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					                                                                                  Ericsson Consumer Products

Ericsson T39
Background Pictures
•   Use your favourite picture as a background in the display
    of your T39
•   Choose one of the five pre-installed pictures or create and
    download your own
•   Create pictures on any PC ‘draw’ application and
    download via Infrared
•   Download pictures from the internet using WAP
•   Beam your favourite picture to friends via Bluetooth or

The new Ericsson mobile phones offer a fun way to personalise your phone with your favourite picture.
Use any of the 5 preloaded pictures or upload your own picture from the Mobile Internet, your PC or
another phone and give your phone your personal touch!

Using the preloaded pictures

The T39 contains five pre-loaded background pictures.

T39 pre-loaded backgrounds           The Background picture menu is a submenu of the ‘Display’ menu,
                                     which can be found under ‘Settings’.

                                     To activate the background picture function, select a picture and
image 1
                                     send if available your personal ‘my picture’ to another phone, go in
                                     to the menu, select ‘4 Settings’ , then select ‘5 Display’ and then
                                     select ‘3 Background’.
image 2
                                     •   Select ‘1 Activate’ to turn Background pictures on;

                                     •   Select ‘2 Select picture’ to choose any of the 5 pre-loaded
image 3
                                     •   Select ‘3 Send my picture’ to send your personal picture to
                                         another Ericsson phone, using Bluetooth or Infrared.
image 4
                                     •   Select ‘4 Receive picture’ to receive and store a ‘my picture’
                                         from another phone.

image 5

Additional info on Sending and Receiving ‘my picture’ phone to phone

The T39 can exchange personal pictures, using Bluetooth or Infrared.

To receive a picture, go to ‘4 Receive picture’ in the Background menu. You can choose for either
Infrared or Bluetooth to connect to the other phone. With infrared, there must be line-of-sight between
the infrared eyes of the two phones and they should be within one-meter range. With Bluetooth, no line
of sight is required and the phones should be within 10-meter range.

For both connection methods, your T39 will automatically switch on the connection mode to receive the
picture and close it down afterwards. Additionally, using Bluetooth there is no need to pair the phones
prior to exchanging a picture. As long as one phone is triggered to send a picture, you only have to
select ‘4 Receive picture’ and the new picture will automatically be stored in the phone.
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                                                                                  Ericsson Consumer Products

To send a picture, there must be a personal picture stored in the phone. When there is no ‘my picture’
stored, the function will be displayed in grey in the menu and can not be selected. If there is a ‘my
picture’ saved in the phone, select ‘3 Send picture’ and it will work similar to receiving pictures.

Creating a personal picture and downloading it from PC to phone
In order to create personal background pictures on a PC and send them to the phone, the following is
• the PC must run on operating system Windows 98 or a more recent version
• the PC must contain a drawing program that can store pictures in GIF format
• the PC must have a configured Irda infrared port

Creating a background picture

•   The picture must be saved as a GIF file
•   The picture should be 4-scale greyscale (black, white and
    2 shades of grey) or black and white
•   Picture size must be 73 x 26 pixels or smaller for the T39
•   Maximum file-size should be less than 600 byte

Any picture editing program that can save pictures into GIF-
format can be used.

Tip: The ‘My Pictures’ software supplied by Ericsson Mobile
Internet is a great help when creating and editing background images.

Sending a background picture from PC to phone via Infrared

•   Activate the infrared eye on the phone
•   Establish an infrared connection between the PC and T39
•   Open windows explorer on the PC
•   Put the cursor on the background picture file and push the right mouse button
•   A menu will pop up; go to ‘Send to’ and then select ‘Infrared Recipient’
•   In the T39 display the background picture will appear, together with the question to save? Press Yes
    and the background picture will be saved and activated.

Note: the T39 can only store one ‘my picture’. If you upload a new picture, your old picture will be
replaced. However, the same routine to save a new personal background picture in the phone can be
used to send your personal picture from phone to PC to archive it. Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Display’ –
‘Background’ and select ‘Send my picture’. Select ‘Send by Infrared’ and then put the phone next to
the computer so that the Infrared link will be established. When the connection is made, the picture will
be automatically sent to the computer and will appear in the ‘My Received Files’ folder on the computer
as a file called ‘My_Picture.gif‘.

Sending a background picture from PC to phone via Mobile Internet

•   On Sony Ericsson Mobile Internet enter the link ‘Upload Image’
•   Use the ‘Browse’ button to find your image and click it
•   Your image will be saved in your personal gallery reachable via WAP
•   Enter Sony Ericsson Mobile Internet via WAP and download your image to your T39

Download of background images via Web and WAP

Another way to personalise your background picture in the T39 phone, is by downloading background
images via WAP. To give you even more access to pictures while on the move the phone will also allow
you to upload pictures to a personalised Website of your choice.

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The user can download 1 picture at a time. Once the background picture is downloaded it will be located
under ‘My picture’. It will automatically overwrite any existing ‘My picture’, so consider saving the existing
‘My Picture’ in the phone to PC or on a WAP site.

•   Your phone must have correct WAP-settings (These can be downloaded to your phone from ).
•   Connect to the WAP-site. (e.g. )
•   Find the picture you like, by stepping down the page.
•   When you find a picture you like, you simply press yes.
•   In the menu that comes up, choose background.
•   To the question "Save as background?" press yes.
•   Disconnect the WAP-connection.

Can I download via the Web and see the picture?

Yes. you will be able to view the Background picture via a Web and WAP interface. The Web application
includes a gallery of background images. A default set of images is included in the public gallery, and
the user can upload her/his own images that are saved to the user’s private gallery. The user can
indicate which mobile phone the images should be optimised for, and each image in the gallery is
automatically modified, as it would look in the selected phone. As a guest on Mobile Internet you can
download images from a public gallery to your phone. As a registered user you can also re-scale your
favourite image to fit your phone and save it to your private gallery for WAP or IR download.

How many pictures can I store on the Mobile
Internet site?

You will be able to store up to 32 pictures in your
private account.

Is it possible to download a Background Picture
in any format?

The background pictures must be in GIF-format, 4-
scale greyscale and not exceeding 73x26 pixels.

Can I use any of my EMS pictures as a

No it is not possible to download EMS pictures into
the background image space. It is possible to re-
create these if placed into your Web image handler
on Mobile Internet.

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