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									           Process Flow
Human Resources Management and Employee

                                 (insert date)
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  Process Overview – Human Resources Management and
   Major                          Set-Up                                Termination                       Pay Rate Change


                                                     Employee information on file with Human Resources is incorrect and insecure
Business Risk

  Process                         Set-Up                                Termination                        Pay Rate Change

                     •Employee payroll errors are due to        •Unauthorized terminations
                     incomplete master data files.              happen within System X.             •Employee pay rates, status or
                                                                                                    deduction changes are not
                     •Fictitious employees are entered          •Termination requests are
                                                                                                    properly entered into System X.
                     into System X.                             improperly processed resulting in
                                                                payroll errors.                     •Changes are made to pay rates
                                                                                                    resulting in fraudulent payments.

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                                                                               Macro Organization Chart
                                                                                     (Reporting Order Only)


                                                           (Insert Name)                                                                           Sr. VP General                 Sr. VP’s and
                                                      Sr. Vice President/CFO                                                                       Counsel/ Corp                      VP’s

          (Insert Name)                                      (Insert Name)                                    (Insert Name)
   Financial/Actg. Coordinator                                 Controller                           Senior Financial Systems Admin.
                                                                                                                                              VP of Business        VP of Contracts
                                                                                                             (Insert Name)
                                                                                                       Financial Systems Admin.

                                                                                                                                                Business                               Project
          (Insert Name)                                     (Insert Name)                                     (Insert Name)                    Operations                             M anagers
       Billing/AR M anager                               General Actg. M anager                        Senior Contract Actg. M gr.             M anagers

                                                                                        (Insert Name)                    (Insert Name)
                                                                                        Contract Actg. Manager           Senior Accountant

(Insert Name)                    (Insert Name)                                          (Insert Name)                    (Insert Name)
                                                                                        Accounting Manager               Accounting Manager
Billing/AR Specialist            Billing/AR Specialist
                                                                                        (Insert Name)
(Insert Name)                                                                           Contract Actg. Manager
Billing/AR Specialist

                                                                                                                      (Insert Name)
                                                                                                                     Staff Accountant

                    (Insert Name)                            (Insert Name)                      (Insert Name)
                Accts. Payable M anager                     Payroll M anager                  Asst. Actg. M anager

           AP                             Actg. S ervices                       (Insert Name)
                                                                               Payroll Specialist
     (Insert Name)                       (Insert Name)                          (Insert Name)
     AP Specialist                    Actg. Svcs. Specialist                   Payroll Specialist
     (Insert Name)                       (Insert Name)                          (Insert Name)
     AP Specialist                    Actg. Svcs. Specialist                   Payroll Specialist
                                                     New Employee Set-Up

                         Employment                Recruiter                             Officer reviews/
                                                                                                                Approv             HR Recruiter places
                          Manager                 completes             Requisition       approves the                     Yes
Officer identifies                                                                                                 al                  advertisement
                         assigns the              Personnel               Form             Requisition
recruiting need.                                                                                                obtaine            internally/externally,
                         position to a         Requisition Form                            Form & Job
                                                                                                                  d?                    as needed.
                          Recruiter.            & Job Posting.                               Posting.

                                                                                             Hiring Manager
                                         Qualified            Yes                               interviews                                  Yes
   Recruiter collects and                                                   Schedule                                         e                      A
                                         candidate                                           candidate and
    screens resumes.                                                        interview.                                    approved
                                             ?                                              determines hiring
                                                                                                                             ?                      p. 6
                                         No                                                                               No

                                                                Recruiter files
                                                           candidate information
                                                            in the Hiring File for
                                                            audit trail purposes.

                                              p. 6
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                                                    New Employee Set-Up

                 Recruiter                                                                                                    verbal offer to
p. 5                                      Employee                Officer reviews/                  Approv
                completes                                                                                          Yes          candidate.
A                                       Status Change                 approves                         al
                Employee                                                                                                                                 Offer Letter
                                        Notice/Y Form            Employee Status                    obtaine
              Status Change
                                                                  Change Form.                        d?                       Offer letter
                                                                                                  No                           and sent to
                                                                                                                             candidate along
                                                                                                                              with New Hire

                                                                                                                                           p. 5
                                                        completes New
                        Yes      New Hire                                                            HR Staff enters       HR Staff prints New
        Candidat                                         Hire Package
                                 start date                                                           basic new hire       Hire/Change forms             New Hire/
           e                                               and goes           New Hire
                                decided via                                                          information into      (screen prints) from           Change
        accepts?                                        through internal      Package
                                  phone.                                                              HR/IS system.        the HR/IS System.               forms
         No                                                 process.

         File for                    HR emails
        audit trail                    Payroll                                       C
                                  indicating the
                                                                                                                      Copies of all new/changed
                                  basic new hire          Benefits Manager           p. 7
                                                                                                              No    forms are printed and given to
                                    information,         verifies New Hire/                   Errors                Payroll on the (date) and at the              To
                                 including social       Change forms to the                 Identified                 end of each month, to be                 Payroll
                                      security           New Hire Package                       ?                    entered into Payroll system.
                                 number, salary,        to ensure accuracy.
                                     and home                                               Yes
              B                    organization.             To Payroll                                  A
       Source: 5                                                                                                                                Page 6
                                                  Termination of Employee

           Is                                                                                                                             Employee
                                        Employee                   Officer sends           Resignation
      terminatio         Yes                                                                                  HR completes              Status Change
                                     notifies Officer               resignation             Letter or
           n                                                                                                  the Employee                  Notice.
                                      of resignation              letter/e-mail to           e-mail
       voluntary                                                                                              Status Change
                                    via letter/e-mail.                  HR.
           ?                                                                                                      Form.

                           Note: Terminated employee’s files are pulled and re-filed as
                           “terminated,” for audit trail purposes.

                                                                                                              HR Staff
                                                   Manager                     Employment                                                                   p. 6
                HR sends form                   reviews and                      Manager
                                                                                                          termination to            HR Staff updates         C
                 to Officer for               initials the form                sends form to
                                                                                                          all necessary              HR/IS system.
                   approval.                      to ensure                       Benefit
                                              officer approval                   Manager.
                                                                                                             via email.
                                                is indicated.

    Officer involves                                                                             VP of HR must
                               HR ensures proper documentation is obtained
    HR indicating                                                                                    approve                                   E
                               from a legal standpoint (i.e. they must have a
    the reason for                                                                                 involuntary
                                       valid basis for the termination).                                                                   p. 8
     termination.                                                                                 termination.

Note: If the employee wants an exit interview, one is granted,
however Company ABC does not require exit interviews.                                Note: Employee information in System X is reconciled to
                                                                                     the HR/IS System information by Human Resources
                                                                                     personnel once per quarter.

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                                       Employee Pay Rate Change
                                                                                                                             Employee is
                                                                                                                            awarded a merit
                                                                                                                          increase in salary.

                                                    Salary increase                                                         HR or Officer
               HR proposes
                                                  information sent to                                          Yes          completes an
               overall salary                                                              Approved
                                                      Management                                                          Employee Status
                 increase                                                                     ?
                                                     Committee for                                                        Change Notice for
                                                       approval.                                                           each employee.

                                  Status Change                   HR sends ESCN to                                           No
                                  Notice/Y Form                   Officer for approval.                  ?


                                                                                                         E         p. 7

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