; AP English 12 Literature _ Composition_10-11_Syllabus
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AP English 12 Literature _ Composition_10-11_Syllabus


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									                                 WOODLAND HIGH SCHOOL
                                   COURSE SYLLABUS
Instructor: Ruth Welborn                      Room # 115                         Year: 2010-2011

Course Name and Code: AP English Literature & Composition           #3834        Semester: 1st and 2nd

Textbooks Used: Literature         Robert DiYanni                         Cost: $65.00
                British Literature Prentice-Hall                                $60.00
Supplementary Texts or Special Materials:
                Selected novels and plays(soft-cover)
                College Board Materials for AP Literature and Composition
                  - Previous AP examinations
                  - Sample course syllabi
                Write for College

Teacher Contact: rwelborn@henry.k12.ga.us

Course Description: Advanced Placement English 12 is a college-level course which gives academically
 talented and/or motivated students the opportunity to read challenging selections in world literature with
 understanding and enjoyment. They will read critically and analytically, asking pertinent questions about
 what they have read, recognizing assumptions and implications, and evaluating ideas. Students will res-
 pond directly and efficiently to questions that require timed essays by organizing thoughts quickly, clearly
and developing each major point fully.

Course Outline and Content:
    A.Vocabulary: Students learn approximately 200 new words per semester to enhance their reading,
       writing and speaking skills. Students will receive 20 words per week and will be assessed through
       periodic quizzes and cumulative tests.
    B. Composition: Students write at least once a week, both in- and out-of-class essays. Topics
        include previous AP examination questions and those of a personal or expository nature.
    C. ACT/SAT Practice: Students will strengthen standardized test-taking skills by completing and
        analyzing sample tests.
    D. Literature: This list is flexible and varies from year to year.
           a. Novels and plays: Crime and Punishment(summer reading),Dr. Faustus, Pride & Preju-
             dice, An Enemy of the People, Frankenstein, Fences, Brave New World, King Lear, A Les-
             son Before Dying, Tartuffe, Hamlet(film), Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, The In-
            ferno, Heart of Darkness, The Importance of Being Earnest.
            b. Poetry, short stories and non-fiction: A partial list includes: “Musee des Beaux Arts,”
             “Elegy for Jane,” “Reunion,” “Batter My Heart,” “Ogun,” “Clocks and Lovers”

Special Assignments and Projects: Students spend part of second semester focusing on a novel or play
from The College Board recommended AP Reading List. This year’s selections include: A Confederacy
of Dunces, The Secret Life of Bees, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Their Eyes Were Watching God,
 The Poisonwood Bible, Catch 22, Candide, The Stranger. They will choose one of the eight to read and
later use for research and several group projects/presentations.

Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures, including school-wide expectations re: tardiness to class,
electronic devices, and playing cards:
                           Woodland High School Classroom Expectations
To ensure an optimum learning environment, please adhere to the following:
        Students will be respectful to all adults and classmates.
        Students will be seated in class when the bell rings.
        Students will not display cell phones, portable electronic devices or playing cards in class.
        Students will use computers/ technology appropriately at all times.
Violation of these rules may result in changes to school policies.
    In addition, students should follow all rules set forth by the classroom teacher and the Henry
    County Handbook(08-09). We are Woodland! Go Wolfpack!!!

Make-up Policies: Students should be prepared to submit any work already assigned on the day of their
return. Quizzes, exams and in-class writing will be made up before or after school according to each
teacher’s schedule.

School-wide Grading Requirements as follows:

Semester Final Average 100%
     EOCT/Final Exam 15%
     Course Final Average 85%                            The Formative and Summative
            o Formative Assessment 50%                    Assessments equal 100% but fall
                     Practice 15%                        under the category of Course Final
                     Quizzes 35%                         Average which is 85% of the
            o Summative Assessment 50%                    Semester Final Average.
                 (major tests & projects)
**The vocabulary in these grading percentages is the vocabulary used in the new grading program
Infinite Campus.**

Academic Integrity:
   Academic integrity is a fundamental value of quality education; therefore, Woodland High
   School will not tolerate any acts of cheating, plagiarism, or falsification of schoolwork. Should
   it be determined that an academic integrity violation has taken place, the school reserves the
   right to assign a grade of a zero and submit a disciplinary referral to the appropriate Assistant
   Principal. The school also reserves the right to remove or suspend enrollment in any Advanced
   Placement/Honors classes as well as Academic Honor Societies.

Materials Needed:
     l. a 3-ring notebook (l.5 inches) Use for AP English 12 only.
     2. appropriate paper (college-ruled preferred) Spiral notebook paper will NOT be accepted.
     3. black pens (make sure they do not bleed through paper); several red pens
     4. sticky notes
     5. dividers for notebook: (Optional)
            a. Literature(background, terms, and notes on novels and plays)
            b. Vocabulary
            c. Improving Writing/Grammar
            d. ACT/SAT Practice
            e. Returned papers (quizzes and compositions)
     6. a box of colored pencils

Technology Information: Please use the Woodland website for directions on Infinite Campus. Students
    may find it useful to have a flash-drive or other computer storage devices when working on the
    research paper and other assignments.

I have read and understand all of the objectives, requirements, and expectations for Advanced
Placement English Literature & Composition taught by Ruth Welborn.

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