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									                                                         International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                  Dispensed /
 Location            Station                    Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                   Image
                   Sustainable             Western Australian                     Compressed      - H2 gas produced at BP’s refinery in Kwinana from crude
  Perth,       Transport Energy for       Conservation Council,                      H2           oil/natural gas refining
 Australia     Perth (STEP) project       Daimler-Chrysler, BP,                                   - Delivered to Perth site and compressed
               H2 refueling station           Path Transit                        Delivered H2    - Fueled 3 demonstration FC buses used in revenue service

                                                                                                  - Located on grounds of Graz University
                                            Graz University of
                                                                                  Compressed      - Vacuum isolated tank for 17.600 liters of LH2 with dispenser
                Hydrogen Center           Technology, Joanneum
  Graz,                                                                            H2 & LH2       - H2 conditioner, H2 compressor (up to 450 bar)
                Austria (HyCentA)         Research, JR, Austrian       2005
  Austria                                                                                         - Tank for 3.200 liters of liquid nitrogen, vaporizer for H2 and
               H2 refueling station         Research Centers
                                                                                       N/a        nitrogen
                                                                                                  - Fuel pumps for liquid (LH2), and gaseous H2 at 400 bar

  Belgium       TOTAL H2 station           Linde, BMW, TOTAL           2008                       - Located along the Paris-bound E19 motorway

                                                                                                  - Europe's first combined LNG, and liquid compressed natural gas,
  Leuven,      H2, LNG and LCNG              NexGen Fueling,                         H2
                                                                       2003                       and H2 fueling station
  Belgium        Fueling Station                Citensy
                                                                                                  - Uses NexGen equipment

                                                                                                  - Station designed, fabricated and integrated by Messer Griesheim
                  H2 station for                                                      LH2         GmbH
 Oostmalle,                                 Messer Griesheim
                   Belgian Bus                                         1994                       - LH2 storage system of 125 L,, electric LH2 evaporation system,
  Belgium                                       GmbH
                  Demonstration                                                        N/a        plus all necessary connecting supply infrastructure, and control
                                                                                                  and safety components

                                                                                                  - Located in the Sao Paolo EMTU bus garage
                                                                                                  - Fuels a small fleet of FC buses that operate in Sao Paolo and
Sao Paolo,      Sao Paulo H2 bus            EPRI International,                      H2
                                                                       2007                       Sao Mateus
  Brazil          fueling station         Hydrogenics, Petrobras
                                                                                                  - Uses Hydrogenics’ electrolyzer, compression, storage and
                                                                                                  dispenser modules

                                            Ford Canada, Air
                Natural Resources            Liquide, Natural
                                                                                       N/a        - Supports 3 H2-powered buses operated by the Senate of
  Ottawa,         Canada Booth             Resources Canada,
                                                                       2007                       Canada
  Canada        Street campus H2                Canadian
                                                                                       N/a        - Part of the “Hydrogen on the Hill” project
                      station            Transportation Fuel Cell

                                                                                  Compressed      - First electrolytic Stuart Energy Station for both vehicle fueling and
Mississauga,    Stuart Energy H2          Stuart Energy (bought                      H2           back-up power generation
  Canada         Energy Station              by Hydrogenics)                                      - Electrolysis using Vandenborre Inorganic Membrane Electrolysis
                                                                                       N/a        Technology(Vandenborre IMET®)

                                                                                                  - Supported two buses in revenue service
               STCUM H2/Natural           Hydrogenics, STCUM                         HCNG         - Provided blend of H2 and natural gas (HCNG).
               Gas transit refueling        (Montreal Transit          1994                       - Electrolytic H2 generation and compression to 34.5Mpa and
                      station                  Company)                                N/a        1400scf/h using a Stuart Energy electrolyzer
                                                                                                  - Station operated at 100% reliability

                                           Natural Resources
                                           Canada, Enterprise
                                                                                     H2           - Located in Saskatoon’s north industrial district
Saskatoon,     Smart Fuel Highway            Saskatchewan,
                                                                       2010                       - Will fuel a fleet of 7 H2 trucks from both SaskEnergy and the
 Canada         Hydrogen Station              SaskEnergy,
                                                                                    Industrial    Saskatchewan Research Council
                                            Research Council

                                                                      350 bar
                                                                                                  - CH2IP program (Compressed H2 Infrastructure Program)
                                          PowerTech Labs, BC           station    Compressed
                                                                                                  - Provides H2 fuel for Vancouver Fuel Cell Vehicle Program (Ford
  Surrey,                                 Hydro, Stuart Energy        opened      H2 & HCNG
               PowerTech Station                                                                  Focus FCV demonstration)
  Canada                                  Systems and Dynetek        2001, 700
                                                                                                  - HySTAT-A refueler
                                               Industries           bar upgrade        N/a
                                                                                                  - Delivers up to 700-bar/ 10,000-psi gaseous H2
                                                                      in 2002

  Surrey,      Green Energy Fleet                                                                 First municipal H2 station in Canada. Part of the “Green Energy
                                                   N/a                 2010            N/a        Fleet” program, the station will help support 21 alternative vehicles
  Canada       Municipal H2 station
                                                                                                  over the next few years.

                                                                                                  - Toronto's 1st public H2 refueling station
                                         Hydrogenics, Exhibition                                  - Fueled H2-powered John Deere work vehicle, a forklift and a
               Toronto’s Hydrogen         Place, City of Toronto,                                 GEM “neighborhood” vehicle used at the Hydrogen Village
                Village – Mobile             h2ea, Canadian            2004                       - Uses Hydrogenics 140 kW PEM Hydrolyzer electrolyzer to
  Canada                                                                              Wind-
                Refueler project         Transportation Fuel Cell                                 produce H2 from wind power
                                                 Alliance                                         - Can produce 65 kg/day ofH2, enough H2 to power 20

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                                                        International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                    Dispensed /
 Location            Station                    Partners              Opened                                                  Station Details                                   Image
                                                                                    Compressed      - Provides H2 fuel for Purolator hybrid fuel cell delivery vehicle
                                         Hydrogenics, Canadian
               Purolator ‘s West                                                       H2           used in a commercial fleet application
  Toronto,                               Transportation Fuel Cell
              Toronto H2 refueling                                      2005                        - Hydrogenics PEM Hydrolyzer refueler with on-site H2 production,
  Canada                                     Alliance, City of
                     facility                                                        Onsite H2      storage and dispensing capabilities
                                         Toronto, h2ea, Purolator
                                                                                     production     - Can produce 20 kg/day of H2

                                                                                                    - Provided 200 kW of zero-emission building backup power and
                                                                                    Compressed      vehicle refueling
              Toronto’s Hydrogen         Stuart Energy Systems,
                                                                                       H2           - Site was fully approved and operational but was dismantled after
  Toronto,        Village - H2                  Canadian             Dismantled
                                                                                                    Stuart Energy merged with Hydrogenics
  Canada        Production and           Transportation Fuel Cell    March 2005
                                                                                       Alkaline     - Indoor installation-alkaline electrolysis, carbon fiber cylinder H2
                   Refueler                      Alliance
                                                                                     electrolysis   storage, H2 internal combustion engine generator sets
                                                                                                    - Outdoor vehicle refueling dispenser

                                                                                                    - Supplied H2 to 3 fuel cell buses in revenue service.
                                           Stuart Energy, Coast
                                                                      Opened        Compressed      - HySTAT-A refueler
                                           Mountain Transit, BC
Vancouver,    Coast Mountain H2                                        1998,           H2           - H2 production rate was 65Nm3/h, used 250L/h of H2O, 250bar,
                                           Hydro, Ballard Power
 Canada         transit refueler                                     concluded                      normal time to fill overnight
                                             Systems, Natural
                                                                       2000              N/a        - Cascade system consisted of 80 H2 bottles to provide 900sm3,
                                            Resources Canada
                                                                                                    could be used to fuel or defuel the transit FC bus

                                            National Research
                                                                                                    - Provides H2 fuel for Vancouver Fuel Cell Vehicle Program (Ford
                                         Council Institute for FC                   Compressed
                                                                                                    Focus FCV demonstration)
Vancouver,                                Innovation, Canadian                         H2
              Pacific Spirit Station                                    2005                        - Station is located at the University of British Columbia
 Canada                                  Transportation Fuel Cell
                                                                                                    - Station is ready to accommodate gas that may be generated on-
                                         Alliance, BOC Canada,                      Delivered H2
                                                                                                    site in the future
                                            General Hydrogen

                                                                                                    - BOC and BC Hydro have constructed an anchor fuelling station
                                                                                                    at BC Transit’s Langford facility near Victoria
                                            Stuart Energy, BC                                       - Supports the Vancouver FC Vehicle Program’s Ford FC vehicle
  Victoria,                                                                            H2
                  Victoria Station         Transit, BOC Gases,          2006                        - 3-tiered storage bank of low, medium and high pressure storage
                                                  CFTCA                                             cylinders
                                                                                                    - As the Victoria H2 vehicle fleet expands, additional storage
                                                                                                    cylinders can be added to support the incremental load

 Whistler,        BC Transit H2                                                                     - Largest H2 fueling station In the world, capable of fueling up to
                                          BC Transit, Air Liquide       2010
 Canada              station                                                                        23 buses/day

                                                                                    Compressed      - 4,000 sq meter station located at Beijing Hydrogen Park
                                           SinoHytec, BP, GEF-
                                                                                       H2           - Comprised of R&D center, H2 refueling station, FC vehicle
                                             UNDP, Ministry of
                                                                     Permanent                      garage and a maintenance workshop
                                               Science and
  Beijing,        SinoHytec H2                                         station        Onsite H2     - Supports 3 FC buses and fueled the H2 vehicle fleet for the 2008
                                            Technology, Beijing
   China             station                                         opened July      production    Beijing Olympic Games
                                          Municipal Government,
                                                                        2006        from coal via   - Uses APCI’s Air Products' Series 300 fueling technology
                                           BP, US DoE , Beijing
                                                                                      steam and     - Can supply 4,000 Nm3/day H2
                                            Tongfang Co, APCI
                                                                                        oxygen      - 25 and 35 MPa

                                         GEF-UNDP, Ministry of
                                                                       refueler     Compressed
                                         Science & Technology,
                                                                       opened          H2
                                            Beijing Municipal                                       - H2 initially trucked in, BP to adopt a local electrolyzer later
  Beijing,     Beijing H2 Fueling                                     November
                                          Government, BP, US                                        - H2 production from steam methane reforming was planned in
  China              Station                                            2005,          Steam
                                         DoE , Beijing SinoHytec                                    2006
                                                                     (permanent       methane
                                             Limited, Beijing
                                                                     station July    reforming
                                              Tongfang Co.

                                             Asian Games, Air
Guangzhou,      Asian Games                                                            H2           - Fueled 50 fuel cell buses used during the Asian Games in Nov-
                                             Products, Tongji           2010
  China        hydrogen station                                                                     Dec 2010
                                                                                    Delivered H2

                                          Tongji University, Shell                  Compressed
                                                                                                    - Located at the International Automotive City in Anting, Shanghai
 Shanghai,                                Hydrogen, Government                         H2
               Anting H2 Station                                        2007                        - Will serve fuel cell cars and buses
   China                                    of Shanghai, Linde
                                                                                                    - Uses a Pdc Machines compressor.
                                                  Group                                  N/a

                                            Linde Gas, Veolia
Neratovice,                                  Transport, Skoda                            N/a        - Located north of Prague and near the local unit of Linde Gas,
  Czech             H2 Station              Electric, the Czech         2009                        which produces H2 fuel from natural gas
 Republic                                   Nuclear Research                             N/a        - Services a zero-emissions bus make by Skoda Electric AS
                                               Institute Rez

                                                                                                    - The Linde mobile filling station is a part of the TotalFinaElf station
                                                                                    Compressed      in Berlin, opened under the framework of the Berlin/
Copenhagen,       TotalFinaElf H2                                                    H2 & LH2       Copenhagen/Lisbon fuel cell bus program
                                            TotalFinaElf, BVG           2003
 Denmark           fueling station                                                                  - Supplies H2 fuel to a MAN fuel cell bus
                                                                                    Electrolysis    - Linde supplied LH2 and gaseous H2 at 250 bar using a Hogen
                                                                                                    PEM electrolyzer manufactured by Proton Energy Systems

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                                                        International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                 Dispensed /
 Location            Station                   Partners            Opened                                                  Station Details                                  Image

                Hydrogen Link
                  Denmark/                                                            N/a         - Vehicles:
Copenhagen,                               H2 Logic A/S, City of
                Scandinavian                                         2009                         6 Think Hydrogen Hybrid City cars
 Denmark                                     Copenhagen
              Hydrogen Highway                                                        N/a         2 Service vehicles

                Hydrogen Link             Vestforsyning A/S,                        H2
                  Denmark/              Holstebro Municipality,                                   - 700 bar fueling
                Scandinavian            Danish Energy Agency,        2011        Delivered H2     - The local municipality will be using three H2 powered fuel cell
              Hydrogen Highway          EUDP, H2 Logic, Climat                    produced        cars
                 Partnership                    Circle                            from wind

                Hydrogen Link             Vestforsyning A/S,
                                                                                                  - 250 bar refueling prepared for 350 bar.
                  Denmark/                Ringköping–Skjern
Ringkøbing,                                                                      Delivered H2     - Vehicles:
                Scandinavian             Municipality, H2 Logic,     2008
 Denmark                                                                             from         1 THINK Hydrogen (hybrid H2 city car)
              Hydrogen Highway                Ringkøbing
                                                                                  production      1 MEGA Hydrogen (hybrid H2 service vehicle)
                 Partnership               Fjernvarmeværk
                                                                                  plant using
                                                                                 wind energy

                                                                                                  - Part of project Althytude to demonstrate buses fuelled with a
                                         Gaz de France, City of
                                                                                                  blend of natural gas and H2 in the cities of Dunkirk and Toulouse
                                            Dunkirk, Irisbus,
                                                                                    HCNG          - Located at the DK' Bus Marine Facility
                                         Hydrogenics, GNVert,
Dunkerrque,                                                                                       - Delivers Hythane (H2/CNG blend) at 20 MPa.
              Althytude project H2          SDTE, Ineris, Air         N/a
  France                                                                          Natural gas     - H2 is produced on site by an electrolyzer, is compressed and
                     station             Liquide, CONNEX, H2
                                                                                   reforming      stored
                                          Developpement, DK
                                                                                                  - Pressurized H2 is mixed with natural gas present on the site.
                                           Bus Marine, EGIM,
                                                                                                  - Fuels 2 buses

                                                                                                  - Located at Axane Fuel Cell Systems facility (Axane a subsidiary
                                                                                                  of Air Liquide)
                    Air Liquide                                                  Compressed
                                                                                                  - Uses Air Liquide technology
Sassenage,          Advanced             Air Liquide, Axane Fuel                    H2
                                                                     2002                         - The station is used to validate fast fill advanced algorithms.
  France      Technology Division              Cell Systems
                                                                                                  Dispensing capacity -120
               site test H2 station                                                   N/a
                                                                                                  - Delivers compressed H2 at 35 MPa
                                                                                                  - H2 supply-tube trailer 200 & 420 bar

                                                                                                  - Station to be rented to customers
                    Air Liquide                                                  Compressed
                                                                                                  - Uses Air Liquide technology
Sassenage,          Advanced                                                        H2
                                               Air Liquide           2004                         - Mobile fueling station, up to 35 kg/day
  France      Technology Division
                                                                                                  - Dispensing capacity-up to 35 MPa.
               site test H2 station                                                   N/a
                                                                                                  - H2 supply-tubes trailers or cylinders-350 bar

                                                                                                  - In operation and available for rent
                                                                                 Compress H2      - Uses Air Liquide Technology
Sassenage,     Air Liquide mobile                                                  & HCNG         - Fast and cold fill capabilities at 35 and 70 MPa up to 70 kg/day -
                                            Air Liquide Fuels        2006
  France          filing station                                                                  H2 supply-tube trailer
                                                                                      N/a         - H2- storage-450 bar and 850 bar
                                                                                                  - Dispensers dual pressure

                                        Gaz de France, GNVert,
                                        INERIS, EGIM, Irisbus,                      HCNG          - Part of project Althytude to demonstrate buses fuelled with a
 Toulouse,    Althytude project H2         CONNEX, IMFT,                                          blend of natural gas and H2 in the cities of Dunkirk and Toulouse.
  France             station             SMTC-Tisséo, Tisséo                      Natural gas     - Fuels 3 buses
                                          Réseau Urbain, Air                       reforming      - Uses Pdc compressor

 Aachen,        Ford Research
                                                  N/a                2004                         - Supports Ford’s H2ICE car development.
 Germany       Center H2 station

                                         Wasserstoff-Initiative-                 Compressed
                                                                                                  - Provides fuel for fuel cell powered bus. CGH2 at 21 MPa
                                          Vorpommern (WIV),                         H2
  Barth,                                                                                          - Uses Proton Energy Systems HOGEN 380 PEM electrolyzer. O2
              WIV solar-H2 station      Proton Energy Systems,       2002
 Germany                                                                                          byproduct from the unit is adding oxygen to Barth’s biological
                                          Wolters-Ostseebus                          Solar
                                                                                                  wastewater treatment system
                                                GmbH                              electrolysis

                                                                                                  - 1st permanent H2 fuel station in Berlin
                                                                                                  -H2 Station was opened under the framework of the
                                                                                  H2 & LH2
                                                                                                  Berlin/Copenhagen/Lisbon fuel cell bus Program
                                           TotalFinaElf, BVG,
  Berlin,                                                                                         - Fuels H2 ICE buses from MAN & fuel cell buses
                  Total-BVG H2           Linde, MAN and Opel:                       Delivered
 Germany                                                             2002                         - Linde AG mobile filling station
                  fueling station        Hydrogen Competence                          LH2,
                                                                                                  - Uses Linde supplied LH2 & Proton Energy Systems’ HOGEN®
                                             Center Berlin                         electrolysis
                                                                                                  PEM electrolyzer for compressed H2
                                                                                  for gaseous
                                                                                                  - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) reformer added in 2007 that can
                                                                                                  produce enough H2 to fuel 7 buses

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                                                        International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                 Dispensed /
 Location           Station                    Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                  Image
                                                                                                 - World’s 1st public H2 gas station located at Aral station in
                                           Aral, BMW, BVG,
               First Clean Energy        DaimlerChrysler, Ford,                    H2 & LH2
  Berlin,                                                                                        - Supports 16 H2-powered vehicles from BMW, Ford, GM/Opel &
               Partnership Project       GM/Opel, Hydro, Linde,       2004
 Germany                                                                                         DaimlerChrysler
                  Berlin Station          TOTAL and Vattenfall                    Electrolysis
                                                                                                 - Norsk Hydro electrolyzer
                                                                                                 - H2 production with renewable energy

                                                                                                 - Integrated into a conventional TOTAL service station in
                                           Aral, BMW, BVG,                                       Heerstraβe
                 Second Clean                                                    Compressed
                                         DaimlerChrysler, Ford,                                  - Will support HyFleet/CUTE H2 vehicle projects
  Berlin,      Energy Partnership                                                 H2 & LH2
                                         GM/Opel, Hydro, Linde,       2006                       - Onsite reformer, output of 240 nm3/hr at 450 bar, can fuel 7
 Germany         Project Berlin
                                          TOTAL and Vattenfall                                   buses/day
                    Station                                                           N/a
                                                 Europe                                          - Ionic compressor to be added 6-06 will boost production to 540
                                                                                                 nm3/hr at 450 bar

   Berlin,     Opel dealership H2                                                     N/a
                                                  N/a                 2009                       N/a
  Germany            station                                                          N/a

   Berlin,                                                                            N/a        - Located at Holzmarktstrasse in Berlin
                TOTAL H2 station             TOTAL, Statoil           2010
  Germany                                                                                        -Part of the Clean Energy Partnership in Germany

                                                                                                 - Shell Sachsendamm service station
                                                                                                 - Green H2 supply - Delivered hydrogen from a Linde pilot plant in
                Shell H2 Station/
   Berlin,                                Shell Deutschland Oil                                  Leuna which uses crude glycerol as feedstock.
                 Clean Energy                                         2011       Delivered H2
  Germany                                    GmbH, Linde                                         - Capacity to fill about 250 vehicles per day, but will be
                                                                                                 predominantly used for demonstration and research purposes,
                                                                                                 fueling 20 vehicles daily

                                        Fraunhofer Institute for
                                          Transportation and
                                                                                 Compressed      - HyTra was developed as an affordable and highly flexible
                                        Infrastructure Systems,
                                                                                    H2           alternative to stationary H2 production facilities.
  Dressden,     HyTra Mobile H2          TÜV Industrie Service,
                                                                      N/a                        - H2 production by PEM electrolysis, production rate 1 Nm³/h high-
  Germany         Fueling Unit          Proton Energy Systems,
                                                                                     PEM         purity H2 (5.0)
                                         Wystrach, GreenField,
                                                                                  electrolysis   - Storage of 600 l H2 with a pressure of 200 bar / 2 900 psi
                                          CHRIST AG,Sempa
                                             Systems, WEH

                                                                                 Compressed      - Created for the Adam Opel AG vehicle
 Dudenhofen,   Opel Test Center H2                                                H2 & LH2       - Uses Linde LH2 and compressed H2 refueling technology
                                              Opel, Linde             2003
  Germany            Station                                                                     - Compressed H2 at 10,000 psi (700 bar).
                                                                                 Delivered H2    - LH2 and Compressed H2 delivered by Linde

                                                                                                 - Station supported world's first H2-fueled internal combustion
                                                                   1996 –1998                    engine bus in regular service (1996)
Erlangen and                                                       (HICE bus)        LH2         - Supported MAN LH2-ICE bus demonstrations in Erlangen (4-96
   Munich,      Mobile H2 Station             Linde, SWM           2000 –2001                    to 2-97)
  Germany                                                           (fuel cell   Delivered H2    - Station moved to SWM bus yard in Munich (4-97)
                                                                       bus)                      - Linde AG supplied LH2 from their large central H2 production &
                                                                                                 liquification plant, transported to the Linde mobile fueling station

                                                                                                 - Located near Hochst Industry Park and integrated into a multi-
                                                                                 . Compressed
                                         European Commission,                                    fuel public service station
                                                                                    H2 & LH2
               MultiEnergy station            companies and                                      - Part of the Zero Region H2 vehicle demonstration project
               at Hochst Industrial        research groups from       2006                       - Will support DaimlerChrysler F-Cell vehicles
 Germany                                                                           Piped-in H2
                      Park               Italy, Sweden, Denmark                                  - H2 produced as byproduct of a Hochst Industry Park chemical
                                                                                 from chemical
                                            and Germany; Linde                                   plant, connected by 2 km long pipe to H2 fueling station
                                                                                                 - Will offer 350 and 700 bar dispensers

                                                                                                 - W.E.I.T. project financed six small H2-fueled vans and a
                                                                   Opened in     Compressed      compressed H2 fuelling station
               W.E.I.T. phase I H2
 Hamburg,                                 Gastechnologie and         1999;          H2           - Serviced H2 vehicles for: Hamburg Hermes Versand Service,
                 project fueling
 Germany                                   Messer Griesheim          project                     HEW, and HHA
                                                                   completed     Delivered H2    - Delivered compressed H2 by m-tec.
                                                                                                 - Station has been dismantled

                                                                                 Compressed      - Filling station and production facilities located at the bus depot
                                            Norsk Hydro,
                W.E.I.T. Phase II                                                   H2           - Supports 3 CUTE project FC buses
                                         Hamburger Hochbahn,
 Hamburg,       H2 project fueling                                                               - This is the 2nd phase of the W.E.I.T project, which will incorporate
                                            HEW, BP/Aral,             2003
 Germany             station                                                         Wind-       the Hamburg CUTE project
                                                                                   powered       - On-site H2 production by water electrolysis from renewable
                                                                                  electrolysis   energy source (wind power) – Norsk Hydro electrolyzer

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                                                       International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                   Dispensed /
 Location            Station                    Partners             Opened                                                  Station Details                                   Image
                                            Hamburg Regional
                                                                                                   - Will fuel 2 FC tractors and a people-carrier at the airport
                                          Initiative for Hydrogen
                                                                                   Compressed      - Fueling station components are built into a 3-meter long
                 Mobile Linde H2                and Fuel Cell
 Hamburg,                                                                             H2           container
                station at Hamburg        Technology, Hamburg          2007
 Germany                                                                                           - H2 cylinders delivered by Linde
                       Airport             Airport, Linde Group,
                                                                                   Delivered H2    - Two separate H2 taps do deliver at 200 and 350 bar
                                                                                                   - Installation controlled by programmable logic control

                                                                                                   - Supplies H2 to Hamburg’s fuel cell-powered boat, “ZEMship”,
                                                                                                   that can carry 100 passengers along the Elbe and Alster rivers
                                                                                                   - Station located at Hamburg City Park
 Hamburg,         H2 Station for          Linde, City of Hamburg,                     H2
                                                                       2008                        - LH2 stored at a temperature of minus 253 degrees C is
 Germany            ZEMship                          EU
                                                                                                   transformed into H2 gas in an evaporator and then compressed up
                                                                                                   to 450 bar via a two-stage compressor system.
                                                                                                   - Fueling station was designed and built by Linde

                                                                                        N/a        - 24 hour, self service station
                 Hydrogen station              Air Products            2010                        - The station, based at the Infraserv-Knapsack Chemical Park, will
                                                                                        N/a        initially supply H2 to two buses run by the local council.

                                                                                                   - Produces fuel needed to run the FCVs and test beds
                   Volkswagen                                                         H2
                                                                                                   - Solar-panel is used to generate electricity that powers an
 Isenbüttel,    Technology Center
                                          Solvis, Volkswagen AG        2005                        electrolyzer.
  Germany        Solar-H2 fueling                                                      Solar-
                                                                                                   - H2 is compressed and stored
                     station                                                         powered
                                                                                                   - The system can produce 25 cubic meters H2/day

                                            Air Products and                       Compressed      - World’s 1st installed complete H2 infrastructure in a non-nuclear
                 H2 portable filling                                Completed
   Kiel,                                     Chemicals, Inc.,                         H2           H2-driven Class 212 submarine used by Germany Navy
                   station, Kiel                                       in
 Germany                                  Howaldwerke-Deutsche                                     - APCI uses cryogenic H2 gas and liquid compressor technology
                    Shipyards                                         2002
                                                  Werft                                 N/a        - Pdc Machines compressor

                 DaimlerChrysler                                                   Compressed
  Kircheim/                                                                                        - Supports DaimlerChrysler FC vehicles Uses Linde H2 refueling
                Fuel Cell Research                                                  H2 & LH2
Tech Nabern,                              Linde, DaimlerChrysler       1998                        technology
                 Facility Refueling
  Germany                                                                                          - LH2 delivered by Linde
                       Station                                                     Delivered H2

                                                                                                   - Supports a test fleet of H2 cars and buses at the Linde
                   Linde Group                                                     Compressed
                                                                                                   technology test center and training center
 Lohhof,        Hydrogen Research                                                   H2 & LH2
                                               Linde Group             2006                        - Linde has also developed the traiLH2TM mobile fueler
 Germany         Center H2 fueling
                                                                                                   - Linde expects to refuel around 10 vehicles per day
                      station                                                           N/a
                                                                                                   - Supplies both LH2 and gaseous H2

 Munich,                                                                                           - Supports BMW H2 research vehicles
                 BMW H2 station                BMW, Linde              1989
 Germany                                                                                           - Uses Linde technology

                                                                                                   - Publicly accessible
                                                                                                   - BP’s Aral subsidiary provides the infrastructure to fuel air-side
                                            Bavaria Ministry of
                                                                                   Compressed      vehicles at Munich airport
                 Munich Airport                Economics,
 Munich,                                                                            H2 & LH2       - LH2 for vehicles and gaseous high pressure-H2 provided for the
                Vehicle Project H2          Transportation and         1999
 Germany                                                                                           shuttle buses
                  fueling station           Technology, Linde,
                                                                                   Delivered H2    - Uses Linde H2 refueling technology
                                           BP/Aral, GHW, BMW
                                                                                                   - LH2 and compressed H2 delivered by Linde
                                                                                                   - LH2 road tank cars’ fueling is done by a tank-robot

                                                                                                   - Located in the Detmoldstraße, near the BMW Research and
                                                                                                   Innovation Center
  Munich,       TOTAL H2 Fueling                                                                   - Integrated in a regular TOTAL filling station
                                           BMW Group, TOTAL            2007
  Germany           Station                                                                        - Underground storage of LH2
                                                                                                   - Station will also offer gas and diesel fuel
                                                                                                   - Can fuel buses and cars

 Neckarsulm,      Audi Research           Audi, Air Products and                                   - Supports Audi H2 vehicles
  Germany        Center H2 station              Chemicals                                          - Uses Air Products Series 100 fueler

                                                                                                   - Solar H2 project
                                                                                                   - Manual coupling of filling line to vehicle, program-controlled fuel
                                                                     Opened in                     tank filling
Neunberg vorm    Solar Hydrogen              Bayernwerk AG,                            LH2
                                                                    late 1980’s-                   - Capable of refueling cars in immediate succession
    Wald,       Bavaria (SWB) H2           Siemens, Linde, MBB
                                                                     completed                     - Phase i: LH2-car filling station with < 3.000 l LH2 storage
  Germany            Station                (now DASA), BMW                             N/a
                                                                      in 1999                      capacity and 30 l LH2/ min. filling speed (Linde)
                                                                                                   -Phase II: automatic LH2-car filling station with drastically
                                                                                                   increased filling speed (Messer Griesheim and Linde)

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                                                           International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                   Dispensed /
 Location             Station                    Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                 Image
                                                                                                    - Supplied H2 for fuel cell bus demonstration in Erlangen.
                                                                                                    Nürnberg and Furth
                                                                                       LH2          - Bus drivers performed refueling after the filling equipment
 Nürnberg,                                   Linde, LBST, VAG,
                 Mobile H2 station                                    2000-2001                     manufacturer (Linde) instructed drivers on system operation
 Germany                                            MAN
                                                                                   Delivered H2     - Onsite delivery and storage of LH2 in cryocontainers, onsite
                                                                                                    conditioning and LH2 dispensing to LH2 fueled vehicles
                                                                                                    - Integrated into a conventional filling station layout

                                           Linde, government of
Oberstdorf,                                                                           H2            - Fuel for Neoplan fuel cell bus demonstration
                 Mobile H2 station         Bavaria state. Town of     1999-2001
 Germany                                                                                            - Linde AG supplied LH2 from central H2 production facility
                                                                                   Delivered H2

                 DaimlerChrysler                                                                    - Supports DaimlerChrysler FC vehicles
Sindelfingen,                              Linde, DaimlerChrysler,                    H2
                Company Refueling                                       2002                        - LH2 delivered by Linde
  Germany                                         BGA Garn
                     Station                                                                        - Delivers CGH2 @ 35 MPa and 70 MPa
                                                                                   Delivered H2

                                                                                      H2            - Located at the bus depot
                    CUTE Bus
 Stuttgart,                                                                                         - Station supports 3 fuel cell buses
                Demonstration and         BP, NWS, SSB Stuttgart        2003
 Germany                                                                            Natural gas     - On-site natural gas steam reformatting. And additional H2
                 H2 fueling station
                                                                                   reforming and    delivered to site
                                                                                    delivered H2

                                                                                                    - Public H2 station, located at an existing OMV service station at
                                                                                                    Stuttgart Airport
                                            Daimler, OMV, Linde,                      H2
 Stuttgart,     OMV H2 station at                                                                   - Station is also located by Daimler’s R&D centers and is used to
                                              State of Baden-           2009
 Germany         Stuttgart Airport                                                                  fuel Daimler F-cell vehicles
                                               Wurttemberg                             Steam
                                                                                                    - Station uses ion-compressor technology by Linde
                                                                                                    - 350 and 700 bar refueling is accomplished in just a few minutes

 Wolfsburg,       Volkswagen H2
                                                     N/a                 N/a                        - Will fuel VW H2 vehicles
 Germany           fueling station                                                     Onsite

                                                                                                    - 1 h2 station in Greece, located near Athens
                                                                                                    - Developed and tested in the framework of European Commission
                                                                                   Compressed       FP5 project titled "RES2H2"
                   Center for
                                            ROKAS (Greece), FIT                       H2            - 25-kW electrolysis unit connected to 500 kW wind turbine
                Renewable Energy
                                              (Cyprus), Planet                                      - Electrolysis unit operates at variable power input, according to
  Greece         Sources (CRES)                                         2005
                                           (Germany), INABENSA                         Wind-        the available wind, with excess energy fed to the grid
                Wind Energy Park
                                                  (Spain)                            powered        - H2 stored in metal hydride tanks (50 Nm3 H2 capacity),
                   H2 station
                                                                                    electrolysis    remainder compressed to about 220 bar and fed to cylinders at a
                                                                                                    filling station
                                                                                                    - Uses Pdc Machines compressor

                                                 Cheung Kong                       Compressed       - Produces H2 for vehicles and can additionally provide back-up
                                           Infrastructure Holdings,                   H2            power for building
Hong Kong        H2 fueling station                                     2004
                                              Ltd., Stuart Energy                                   - Supports H2-powered buses with modified Ford engines
                                                    Systems                             N/a         - Stuart Energy Station for vehicle fueling and power.

                                                                                      H2            - World’s first commercial H2 station
                  ECTOS Bus                      VistOrka,                                          - Supports 3 DaimlerChrysler fuel cell buses
                Demonstration H2           DaimlerChrysler, Shell       2003        Geothermal      - On-site H2 from water electrolysis (geothermal generation and
                    Station                     Hydrogen                           and hydraulic-   hydraulic power generation)
                                                                                     powered        - Norsk Hydro electrolysis unit

                 Hydrogen Fueling          Indian Oil Corporation,                                  - Station owned by Indian Oil Corporation
                                                                                    H2 & HCNG
 Faridabad,     Station at Indian Oil       Ltd., Air Products and                                  - First phase of India's development of its H2 economy
   India         Corporation Ltd's         Chemicals, Inc., INOX                                    - Uses APCI’s HCNG mixing unit and dual dispensing unit that can
                    R&D Center                    Air Products                                      fuel vehicles with either a HCNG blend or pure H2

                                                                                                    - Fuels three H2ICE vehicles - 2 FIAT Multiplas and a FIAT Doblo
Collesalvetti                                                                           N/a         will use the H2 station
   (near         AGIP Multienergy                                                                   - H2 produced by an electrolyzer powered by PV panels mounted
                                                 Eni, AGIP              2006
 Livorno),           Station                                                           Solar        on the station’s roof (20 kW)
    Italy                                                                           electrolysis    - 3 wind generators (20 kW each) and 20 kW cogeneration plant
                                                                                                    cover the complete energy needs of the station

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                                                           International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                   Dispensed /
Location            Station                      Partners              Opened                                               Station Details                                  Image
                                                                                                  - Part of the Zero Region H2 vehicle demonstration project
                                          European Commission,                                    - Integrated into a multi-fuel public service station (station powered
                                                                                   H2 & HCNG
                                             companies and                                        by solar panels)
Mantova,      AGIP MultiEnergy           research establishments                                  - Will support a fleet of three fuel cell Fiat Pandas
                                                                         2007      Delivered H2
  Italy      public service station        from Italy, Sweden,                                    - H2 to be delivered from central production facility and reformed
                                                                                    and onsite
                                              Denmark, and                                        on-site from natural gas (ENI reformer)
                                                                                    natural gas
                                             Germany, Linde                                       - Uses a Pdc compressor
                                                                                                  - Will dispense at 350 bar

                                            Lombardia Region,
                                              Environment &
                                                                                   Compressed     - Demonstration of H2 and FC technologies applied to a syngas
                                                                                    H2 & LH2      stream produced by an existing reformer plan
  Milan,        Milan-Bicocca             Ministries, City of Milan,
                                                                         2004                     - Includes H2 auto fueling station for fleet of H2 cars and buses(4
   Italy     Project filling station        AEM, Zincar, SOL,
                                                                                   Natural gas    Fiat H2ICE Doblo and Multipla cars, also planned are 1 IRISbus
                                          BMW, Ansaldo, ENEA,
                                                                                    reforming     FC bus, 2 BMW ICE)
                                            Genova University,
                                           Politecnico di Milano

Pontadera,                                PIEL, ILT Technologie                       H2
                 PIEL H2 station                                         2003                     - Fuels Fiat Multipla H2 demonstrator vehicles
   Italy                                         s.r.l., Fiat

                                           City of Turin, Turinese
                                                                                       N/a        - Supports one fuel cell Irisbus and H2 Fiat Panda and Fiat 500 - -
 Torino,                                      Transport Group,
                      N/a                                                 N/a                     FC bus testing began in 2001, regular city route service started in
  Italy                                   Irisbus, Sapio, Ansaldo
                                                                                   Electrolysis   2004
                                           Ricerche, CVA, Enea

              Ariake H2 Station -          Iwatani International                                  - Tokyo’s first H2 station
             Japan Hydrogen and             Corporation; Tokyo                                    - Uses Linde LH2 refueling technology
 Ariake,                                                                              H2
               Fuel Cell (JHFC)                Metropolitan              2002                     - LH2 from Iwatani and high pressure compressed H2 from Linde
                Demonstration              Government, Showa                                      Hydrogen Cryo-Compressor
                    Project                  Shell Sekiyu KK                                      - Dispenses compressed H2 at 25 and 35 MPa

                                           Japan Energy Corp.,                                    - Mobile high-pressure H2 station.
Funabashi,   JHFC Funabashi H2             Taiyo Nippon Sanso                                     - Production capacity-2.7 kg/h
  Japan           Station                 Corporation, Babcock-                                   - Storage capacity 26 kg
                                               Hitachi K. K.                                      - Can fuel 2 consecutive passenger cars

                                                                                   Compressed     - World's 1 kerosene-reformed H2 fueling facility
             Hadano H2 Station –
                                                                                      H2          - The Hatano H2 station was transferred to the Ichihara H2 station
 Hadano,           JHFC
                                         Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.       2003-2005                  - Production capacity-50 Nm3/h
  Japan        Demonstration
                                                                                    Kerosene      - Pressure-25-35 MPa
                                                                                    reforming     - Consecutive fueling capability- 5 passenger cars or 1 bus

 Haneda,                                                                                          - Refuels fuel cell buses operating between downtown Tokyo and
             Haneda H2 Station                       N/a                 2010          N/a
  Japan                                                                                           Haneda Airport.

                                                                                                  - Supplies H2 for H2 rotary engine vehicles and H2 engine testing
              Mazda H2 Fueling                                                     Compressed
                                                                                                  - Has the capacity to fill up to approximately 10 H2-powered cars/
Hiroshima,     Station at Ujina                                                       H2
                                                   Mazda                 2005                     day
  Japan      section of Hiroshima
                                                                                                  - High-pressure H2 gas is stored at about 2,900 psi in compressed
              Head Office plant                                                        N/a
                                                                                                  H2 tanks and then further pressurized to over 5,000 psi for delivery
                                                                                                  to vehicles

                                                                                                  - The Hatano H2 station was transferred to the Ichihara H2 station
                                                                                                  - H2 produced from kerosene reforming, production capacity-50
             Ichihara H2 Station         Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.          N/a                     Nm3/h
   Japan                                                                            Kerosene
                                                                                                  - Pressure-25-35 MPa
                                                                                                  - Consecutive fueling capability-five passenger cars or one bus

                                           Kansai Electric Power                                  - Two consecutive vehicles can be fully fueled
 Kansai,      Kansai Airport H2                                                       H2
                                                Co., Iwatani              N/a                     - Small satellite H2 station
 Japan            Station
                                            International Corp.                                   - LH2 delivered with compressed H2 storage (297 Nm3, 39.5 Mpa)

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                                                           International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                   Dispensed /
 Location            Station                     Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                   Image
                                                                                                   - Located at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
                                                                                                   - Mobile H2 station, on weekdays, components are carried to
                                                                                                   premises and assembled & dismantled in the evening and moved
Kasumigaseki     Kasumiaseki H2             METI, Taiyo Nippon                                     off the premises, all devices (H2 cylinders, dispensers, etc.) are
                                                                         N/a            N/a
   Japan             Station                Sanso Corporation                                      combined into a single unit for easy transport
                                                                                                   - Production capacity 50Nm3/h
                                                                                                   - Two consecutive passenger cars can be fueled
                                                                                                   - Dispenses at 25 and 35 MPa

                                                                                   Compressed      - First station to supply H2 by methanol reforming
               Kawasaki H2 Station          Japan Air Gases Ltd,
                                                                                      H2           - H2 for one passenger car can be produced in about 40 minutes
 Kawasaki,          – JHFC                  Ministry of Economy,
                                                                        2002                       - 5 passenger cars or one bus can be fueled at a time
  Japan          Demonstration             Trade and Industry, Air
                                                                                     Methanol      - H2 production- 50Nm3/h
                    Project                    Liquide Japan
                                                                                     reforming     - Dispenses at 25 and 35 MPa

                                                                                                   - Provides H2 for vehicles owned by Aichi Prefectural government
                                                                                                   and Nagoya city along with Toho’s vehicles and for tests
               Toho Gas Company                                                       H2
  Nagoya,                                                                                          conducted by local automakers
                Semi-Commercial                  Toho Gas               2002
   Japan                                                                                           - H2 production capacity: 40Nm3/h
                   H2 Station                                                       Natural gas
                                                                                                   - H2 supply pressure: 25/35MPa
                                                                                                   - H2 storage: 300Nm3 at 40MPa

                                                                                      H2           - 1 hybrid-type H2 refueling station in Japan, adopting natural gas
                 Expo 2005 Aichi             Toho Gas Co., Ltd                                     reforming and coke oven gas byproduct H2
  Nagoya,                                                              March -
               Japan, Seto-Minami           Taiyo Nippon Sanso                         Steam       - The largest scale domestic H2 station (H2 supply capacity
   Japan                                                              September
                South H2 Station                   Corp.                            reforming of   1,100Nm3/day)
                                                                                   natural gas &   - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
                                                                                   byproduct H2

                                                                                                   - Quick refilling with controlled rise in fuel canister temperature is
                                                                       Operated    Compressed      possible for fuel cell buses
               The Expo 2005 Aichi          Nippon Steel, Taiyo
  Nagoya,                                                               March-        H2           - Off-site H2 station that conveys by trailer byproductH2, obtained
                 Japan, Seto-Kita             Nippon Sanso
   Japan                                                              September                    by refining coke oven gas generated at Nippon Steel's Nagoya
                 North H2 Station              Corporation
                                                                         2005      Byproduct H2    steel mill
                                                                                                   -Uses Pdc Machines compressor

                   Central Japan                                                                   - H2 station services Toyota and Hino Motors’ FCHV-BUS
                                          Centrair, Toho Gas Co.,                       N/a
                International Airport                                                              - Produces H2 on-site by reforming natural gas; using this as the
                                            Ltd., Taiyo Nippon
  Nagoya,      (Centrair) H2 Station                                                               base load, byproduct H2 attained off-site is combined and utilized,
                                            Sanso Corporation,          2006        Natural gas
   Japan              – JHFC                                                                       making this domestic hybrid-type H2 station
                                               Nippon Steel                        reforming and
                   Demonstration                                                                   - Replaces the Expo/Seto-Minami South H2 station
                                                Corporation                        by-product H2
                      Project                                                                      - Largest H2 supply capacity in Japan (100 kg/day)

   Narita,       Narita Airport
                                            Idemitsu Kosan, Co.        Planned                     - Idemitsu Kosan Co. plans to build a H2 station at Narita Airport
   Japan        Hydrogen Station
  Osaka,          WE-NET H2                                                                        - Japan’s first H2 station
                                                     N/a                2002
  Japan         Refueling Station                                                                  - PEM vehicle demonstration by WE-NET
                                                                                    Natural gas

                                           Babcock-Hitachi K.K.,                      H2           - Vehicle-mounted H2 supply, can travel where needed
                  Ome H2 Station           ENAA, Nippon Sanso           2003                       - H2 production rate 30Nm3/h
                                             Corp., QuestAir                        Natural gas    - Two consecutive passenger cars can be fueled

                                                                                                   - First station installed at an existing LP gas station supplying fuel
                                                                                                   to fleets of cabs and other low-pollution vehicles
                                                                                                   - 5 passenger cars or 1 bus can be fueled at a time
                                           Kurita Water Industries                                 - H2 production by water electrolysis-30Nm3/h
Sagamihara,                                                                           H2
               Sagamihara Station          Ltd., Sinanen Co., Ltd.,     2003                       - Receives H2 from trucks on which a H2 generator and
                                            Itochu Enex Co., Ltd.                                  compressor are mounted as the mobile production facilities
                                                                                                   - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
                                                                                                   - Consists only of a gas storage unit and dispenser as the
                                                                                                   receiving station

                                                                                                   - Honda is planning its next-generation solar hydrogen station
  Saitama                                                                                          - Will be located at Honda’s Wako headquarters Campus in
                  Honda Solar
 Prefecture,                                       Honda               Planned                     Saitama prefecture
                Hydrogen Station                                                       Solar
   Japan                                                                                           - Station will be capable of running off solar and standard grid

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                                                      International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                               Dispensed /
Location            Station                  Partners            Opened                                                 Station Details                                 Image
                                                                                               - H2 sufficient for one passenger car can be produced in about 40
             Senju H2 Station –                                                   H2
                                       Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd,.                                    - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
  Senju,           JHFC
                                       Taiyo Nippon Sanso          2002                        - Steam reforming of LPG (mixed butane and propane) and PSA
  Japan       Demonstration                                                        Steam
                                       Corporation, QuestAir                                   refinement
                  Project                                                       reforming of
                                                                                               - H2 production rate- 50Nm3/h
                                                                                               - Dispenses 25 and 35 MPa


Suginami,    Tokyo Suginami H2
                                                N/a                2010          hydrogen      - Refuels fuel cell buses operating between downtown Tokyo and
 Japan            Station
                                                                                 (from JX      Haneda airport.
                                                                                               - PEMFC vehicle demonstration by WE-NET
Takamatsu,      We-NET H2                  Nippon Sanso                                        - H2 produced by natural gas reforming
  Japan       Refueling Station             Corporation                                        - 30Nm3/hr
                                                                                Natural gas
                                                                                               - Dispenses 35MPaG and 25MPaG w/ fast fueling

             Toho Gas Research                                                    H2           - Located at Toho Gas Co.’s research laboratory in Aichi
               Laboratory H2               Toho Gas Co.            2002                        Prefecture
                   station                                                      Natural gas    - H2 produced by natural gas reforming, capacity of 50 Nm3/hr

                                                                                    N/a        - Tokyo Gas combined a H2 station with an existing natural gas
  Tokyo,        Tokyo Gas                    Tokyo Gas             2010                        facility in Tokyo’s Ota Ward
  Japan       Hydrogen Station                                                      N/a        - Buses and cars fill up on H2 extracted from city gas

             Ministry of Economy,                                                              - Mobile station located at Ministry of Economy, Trade and
              Trade and Industry                                               Compressed      Industry
                                        Taiyo Nippon Sanso
  Tokyo,     mobile H2 station –                                                  H2           - Compact components which can be transported by truck
                                        Corporation, Tokyo          N/a
  Japan              JHFC                                                                      - Direct refueling by a compressor (50Nm3/hr)
                                            Gas, Senju
                Demonstration                                                       N/a        - Easy-to perform operational control and various safeguards
                    Project                                                                    - Dispenses 35MPaG and 25MPaG w/ fast fueling

                 Showa Shell H2          Iwatani Intl. Corp.,                  Compressed
  Tokyo,         Station – JHFC         Tokyo Metropolitan                      H2 & LH2
                                                                   2003                        - Linde delivered the core components for liquid and gaseousH2
  Japan          Demonstration          Government, Showa
                     Project           shell Sekiyu KK, Linde                       N/a

                                       Kagoshima University,
                                                                                               - The Yakushima H2 Station is a research project for establishing
                                          United Nations
                                                                                               a sustainable society in Yakushima
                                       University, Toyohashi
                                                                                    N/a        - Station was constructed by the U J-R team near a market, owned
Yakushima,       Yakushima H2              University of
                                                                   2004                        and operated by Yakushima Denko
  Japan             Station              Technology and
                                                                                Electrolysis   - Supplies fuel to a Honda FCX
                                       Kanagawa University,
                                                                                               - PEM electrolyzer supplies Series 100E H2 fueler powered from
                                        Honda, Yakushima
                                                                                               hydroelectric generator-100% renewable

             Yokohama-Asahi H2                                                 Compressed      - Can produce H2 for 1 passenger car in about 40 min
                                       Nippon Oil Corporation,                    H2
Yokohama,      Station – JHFC                                                                  - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
                                        Ministry of Economy,       2002
  Japan        Demonstration                                                                   - H2 production rate- 50Nm3/h
                                         Trade and Industry                       Naphtha
                   Project                                                                     - Dispenses 25 and 35 MPa

             Yokohama-Tsurumi                                                                  - Next to this station is a showroom and garage for fuel cell
                                         Tsurumi Soda Co,
             H2 Station – JHFC                                                                 vehicles, managed by the Japan Automobile Research Institute
Yokohama,                               Iwatani International      2002        Delivered H2
               Demonstration                                                                   - Byproduct H2 (brine electrolysis) produced off-site at Tsurumi
  Japan                                     Corporation                        produced by
                  Project                                                                      Soda Co. Ltd.

             Yokohama-Daikoku                                                     H2           - H2 for one car can be produced in about 60 min
              H2 Station (JHFC         Cosmo Oil Co., Ministry                                 - 5 consecutive vehicles can be fueled (5 minutes/vehicle)
               Park) – JHFC            of Economy, Trade and       2003           Steam        - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
               Demonstration                  Industry                         reforming of    - H2 production-30Nm3/h
                   Project                                                     desulfurized-   - Dispenses 25 and 35 MPa

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                                                    International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                               Dispensed /
 Location            Station                 Partners            Opened                                                   Station Details                                  Image
                  CUTE Bus              Shell Hydrogen, Air                                     - Station is located at Luxemburg’s main bus depot
  City of                                                                         H2
               Demonstration H2          Liquide, Ville de         2003                         - Supplied fuel to 3 DaimlerChrysler Citaro fuel cell buses
                fueling station          Luxembourg VdL                                         - Shell Hydrogen/Air Liquide delivered H2

                                                                                                - Located at the GVB bus station, supports 3 DaimlerChrysler
                                          Shell Hydrogen,
                                                                               Compressed       Citaro fuel cell buses
                                       DaimlerChrysler, GVB ,
Amsterdam,        CUTE Bus                                                        H2            - Dispenses 40 kg of H2 in about 10 minutes
                                          Dienst Milieu en
   The        Demonstration and                                    2003                         - Stuart Energy provided SES Hydrogen Generation Modules
Netherlands    H2 fueling station                                              Electrolysis &   generate 60 Nm/h of H2 (>120 kg/day)
                                        HoekLoos, NOVEM ,
                                                                               delivered H2     - Uses IMET powered water electrolyzer
                                                                                                - HoekLoos (a Linde Co.) delivers compressed H2

Arnhem, The                                                                    Compressed
                    H2 station                  Avia               2010
Netherlands                                                                       H2

                                                                               Compressed       - Will fuel ECN’s H2 hydroGEM vehicle
  Petten,      Energy Research                                                    H2            - Takes 5-10 minutes to fill the HydroGEM’s tank
   The         Center (ECN) H2           ECN, Air Products         2006                         - Uses Air Products’ hydrogen filling station
Netherlands         station                                                     Natural gas     - The station has a stock of about 1,600 liters (two 800-litre
                                                                                 reforming      packages) stored at relatively low pressure (200 bar)

                                        Drammen Kommune,                                        - Part of HyNor’s planned Hydrogen Road between Oslo and
              HyNor Project H2
                                          Linden, Radet for                                     Stavanger
                   station/                                                     Trucked-in
 Drammen,                               Drammensregionen,                                       - H2 is trucked-in hydrogen from HyNor Grenland.
                Scandinavian                                       2009        H2, reformed
  Norway                                 Vardar, Buskerud                                       - The goal is supply H2 utilizing biogas. With this production line in
              Hydrogen Highway                                                    biogas
                                          Fylkeskommune,                                        place from 2011, the hydrogen will come from a carbon neutral
                 Partnership                                                    starting in
                                           Drammen Taxi                                         and renewable local source
                                                                                                - Station will be supplied by H2 Logic
                                                                                                - 700 bar fueling
                                                                               Compress H2
                                                                                                - Onsite alkaline electrolyzer to produce H2 using electricity from
   Oslo,                                                         Planned in
               Hydrogen Station               H2 Logic                                          solar panels
  Norway                                                            2011           Solar
                                                                                                - Refueling time 2.6 minutes
                                                                                                - Will be installed just outside Oslo in Summer 2011
                                                                                                - Will be part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway

              HyNor Project H2
                   station/                                                         N/a
   Oslo,                                Zero, SL, Norgestaxi,                                   - Part of HyNor’s Hydrogen Road
                Scandinavian                                       2009
  Norway                                 Norgesbuss, Hydro                                      - Integrated into an ordinary Statoil petrol station
              Hydrogen Highway                                                 Trucked-in H2

                                       Stavangar Kommune,                                       - Part of HyNor’s Hydrogen Road between Oslo and Stavanger.
                                                                               Compressed       - H2 is a by-product from the chlorine production at Rafnes,
                                           RF, Rogaland
Porsgrunn/                                                                     H2 & HCNG        transported by pipeline under the fjord to the filling station
              HyNor Stavangar H2          Fylkeskommune,
Grenland,                                                          2007                         - H2 is purified at the station, pressurized up to 460 and 900 bar
                    station            Energyiparken, Statoil,
 Norway                                                                          Pipeline-      and stored below ground
                                        Lyse, Rogaland Taxi,
                                                                               delivered H2     - 9 Toyota Prius vehicles use the station on a daily basis

                                                                                                - Norway’s first H2 station, part of HyNor’s Hydrogen Road
              HyNor Project H2         Stavangar Kommune,                                       - Integrated part of an ordinary Statoil fueling station
                                                                               Compressed       - Supports 4 Toyota Prius cars
                   station/                RF, Rogaland
Stavanger,                                                                      H2, HCNG        - There are plans to establish local production of H2 from biogas or
                Scandinavian             Fylkeskommune,            2006
 Norway                                                                                         natural gas, build a 2nd H2 filling station, and introduce H2 vehicles
              Hydrogen Highway         Energyiparken, Statoil,
                                                                                    N/a         in harbor activities in Risavika.
                 Partnership            Lyse, Rogaland Taxi
                                                                                                - Production would be sufficient to supply H2 to the existing station
                                                                                                as well as to other possible nodes nearby

                                                                                                 - Station was opened under the framework of the Berlin,
 Lisbon,          TotalFinaElf H2                                                               Copenhagen, Lisbon fuel cell bus Program
                                       TotalFinaElf, Linde, BP     2003
 Portugal             station                                                                   - BP developed fueling infrastructure
                                                                               Delivered H2
                                                                                                - Uses Arliquido supplied LH2

                                                                                                - Filling station is installed at the bus depot
                                                                               Compressed       - Supported 3 fuel cell buses
                 CUTE Bus
  Porto,                                                                          H2            - Centralized H2 gas production from natural gas using
              Demonstration and              BP, Linde             2003
 Portugal                                                                                       electrolysis, transported by road tanker to bus depot refueling site
              H2 Fueling Station
                                                                               Delivered H2     and compressed/stored on-site Uses Linde High Booster
                                                                                                Compressor System for high pressure H2.

                                                                                    N/a         - Station located at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
              Nanyang University       SBS Transit, Nanyang
 Singapore                                                         2010                         - Fuels SBS Transit’s fuel cell bus
              H2 Fueling Station      Technological University
                                                                                    N/a         - Bus is also garaged at NTU

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                                                         International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                  Dispensed /
 Location           Station                     Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                  Image
                                           Air Products and                                       - Supports 6 DaimlerChrysler F-Cell FCVs
                                          Chemicals Inc., BP,                                     - Located at a BP public fueling station
                BP Singapore H2          Singapore Econ. Dev.                                     - Part of SINERGY Project - API Series 200 H2 fueling station
 Singapore                                                             2004
                 Fueling Station         Board, Min. of Energy.                                   supplied by gaseous H2 at a retail gas station
                                                                                  Natural gas
                                        & Land Transport Auth,,                                   - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
                                            DaimlerChrysler                                       - Supplies up to 70 kg/day (about 35 vehicles per day)

                                                                                                  - World's 1st H2 facility designed to be a totally unmanned, stand
                                                                                  Compressed      alone operation
                BP Singapore H2                                                      H2           - Supports DaimlerChrysler F-Cell FCVs
 Singapore                              BP, Air Liquide, SOXAL         2005
                 Fueling Station                                                                  - Part of SINERGY - On-site H2 production via electrolysis using
                                                                                  Electrolysis    technology by Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide (SOXAL)
                                                                                                  - Uses Pdc Machines compressor

                                                                                  Compressed      - Station capable of producing 65 kg/day, sufficient H2 to fuel
                  SK Energy’s                                                        H2           approximately 20 FC vehicles
 Daejeon,                               QuestAir Technologies
                   Research                                            2006                       - QuestAir’s H-3200 will purify H2 produced from natural gas and
South Korea                               Inc., Hydrogenics
                Center H2 station                                                 Natural gas     will be integrated into a H2 generation and compression package
                                                                                   reforming      supplied by Hydrogenics.

                   Korean Gas
               Technology Corp’s
                 (KOGAS) Korea                     N/a                 2007                       - Fueling at 35 MPa.
South Korea                                                                       Natural gas
                Institute of Energy
               Research H2 station

                  Korean Gas                                                      Compressed      - Station capable of producing 65 kg/day, sufficient H2 to refuel
                Technology Corp                                                      H2           approximately 20 FC-powered vehicles
 Incheon,                                QuestAir Technologies          and
                   research &                                                                     - QuestAir’s H-3200 will purify H2 produced from natural gas and
South Korea                                Inc., Hydrogenics          installed
               development facility                                               Natural gas     will be integrated into a H2 generation and compression package
                                                                     June 2006
                    H2 station                                                     reforming      supplied by Hydrogenics

                                                                                  Compressed      - Capable of fueling up to 20 FC vehicles
                                                                                     H2           - Hydrogenics reformer
   Dong,       KOGAS Tech R&D                                         Opened
                                            KOGAS, MOCIE                                          - Pressure Products compressor up to 5000 psig (350 bar)
 Incheon,         H2 station                                           2007
                                                                                  Natural gas     - 45 MPa storage pressure
South Korea
                                                                                   reforming      - 35 MPa fueling pressure

                 Hyundai Motor
                   Company                                                        Compressed      - Supports fuel cell vehicle research (Hyundai Santa Fe FCEV).
                                            Pressure Products
                 Environmental                                       Opened in       H2           - The research facility has a 700 bar, 10,000 psi H2 fueling station
South Korea                              Industries, Inc. & Doojin
                  Technology                                           2001                       - PPI two stage compressor, model 4V104068 designed for 6,000
               Research Center H2                                                     N/a         psig
                 fueling station

                                                                                                  - Capable of fueling up to 20 vehicles
                Hyundai-Kia’s Eco                                                 Compressed      - Mobile station opened in 2003 offering 35 MPa fueling of less
Mabuk, South       Technology                                                        H2           than 10 FC vehicles
                                                   N/a                 2003
   Korea       Research Center H2                                                                 - A new, off-site station opened in 2005 with 35 and 70 MPa
                     station                                                          N/a         fueling with continuous fueling capacity for 10 fuel cell vehicles
                                                                                                  and 1 bus

                                                                                                  - Fuels Hyundai-Kia FCV and bus fleet
                 Huyndai-Kia’s                                                                    - Original 35 MPa off-site station opened in 2001 (continuous
 Namyang,                                                                            H2
                 Namyang R&D                       N/a                 2001                       fueling of 6 fuel cell vehicles).
South Korea
                Center H2 station                                                                 - New station opened in 2007 offering 35 and 70 MPa fueling and
                                                                                                  continuous fueling of 15 vehicles and 2 fuel cell buses

                                         MOCIE, Korea Energy
                                                                                  Compressed      - Was located on the campus of Yonsei University in Seoul’s
                                             Management              December
                                                                                     H2           Shinchon neighborhood
Seoul, South      GS Caltex H2            Corporation, National        2004-
                                                                                                  - H2 produced from naphtha on-site.
   Korea             station             RD&D Organization for       December
                                                                                    Naphtha       - 35 MPa fueling
                                           Hydrogen and Fuel           2008
                                                                                   reforming      - Was capable of continuous fueling of 5 fuel cell vehicles

                                                                                                  -Filling station was installed at the TMB bus facilities
                                                                                                  - Supported 3 fuel cell buses
                   CUTE Bus                  BP, Transports                                       - Onsite production-solar & grid--powered electrolysis
               Demonstration and            Metropolitans de           2003                       - Stuart Energy SES Hydrogen Generation Modules produced 60
   Spain                                                                          Solar & wind-
                H2 fueling station          Barcelona (TMB)                                       Nm/h of H2 (>120 kg/day)
                                                                                                  - IMET water electrolyzer
                                                                                                  - Linde High Booster Compressor System

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                                                           International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                   Dispensed /
 Location             Station                    Partners             Opened                                                 Station Details                                  Image

                     CUTE Bus              Empresa Municipal de                    Compressed
                 Demonstration and         Transportes de Madrid                      H2           -Was located at EMT bus facilities
Madrid, Spain       CityCell Bus             (EMT), Air Liquide,       2003                        - Both bus projects shared the H2 refueling facility
                 Demonstration H2           Natural Gas-Repsol                      Natural gas    - Used Pdc Machines compressor
                   fueling station                  YPF                              reforming

                                                                                                   - Sweden’s 1st H2 station
                                                                                                   - Capacity 36 m³/h
                                                                                                   - Stuart Energy HESf electrolyzer uses energy from wind power to
                                                                                    H2, HCNG
                                                                                                   generate 80 kg of H2/day
  Malmö,                                   Sydkraft, Stuart Energy
                      H2 station                                       2003                        - Allows dual pressure dispensing. Dispenser incorporates H2 &
  Sweden                                   Systems, Vandenborre                        Wind-
                                                                                                   natural gas mixing system
                                                                                                   - Generates 700 Nm3/day, enough for about 25 cars
                                                                                                   - Fuels one Toyota Prius (H2) and two buses running on hythane
                                                                                                   gas (8%).- there are plans for more hythane vehicles

                                                                                   Compressed      - Supplied H2 fuel to 3 fuel cell buses
                     CUTE Bus             SL Stockholm, Busslink,                     H2           - Stuart Energy’s Hydrogen Energy Station for vehicle fueling
                 Demonstration and           Stad Stockholm,           2003                        - Uses Pdc Machines compressor
                  H2 fueling station       Fortum, Birka Energie                     Delivered     - Central Hydro-powered electrolysis, then transported to fueling
                                                                                    “green” H2     site

                                                                                   Compressed      - Showcased at the international Reach 2002 trade fair in Basel.
                                                                      Shown in
   Basel,        HyStation H2 fueling         Messer/SL Gas,                          H2           - Fueled ESORO’s HyCar fuel cell car
 Switzerland           station                 ESORO AG                                            - Used a cluster of pressurized tanks supplied the service station
                                                                                        N/a        with up to 180 Nm3 of gaseous H2

 Tao-Yuan,       May-Chong Energy                                                                  - H2 supply for FC vehicles.
                                                    ZTec               2004
  Taiwan             H2 station                                                                    - Uses ZTec’s H2 station with a HPSR-2000H reformer

                                                                                                   - Hydrogenics fueling station
                                            Hydrogenics, Turkish
                                                                                                   - Hydrogen will be generated by electrolysis
                                            Ministry of Energy and
                                                                                        N/a        -Will be capable of producing 65 kg H2/day
  Istanbul,                                  Natural Resources,
                  Hydrogen Station                                    Planned                      -Will be located at Golden Horn, historic inlet of the Bosphorus in
   Turkey                                  International Center for
                                                                                    Electrolysis   Istanbul
                                              Hydrogen Energy
                                                                                                   - Will be used for both land and sea transport applications
                                            Technologies (ICHET)
                                                                                                   - Funded by ICHET

Birmingham,                                                                                        - The university will have a fleet of 5 FC vehicles, made by
                    University of                                                       N/a
  England,                                      University of                                      Microcab Industries Limited
                   Birmingham H2                                       2008
   United                                       Birmingham                                         - Air Products Series 100 fueling station
                       station                                                          N/a
  Kingdom                                                                                          - H2 fuel is produced from renewable energy

  England,          University of                                                                  This Series 100 station will fuel a test fleet of MicroCab vehicles,
                                                Air Products           2010             N/A
   United        Coventry H2 Station                                                               produced by a the University of Coventry spin-off company.

                                                                                                   - Based at Holywell Park
Leicestershire                                                                                     - Station part of a H2 station cluster known as the Midlands
                   Loughborough                                                         N/a
  England,                                                                                         Hydrogen Ring
                   University H2                     N/a               2008
    United                                                                                         - Air Products fueling station
                      refueler                                                     Delivered H2
  Kingdom                                                                                          - Uses delivered H2, university may create own green H2 on

                                                                                                   - The buses filled up with H2 at a normal retail station adjacent to
                                                                                                   the BP Connect site at Hornchurch, Essex
  London,                                                                          Compressed      - BP developed fueling infrastructure
                     CUTE Bus
  England,                                                                            H2           - H2 dispensed gaseous (into the buses), but is transported liquid
                 Demonstration and                   BP                2005
   United                                                                                          by tanker (from Belgium/Luxemburg) and then stored in liquid form
                  H2 fueling station
  Kingdom                                                                          Delivered H2    underground
                                                                                                   - Station will be used in the new CHIC project, using delivered
                                                                                                   LH2, 320 kg/day capacity

  London,            CHIC Bus
  England,       Demonstration and           Air Products, First,                                  - Air Products hydrogen station located at First’s bus depot in
   United         Hydrogen fueling          Transport for London                                   Stratford, east London.
  Kingdom             station

 Pontypridd,                                                                            N/a
   Wales,        Baglan Energy Park
                                          University of Glamorgan      2008                        - University operates a fuel cell-powered minibus
   United            H2 station                                                        Solar
  Kingdom                                                                           electrolysis
 Pontypridd,                                                                            N/a
                                                                                                   - Air Products Series 100 hydrogen station
   Wales,                                  Air Products, University
                      H2 station                                       2011                        - Located on Glyntaff campus
   United                                       of Glamorgan                           Solar
                                                                                                   - Hydrogen generated on campus via solar electrolysis
  Kingdom                                                                           electrolysis

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                                                         International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                         Dispensed /
 Location             Station                    Partners                 Opened                                                           Station Details                                       Image
  England,                                                                                                      - Support 8 Transport for London fuel cell buses operating in daily
                     H2 station                 Air Products                2010                 N/a
   United                                                                                                       transit service along the first zero-emissions bus route (RV1)
  England,                                  ITM Power, Stansted
                     H2 station                                             2011                                - Fuels hydrogen vans used at the airport
   United                                         Airport

                                               Planned International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                   To Be           Dispensed/
  Location             Project                 Partners                                                                              Station Details                                            Image
                                                                  Opened           Production
                                                                                                       - Station procured through WaterstofNet (organization established by
                                                                                                       the governments of Flanders and southern Netherlands, within the
                                                                                      N/a              context of the European Interreg Program)
                   WaterstofNet H2
   Belgium                                    Hydrogenics         Planned                              - Will provide hydrogen for forklifts, buses, and other vehicles. -
                                                                                                       Hydrogenics will install a HySTAT(TM)-30 unit, compressor, storage
                                                                                      N/a              equipment, and accessories
                                                                                                       - Capable of supporting about 60 kg of H2 daily

                    Prince Edward             Prince Edward
 Charlottetown,                                                                       N/a
                     Island Wind-             Island Energy                                            - Will support up to 3 full-service H2 shuttle buses, fuel cell utility
Prince Edward                                                       N/a
                  Hydrogen Village H2          Corporation,                                            vehicles and a H2-powered tour boat
Island, Canada                                                                        N/a
                         station             industry & govt.

                    Beijing Lnpower          Beijing Lnpower                          N/a
    China         Sources Co, Ltd. H2         Sources, Co.,         N/a                                - Will supply 7,200 Nm3/day H2.
                         station                   Ltd.                               N/a

                  Tsinghua University          Tsinghua
Beijing, China                                                      N/a                                - Will supply 2,000 Nm3/day H.2
                      H2 station               University

                                            Tongji University,                        N/a
  Shanghai,       Tongji University H2
                                             Shell Hydrogen         N/a                                - Will uses Pdc Machines compressor
    China                station
                                            BV, Shell (China)                         N/a

                    Hydrogen Link
                      Denmark/                                     To be              N/a
  Herning,                                                                                             - Private station-will fuel one car
                    Scandinavian                   N/a            opened
  Denmark                                                                                              - Station is part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway
                  Hydrogen Highway                                 2010               N/a

  Grenoble,       HyChain Project H2                                                                   - Will support FC-powered tramway and possibly a Hythane-powered
                                                   N/a              N/a
   France              station                                                     Natural gas         bus

                                                                                                       - 20 hydrogen fueling stations are planned
                                                                                                       - Links in with existing H2 Mobility and Clean Energy Partnership
   Berlin,                                                                         Compressed          infrastructure projects (subsidized by the National Innovation
  Hamburg,                                                                            H2
                                                                   2011-                               Programme for hydrogen and fuel-cell technology (NIP)
Stuttgart, and        H2 Stations            Linde, Daimler
                                                                   2014                                - Stations will be located in Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg and along
 other sites,
                                                                                                       two new continuous north-south and east-west axes
  Germany                                                                             N/a              - Aim is to use existing sites belonging to different petroleum companies
                                                                                                       that are strategically located in the traffic network
                                                                                                       - Two Hydrogenics’ HySTAT-60 electrolyzers will be installed by the
                                                                                                       Linde Group at a H2 fueling station in HafenCity, Hamburg
                                                                                      N/a              - The fueling station will be integrated and managed by Vattenfall
  HafenCity,                                  Hydrogenics,                                             - The fueling station is expected to supply H2 for both cars and buses.
  Hamburg,        HafenCity H2 station        Linde Group,                                             - The project is part of the Clean Energy Partnership in Hamburg and
                                                                  in 2011
  Germany                                       Vattenfall                     Electrolysis &          Berlin
                                                                               delivered H2            - The Hydrogenics HySTAT-60 units will, combined, produce about 260
                                                                                                       kilograms of fuel daily
                                                                                                       - Linde will supplement this capacity with delivered H2 as needed.

 Updated 7/2011                         Available for downloading at:                                           Created by Fuel Cells 2000
                                             Planned International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                To Be     Dispensed/
 Location            Project                 Partners                                                                  Station Details                                        Image
                                                               Opened     Production
                                                                             H2 and
                    Indian Oil
   Delhi,                                    Indian Oil                      HCNG         - First H2 station in India.
                  Corporation H2                                 N/a
   India                                    Corporation                                   - Will have an H2 manufacturing and storage facility

                                           Politecnico di
                                           Milano, Centro
   Arese,                                                                  H2 & LH2       - Multi-fuel station (CH2-LH2, CH4-GPL and Mix).
                  Arese H2 station         Ricerche Fiat,        N/a
    Italy                                                                                 - Will fuel hybrid FC and H2 ICE fleet vehicles

  Bolzano,                                                                     N/a
                 Hydrogen Station                N/a             N/a                      - Station will be used in the new CHIC FC bus project.
                                                                          Delivered H2

                                            SOL GROUP,
                                             Comune di
                                            Firenze, I2T3,
                                                                          On-site H2
                                           ITAE, Nuvera,
  Firenze,       HBUS project H2             Comune di
                                                                 N/a        Phase I:      N/a
    Italy        refueling station          Bologna, ST,
                                                                           Phase II:
                                            Transporti di
                                           Pubblici Napoli,

                                           companies and                                  - Part of the Zero Region H2 vehicle demonstration project
                                                                          Delivered H2
                                              research                                    - Will be integrated into a multi-fuel public service station
 Mantova,        Zero Regio project                                            from
                                           establishments        N/a                      - ENI reformer
   Italy             H2 station                                            production
                                             from Italy,                                  - Will dispense at 300 bar
                                                                           facility and
                                              Sweden,                                     - Will support DaimlerChrysler F-Cell and Fiat Panda FC vehicles
                                                                          reformed on-
                                            Denmark and
                                                                            site from
                                           Germany, Linde
                                                                           natural gas


  Venezia,       Venice Hydrogen                                          H2 produced
                                                 N/a             N/a                      N/a
    Italy          Park station                                           from chlorine
                                                                            waste gas

  Saitama                                                                    H2
 Prefecture,     Honda H2 Station                N/a             N/a                      - To be located at Honda’s Saitama Prefecture office

                                                                                          - ZEGPower concept solid oxide fuel cell
                                                                                          - Part of HyNor’s planned Hydrogen Road between Oslo and Stavanger
                                                                                          - A hythane supply and a hythane bus were successfully put into
                   Scandinavian           Hydrogen Link,                     HCNG
  Bergen,                                                                                 service in 2008
                 Hydrogen Highway         Vestlandsforskin       N/a
  Norway                                                                                  - From April 2010 the harbor passenger ferry MF Vågen will be
                    Partnership             g, Sogndal                    Byproduct H2
                                                                                          operated with a fuel cell and metal hydride H2 storage tanks
                                                                                          - Uses surplus H2 from nearby refinery at Mongstad or from other local
                                                                                          industrial processes

                        N/a                      N/a             N/a                      - Part of HyNor’s planned Hydrogen Road between Oslo and Stavanger


                 HyNor Project H2         IFE – Institute of               Solar cells    - Part of HyNor’s planned Hydrogen Road between Oslo and Stavanger
                      station/                Energy                        and PEM       - The station will also feature metal hydride compression, which will
 Lillestrøm,                                                   Planned
                   Scandinavian             Technolog,                    electrolyzer,   draw the compression energy from low-temperature waste heat.
  Norway                                                       in 2010
                 Hydrogen Highway         Think, Akershus                 with bio-H2     - The philosophy of the station is that it will be grid neutral, i.e. it will
                    Partnership              Energi AS                     production     deliver as much electricity to the grid as it uses
                                                                          from waste

                 HyNor Project H2
                      station/                                                 N/a
                   Scandinavian                  N/a             N/a                      - Part of HyNor’s planned Hydrogen Road between Oslo and Stavanger
                 Hydrogen Highway                                         Delivered H2

   Oslo,                N/a                      N/a           Planned         N/a        - Bus demo

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                                               Planned International Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                 To Be      Dispensed/
  Location             Project                 Partners                                                                 Station Details                                        Image
                                                                Opened      Production
   Norway                                                         in

   Island,                N/a                     N/a             N/a           N/a         - Will be located in a planned community
 South Korea
   Island,                N/a                     N/a             N/a           N/a         - Will be located in a planned community
 South Korea
                                                                                            - 350 bars, will fill up in less than 5 minutes
                   Korea Institute of
 Jeju Island,                                                   Planned                     - Developed for the government demonstration project, led by the
                   Energy Research             Air Liquide                      N/a
 South Korea                                                    in 2010                     automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motors. Will supply the new fuel cell
                   (KIER)H2 station
                                                                                            vehicle developed by Hyundai
                                                                                            - Dual pressure technology developed by Air Liquide for the different
                                                                                            types of fuel cell vehicles
                   Korea Automobile
                                                                                            - Will be used to fuel a bus at a pressure of 350 bars and various cars
                  Testing & Research                            Planned
 South Korea                                   Air Liquide                      N/a         at pressures of 350 and 700 bars
                  Institute (KATRI) H2                          in 2010
                                                                                            - Fill up in less than 5 minutes
                                                                                            - The station will be installed close to the KATRI Gyeonggi-do race
                                                                                            track, used for testing and research to improve vehicle safety

                                                                                            - H2 station will provide fuel for H2-powered boats in Albufera Natural
Valencia, Spain           N/a                 Technology          N/a          Solar
                                                                                            Park (El Palmar area)
                                               Institute                    photovoltaic
                                                                             H2 system

                                             Swedish Road
                                             Admin, City of
                                            Goteburg, OKQ8,
                                               Västtrafik,                  H2 & HCNG
  Goteborg,          Scandinavian
                                              Falkenberg          N/a                       N/a
   Sweden          Hydrogen Highway
                                            Energi, Göteborg                    N/a

                                             Sheffield City
                                            Council, London
                                               Borough of
                                             Camden, ITM,
                                              Technology                                    - Trial of ITM Power’s mobile high pressure H2 fueler
 Camden and                                 Strategy Board,                                 - Will fuel 2 Ford HICE vehicles
  Sheffield,       HOST project H2            Gateway to        Planned                     - H2 will be produced at the point of use
   United             station               London, Revolve     in 2011                     - Weeklong trials at each organization, option to lease the fuelling unit
  Kingdom                                    Technologies,                                  and vehicles for a longer period
                                              DHL Supply
                                             Chain, London
                                            Stansted Airport,

  Coventry,                                    Coventry                         N/a
                  Coventry University
   United                                    University, Air      N/a                       - Will use Air Products’ Series 100 H2 stations
                      H2 station
  Kingdom                                      Products                         N/a

                                                                                            - 6 H2 stations are planned
                                                                                            - Will fuel more than 150 hydrogen-powered buses, taxis, cars, delivery
                                                                Planned                     vehicles and motorbikes
                                                                by 2012,                    - It also confirmed that Greater London Authority bodies such as
   London,                                       London                         N/a
                                                                   1st                      Transport for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA)
    United         Hydrogen Stations            Hydrogen
                                                                 station                    are to order at least 50 hydrogen vehicles, while airport operator BAA is
   Kingdom                                     Partnership                      N/a
                                                                opened                      undertaking a feasibility study to explore how fuel cell technologies
                                                                  2010                      could be used at Heathrow and other airports
                                                                                            - A station is now open at First London’s Lea Interchange bus depot in
                                                                                            Stratford, east London
   Swindon,         Honda’s South                               Planned         N/a
    United          Marston Plant                Honda          in Sept.                    N/a
   Kingdom         Hydrogen Station                               2011          N/a

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