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					                              Minutes of Local 532
                         General Membership Meeting
                                 April 28, 2011
          Calvin Presbyterian Church, 29 Delisle Avenue, Lower Room

Officers Present: Chris Yetman, President; Julius Arscott, Vice-President; Denise Angeloni,
Treasurer; Diana Piché, Secretary

Attendance: Attached

1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Chris Yetman at 12:05 p.m.

2. Roll Call of stewards

3. Statement of Respect: the OPSEU Statement of Respect was read

4. Adoption of Agenda:
Motion: Chris Yetman proposed adopting the agenda
Seconded: Julius Arscott
Vote - carried

5. Approval of Minutes:
Approval of Minutes from February 3rd and 4th were carried over to the next GMM

6. Business Arising
As the minutes were not presented for approval there was no business arising

7. Reports from Regionals and Convention
Julius Arscott spoke on Regionals:
 A big issue was with Smokey’s decision to advise worker’s to accept the proposed 0%
 Financial issues within OPSEU were discussed; as well as the fallout from NUPGE
 Derek Miller and Ted Montgomery were removed from office
 Nancy Pridham is still a board member and there are two new board members Rod Bemister
    and Krista Maracle
 Nancy said she wasn’t going to run for election at Convention but at the end of the Regionals
    because of the changes she decided to run
 OPSEU consists of 21 Board Members (past 10 years)

Chris Yetman spoke on Convention:
 In the 7 years he’s attended he hasn’t seen anything like this years – it was very political.
 2011 Convention was a big year because of elections for President and Vice-President; the
   OPSEU 100 year celebrations
 An extra ½ day was added to recognize OPSEU’s 100 years
 Conventions is generally a time for passing resolutions and policies to guide our Union but
   this was sidelined this year due to politics and the 100 year celebrations
 ~1700 members attended at MTCC

   Smokey won the Presidential election
   A new Vice-President Eddie Almeida was elected
   Days run from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with many social and entertainment
    events in the evenings
   A lot of time was spent on celebrations and ‘silly awards’ and so this sidelined a lot of
    business as well much ado was made of the 100 years of civil service
   Eddie only won by a dozen votes
   Smokey won by a large margin; Nancy Pridham lost
   Since Eddie won (VP) there has been a power shift, decisions won’t be as hidden this is part
    of change OPSEU is going through

8. Other Business

Unit Meetings:
 This is this current executive’s last year of their term
 There is a process written in the Constitution it should not be a shock - if you want to be
   elected to the Local Executive Committee (LEC) you first need to be endorsed by your Unit
   as a steward. All you need to do is have a unit meeting.
 2 St. Clair Ave. W is composed of 5 units if you want to be a steward talk to us and we will
   help you set up a Unit Meeting. Because to run for these positions you must be endorses as
   a steward first.
 Even if you just want to be a steward please talk to us about getting endorsed.
 There is a need for stewards at 55 St. Clair Ave. W. as there currently are no stewards for
   that building

Union Boards:
 These need to be set-up on each floor
 A form was passed around during the meeting - please fill it out if your floor does not have a
   union board.
 We will have something set-up for the next meeting.
 Julius asked his manager about putting one up and it was fine and his floor now has one.

 We will get back to you in June on the date for the next By-law meeting.
 By-laws should resolve some of the issues our local has had.
 Likely one or one and half meetings are needed to finish up the by-laws.
 The aim is to have the meeting in July.

Lunch n Learn’s:
 We want to have more of these.
 The one on June 9th will talk about Job Security and how the Collective Agreement protects
 We’ve been getting a lot of calls since the budget came out, and questions about lay-offs
  and how bumping works.
 Another topic for ‘Lunch n Learn’s’ is Bullying and Harassment

 Sara Tavakoli had sent information on this program to the executive. So it was presented to
   the membership as something to consider.
 She explained this it is like e-Servus members are offered discounts on attractions, hotels,
   car rentals etc.
 Some of the privately operated buildings in the St. Clair corridor have such a program in
   place but 40 St. Clair does not.
 There is no charge to the local to join the program.
 It is not a huge discount but none-the-less is still a savings.
 Sara is willing to be the contact person for the time being (she will be on maternity leave in
 Members would access the offers by going on-line and get an ID to sign into the website.
 You would need an ID and then set your own password.
 Q: How will members know about it? A: You must go through our website we cannot e-mail
   anything that is not meeting related through the employers e-mail system. A personal e-mail
   address will need to be supplied because this is not an employer approved program.


This is a new feature that Chris Yetman would like to introduce to our Local and have at as
many of our meetings as possible. Where members can speak up about issues and concerns
as well as provide us with directions and suggestions for what we should be doing.

The mic was then opened to the floor for the membership to come forward.

   Referring to some comments that were made earlier one member advised the membership
    that we always have to be careful about our language – using the term ‘they’ is not
    appropriate; it should be ‘we’. Union people should speak with one voice in solidarity; but we
    still have our own conscious and use that when we vote.
   Q: Do you have an update on job losses? A: 1500 jobs will be lost this year and 950 from
    last years budget are to be cut. We’ve had two groups in this local let go so far: most
    recently the print shop and another group earlier in the year. There is a lot of talk (rumours)
    our people being absorbed into OSS.
   Q: Has our Local submitted any questions to management regarding how we will be meeting
    these targets? A: Chris has asked how they are going to meet the numbers and targets, he
    has not had a reply.
   Julius indicated that each Ministry has a MERC when there are changes in jobs/positions in
    the Ministry / Local the MERC is informed. The MOE MERC has not yet been informed of
    any upcoming job losses. It is important for members in this local who are not in MOE to get
    involved and set up a MERC.
   Julius has asked Doris Dumais if any jobs would be lost through modernization (EAAB) she
    said no. Modernization projects are happening across the OPS.
   It was acknowledged that many of us were not here for the last major job cuts in the mid-
   Denise spoke to Educationals – these happen four times a year. Usually in March, June,
    September and December. Members should check our website for details and topics as we
    cannot send this information out through work e-mail. Members are encouraged to sign up

    for the various topics. They run a full day Saturday and a half day Sunday, expenses and
    own time are covered.
   Q: was asked to Chris are you dealing with any grievances? A: yes, Attendance Support
    Program (ASP) are the biggest issue we are dealing with. Diabetes and other chronic
    issues, for some with chronic ailments ASP is demeaning as they are moved through levels.
    There are four individuals on ASP. He councils them before and attends all meetings. Other
    issues: a number of our stewards are involved with a big management bullying group
    grievance. There are stacks of information they have had to go through to find the most
    relevant information and what contradicts our Collective Agreement.
   Chris indicated he generally spends 5 hours per week outside of work hours on Local
   Julius indicated there are pockets of issues where there are not currently stewards, and
    some challenging issues and situations.
   A member thanked Chris for all his worked and acknowledged it is surprising and astounding
    how often he has been seen in their building and thanked him for his time and effort.
   Chris indicated he has always wanted to have more open discussions like this, there are
    severe issues; he is happy direction is changing and this has happened (open mic).
   Q: Lunch n Learns it was suggested one be held on what your business entails regarding
    grievances and encourage some of those dealing with issues to stand and talk about them.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

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Chris Yetman                                       Diana Piché

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