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									                            SAMPLE LETTER OF GUARANTEE
A bank letter MUST match this wording EXACTLY in order to be valid.

Without a bank letter, you will be required to leave a $1000.00 refundable deposit.
(See “Payment Terms” on the Bidder Form)


TO:          Manheim Phoenix
             201N 83rd Ave
             Tolleson, A Z 85353

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter will serve as your notification that (Bank Name) will IRREVOCABLY
HONOR AND GUARANTEE payment of any check(s) written or wire transfers
authorized by (Customer Name) for up to (Dollar Amount of maximum bid total) Dollars
drawn on account number (Account Number) and payable to Manheim Phoenix. All
wire transfers will be completed the first business day following the auction.
This GUARANTEE is for the purpose of our customer purchasing items sold at public
auction on January14~15, 2011.

Bank Information


Officer’s Signature

Telephone # ______________________

________________________________                     _____________________________
NOTARY (Bank’s Signature)                            BIDDER’S SIGNATURE

Letter must be on Bank Letterhead & the Original mailed to: Motoexotica LC
                                                            2340 Cassens Drive
                                                            St. Louis, MO 63026
                                                           (866) 543-9393

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