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									                                        TEXTBOOK COORDINATORS’ ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS

                                                        Executive Committee Meeting
                                                        10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 23, 2009
                                         AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center • Austin, TX
       PO Box 676
  Pflugerville, TX 78691                10:00 a.m.         1.   Call to order - President Karla Christman.
     (512) 251-8101                     10:05-10:10 a.m. 2.     Approval of Minutes - Nov. 3, 2008 meeting;
     fax: (512) 251-8152                                               Dec. 8 meeting, Dec. 9 General Membership meeting;
  e-mail: textbook@texas.net                                           Dec. 10 meeting.
                                        10:10-10:15 a.m.   3.   Treasurer’s Report - Kim Slough.
   E X E C U T I V E C O M M I TT E E
Karla Christman, President
Brazosport ISD
                                        10:15-10:30 a.m.   4.   Discuss and consider 2009 Budget.
                                                           5.   Review 2008 Conference.
Abel Villarreal, President-Elect
Corpus Christi ISD                      10:30-10:45 a.m.                a. Conference Evaluations.
Linda Andrews, Secretary                10:45-10:55 a.m.                b. Preparations - Abel Villarreal.
                                        10:55-11:00 a.m.   6.   Discuss Rotary/Books for Children of the World
Palestine ISD

                                        11:00 a.m.              BREAK
Kim Slough, Treasurer
Abilene ISD

Brian Squyres, Imm. Past President      11:10-11:15 a.m.   7.   Discuss and Consider Board Policies
                                                                        a. Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest.
Northside ISD

Steve Hanson, Galena Park ISD                                           b. Record Retention.

Perri Ann Huntley, La Joya ISD                                          c. Whistleblower.
                                        11:15-11:30 a.m.   8.   Discuss Committee Assignments.
Bob Ankrum, Mesquite ISD
                                                                        a. Legislative/SBOE - Karla Christman, Chair
                                                                        b. Audit – Kim Slough, Chair.
Betty Adamson, Victoria ISD

                                                                        c. Conference - Abel Villarreal, Chair.
Joel Lopez, Houston ISD

                                                                        d. TEA.
Kellie Skarda, Goose Creek CISD

                                                                        e. Summer Institute.
Melanie Kelley, Plano CISD
Ann McGuffey, Duncanville ISD                                           f. Media Committee - Chuck Kennedy, Chair.
Greg Wright, Leander ISD                11:30-11:45a.m.    9.   Discuss and Consider relationship with NTTCA - Ann McGuffey.
Dana Wiest, Ector County ISD            11:45-12:25 p.m.   10. Legislative Issues.
Chuck Kennedy, Irving ISD                                               a. Instructional materials funding.
James Voss, Richardson ISD                                              b. Ancillary materials.
John Bridges, Fort Bend ISD                                             c. Sale of surplus materials to used book companies.
                                        12:25-12:30 p.m. 11.    Future meeting dates/locations - May (Conference Call or Webex),
                                                                        September, November.
Sandy McCollom, Hays CISD

                                        12:30 p.m.         12. Adjourn.
Becki Luchak, Spring Branch ISD
Linda Lowe, Hereford ISD
Barbara Brown, El Paso ISD

Cliff Avery, Executive Director
             Nov. 3, 2008 • Omni Southpark Hotel, Austin, Texas

Officers Present: Brian Squyres (Northside ISD), President; Karla Christman
(Brazosport ISD), President-Elect; Barbara Brown (El Paso ISD), Secretary; Kim Slough
(Abilene ISD), Treasurer; and Courtney Witherell (Judson ISD), Immediate Past President.

Officers Absent: None.

Board Members Present: Linda Andrews (Palestine ISD), Bob Ankrum (Mesquite ISD),
Melanie Kelley (Plano ISD), Chuck Kennedy (Irving ISD), Joel Lopez (Houston ISD),
Sandy McCollom (Hays CISD), Ann McGuffey (Duncanville ISD), Kellie Skarda, (Goose
Creek CISD), Abel Villarreal (Corpus Christi ISD), James Voss (Richardson ISD), Dana
Wiest (Ector County ISD), and Greg Wright (Leander ISD).

Board Members Absent: Steve Hanson (Galena Park ISD) and Perri Ann Huntley (La
Joya ISD).

Others Present: Cliff Avery, executive director.

Mr. Squyres called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. and announced that the Board would
consider the minutes of the April 21 meeting. Ms. Kelley moved, seconded by Mr.
Ankrum, approval of the minutes as amended, and the motion passed

Mr. Squyres then recognized Ms. Slough for the treasurer’s report. Mr. Voss moved,
seconded by Mr. Kennedy, approval of the treasurer’s report, and the motion
passed unanimously.

Mr. Squyres then recognized Ms. Brown for a report on the Summer Institute. She noted
that of the 84 who attended, 60 were not members of TCAT and that the Summer Institute
provided an opportunity for coordinators who need training but who do not have a
significant travel budget. Ms. McGuffey noted that the Summer Institutes provided an
opportunity to address campus coordinators. Ms. Christman moved, seconded by
Ms. Skarda, that the Board approve offering a Summer Institute in 2009, and
the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Squyres then recognized Ms. Christman for a report on the 2008 Annual Conference.
Ms. Christman stated that she hoped that other Board members would join her at 3 p.m.
Saturday, December 6, to prepare bags for distribution to attendees. The Board discussed
descriptions of sessions for pre-Conference publicity and the Conference Program. Ms.
Slough and Ms. McCollom agreed to work on acquiring door prizes. Mr. Voss moved,
seconded by Mr. Kennedy, that the Board authorize the Door Prize Committee
to spend up to $2,000 for door prizes, and the motion passed unanimously.
After discussion, Ms. Kelley moved, seconded by Ms. Christman, that the Board
authorize Ms. Slough to write an advance check for the door prize
acquisitions, and the motion passed unanimously.

The Board recessed at 11:30 a.m. and reconvened at 11:44 p.m.

The Board then discussed the EMAT redevelopment project. After discussion about
changes of the system, it was determined that TCAT should offer training on the new
                   TCAT Board Meeting Minutes November 3, 2008 • Page 2

Mr. Squyres recognized Mr. Kennedy for a report from the Media Committee. The Board
asked that all directors be listed on the homepage of the TCAT website.

Mr. Squyres recognized Ms. Witherell for a report from the Nominating Committee. Ms.
Witherell said she was compiling a list of nominees.

Mr. Squyres recognized Ms. Andrews who said she felt it was important to report on a
review of the Association’s books as promised in the 2007 Membership Meeting. The Board

There being no other items to come before the Board, Mr. Voss moved, seconded by
Mr. Kennedy, that the meeting adjourn, and the motion passed unanimously.

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            Barbara Brown, Secretary

January 23, 2009
           December 8, 2008 • Omni Southpark Hotel, Austin, Texas

Officers Present: Brian Squyres (Northside ISD), President; Karla Christman
(Brazosport ISD), President-Elect; Kim Slough (Abilene ISD), Treasurer; and Courtney
Witherell (Judson ISD), Immediate Past President.

Officers Absent: Barbara Brown (El Paso ISD), Secretary.

Board Members Present: Linda Andrews (Palestine ISD), Bob Ankrum (Mesquite ISD),
Steve Hanson (Galena Park ISD, Perri Ann Huntley (La Joya ISD).Melanie Kelley (Plano
ISD), Chuck Kennedy (Irving ISD), Joel Lopez (Houston ISD), Sandy McCollom (Hays
CISD), Ann McGuffey (Duncanville ISD), Kellie Skarda, (Goose Creek CISD), Abel
Villarreal (Corpus Christi ISD), James Voss (Richardson ISD), Dana Wiest (Ector County
ISD), and Greg Wright (Leander ISD).

Board Members Absent:

Others Present: Cliff Avery, executive director.

Mr. Squyres called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and announced that the Board would
receive a report from the Nominating Committee. Ms. Witherell, as chair of the Committee,
presented the slate of nominees:

President-Elect: Abel Villarreal, Corpus Christi ISD, Region 2
Secretary: Linda Andrews, Palestine ISD, Region 7
Board Member:          Betty Adamson, Victoria ISD, Region 3
                       John Bridges, Fort Bend ISD, Region 4
                       Barbara Brown, El Paso ISD, Region 19
                       Donna Freer, Eagle Advantage Charter, Region 10
                       Chuck Kennedy, Irving ISD, Region 10
                       Linda Lowe, Hereford ISD, Region 16
                       Becki Luchak, Spring Branch ISD, Region 4
                       Sandi McCollom, Hays CISD, Region 13
                       Kathryn Rey, Lewisville ISD, Region 10
                       Bill Tolles, Midland ISD, Region 18
                       James Voss, Richardson ISD, Region 10

There being no other items to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned.

                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                             Barbara Brown, Secretary

January 23, 2009
                   MINUTES of the MEMBERSHIP MEETING
             December 9, 2008 • Omni Southpark Hotel, Austin, Texas

Officers Present: Brian Squyres (Northside ISD), President; Karla Christman (Brazosport
ISD), President-Elect; Barbara Brown (El Paso ISD), Secretary; Kim Slough (Abilene ISD),
Treasurer; and Courtney Witherell (Judson ISD), Immediate Past President.

Officers Absent: None.

Board Members Present: Linda Andrews (Palestine ISD), Bob Ankrum (Mesquite ISD),
Steve Hanson (Galena Park ISD), Perri Ann Huntley (La Joya ISD), Melanie Kelley (Plano ISD),
Chuck Kennedy (Irving ISD), Joel Lopez (Houston ISD), Sandy McCollom (Hays CISD), Ann
McGuffey (Duncanville ISD), Kellie Skarda, (Goose Creek CISD), Abel Villarreal (Corpus Christi
ISD), James Voss (Richardson ISD), Dana Wiest (Ector County ISD), and Greg Wright (Leander

Board Members Absent: None.

Others Present: Cliff Avery, executive director.

Mr. Squyres called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

Mr. Squyres recognized candidates for the President-Elect, Secretary and Board Member.

Mr. Squyres recognized Ms. Slough for a treasurer’s report, attached. Ms. Slough noted that a review
of the Association’s bank account by an independent certified public accountant, ordered after the
change in the treasurer office last year, showed no major problems with the Association’s account. It
was moved and seconded that the Membership approve the treasurer’s report, and the motion passed

Mr. Squyres then announced that the Membership would vote on officers and Board members, and
ballots were distributed. Mr. Squyres announced that the Membership Meeting would stand in recess,
and reconvene the next morning after ballots were counted.

The Membership Meeting reconvened at 9 a.m. Wednesday, December 10, at the Omni Southpark
Hotel Ballroom. Mr. Squyres turned the gavel over to Ms. Christman as the incoming President. Ms.
Christman announced the results of the annual election.

President: Karla Christman.
President-Elect: Abel Villarreal.
Secretary: Linda Andrews.
Immediate Past President: Brian Squyres.

Board Members (terms expiring 2011): James Voss (Richardson ISD), Chuck Kennedy (Irving ISD),
John Bridges (Fort Bend (ISD), Sandy McCollom (Hays CISD), Becki Luchak (Spring Branch ISD),
Linda Lowe (Hereford ISD); (term expiring 2009) Betty Adamson (Victoria ISD). Alternate Board
Member (term expiring 2009): Barbara Brown (El Paso ISD).

There being no other items to come before the Membership, the Meeting adjourned.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Linda Andrews, Secretary
January 23, 2009
                MINUTES of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
               December 10, 2008 • Omni Southpark, Austin, TX

Officers Present: Karla Christman (Brazosport ISD), President; Abel Villarreal (Corpus
Christi ISD), President-Elect; Linda Andrews (Palestine ISD), Secretary; Kim Slough
(Abilene ISD), Treasurer; Brian Squyres (Northside ISD), Immediate Past President.
Officers Absent: None
Board Members Present: Joel Lopez (Houston ISD), John Bridges (Fort Bend ISD),
Greg Wright (Leander ISD), Ann McGuffey (Duncanville ISD), Steve Hanson (Galena
Park ISD), Kellie Skarda (Goose Creek CISD), Barbara Brown (El Paso ISD), Melanie
Kelley (Plano ISD), Peri Ann Huntley (La Joya ISD), Sandy McCollom (Hays CISD),
Bob Ankrum (Mesquite ISD), Chuck Kennedy (Irving ISD), Becki Luchak ( Spring
Branch ISD), Dana Wiest (Ector County ISD), Betty Adamson (Victoria ISD), James Voss
(Richardson ISD), Linda Lowe (Hereford ISD).

Board Members Absent: None.
Others Present: Cliff Avery, Executive Director.
Ms. Christman called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m., and the Board members introduced
Ms. Christman stated her goal for TCAT for this year as pursuing the limiting of ancillary
materials included with each textbook adoption. The board discussed this and ideas of how
to accomplish this goal. Ms. Christman thanked board members for their willing
participation and helpfulness during the conference.
Mr. Avery gave the board information about the next board meeting. He suggested 10 a.m.,
January 23, for the meeting, to be held at the Austin AT&T Conference Center. This date
would coincide with Legislative and SBOE meetings, for those board members wishing to
attend those meetings. Items to be included on the agenda for the next meeting would
include Committee Reports, including the Summer Institute Committee.
Ms. Christman suggested some board meetings be held as WebEx meetings.
The board briefly discussed the success of the 2008 Conference.The lunch tickets worked
well, Casino Night should be included in future conferences as well as the Santa’s
Workshop sessions. Further evaluation of the conference will be held at future meetings,
after the Conference Evaluations are tallied.
At 12:21 p.m., Ms. Skarda moved, seconded by Mr. Voss that the meeting adjourn.
The motion passed unanimously.

                                            Respectfully Submitted,

                                            Linda Andrews, Secretary
January 23, 2009
                                        TCAT BUDGET 2009

             REVENUES              BUDGET 2008    ACTUAL 2008    PROP. 2009

Conference registration Current          65,975         54,450        57,928
Conference registration Previous          4,130          3,005         9,070
Conference exhibitors Current            18,900         16,115        15,000
Conference exhibitor Previous                 0          1,325         3,205
Summer Institute - Registration          12,500          4,545         5,000
Summer Institute - Exhibitors                 0                        2,800
Sponsorships - Annual Conf.               9,000         12,000         8,000
Other Sponsorship                           500                          500
Advertising                               1,450           380          1,000
Misc. Revenue                                 0           595              0

TOTAL REVENUES                         112,455         92,415        102,503


Executive director                       24,300         22,500        25,200
     Meals                               36,000         43,903        40,000
    AV                                    4,000          3,440         4,000
 Member giveaways                         6,000          3,641         4,000
 Badges                                     360              0           250
 Speaker fees                             4,000          5,741         4,000
 Computer rental                          5,000          1,100         5,000
 Speaker travel                             500          1,458         2,000
 Signage                                    250            264           250
 Printing                                 1,500          1,365         1,500
 Refunds Prior Year Conference                0          1,470           835
 Subtotal Conference                     57,610         62,382        61,835
Special Event #1                          6,500             86         1,000
Meeting expenses
 Food/Lodging                               250           938            500
 Travel                                     600                          500
Board Meeting expenses                        0
 Room rental                                600           918          1,000
 Lunches                                  1,300           988          1,000
 Travel                                     500                          250
Exhibitor Prospectus
  Printing                                1,600          1,499         1,000
  Postage                                   300            200           200
Conference Calls                            500             90           200
Newsletter                                    0
  Printing/Production                     4,500          2,677         4,000
  Mailing services                          360             83
  Postage                                 1,275          1,327         1,400
Information brochure
  Printing                                1,200          1,649           700
  Mailing services                          150
  Postage                                   425            945
Outreach                                  1,000          1,098         1,000
Printing/Copying                          1,500            563           500
Postage                                     200                          100
Audit/Bookkeeping                         2,000          1,125           600
Miscellaneous                               600            266           300

TOTAL EXPENSES                         107,270         99,334        101,285

REVENUES/EXPENSES                        5,185         (6,919)         1,218
    2008 TCAT Conference Evaluation (sorted)   Very Poor = 1   Poor = 2   Fair = 3   Good = 4   Excellent = 5   Total Responses   AVG
4. Registration                                                              1         20           58                 79         4.72
2. Accomodations                                                             3         21           53                 77         4.65
1. Overall Conference                                                        2         35           39                 76         4.49
3. Meals                                            2                       18         32           27                 79         4.04

                 General Sessions
9. Casino Night - Tues. Evening                     1                                  13            41               55          4.69
5. Mon. Lunch - Joe Keith Ripple                                             2         26            60               88          4.66
8. Tue. Lunch - Robert Scott                                                 3         27            57               87          4.62
6. Welcome Reception - Mon. Evening                                          1         34            30               65          4.45
10. Wed. - John Lopez                                             1          5         22            16               44          4.20
7. Tue. Morning - Charles Clemons                   1            11         31         24            10               77          3.40

                  Breakout Sessions
12. Listen Up!                                                                          6            18               24          4.75
26. Materials for Visually Impaired                                                     3            9                12          4.75
14. BOOT CAMP - Policy                                                                 15            21               36          4.58
19. AP, IB & Waivers                                                                    9            10               19          4.53
13. BOOT CAMP - Ordering                                                     1         16            20               37          4.51
15. BOOT CAMP - Ship/Receive                                                           18            18               36          4.50
23. Capitol Tour/Scavenger Hunt                                   2                     5            12               19          4.42
18. Santa's Workshop                                                         1          9            8                18          4.39
17. Year-End Audits                                                          3         24            19               46          4.35
31. Adoption Basics                                                                    11            5                16          4.31
24. Ancillary Materials                                           1                    13            9                23          4.30
30. Exceptional Customer Service                                  1          1          3            6                11          4.27
16. EMAT Redesign                                                           10         42            30               82          4.24
29. Replacing Lost Books                                                     3         15            9                27          4.22
25. The One-Person Show                                                                22            6                28          4.21
28. Legislative Preparations                                      1          2          6            5                14          4.07
22. TEA: Who We Are and What We Do                                1          3          5            5                14          4.00
21. ELA Adoption                                    1             4         12         18            12               47          3.77
20. Safety in the Warehouse                                       1          1          5            1                8           3.75
11. Opening New Schools                                           1          1          9                             11          3.73
27. Build a District Textbook Website                             1          4          6            2                13          3.69
                               Overall Comments

•   Great conference! Great location – very organized and professional
•   A brief description on the sessions would have helped in deciding which session to
•   The conference was very well done. The low points were Monday and Tuesday’s
    “continental” breakfast
•   Have sessions be 45 minutes
•   Breakfasts 2 days were poor
•   Casino Night great
•   Breakfast poor Mon & Tues
•   Enjoyable & informative
•   When planning your menus, please think about the one of us who may have food
    allergies, diabetes, etc.
•   Breakfast on Wednesday was great – other meals were skimpy, not digestive
•   Could we add bottled water to break time?
•   The young school kids were excellent!
•   Very good
•   With the new EMAT, it would be helpful if the Boot Camp could actually go on-line
    and practice with the website
•   Excellent!
•   Great! Enjoyed very much. Timing on food being ready – poor
•   Great conference
•   Boot Camp debriefing session was excellent but only about half of the participants
    showed up – it was worth it – good time for questions. No need for 1 hr and 15
    min – 30-45 minutes is enough
•   Finding water at meals is almost impossible
•   Hampton Inn was good
•   More meal choices would be good
•   Registration was very friendly
•   Very organized; open up more rooms at actual conference site
•   Would have loved to have an assigned mentor. For new people, the evening
    activities were hard to join when you don’t know anybody – if we had mentors we
    would be more comfortable and willing to join
•   The best conference yet on textbooks. Keep up the good work
•   Wished the Listen Up! Had been offered on Tuesday because Boot Campers did
    not have an opportunity to attend
•   TIPWEB – brainstorming was excellent
•   Mon/Tues – Breakfast was not worth going – no fruit/yogurt
•   Monday breakfast was skimpy
•   Perhaps the Boot Camp presenters would have specialized on specific sessions.
    Having a PowerPoint that the presenters had not personally developed and seemed
    unfamiliar with might be tweaked to bring specialization to the format. The rooms
    did not change but the sessions and facilitators changed (just for the sake of
•   Great
•   Casino Night again!
•   Learned a lot. Well organized
•   Josephine Houston Elementary – best performance
•   Need variety for breakfast
•   TEA’s presence was not always positive
•   Need to add the price of breakfast into the conference. Had to go to gift shop for
    fruit. I am not a coffee drinker. Please have hot tea & juice for the morning
•   Nothing addresses the move to software (instructional materials)?
•   Breakfasts served (Monday & Tuesday) were not very good. 90% of the lower
    class motels have a better continental breakfast.
•   Too many door prizes. Let’s move on and have time for sessions
•   Monday breakfast line/to get up could have been better (2 lines). I don’t drink
    coffee or tea & had a tough time getting juice or water
•   Karla – great job. Good time
•   Overall a very good training
•   Mon-Tues breakfast could be a bit more
•   Great job!
•   Good conference. Picked up lots of ideas
•   Another great job! How about the Valley/South Texas in 2010?
•   It would be nice to be closer to more places to eat, shop etc. (walking distance)
•   Great conference!
•   Everything was good. Lasagna not good
•   Sometimes speakers of the breakout sessions speak with words textbook
    coordinators don’t understand. Speak on more ways to make your job easier
•   The debriefing of the Boot Camp wasn’t necessary. They answer questions
    through all the other sessions. It would be more valuable to go to a different session
    instead of tying up all day with Boot Camp
•   Need a hotel that can accommodate everyone; I had to stay at the Hampton
•   Too much time between sessions; not enough vendors to visit. Overall the
    conference was extremely helpful – I learned so much!!!
•   Year-end audits should be part of Boot Camp. The debriefing session could be
    eliminated. Computers set up to work through some of the websites would be
    helpful, i.e. EMAT, TEA, etc.
•   Breakfast was lacking! Good time management & nice facilities
•   Very helpful & educational
•   Mon & Tues breakfast were poor
•   Should be a 2 day conference
•   If you attended Boot Camp it was harder to go attend other important workshops
•   Please take into consideration folks with different dietary needs. Perhaps some
    toast, jams, fruit etc. I realize it is more expensive but diabetics should not eat the
    type of breakfast served on Monday & Tues. Breakfast at the Grille was well over
    $10 for their meals and most districts don’t give you that much
•   Very good
•   The conference was wonderful and very well organized. Everyone was
    exceptionally nice and helpful, including the hotel
•   Suggestion: copies of examples of procedures would be helpful (ex: tracking,
    paperwork to send with maintenance when they deliver textbooks to campuses, etc.)
•   Thank you for having TEA members here at the conference. They were helpful
    answering questions and it shows support for our organization
•   Great conference! Thank you
•   Sessions should have a facilitator to regulate door, seating, handouts, etc. They can
    also control rude participants
•   Poor schedule for Wed. mornings as its difficult to use as a justification for staying
    through Wed. morning
•  Too much time & money spent on door prizes. Get donations for fewer, but bigger
• Great job!!!
• It would be nice if we had food choices because of food allergies. I had a hard time
   selecting food
• The Children’s Chorus was the best entertainment
• The sessions were too long
• First conference – great info. What is the scavenger hunt?
• The lunch meals were not worth the $30.00. Very slim pickins. Can be better
• Breakfast on Mon. & Tues. could have been a little better with water & juice ready
   on time. All presenters need to have their equipment ready before time to begin
• No need for Boot Camp debriefing
• Everything was good. Very comfortable
• Overall I’ve enjoyed these conferences. They have been very informative & I’ve
   learned a lot these past two years that I have attended
• More water
• The children were great!
• Monday lunch – OK, Monday & Tuesday breakfast, Tuesday Lunch – gross. Did
   not eat them – not diabetic friendly. Wed. morning – better
• Some presenters were excellent – others not so great
• Every workshop was beneficial – very helpful information. I appreciate everybody
   sharing their ideas. Will implement a lot of what I learned to help streamline our
   textbook distribution/mgmt! Wish I could have attended every session
• The breakfasts were not up to par from past years. Loved the Author and Dixi!!
   You’re doing a great job!!
Need more breakfast on Monday
                                    Session Comments
General Sessions
5. Mon. Lunch - Joe Keith Ripple

   •   Very entertaining speaker
   •   Joe Keith was very entertaining
   •   Great speaker
   •   Inspiring
   •   Enjoyed very much
   •   Great speaker
   •   Lunch was very good & the speaker was very entertaining
   •   Enjoyed presentation – excellent lunch plate
   •   Great presenter, not sure what the message was
   •   Speaker was funny – that’s what came across – his message didn’t stick
   •   Outstanding speaker
   •   Fun
   •   Wish we had a superintendent like that
   •   Very funny
   •   Touching stories – good connections
   •   Entertaining, wanted more info on how he turned schools around
   •   He was awesome
   •   Loved it!
   •   I am going to suggest he visit our school
   •   I would have liked to hear some of the strategies he used to improve low-performing
   •   Lunch very good – didn’t care for speaker

6. Welcome Reception - Mon. Evening

   •   Good food & good entertainment
   •   Follett is great
   •   Great
   •   Waiters were very polite, good chance to network. Need some vegetarian options
7. Tue. Morning - Charles Clemons

   •   Good content but poor presentation
   •   Very boring
   •   Should have had a booth
   •   Not enlightening. Could not stay engaged in presentation
   •   Breakfast?? Speaker lost people’s attention due to slowness & too many slides
   •   Important topic – hope we all support it – presenter: OK, but topic: important
   •   Good info, presentation was lacking
   •   Message is good – presentation was not
   •   Interesting but kind of boring & slow
   •   Slow, long and drug on. Needed some zip. Good info
   •   Everyone has an agenda. Too long
   •   Ho Hum speaker
   •   Lots of information but very dry & boring
   •   Now I know where to send used books!
   •   Could not “stay ” with speaker
   •   Good message
   •   Already familiar
   •   Could have been less material presented – Summary would have been a better
   •   As a very small charter school, what can we do to help?

8. Tue. Lunch - Robert Scott

   •   He knew his stuff
   •   Good speaker
   •   Great speaker
   •   I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Scott!
   •   Succinct – well spoken – wanted even more from him
   •   A little dry
   •   Great!
   •   Great speaker – relevant information
   •   Very informative & enjoyable – relatable
   •   Funny and great speaker
   •   First time to see Robert speak – Great guy
   •   Good to hear his ideas and thoughts
   •   He was really good. He knew his stuff
   •   Very inspiring
   •   Very good food & enjoyed speaker

9. Casino Night - Tues. Evening

   •   Good mixer & fun
   •   Food wasn’t that great
   •   Did not attend due to religious reason
   •   Do it again next year!!!
   •   Awesome
   •   Don’t care for gambling (rated: very poor)
   •   Great!
   •   Do it again in Galveston ‘09
   •   More craps tables
   •   Very much fun and fellowship
   •   It was a wonderful, entertaining night. Good job
   •   Fun, fun, fun – do it again
   •   I’m not a gambler but it was fun to network
   •   More tables needed – nice to interact with others informally
   •   Awesome!
   •   Next year!!
   •   Enjoyed the fun
   •   Lots of fun
   •   Enjoyed the free drinks
   •   More tables! Great job

10. Wed. - John Lopez
   •   Q & A session good
   •   Liked the Q & A period
   •   Great
   •   Mr. Lopez was very informative
   •   Information was very useful – good speaker
   •   Very informative
   •   Vital information to know from TEA
   •   Very informative

Breakout Sessions
11. Opening New Schools

   •   Presenters’ experiences did not seem very applicable
   •   Surprised on how different districts set up things/process

12. Listen Up!

   •   Very interactive
   •   Great interaction with group – learned a lot
   •   Great session. Very good management skills
   •   Good info & involvement first half

13. BOOT CAMP - Ordering

   •   Both presenters were very knowledgeable – especially Abel
   •   Very helpful presenters; especially P.D., John & James
   •   Liked the way everything goes in order from start to end
   •   Liked the way we stayed in one room
   •   Great information from experienced voices (P.D. Thomas & James Voss)
   •   So helpful!

14. BOOT CAMP - Policy

   •   Instructor needs to not read power point slides
   •   P.D. was especially good – James too
   •   Review PowerPoint prior to presentation
   •   Too much material crammed into a short session
   •   Really important information – I will email my rep about the depository
   •   Great
   •   Overall an excellent source

15. BOOT CAMP - Ship/Receive

   •   P.D. Thomas & James Voss are very knowledgeable
   •   PowerPoint for all 3 Boot Camp sessions – fonts too small – cannot read some
   •   Great information – very useful
   •   Tons of useful info
   •   I especially appreciated the idea about creating a textbook manual. Thanks for
   •   Practical overall info
   •   Great
   •   Is it possible to set up computers so we can follow along
   •   All 3 very informative – received very helpful info!

16. EMAT Redesign

   •   Good info – I liked seeing the website & watching the explanation
   •   I would have liked to have hands-on practice session
   •   Could not answer a lot of questions
   •   Poor presentation!
   •   Ron had excellent knowledge of the new system
   •   Very much needed
   •   Instructor – smart mouthed. Chuck Mayo – angry & rude
   •   Not enough time for this session. Training next year needs to be longer
   •   Look forward to the release
   •   I attended the EMAT Redesign twice because Mr. Caldwell was not able to complete
       the presentation the first time due to an enormous amount of questions that would
       have been covered had they allowed him to complete the session. I appreciated all
       the TEA personnel that were available for questions
   •   Mr. Caldwell was great. Would have liked to see more aspects of the program
   •   Ron was articulate and humorous – well done
   •   Seemed to be a lot of hostility
   •   Wish we could have had more time – too much group input!
   •   Good info – wish it was hands on
   •   Good info – hopefully we are ready
   •   Felt rushed – Chuck Mayo was very short with questions
   •   Could have been 15-10 minutes longer – Ron & all did a good job!
   •   Needed to be longer with more details. Sessions were well organized and
   •   Need additional training from service centers
   •   Good information to know
   •   Will need to have another next year for training refresher & new coordinators to
       understand EMAT
   •   Needed more info
   •   Seemed defensive when asked questions. Good visuals
   •   I’m looking forward to the new system
   •   Crowded – seems to be still being developed

17. Year-End Audits

   •   Great presentation, lots of information
   •   Great hand-out – good ideas
   •   He made his PowerPoint fun – put time into it
   •   Good ideas – not always feasible
   •   Great handout & presenter
   •   Great handouts – practical info – book rooms – paperwork
   •   Great visuals & handouts
   •   Presenter wasn’t tech savvy
   •   Excellent presenter! Great ideas and information
   •   Great visuals!

18. Santa's Workshop

   •   Provided a good place to network and relax
   •   I enjoyed visiting one-on-one with an experienced coordinator
   •   Loved the opportunity!
   •   Went to a few of them. Had good conversations

19. AP, IB & Waivers

   •   Very informative
   •   Lot of good information

20. Safety in the Warehouse
21. ELA Adoption

   •   Good presentation – no real info on the actual adoption
   •   No mike – soft-spoken speaker – did not cover new adoption for first 30 minutes:
       then everything was just printed from the website
   •   Handout very good for true understanding
   •   Not prepared for group – read straight off script. Not enough handouts
   •   Covered a lot of the boot camp material – unnecessary
   •   The information was good, presentation was not
   •   Great info for new coordinators – presenter was thorough
   •   Good info – poorly prepared speaker
   •   Needed to speak up and remember who his audience was. Preaching to the choir
   •   Great speaker – tremendous knowledge base
   •   Not enough handouts – willing to e-mail us
   •   Not what I expected (rated: fair)
   •   Helpful
   •   Thought it would be more specific to upcoming ELA adoption instead of an
       overview of the adoption process
   •   This was information we already knew. I was looking for more specific details

22. TEA: Who We Are and What We Do

   •   Not what I expected – too much EMAT
   •   Chuck appears to have an authority complex

23. Capitol Tour/Scavenger Hunt

   •   Would rather have had a solo scavenger hunt – felt rushed to see the capital, really
       wanted to take my time
   •   Good time
   •   Could have been longer & we could have been more aware of what we were doing.
       Lots of fun!!!
   •   Had a good time. Needed longer
   •   Great!!!
   •   Fun to have a break from sessions
   •   Would’ve liked to have a Capitol tour

24. Ancillary Materials

   •   Very informative & needed info
   •   James did a good job
   •   James’ experience is great
   •   He had really good info to give, but took awhile & ran out of time
   •   Presenter needs to be more informational on his presentation and get rid of that
       strong negative attitude
   •   I will be e-mailing a request for sample inventory lists - love the idea!

25. The One-Person Show

   •   Well done
   •   I learned a lot and got some very good advice
   •   Be nice to see what/how 1A, 2A, 3A function
   •   Presenter was long-winded and didn’t address small schools

26. Materials for Visually Impaired

   •   Good group to work with
   •   Yeah Pat & Jim (and all TEA)! Very courteous every time I call

27. Build a District Textbook Website

   •   Basics
   •   Not much on details
   •   Too much information to share for one hour. Needs hands-on practice
28. Legislative Preparations
29. Replacing Lost Books

   •   Well done
   •   Mr. Wright was informative & a great presenter
   •   He was passionate about what he does
   •   Tons of great information & well presented
   •   Greg Wright did a great job on presentation
   •   Craig had some excellent tips – it all starts with prevention!
   •   Need to focus more on lost books
30. Exceptional Customer Service

   •   She was a little condescending but otherwise OK – she went over & so we didn’t
       get our full break
   •   Very good presentation & interaction
   •   Very informative & enjoyable. Loved all the interactions
   •   She was fantastic. Best session!!
   •   Didn’t get the cookie (rated: fair)
   •   Presenter was rude
   •   Long-winded, ran over break time & ending time

31. Adoption Basics

   •   Very organized presentation; presenter ran out of handouts
   •   Great for newbie’s
   •   Funny
                         Topic for Future Conference

•   Since the actual changes to EMAT will be done later, I hope there will be another
    extensive workshop on it next year
•   Sessions on TIPWIN/TIPWEB
•   Public speaking
•   Worn out/defective books
•   How to write & present to your Board a proposal to buy-in to an electronic
    database (i.e. TIPWEB, Destiny, etc.)
•   Refresher class for EMAT for new people as well as a refresher for others with Q
•   Smaller district mentality
•   Transfer of textbooks to digital media
•   Inventory management systems. Collecting books
•   Class on “through the year ” as a textbook coordinator. Possibly what to do
    month by month
•   Ordering workbooks
•   Teacher retirement
•   E-books/digital textbooks
•   Maybe a session that discusses publishers. What companies are under what
    umbrella? What reps cover what areas and represent which companies?
•   Accommodation rural schools
•   Surplus
Code of Ethics: Board of Directors and Officers of the Textbook
Coordinators’ Association of Texas
Service on the Board of Directors of a state organization is an important honor and
responsibility. Much is expected of officers and the governing Board of the Textbook
Coordinators’ Association of Texas (TCAT). The membership of the association relies on
its officers and Board to act in its best interests, to be knowledgeable about and proactive on
the issues facing the Texas educational landscape, to study the questions before it and to
base decisions on reliable information, to be a good steward of the resources of the
association, and to be honest and trustworthy in all actions. To assure the trust and ethical
expectations of the members of the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas, I affirm
the following:
Duty of Care
In all matters affecting the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas, I will act in good
faith and exercise my best efforts in the performance of my duties.
I will faithfully prepare for discussions and decisions that affect the association by reading
information sent to me by TCAT officers and staff and by striving to be knowledgeable on
issues of importance to the Association and its members.
I will be responsible for disseminating information I receive as a Director to all members,
with my primary responsibility to inform my constituency, i.e., the TCAT members.
I will make decisions based on factual data rather than unsubstantiated opinions.
I will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of all members of the Association,
rather than any one group, individual, or special interest.
I will be honest in doing the work of the Association and in speaking on behalf of TCAT
and its leadership in order to foster trust among TCAT members and the public.
I will respect my fellow Directors and the members of TCAT, acknowledging differences of
opinion, providing for open and respectful discussion, and making decisions only after
listening to all points of view and all available data.

I will publicly support the majority decisions made by the Board of Directors.
I will refrain from any discussion of costs, fees, wages, etc. that might be construed as an
infraction of anti-trust law or price fixing.
I will support and encourage participation in all TCAT programs including endorsed
I will hold my own business to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and
integrity, because the manner in which I conduct my individual business affairs can affect
the public image of the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas,
I will not disclose, beyond its intended scope, any information which is marked, designated,
or treated as confidential by the Board, officers, or staff and which I receive as a Director of
the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas.
I understand that my obligation to maintain confidentiality extends indefinitely beyond my
term of office.
Conflict of Interest
I acknowledge that information, programs, research, services, and methods of operation are
developed by TCAT for all members and as a Director I am obligated to pass on this
information to my constituencies. Therefore I will not expropriate for myself, my business,
or another organization any information I receive as a result of my position as a Director of
the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas prior to disseminating this information to
my constituents.
I will not create any program that is in direct competition with a TCAT program including
the Summer Institutes, the Annual Conference, or other programs that TCAT may develop
in the future.
I will openly declare any actual or perceived conflict of interest that may result from my
taking part in discussion or decision making on an issue before the Association while
having business, professional, or personal interests that could bias my decisions. I further
acknowledge the Board of Directors has the sole responsibility for determining whether my
interests constitute a conflict and if so what the remedy will be.
Signature of Director or Alternate Director
Date ____________________________
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement – Textbook Coordinators’
Association of Texas
This form was approved and adopted in 2009, in accordance with the Bylaws. It will be
distributed to each director, officer, and staff member prior to the December Board meeting
each year and must be submitted at that meeting for subsequent review by the Executive
Committee of the Board of Directors.
In completing this form, please consider the following guidelines:
1. Any potential conflict of interest that could result in a direct or indirect financial or
personal benefit to a Director, officer or staff member must be disclosed in good faith or
known to the Board of Directors or committee authorizing a contract or other transaction.
2. All questions as to whether a conflict of interest exists shall be resolved by a vote of the
Board of Directors in which the interested individual may not vote.
3. The interested individual may participate in the information-gathering stage of the Board
of Directors' or committee's discussion, but shall retire from the room in which the Board of
Directors or a committee thereof is meeting and shall not participate in the final deliberation
or decision regarding such contract or other transaction. Such interested individual may not
vote on such contract or other transaction.
4. In connection with all actions taken by the Board of Directors with respect to any contract
or transaction between TCAT and one or more of its directors or officers, or between the
Association and any other corporation, firm, association, or other entity in which one or
more of the directors or officers of the Association is a director or officer or has a
substantial financial interest, affiliation, or other significant relationship, each such interested
director or officer of the Association shall:
   disclose to the Board of Directors the material facts as to such director's or officer's
interest in such contract or transaction and as to any such common directorships, offices, or
significant financial interest, affiliation, or other significant relationship, which disclosure
shall be duly recorded in the minutes or resolutions relating to such actions, and
   abstain from voting on any such contract or transaction.
At present, I am aware of the following potential conflict of interest in regard to my position
on the Board of Directors or staff (if none, leave blank):
If I become aware of a potential conflict of interest in the future, I will disclose this potential
conflict to the President. I understand that, when in doubt, disclosure is recommended.
NAME (please print) _____________________________________________________
SIGNATURE _______________________________________ DATE _____________
This is the document retention policy of the Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas
TCAT shall retain records for the period of their immediate or current use, unless longer
retention is necessary for historical reference or to comply with contractual or legal
requirements. Records and documents outlined in this policy include paper, electronic files
(including emails) and voice mail records regardless of where the document is stored,
including network servers, desktop or laptop computers and handheld computers and other
wireless devices with text messaging capabilities. Any employee of TCAT, or any other
person who is in possession of records belonging to TCAT who is uncertain as to what
records to retain or destroy, when to do so, or how to destroy them, may seek assistance
from TCAT’s Document Retention Policy (DRP) manager who is the executive director or
his/her designee.

In accordance with 18 U.S.C. §1519 and the Sarbanes Oxley Act, TCAT shall not
knowingly destroy a document with the intent to obstruct or influence an investigation or
proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department, agency of the
United States or in relation to or contemplation of such matter or case. If an official
investigation is under way or even suspected, document purging must stop in order to avoid
criminal obstruction. In order to eliminate accidental or innocent destruction, TCAT has the
following document retention policy:

Accounting Records
Annual financial statements - Permanent
Monthly financial statements - 3 years
General ledger - 20 years
Annual audit records - 10 years
Journal entries - 8 years
Special reports - 8 years
Canceled checks - 8 years
A/P paid invoices - 8 years
Business expense records - 8 years
Credit card receipts - 3 years
Cash receipts - 3 years
A/R invoices - 8 years
Data for acquired/divested assets - Permanent
Data for nonacquired/nondivested assets - 5 years
Accounts payable - 7 years
Accounts receivable - 7 years
Audit reports - 7 years
Chart of accounts - Permanent
Expense records - 7 years
Inventory records - 7 years
Loan documents - 7 years after final payment
Purchase orders - 7 years
Sales records - 7 years
Stop payment orders - 3 years
Bank reconciliations - 3 years

Tax Records
Federal tax returns (not payroll) - Permanent
State & local tax returns - Permanent
Form 990 & supporting documentation - Permanent
Form 990-T & supporting documentation - Permanent
Supporting documentation for taxes - 4 years
City & State excise tax reports & supporting documentation - 5 years (or longer if designated by
state law)
Unclaimed property filings & supporting documentation - 6 years (or longer if designated by state
1099 forms - 8 years
Magnetic tape & similar records - 1 year
Payroll taxes (W2, W3) - Permanent
Payroll taxes (Form 941, state withholding forms, state unemployment returns) - 8 years (or
longer if designated by state law)

Payroll Records
Wage rate tables - 3 years
Cost of living tables - 3 years
Wage - 6 years
Salary - 6 years
Payroll deductions - 6 years
Time cards or forms - 5 years
W-2 forms - 8 years
W-4 forms - 8 years
Garnishments - 4 years after termination
Payroll registers - Permanent
State employment forms - 4 years
State unemployment tax records - Permanent
Cancelled payroll checks - 8 years
Deductions register - 8 years
Earnings records - 8 years
Changes or adjustments to salary - 8 years

Insurance Records
Policies (including expired) - Permanent
Claims for loss/damage, accident reports, appraisals - 5 years

Workplace Records
Incorporation records (including Bylaws) - Permanent
Meeting minutes - Permanent
Policy statements - Permanent
Employee directories - 5 years

Legal Records
General Contracts - 3 years after termination
Real estate contracts & records - Permanent
Personal injury records - 8 years
Trademark registration - Permanent
Copyright registration - Permanent
Patents - Permanent
Litigation claims - 5 years following close of case
Court documents & records - 5 years following close of case
Deposition transcripts - 5 years following close of case
Discovery materials - 3 years following close of case
Leases - 6 years after termination
Personnel Records
Employment applications (persons not hired) - 1 year
Employment applications (persons hired) - 3 years following termination of employment
Employee resumes & employment history - 3 years following termination employment
Evaluations - 3 years following termination of employment
Promotions, raises, reclassifications & job descriptions - 5 years following termination of
Disciplinary warnings, demotion, lay-off & discharge - 5 years following termination of
Employment & termination agreements - Permanent
Beneficiary information - Permanent
Medical and safety records - 6 years
Accident reports - 6 years
Education assistance - While employed
Sick leave benefits - While employed
Retirement plans - Permanent
TCAT Whistleblower Policy
The Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas (TCAT) Code of Ethics and
Conduct requires directors, officers and employees to observe high standards of
business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.
As employees and representatives of TCAT, we must practice honesty and
integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and

Reporting Responsibility
It is the responsibility of all directors, officers and employees to comply with the
Code and to report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this
Whistleblower Policy.

No director, officer or employee who in good faith reports a violation of the Code
shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequence. A
director, officer or employee who retaliates against someone who has reported a
violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination of
employment. This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable
employees, members and others to raise serious concerns within TCAT prior to
seeking resolution outside TCAT.

Reporting Violations
The Code addresses TCAT’s open door policy and suggests that employees or
members share their questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with
someone who can address them properly. Any director or person of executive
authority is required to report suspected violations of the Code of Conduct to
TCAT’s Compliance Officer, who has specific and exclusive responsibility to
investigate all reported violations. For suspected fraud, or when you are not
satisfied or uncomfortable with following TCAT’s open door policy, individuals
should contact TCAT’s Compliance Officer directly.

Compliance Officer
TCAT’s Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating and resolving all
reported complaints and allegations concerning violations of the Code and, at his
discretion, shall advise the Executive Director and/or the audit committee. The
Compliance Officer has direct access to the audit committee of the board of
directors and is required to report to the audit committee at least annually on
compliance activity. TCAT’s Compliance Officer is the chair of the audit

Accounting and Auditing Matters
The audit committee of the board of directors shall address all reported concerns
or complaints regarding corporate accounting practices, internal controls or
auditing. The Compliance Officer shall immediately notify the audit committee of
any such complaint and work with the committee until the matter is resolved.

Acting in Good Faith
Anyone filing a complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation of the
Code must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the
information disclosed indicates a violation of the Code. Any allegations that prove
not to be substantiated and which prove to have been made maliciously or
knowingly to be false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.

Violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by
the complainant or may be submitted anonymously. Reports of violations or
suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent
with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.

Handling of Reported Violations
The Compliance Officer will notify the sender and acknowledge receipt of the
reported violation or suspected violation within five business days. All reports
will be promptly investigated and appropriate corrective action will be taken if
warranted by the investigation.
TCAT Audit Committee - Definitions

Audit Committee

Members of a board of directors who are responsible for dealing with the external
and internal auditors.


The result of an independent accountant’s review of the statements and footnotes
to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and
to render an opinion on the fairness of the financial statements.

Audit Report

A report issued by an independent CPA that expresses an opinion about whether
the financial statements present fairly a company’s financial position, operating
results, and cash flows in accordance with generally accepted accounting
principles (GAAP).


Performing inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the accountant with a
reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material
modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them
to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)


Information presented in the form of financial statement information that is the
representation of management without undertaking to express any assurance on
the statements. It is a cursory review of an organization’s financial operations.

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