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					 There Are Many Advantages and
Disadvantages of Choosing Internet
   Marketing in a Business Plan
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• There are many advantages and disadvantages of
  choosing internet marketing in a business plan.
• Firstly, there is a very low over head.
• It doesn't cost much to get started making money
  online. There are even many tasks you can do that
  are free and have good results.
• You can create and distribute articles, videos, press
  releases and documents to many of the web's most
  popular sites to get instant promotion.
• Although this is free the downfall of this is
  that it takes time. Still, you can determine
  profitable actions and outsource them to get
  consistent results.
• You can get very quick results for your
  marketing efforts online.
• Want to do a quick test if something will
  work? Simply set up a paid traffic campaign.
• You can try media buys, PPC (pay per click)
  and a host of other options.
• You can instantly get feed back and see what
  is working and what is not. Unlike direct mail
  you can get the results and make changes to
  increase profits on an almost instant platform.
• One of the main disadvantages is you need
  the know how.
• If you don't know how to do paid traffic the
  right way you can lose a lot of money. Also, if
  you don't know much about search engine
  optimization you will not get much results
  with free traffic.
• So if you want to really have good results
  online you need to make sure you know what
  you are doing.
• There is always someone who will take you
  money and leave you with no results.
• Many times people promise results but it
  simply doesn't happen. This is very common
  with highly priced SEO (search engine
  optimization) companies.
• The potential to have someone else do it for
  you is a wonderful idea but still there are
  many people who will take your money and
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