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                                                                  Sturgis,   SD   - The International
                                                                   Master Bike Builders Association
                                                                   paid tribute to three legends in the
                                                                   motorcycle industry, welcoming
                                                                   Master Bike Builders Ron Finch,
                                                                   Mondo Porras and Bob McKay into
the IMBBA Hall of Fame during the 70th Anniversary of Sturgis
Motorcycle Rally. The Hall of Fame presentation was truly an on-
stage reunion of top bike builders from around the world, witnessed
by a huge crowd of cheering fans in the audience, Sunday Aug. 8th at
Broken Spoke Campground. MC’s for the event were Jay Allen of
Broken Spoke Saloon, “Radical Randy” Akers and world-champion
bike builder Kris Krome.
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                                         IMBBA Hall of Famer Paul Yaffe took the microphone during the
                                         presentation and did an impersonation of Ron Finch that had the
                                         audience and builders hysterical with laughter.

                                         The IMBBA also presented Master Bike Builder II certification and
                                         trophy awards to Don Bittman, Steven Broyles Sr., Jim Nasi, Ryan
                                         Robinson and Lee Wimmer. They were greeted on stage by Hall of
                                         Famer Fred Kodlin, who made the trip from Germany to attend the award
                                         ceremonies. More than 200 special guests attended a reception dinner
                                         afterwards on the upper deck of the Broken Spoke Saloon.

                                   “This event represents the industry
                                   coming together to create a legacy
of talent, skills and knowledge that can be shared with the next
generation of young guns in the bike building industry,” said
IMBBA President Jeff Starke. “Our mission is to leave the industry
                                      better than we found it. The
                                      IMBBA is authoring books
                                      based on the experience of these
                                      bike builders and other experts
                                      in the industry, which allows us to pass this knowledge on to future
                                      generations of bike builders, which in turn strengthens the industry.”
                                            Photo: (L-R) Fred Kodlin with Lee, Paul, Steve, Don and Ryan.

                                     Without this unity, we would otherwise continue as we have for the
last 100 years or so. IMBBA is proud to be the traffic director that holds these talented individuals up to
the public in favor so they can be seen and globally recognized for their contributions and the artistry of
their work.

Sugar Bear Congratulates      Mondo Address the crowds,           Mondo & Ryan Robinson,   Paul Yaffe, left, bows to Ron Finch
Ron Finch                     with Steven Broyles Sr (Right,)

Jeff Starke, (L) Bob McKay, CANADA   Lee Wimmer, Radical Randy   Ryan Robinson, CANADA           Jeff Starke, (L) Don Bittman
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Sturgis, SD. - August 8, 2010 – The First Annual IMBBA Bike Show was staged inside the huge ride-
threw Broken Spoke Saloon at the Broken Spoke Campground in Sturgis, South Dakota. Fewer than 15
bikes entered the show, but they were among some of the best in the industry. Master Judge Freddie Arnold
                                   headed the IMBBA team of professional judges.
                                       World-class builder Kris Krome was also in attendance, along with
                                   his committee of experts that are choosing bike builders for the
                                   IMBBA’s first world cup competition in 2012 in Canada.
                                       The show featured a variety of bikes and styles, and the display of
                                   detail and craftsmanship was outstanding. Judges Bob McKay, Freddie
                                   Arnold, Shawn Brittan, and Ryan Robinson had to make tie-breaker
                                   decisions as the winner’s announcement deadline approached.
                                       Winning a trophy was one aspect of the competition, but the
                                   builders and bike owners really appreciated the media coverage and the
                                   experience of being in a bike show at the Broken Spoke during the
                                   Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

                                   Jay Allen and 1st Place winner Sam Baldi for his bike “Unforgiven.”

Instructor Darin Maltsbereger of Mitchell Technical
Institute in Mitchell, SD entered the IMBBA Bike
Show with his students. It was a positive experience
for the students, who had the opportunity to rub
elbows with some top bike builders in the industry.
                                                    Darin Maltsberger, Instructor with students and MC “Radical Randy”

                                             Many of the students and other competitors walked away with
                                             a better understanding of what it takes to compete in a top
                                             bike show.
                                                   Sam Baldi from California was the first winner. Second
                                             place went to Pat Briggs from New York and third Place went
                                             to Dawndra Baldi. The Best of Show winner, John Shopes
                                             was invited by Kris Krome’s committee to join the USA team
                                             of builders to compete in the first IMBBA World Cup
                                             Competition in 2012.
                                                   The show was a success for all and at a great location.
                                                Many thanks to our host Jay Allen, Broken Spoke Saloon.

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          There was fierce competition between best of show, first and second place. The second-place
winner, a shovel head by Pat Briggs of County Line Choppers displayed impeccable bike building talent
and skills that would rival many builders.

                                                        “The machining and planning that went into this
                                                        build was remarkable” said Shawn Brittan,
                                                        IMBBA judge from Canada. Shawn uses his
                                                        judging skills and training for Motorcycle
                                                        appraisals. He is also a second generation
                                                        auctioneer in London, Ontario.
                                                           In the meanwhile, Kris Krome’s committee
                                                        set its sights on the bike that defined, “fit, form,
                                                        function and safety” - a pre-requisite needed to
                                                        compete in the world industry of bike building.

                                                        Pat Briggs with 2nd Place trophy

John Shopes’ Bagger fit the ticket. It was simply detailed to the max and well built from the ground up.
The Bagger was engraved and tastefully overall distributed, the detail and assembly of this bike coupled
with the theme and paint selection was ideally what we were looking for in a competitor to represent USA.

                                                                   Shawn Brittan, IMBBA Judge

                                                  John Shopes with IMBBA Committee Chairman Kris Krome
                                                  and (L-R) judges Bob McKay and Shawn Brittan.

                                                  Photos by IMBBA photographer Jack McIntyre.
                  INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                         PAGE 5

      STURGIS, SD - Wednesday, August 11, 2010 was a turning point for three schools that are
sponsored by the IMBBA. They accepted the challenge to build a bike on stage in front of spectators at
Broken Spoke Saloon’s downtown location in Sturgis, SD. Here on stage under growling hot
temperatures the three girls, Chelsea From Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub instructed by
Marc Mazorolle, along with Alex from Eden High School, Chopper Class, Eden, New York and her
instructor Steven Jones along with Amanda from Mitchell Technical post secondary school with
instructor Darin Maltsberger & Kevin Baas from Kennedy High School all, IMBBA certified
motorcycle instructors accepted the challenge and arrived to build a custom one of a kind chopper on
stage in one day.
      IMBBA, along with sponsors, Accel Motorcycle Products, Joe Distefano, Wimmer Machine, Lee
Wimmer, S&S Cycle, Charlie Hayadia & Scott Haskins and Ruben Brown for the Ruben Brown
Foundation all got together to be sure these students arrived and covered all the travel and hotel
                                        accommodations. The IMBBA handled support and funding to
                                        cover the parts and pieces.
                                               The schools had never worked together before, but in no
                                        time they were following the direction of bike builders and their
                                        instructors to assemble a Harley Bobber with a S&S 96 cu. in
                                        engine, Baker Drive train and a 200 rear wheel, along with

Amanda, Chelsea, and Alex prepare the frame.

The bike was built in less than 12 hours, while
visitors watched throughout the day at Broken Spoke
      Ruben Brown, a 13-year NFL player with the
Chicago Bears, rolled in on his custom bike for an
on-stage visit. The custom bike with a side car was
painted by none other than Dave Perewitz.
                                                                    The girls install the engine and drive train.

                                         Ruben maintains a charity called The Ruben Brown Foundation
                                         that has in the past helped Eden High School students and
                                         countless other youth with their programs. In addition, Ron
                                         Finch and other master bike builders arrived throughout the
                                         build to encourage and support the students.

                                         Chelsea works into the night, rear wheel installed.
                  INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                              PAGE 6

                                               As the day went on, the bike, which started from a bare
                                               frame, began to emerge. The heat was a deterrent for
                                               several hours when the students couldn’t even pick up
                                               parts or tools due to temperatures that exceeded 100
                                               degrees in the peak of the day. But, the tenacity of the
                                               girls prevailed when the bike took its first breath and
                                               fired off at 11:00 p.m. that evening before cheering
                                               crowds at the Broken Spoke Saloon.
                                                     It was a wonderful experience and opportunity to
                                               see these girls perform in building a bike from the
                                               ground up. It was especially a great opportunity for

Alex, Amanda & Chelsea Student bike builders

them to meet and receive encouragement their idols within the industry
and I am sure an event they will long remember, It is especially
gratifying for IMBBA to of brought together and make it possible and
see the youth of today embrace the passions of bike building we all, as
riders love.
      The gas tank will be signed by Master Bike Builders Don
Bittman, Steve Broyles Sr., Ron Finch, Doug Keim, Bob McKay, Jim
Nasi, Dave Perewitz, Mondo Porras, Donnie Smith, Lee Wimmer, Paul
Yaffe and many others, making this bike built by these school’s
students a valuable piece of motorcycle history and memorabilia to the
person who becomes its lawful owner. Nonetheless for IMBBA the
experience was an excellent opportunity to see how education
motorcycle and training is being passed down to the youth.
                                                             Disteanfo Accel, Ruben Brown, Alex,
                                                           Amanda, Chelsea & Jeff Starke

The future of bike building is a paramount concern and mission for IMBBA. From the spectators who
stand off stage, looking at the motorcycle emerge and come to life in a one-day build IMBBA feels the
instructors are doing an excellent job as evidence by the final product. Job Well Done!

                INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                           PAGE 7

            CBBO 6’ The Canadian World of Bike Building
                 - Once Again An Excellent Event

                                         Welland, Canada - July 24th and 25th for some of Canada’s
                                         top bike builders was judgment day. The IMBBA American
                                         and Canadian judges
                                         arrived to judge the
                                         Sixth Annual CBBO
                                             Randy and Vern of
                                         Savage       Productions
                                         have added activities
                                         and the show has grown
                                         every year.
                                             Last    year,     they
                                         premiered a tattoo show
that now occupies the entire main building at the fairgrounds in
Welland. The event includes concerts and a fireworks display.
   Three of Canada’s top builders were competing for the CBBO
Build Off Championship title that was won for a second year by
Canada’s Fred Valiancourt of the Rat Shop in Quebec with his
Bike, “Blade”
                                              Again this year, the
                                       IMBBA judged the Pro
                                       Builders      Show        on
                                       Saturday, as well as the local favorite’s Ride-in Show on
                                       Sunday. There was also a bike show judged by the mayor and
                                       other local celebrities, presented by Riders Magazine.

                                            “Radical Randy” Akers, along with his wife, Wendy
                                      served as MC’s for the IMBBA. They really did a great job of
                                      entertaining    on     stage   and
                                      interacting with the CCBO
                                      audience. There were sponsor
                                      giveaways, wet T-shirt and tattoo
                                      contests. But the main event was
                                      the great bikes, the chrome jewels
                                      of Canada built by Canadian
                 INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                 PAGE 8

                                                         This year, during the bike show on Saturday,
                                                  one entrant challenged the IMBBA to explain why he
                                                  didn’t receive a trophy. The entrant was a 7 year old
                                                  who rides a custom mini chopper. During a meeting
                                                  with the young lad, he directly asked IMBBA
                                                  President Jeff Starke why he didn’t get a trophy but
                                                  his friend did -- His friend, being his cousin and rival
                                                  who also had a mini chopper in the competition. Jeff
                                                  went over the bikes and explained to his satisfaction.

                                                   The boys were very
knowledgeable and possessed a complete understanding of the bikes they
built. This is an excellent example of the Canadian flavor and persona built at
the hands of the promoters. I have been judging this event since the inception
of CBBO and each year Randy and Vern, along with Liz Fritshaw their
marketing director, and staff, bring out, not only the best bikes Canada has to
offer in a competition with entertainment and style in the grass roots of

     This year’s tattoo competition brought out some outstanding ink as tattoo artist displayed their
work as they created it right there at the show.
                INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                 PAGE 9

 As IMBBA travels to all parts of the world, the CBBO stands out as a great event that continues to
grow and flourish in the spirit of motorcycling. Don’t miss next years!

          Place Class                Owner                            Bike
                1 Antique            Doug Miller                      1948 Indian Chief
                2 Antique            Wayne Burgess                    1970 BSA Lightening
                3 Antique            Bern Fritshaw                    1947 Whizzer

                1 Bobber             Dave Begin                       1948 HD FL

                1 Dresser Touring    Steve Hannah                     2007 HD Road King
                2 Dresser Touring    Eric Lavictoire                  2003 HD Electra Glide
                3 Dresser Touring    Sully                            2000 HD Road King

                1 Over 1000 Custom   Alan Templain                    2009 HD Street Glide
                2 Over 1000 Custom   Michael Walter                   2005 HD Fatboy
                3 Over 1000 Custom   James Roberts                    2003 HD Fatboy

                1 Over 1000 Metric   Dan St Jacques                   2010 Victory - Jackpot
                2 Over 1000 Metric   John Dowling                     1998 Yamaha Vmax
                3 Over 1000 Metric   John Blais                       2006 Honda 1300 VTX
              INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                  PAGE 10

                1 Radical                Wayne Burgess                   2006 Shovelhead chopper
                2 Radical                Jim Puffer                      2010 Custom
                3 Radical                Wayne Burgess                   2006 Radical Shovel head

                    Sport Bike/ Crotch
                1                        Jerry Lariviere                 2001 Honda CBR 929

                1 Sportster              Mark Hollingshead               1996 HD Sportster

                1 Trike                  Clayton Leckie                  2009 Volkswagon
                2 Trike                  Bob Freeman                     1986 Volkswagen trike

                1 Under 1000 Custom      Dave Wrabiutza                  1979 Suzuki
                2 Under 1000 Custom      Michelle Kelsey                 2006 Shadow 750
                3 Under 1000 Custom      Hunter Bauer                    Mini Chopper Blue

                1 Under 1000 Stock       Jacques Nicoletti               2002 Yamaha
                2 Under 1000 Stock       Dave Spencer                    2003 Suzuki Maurader
                                                                         2005 Yamaha Vstar
                3 Under 1000 Stock       Dave Ashton

     PLACE     CLASS                         Owner/Builder              Make/Model

     1       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2009 Custom Softail
     2       ProBuilders David Doma 2008                     Pro Street
     3       ProBuilders Daniel Pare 2010                    Maxline Chopper
     4       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2008 Custom Softail
     5       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2005 Custom Softail
     6       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2010 Custom Sotail
     7       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2003 Custom Softail
     8       ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2004 Custom Softail
     9       ProBuilders John Zarb                           2004 Rolling Thunder
     10      ProBuilders Capital City Customs          2000 Custom Softail

Place Class          Entrant Description
1    Build Off Fred (Rat) Vallencourt - Rat Shop Blade
2    Build Off Andy Osterman
3    Build Off Leon McKee - Whiplash Customs
                 INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                            PAGE 11

                                THIRD QUARTER 2010

                                 Sam Baldi Cherry Valley, CA. USA
                              Robert Colella, Daytona Beach, FL. -USA
                                Donald Becker, Palm Coast, FL.-USA
                             Doug Coffey, Sombra Ontario,- CANADA
                                   Mario Kyprianides, - Abu Dabi
                                James Morris -Baltimore, MD - USA
                            Robert (Skeeter) Longaphie, NB, - CANADA
                                      Buck Mitchell, GA - USA

ONTARIO – CANADA, This year IMBBA’s Canadian representative and Master Bike Builder II,
IMBBA Hall of Fame recipient, Bob McKay, officially took the reins and established IMBBA.CA: A
brand new website with all the information of who’s who in Canada as far as bike builders and shops.
                                               Bob & Dianne McKay of McKay’s Cycles in
                                               Kingston, Ontario is finding time to help bike builders
                                               in their country join the global community of IMBBA
                                               and provide education and training along with
                                               Certifications of Canada’s professional Motorcycle
                                               experts. Canada has come a long way professionally
                                               and is becoming organized in bike shows and bike
                                               building competitions. For some of Canada’s now top
                                               award winners, Canada leads the points board globally.
                                               One such Candian is IMBBA Bike Builder Fred
                                               Valiancourt of the Rat Shop in Quebec, Canada, who
                                               has won many competitions in the USA as well as
                                               Canada, beating all the leading builders in the World
Famous Rat’s Hole Chopper Show, along with People’s Choice in Las Vegas.
                   INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                 PAGE 12

     Fred and others are becoming more and more involved in the motorcycle industry, now thanks to Bob
 McKay. The web site: www.IMBBA.CA officially launched in August, 2010 is a very easy to follow
 site with pictures, and certifications and links to all the IMBBA members in Canada. The website is
 organized by the builder’s locations in Canada, and within the site you can learn about the builders
 themselves and see projects they are currently working on along. News and event will follow.
                                      Bob’s next step is to organize Canadian bike shows and track the
                               builders’ progress through the use of the IMBBA points system. He also
                               wants to help the builders in Canada become certified and recognized for
                               their talents and abilities in bike building.
                                      Canada is now on the global board, with Italy to follow. Italy hopes to
                               follow with its own IMBBA website in October. This activity has sparked a
                               desire to have an IMBBA-USA website. This will allow the current
 “” website to serve as the IMBBA’s international home website. The IMBBA
 International website will of course include links to the IMBBA national websites, but its focus will be
 more directly tied to the IMBBA’s mission – to leave the industry better than the way we found it – by
 focusing on education, training and certification. Great Job- CANADA!

                                MILAN, ITALY – Bike builder Jerry Cartone,
                                then Roberto Totti and then Fabrizio Favre went
                                through the IMBBA certification process to
                                become Master Bike Builders.         Through this
                                process, the IMBBA became aware that these are
                                Italy’s top customizers.
                                    They are also the organizers of Italy’s
                                Federation of Italian Customizers (FIC.) Fabrizio
“Sugar” Favre is president of the FIC; Jerry Cartone is vice president and
Roberto Totti is secretary. The two organizations have now become official partners, and the FIC will now
begin operating as the administrative arm of the IMBBA in Italy. While the FIC remains Italy’s regulatory
Federation of Italian Customizers, the organization will also provide a window of opportunity for Italian
bike builders to obtain IMBBA certification.
           Representatives of the IMBBA will be traveling to Bresica, Italy for the Kustom People Bike
Show, Oct. 17, 2010 to honor Favre as Italy’s first FIC-IMBBA certified Master Bike Builder II. They will
also present him with an IMBBA “Hall of Fame” award that denotes his lifetime achievements and
contributions to the international motorcycle industry. He will become the first Italian Master Bike Builder
inducted into the IMBBA Hall of Fame.
           IMBBA President Jeff Starke and IMBBA Hall of Fame, Mater Bike Builder Mondo Porras will
be attending the event in Italy to welcome Fabrizio Favre into the Hall of Fame. They will also recognize
Italy’s first certified bike builders that include: Master Bike Builders Jerry Cartone and Roberto Totti; and
IMBBA Bike Builders Level II Johnathan Minici and Bori Giuseppe.
                   INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                PAGE 13

   Jerry Cartone of Custom Bike wasted no time, after
he became IMBBA certified. He immediately began
displaying the IMBBA badge on his motorcycle rig.
          “IMBBA looks forward to the opportunity and
hospitality offered by the FIC,” said Starke. “We are
excited to honor Fabrizio Favre and the others in their
homeland, Italy.”

                                       What seemed like forever to come is finally arriving: Books for the
                                       four participating school chopper classes. High Schools: Kennedy
                                       High School, Instructed by IMBBA certified Motorcycle instructor,
                                       Kevin Baas, and Eden High School, instructed by IMBBA certified
                                       Instructor Steven Jones, and Bernice MacNaughton’s Bike Klub,
                                       Canada’s only high school program of its kind instructed by IMBBA
                                       certified Motorcycle Instructor , Marc Mazorolle, along with post
                                       secondary technical school, Mitchell Tech, instructed by IMBBA
                                       certified Motorcycle instructor Darin Maltsberger, began receiving
                                       their IMBBA endorsed Motorcycle/Chopper Fundamentals 101
                                              These schools now using this course published by Chopper
                                       Institute of America and Aurora Engineering will continue to receive
                                       support from IMBBA in the form of tools and equipment to help the
                                       students accomplish and develop skills and knowledge in motorcycle
                                              Starting in October, these schools begin the regiment and
training in the skills of motorcycle building. IMBBA wants to be sure they have everything they need. It is
in keeping with IMBBA mission, to leave the industry better than the way we found it, by leaving today’s
future bike builders with not just the tricks of the trade, but with the trade. Through leaving written
instructions and training, which was once sporadic and scattered back in the days of early bike building, to
now, a formal guide and physical instructions one can follow that has standard procedures and skills.
          The Chopper Building classes have come a long way in recent years. And now compete between
each other’s schools like it’s a sport. The competition is serious and thanks to Donnie Smith, who invites
the high schools to participate in his Bike Show invitational every year held in St. Paul, Minnesota, These
students get a full plate of experience and get to see what other schools can build.
          These Instructors, pioneers in educational trade curriculum are to be commended and supported
by the industry. They are the future of bike building / designs. Trends and who knows, the sky’s the limit,
will be ingrained in these students for ever. Be sure to do your part in helping these schools through
sponsorship, parts, equipment etc. Let’s get behind them!
                   INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                               PAGE 14

                                                                       While everyone else at MTI was
                                                                 scrambling to get new students oriented
                                                                 to their surroundings August 30th, a
                                                                 group of 10 second-year Powersports
                                                                 students     and      instructor     Darin
                                                                 Maltsberger were at the Bonneville Salt
                                                                 Flats in Utah for the BUB Speed Trials.
                                                                 This AMA (American Motorcyclist
                                                                 Association) sanctioned racing event is a
                                                                 motorcycle-only       opportunity      for
                                                                 competitors to try to set world land
                                                                 speed records.
                                                                       The BUB Speed Trials is held every
                                                                 year with competitors coming from all
                                                                 over the world. This year the students
                                                                 were able to visit with racers from Japan,
                                                                 Great Brittan, Sweden, Denmark,
                                                                 Germany, New Zealand and Australia, as
well as from across North America. Mitchell Technical Institute Powersports students worked at the event
each day from 5:00am until 7:00pm. They completed jobs from technical inspection, track condition
monitoring and data collection to gate control and security. Many of the machines they were able to watch
race were repeat racers who have been coming to Bonneville
for the BUB Speed Trials for many years. They were also able
to observe some of the R&D motorcycles that race during this
eventful week. These machines represent test equipment from
companies developing new products that will reach the
marketplace in the motorcycle industry in the very near future.
The students were also an integral part of the measuring
process that takes place following a record-setting run. Once a
record is set, the engine of that motorcycle must be
disassembled and measured to make sure that it meets the
standard for the class that the record was set in.
   Landon Brondsma, Tanner Kusel and Wylie Tucker with Jay Allen of Broken Spoke Racing and owner of the
Broken Spoke Saloons.

    All in all, the students did a lot of work and were exposed to many new concepts in the motorcycle
industry. They had a great time, made new friends and represented Mitchell Technical Institute in a very
professional manner.
                    INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                   PAGE 15

     There were opportunities to learn about land speed racing everywhere. From visiting with Dennis
Manning, owner of the BUB streamliner (currently the fastest motorcycle in the world) about drag
coefficients and aerodynamic design, to time spent with Bud Schmitt, an 84 year old racer who broke the
record held by Rollie Free, on his twin engine Harley-Davidson back in 1959, and still races every year.
All 10 of the young men also visited with Leslie Porterfield and Tom Burkland as well as several other
members of the prestigious “200 mile/hr. club”.
     To have been able to spend a week on the salt, see the bikes, smell the Nitro-Methane, and see the
excitement in the faces of all of the racers was truly a priceless experience. MTI students and IMBBA
members participating were:
     Morgan Bartell, Nick Baldwin, Lee Becking, Matt Bye, Landon Brondsma, Matt Edmundson, Tanner
Kusel, Alex May, Wylie Tucker, Ryan Wieser, and instructor Darin Maltsberger.

                                                                  The IMBBA World Competition to be held in
                                                            2012 in Canada was announced at last year’s
                                                            Canadian Biker Build Off. Since that time, many
                                                            things have been accomplished in organizing the
                                                            event. First and foremost, the challenge went out to
                                                            Canadian builders during CBBO 5 to build a bike
                                                            of their country’s best work and stage it in Canada.
                                                            IMBBA has been tracking and keeping scores of
                                                            builders worldwide that contribute to IMBBA
                                                            membership by reporting their wins at shows and
                                                            sending in their bike project pictures. Among these
                                                            it was discovered that Canada, particularly Fred
                                                            Valiancourt acquired a great deal of points by

Fred Valincourt’s bike “BLADE” Canada’s Top Points winner

traveling and competing in other countries - first with his bike, Punisher, then with his bike, Spawn and
now with his latest bike, Blade. His points and points earned by other Canadian builders add up to the
highest score among bike builders from any other nations. Thus, Canada will host the first IMBBA World
Competition and bike builders from other nations must try to take the World Cup from Canada.
          While the world of bike building is bigger than one entity, it was the IMBBA that began
assigning points and tracking points earned by bike builders at shows in and out of their home countries. So
this is where it starts.
          The rules were established that the builders who are invited by their countrymen to represent their
country at the world competition have the opportunity to build a bike of uncompromising quality and
submit it in 2012 in the IMBBA World Cup Competition. The competition will be limited to six builders
per country. The bike these builders from around the globe build cannot be shown at any other show prior
to the world competition.
          For the USA, Kris Krome, Freddie Arnold, Doug Keim, and Joe Distefano so far make up the
committee to find the best builders (no more than 6) to represent USA in the competition. Italy, USA,
                   INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                PAGE 16

Canada, Germany, and France, Ireland, Brazil and IMBBA members from United Arab Emirates have been
invited to participate. For the USA, Sam Baldi, Joe Shopes, and Stephen Galvin have been selected.
           For Canada, Fred Valiancourt and Ryan Robinson have been selected by Canada’s committee
that is headed by Bob McKay.
           Germany’s Fred Kodlin is just getting geared up. Mario Kyprianides, Abu Dabi winner of the
Rat’s Hole Bike Show this year in Sturgis will be representing the UAE, along with others who have
expressed interest to be considered.
           Italy’s FIC has agreed to compete and is already building for the competition. Their
representative, Fabrizio Favre understands the bike requirements for world competition.

           The biggest step has been accomplished, a location venue has been found that will adequately
serve as Canada’s motorcycle showcase. Bob McKay has been looking at venues and talking with
promoters and what seems to be a go is being carefully studied and considered by both IMBBA and
Canada promoters. The final date and time in 2012 is expected to be announced this week.
           “This world cup competition where all countries have a say in who represents their countries
finest, is by far, the only way to decide in the world who, and what country builds the finest bikes,”
commented IMBBA President Jeff Starke. There are pools in every country of builders capable of meeting
these challenges in building their best work. The question always arises, “How will it be fairly
determined?” In the last few years, the IMBBA judging system has stood up to the test with points
attributed to “Fit, Form, Function and Safety.”The measurement is like a scalpel that separates knowledge,
skills, talent, and creative genius, from that of just another cool paint job or trickery. This show will be
judged by professional judges who have undertaken the challenge and tests to prove their abilities to judge.
Other shows in the US and abroad have selected celebrities, other builders, and or experts. But when the
show occurs they have no combined
standard by which they all will judge
the bike by. This leaves the builder
and builders competing with
subjective differences as to why one
bike won over the other. Whereby,
IMBBA has solved this issue with its
points driven judging system and is
poised for the first time in
motorcycling history to bring the
world together in a competition
where the builder will be truly
           The builders coming from
each of these countries will bear
responsibility to select their top
magazine and photographers where
IMBBA will provide transportation,
lodging for them. Here In a world
cup completion, a trophy is nice, but, the builders will undergo exposure to all the countries’ media
professionals: A truly world event.
           IMBBA is excited and prepared to help builders and the press from all over the world as they
embrace the challenge of a world competition in Canada.
                    INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                 PAGE 17

          When this is all said and done, the country that wins this one, will require all builders from other
countries to compete in their country in 2014, in an attempt to own and posses the world cup title that
presently has a home in Canada. More on date, time and location expected this next week!

                                CONTACT JEFF STARKE @ 262-501-4500
                                                (Members Advertise for free)
               INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                PAGE 18

                                THIRD QUARTER
                              USA Master Bike Builder Level II
                              Don Bittman
                              Steven Broyles Sr.

                              USA Master Bike Builder level I
                              Dave Dupor

                              USA BIKE BUILDER Level I
                              Kevin Baxter
                              Tim Brillhart

                              HALL OF FAME- Mondo Porras, Ron Finch

                              Italy Bike Builder Level II
                              Johnathan Minici
                              Bori Giuseppe

                              HALL OF FAME – Fabrizio Favre

                              Master Bike builder Level II
                              Ryan Robinson
                              Doug Coffey
                              Judge’s Certification
                              Ryan Robinson

                              HALL OF FAME - BOB MCKAY

This year, the International Master Bike Builders Association worked to overcome language
barriers, time zones and various technology barriers to bring everyone together first as riders, then as
enthusiasts and ultimately as individuals who share a passion for bike building. Our goal was and is to
become united as Motorcycle Students, Technicians, Bike Builders, Fabricators, Designers, Engineers
and Master Bike Builders. IMBBA recognizes and appreciates the cooperation, patience and efforts
made by so many people all over the world who embrace the need for IMBBA certification and judging
                   INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                            PAGE 19

   standards. IMBBA’s vision and realization holds true. “Craftsmanship comes from the heart not just
   the parts.”

                  IMBBA has over 1000 FACEBOOK fans and a network of industry friends who share
                  IMBBA news on their Facebook pages and follow us on TWITTER. Networking among
                  the motorcycle community on the inter-active web-based networks FACEBOOK and
                  TWITTER “is a wonderful way to find support,” said Ken Marciniak, our director of
                  field operations. We have discovered Ken was right!

   IMBBA is #1 in all search engines worldwide for “bike building” keywords
   We enjoy watching the IMBBA website traffic increase, due in part to visiting FACEBOOK and
   TWITTER friends. We would just like to say, “Thank You for your continued support.”


       REMINDERS. . .
         Builders working on certification…. To continue forward progress, e-mail your resume
          and work experiences to

         All members, to get a point’s sheet report on your points earned. Contact

        Jake Brock, of Gurnee, Illinois has completed State Certification for college accreditation of his
motorcycle course in building bikes. IMBBA has reviewed, attended and certified Chopper Tech. In doing so,
bike mechanics/technicians, and bike builder enthusiasts can benefit.
                             Contact Jake Brock, at Chopper Tech 1-847-872-8035

       If you are planning a bike show and would like details about having
                       IMBBA Judge your event, contact:

               INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                PAGE 20

Presidents Message:
      The third quarter of 2010, was by far the most growth IMBBA has experienced since its inception
in 2005. With three Master Bike Builders inducted into the “Hall of Fame” and certifications
completed in all the levels of competency awarded to several countries members. We also had, our
                                         largest amount of bike shows judged in a quarter. We narrowed
                                         the globe substantially, Canada now on line with their own
                                         IMBBA website, thanks in part to Canada’s IMBBA
                                         representative, Bob McKay, and valuable assistance from
                                         Doug Coffey.
                                               Italy joined IMBBA in partnering with Italy’s FIC
                                         (Federation of Italian Customizers) President, Fabrizio Favre,
                                         representing over 40 custom bike builders in Italy, now
                                         becoming IMBBA members. An upcoming visit by IMBBA to
                                         Italy, this October to welcome Fabrizio, into IMBBA Hall of
                                               IMBBA traveled to Sturgis for bike week and staged three
                                         big events: Hall of Fame ceremony and dinner honoring
Mondo Porras, Ron Finch and Bob McKay. Along with IMBBA’s 1st Annual Bike Show held at the
Broken Spoke Saloon. And then, an IMBBA bike build with three high schools and one post secondary
school participation that successfully ended up with a custom bike.
      IMBBA also, received its largest support from sponsors for these events and are retaining some for
the World Cup Competition in 2012 now with its feet off the ground in the third quarter.
      IMBBA has carved its value for bike builders, and set the stage for education and training through
its publications now being completed. It is expected that by the end of this fourth quarter, IMBBA will
have available its much needed Judges course on line along with the Motorcycle Appraisal’s course
that IMBBA Judge, Shawn Brittan, and Biker net Insurance as they get together a standard system for
apprizing motorcycles globally. In addition, IMBBA welcomed Jack McIntyre as IMBBA’s official
Photographer, Recruited, MJ Reynolds, to help in marketing and the newsletter and Joe Distefano, form
Accel Motorcycle products division to head up the steering committee for the World cup competition.
And Randy Akers, a.k.a. “Radical Randy” & Wendy who sparse up the stage presence for IMBBA at
all of our events.
      So, I am extremely pleased and proud of the quality of members and support of the member
network that without, we could not have had our best quarter yet!
                INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                   PAGE 21

       During the last quarter a rash of sins have been observed while judging motorcycles. Mostly it
has been loss of points to builders for their paint finishes. And or theme or graphic choices and colors.
       First and foremost, everyone is under the assumption that paint is what wins a bike show. Well
                                         that simply is not true, not when judged by the IMBBA way.
                                         IMBBA goes through a series of qualifications when judging the
                                         paint segments of the score sheet. And mostly what has been
                                         discovered is that the builder in part, relies on their painter to
                                         ensure it’s got its gloss finish and that should make the paint job.
                                         While the clear coat in the case of highly custom bikes is
                                         important and a consideration to the total paint score, where in
                                         the case of a restored bike of vintage class would not be
                                         rewarded for a high gloss finish as the paints and quality was not
                                         developed like it is today.
       Your professional paint manufacturers and successful award winning painters of all facets of bike
building understand this. But, when painting, the surface below they will all agree, is the finished
surface you end up with on top. So prep is everything. In
addition, regardless of the paint theme, content or design, the
paint is scored on its while, meaning, did the painter complete
the paint job by, painting the underside to the quality to the top
surfaces visible by all? Are the edges and rolled surface in
fenders, gas tanks and covers, distributed equally and without
clear runs? These two questions are on every judge minds when
approaching the score for paint. In the case of fiberglass fenders,
this is especially true. Some painters, will paint the top surface
beautifully, and then use what is called an undercoating for the
underside of the fenders. When this occurs the two completed
surfaces meet, but, leave a break in some cases for water and
moisture to enter the fiberglass. By painting the entire surface top and bottom eliminates this issue and
scores higher by IMBBA judges.
       Other factors to consider, is the clear coat and finish, how much is too much or too little of clear
coats, really this has been a big debate for some time, IMBBA identifies this issue when scoring paint
simply by a physical attribute, stated by manufactures of paint who excel in their trade by realization of
the importance for the light entering the clear coat bounce off and return the best vibrancies of the color
to the human eye. That success is made, when a painter applies each coat of clear, then wet sands and
clears again building each layer independently upon the last. Rather what has been observed lately is,
painters apply up to 3-4 coats of clear immediately, and then wait for the paint to cure little before
buffing the surface to a high gloss shine. When this occurs, the 3-4 layers are now tugged and pulled
during the buffing and polishing process and as a result distorting the clear by stretching it in several
directions. When this occurs the light entering the clear on its way to the color. Now is sent in several
directions leaving the surface color and in some cases the reflected color of light not returned to the
observer. This is discovered by judges in a simple process of examining the focus features of moving in
and away from the surface and observing the focus of the image. If it goes out of focus quickly the
                INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                PAGE 22

judge can determine that the painter rushed the first coats and applied them heavily, or remains in focus
                                          and that the painter demonstrates the knowledge of the
                                          manufactures paints, and a higher score is rewarded to the
                                          paint score. Along with the other factors discussed here.
                                                Finally it does come down when scoring paint. The
                                          colors selected, the theme, graphics and especially the
                                          graphics that have lines descending into other panels of
                                          saddlebags etc. that they are lined up. As most painters mask
                                          the paint job while assembled during mock up stages to
                                          ensure these lines match when painted. While others don’t
                                          this can mean points off your paint score when not practiced.
     Color and contrast, saturation and hues and their proper coordination are essentials to
complimenting the finished paint job. When is graphics appropriate, when is stripping the easy to go,
when is murals to be used etc, etc, etc. This is an owner operator decision. Just be sure what you
choose is prepared, painted and executed with these tips in mind.

Next Board of Directors meeting will be November 12, 2010
                     @ 7:00 p.m. EST

 Advertising deadline for next quarter newsletter is Nov.,

IMBBA wishes to thank all the Face book & Twitter fans for
            their contributions and photos.

   Don’t forget to renew your membership this Month!
               INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                              PAGE 24

                                     IMBBA Welcomes Bikernet Insurance Center LLC
                                     -to the IMBBA network and affiliates that are working towards a
                                     common goal of National Standard for values and appraisals when
                                     it comes to motorycles and insurance.

                                     "I can tell you from 30 years of experience in the insurance
                                     business that the key missing link with insuring "Constructed
                                     Bikes" has been the lack of reliable and trustworthy appraisals.
                                     We've built a business around insuring special construction

Marc J. Beaulieu
President & Chief Sales Agent
Contact us anytime:
                INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                               PAGE 25

   IMBBA Member /Inventor Mark Lipski, creates anti-lock brakes for custom Bikes! Makes
                                   special offer...

  (TCB) that is an all mechanical version of what is commonly known as Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS.) In
 order to introduce the TCB system to more bike builders, the inventor and patent-owner, Mark Lipski
                            has extended an offer to all IMBBA members.

Mark's company, TCB Brake Systems LLC has authorized all IMBBA members to become OEM
suppliers of the TCB Brake Systems. As a new member of the IMBBA, Mark has decided to offer all
other IMBBA members a $30 manufacturer's discount on his TCB Brake System that normally retails
for $79 per unit.

The following is a message from Mark:

As bike builders, you are independent manufactures of custom bikes that have variable weight-
distribution loads due to multiple design features, including extended front ends and lowered rear
               INTERNATIONAL MASTER BIKE BUILDERS ASSOCIATION                                  PAGE 26

suspensions that can present a need for maximum braking performance. Wheel lock-up is almost
inevitable in an emergency, given the size of most custom bike's front end tire-to-ground surface

Commonly, 75% of braking is done with the front brakes on stock vehicles, while most custom builds
must depend mostly on the rear brakes. During hard braking or emergency stops, the TCB becomes a
major component for control in these situations.

Currently, about 60 of the larger, more expensive stock motorcycle models offer ABS as standard
equipment, or as optional equipment for an additional cost ranging upward from $1,000. ABS is not
offered as standard or optional equipment on smaller, less expensive bikes. The TCB offers similar
benefits as ABS for just a fraction of the cost. Adapting an electrical ABS system to any custom build
would be a nightmare to say the least, while installing the TCB is as easy as changing a spark plug.

                                   You can see that the TCB is not much bigger than the banjo bolt that
                                it replaces on either the brake caliper or master cylinder front and rear.
                                Once you have installed and tested the TCB on your favorite model,
                                you may want to install the TCB as standard equipment on all of your
                                custom builds.

                        PLEASE NOTE:


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