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									Free Internet Tools

Keyword Search Tools

     Keyword Discovery Discover the best keywords for your website and your PPC
campaigns by searching this database of approx 32 billion searches collected from 180 search
engines world wide in the last 12 months. There is also a paid version of this amazing keyword
search tool that offers an extended database, related terms, spelling mistakes, industry jargon,
seasonal search trends and other more advanced features.

Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool Not sure what are the best keywords to include in your
domain name, page titles or page content? Enter a keyword and find out related searches that
include your term and how many times that term was searched on last month. This search tool
will accelerate your brainstorming session.

Keyword Suggestion Tool This handy little tool will show you the results of your query from both
Wordtracker and Overture. Enter a search phrase to see how often it is searched for and get
suggestions for alternate (but similar) keywords.
You will find that results from Wordtracker and Overture differ greatly: Overture's data is based on
more searches, so the values are going to be higher than Wordtracker's. This does not mean
Wordtracker's data is less valuable (keep in mind that they are relative to each other). Also,
Wordtracker differentiates between plural and singular forms (which Overture does not).

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Get ideas for new keywords. Enter one keyword or phrase and
you will find

Google Duel for Writers When you're writing, sometimes you think of several ways to say the
same thing, and you want to know which way sounds better. Take any group of synonyms or
similar phrases, and type them into the GoogleDuel to find out how they rank in popular usage
on the web.

Good Keywords is a free Windows software for finding the best keywords for your web pages.
Use it to find profitable products and ideas, analyse your competition and check the progress of
your web marketing and advertising efforts to ensure the best return on your investments (ROI).
The software contains several tools:

       keyword suggestions
       misspelled words
       web page explorer
       keyword phrase builder
       site & link popularity meter
       keyword organiser.

OneLook® Dictionary Search Do you need a definition, spelling or translation of a word or
translation? This search engine indexes more than 5 million words in more than 900 online
dictionaries. The one-stop dictionary!

Domain Name Generators

Nameboy has a naming search that generates and looks up domain names. Enter a primary and
secondary keyword and then tick if you want the domain name to rhyme or have a hyphen.
Nameboy will generate a list of domain names listed under three categories: domain taken (you
make an offer or backorder it), domain available (you purchase it) or availability unknown (you
can check the availability). Amazing tool!

Domain Name Combination Checker Pick up to 5 words that describe your business, product
or service. Type them into the form and click generate. The combinations of words will be placed
with and without a hyphen, in all orders, and the registration status of the resulting domains will
be tested.

Namebuddy Another combination checker. This time, pick 3 keywords and choose whether you
want hyphens. The search engine generates a list of combination of those keywords with their
availability status.

Miscellaneous tools

WayBack Machine Have you been looking forward to open a new or a bookmarked web page
just to find out that "The Page cannot be found"? How frustrating this is!
The good news is that 40 billion web pages have been archived since 1996 and you can access
those archives with the WayBack Machine. And it's easy to use. Just enter the web address of a
site or a page and the search results will display archived pages, if available. Not all web pages
are archived. But you may be lucky and find the one you are looking for!

Desktop search tool Can’t remember where you filed a document or an email? With this tool you
will be able to locate it easily. Copernic desktop search tool searches Microsoft Word, Excel,
PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, Outlook emails, and popular music, picture and video formats. It
also searches your browser history, favorites, and contacts. Copernic is a search engine that
builds a database and adds any new files that are saved on your hard drive. Great tool for
information junkies like me! Free download.

Pixie Would you like to reproduce a colour found on another website? Simply point to the colour
and Pixie, a colour spy, will tell you the RGB, hex, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of the colour.
You can then use these values to reproduce the colour in your favorite programs (however, be
careful not to infringe copyrights). A dream tool for creating your colour scheme. Free download.

FinePrint Do you want to save on paper, toner and storage space? This software was a
revelation to me. I print lots of ebooks, reports and web pages for my online research. With 'Fine
print', I can print 2 or more pages on a single sheet of paper, truncate web pages before printing,
add margins, etc. I have not yet used all the many features. Worth having a free trial.

Pixelshop Have you ever wondered how to create favicons, those miniature logos in front of
URLs in the address and links bars, favorites and history menus? Read the article on Branding
with favicons and create them with Pixelshop. Free trial.

Backup Outlook Express Creates a backup copy of email messages, attachments, address
book, list of blocked senders, identities, accounts, message rules, and signatures. I used it to
transfer the data from one computer to another. All the settings were left intact and it took only 10
minutes! If your Outlook Express crashes, the wizard would restore it from the backup file. Highly
recommended. Free 30-day trial.

World Time Server Do you need to contact clients residing overseas or in a different time zone?
World Time Server provides current local times of any world clock on the Internet and it also
makes real time adjustments for Daylight Saving Time. No matter what time zone a country or city
is located in, this site provides your best resource for determining any time, anywhere.

Weather Network Talking about the weather is a favourite topic worldwide. 'Will it rain?' 'It's cold
today.' Demonstrate that distance is no longer an obstacle to do business. You'll impress your
client by forecasting the weather at their end of the world. "Have a good weekend, you'll have fine
weather for your barbecue." Just enter the name of a city to find out the weather.

Australian Postage Assessment Calculator Save time by calculating postage on the net.
Australia Post provides a "Postage Assessment Calculator" to cost the postage of letters and
parcels delivered within and outside Australia.
You can also integrate the 'Australia Post’s eDeliver Delivery Rate Calculator (DRC) to your
online store. With the DRC, the postal rates are updated automatically when Australia Post
increases their rates.

 YouSendIt Do you have problems sending or receiving large files? YouSendIt transfers easily
and securely files up to 1 GB. Simply upload the file to the YouSendIt server via a simple web
interface and they email the intended recipient telling them where to go online to download it. This
online service could be useful when travelling. Send the files to your web email address and you
have no data to carry on floppies, CDs or thumb drives.
You can also create a custom photo album of up to 12 photos.
Note that files are only stored for 7 days on the YouSendIt server.

Search Engine Decoder Are you confused about the relationship between the various search
engines and directories? Discover with this interactive chart which search engine and directory
supplies and receives primary and secondary search results, directory search results and paid
results. Impressive, fun and informative.

Software with full resale rights

'With resale (or resell) rights' means that once you have bought the software, you can use it as
much as you want. You can also sell it and keep 100% of the income.

MsAgent Javascript Editor Discover Merlin. He would be delighted to be the devoted virtual
assistant on your website. Use Merlin to:

       host a guided tour
       give instructions
       cross-sell, as in idea #76 (200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website)
       draw attention to specific information
       announce your news
       thank respondents to a survey
       raise a smile and perhaps a good laugh.

Merlin can be viewed only under Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other browsers will not generate
errors. They simply do not see the agent.

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