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                                             Fall/Winter, 2003

                                 JAMES MCKEEL
                                    IMPACTING THE NATION

                            SEAGO SCHOLARSHIP
                                  FAMILY HONORS SON WITH

              THE PRESIDENT’S PEN
                                    LOUISIANA COLLEGE - A CASE FOR SUPPORT

This may seem to be a strange title for an article at the beginning of Columns, but my decades
of experience in the area of institutional advancement tell me that we must constantly remind
ourselves of those things that are most important about our institution. Listed below are things
we should always remember and share about LC.

The quality of academic programming is outstanding. The case for this statement can easily be
made by looking at the credentials of the student body and those of the faculty.

For the fifth consecutive year, the freshman class is made up of more than 10% of high school
valedictorians and salutatorians, and the freshman ACT average is 1.3 points higher in 2003
than 10 years earlier. The LC faculty has 41 percent more doctorates today than six years ago.
The student to professor ratio remains at 17 to one. The combination of an outstanding teaching
faculty and a gifted student body has led to significantly better than average acceptance rates
to graduate and professional schools, with many acceptances extended with advanced standing.

The opportunity for spiritual growth is extraordinary. This fall, 290 students participated in a
study of The Purpose Driven Life. Students have mission and leadership development opportunities
locally, statewide, nationally, in other parts of North America, in Africa, and several spots in
Asia. With LC’s admission into the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, additional
opportunities for spiritual growth will be available.

The College is nationally recognized. The 2004 editions of U.S. News and World Report’s
America’s Best Colleges, America’s 100 Best College Buys, and America’s Best Christian Colleges
all include Louisiana College.

Why do we need to build a case for your support? Each year, providing a Christ-centered
education of this caliber becomes more financially challenging. For Louisiana College to
continue to have the quality faculty and student body it has today, to be able to provide relevant
mission opportunities, and to receive the current national acclaim, we need your support. Not
only are the funds the College receives through gifts important, but the percentage of alumni
contributors make a difference. In the U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges,
the top quartile of comprehensive colleges in the South, the category in which Louisiana College
is listed, has an average alumni giving rate of 23.15 percent. Louisiana College is at 10 percent.
Because this percentage is an integral part of the ranking process, we are striving to reach the
average of the colleges and universities in our category. Your contributions assist Louisiana
College to remain affordable for the next generation of students and your participation helps
to maintain LC’s lofty national ranking.

Thank you for your support.
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Louisiana College Student Makes Impact Around the Nation

A     An action James McKeel...
           An action James McKeel
           of Shreveport took several
           years ago while in high
 school is still producing rewards,
 according to Alex Goodling,
 Louisiana College sports information

 McKeel is a senior health and
 physical education major with
 teacher certification at Louisiana
 College and is a student coach for
 the Wildcat football team.

 As a student at Evangel Christian
 Academy in Shreveport, McKeel
 asked his football coach if he could
 share his testimony with the members
 of their opposing teams each week.
 His coach agreed, and McKeel began
 sharing his faith each week with all
 who chose to attend the post-game
                                          "Pastor Baker read the USA Today        spoke to approximately 100 students
 McKeel's coach, Dennis Dunn, said        article and felt like the youth would   at the church.
 in a recent USA Today article that       benefit from hearing my testimony,"
 McKeel had a "boldness for Christ."      McKeel says. "As a Christian, I         Scheduled to graduate in 2004,
 As a result of the newspaper article,    believe it is important to share our    McKeel has received LC's Kite
 McKeel was contacted by Brad             faith," he says, "because Jesus         Caudell Award for the past two years.
 Baker of Phoenix, Ariz., this summer     commanded us to do so. This is who      The award is given to a student athlete
                                                                                  who exemplifies courage,
 “As a Christian, I believe it is                                                 determination, and high moral
                                                                                  character and who demonstrates
 important to share our faith                                                     academic ability. McKeel has a 3.93
                                                                                  grade point average on LC's 4.0 scale.

 because Jesus commanded us to                                                    "James represents everything we

 do so. This is who we are to be.”                                                could hope for in a student-athlete,"
                                                                                  says Tim Whitman, Louisiana
                                                                                  College athletic director. "He shows
                                                                                  that a student can be a college athlete
 to speak about his faith at a National   we are to be."                          and demonstrate his faith at the same
 Assembly of God Youth Conference                                                 time. He superbly shows all that
 and National Fine Arts Competition       McKeel was invited by another           Louisiana College is about."
 in Washington, D.C. Approximately        minister to address a New Jersey
 15,000 youth attended the conference     youth group in early September. He
 and heard McKeel speak.

                                                                                           Brazil. He was the first Southern
                                                                                           Baptist music missionary to that
                                                                                           country. The two served there with
                                                                                           their family for 35 years.
Louisiana College celebrated its 97th         Following their retirement from the
year and honored four with the 2003           International Mission Board, the two         He served as Chairman of the Music
Trustees’ Distinguished Service               began working with the Vietnamese            Committee for the Billy Graham
Award.                                        refugees in Abbeville as part of the         Greater Rio Evangelistic Crusade in
                                              ministry of the First Baptist Church         1974 and directed the 11,500-voice
The Trustees’ Distinguished Service           there. After Mr. Hayes' death in             choir. He was named a Distinguished
Award is given for                                                                         Alumnus of LC in 1984 and received
exceptional service to                                                                     the Distinguished Service Award
the church, outstanding                                                                    from the School of Church Music of
achievements in the arts,                                                                  the Southwestern Baptist Theological
and exemplary                                                                              Seminary in 1991.
philanthropy service
toward Louisiana                                                                           Mr. Kirkpatrick was a 1938 graduate
College.                                                                                   of Louisiana College. He was the
                                                                                           administrator of Baton Rouge
This year’s recipients                                                                     General Hospital from 1967 until
were: Dottie and the late                                                                  1970 and president from 1970 until
Herman Hayes, Bill                                                                         1981. After his retirement, he was
Ichter, and the late                                                                       active in real estate and other business
Claude Kirkpatrick.           Dottie Hayes, Edith Kirkpatrick, Bill and Jerry Ichter       activities.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes both graduated             1997, Mrs. Hayes continued to                He served as a state representative
from Louisiana College in the 1940s.          provide leadership for the program.          from Jefferson Davis Parish from
They were appointed to missionary                                                          1952 until 1960 and served as the
service in South Vietnam by the               Ichter is a 1949 graduate of Louisiana       director of the Department of Public
Foreign Mission Board (now the                College and a 1955 graduate of New           Works from 1960 until 1964. He was
International Mission Board) of the           Orleans Baptist Theological                  the chairman of the Sabine River
Southern Baptist Convention in 1959           Seminary. He and his wife, Jerry,            Authority at the time that the Toledo
where they served for many years.             were appointed in 1956 by the                Bend Dam was built. Kirkpatrick
                                              Foreign Mission Board to serve in            died in 1997.

The Commission on Accreditation of            The athletic training major in the           standards in terms of administration,
Allied Health Education Programs              Department of Health and Physical            resources, faculty, and facilities. In the
(CAAHEP) has granted the Louisiana            Education at Louisiana College prepares      health-related disciplines, accreditation
College Athletic Training Educational         professionals to work in the areas of        is especially important in assuring the
program (ATEP) initial accreditation,         injury prevention, acute care, evaluation,   public that graduates from a certain
according to Dr. Janet Passman,               follow-up care, rehabilitation and           institution are well-prepared and
program director.                             reintegration to active individuals.         qualified to provide health care services.

“This accreditation shows the                 These objectives are met through a           The CAAHEP is the largest
commitment of the faculty and                 combination of educational experiences       programmatic/specialized accreditor in
administration to make athletic training      that incorporate related academic course     the health sciences field. It reviews
a recognized leader in health care            work and supervised clinical training.       and accredits more than 2,000
education,” stated Passman. “We built                                                      educational programs in twenty-one
this program from the ground up               “This accreditation should be a              health science occupations across the
through teamwork and God’s blessing,”         tremendous help in recruiting students       United States and Canada.
she continued.                                within our state and throughout the
                                              southeast,” said Passman.
“At the present time, there are only two
accredited programs in the state,             Institutional accreditation serves to
Southeastern Louisiana University in          assure prospective students that a school
Hammond and Louisiana College.”               is a sound institution and has met certain

S     St. Francis Cabrini...  S.A.M.
                              Cabrini Hospital Donation Helps
                              Purchase Educational Tool

           St. Francis Cabrini Hospital
           recently donated $7,500 for
           the purchase of SAM, a
 Student Auscultation Manikin, to be
                                           and stethoscope placement,” says
                                           Debra Migues, Professor of Nursing.
                                           SAM is a high-tech manikin used to
                                           provide the students with actual
                                                                                    sounds of the human body that
                                                                                    enhances their knowledge and skills
                                                                                    by helping them learn to differentiate
                                                                                    between the different sounds during
 used in nursing preparation. SAM                                                   physical assessment prior to going to
 consists of a life-size torso with 15                                              clinical sites.
 different sound sites, Sound Trainer,
 and an external speaker with five                                                  “We will use the manikin in junior
 additional heart, breath, and bowel                                                and senior level classes at the on-site
 sounds.                                                                            clinical lab,” says Dr. Phyllis Chelette,
                                                                                    chair of the Rife and Carolyn Saunders
 “We have several courses that                                                      Division of Nursing. “This is a unique
 emphasize physical assessment; and                                                 opportunity for the Division of
 SAM has been very useful in teaching                                               Nursing. We are grateful for the
 the students in those courses hand                                                 generous donation.”

                                                                                    minimize their financial burden as they
                                                                                    entered seminary preparing for
                                                                                    ministry,” said Seago.

                                                                                    The endowment should generate
                                                                                    sufficient earnings to make the first
Seago Family Honors                                                                 award during the 2003-04 academic
Son with Scholarship                                                                Kim and Virginia chose to honor their
                                                                                    son John at Louisiana College because
 Kim Seago (1963) and Virginia Smith                                                of their great love for the school and
 Seago (1963) of Walker, Louisiana                                                  their numerous family connections to
 experienced every parent’s worst                                                   LC. Kim and Virginia both attended
 nightmare in September 2002. Their                                                 LC. Their daughter, Kimberly
 28 year old son, John A. Seago was                                                 graduated in 1990 with a major in math
 tragically killed in an automobile                                                 education. In addition, Kim’s two
 accident, while serving in the Air                                                 sisters, Pat Seago Bozeman (1967) and
 Force in Idaho.                                                                    Ellen Seago Adair (1964) also
                                                                                    graduated from Louisiana College.
 Following the accident, the Seago
 family knew they wanted to pay tribute                                             “Many families choose to honor loved
 to John through a gift that would honor                                            ones with endowed scholarships,”
 his name and benefit others. After                                                 according to Dr. Bill Townsend, Vice
 weeks of discussion and prayer, the       After graduating from LC, Kim Seago      President of Institutional Advancement.
 family decided to endow a scholarship     went on to graduate from Southwestern     “The Seago family will grieve over
 with a $30,000 gift to Louisiana          Baptist Theological Seminary. Kim        John’s loss for the rest of their days,
 College.                                  and Virginia know the financial          but the scholarship will honor his
                                           pressures involved in attending          name, perpetuate John’s memory, and
 The John A. Seago Memorial                seminary shortly after college.          provide a significant help to students,”
 Scholarship will benefit a senior                                                  says Dr. Townsend.
 student preparing for ministry and        “We wanted to give a scholarship to a
 planning to attend a Southern Baptist     LC student at the end of their college   For information about endowed
 seminary after graduating from            career. One that would give them a       scholarships, contact Dr. William R.
 Louisiana College.                        boost, almost as a surprise, and         “Bill” Townsend at (318) 487-7118.

Louisiana College's Wildcat Athletic                                                                   baseball team. He is well respected
Association (WAA) inducted four                                                                        as a coach, having been named the
new members into its Louisiana                                                                         state AAA and District 3-AAA Coach
College Sports Hall of Fame at the                                                                     of the Year. He has also been named
Homecoming Celebration Dinner                                                                          the Class B State Coach of the Year
held October 17.                                                                                       and Class B District Coach of the
Those individuals inducted were: Dr.
O.K. Bailey, Levi Barber, Denton                                                                       Fred Williams was a stand-out
"Dobie" Perkins, and Fred Williams.                                                                    basketball player for Coach Gene
                                          Dobie Perkins, Fred Williams, Dr. O.K. Bailey, Levi Barber   Rushing's Wildcats from 1988 until
Dr. O.K. Bailey is a 1952 graduate          inducted into their Sports Hall of                         1992. He finished his college career
of Louisiana College who has                Fame in 1992 for his                                       with 1,579 points (16.3 average),
continued to support his alma mater         accomplishments in football,                               playing in 97 games. Had foot and
through the years. While playing at         basketball and track.                                      ankle injuries not sidelined him for
LC, he lettered in both football and                                                                   most of his senior season, he was on
baseball and was an All Conference          Dobie Perkins was an outstanding                           track to become the College's first
baseball selection in 1952.                 Louisiana College athlete who has                          2,000 point scorer. He led the
                                            continued to make contributions both                       Wildcats to their second appearance
Levi Barber played football for the         to athletics in general and to the LC                      in the National Association of
Louisiana College Wildcats in the           athletic program through the years.                        Intercollegiate Athletics National
early 1960s. He had a stellar junior        While a student at LC, he was a                            Tournament and was named the Gulf
college football career at Hines Junior     member of the 1987 Gulf Coast                              Coast Athletic Conference Player of
College in the late 1950s, and he was       Athletic Conference Championship                           the Year in 1991.

Four Louisiana College alumni
received the Louisiana College
Distinguished Alumni award during
LC's annual Homecoming
celebration held Oct. 16-18.

The four recipients were: Dr. Tom
Greer, Sr., of Arkadelphia, Ark., Earl
Miller of Plainview, Texas, Dr.
Randall Sledge of Shreveport, and
Susan Tudor of Pineville.

Recipients are submitted to the
Alumni Association Executive
Committee to be selected at their fall
meeting. Those honored are selected
according to the following standards:
1) a graduate of LC, 2) of good                    Susan Tudor, Dr. Earl Miller, Randall Sledge and Dr. Tom Greer
character, 3) respected and honored
by peers and associates, 4) made            whose teaching experiences have                            both on the high school and
significant contributions to                spanned the globe. He holds degrees                        collegiate levels and has also taught
profession, church and community,           from LC, New Orleans Baptist                               English in the Peoples' Republic of
and 5) loyal to Louisiana College.          Theological Seminary, and the                              China.
                                            University of Evansville. He has
Dr. Tom Greer, Sr., is an educator          taught as a classroom English teacher                                        -continued on pg.12

In the latest effort in Louisiana College’s ongoing effort
to improve campus facilities, the renovated swimming
pool was dedicated on campus October 12.

The swimming pool and men’s and women’s locker
rooms, housed in H.O. West Fieldhouse, were completely        Loraine and Norman Martin and Joe Rosier of the Rapides
renovated. Renovation of the pool                             Foundation join Dr. Lee at the pool dedication
began in March.

According to Lee, the pool was
renovated with funds donated by          WAYNE DAVIS BREAKS STATE RECORD
private donors.                          Wayne Davis, a senior from Garrison,     total rushing yards and touchdowns.
                                         Texas, rushed 322 yards in the
Lee says the pool is used by both        Wildcat’s game against McMurry,          Davis rushed 34 times and scored
the Louisiana College and Central        breaking the Louisiana Collegiate        four touchdowns in the win on
Louisiana community. Louisiana           record of 304 yards.                     October 11 at Abilene, Texas.
College offers aquatic classes for
both LC students and the general         The Louisiana collegiate record was      Davis was named the National Co-
public. Several area high school         held by Tony Citizen of McNeese          Offensive player of the week in Don
swim teams also use the pool for         State University who rushed for 304      Hansen’s Football Gazette, and
both practice and swim meets.            yards in a game against Prairie View     Offensive Player of the Week for
                                         A&M University in 1986.                  Louisiana Sports Writers Association
The LC Aquatic Program has in the                                                 and the American Southwest
past been voted the top water fitness    He also broke the American               Conference. He was also named to
program in the state.                    Southwest Conference record for          D3football.com’s team of the week.

DIGHTON                                  Mr. Dighton moved to Baton Rouge         The Dightons felt it was important
                                         in 1978 to work for Dow Chemical.        to support Baptist higher education

                                         The Dightons are both graduates and      in their adopted state of Louisiana.
                                         supporters of Oklahoma Baptist, and      “We believe in the importance of
                                         their children are graduates of LSU      education, and we wanted to glorify
                                         and Baylor. After a number of years      the Lord in our actions, so as
Gaylon and Maurine Dighton have          in Louisiana, the Dighton’s now have     Louisiana Baptists we believed we
a love for Christian higher education    an important connection to LC; their     should support Louisiana College,”
that shows in their actions. They        grandson Josh Dighton of Ethel, La       stated Dighton.
have contributed to an endowed           is a sophomore.
scholarship named for Gaylon’s                                                    The Dightons, with his late father,
mother since 1996.                                                                chose to honor the memory of
                                                                                  Gaylon’s mother, Jewell M. Dighton,
Many people contribute to endowed                                                 with an endowed scholarship. The
scholarships, but what makes the                                                  scholarship benefits students who
Dighton’s story special is that they                                              are elementary education majors,
had no ties to Louisiana College,                                                 with a preference for students who
apart from their love for Christian                                               were residents of the Louisiana
higher education. In fact, the                                                    Baptist Children’s Home.
Dighton’s had only been on the
campus one time when they attended
the President’s dinner on September                                               For more information about endowed
23. Their contributions to LC have                                                scholarships please contact Dr. William R.
earned them invitations for eight                                                 “Bill” Townsend in the Office of Institutional
                                                                                  Advancement at (318)487-7118.

1940s (1946) and his wife,                Dr. C. Ferris Jordan (1955),            Texas, where John is a registered
Earl W. Miller                            Professor Emeritus from New             nurse working in the Neurological
Lucile, celebrated their 50th wedding     Orleans Baptist Theological             Intensive Care Unit at Plaza Medical
anniversary on June 12. Earl retired      Seminary, received the J.D. Grey        Center in Ft. Worth. Brenda is a
from the music faculty at Wayland         Preaching Award 2002 from the           licensed master social worker,
Baptist University in 1994 and is         Louisiana Moral and Civic               serving as the patient service
now University Organist Emeritus.         Foundation.                             coordinator for the ALS Association
They reside in Plainview, Texas.                                                  North Texas Chapter in Grand
                                          Dr. Raymond Sumrall received the        Prairie. They have two children,
Annie Laurie Savage (1949) taught         Lifetime Achievement Award from         Daniel, 16, and Elizabeth, 11.
music, kindergarten, first and second     the Alabama chapter of the National
grades before retiring as an              Association of Social Work.             Barbara Weber Cole (1979) was
elementary school librarian in 1992.                                              chosen “Teacher of the Year” at
Since then, she has been active with                                              Lafargue Elementary School. She
                                          1960s (1961) retired after 36
two writing groups and has traveled                                               teaches fourth grade at the Avoyelles
in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.                                                  Parish School.
                                          Robert Fore
Dr. Thomas Jewell Wood (1949)             years with the Louisiana Department     Nedra G. Gunter (1975) of Monroe
serves as pastor at Salem Baptist         of Labor. Much of that time, he was     retired from teaching because of
Church in Meridian, Miss. He has          the Federal Training Program            health concerns.
served as a pastor for sixty two years.   Director.
Salem Baptist Church was                                                          Harry (1970) and Beth Strange
established in 1838, and is the oldest    Susan Bolton (1969) and John            Ingalls (1970) now reside in Keller,
church in its association.                Hoychick, Jr. (1967) have three         Texas, after nearly 29 years in Baton
                                          grandchildren. Josie and Samuel         Rouge. Harry retired in June as the
                                          were born to John B. Hoychick           assistant superintendent of East Baton
1950s Peltier Derveloy                    (1992) and Joshua were born to
                                          Daniel L. Hoychick.
                                                                                  Rouge Parish Schools after more
                                                                                  than 31 years of service to the public
Betty Couvillion                                                                  schools. He is now the chief
(1955) is the church organist at First    Jackie A. Povall (1962) retired from    technology officer for the Carroll
Baptist Church of Franklin. She           Mississippi State Government and        Independent School District in
enjoys gardening and flower gardens.      now enjoys spending time with her       Southlake, Texas. Beth continues as
                                          two granddaughters, Sarah Kate, 3,      a writer of preschool curriculum for
Allen Gene (1953) and his wife,           and Caroline, 19 months, in Dallas,     the LifeWay Christian resources and
Louise Wing Bullard (1952),               Texas.                                  as a leader in preschool education
celebrated their 50th wedding                                                     workshops and conferences. They
anniversary on Sept. 24. They have        Alvin (1960) and Mary Louise            have three children: Ruth Ingalls
two children, Mark of Sulphur,            Stewart (1959) Ringle are retired       Shoup (1997), Paul (2001), and
Jennifer Bellon of Moss Bluff, seven      and living in Waco, Texas. Alvin is     Andrew.
grandchildren and six great-              the retired minister of recreation at
grandchildren.                            First Baptist Church in Waco, and       Rev. John (1978) and Lisa (1979)
                                          he is now the part-time senior adult    Lord moved in July to assume the
                                          minister at FBC. Mary retired as a      pastorate of the Primrose Methodist
                                          professor at the junior college in      Church in Johannesburg, South
                                          Waco.                                   Africa.

                                                                                  J. Stephen Phelps (1975) was
                                          1970s and Brenda Bryant
                                          John (1981)
                                                                                  promoted to Assistant Special Agent-
                                                                                  in-Charge for the Tennessee Bureau
                                                                                  of Investigation. He resides in
                                          Beaver (1979) reside in Arlington,      Huntingdon, Tennessee.

Bill Wade (1979) is the newly            family medicine in Vivian at the           Michael (1994) and Suzane Breaux
appointed national collegiate            North Caddo Medical center.                Churchman (1993) announce the
ministry specialist for LifeWay                                                     birth of their daughter, Hope Abigail,
Christian resources of the Southern      Jeannie Wells-Poirier (1988) is            on May 19. They have a son, Jacob
Baptist Convention. He has 24 years      employed as the director of Clinical       Eli, 3. Suzane is a stay-at-home mom
of experience in churches in             Counseling Services at Catholic            and Michael is the Field Director for
Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee,       Social Services of Mobile. She and         the Boy Scouts of America – Greater
and Georgia.                             her husband have three-year-old            Alabama Council.
                                         twins, William and Camille.
David C. (1974) and Rose Mary                                                       Charla Ducote (1993) has been
Yater Marabella (1968) have one                                                     named director of business

                                         1990s (1991) married John
son, Anthony, and reside in West                                                    development at Rapides Regional
Lawn, PA, where Dave is an                                                          Medical Center. Business
evaluator and Rose does kinder care.     Theresa Baker                              Development is a new department
                                         Rice on Wai’alae Beach in Honolulu,        at RRMC. Since 1999, she has served
                                         Hawaii on June 4. The couple resides       as director of public relations and

1980s (1984) and his wife,
                                         in Denton, Texas, where Theresa is         marketing at the hospital.
                                         a teacher at Ponder High School.
Keith Appling                                                                       Barbara Richey Evans (1993)
Lydia, had a son, Jackson Ray, on        Dr. Barry J. Bieber (1995) opened          married Dr. John Evans on May 12.
Feb. 18, 2003. They also have two        the Alexandria Healthcare for               She is an MRI technologist, and
older children, Caleb, 12, and Elissa,   Women clinic in Alexandria. He             they reside in Fort Worth, Texas.
4. Keith works as a clinical manager     completed his residency at the
in a mental health rehab program         University of Mississippi in Jackson,      Christianne Ford-Knight (1995)
and also works as a therapist at the     Miss.                                      has joined The Village Family
Christian Counseling Clinic in Lake                                                 Service Center’s family-based
Charles.                                 John Bodine (1993) is the minister         program in Minot, ND, as a family
                                         to students at First Baptist Church        therapist.
Marie Gagnard (1981) has been            in Lake Charles. He and his wife,
working as a U.S. Open Tennis            Jackie, have a 19-month-old son,           Cole Franklin (1992), assistant
Championship umpire since 1984           Nathan.                                    professor of communication arts at
and will be there this year for the                                                 LC, was elected the 2003-2004
2003 event. She was recently elected     Heather Coltharp Breland (1997)            representative of the Southern States
as the 2nd Vice Commander of the         and her husband, Shane (1996),             Communication Association to the
American Legion Post 15 in               announce the birth of their first child,   nominating committee of the
Crowley. She is the first woman in       Mathew Shane, on Dec. 15, 2002.            National Communication
a commander’s position.                                                             Association.
                                         Amy Pritchard Champlin (1996)
Nicole Witherwax Kay (1989) has          and her husband, Chad, announce            Rachel Gaddis (1998) earned her
moved to DeSoto, Texas, with her         the birth of their first child, Thomas     DDS degree from LSUHSC in May
husband, John, and their son,            Christian, on September 27, 2002.          2003.
Jonathan, who was born on Feb. 5,
2002.                                                                               C. Stewart Holloway (1998) has
                                                                                    accepted the pastorate at the
Brenda Wallace Gilstrap (1985)                                                      Forestburg Baptist Church in
earned her master’s degree in early                                                 Forestburg, Texas. He is also working
childhood development from                                                          toward his doctorate at SWBTS. He
Southwest Seminary. She and her                                                     is married to the former Rebecca
husband, Bobby, are Southern                                                        Lewis (1998).
Baptist missionaries to Ypsilanti,
Michigan. They have two sons,                                                       Dr. Jonathan Hunter (1995)
Robert Clayton and Andrew                                                           completed his residency at the
Thomas.                                                                             LSUHSC Family Practice Center in
                                                                                    Alexandria and has joined the Brian
Bruce Donald Moses, Jr. M.D.                                                        Clinic in Alexandria. Jonathan is also
(1989) is entering a one-year rural                                                 a Battalion Surgeon with the La.
family medicine fellowship. In the                                                  Army National Guard. He and his
summer of 2004, he will practice                                                    wife, Melissa (1996), have two
                                                                                    daughters, Grayson and Avery.

Kevin Leger (1997) and the design
group he works for won several
                                           Music degree in 2002 and is serving
                                           as Minister of Music at Hallmark         2000
National Gold and Silver ADDY              Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, Texas.      Allison Elizabeth Brunet (2000)
awards, given by the National                                                       and Christopher Shawn Bandy
American Advertising Federation.           Richard (1996) and Lisa Lyons            (2002) were married July 26 in
                                           Finch (1997) announce the birth of       Alexandria. Allison is a teacher at
Stacey Dupre Lenters (1998) and            their son, William Wesley, on August.    Peabody Montessori School in
her husband, Jonathan, announce the        15. They have been appointed as          Alexandria, and Christopher is a
birth of their daughter, Sierra Marie,     missionaries through the International   fitness and wellness coach and head
on Nov. 23, 2002. Stacey is a stay-        Service Corps of the International       baseball coach at Pickering High
at-home mom in Colorado Springs,           Mission Board to serve in Dakar,         School.
Col., where the family resides.            Senegal, West Africa.
                                                                                    Aisha N. Huertas (2001) received
Ruth Ingalls Shoup (1997) is a                                                      a master of arts in Integrated
music therapist at Central State                                                    Marketing Communication from
Hospital in Pineville.                                                              Emerson College, Boston, MA in
                                                                                    May ’03.
Donna Hampton Swisher (1999)
and her husband, Joel, announce the                                                 Juan Carlos Huertas (2000) is
birth of their son, Nathaniel Luke,                                                 currently attending Emory University
on Jan. 13, 2003. Donna is a stay-                                                  where he is pursuing a master of
home mom who is working on her                                                      divinity degree at Candler School of
master’s degree in counseling at the                                                Theology. He married Shannon Perry
University of Louisiana at Monroe.                                                  on May 25, 2002. They are expecting
                                                                                    their first child, Andrew Seth, January
                                                                                    24, 2004.

                                           Angel Fussell Maxey and her              Paul Ingalls (2001) is a second year
                                           husband, John, announce the birth        graduate student in the College of
                                           of their first child, Sarah Grace.       Pharmacy at the University of
                                                                                    Louisiana at Monroe.
                                           Ching Kye Bennett (1999) and his
                                           wife, Kristina, announce the birth of    Rich Lewis (2000) earned a Master
                                           their son, Kye Robert Ray, on            of Arts degree in marriage and family
                                           October 14, 2002.                        counseling from the New Orleans
                                                                                    Baptist Theological Seminary.
                                           Mike Trice (1993) and his wife,
                                           Michele, announce the birth of their     Wayne Mullins (2001) and Heather
                                           daughter, Eliza Lillie, on October 7.    Arnold were married on Sept. 13,
                                           They have one son, Griffin, who is       2002, at Alpine First Baptist Church
Elizabeth Boudreaux Tebbutt                5. Mike is an assistant professor of     in Pineville.
(1991) announces the birth of her          journalism at Louisiana College.
son, John Spencer Tebbutt, on Feb.                                                  Shane (2003) and Shannon (2001)
25.                                                                                 Nugent announce the birth of their
                                                                                    son, Shawn Austin, on August 2,
Brandi Hodgson Troxel auditioned                                                    2002. Shane is pastor of Oberlin
for and was selected to the Houston                                                 Baptist Church in Oberlin, La., and
Grand Opera Chorus for the 2003-                                                    Shannon teaches Special Education
2004 season. She is the early                                                       at Oberlin Elementary.
childhood and lower school music
teacher at the Presbyterian School in
Houston, where she lives with her
husband and daughter, Hailey, 2.

Chris Turner (1996) and his wife,
Patti, announce the birth of their third   Towana Marbs-Coles (1991) works
child, Payton, on Sept. 30, 2002. She      as a computer programmer. She has
has two older brothers, Caleb, and         been married for 16 years and has
Ryan. Chris completed his Master of        two children, Tyra and Antoine.

Alumni News continued                   grandchildren, Hallie Gail Abington,   Robert Harvey Bolton, former
                                        Reagan William Abington, Rachel        Louisiana College trustee, died July
Courtney Carter Ritter (2003)           Elaine Prichett and Thomas James       15 in Alexandria. Bolton was a
married Marcus Ritter on Nov. 29,       Prichett; brother Dr. Robert           graduate of the University of
2002. Courtney is the evening anchor    Abington; and sister Mary Cate         Pennsylvania School of Finance. He
for WKAG-TV in Hopkinsville, KY.        Abington.                              served as president, chairman, and
She was hired as a reporter, promoted                                          senior chairman of Rapides Bank
to the Clarksburg Bureau Chief and                                             (now Bank One) in Alexandria.
then to anchor of the ABC affiliate.
                                        Mae Alexandrenko (1954) died           An active member of Emmanuel
Kenneth (2003) and Kristi Hunter        May 7 at her residence in Pineville.   Baptist Church in Alexandria, he
Williams (2002) are serving for two     Alexandrenko was 74. A member of       served as a trustee for LC and the
years as International Service Corp.    Trinity Baptist Church, she was        Louisiana Baptist Foundation.
missionaries with the International     active in teaching Sunday school.
Mission Board in one of the closed      She and her husband, Dr. Nick          Preceded in death by his wife of 48
countries in South Asia.                Alexandrenko (1953), retired LC        years, Elizabeth McLundie Bolton;
                                        professor of Classical Languages and   his parents, James and Mary
Scott Wright (2000) earned his          Religion, were foreign missionaries    Calderwood Bolton; his brother,
M.Ed. in Health and Human               to Russia.                             James C. Bolton; and his sister, Mary
Performance from Auburn                                                        Elizabeth Bolton Brown.
University. Currently, he is an         Alexandrenko is survived by Dr.
exercise physiologist with the          Nick; sons, Paul Alexandrenko of       He is survived by his wife, Gail
cardiopulmonary rehab team at           Lafayette, David Alexandrenko of       Goodwin Bolton; one son, Robert
Johnston Memorial Hospital in           Pineville, and Nicholas                Harvey Bolton Jr. of Princeton, NJ;
Smithfield, NC.                         Alexandrenko of Tioga: daughters,      two daughters, Elizabeth Bolton
                                        Belinda Coniglio (1981) of Walker,     Hassinger of New Orleans and Mary
Samantha Young (2002) is a              Nina Long of Nashville, Tenn., and     Bolton Jennings of Houston, Texas;
graduate student at the University of   Becky O’Neal of Alexandria;            along with numerous grandchildren
Texas in Austin, studying early         brothers, Lynn Clement of Crowville,   and great-grandchildren.
childhood special education.            Micah Clement of Chauvin, and
                                        Danny Clement of Denham Springs;
                                        sister Blanche Wester (1949) of
                                        Crowville, and 12 grandchildren.       Dr. Glenn E. Bryant died July 16
                                                                               in Alexandria. Bryant holds degrees
                                                                               from both Oklahoma Baptist
                                                                               University and Central Baptist

In Memoriam                             Zelma Mills Bobbitt (1930) died        Theological Seminary. He was pastor
                                        June 22, 2003 in DeQuincy. She was     of Emmanuel Baptist Church in
                                        a member and long-time secretary at    Alexandria for years and served the
                                        Saint James Episcopal Church in        Louisiana Baptist Foundation as
Rev. James William Abington             Alexandria, La. She was active in      Executive Director.
(1955) died April 29, 2003. He was      later years at All Saints Episcopal
founding pastor of Bannockburn          Church in DeQuincy.                    Well-known for his radio program,
Baptist Church in Austin.                                                      “The Abundant Life,” Bryant also
                                        She was an avid gardener and           had a 30-minute television show,
Abington led churches in Fort Worth     environmentalist who loved animals     “Life At Its Best.”
and League City before arriving in      and was committed to preserving
Austin in 1973. During the years that   nature.                                Preceded in death by his wife,
he led Bannockburn Church, it grew                                             Mildred Ayers Bryant: son, Luis E.
to more than 2,000 members and the      She is survived by a sister, Edna      Bryant; parents, Charles and Eva Poe
campus extended to include              Mills Willrich, niece Candace          Bryant; and brothers, Sam and
education buildings, a worship          Willrich Cooper, grandniece Lauren     Robert Bryant. He is survived by
center, and a gym.                      Cooper, grandnephew Ben Cooper,        his son, Larry Bryant of Alexandria;
                                        great-niece Bryce Cooper and great-    daughters, Betty Jones of Houston,
Survivors include: wife, Doris          nephew Jake Cooper, all of             Texas, and Becky Dufour of
Elaine (1955); son, William Brian;      DeQuincy.                              Alexandria; brother, Lewis Bryant
daughters, Lisa Kay, Susan Elaine                                              of Modesto, Calif., and numerous
Prichett, and Sheri Lea;                                                       grandchildren and great-

Memorial contributions may be made       at the American Society for             in Hammond, LA. Her master’s
to the Dr. Glenn E. Bryant Endowed       Healthcare Engineering Conference       degree in piano performance
Scholarship Fund, c/o Louisiana          in San Antonio, Texas. At the same      equipped her to teach piano students
College, P.O. Box 587, Pineville, LA     ceremony, the first R.B. Maynor         on two continents and enrich the
71359.                                   Memorial Quality Assurance              churches she was involved in.
                                         Evaluation Award was given.
                                                                                 Susan is survived by her husband of
                                                                                 33 years, Mark (1971), pastor of
Annette Sylvest Dixon died June                                                  Brookwood Baptist Church; three
17, 2003. She was a member of            Dr. Clarence McCord (1956) died         daughter, Amy Ricketts, Jennifer
Northside Church in Baker. Her           April 17, 2003. He earned degrees       English, and Sarah Sutton, all of
husband, Miner, is a retired pastor      from LC, Golden Gate Baptist            Shreveport; her parents, Dudley
who spent most of his ministry in        Theological Seminary and Louisiana      Glenn and Janie Hill of Mansfield;
Louisiana churches. She is also          State University. He taught at five     two sisters, Mitzi Lewis of
survived by her son and daughter.        colleges and universities, including    Alexandria and Jeannie Vaughn of
                                         Louisiana College, and served at        Gulfport, Miss.; and one
                                         churches in five states.                granddaughter, Alahn English of
Warren D. Graef (1946) died March        McCord worked for the International
27, 2003. A prominent Lake Charles       Mission Board in Hong Kong where
artist, he was retired from the Cities   he was responsible for media
Service Company where he worked          production. He also served churches     Doris Cutter Swann (1939) died
for more than 40 years. At the time      in Hong Kong.                           December 20, 2002. Longtime editor
of his retirement, he was the senior                                             of Baptist Sunday School Board, she
industrial hygienist for the Louisiana   He is survived by his wife, Jean;       held a Master of Religious Education
plant.                                   children, Mena McCord of                degree and was employed with the
                                         Richmond, Va.; Karolyn Kay              Louisiana Baptist Convention for 10
During World War II, he received a       McCord of Greenville, SC; and           years before moving to Nashville to
commendation from Navy Admiral           Miriam Gay McCord of Savannah,          work with the BSSB.
King.                                    Ga.; grandchildren, Kristen and Kyle
                                         Forrester and Madelyn McCord;           In 1971, Swann was honored as a
He is survived by his wife of 63         Brothers, Dr. Lynn McCord of Baton      Louisiana College Distinguished
years, Louise; one son, Warren Graef     Rouge, and Dr. Joe McCord of            Alumna. She was preceded in death
Jr. of Houston; two daughters, Carol     Friendswood, Texas.                     by her husband, Charles Swann, and
Ann Kavanagh of Fredericksburg,                                                  is survived by her cousins; Dorothy
VA, and Janet Wolsefer of Orlando,                                               Calhoun of Pineville; James Gates
Fla, nine grandchildren, and 13 great-                                           of Irving, Texas; Gloria Poole of El
grandchildren.                           Darothy L. Nickey (1949) of             Dorado, Ark.; and Richard Poole of
                                         Mansfield died May 18, 2003 after       Houston, Texas.
                                         a brief illness. She taught school in
                                         DeSoto and Natchitoches Parishes        Memorial contributions may be made
George Herndon (1936) died June          and retired from Northwestern State     to Louisiana College or Rosedale
5. He was professor of English at        University where she taught library     Baptist Church in Nashville.
Louisiana College from 1950 until        science. She was a faithful member
1956 and Dean of Student Affairs         of Calvary Baptist Church.
from 1954 until 1956.
                                         She was preceded in death by her        Maudie Box Wimberly (1942) died
                                         parents. She was survived by her        March 2, 2003. She was preceded in
                                         aunt, Jackie Odum; cousin, Mary         death by her husband, John Lawrence
R.B. Maynor (1963) died January          McDonald; and one very special          Wimberly. She is survived by her
9, 2002 of a sudden and massive          friend, Haven Howell of Pelican, La.    sons, John David Wimberly (1969)
heart attack. He was recently                                                    and Dan B. Wimberly (1969). Dan
posthumously honored by the                                                      says that throughout her life, some
military, being given one of their                                               of her most cherished memories were
highest civilian awards.                 Susan Sutton (1970) died June 6,        of LC.
                                         2003 in Shreveport. She had a
The Superior Civilian Award, along       lifelong passion for serving Christ
with a flag, was presented to his        and helped plant and develop two
mother, Evelyn Maynor, on July 14        churches, one in France and the other

Louisiana College’s President’s Club
was founded in 1976 to honor a
unique group of individuals,
                                                     23 and featured a private tour of the
                                                     Alexandria Museum of Art’s “Heart
                                                     of Spain” exhibit.
                                                                                                     Forest Church of God of Oak Grove,
                                                                                                     The Ed and Gladys Hurley
                                                                                                     Foundation, Louisiana Elks
foundations, corporations, and                                                                       Association, Louisiana Physical
churches. These special donors                       This year several new members were              Therapy Centers, Mr. and Mrs. J.V.
express exceptional interest and                     inducted into President’s Club. The             Moffett, Jr., Mowata Baptist Church
financial support of various programs                new members for 2002 include:                   of Eunice, North Rapides WMU,
and departments of Louisiana College                 Airline Baptist Church in Bossier,              Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Price, Red
by contributing $1,000 or more during                John Calvin Bains, Mr. and Mrs.                 River Bank, Dr. and Mrs. Gary S.
a calendar year.                                     James Cagle, City of Alexandria,                Rush, Richard and Patricia Sandlin,
                                                     City of Pineville, L.D. Clepper, Jr.,           Kim and Virginia Seago, Bertie
Each year, members are recognized                    Derrell and Frances Dowdy, First                Deming Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
at the President’s Club banquet. This                Baptist Church of Franklinton, First            Soprano, Rev. Hartmon Sullivan,
year’s banquet was held on September                 Presbyterian Church of Alexandria,              and Thomas and Sue Waites.

    Mr. J.V. Moffett, Jr., Janet Lee, Mrs. Moffett, Rory Lee                 Kim Seago, Janet Lee, Virginia Seago, Rory Lee

    Richard Sandlin, Janet Lee, Paticia Sandlin, Rory Lee                    Rev. Hartmon Sullivan, Janet Lee, Dottie Hayes, Rory Lee

-continued from pg.5                                 in the music building was renamed the           Susan Tudor has been called the
                                                     Earl W. Miller Recital Hall.                    quintessential modern Christian
Earl Miller began his legendary musical
career at Louisiana College as the winner                                                            woman. Active in her church and
                                                     Dr. Randall Sledge's mission work               faithful to her home responsibilities,
of the 1944 Caudell Cup Competition.                 covers several decades and as many
On faculty at Wayland Baptist University                                                             Tudor has moved through three distinct
                                                     continents. First appointed to Peru by          career changes - social work, real
(WBU) in Plainview, Texas, for 46 years,             the Foreign Mission Board in 1954, he
Miller is the University organist emeritus                                                           estate, and hospital administration -
                                                     has also served in Columbia and the             with style. She is currently the vice
and recipient of the Faculty University              Serbian Republic of Bosnia. His articles
Service Award and the Distinguished                                                                  president for business development
                                                     have been published in the "Dialogo             and managed care at CHRISTUS St.
Faculty Service Award. Upon his                      Teologico," a Baptist theological journal
retirement from WBU, the recital hall                                                                Frances Cabrini Hospital in Alexandria.
                                                     published in Spanish.
                                    Byron’s Briefings
                                          a brunch earlier that morning. The         In addition to Homecoming, the
                                          Homecoming Golf Tournament on              Office of Alumni Relations held
What a difference a year makes!!!         Thursday afternoon at Rapides Golf         several chapter meetings around the
Saturday, October 18 was a beautiful      and Country Club was also blessed          State this Fall. Alumni chapters in
Indian Summer day (compared to the        with great weather and enthusiastic        Lake Charles, Monroe, Lafayette,
deluge at Homecoming 2002.) The           golfers. Everyone always enjoys the        Dallas and Shreveport met during
Lynn Alumni Center was festively          luncheon held for the classes              the month of September. Plans are
decked out for the Louisiana College      celebrating their 50th and earlier         being made for chapter meetings to
Women’s Reception as well as for          reunions. Many old stories were            be held in New Orleans, Baton
Class Reunions and a pre-game             swapped at the luncheon and we             Rouge, Houston, Mobile, and
tailgate bar-b-que. Crowds of alumni      heard a few new ones. Dr. V. Lynn          Nashville in the next few months.
gathered to listen to the Steve Wells     McCord, Class of ‘53, was the master
Band as their children enjoyed the        of ceremonies for that luncheon.           The Alumni Scholarship Fund
games and fun geared to them. Spirits                                                continues to grow and we credit a
were high as enthusiastic alumni          The Friday evening reception and           very successful phonathon for this
“Caught That Wildcat Spirit, Again!”      banquet honoring the Distinguished         growth. Thanks to all of our generous
All of the events of the morning          Alumni and the inductees to the Hall       alumni who contributed to the
culminated in a resounding come-          of Fame was attended by                    Alumni Scholarship Fund.
back victory for the Wildcats against     approximately 250 people.
Austin College that afternoon. The        Distinguished Alumni for 2003 were         Again, please consider this your
Lynn Alumni Center proved, again,         Dr. John Thomas Greer, 1958, Mr.           invitation to stop by the Lynn Alumni
to be a wonderful “home” for              Earl Miller, 1946, Dr. Randall Sledge,     Center, your campus home, for a
returning Louisiana College students.     1949 and Mrs. Susan Vick Tudor,            cup of coffee and a visit with us
                                          1970. New members inducted into            whenever you are on campus.
The other events of Homecoming            the Hall of Fame this year were Dr.
2003 were no less successful. The         O. Kendall Bailey, 1952, Levi Barber,
Distinguished Alumni were
introduced at Homecoming Chapel
and, along with their guests, enjoyed
                                          1960's, Denton “Dobie” Perkins,
                                          1989, and Fred Williams, 1992.                           -Byron McGee

                                                              Please send updates, news, about marriages, births, awards, etc. to

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     1/8 HARDIN-SIMMONS UNIVERSITY                                           5:30/7:30 HOME   2/19 EAST TEXAS BAPTIST UNIV.   5:30/7:30 HOME
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