8211
    Public Protection                Karen Whalley                 Women’s Officer          912 4922
    Over 11’s Outreach Team          Paul Whalley                                           748 6003
    Home Care                        Frances Woods                                          077958 170999

          Schools & Colleges
    Cloverlea Primary School         Lesley Entwistle                                       980 4047
    St Antony’s RC High School       Sylvia Howie                                           911 8025
    Gorse Hill Primary School        Janet Kenyon-Land                                      865 1209
    Stretford High School            Astrid Loveland                                        912 4894
    North Trafford College           Chris Mullineux                                        886 7014
    Stretford High School            Jackie Murphy                                          912 4894
    South Trafford College           Jackie Regan                                           952 4854
    Old Trafford Community School    Tony Scandella                                         912 4218
        Non-Council Employers
    Urmston Leisure                  Diana Burns                                            912 2960
    Trafford Housing Trust           Stephen Lynch                                          968 0206
    Trafford Housing Trust           Jan Ward                                               968 0132
    Trafford Housing Trust—Urmston   Karen Nicholson                                        968 0133
    Trafford Housing Trust           Richard Davis                 Black Members’ Officer   968 0053

           Retired Members           Peter Carlon                                           877 9840
PAGE 10                                         T R U MP E T                                    FEBRUARY 2008

                                                                 ‘Pop The Question’ is a regular item
                                                                 to be featured in Trumpet. Members
                                                                 may put their questions about any
                                                                 work or trades union related issue to
                                                                 an experienced UNISON Steward
                                                                 who will then respond in print. If you
   Q. My team leader holds occasional                            do have a question for publication,
   informal team meetings in our                                 please send it to Derek Austin by e-
                                                                 mail on
   workplace. Team members gather
                                                                 or alternatively by post to Derek, care
   around the manager’s workstation                              of the UNISON office. Please note
   where issues are debated. I have a                            that the questioner’s name will not be
   hearing impairment for which I                                published unless that Member indi-
   wear a digital hearing aid. I                                 cates otherwise.
   often find it very difficult to follow
   the proceedings at team meetings
   as my manager speaks softly and                             Q. My wife’s parents live in Aus-
   quickly, as do some of the other                            tralia and she is hoping to
   team members. Is there any way in                           spend a month there on holi-
   which the meetings could be made                            day with them soon, leaving
   more inclusive?                                             me to look after our four year
                                                               old son. Am I entitled to paren-
   A. You might suggest to your team leader                    tal leave to enable me to do
   that future team meetings are held in a                     this?
   meeting room equipped with an induction
   loop system. Rooms equipped with such a                     A. Yes, provided your son does not turn
   system have a sign displayed on the door                    five years of age before your wife de-
   (and/or in the room itself), which shows an                 parts or during her holiday. Both the
   ear with two diagonal arrows radiating from it              mother and
   and a letter ‘T’ alongside. A switch within the             father of a child born after 15th Decem-
   room activates the loop system and users                    ber 1999 are entitled to up to 13 weeks
   need to switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’                 of unpaid leave to look after them, up
   position. Most, if not all, of Trafford Council’s           until the child’s fifth birthday. Employees
   meeting rooms have loop systems and the                     must have completed a minimum of one
   Council’s engineers are currently                           year’s service and may only take up to
   experimenting with state-of-the-art infra red               four weeks unpaid leave in any one
   loop systems, which are an improvement                      year. This would cover you for your
   upon previously installed systems. Trafford                 wife’s trip, as long as the
   Council has a Disabled Workers Group and                    provisos mentioned in my first sentence
   your scribe, Derek Austin, is Access Officer                do not apply.
   for the Group. Please contact me at the
   above e-mail address if you require further
PAGE 11                                                                 T R U MP E T                                                               FEBRUARY 2008

                                                 LOTTERY WINNERS
          AUGUST               G J Talmage 594 Barton Clough Primary School 1st Prize £128.52
          2007                 S J HIckey 716 Community Services West Area 1st Prize £128.52
                               D Statham 1143 Shawe Road Residential Home 2nd Prize £107.10
                               J Green 711 Ashton On Mersey School 3rd Prize £64.26
                               D Hennessey 159 Altrincham College of Arts 4th Prize £53.55
                               R Carroll 1190 Trafford Housing Trust 4th Prize £53.55

          SEPTEMBER            S Cook 820 Broomwood Primary School 1st Prize £127.32
          2007                 R Carroll 1128 Trafford Housing Trust 1st Prize £127.32
                               A Floodgate 403 Green Lane High School 2nd Prize £106.10
                               K McDonald 062 Housing Benefit 3rd Prize £63.66
                               D Hennessey 159 Altrincham College of Arts 4th Prize £53.05
                               J D Stott 375 Moorlands Junior School 4th Prize £53.05

          OCTOBER              G Johnson 227 Warden Services 1st Prize £126.24
          2007                 A R Kershaw 870 Policy Performance Team 1st Prize £126.24
                               A Burns 1023 Trafford General Hospital 2nd Prize £105.20
                               K Loboda 753 Anti-Social Behaviour Unit 3rd Prize £63.12
                               J Shore 304 Stretford High School 4th Prize £52.60
                               E Brookes 1124 Sale Grammar School 4th Prize £52.60

          NOVEMBER             S Hayden 180 Social Services 1st Prize £124.80
          2007                 A G Tyrie 918 Egerton School 1st Prize £124.80
                               P Pilgrim 047 Old Trafford Library 2nd Prize £104.00
                               N Barlow 343 Payroll Department 3rd Prize £62.40
                               B Bainbridge 738 Older Peoples Services 4th Prize £52.00
                               H Donnelly 790 Poplar Road Family Centre 4th Prize £52.00

                               (Winning cheques issued 14 Dec 2007)

           I wish to apply to join the Trafford Staff Lottery and agree to pay the following subscription each month/week* (Please tick relevant box

           Full Name…………………………………………………………                                             One Number                     Two Numbers
                                                                                       £1 per month                   £2 per month
           Place of Work……………………………………………………                                           23p per week*                  46p per week*


           Telephone Number…………………….Payroll No………………

           Authorisation for Deduction from Salary/Wages I hereby authorise the Director of Finance and Property of the Borough of Trafford or
           the Payroll Section responsible for my pay, to deduct the following sum from my salary/wages,* until further notice in writing by me, and
           forward this to the Treasurer of the Trafford Metropolitan UNISON Branch.

           Signed………………………………………….……                                                    When completed this form should be returned to:
                                                                                        TRAFFORD METROPOLITAN UNISON (FREEPOST MR9416)
                                                                                        Unit 2A, Warwick House, 17 Warwick Rd, Old Trafford, Manchester,
                                                                                        M16 1UX
           * I am paid monthly/weekly (Delete as appropriate)

                                                                                                       Geoff Hayes
                                                                                             Our newest steward.
                                                                                              You can find him in
                                                                                           Planning Enforcement at
                                                                                               Sale Waterside.
  PAGE 12                                                                          T R U MP E T                                                                         FEBRUARY 2008

RECRUIT A FRIEND to UNISON and both you and the                                         To be completed by EXISTING UNISON Member
friend will receive a free gift of either a UNISON Pedometer,                           Name and mailing address (Please print)
a UNISON Stress Goldfish, or a UNISON Alarm Clock.

To be completed by New UNISON member                                                    …………………………………………………………….….

I would like a (please tick)                                                            …………………………..……... Post Code ………….....…..
                                                                                        I would like a (please tick)
UNISON Pedometer
                                                                                        UNISON Pedometer
UNISON Stress Goldfish
                                                                                        UNISON Stress Goldfish
UNISON Alarm Clock
                                                                                        UNISON Alarm Clock

              Please fill in this application form form in BLOCK CAPITALS and send it to the address shown below.

1. YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS                                                             3. WHAT YOU WILL PAY FROM 1 OCTOBER 2003
                                                                                     Please tick your earnings before stoppages                                                    Please tick the
Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs/Other       First Name                                 Other
                                                                                      Weekly Pay           Annual Pay              Band        Per Week Per Month                appropriate box
                                                                                                                                                                                   to indicate how
                                                                                                                                                                                   often you are
                                                                                      Up to £38.47         Up to £2,000                 A        £0.30          £1.30              paid
Surname                                                   Date of Birth               £38.48-£96.16        £2,001-£5,000                B        £0.81          £3.50                 Weekly
                                                               /          /
                                                                                      £96.17-£153.84       £5,001-£8,000                C        £1.22          £5.30                 Fortnightly

Home address
                                                                                      £153.85-£211.53 £8,001-£11,000                    D        £1.52          £6.60                 Four Weekly

                                                                                      £211.54-£269.23 £11,001-£14,000                   E        £1.81          £7.85                 Monthly

                                                                                      £269.24-£326.92 £14,001-£17,000                   F        £2.24          £9.70
Postcode                                Home                                                                                                                                         Please tick
                                                                                      £326.93-£384.61 £17,001-£20,000                   G        £2.65          £11.50             this box if you
                                                                                                                                                                                   are a student
National Insurance No. (from your payslip)                                                                                                                                        member in full-
                                                                                      £384.62-£480.76 £20,001-£25,000                   H        £3.23          £14.00
                                                                                                                                                                                   time education
                                                                                      £480.77-£576.92 £25,000-£30,000                   I        £3.98          £17.25             student nurses or
                                                                                                                                                                                   modern Appren-
                How would you describe your ethnic origin?                            £576.93-£673.08 £30,001-£35,000                   J        £4.68          £20.30             tices).
                                                                                                                                                                                   Your subscription
                                Asian Other           Black Other                     £673.08 +            Over £35,000                 K        £5.19          £22.50             is £10 per year.
    Chinese                     Black African         White UK
    Indian                                            Irish
                                Black                                                                                    4. POLITICAL FUND
    Pakistani                   Caribbean
                                                      White Other
                                                                                      UNISON’S Affiliated Political Fund (APF) is used       UNISON’S General Political Fund (GPF) is used to
    Asian UK                    Black UK                                              to campaign for and promote UNISON policy and          pay for campaigning at branch, regional and national
                                                                                      the need for quality public services within the        levels of the union and for research and lobbying in
                                                                                      Labour Party, locally and nationally, in Parliament    Parliament and Europe. It is independent of support for
       Please tick this box if you require materials in a different format (e.g.
                                                                                      and Europe. UNISON APF affiliates to the Labour        any political party.
      large print or Braille) - be sure to supply contact details below               Party.

Please give a telephone number/voice/text/email address for UNISON to                It is important that you indicate a choice of fund by ticking one of the boxes below.
contact you - indicate if work or home                                               Your subscription shown above includes a political fund payment so you do not pay any more by
                                                                                     being in one of the funds.

                                                                                      5. YOUR AUTHORISATION                                  If you have been a member of a trade union
2. YOUR EMPLOYMENT DETAILS                                                                                                                   before, please state which one below:
                                                                                       I wish to join UNISON and accept its
Employers Name                                                                          rules and constitution.
                                                                                       I authorise deduction of UNISON                    DATA PROTECTION
Job Title/Occupation                                                                     subscriptions from my salary/wages at              UNISON will process your membership informa-
                                                                                         the rate determined by UNISON in                   tion together with other information for admini-
                                                                                         accordance with its rules to be paid over          stration, statistical analysis, conducting ballots and
Department/Section                                                                       to them on my behalf and I authorise my            other statutory requirement purposes. We may also
                                                                                         employer to provide to UNISON                      send you newsletters, journals and surveys and let you
                                                                                         information to keep my records up to               know about educational and campaigning matters. We
Workplace Address                                                                        date.                                              will disclose your information to our service providers
                                                                                       I authorise deduction of the following             and agents for these purposes.
                                                                                         political fund payment as part of my                     If you do not want to receive any mailings from
                                                                                         subscriptions: Tick one box only                         UNISON besides those required by statute as
Postcode                                                                                                                                   shown in bold above, please tick this box.
                                                                                      Affiliated Political Fund                             We may share your information with organisations
Payroll No.                                                                                                                                 with whom we have a business relationship for your
                                                                                      General Political Fund
                                                                                                                                            benefit. We, or they may contact you by mail, tele-
                                                                                                                                            phone, SMS, fax or e-mail to let you know about
                                                                                      Now please sign and date below.                       goods, services or promotions which we think may be
When completed please send to:                                                                                                              of interest to you.
TRAFFORD METROPOLITAN UNISON,                                                          Signature                                                 If you do not wish to receive such information
FREEPOST (MR9416)                                                                                                                                please tick this box.
Unit 2A Warwick House, 17 Warwick Road, Old                                                                                                 If you tick either of these boxes then you will be removed
                                                                                                                                            from the appropriate mailing lists as quickly as possible but
Trafford, Manchester, M16 1UX.                                                         Date                                                 for administrative reasons this may take a couple of

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