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                                           FALL 2011 Newsletter

                            Our Numbers:                              The recent experience of a close friend made us realize,
                                                                      again, just how lucky we are to have Mountain Country
    Eight months into 2011, Trust Women Fund has helped               Women’s Clinic in Livingston. Allow us to share her story:
    48 women with $15,120 of assistance. This goes a very
    long way to help a woman who wouldn’t be able to
    afford her procedure without Trust Women Fund’s help.
            41 women from Montana
                                                                      A     fter graduating from college this spring, Emily
                                                                            returned home to Kentucky, found a good job,
                                                                      a nice boyfriend, and life was going well for her. Until she
            29 employed                                               found she was pregnant. The birth control shot had failed.
            19 with a partner                                         Emily knew she did not want children—now or ever.
            2 homeless                                                     When she arrived in the parking lot of the abortion
            25 is the average age, ranging from 16 to 36              clinic, six anti-choice protesters surrounded her car.
                               # of children..........none: 19        A Crisis Pregnancy Center was next door to the clinic.
                                               one child: 13          These protesters use tricks to lure patients into their center.
                                            two children: 4           The legitimate clinic has volunteers who wear bright orange
                                          three children: 4
                                           four children: 2           vests and escort patients from their cars to the clinic.
                                                                      The anti-choice miscreants wear yellow vests to confuse
    And in turn, we wouldn’t be able to offer that                    patients. Emily was rescued by the orange-vested supporters
    help without the generous support of our donors.                  and escorted safely to the clinic. There, Emily waited with a
    Your financial contributions have made us one                     large group of women—all the while hearing the protesters’
    of the most successful new abortion funds in the                  bullhorns screaming slander.
    country—right here in the middle of a big red state.                   Had Emily been fortunate enough to be a patient at
                                                                      MCWC, her experience would have been very different:
                                                                      safe, quiet and private. Life is full of chance and fate, pivotal

A     ccording to a recent Guttmacher Institute analysis, 49%         forks in the road. Without the dedicated and courageous
      of the 6.7 million pregnancies in 2006 were unintended.         work of Dr. Susan Wicklund, women who make this choice
Bewteen 1994 and 2006, unintended pregnancies among                   would not be able to continue along their decided path.
women with incomes of at least twice the poverty level                Trust Women Fund bridges the gap between the belief in the
decreased 29%. During the same period, however, the                   right to choose, and the ability of women to actually receive
unintended pregnancy rate among women with incomes                    abortion services.
below the poverty level increased 50% .                                    Susan has been on the front lines of the reproductive
                                                                      war for more than 25 years. Her book, This Common Secret,
 The unintended pregnancy rate for low-income women was
                                                                      chronicles her career as an abortion doctor, and shares her
  five times higher than the rate for higher-income women.
                                                                      reasons for choosing this path. Susan has lived with death
     “Women who have an unintended pregnancy are also at              threats, stalkers, protesters, and still continues to help
risk for unintended childbearing, which is associated with            women every day. To quote from her book,
a number of adverse maternal behaviors and child health
outcomes, including inadequate or delayed initiation of                   “Sometimes, when I catch myself judging others,
prenatal care, smoking and drinking during pregnancy,                     I circle around and look at myself, the paths I’ve
premature birth and lack of breastfeeding, as well as negative            taken and the prices I’ve paid. I don’t spend a lot
physical and mental health effects on children.”                          of time regretting things, but if I’m honest, I have
  Source: “Unintended pregnancy in the United States: incidence and       to recognize the truth. My commitments have
         disparities, 2006.”, Lawrence B. Finer, Mia R. Zolna.            demanded a great deal from the people I love.”
                                      One afternoon in August, 8 protestors
                                      stood outside MCWC. Their presence
                                    resulted in $96.16 of donations to our loan
                                        program through PledgeAPicketer.

RAFFLE WINNERS:                                                     Our fuNdraisiNg effOrts iNclude:
“Blue Table”, Suzanne Hoefler:                                            Bridger Care Peer Education. We talked with teens
                                              Keith Lawrie                and their parents about the realities of abortion and
“Gold Hills”, James Weikert:                                              unwanted pregnancies. More than 50 people attended
                                 Isabelle Gaston                          and everyone left feeling empowered by the truthful
Mule Deer cabin, Annette Leeland:                                         sex-education of this young, independent group.
                                       Jan Strout
beaded necklace, Keith Lawrie:                                            House Parties hosted by supporters to raise money and
                                   Shari Kepner
                                                                          introduce our Fund’s mission and Dr. Sue Wicklund.
enormous table/bench, Amber Williams:                                     These have been quite successful, raising from a
                                     Lill Erikson                         couple of hundred dollars to $2,500.
Seasons of Yellowstone, Tom Murphy:
                                                                          The PledgeAPicketer program, in which supporters
                                Dan Vermillion                            commit to donating a set amount for every picketer
Stained glass mirror, Elenor Graff:
                                                                          at the clinic each month.
                                 Jessica Hanson
Ceramic platter, Andy Art:                                                Shirts are for sale with our comely moon & tear drop logo.
                                    Becky Fonda
This Common Secret, Susan Wicklund:                                       This Common Secret: My Journey As An Abortion
                                 Elaine Baarson                           Doctor, by Dr. Susan Wicklund is available for
TWF logo shirt:                                                           purchase, a large percentage of which is donated to
                                    Sharon Grey

                                                                          We encourage monthly donations through either PayPal
                                                                          at our web site or the donor’s bank bill pay. This helps
 Thank you all for buying raffle tickets!
                                                                          us better plan for our loans.
         AND, Thank you Donors,
        your gifts are FABULOUS!                                          We now accept VISA and MasterCard!
   We   raised money for six abortions.
                                                                         And…We keep looking for new ways to raise money
                                                                         and awareness of our work: of the great need of women
                                                                         and girls to reclaim their futures.

   If you received this newsletter through snail                         Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to
    mail, would you kindly send us your email                            host a House Party or have a great fundraising idea.
   address—which we will share with no one—
        to save postage costs. Thank you.

            The Mission of Trust Women Fund is to increase access to abortion care for women and girls in need,
                   particularly low income and rural women who want abortions and cannot afford them.
                  TWF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organizaiton & an affiiate of the National Network of Aboriton Funds

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