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SEX, MEN & hEALth:
What Women Need To Know
Paul Alphonse, Jr. M.D.

Persecuted for
Righteousness Sake
Welcome to
Adams Park

                             Monica Pearson
                                           Celebrates 35 Years
                                                 at WSB-TV
    September 2010 • Vol. 2 Issue 4

                                                 Our Contributors
          Lea O’Neal                                             Turn to page 15 where you will find a most timely article on men’s sexual health
                •                                                targeted to our female readers. The article was written by Paul alPhonse, M.D.
       Executive Editor                                          a “New York to Florida transplant” and descendant of Haitian immigrants. He
       Donald W. Gregg                                           graduated cum laude in Biology from the University of Central Florida. In 2004,
                                                                 Dr. Alphonse joined the team of medical and research experts at Midtown Urology.
                                                                 To read more about Dr. Alphonse, go to:
          Art Director
         Tracy Stalling                                          Rev. Richard Berry and his wife Jane Berry have been married for 42 and raised a family in
                •                                                the S.W. community of Adams Park. Jane, a counselor and board member at the Atlanta Youth
    Business Development                                         Academy talks about life in one the first neighborhoods where Monica Pearson lived when
    Jonathan V. Nicholson                                        arriving in Atlanta 35 years ago. Her story, “WELCOME to Adams Park” appears on page 8.
          Web Master                                             scott eaves is an Atlanta native and is an Associate Broker with Chapman Hall
        Tina Doughtery                                           Realtors. He resides in midtown Atlanta and specializes in residential properties. Scott is                                           a board member of the Georgia Magnet Charter Schools Foundation and is an advocate of
                •                                                historic preservation and green building. His article, “Stop Renting, Buy” appears on page 8.
   Bishop John H. O’Neal                                         Known across Atlanta at the No Nonsense Trainer, carla FielDs is an accomplished
                •                                                personal fitness expert for close to twenty years. Her practical and competitive experience
Editorial Advisory Committee                                     began when she started helping people achieve their fitness goals as a fitness instructor for the
           Jane Berry                                            YMCA, Main Event Fitness, and Australian Body Works. Carla currently has her own facility
       Saleema R. Board                                          where she emphasizes lifestyle changes through strength training and cardiovascular condition-
        Karen A. Brame                                           ing along with weight management by proper nutrition planning. “No Nonsense, No More”
         Lonie Haynes                                            (page 9) is her article. Visit her website:
         Perdita Jordan
   Janice Lawrence-Clarke                                        cinDi Porter has been a Financial Planner for eight years. She has led numerous
          Art Leatores                                           financial planning workshops. Her article, “Managing Your Move and Money” appears on page
       Ron Montgomery                                            18. To request a complimentary copy of her new book, “24 Investment Strategies” contact her
     Fredrick D. Robinson                                        at:
        Travis Peterson
      Susan Radulovacki
      Don M. Roman, Sr.
          Elyse Russell
       John L. Sands, Jr.
        Trish Spaulding
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                                                  The Monica Pearson 35th Anniversary Committee, 2010
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                                                                                                                                  Welcome Magazine | September 2010 3
Life Worth                                                                           City Lights,
Celebrating                                                                          Southern Nights
         from the publiSher                                                                   eXeCutiVe eDitor
         leA o’neAl                                                                           DonAlD w. GreGG

                                   H                                                 O
                                                  aving spent the last 21 months                 ur contributors for this issue of WELCOME Magazine represent
                                                  in New York after surviving a                  the remarkable diversity that helps define Atlanta as an international
                                                  5-car DUI accident, I return to                city. Their contributions range from practical down-home wisdom
                                     my role as publisher with a heart brimming      to a celebration of the individual talent that helps keep Atlanta moving.
                                     with gratitude. Truly this is a wonderful           We believe that knowing who you are where you are is the key to relocating
                                     time to celebrate life, and I graciously        successfully. Denard Stalling’s Question and Answer session brings a sense of
                                     invite the staff of WELCOME Magazine,           being grounded and joyous as he discusses his gallery in Vinings, his art and
                                     our writers, supporters and most of all—        music, and his family. “Each day I am inspired to grow where I’m planted,” he
                                     our readers—to join me in honoring those        writes, and that leads us to rejoice that we live in a city that inspires us to grow
who give so much of themselves to make Atlanta a better place to live, work          along with it.
and play.                                                                                We ask you to celebrate with us the variety and quality of articles in this
   The woman who adorns the cover of this 4th edition is no stranger to any          issue that serve to welcome the newcomer. Some articles introduce the new
of us. She is the legendary Monica Pearson, Action News Anchor at WSB-               resident to resources and some give practical advice. For example, Shelly
TV. It was 35 years ago when she bounced onto the Atlanta scene. As our              Dozier-Mckee’s article on how to make your home or apartment inviting is
history books reveal, Monica followed in the footsteps of those who opened           timely as we look ahead to the holidays.
doors, plowed the journalistic fields and cleared the path for her to become an                                          Cindi Porter gives good advice to the
outstanding icon in our midst.                                                                                        newcomer on managing the move and on some
   We must give credit where credit has been earned. It was Xernona Clayton                                           of the financial aspects that a move entails, and
who became the first African American to host a television show in the                                                Scott Eaves makes a good case for using this real
southern region, called the Xernona Clayton Show. Her career was launched                                             estate buyer’s market to acquire a house in your
in 1967 and her show aired regularly on WAGA-TV, a CBS affiliate here in                                              new city. Embracing questions of both finances
Atlanta.                                                                                                              and whose house it’s going to be, Attorney
   According to WSB-TV, Jocelyn Dorsey became the first African American                                              Shana Rooks looks at how prospective couples
anchor of a Channel 2 newscast as well as the first African American                                                  can avoid big surprises down the road.
news anchor in the Atlanta market. She was also a reporter, producer and                 Having taken care of all kinds of business and practical, day-to-day
assignment editor as early as 1973.                                                  concerns addressed by these contributors, how about taking some time for
   The Honorable Steen Miles, former Georgia State Senator, was the first            Number One? Cutting through all of the emotionally exploitative advertizing
African American managing editor of the news department at WXIA-TV,                  for erective dysfunction remedies, Dr. Paul Alphonse lays out what every
Channel 11.                                                                          woman should know about ED—the many serious conditions that ED may
   I hasten to call to your remembrance the name of Sidmel Estes who was the         be a symptom of. Once you’re up-to-date on that, why not turn your exercise
first African American executive news producer at WAGA-TV, Channel 5.                regimen over to an expert, Carla Fields, who will get you headed in the right
   Hosted on September 13, 2010, at the Atlanta History Center, our 5th              direction with the first part of her two-parter, “No Nonsense, No More.”
Annual MECCA Awards Ceremony acknowledged 10 remarkable individuals                      Our publisher Lea O’Neal’s interview with Monica Pearson is a delight.
who enrich the quality of living for those who are in need. You will find their      It’s a kind of house of mirrors--one seasoned interviewer interviewing another
photo and brief profile on pages 16 and 17. Similar to WSB-TV’s People-2-            seasoned interviewer. As one of several female African-American pioneers in
People television show, the MECCA Awards grants you an opportunity to                Atlanta television, Monica gives Atlantans another cause for celebrating the
infuse a little of your volunteer time in support of these non-profit institutions   diversity and forward-looking spirit of this international city. Another long-
for the good of us all.                                                              time member of the Atlanta journalism corps, Frederick Robinson, gives his
   Let your friends know that we have recreated our website and we welcome           cautionary take on the recent and still unfolding saga of Shirley Sherrod.
you to join us online, in your leisure:                       We have saved Saleema Board’s contribution until last because what
                                                                                     she shares is right in the middle of what makes Atlanta work—the vibrant
                                                                                     volunteerism that unites new friends and old in a caring network. For the
                                                                                     newcomer, what better way to experience every aspect of the city’s life than
                                                                                     by pitching in?
4    Welcome Magazine | September 2010
Grow Where You’re Planted
Q&A with Artist Denard Stalling
By L ea O ’Neal

                                 What do you enjoy most
                                 about living in atlanta? I’ve
                                been married to my wonderful wife
                                Tracy for 21 years. As a matter of fact, we
                                just celebrated our anniversary August
                                19th. For us and for our two wonderful
                                daughters, Serra, 20, a junior at the
                                University of Georgia, and Taylor, 16,
a junior at Kennesaw Mountain High School, metro Atlanta affords an
opportunity to live the American dream. We selected Kennesaw because of
its diverse communities. Each member of my family is athletic. We enter
5K road races, marathons, hike, bike and walk nature paths especially the
Silver Comet Trail and Kennesaw Mountain.
Why did you select smyrna to open the vinings
Gallery? My business partner, Gary Handler and I have been friends
since the ‘80s. We worked for the same art gallery in the ‘90s and came
together in 1999 to open a fine arts gallery. We did our homework and
looked at every quadrant of town and settled upon the greater Smyrna
area for retail space because we both lived in Smyrna. We saw the
massive growth of high-end residential neighborhoods and knew we
could grow if we planted our business here.
Describe how you infuse your art with your
music. Most people do not know that I play the saxophone and
continue to study music. As a resident artist at the Vinings Gallery, my
passion is a blend of art and music. When you walk into the gallery
there is always soothing jazzy music playing to relax the soul. I actually
have a studio in the window and passersby can watch me paint. I so
enjoy painting musical instruments along with other genre.
as a husband, father and business owner, how have
you grown? I was born in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Atlanta after                lovely backdrop for any occasion. It also connects us with a new audience of
college in 1988. Beyond my wildest expectations, Georgia has nourished me          prospective clients.
as a human being. In Georgia, for the most part, people live a stress-free life.
                                                                                   What do you say to aspiring artists? A lot of young artists can
I’ve discovered that my potential is unlimited. My wife is self-employed as an
                                                                                   paint. True. But like a singer, they need to find their voice, if you will. Because
art designer specializing in magazine production. As a family, Georgia is the
                                                                                   one has the ability to paint, they really need to cultivate their passion. It is that
perfect environment for us to explore our creative side.
                                                                                   passion that will drive them to their subject matter and style.
WelcoMe Magazine launched its first edition                                        When will we see some of your newest works?                             I
at the vinings Gallery. What was that experience                                   am always painting new bodies of musical composition. Recently, while
like for you? Since our inception, we have always graciously opened                on vacation in the Nappa Valley of California, I became influenced with
our doors to welcome others to use our venue for professional purposes.            landscapes. You’ll have to stop by the gallery to see for yourself how the fresh
It was our pleasure to host your launching event. This is our way of giving        fertile soil of Atlanta comes to life before your eyes on canvas. Each day I am
back to the community. The Vinings Gallery is so beautiful that it makes a         inspired to grow where I’m planted.
                                                                                                                                 Welcome Magazine | September 2010 5
A Warm Welcome
By S h el ly D ozie r-Mck ee

H       ave you ever gone to a friend’s house, entered their home and instantly
        felt at ease, relaxed and comfortable? What is it that makes their home
so warm, so inviting and so welcoming? As a designer, it is my goal to make
each and every home (or space) that I decorate embody these characteristics.
A home should provide a Warm Welcome to both the homeowner and every
person that enters the door!
   The first step in achieving a soothing and welcoming home environment
is to create a front entrance that is personal and dynamic.Try painting your
front door a fun, vibrant color and add some flowers for a bit of softness.
Greet your guest in style!
   Next, ensure that every item in your home has a reason for being. De-
clutter your space and get rid of anything that no longer has meaning, that no
longer works with your design statement or that is simply old and outdated.
A home full of items you treasure, value and adore will automatically give off
a feeling of comfort and joy to your guest.
   Third, walk through the main living spaces of your home and see if you
have appropriate conversation areas within your furniture groupings. Are

      Slipping through
                                                                                                                 your chairs close enough to each other to create
                                                                                      Try painting               comfortable conversation zones for family and
                                                                                       your front                friends? A common mistake many people make
                                                                                                                 is placing furniture too far apart. Pull your seat-
                                                                                       door a fun,               ing closer together to make your space more per-
                                                                                      vibrant color              sonal, warm and intimate!
                                                                                     and add some                    The next step in creating a warm and welcom-
                                                                                                                 ing home is to control the lighting. While every
                                                                                        flowers...               room in your home needs ample lighting for dai-
                                                                                  ly tasks, you’ll want to install dimmer switches to control the strength of that
                                                                                  lighting. Being able to dim your lights allows you to set the mood within your
                                                                                  home. Soft, subtle lighting is one of the most important elements in creating
                                                                                  a warm and welcoming home environment.
                                                                                      A final step in creating a comfortable and welcoming home for family and
                                                                                  friends is by accessorizing in your own personal way. Display items that are
                                                                                  a personal reflection of you. Frame photos, incorporate your favorite candle
                                                                                  scent and display some of your favorite coffee table books around for guest to
                                                                                  enjoy. These little touches, a reflection of things that you love, will embrace
                                                                                  your guests and surely make them feel right at home!
                                                                                      Shelly Dozier-Mckee owns The Scarlet Tassel, Inc., 6235-A Roswell Road, Sandy
                                                                                  Springs , Ga 30328, P 404-843-0387 x 14, F 404-843-0369. sdoziermckee@thescar-
                                                                        , Find her on Facebook at
6    Welcome Magazine | September 2010
                     PERSECUTED foR
                   The Shirley Sherrod Story:
                    What Should We Have Learned?
                                                              By Fredr ick D. Robinson

I  t has been a few months since the Shirley
   Sherrod story broke, and the question remains,
what should we have learned? To refresh your
                                                    truth was finally revealed, Agriculture Secretary
                                                    Tom Vilsack did the right thing and reversed his
                                                                                                         white bothers and sisters, but you still got more
                                                                                                         work to do. In part, Sherrod was a victim of an at-
                                                                                                         tempt to equalize the sins of racial discrimination
memory, Sherrod, a former USDA official, was           It was indeed a teachable moment, but what        on the parts of whites and blacks. I don’t buy it
blasted by whites and blacks alike after Andrew     should we have learned? Not to too quickly jump      and neither should you.
Breibart’s website, Big, posted      to conclusions about such a complex issue? That                                    Fredrick D. Robinson
a video that—in its selective editing—showed        race remains a volatile and perplexing issue in                                 is the former Editor of At-
her admitting to discriminating against a white     America? Those certainly are profitable lessons.                                lanta Tribune: the magazine
farmer. As the story grew in the media, the USDA    But there is another warning we should heed                                     where he wrote a monthly
performed damage control and demanded her res-      concerning this matter—some whites are all too                                  column called Editor’s Per-
ignation, which she granted. Perhaps most hurtful   ready to take the moral high ground out of the                                  spective about issues —
to Sherrod was the fact that the NAACP prema-       hands of blacks when it comes to race by singling                               ranging from business to pol-
turely applauded her resignation and dismissed      out supposed instances of racist sentiments in       itics — in the African-American community. During
her comments as antithetical to their mission.      blacks.                                              the mid-90s he was on the editorial board at the Atlanta
   The problem was the sound bite posted by Bre-       My argument is not that blacks can’t be racist    Journal-Constitution, where he wrote editorials and a
itbart gave the wrong impression. In the tape he    or that they aren’t in positions to hurt members     weekly column on local and national issues. He has won
aired, yes, Sherrod admitted to some prejudice.     of other races. Nonsense. But I am saying that       numerous awards for both column and feature writing
However, the story she told involved a 24-year      our country is a nation where the majority of the    and has been published in books and newspapers, such
old incident and during her entire speech, which    power is still concentrated in the hands of whites   as the Chicago Tribune, Houston Post, Denver Post, the
Breitbart didn’t air, she spoke forcefully about    and the results aren’t flattering to blacks.         Milwaukee Times and others. He currently serves as the
how she changed for the betterment of society           When it comes to racial discrimination, whites   pastor of Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church.
and challenged all of us to do the same. When the   and blacks just aren’t on equal footing. I love my
                                                                                                                         Welcome Magazine | September 2010 7
Welcome to Adams Park
By Jane Be r r y

W          hen my family and I relocated to Atlanta
           in 1973, we fell in love with a quaint
community called Adams Park. Decades later we
                                                                                                                 Overall, what makes Adams Park such a
                                                                                                              spectacular place to live and play can be found
                                                                                                              in the strength of the Adams Park Resident
are still here – and loving it!                                                                               Association (APRA). According to Corliss Claire,
   Adams Park affords us a breath of fresh air. Our                                                           co-director; “We encourage our homeowners and
home is located a few giant steps from the entrance                                                           residents to get connected with the neighborhood
of the Alfred E. “Tup” Holmes Memorial Golf                                                                   by joining APRA and becoming an active member.
Club. This property was once the battleground                                                                 Meetings are held for one hour every other month
for a landmark legal fight over the desegregation                                                             at the Adams Park Recreation Center.” With
of golf courses across the United States.             The Adams Park Community is a hidden jewel in           such a vital group of devoted neighbors, our
   In my backyard, we have special places to          Atlanta!” says City Councilwoman Keisha Lance           community remains alive and stable.
commune with nature. Our creeks and natural           Bottoms, District 11.                                      We have enjoyed living in such a well kept,
springs are a delight. And we have this all within       If you are visiting Adams Park, you will have to     well maintained park community. And yes,
the city limits of Atlanta.                           take a tour of our pride and joy facility, the Andrew   Adams Park is a real park with a swimming pool,
   “Not only are the historical homes and lots        and Walter Young Family YMCA. At the helm               softball field, 3 little league fields, a football field,
beautiful, and would certainly rival any number       is executive director Diane Baker King. She is          recreation center, 4 lighted tennis courts, several
of in-town enclaves, but the Adams Park               spearheading the retrofitting of the Maya Angelou       picnic shelter areas and a pavilion with a capacity
neighborhood is a tightly-knit community that         Teen Center on their campus. Here, youth have           of 100 friends.
generations of families have called home. The         an opportunity to reach their educational goals            On your next day off, visit with us and enjoy in-
community has the luxury of a suburban feel, but      through mentoring programs, entrepreneurial             town living with a suburban swagger. Neighbors
the convenience of being just a short 10 minute       projects and tutorial undertakings. The facility is     in our 750 single-family home community
drive to the airport and the heart of downtown.       also upgrading the performing arts studio.              welcome you.

Stop Renting… Buy Your Home Now
By Scott E aves

                                                      F    ourteen years ago I graduated from college
                                                           and got a stable job with a local bank. Four
                                                      years passed, and I was still renting my college
                                                                                                              at record lows and the tax advantages associated
                                                                                                              with home ownership, it could be costing you
                                                                                                                                                 rent. I can’t think
                                                      apartment. Then, one day, I woke up and said, “I        The cost of home                   of a better time
                                                      am going to buy a house.” Six months later I moved      ownership is now                   to     buy….rock
                                                      into my first home….a brand new 3 bedroom/2.5                                              bottom pricing,
                                                      bath house! This was during a seller’s market with
                                                                                                              less than the cost                 high          seller
                                                      increasing sales prices and interest rates. My rate         of renting.                    motivation and
                                                      was 7.75% and that was with my .5% discount                                                the best interest
                                                      for being a first time home buyer. I was ecstatic!      rates ever. Furthermore, I believe we are sitting at
                                                      I finally became an adult. Buying my first home         rock bottom. Your investment should grow over
                                                      helped me become more financial savvy, increased        time and in 7-10 years be a move up buyer and
                                                      my overall financial portfolio and changed my           buy your dream home. You might be even able to
                                                      career…I became a Realtor to help people like           by that dream home now! I am telling you, THE
                                                      myself.                                                 TIME IS NOW!
                                                         Ten years later, the opportunity is even better!     Chapman Hall Realtors, 404-236-0043 • Scott Eaves,
                                                      The cost of home ownership is now less than the         404-518-3820
                                                      cost of renting. When I bought my house, my   
                                                      housing costs went up. Now, that real estate prices
                                                      have dropped between 30-50%, interest rates are
8    Welcome Magazine | September 2010
                                                                                                             The Hidden Dangers
                                                                                                             of Soy
                                                                                                             by D ianne Greg g

                                                                                                                I have always eaten a healthy diet, or so I
                                                                                                             thought. Never one for fad diets, I always ate
                                                                                                             everything in moderation. I exercised regularly
                                                                                                             and started adding soy protein to my diet when I
                                                                                                             reached menopause. I believed what all the health
                                                                                                             magazines and advertisers were telling me - “Soy
                                                                                                             Relieves Menopausal Symptoms.” I believed it
                                                                                                             would help reduce hot flashes and mood swings
                                                                                                             and help prevent osteoporosis. Guess what? It

No Nonsense, No More                                                                                         didn’t!
                                                                                                                I knew something was wrong when my weight
                                                                                                             gain went from 118 pounds to 150 pounds!
Get the Body You Want                                                                                           I complained to my doctors about the unusual
                                                                                                             weight gain for eight years. No matter how care-
By C arla Fields                                                                                             fully I ate or how much I exercised, I continued
                                                                                                             to gain weight. I weighed more than in my ninth

L     et’s face it head on—if you want a body that
      will last the rest of your natural days, you
will have to put in the time, the energy and the
                                                       and adolescents in the United States. America’s
                                                       obese children are at an alarmingly heightened
                                                       risk for elevated blood pressure, cholesterol,
                                                                                                             month of pregnancy! Always nauseous, I was
                                                                                                             retaining water and uncomfortable all the time.
                                                                                                             The diuretics prescribed by my doctors didn’t
sweat equity it will take to carve out the body        diabetes, and becoming obese adults. The              work and extensive blood tests came back nor-
of your dreams. Sorry, you cannot wave a magic         financial cost of childhood obesity tips the scales   mal.
wand and the pounds will disappear.                    at 3 billion dollars a year.                             I had a soy burger for dinner after going to the
   All is not lost! I’m here for you!                     On June 17, 2008, the director of the Centers      doctor again in 2003 and that’s what did me in!
   Start by setting realistic goals. Write them        For Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas            The next morning I was weak, nausea, anxious
down. Plan each day the night before, then go to       R. Friedman, M.D., M.P.H., stated, “Obesity           and had diarrhea.
bed on time and get up early enough to do the          is one of the most serious epidemics facing the          I felt like I was having a heart attack!
things on your plan. Learn to cook, and always         United States. Obesity kills more than 100,000           I was rushed to the hospital and went into ana-
carry emergency food. If you work late, plan to        Americans a year and costs about $150 billion         phylactic shock!
work out first thing in the morning. Stay the          a year to treat. It’s linked to an unhealthy             After four days in the ICU, the doctors diag-
course! Don’t blow your time with meaningless          environment that promotes over consumption            nosed food poisoning. I found that hard to be-
conversation. Stay focused on your goals.              of sugar, salt and fat. Children in particular        lieve. It took two weeks at home to recover. When
    To break the cycle of rollercoaster dieting and    are at risk. Their obesity rates have tripled in a    I felt better, I had my soy protein drink and was
live a healthier lifestyle, there are 3 key elements   generation. A change to the food environment          out the door. Within ten minutes, I started with
that work together. I am sure you’ve heard this        is critical to empowering Americans to live           palpitations, shortness of breath and anxiety. I
before, but all three feed off each other, and         healthier lives.”                                     came home and looked up “soy allergy” on the In-
any one missing element may interfere with                Until next time, I am challenging you to cook      ternet and had almost every symptom listed.
your progress. Let’s analyze each component            more and eat out less. Increase your consumption         As a result of removing soy from my diet, I
separately.                                            of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Grill, bake   have lost 32 pounds and not had any health prob-
   As much as 70% of all disease has its origin        or broil lean meat like chicken, turkey and fish.     lems since. My journey led me to write this book.
in poor diet. Nearly two-thirds of all deaths in       And become knowledgeable of Whole Food                I’ve discovered how bad soy is at any age. Over
the United States are diet related. The six most       Supplements (such as GNLD Multivitamins).             60% of products on the shelves contain some
common causes of death are all diet related.           You need them to prevent chronic fatigue and to       form of soy. Soy can be hidden in many ingredi-
   You know them well: They are heart disease,         increase your energy.                                 ents, so it is sometimes hard to find. My extensive
cancer, strokes caused by hypertension,                   To get the body you want, take a stand today       research reveals that soy does not prevent many
chronic lower respiratory disease, diabetes and        of No Nonsense, No more. Let me hear from             health problems, but rather can be the cause!
Alzheimer’s disease.                                   you, I want to learn about your weight loss           Osteoporosis, thyroid disease, infertility, you will
   According to the 2007-2008 NHANES                   progress over the next few weeks.                     be shocked to discover that soy is not the health
(National Health and Nutrition Examination                Carla Fields, the No Nonsense Fitness Expert can   food it’s marketed to be.
Survey), obesity now affects 17% of all children       be reached at:                       To learn more, visit
                                                                                                                            Welcome Magazine | September 2010 9
                                                         Celebrating 35 Years
                                                                at WSB-TV

Monica Pearson
By L ea O ’Neal

           ecently, I spoke with Alvin Marx Sugarman, Rabbi Emeritus of The              lea: is this why you do so much in the community?
           Temple in Atlanta. His tender words of affection about Monica                 Monica: Yes, because volunteers helped my mother help to raise me.
           Pearson I am sure speak for the over 5.4 million of us who call Atlanta    She couldn’t afford Girl Scouts, but I was a Girl Scout because of people
home. Rabbi Sugarman said, “I have found Monica ever to be in the middle of           contributing to United Way. I got my first job through a United Way agency,
everything that is vital and important to the well being of our community. Her        at the YMCA. I was a Tri-Gray Y leader. I enjoyed the YWCA. It was place
smile, her intellect join in bringing an incredible understanding and serve as a      to have fun…again; it was possible because of other people’s contributions. I
catalyst for action to help so many different causes for the benefit of our city.”    can’t tell you how many United Way Agencies we used. I’m proud to say, I’m
    lea: Whenever you lecture, we hear your reference to your mother’s                probably one of few United Way clients who also became the volunteer head
love and your anchoring faith. What does the passage of scripture found               of United Way. And I know how important education is also. My mother
in luke 12:48, “to whom much is given, much is required” mean to you?                 stressed that was the way out of poverty. That’s why I love reading to first
    Monica: My mother is a firm believer in Luke 12:48. And even when she             graders and have done it for years. There are two benefits for me and the
was making minimum wage, a divorced woman raising a child with no child               children. My husband and I give the children books so they start a library and
support, she always gave to others. She would visit the sick. She would buy at        they enjoy having someone other than a teacher work with them. It shows we
Goodwill and then donate to Goodwill. She said there were people in worse             care. I also want to show the children they can be anything they want to be, if
shape than we were and it was important to share our “wealth.” Even at 87,            they work for it. And I just love being with the children now that my daughter
she still is giving at the facility where she lives. She visits those who can’t get   is almost 30.
around well. She gives tours. She does whatever is asked. She always said                lea: When you and your husband were blessed with claire, your
it was important to share whatever gifts you have, also because others had            daughter, how did becoming a mother change your outlook on life?
shared to help us. Mother was born a Baptist and became Catholic when she                Monica: My career goals changed. I no longer wanted to go to network
married my father. I was raised in the Catholic Church and school system.             or move to a bigger city. Because moving to another city would have meant
But mother made sure I was well versed in both religions, sending me to               speaking more, travelling more, being away from home more. That’s no way
vacation Bible School every summer. I am very ecumenical ☺ Maybe that’s why           to raise a child. My work hours were ideal at WSB, 3 to 11:30, so I could go
I love Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church so much. My husband calls                  on field trips with Claire’s class, be a room parent and then go to work in the
it “Catholic-costal”—we sing Gospel music while observing the practices of            afternoon. When she was in high school, I would go to her basketball games
the Catholic Church. As for her discipline, she was no nonsense. If you did           on lunch hour, 7 p.m. and on weekends. I was available for school activities
the crime, you paid the fine. But she set the example for how to live. While          and that was fun.
some parents would say, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say,” she was honest,             lea: you spend a tremendous amount of your free time with kids. What
hardworking, intelligent and not afraid to be the parent. She knew how to say         do you think parents should be doing with their offspring to raise healthier
no, be consistent with her punishment and her praise. She set goals for me and        children?
helped me reach them, but she always reminded me I would be accountable                  Monica: Follow my mother’s guidelines and practices. My mother always
for whatever decisions I made, so make sure they were good ones. She also             let me know I was loved, special and could do anything I set my mind too. She
said I was representing our family in whatever I did, so I couldn’t smudge the        told me how important it was for me to sometimes step out on faith and try
family name or bring shame to the family and myself. She also would remind            new things, take calculated risks to accomplish anything I wanted. She told
me there are no secrets, that whatever you do will be revealed, sometimes             me to dream big and remember, with planning and hard work, anything was
when you least expect it.                                                             possible. She never humiliated me or called me out of my name. She was never
10 Welcome Magazine | September 2010
the type to yell or threaten. If she said she was going to     charities in addition to anchoring the news at WsB-
do something, she did. She always listened to me, even         tv. are you a workaholic?                                      Memories and
when she was dead tired. She really meant I could talk to
her about anything. She had rules and I helped to write
                                                                  Monica: No, I am not a workaholic. I know how to
                                                               schedule my time carefully and I do. I don’t speak as          testimonials
some of them and I knew what was expected from me.             much as I used to as I move towards retirement. I’m            i remember very vividly the day
She always had a good sense of humor and would remind          letting the younger folks do more of that. And I pick and      you sat in the butler Street Y and
me she understood some of my moods, because she had            choose carefully what I will do. It has to speak to me, have   announced you had just been
been young once. She even talked about her mistakes            meaning to me and do good in the community. I lean             accepted as the anchor for WSb-
and would say, “Learn from my mistakes.” Most of all           toward those things that touch children and the elderly. I     tV. You were beautiful then and
                                                                                                                              even more beautiful now. i also
she set a good example. She didn’t smoke or drink or           learned long ago that you don’t have to volunteer everyday,
                                                                                                                              appreciate the support you have
use drugs or curse. She kept me busy—”An idle mind is          but you can schedule volunteerism. Find something you          given to the ApeX museum over
the devil’s workshop.” My mother always said please and        love and give to it one day a week. Or choose one major        the years. You were host during the
thank you, and to help build my self-esteem, she would         project you can work on for a short period of time.            dedication of this building to John
say sometimes, “What a good idea!” “You really are doing          lea: over the three and a half decades that you’ve          Wesley Dobbs and also at the Susan
an excellent job at school or at work.” She also taught me     lived in atlanta, what are the most significant changes        taylor fund raiser. You are much
                                                                                                                              admired and appreciated. ~Dan
how to save money, schedule my days, because she gave          you’ve observed in and about the city?                         moore
me responsibilities. She made me feel important. And              Monica: There are too many to list, but among
                                                                                                                              Congratulations monica... i just
then we would sometimes just have fun, going to the            them, the huge population growth and the traffic...
                                                                                                                              moved here from NY and you
movies, the park, reading books, going roller-skating. It is   Transportation is an issue: the election of a Black mayor      are, far best, the most wonderful
impossible to write all the wonderful things my Mom did        and a woman mayor who happens to be Black; the                 newscaster i have ever watched!
to teach me how to be a mother.                                Olympic Games coming to the city; the changing face of         ~Daniel mastrodonato
   lea: through the years, there have been many                the region. We truly are an international city now.            i met monica several years ago at
opportunities that would have granted you national                lea: there probably is not a family in this country         an event when i worked at turner
television exposure. Why did you stay in atlanta?              spared from the threat and the reality of cancer. as a         broadcasting. She continues to
   Monica: My daughter and WSB. It gave me a chance            survivor, what did you learn about yourself as you went        be an exemplary figure in the
                                                                                                                              communications industry and an
and that requires loyalty. When I went on the air as           through the process of healing?                                excellent role model especially for
an anchor in 1976 at 6 and 11, there had never been a             Monica: I looked at what I could do to make my life         women. She is an excellent example
woman nor a black on those daily evening newscasts.            simpler. I learned to say no and not feel guilty. Cleaned      for our youth and she continues
They took a chance on me, developed me and I respect           false friends, irritable and complaining people, negative      to be a icon in our community. i
and appreciate and am grateful for that. Now, hard             people, out of my life. Made myself a priority and realized    consider it a privilege to be part
                                                                                                                              of this committee. ~Diane Daniels
work in the station, in the field as a reporter, and in the    God brought this to me to help others…force others to
community as a volunteer and speaker helped to keep me         go for that mammogram that they had been avoiding. I
                                                                                                                              Aida and i are thrilled for you.
there, but it would not have been possible if WSB hadn’t       never cried over breast cancer because the body is like a
                                                                                                                              in your industry where it’s hard
decided to “integrate” the set.                                car—things go wrong. Fix it and keep going.                    to know the players without a
   lea: the show, “Monica Kaufman’s close-ups” was                lea: What do you love best about yourself?                  scorecard, you are the franchise
brilliant. you interviewed some of the most famous                Monica: My smile and positive attitude.                     player! ~Allan flamm
celebrities across the country and around the world.              lea: how do you keep your private life private?             monica, you are an
What did you enjoy most about this television program?            Monica: By not talking about it to anyone and               are my big mentor...and
   Monica: I love getting into people’s business, asking       reminding myself I am allowed to protect that part of          my friend. love you and Congrats!
questions others might not have asked and getting tidbits      me and my family that should be just for me and my             ~Karyn Greer
that other’s didn’t get. The research for the show was         family. But things do come out and just because I’m            Congratulations monica. You have
fun. I read magazines, books, newspaper articles and           asked about it doesn’t mean I have to respond. I’m not         passed every test and surpassed
                                                                                                                              the expectations of the naysayers.
sometimes talked to people who knew the guests to get          running for public office ☺ People get huffy with me and
                                                                                                                              i feel your joy, as i felt your pain
facts that would make good conversation. I tried never         say, you always are getting into everybody else’s business,    when you started the journey. As
to be in awe of the guests because then I would never          but that’s my job.                                             the first black male anchor at WAlb
ask the questions that made them go...hmmm. When                  lea: Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., had his dream. as         tV in Albany and Georgia (1971) i
we started doing the show, there were very few programs        you reflect over the last 35 years at WsB-tv, how do           know what you had to endure. So
on the air like it, but now everywhere you look there is       you feel about your dreams becoming a reality?                 keep that great smile and celebrate!
                                                                                                                              ~John white
an entertainment program with interview with stars.               Monica: I am living the dreams for my grandmother
Of course, my favorite interviews are with people in my        and mother. I’ve come a long way from Smoketown in             monica! 35 years? You don’t look
                                                                                                                              a day past 35. one of the absolute
business. I was honored to interview Walter Cronkite,          Louisville, Kentucky. But I haven’t stopped dreaming.
                                                                                                                              best in the world. thanks for
Peter Jennings, Barbara Walter, Robin Roberts, Charlie         There are things I still want to do, places I still want       setting and maintaining the bar of
Gibson, Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey.                        to visit and books I still need to write. Once a dream         professionalism and outstanding
   lea: you serve on numerous boards and give to many          becomes a reality, it is time to dream a bigger dream.         journalism. ~reggie Gay
                                                                                                                              Welcome Magazine | September 2010 11
                              


                                                        SPECIALIZING IN FAMILY LAW
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 
                                                        ∞ 

     SPECIALZING IN PERSONAL INJURY                                    
     ∞ 
     ∞                           
     ∞                                         
     ∞                           
     ∞                                                
     ∞ 
Making New Friends
by S alee ma R . Board

           here is a nursery rhyme that says, “Make new friends, but keep the                                          octavia W
                                                                                                                monica ric       infrey, Sale
           old. One is silver and the other is gold.” Little children recite and                                           hmond Jac          ema r .
                                                                                                                                     kson, Dawn board,
           sing these words, and as we grow older, these words become even                                                                       ell patton
more valuable in our friendships.
   Moving to Atlanta in 2005 from Detroit, Michigan, I am one of the               work. Making new friends and nurturing old friendships is the key to creating
fortunate newcomers. As a corporate transfer, the Ford Motor Company paid          an enjoyable lifestyle.
for my relocation. I had always wanted to move to “Hot-Lanta,” and when the           April Shepperson, senior banquet chef at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis,
opportunity presented itself, I did not have to think twice. As a lead logistics   suggests we all should “view making friends as you would form professional
provider for the company, the relocation to the southern region also meant a       alliances. It should be a goal pursued. In order to have a friend, you have to
promotion and advancement in my career.                                            be a friend. No one likes a one-sided relationship.” Over 20 years ago, Gwen
   This transfer was made even sweeter because I had stayed connected with a       McCants Allen volunteered with Hands On Atlanta and met some wonderful
host of friends through the years who were already established in the Atlanta      people in the process. Many of them are still close friends. Volunteering your
area. A dear friend lived in Atlanta, Monica Richmond Jackson, whom I have         time to help a cause pays off in more ways than one.
known since age 14. She along with Dawnell Patton, a close college friend,            It does not take long to discover how easy it is to establish new friendships.
welcomed me with open arms.                                                        Betsy Allen of Orange, New Jersey, moved to Atlanta in 2007. She jumped
   My unofficial welcome party also included Octavia Winfrey and Cordella          right in and joined a church, became active in a few ministries and started
Rogers. What made life easy was the fact that my gathering of sisters was          singing in the choir. Before long, she made new friends who coached her
there to guide me in the right direction. Whether I was looking for housing,       with employment issues and assisted her in providing priceless business
a club for socializing, learning about the DeKalb Farmers Market or just           connections.
finding a hair salon in the neighborhood, my friends all played a vital part in       I am truly thankful for my trustworthy “sister-friends” and confidants.
helping me get acclimated to Atlanta, swiftly.                                     Through the years they have enriched my life. They welcomed me and now I
   For me, Atlanta is more than work, work and putting in more hours of            call Atlanta home.

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                                                                                                                                 Welcome Magazine | September 2010 13
                                                                                Marriage should be a partnership
                                                                                        where the couple works together
                                                                                to build a better life—together.

Before You Say “I Do”
By S h ana M. Rooks, Esq.

W         eddings are beautiful! So marriages should be blissful, right?
          Unfortunately, many couples enter into such a sacred union without
first asking the right questions and conducting proper investigations. So
                                                                                marriage, no divorce has occurred. Ask to see the divorce decree before saying
                                                                                “I do.” Otherwise, the second marriage will be no good.
                                                                                    Does your future spouse have an order of child support? One of the
before you say “I do,” you should have a proper investigation of your future    benefits married couples have is filing their income taxes together—married
spouse performed. Here are a few things to consider:                            filing jointly. However, either or both parties could be expecting a tax
   is your future spouse divorced? That sounds like a simple question and       refund—if there is an unsatisfied obligation of child support, the government
perhaps an insult to your potential husband or wife. However, there are         can intercept the tax refund to pay that obligation—even the tax refund of
many people who confuse the process. A marriage is only dissolved when          the “innocent spouse.” 1
a judge has signed a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce. So if the party          am i the only one? The reality is your mate may not be honest when you
has gone to court, had a trial or simply entered into a Settlement Agreement,   ask him or her this question. Many of my clients have come to me advising
until the judge actually signs the Final Judgment and Decree dissolving the     that on the day of their wedding, their spouse was involved with someone
                                                                                and that affair continued through their marriage.
                                                                                Given that your mate likely will not disclose                Many couples
                                                                                this information, you should hire a law firm to
                                                                                conduct a premarital investigation. Then brace
                                                                                                                                            enter into such
                                                                                yourself for the truth—if you really want to                 a sacred union
                                                                                know the truth!                                               without first
                                                                                    What are his or her assets and debts?                   asking the right
                                                                                Marriage should be a partnership where the
                                                                                couple works together to build a better life—
                                                                                together. There is nothing more frustrating than when one party seeks to
                                                                                purchase real property together using both party’s credit rating to secure
                                                                                credit for the purchase of the house, only to find that the other party has
                                                                                filed for bankruptcy, has delinquent payments on existing debt or is more in
                                                                                debt than previously reported.
                                                                                   The author of this article wants you to know that Shana M. Rooks & Associates,
                                                                                LLC, in Jonesboro, Georgia, specializes in domestic relations law and can help you with
                                                                                the points raised in the article. Given that the average wedding costs about $29,8002 and
                                                                                the average divorce costs roughly the same, it would be prudent for everyone to consult
                                                                                with legal experts about premarital investigations. Shana’s firm requires an initial
                                                                                consultation to discuss your options. No one case is the same and therefore the cost for
                                                                                each case is specific to the needs of the individual. You can invest in a consultation with
                                                                                Shana M. Rooks & Associates, LLC, for a nominal fee of $160.00. That step could
                                                                                save you the expense of both a marriage and a divorce. Before you say “I do,” please
                                                                                consider scheduling an appointment at
                                                                                  You may contact the IRS to advise that you are an injured spouse to see if
                                                                                you qualify for relief.

14 Welcome Magazine | September 2010
Sex, Men and Health
What Women Need to Know
By Paul Alph onse Jr., M D, FACS

erectile Dysfunction is More                      It is a common                   forget erectile dysfunction affects not only your partner, but your sexual re-
common than you Know                                                               lationship.
                                                 health condition                     Erectile dysfunction and Prostate cancer are potentially deadly conditions,
E     rectile dysfunction (ED), also
      known as “impotence,” is the repeated
inability to get or keep an erection firm
                                                       that not
                                                    only affects
                                                                                   but there are many ways you can help. Encourage your partner to sched-
                                                                                   ule an appointment to get an evaluation if there are any signs of erection or
                                                                                   urinary problems. More importantly, accompany him to a checkup; you can
enough for sexual intercourse. It is a          approximately 30                   provide a new perspective that may not have been evaluated. Reassure your
common health condition that not only
affects approximately 30 million men in
                                                million men in the                 partner that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and that in the end you are
                                                                                   concerned about him and his health. Making this an intimate conversation
the United States and 152 million men              United States                   between you and your partner can ultimately save your relationship and your
worldwide, but also the women in their
                                                                                   partner’s life.
lives. Yet, despite the high prevalence of sexual dysfunction, 9 out of 10 men
in the U.S. have yet to seek treatment from a physician. As a result, this is an
important opportunity for you not only to get informed, but to manage this
sexual issue together with your partner.

Diagnosis of eD May uncover other serious, treatable
   Erection problems can be a powerful early warning indicator of impending
serious heart disease, including a heart attack or even death.
   The development of erectile dysfunction can be used to alert both patients
                                                                                                      WELCOME Magazine
and doctors to future coronary heart disease. Other danger signs exist such                                  Presents
as poor blood glucose control, high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol                 The 1st Annual Student Juried Essay Contest
levels. This is because diabetes, erection problems and heart disease all have
an ominous common factor—damage to the blood vessels or “Endothelial
                                                                                       “To Whom Much is Given,
   The Journal of the American College of Cardiology emphasizes how
                                      important it is for men to consult their
                                                                                           Much is Required”
                                      doctors about ED and for their doc-                High School students in Metro Atlanta are welcome to enter this
   Risk Factors You and               tors to treat sexual dysfunction, as well       500-word literary competition. The winner of our juried contest will
   Your Partner Should                as, their overall cardiovascular health.        have his or her work featured in a full-page article in the December
   Know                               Even more important is the finding that         2010 edition of WELCOME Magazine including a photograph and
   • Age                              cholesterol-lowering medications can            profile listing. Students will select one of the following local celebrities
   • Diabetes                         reduce the chance of heart problems             as the subject of their original essay project: Monica Pearson, Tyler
   • Hypercholesterolemia             by about 30%, while Viagra and similar          Perry or Usher. Deadline to receive all entries: October 20, 2010 at
   • Atherosclerosis                  compounds may also be able to offer a           midnight.
   • Lifestyle                        small amount of protection.
                                    Many physicians recognize and often                            to receive an official entry Form
                                  encourage the crucial role that partners            email Ms. lea o’neal, Publisher:
and mothers have in the etiology and management urological issues. Don’t
                                                                                                                             Welcome Magazine | September 2010 15
      5th Annual                                                              5th Annual
        •                                         MECCA
     n celebration of her 50th
     birthday, lea o’Neal,
  publisher of WelCome
  magazine launched
  an awards program
  saluting local citizens for

  theirvolunteerism. She called
  it the meCCA Awards.
    meCCA is the acronym
  for: master of excellence
  for Commitment to the
  Community in Atlanta.
     the 5th Annual meCCA                                         As president of the Atlanta                                 Bruce Deel was asked to take a
  Awards Ceremony was a                                        Writers Club, Marty aftewicz                                six month assignment and close
  reception held at the Atlanta                                tripled membership in less than                             down a small church in the inner
  history Center, September
                                                               three years to over 600 members.                            city of Atlanta named Midtown
  13, 2010.
                                                               Under his leadership, the                                   Mission. Bruce realized that
     WelCome magazine                                          organization initiated the Atlanta                          instead of closing the church, that
  is pleased to share a                Marty Aftewicz          Writers Conference now held          Bruce Deel             he had a new calling to be the
  short profile of our 2010
  recipients. We encourage             each spring, started a free annual youth workshop, and       Senior Pastor at Midtown Mission. He is the Executive
  you to network with                  was instrumental in establishing a scholarship fund for      Director of City of Refuge. City of Refuge, a 501(c)3
  these individuals and the            future writers at Georgia Perimeter College. While the       non-profit was founded to providing emergency needs
  institutions they represent.         Atlanta Writers Club was started in 1914, Marty worked       such as food, clothing and shelter for people in need.
    Nominations are now                to reclassify the group to a 501(c)3 status and dedicated    City of Refuge serves over 10,000 people annually, with
  being received for the 6th           his time to create programs to help area writers improve     9 key programs. Innovative and effective programs such
  Annual meCCA Awards.
                                       their craft. Terry Kay, one of the most highly acclaimed     as the 180o Kitchen, a culinary arts training program for
  potential recipients are
  individuals who over the             writers in the Georgia, referred to the Atlanta Writers      at-risk youth, and Eden Village I and II, two redemptive
  years have made vast                 Club as “the most influential literary organization in the   housing centers for homeless women and children were
  contributions to non-profit          South.”                                                      initiated.
  organizations. they give of
  themselves unselfishly either                                    Often behind the scenes                                      The family of Cynthia C.
  by raising the awareness                                      raising three children and                                   Hagain became a statistic in 1996
  of the institution or have                                    supporting her husband of 38                                 when an underage drunk driver
  been instrumental in leading
                                                                years, bank president George                                 killed her mother, her sister
  fundraising campaigns.
                                                                Andrews, Janice Andrews has                                  and only sibling, and her sister’s
     We welcome your
                                                                emerged a vibrant leader in                                  fiancé. After years of traumatic
  nomination of an                      Janice Andrews                                               Cynthia C. hagain
  outstanding individual to                                     the Atlanta community. Janice                                grief she started speaking and
  receive a meCCA Award next           specializes in commercial lease management and               sharing her story as a volunteer for MADD and on the
  year. potential candidates           currently serves as general manager under the brokerage      Gwinnett County Victim Impact Panel. Cynthia joined
  will be acknowledged for             management division for Capitol City Bank and Trust          the MADD State Office Staff in Georgia the summer
  accomplishments and                  Company’s 25,000 square foot Peachtree Street office         of 2002 where she has served the past eight years as
  achievements in the greater
  Atlanta vicinity.
                                       building. With close to a dozen board memberships and        the State Victim Services Coordinator and only paid
                                       a various community and non-profit affiliations, Janice      advocate. Cynthia assists victim families and survivors
     Nominations will be
                                       schedules time to work with Georgia Toastmasters. She        of drunk and impaired crashes. Her Walk Like MADD
  received until December
  31, 2010. Contact the                is one of the leading organizers of Capitol City Bank and    Atlanta team, Hagain’s Hearts, is not just dedicated to
  Nominating Committee at:             Trust Company Legacy Builders Toastmasters Clubs.            her family, but has been dedicated all six years to her                 Currently she serves as a corporate liaison for their        friends, their children and all the families she has served
                                       Atlanta, Augusta, Albany and Savannah Toastmaster            all over Georgia while at MADD.
16 Welcome Magazine | September 2010
                          Dating back to 1993,        Roker’s music business career earned him more         tator, Beth holds a B.S. in Education (University
                       Charlie McKinney has           than 700 gold and platinum albums for sales           of Maryland) and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political
                       volunteered his time           of 500,000 units or more for each award. He           Science (Emory University). She was a found-
                       and energy to helping          achieved the distinction of becoming the first        ing member of the Atlanta Women’s Founda-
                       metro Atlanta’s homeless       African American to produce a sporting event          tion board. During her AWF service, she learned
                       children through his           for Network TV and the Black motion picture to        about Cool Girls, Inc., an award-winning after-
Charlie Mckinney       work at the Children’s         become number one in Daily Variety Box Office         school program dedicated to empowering low in-
Restoration Network (CRN). This past March,           in which he starred and co-produced, ( Johnny         come girls. Beth went on to become a member of
Charlie spearheaded his own fundraising event         Tough, 1973). Today, Roker oversees several non-      and eventually chair of the Cool Girls board, and
in downtown Atlanta called “A Slice of Hope           profit institutions including Teens on the Green,     now serves on its Advisory Council.
2010”. Over 150 guests attended and the event         Through the Eyes of a Child and JAG BMX
generated close to $5,000. Encouraged by the          where over 1,200 youngsters earn scholarships for                               Brenda Seay Stinson is
event’s success, he is making the Slice of Hope       college. In his lifetime, more than 200 individuals                          a visionary and business
an annual community event. For his vision, his        entered the executive level of employment due to                             leader     who     believes
drive and his endless desire to make a difference,    Roker’s assistance.                                                          in giving back to the
CRN proclaimed Charlie a “Hero Volunteer”                                                                                          community. After receiving
for his support. Charlie has also been awarded                                  Susan J. “Sue” Ross is a                           a degree in Information
                                                                             “photo-griot” with a spe-      Brenda Seay Stinson    and Computer Science
the President’s Volunteer Service Award from
President Obama’s Council on Service and Civic                               cialization in document-       from Georgia Tech and spending 25 years as an
Participation for his contributions this past year                           ing images which portray       IT manager and consultant, Stinson was led by
to Atlanta’s metro homeless children.                                        the comings and goings         God to further utilize her skills in the area of
                                                                             of the African-American        education. Along with her husband Joe, Hope
                           Dr. Sukhvarsha Narula     Susan J. Ross           community – cultural,          Schools of Excellence was founded in 2006 as a
                        is a lifelong educationist   political, social and economic. She combines her       non-profit organization. She led her colleagues
                        and the retired President    life’s work with her positions in government ad-       to become fully accredited by the SACS and
                        of a reputed college in      ministration for the City of Atlanta, serving as       SAIS during the first year in business. The school
                        India. She earned her        photographer for many Atlanta events including         focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and
                        Doctorate (Ph.D.) in         the annual Dream Jamborees, the 1988 Demo-             Math (STEM) and the students of HSE rank
Dr. Sukhvarsha Narula Energy         Management      cratic Convention, the Atlanta Third World Film        in the top 90th percentiles and score two to four
and has been an enduring activist for energy         Festivals, the Atlanta Jazz Festivals, the Nelson      grades above the their grade level.
conservation and a greener world. Her passion        Mandela visits, King Week, the National Black
for women and youth empowerment has inspired         Arts Festivals, the Centennial Olympic Games
her to provide scholarships for poor students in     and the Paralympic Games. Sue has chronicled
India and also serve as the chairperson and an       activities during the administrations of Atlanta’s
advisor in many such cause related organizations.    five African-American mayors in Atlanta. One of
Dr. Narula is highly respected and has served        the many institutions Ms. Ross passionately sup-
the community for over 40 years. She strongly        ports is, Sisters…By Choice, Inc. an organization
supports UNITED SIKHS - a global civil rights,       dedicated to significantly reducing the incidents
education and human development organization         and severity of breast cancer.
and Raksha – a local non profit that addresses
social issues concerning children, senior citizens                              Founder of The Schap-
and new immigrants for South Asian community.                                iro Group, Dr. Beth Scha-
As a god fearing woman with strong family values,
she is the mother of two beautiful children and
                                                                             piro is an industry-leading
                                                                             strategic thinker. The savvy
                                                                             director of countless suc-
                                                                                                                         5th Annual
                       lives in Lawrenceville with
                       her husband of 35 years.
                                                     Dr. Beth Schapiro
                                                                             cessful political campaigns,               MECCA
                          For 18 years, Renny
                                                                             Beth approaches every chal-
                                                      lenge from a strategic perspective. Corporate, gov-               Awards
                       Roker was the marketing
                       promotions      director
                                                      ernment, and advocacy clients seek her counsel to
                                                      help hone and accomplish their strategic objec-                     •
Renny Roker            for Nat King Cole.             tives. A well-known media analyst and commen-
                                                                                                                         Welcome Magazine | September 2010 17
Managing Your Move And Your Money
by Cindi Porte r

           s 2011 comes into view, it is a great opportunity to take stock of our     • Have you created a budget that reflects your new circumstances?
           lives, our dreams and our investments. It is easy to be overwhelmed        When you relocate to a new city there are many pressing items that require
           with our everyday chores and issues. If you have just moved to           your attention.
a new city, this can be even more daunting. Yet if your life is undergoing a          Make certain that you include a financial review near the top of your “to
significant readjustment, it is probably more important than ever to reassess       do” list.
your financial circumstances and plan accordingly. The current economic
environment makes this even more necessary.                                           We moved to Atlanta 12 years ago. We love the city, our local community
   Some items that you may want to be certain you don’t overlook:                   and the endless possibilities of things that are available to do here. It is a great
   • Have you set up your will in the state of Georgia?                                      place to call home. If you are new to the area, we welcome you. As
   • Are you enrolled in your new employer’s 401K                                                      a welcoming gift, we would be pleased to provide you
     plan?                                                                                                         with a complimentary copy of our new book,
   • Have you had your new employer’s benefits                                                                         24 Investment Strategies – It’s Your Move.
     package explained to you so that you are                                                                          Please call our office 678-714-7611 and say
     able to take advantage of all that is being                                                                       that you are new to the area and you saw our
     offered?                                                                                                          article in WELCOME Magazine. We will
   • Did you roll over any old 401Ks or pension                                                                      be glad to drop a book in the mail to your new
     plans into a new personal IRA?                                                                               home or office.
   • Do you have a new professional team,
     i.e., accountant, lawyer, financial
     planner and banker, etc?

                                           Listen to a Life Essay Contest
                                     What can you learn when you listen to a life? Young people can become more aware of their
                                  own dreams and goals – and what’s needed to achieve them – when they hear the real-life stories
                                  of older adults. This is also an opportunity to build closer connections between young and old
                                  as they get to know each other in new, often unexpected ways; it’s a connection of the genera-
                                  tions through oral history.
                                     To enter, a Junior High or High School student must interview an older person over 50. The
                                  student then writes a 500-word essay based on the interview. The essay must be a true story
                                  about an older person’s life, and will be judged not on a laundry list of dates and life facts, but
                                  on an evocative, creative story that captures the essence of a person’s life, or a critical moment or
                                  experience. Eligibility: Each team must consist of a young person 14-18 years and a grandpar-
                                  ent or grand-friend 50 years or older. Contest begins November 1, 2010. Deadline: January, 25,
                                  2011. The winning essay will appear in Welcome Magazine’s February 2011.

                                        Submissions should be emailed to: DDGines@

18 Welcome Magazine | September 2010
                  Private Events

                Stylish Ambience.
              Outstanding Service.
               Exquisite Cuisine.

         The perfect setting for your perfect day.
 Value priced menu packages to work within any budget.
103 West. A proud part of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

 For more information or a personal tour,
   call 404.233.5993 or visit

          103 West Paces Ferry Road
                                          REFRESH THE WAY YOU TRAVEL
                                          COURTYARD MIDTOWN
                                          Wether it’s for business or just escaping for a weekend of fun in Atlanta, Courtyard
                                          Midtown is the ideal location. Just minutes to the High Museum of Art, Georgia
                                          Aquarium and Georgia Dome. Hop on our complimentary shuttle and visit vibrant
                                          Atlantic Station, and indulge in shopping or fine dining. Start your day right with our
                                          hot breakfast buffet or stop at The Market, offering 24-hour food and snacks. While
                                          you are away, stay connected with our complimentary high speed Internet.

                                                    For more information or to make
                                                    reservations, call 800-321-2211
                                                    or visit AtlantaMidtown

                                                                                                                  Courtyard by Marriott®
                                                                                                                  Midtown/Georgia Tech
                                                                                              1132 Techwood Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
                                                                                                        T 404.607.1112 F 404.607.1020

                                          Rates exclude fees and taxes and are based on availability. Rates are not guaranteed and may change without previous notice.

                        Celebrity Catering

      Private or Corporate                                                  Special Events
    Brunches • Lunches • Dinners                         Weddings • Birthdays • Anniversaries
     Banquets • Picnics                                   Family Reunions • Holiday Parties
Celebrity Catering LLC is a full service catering company, fully licensed, inspected and insured.
Established in 2003 Celebrity Catering has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the
most innovative and quality oriented companies of its kind. The owner, Chef Tony Wade, has
been in the culinary and hospitality industry since 1991 with experience in hotels, restaurants,
country clubs and resorts throughout the Southeast. At Celebrity Catering every customer is
treated like a Celebrity. Our professional staff attends to every detail so you can relax and
enjoy your event. Celebrity Catering creates celebrations that your guests will remember for a
long time to come. From large corporate banquets to intimate dinners for family and
friends with Celebrity Catering “EXPECT THE BEST.”

      Celebrity Catering ~ a God First Company ~ Chef Tony Wade           404.210.0887                  

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