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TWAM Gift Catalogue

Welcome to the Tools With A Mission Gift Catalogue
Tools With A Mission is a Christian Charity providing practical assistance
by sending tools and equipment to people in poorer areas around the world
who are unable to afford tools with which to work and earn a living. This
employment enables them to feed and clothe themselves and their families
and pay for schooling and medical care.
  We hope that you will take the opportunity to choose a gift from this
catalogue that will change someone’s life today.
  How do you send a Gift?
   For that special occasion choose a thoughtful gift for a friend or relative
and we will send you a Tools With A Mission gift card with an explanation
of the gift that you have purchased. You then send it to the recipient of
your gift.
   If you are a tax payer please complete the Gift Aid section on the order
        Gifts for £10 and under
                    Set of Primary Reading Books

                    Box of 10 Bibles


                    Bag of wool for hand knitting
                    Including Needles, Patterns,     £5
                    Zips and Buttons


                    Classroom Pack
                    Blackboard Paint / Chalk,        £10
                    Pencils, Pens, A4 Writing Pads
                    and other classroom items

            Gifts for Less
Tools for a tradeT
 Tools for a trade
     Sewing Machine
 Too often we hear about
 young girls who are left
 to fend for themselves
 and provide for younger
 siblings. TWAM works
 with many vocational
 training projects that
 provide training in
 tailoring. The gift of
 a sewing machine will
 change their lives for a
 better future.

     Knitting Machine
 In Africa the days are hot
 but the nights are cold.
 A knitting machine can
 produce hats, scarves and
 warm jumpers to combat
 the cold.
 Items can also be sold
 and the proceeds used to
 support a family.


Tools for a tradeT
 Tools for for
Tools a tradea trade
   Carpenters Kit
                    When a young man
                    completes his training,
                    he is given a complete
                    tradesman’s carpentry kit
                    with which to work and
                    earn a living.
                    This kit will enable him
                    to make all types of
                    furniture both for his
                    own use and to sell.


   Carpenters Workshop Kit
                    This comprises of a
                    carpentry tradesman’s kit
                    but includes extra
                    equipment such as a band
                    saw and jig saw, a lathe,
                    a planer, a bench saw,
                    a pillar drill and many
                    other workshop items as


eTools for a trade
Tools for a trade
 Tools for a trade
     Motor Mechanics Kit
 The need is great for
 vehicles to be kept in
 good repair for African
 roads. Organisations such
 as ‘Mechanics for Africa’
 provide motor mechanic
 training to young people,
 then with the gift of a
 full tool kit, they can find
 employment, or set up in
 business on their own.


      Builders Kit/Groundworkers Kit

 This kit provides all the
 tools needed for the
 construction of a house.
 Tools for ground work,
 brick and block laying,
 levels, rules and lines plus
 an assortment of other
 tools to complete the

Tools for a trade
    Order Form
      Your details: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms

      I would like to buy:        1.                                   Qty:       £
                                  2.                                   Qty:       £
                                  3.                                   Qty:       £
                                                                       Total      £

    Gift Aid
    If you are a taxpayer, TWAM can reclaim the tax under the government’s Gift Aid scheme.
    This can significantly increase the value of your gift. Please sign this Gift Aid declaration.

      As a UK taxpayer, I would like TWAM to treat this as a Gift Aid donation.
      I confirm that I am an income tax payer and pay to the Inland Revenue tax at
      least equivalent to the amount of tax deducted from my donation.

    Payment Details
         Cheque enclosed (please make payable to ‘Tools with a Mission’)
         Visa     Visa Delta        Master Card           Solo       Maestro
      Card Number
      Start Date            Expires             Sec. Code             Issue No.

    Please return this order form to us at:
                              Tools With A Mission
            2 Bailey Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0UD
     Tel: 01473 210220 Fax: 01473 210293 Email:

             Registered Charity No: 1104903      Registered Company No: 5114575
About TWAM                                                                       T
Tools With A Mission
enables people to earn
a living and to support
In many countries of the
world people have few
skills, little education and no
                                           The warehouse at TWAM HQ in Suffolk
means of earning a living. A
switch from aid dependency to self-
sufficiency is impossible without help.

TWAM started over twenty five years ago, and has since then given
help where it is needed most, by collecting and refurbishing tools and
equipment no longer required in the UK and sending them overseas.

Our headquarters are in Ipswich, Suffolk, from where tons of equipment
is sent overseas each year. In addition we have refurbishment centres
around the country; Halstead in Suffolk, Southend in Essex, Axminster
in Devon, Coventry in the West Midlands, Dunfermline in Fife,
Scotland and Penarth in Wales, where teams of dedicated volunteers
enable the work to continue.

All the consignments are sent to known agencies for defined needs. We
receive regular letters of overwhelming gratitude from people whose
lives have been changed for the better, through the tools and equipment
we have sent out. These people have been given hope, and a future to
look forward to, for themselves and their families.

Your gift order will help to get more of this vital, life changing
equipment to those who so desperately need it.
Tools to train
 Tools to train
  Scholar Pack   - TWAM’s own

                 This basic learning
                 pack is in an A4 wallet,
                 containing new packs of
                 pens, pencils, coloured
                 pencils, calculator, A4
                 writing pad, rubber,
                 pencil sharpener and
                 geometry set. Money
                 sent will be used to
                 purchase items to make
                 up additional new packs.
                 10 packs      £50

                 So often the only person
                 in the classroom with a
                 book is the teacher.
                 We send nearly new
                 educational text books
                 covering a wide range
                 of subjects from Primary
                 reading and maths to
                 Secondary science and
                 biology. Books are a
                 valuable asset and a much
                 treasured learning aid.

   Tools to train
                 Box of Books £15.00
 Tools to to
Tools type type               T
 As part of our support
 for education in Africa
 we send fully refurbished
 computers and printers
 to orphanage schools and
 others who are in great
 need of this technology.

 and Printer     £30

 In remote villages
 with no electricity a
 manual typewriter is an
 important addition to
 the office administration.
 In school, they value
 the opportunity to learn
 QWERTY keyboard

                Tools to type
 Tools for for
Tools life life
   Sponsor a Student
                       Your gift will enable a young
                       person to learn a trade skill
                       through our new Donald Grey
                       TWAM workshop in Kampala.
                          Each training course will
                       last eight months and will
                       include entrepreneurial and
                       financial advice and some
                       basic life skills help. Upon
                       graduation each student will
                       receive a tool kit or sewing
                       machine with which to

   Rainwater Harvesting Tank
                        Collecting rain from
                        rooftops is not a new
                        thing, but it is vital for so
                        many communities in rural
                        parts of Africa. Each 1,500
                        litre tank that TWAM
                        builds, provides a family
                        with a clean source of
                        water for domestic use and
                        for watering their animals
                        and crops.

      Tools for life
These are Tools we Need
All types of Hand Tools:
Motor Mechanics (inc. trolley jacks & ramps)
Builders, Electricians and Plumbing
Bench and Band Saws
Electric Power Tools: Drills, Sanders, Planers
Sewing Machines
Knitting Machines (please make sure they are complete)
Flat Screen Computers
Sewing and Craft Items
Garden Forks, Spades, Hoes, Rakes,
Sledge Hammers, Pick Axes
Educational Text Books
Adult Mountain Bikes
Manual Typewriters
Motor Lawnmowers, Strimmers,

We cannot accept, glass jars, gas
bottles, electric hedgecutters and

       Please call
 01473 210220
     for your
  nearest collector
Tools With A Mission
2 Bailey Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0UD
Tel: 01473 210220

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