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									                        MADD NORTHERN VIRGINIA
                             CHAPTER NEWSLETTER
       P.O. Box 1066. Fairfax, VA 22030. (703) 352-3944 . FAX: (703) 385-3381 .

                                          November 1998

Lawn Tractor Race                    A sophisticated time clock            and helping with the event.
Benefits MADD of                     tracked each racer's speed to a      Also helping out were
                                     hundredth of a second. Each          volunteers from Allstate
Northern Virginia                    child who participated               Insurance Company and Stein
                                     received a free hat, t-shirt and     & Associates Realtors.
        With top speeds of           a package ofMADD                              MADD's participation
five miles per hour, hundreds        literature.                          in the Kmart Kids Race
of Northern Virginia youth                   Kmart donated $5.00          Against Drugs is part of
raced lawn tractors in a             for every child who entered          MADD's new youth
program to help curb alcohol         the competition. Local               initiatives, a sweeping effort
and other drug use. Kmart            children who clocked the             to actively involve young
Kids Race Against Drugs at           fastest times in the Kmart           people in underage drinking
five Northern Virginia               Kids Race Against Drugs will         prevention. More than half of
Kmarts during the Columbus           advance to the regional race-        the nation's junior and senior
Day Weekend benefitted our           off where they will have the         high school students drink
chapter.                             opportunity to win a trip to         alcohol and often alcohol use
        Children aged seven to       Disney World and compete             begins as early as age 11. In
twelve competed on safety-           for a $10,000 scholarship.           addition, the number of
modified lawn tractors. The                  MADD volunteers,             alcohol-related traffic deaths
tracks, set up in the Kmart          including students from              among 15-20 year-olds
parking lots, included hairpin       Yorktown High School NHS             increased two years ago for
turns, barriers, speed bumps,        and Madison High School              the first time in six years.
bridges and tunnels to test the      SADD, were trackside                 Across the country, 2,315
competitor's driving agility.        passing out MADD literature          young people in this age
                                                                          group were killed -- a five
                                                                          percent increase over 1995's
                                                                          death toll of 2,206.
                                                                                   We hope to participate
                                                                          in the Kmart Kids Race
                                                                          Against Drugs next year. If
                                                                          you would like to help or if
                                                                          you know of a youth group
                                                                          (minimum age 16) that would
                                                                          like a fun way to help
                                                                          MADD, just contact the
Richie Owens, Redskins Defensive End, presents a check for                chapter office.
$2,000 to David Kelly, MADD of Northern Virginia President.
Richie came in fourth in the Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs
Celebrity Race and designated his prize to our chapter.
   MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter --November 1998                                 Page 2

Red Ribbon Run 5K                   First Night Alexandria.
                                    Runners who have registered              In addition to our
        Want a great way to         for the run and who are willing       individual donors, we
end 1998 and start 1999? The        to come to the race early and
                                                                          would like to publicly
Fourth Annual Red Ribbon            leave late may volunteer to          thank Acumen, Allstate
Run 5K will be held on              help with the setup and                 Insurance, BNFL,
                                    teardown ofthe course to
December 31, 1998, in                                                   Community Lodgings, Fax
Alexandria starting at 4:00 pm.     qualify for the free volunteer      Connection, Freddie Mac,
The run is the kick-off for First   admission to First Night.                Kmart, Mangano
Night Alexandria, Northern                  So -- to have a great       Foundation, and Nissan for
Virginia's premier a1cohol-         family celebration this New
                                                                        their recent corporate gifts
free, family-oriented New           Year's Eve, join MADD at the
                                    Red Ribbon Run 5K. Be a                    to our chapter.
Year's Eve celebration.
                                    runner! Or be a volunteer! But
        Last year, nearly 600
runners, joggers, and walkers
enjoyed an invigorating start to
their New Year's Eve                                      President's Letter
celebrations. It was also a
great opportunity for MADD
volunteers to talk to hundreds      whatever you do, be there!         laws on the books and public
of adults, kids and families                LaborDay weekendwas        educationprogramsthat address
                                    an excitingfirst for the           the ever constantproblemof
about the dangers of drunk
                                    ArlingtonPoliceDepartment.         impaireddriving. But for some,
driving and underage drinking.                                         this isn't enough. It isn't until
                                    As part of MADD's National
        In addition to getting a    SobrietyCheckpointWeek,            they get a ticket and are arrested
T-shirt, participants in the run    APD conductedits first ever        that some get the message.
will be given discount              sobrietycheckpoint. The goal of             There may be somewho
admission to First Night            the night was to get drunk         are concernedabout checkpoints
Alexandria. The mix of fun          drivers off of the road, and it    being an abuse of policepower.
and entertainment that makes        worked. In a 512hour period 23     The SupremeCourt has
up First Night Alexandria           people were arrestedfor driving    routinely upheldthe
provides a safe, sane and           under the influence. That is one   constitutionalityof these stops
exciting way to ring in the         every 15 minutes!                  and the dividendsare extremely
New Year. It is a wonderful                 A number of police         positive. In North Carolina's
way for families to celebrate       agenciesin NorthernVirginia        "Booze It and Lose It" program,
together. Please make copies        conductedsobrietycheckpoints       checkpointsare used extensively
ofthe entry form on Page 7          over LaborDay. In additionto       to check for drunk drivers. An
                                    providingvolunteersto help at      additionalbenefit has oftenbeen
and give them to friends - then
sign up yourself and your           the Arlingtoncheckpoint,our        the arrest of fugitivesand
family.                             Chapterparticipatedin several      confiscationof their handguns.
        If there are non-runners    other checkpointsoperatedby                 The public is truly
                                    the Virginia StatePolice,          served by these checkpoints.
(who don't want to jog or walk
                                    ManassasCityPolice,and the         Thank you to all of the agencies
the course either) in your                                             in Northern Virginiathat
                                    Prince WilliamCountySheriffs
family, please have them call       office.                            participatedin MADD's
the MADD office (352-3944)                  Sobrietycheckpointsare     SobrietyCheckpointWeek. It
to be volunteers at the run.                                           helped make our roads safer.
                                    a good way to enforceDill laws
Volunteers will receive a free                                                  David Kelly
                                    across our region. We have
T-shirt and FREE admission to
   MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter --November 1998                                Pa~e 3

Welcome GMU
Students                                           Executive Director's Letter
         This Fall, we are very
fortunateto have three students
                                             As this is my first       speaker, office assistant, grant
from GeorgeMason University         "Executive Director's Letter"      writer, or on-call volunteer.
assistingus with court              for the chapter newsletter, I              You can also
monitoring and public contact.      thought that it might be helpful
These three students, Berline                                          participate by showing your
                                    to tell you a very interesting     support for MADD by such
Juleau, Pat O'Connell, and
                                    thing that I did not know about    simple things as getting red
Mehran Teddyan,are taking
                                    MADD before I began working        ribbons from us, tying one onto
part in the service-learning
                                    here. This is a question that I    your car, and giving the others
program at GMU's Center for         had and I know that others are
Service and Leadership.                                                to friends for their cars.
                                    interested because I have been             If you are not sure
         If you are, or if you
know of, a student in a school      asked this question a number       whether you are a full-fledged
that requires service learning or                                      Chapter Member or just an
                                             Who is a "member" of      Associate Member, call the
other communityservice
activity as a part of the           MADD? I had thought that by        office at (703) 352-3944 and
curriculum,please consider          sending my check to MADD, I        we will check for you. When
working with us here at MADD        was a full-fledged member.         you call, be sure to let us know
of NorthernVirginia. We offer       But this is incorrect. To find     if you want to be on our
a very flexible schedule,           out why, we need to look at        volunteer list. We always have
interestingduties, and a friendly   how MADD is structured.            a number of volunteer
work environment.                            MADD is a national        opportunities available. We
                                    organization with local            are very anxious to have you
Double Your Gift To                 chapters. To be a full-fledged     become active and we have
MADD                                voting member ofMADD, you          options to fit whatever your
                                    must be a member of a local        time availability allows.
                                    chapter. An individual who                 To change the subject
         Many companies in this
                                    has expressed support for          slightly, we have included a
area have matchinggifts
                                    MADD through financial             membership renewal form in
programs. In these programs,
                                    contributions and who may not      this newsletter. We sent out
the companywill match,
sometimeseven more than             wish to actively participate in    renewal notices a few weeks
match, any donation that you        MADD is a non-voting               ago but many members have
                                    Associate Member.
make to a charity like MADD.                                           not sent them back yet so the
If your companyhas a matching                How can you be an         form is here in case your first
gifts program,just get the form     active participant in MADD?        form was misplaced.
from your personnel office and      The Northern Virginia Chapter      Remember, when you send
send it with your check to us at:   makes it very easy to              your form to the chapter office,
MADD; P.O. Box 1066;                participate at the local level.    your membership renewal dues
Fairfax, VA 22030. We will          We have numerous
                                                                       are used exclusively for
then take care of the paperwork     opportunities to volunteer,        MADD programs here in
and your gift will go even          including being a court            Northern Virginia.
farther to provide services right   monitor, victim advocate,                 Mike Green
here in Northern Virginia.
   MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter -- November 1998                          Pa,ge4

30 Things You Should              percent BAC and many             It resulted from two clear
Know or Can Do                    young people become              choices:
                                  impared at .01 or .02.                   1) to use alcohol or
About Drunk Driving!                                                       other drugs; and
                                  7.     Understand that at                2) to drive.
30 simple things to help you      low levels of intoxication,      Instead say "drunk driving
to stop drinking and driving      you can "feel" more
in America.                                                        crash," "drunk driving
                                  competent to drive than you      collision" or "drunk driving
                                  did before beginning to          crime."
KNOW THE FACTS                    drink. This is a false
                                  security.                        13. Stop saying, "If my
1.     Understand that
                                                                   kids use just alcohol, I'll be
alcohol, wine and liquor are      8.     Understand that cold      happy!" Instead say, "I don't
drugs.                            showers, coffee, or exercise     want you to use alcohol until
                                  will not hasten the lowering     you are 21 because it is
2.     Understand that the
                                  of your intoxication level.      against the law."
word "drunk" means being          Only time can do that - and
visibly impaired, such as         alcohol burns off much more       14. Stop laughing at
staggering, slurring speech,
etc.                              slowly than it is consumed.      jokes - or telling jokes -
                                                                   which take impairment or
                                  9.     Understand that in        intoxication lightly.
3.     Understand that
                                  every state in the nation,
"intoxicated" means being         drunk driving is now a           15. Stop ignoring lack of
drunk. In Virginia, a blood       crime!                           clarity when your children
alcohol content (BAC) of
                                                                   talk about "partying." Ask
.08 percent creates a             10. Understand that              what it means and encourage
presumption of being drunk.       getting behind the wheel         non-alcoholic and other
4.      Understand that           only once when your ability      drug-free socializing.
                                  to drive is impaired could
"impaired" means that your        change your life forever!        16. Stop saying "one for
ability to think clearly and to
                                                                   the road" and start saying
react appropriately is not        CHANGE THE WAY YOU               "none for the road."
fully functional.                 TALK!
                                                                   17. Have your children
5.     Understand that you        11. Stop saying "alcohol         practice saying "No, thank
can be "impaired" by alcohol                                       you" when offered a drink
                                  and drugs" and start saying
and other drugs long before
                                  "alcohol and other drugs."       until they can do it
you become "intoxicated" or
"drunk."                                                           comfortably.
                                  12. Stop saying
6.     Understand that            "accident" when referring to     18. Say, "No thanks, I'm
                                  incidents caused by impaired     driving" when you plan to
research shows that most          drivers. It wasn't accidental.   drive.
adults' ability to drive is
"impaired" at .04 to .05
   MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter --November 1998                          Pa,ge5
 19. When alcohol ads are        25.     Teach responsibility
clearly designed to reach the    at an early age. After your      We're Moving!
"under-21" age group, point      children start driving, insist
out the inappropriateness of                                      Effective mid-December
                                 that they pay for all of any
                                                                  our new address will be:
these ads to others viewing      traffic tickets received.
                                                                  MADD - NoVA
these ads with you.                                               Suite 202
                                 26.    Refuse to serve           900 South Washington Street
20.    Say "yes" when a          alcohol to any child,            FaIls Church, VA 22046
MADD volunteer asks for          including your own, until he
your support!                    or she is 21.

WINNING THE WAR                  27.    If you see evidence
BEGINS AT HOME!                  that your child has been
                                 using alcohol or other illegal
21. Never drink and              drugs, confront it
drive, regardless of your age.   immediately.

22. Begin now (if you            28.    If your child needs
haven't already) to designate    professional help, don't be
a driver before you leave the    too embarrassed to get it.
house, if your outing
involves drinking. It will       29.    If you or your spouse
cement the idea in your          need professional help, don't
family's mind.                   be too embarrassed to get it.

23. Build your child's self      30.    Walk like you talk-
esteem by discussing in          then you will have nothing
advance how compromising         to be ashamed of.
situations might be handled.
Praise your child for seeking    SOLVING THE DRUNK
internal control and             DRIVING PROBLEM IN
demonstrating external           AMERICA BEGINS AT
contro1.                         HOME. YOU CAN MAKE
                                 A DIFFERENCE! GET
24.     Start educating your     INVOLVED IN
children with the truth about    AMERICA'S DRUNK
alcohol and other drugs          DRIVING PROBLEMS.
early. If you don't, someone
else will give them
information that drunk
driving and using drugs are
   MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter --November 1998                                Pa,ge6

                                     transaction flows smoothly and     Mobilization last Memorial
A Special Way to Give
                                     that you have the necessary        Day. The National Highway
to MADD                              documentationfor filing your       Traffic SafetyAdministration's
                                     taxes.                             observational surveysbefore
         One of the best and                                            and after the May Mobilization
easiest ways to make a gift to                                          showed six million more people
MADD is to donate appreciated        Crackdown On                       buckling up. If these
securities.Although the stock        Unbuckled Children                 Americans continue to use their
market is not sailing along like                                        seat belts, approximately670
it has for the past several years,           RecentlyMADD of            lives will be saved each year.
many MADD supporters have            Northern Virginia announced its    In addition, a surveyby the
achieved considerable long-          official support of a national     National SafetyCouncil showed
term gains with their stocks and     mobilization this Thanksgiving     fatalities went down by more
mutual funds. These gains            holiday to protect children by     than 35 percent during the
provide a great opportunity to       stepping up enforcementof          Memorial Day holiday.
help MADD and get a special          child passenger safety laws.                The impact of the May
tax break.                           More than 5,000 law                OperationABC Mobilization
         Under ordinary              enforcementagencies across the     clearly illustrated that high-
circumstances,these gains            country will conduct the second    visibility enforcementworks.
would be taxed when the stock        1998 wave of the Operation         This is the same reason that
or mutual fund is sold.              ABC Mobilization:America           MADD supports Sobriety
However, a special section of        Buckles Up Children- the           Checkpoints and is why MADD
the Internal Revenue Code            largest ever coordinated           gave its endorsementfor
allows a donor to give the stock     crackdown on drivers who           enforcement and pledged our
or mutual fund to MADD and           don't buckle up children.          support to this unparalleled
not only deduct its full fair        MADDjoined over 1,000              effort to save children's lives.
market value but also to             organizationsnationwide that                OperationABC
completelyavoid paying tax on        endorse this intensive, 50-state   Mobilization, organizedby the
the gain.                            lifesaving enforcementeffort.      Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety
         For one donor recently,              "Tens of thousands of     Campaign in cooperationwith
this procedure worked out very       law enforcementofficers in all     the U.S. Department of
well. A few months ago, Mary         50 states will be out in force     Transportation and the National
O'Brien Gibson gave MADD a           protecting children from the       Highway Traffic Safety
significantgift by taking            greatest dangerthey face-          Administration, is part of the
 advantage of this special           being unrestrainedin a crash,"     Buckle Up America Campaign
 section. "It was so easy. I just    said Janet Dewey,Executive         - an ongoingnational safety
 contactedthe MADD Northern          Director of the Air Bag & Seat     initiative to increase seat belt
Virginia Chapter office and          Belt SafetyCampaign,sponsors       use and save the lives of
 they took care of everything,"      of the OperationABC                Americans. The Mobilizationis
 said Mrs. Gibson.                   Mobilization. "We know these        supported by the International
         If you would like to        officers will be energizedby the   Association of Chiefs of Police,
 take advantageof this special       ground swell of support from        the National Sheriffs
 opportunityto both avoid            organizationslike MADD              Association, Operation CARE
 capital gains taxes and get a       across the country."                and the National Organization
 charitablededuction,just call                The Thanksgiving           of Black Law Enforcement
 the chapter's executive director,    OperationABC Mobilization          Executives.
 Mike Green, at (703) 352-3944.      comes on the heels of an
 Mike will make certain that the      extremely successful
  MADD Northern Virginia Chapter Newsletter -- November 1998                7
(Race App)


    (0)0         ;{/f'{/C          ;4 ~Il rerc                 C~f1(   C5r

     fit/5           1'1 ~         5 L~ freT<.                 /1r-J17 Wo~ co

    LO/J~            IT        To       Vt 5       70 5C~,J1
r                                                               ,       r                                                               ,
!                        -
                  MADD Northern Virginia Chapter                    !
                                                                        I          1998 MADD NoVA Officers and Directors                I
                                                                    I   !                   -
                                                                                David Kelly President and SO Representative             !

                                                                        I                    -
                                                                               John Pinckney Vice President and SO Alternate            I
! -           $10 Senior Citizen/Student - $20 Individual!              I                                         -
                                                                                      Nyki Brandon Palermo Secretary                    I
I -           $40 Family     - $150 Organizational Affiliate        I   I                        -
                                                                               Cindy McDonald Treasurer and Victim Advocate             I
!     -      Victim(No Cost)   -   Familyof Victim(No Cost)         !   I            Teresa McCarthy - Victim Advocate                  I
                                                                    I   I                           -
                                                                                      Terry McCarthy Victim Advocate                    I
      Donation - $50 - $100 - Other $                               I
                                                                        I                           -
                                                                                      Dottie Vazzana Victim Advocate                    I
I     Please make check out to: MADD                                I   !       Ben Clarke -Ed Kunec -Jeff Levy -CliffLitzell           !
I                                                                   I
                                                                        I        Mary O'Bryant -Carolyn Rieth - Sherry Platt            I
                                                                    I   I              Mike Green -Executive Director                   :
                                                                        I           Kathy Cerio - Administrative Assistant              I
                                                                    I   I                     AdvisorvBoard                             I
                                                                    I   I                                -
                                                                            The Honorable Tom Davis United States Representative        I
      Address                                                       I
                                                                    I   I
                                                                        I                               . -
                                                                               The HonorableBob Dix Fairfax County Board of             !
I                                                                   I
                                                                        I                        S ~~~~                                 I
I                                                                   I
I     City                                      State    ZiP:           I Daniel A. Domenech, Ph.D. - Fairfax County Public Schools     I
                                                                    I   I             Derek Elliott -Farmers Insurance                  I
I                                                                   I   I                Janet Elliott -2104 Radio                      I
I Phone
                                                                    I   I                             -
                                                                                      Gary Gourley Thrifty Car Rental                   I
I   Please send volunteer infonnation
     -                                                              I   I   TheHonorable Jim Moran - United States Representative       I
                                                                    I   !                                 -
                                                                                    Gail Pennybacker Channel 7 News                     !
I                MADDNoVA                 Telephone                 I   I     WilliamH. Pierce- PastPresident,MADDNorthern              I
I                PO Box 1066              703-352-3944              I   I                            Virginia                           I
                                                                    I   I               G      -         P    Schools
                                                                                Dr.Robert .Smith Arlingtonublic                         I
                 Fairfax, VA 22030                                  I   I                            -
                                                                                  Jim Sonnenfeld Nationwide Insurance                   I
                                                                    I   I                                     -
                                                                              TheHonorable John Warner United States Senator            I
~                                                               ~
                                                                        I                        -
                                                                                    Tony Wells TheMillsCorporation                      I
                                                                        !             Gary Yacoubian - Myer-Emco                        !
                                                                        L                                                               ~

    MADD Northern Virginia Chapter
    4041 University Drive, Suite 403                                                                          Non-Profit Organization
    Fairfax, VA 22030-3410                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                PermitNo. 6350

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