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					Maratonlista – Samtliga låtar som spelats på våra lyssnarträffar i bokstavsordning sedan
vi började föra ordentliga listor.

  10 cc                          One night in Paris                    The original soundtrack

  10 cc                        How Dare You
  10CC                         The Dean and I. + Donna.                10CC
  5 Bridges                    Amazons and Heaven
  A.C.T.                       Torn by a Phrase Garden                 Last Epic
  AC/DC                        You got the jack
  Agents of Mercy              The fading ghosts of twilight           The fading ghosts of twilight
  Agents Of Mercy              Twilight
  Agents of Mercy              The Faded Ghosts of Twilight            The Faded ghosts of
  Agents Of Mercy              The Duke of Sadness                     Dramarama
  Åke Wallin                   Pappa spelar trummor
  Alain Caron                  Spacy Country
  Alas                           Aires Solo Es Piedro                  Alas Buenos
  Albion                       Angel
  Ale Möller Band              Styggen                                 Bojdal
  Alex Carpani                 Memories of a Wedding
  Alex Carpani                 Master of Ceremonies                    The Sanctuary
  Alex carpani Band            The Siren And The Mariner               Waterline
  Alex Carpani Band            Burning Braziers                        The Sanctuary
  Alexander Rabbit             The Hunchback of Notre Dame             The Hunchback of Notre
  Alice Cooper                 Welcome to my nightmare
  Amagrama                     Ciclotimia, Ciclotimia (instrumental)   Los Jaivas, Alturas de
                                                                       macchu picchu Antigua
  Amarok                       Quentadharken                           Quentadharken coda
  Ambra                        Scherzo
  Ambra                        Vandring
  Ambrosia                       Nice, nice very nice                  Ambrosia
  America                      Ventura Highway                         Greatest Hits
  Amon Dul                     Jailhouse Frog
  Analogy                        Pan-Am flight 249                     Analogy
  Andreas Arflot               Sista Båt från Shanghai                 Det Rivna Pianot
  Andrew Lloyd Webber          Variations of Paganini                  Variations
  Angel                        Theme                                   Angel
  Änglagård                    Jordrök
  Änglagård                    Kung Bore
  Änglagård                    Kung Bore                               Hybris
  Anima Mundi                    Time To Understand                    The Way
  Anima Mundi                    Spring Knocks On The Door Of Men      The Way
  Anima Mundi                  The Awaken Dreamer In The Soul          Jagganath Orbit
                               Garden Dreams The Flower Plan
  Anima Mundi                  Toward the Adventure                    Jagannath Orbit
  Annette Peacock                Solar systems                         The perfect release
  Annie Lennox                   Ladies of the canyon
  Anyone’s Daughter            Adonis                                  Adonis
  Apogee                       Mistery Remains
  Apogee                       Paying The Bill                         Garden Of Delights
  Arena                        A crack in the ice
  Arild Andersen               Nidaros                                 Kristin Lavransdotter
  Arts                           Preview
  Arts                           Find a way                            "nästan en musikvideo"
Arts                        Find A Way                                   ufp
Arts                        In Search of Ignorance                       Live
ARTS -                      Find A Way(DVD margr.f.g.)
ASIA                        HEAT OF THE MOMENT
Ayreon                      Amazing flight in Space                      The Electric castle
Babylon                        Before The Fall                           Babylon
Bacamarte                      Ultimo Entradecer                         Depois do film
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso       La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta       Darwin!
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.   Danza dei grandi rettili.                    Darwin
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.   Cento mani e cento occhi.                    Darwin
Barcley James Harvest.      Summer soldier.,                             Baby james harvest
Barre Phillips m.fl.           Twitter                                   Music By…
Bättre Lyss                    Till den sträng som brast än att aldrig   Göta Lejon
                               spänna en båge
Beardfish                      Sane day                                  The Sane Day
BEARDFISH                   THE SAIN DAY
Beardfish                   A Merry Terry X-Mas                          Unreleased Track
BEATLES                     CARRY THAT WEIGHT
Big Big Train                  Master James…                             The Underfall Yard
BigElf                        Disappear                                  Hex
Bigelf                      Disappear
Bigelf                      Burning bridges
Bigelf                      Crazy
BIGELF                      BATS IN THE BELLFREE
Biglietto per l’inferno        Ansia
Bill Bruford                   Goodbye to the past                       Feels good to me
Bill Bruford                Hells Bells                                  One of a kind
Billie Holyday              Strange Fruit
Billie Holyday              God Bless The Child
Bing Crosby/David Bowie     Little Drummer Boy

Birds and Buildings         Tunguska
Bjork                         Human Behavior
BJÖRK                       COME TO ME
Björn J:son Lind.           Elastic springtime.                          Cous Cous
Björn J-Son Lindh             Ramadan                                    Ramadan
Black Bonzo                 Where the river meets the sea
Black crows                 my morning song                              The southern harmony and
                                                                         musical companion
Blackfield                  Blackfield                                   Blackfield
Blind Ego                     Leave                                      Numb
Blind Ego                   Lost                                         Numb
Blocco Mentale              Capita                                       POA
Blocco Mentale              Impressioni                                  Poa
Blue Öyster Cult.           Then came the last days of may.              Blue Öyster Cult
Bo Hansson.                 En vandring i solen & Lothlorien.            Sagan om ringen
Bohuslän big band             Let me take you to the beach               Plays Zappa
Boomtown Rats               Banana Republic
BRANDY                      NUCLEAR BURN
Brian Eno                     My Life In The Bush Of Gohsts              Regement
Brian Eno                     No one recieving                           (1977)
Bright Eye Brison           After The Storm
Buffy Saint Marie.          He's an indian cowboy & in the rodeo.        Tio i top
Cafeine                     Way Is Open                                  Kalevala
CAI                         Soné Contigo
Camel                         Nimrodel/The Procession/The White          Mirage
Camel                             Nimrodel / The Procession / The White
Camel                             Rose of sharon
Camel                             Highways of The Sun                     Rain Dances
Camerata Nordica                  Beethoven Ståkkvartett n:o 15           Beethoven late string
Camerata Nordica                  Cavatina av Beethoven                   Beethoven late string
Camerata Roman                    Suite from Abdelazer av Purcell         Plays Barock
Campo di marte                    Primo tempo
Capitolo 6                        Grande Spirito                          Frutti Per Kagua
Carl Orff                            Camina Burana                        O Fortuna
Carlos Santana                    All the love of the universe
Carptree                             Land Of Plenty                       Nymf
Carptree                          The Water                               Nymf
Cat Stevevs                       Sitting                                 Catch Bull at four
Chick Corea                          Tap step                             The embrace
Chick corea & Return to forever   Do You Ever                             Musicmagic
Chick Corea.                      Toy rom.                                Circle
Chris Cornell                        Pillow of Your bones                 Euphoria Morning
Chris Squire                      Hold out your hand
Chris Squire                      silently falling
Circus 2000                            I am the Witch                     Boxing circus
City Boy                             Mr shoes                             Heads are rolling
Cockney rebel                        Death trip
Cockney Rebel                     Tumbling down
Cockney Rebel                     Death Trip
Colloseum 2                          Strange new flesh                    Down to You

Colosseum                         Time Lament                             Daughter of Time
Conversation with Personality     Mirthrandir                             For You the old Woman
      Cornelis Vreeswijk          Fritiof Anderssons Paradmarsch
Coste Apetrea                     Ockhams Rakkniv                         Nyspolat
Country Joe and the Fish             Section 43                           Electric music for the mind
                                                                          and body
Country Joe And The Fish            Section 43                            Electric Music for the Mind
                                                                          and Body
Country Joe and the fish          Porpoise Mouth
Country Joe And The Fish          Section 43                              Monterey Festival
Country joe and the Fish          Section 42                              Från Monterey festivalen

Crack                                 video
Cream,                               Strange brew                         Disraeli gears
Creamy Mod                           Escape
Crosby Stills & Nash                 Wooden Ships                         Crosby Stills & Nash
Crosby Stills & Nash              Gunniviere                              Live
Dalton                            Riflessioni                             Riflessioni: idea d`infinito
David Bedford                     Sirens
David Bowie                          We are the dead                      Diamond Dogs
David Bowie                          Weeping Wall                         Low
David Bowie                          Subterraneans                        Low
David Bowie                         Width of a circle                     The man who sold the world
David Bowie                          Sence of Doubt                       Heroes
David Bowie                          Neuköln                              Heroes
David Bowie                       Lady Stardust                           Ziggy Stardust
David bowie                       Life on mars
David Bowie                       Aladdin Sane
David Bowie                       We Are Dead
David Bowie               Subterraneans
David Bowie               Neuköln
David Bowie               Lady Grining Soul               Alladin Sane
David Gilmour             David Gilmour                   There's No Way Out Of
David Gilmour             David Gilmour                   There's No Way Out Of
David San Bouru           Smile
David Sylvian             September                       Secret of the Behive
Deep Purple                 Woman from Tokyo              Who do we think we are
          Deep Purple.    Lazy.                           Machine Head
Deep Purple.              Child in time.                  Made in Japan
Devin Townsend            Deep Piece
Diamanda Galas            My world is empty without you
Dimmornas Bro             Låt Det inte Gå Ut Över Mig
Dire Straits              Telegraph Road
District 97               Termites                        Hybrid Child
Divae                     Gargantua bestemmia…
Donald Fagen                Kamakariad                    Tea House From The
Dream Theater               The Big Medley                A change of seasons
Dream Theater             Change of season
Druid                     Theme
ELP                       Promenade & The Gnome

Eagles                    King Of Hollywood
Earth & Fire              Maybe Tomorrow
Echolyn                   As the world
Echolyn                   A little nonsence
Edgar Froese              Stuntman
Eela Craig                   Circles the mighty           One Niter
Eidiôlun                     Dreamland                    Illusio
Ekseption.                Unknown Soldier.                I sing the boddy electric
EL&P,                        Abbadon's bolero             Trilogy
Electric Banana Band         Olyckan                      Electric Banana Tajm
Elin Sigvardsson          Tomma Tunnor Skramlar mest
Ellis, Beggs and Howard   Where Did Tomorrow Go ?         Homelands
Eloy                      Ro Setau
ELP                       Farewell to arms
ELP.                      Trilogy.                        Trilogy
Elton John                   All the young …              Goodbye Yellow brick road
Elton John                   Madman Across The Water      Indian Sunset
Elvira Vänerfors          If You Were Mine
Elvis Costello               Less than Zero               My aim is true
Emerson Lake & Palmer     Cést la Vie
Emerson Lake & Palmer     I believe In Father Christmas
Emerson Lake & Palmer     The Endless Enigma pt1          Trilogy
Emerson, Lake & Palmer    Footprints in the snow          Black moon
Entrance                  A Simple Prayer
EPHRAT                    HAZE
Esperanto                 Obsession
Esperanza Spalding           Two bad
Esperanza Spalding           Esperanza                    Precious
Ethos                        Open Up                      Memories
Eva Dahlgren                 Maktstatus                   Collections
Fabio Waldemarin          Got a Match
Fantacy                   Paint a picture
Fish                         Shadowplay                   Internal Exile
Fish                      Tumble down
FISH              QUESTIONS
Fleetwood mac        Go Your own way
Flesh Quartet     Killing Gilly
Fleshquartet      Amorosa
Flora Purim          Look into his eyes                    That’s what he said
Flower Kings      Cosmic Circus
Flower Kings      Theme for a hero
Focus             Focus 3
Focus             Sylvia
Focus             Eruption                                 Moving Waves
Focus             House of the King
Foghat            Nervous Release
Frak Zappa        The Black Pages part 2.
Francis Dunnery     American life                          In the summertime
Frank Zappa          Stinkfoot                              Conceptual continuity
Frank Zappa          Valley Girl                            The Ship arrived too late…
Frank Zappa          Intro                                  Yellow Shark
Frank Zappa          Titties and beers
Frank Zappa          Return of the Son of Monster Magnet   (Freak Out)
Frank Zappa          Absolutely Free                       (We are only In it for the
Frank Zappa         Flower Punk                            (We are only In it for the
Frank Zappa         Our Bizarre Relationsship              (Uncle Meat)
Frank Zappa         The Uncle Meat Variations              (Uncle Meat)
Frank Zappa         Prelude to the Afternoon of a          (Weasels Ripped My Flesh)
                    Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
Frank Zappa         Peaches and Regalia                    (Hot Rats)
Frank Zappa         Would You Like a Snack                 (200 Motels)
Frank Zappa         Happy Together                         (Fillmore East)
Frank Zappa         Dinah-Moe-Hum                          (Overnight Sensation)
Frank Zappa         Don´t Eat the Yellow Snow              (Apostrophe)
Frank Zappa         Nanook Rubs It                         (Apostrophe )
Frank Zappa         St Alfonzo´s Pancake Breakfast         (Apostrophe)
Frank Zappa         San Ber´dino                           (One Size Fits All)
Frank Zappa         Cucamonga                              (Bongo Fury)
Frank Zappa         Black Napkins                          (Zoot Allures)
Frank Zappa         The Black Page #1                      (Zappa in New York)
Frank Zappa         Flakes                                 (Sheik Yerbouti)
Frank Zappa         Wet T-Shirt Night                      ( Joe´s Garage Act I)
Frank Zappa         Watermelon in Easter Hay               (Joe´s Garage Acts II & III)
Frank Zappa         Marque-Son´s Chicken                   (Them Or Us)
Frank Zappa         Geneva Farewell                        (You Can´t Do That on
                                                           Stage Anymore (Vol 5))
Frank Zappa         Zoot Allures                           Zoot Allures
Frank Zappa         Overnite Sensation                      Montana
Frank Zappa         Apostrophe                              Cosmic Debris
Frank Zappa         Uncle Meat                             Project X
Frank Zappa       Stairway to Heaven                       Stairway to Heaven
Frank Zappa       More Trouble Every Day
Frank Zappa       Penguin in bondage                       Roxy and Elsewere
Frank Zappa       Ring of fire                             The best band you never
                                                           heard in your life
Frank Zappa       Baby Snakes                              Sheik Yerbouti
Frank Zappa.      Waka/Jawaka..                            Waka/Jawaka
Fromuz            Stone sallad
Fruitcake           Intelligence                           Man overboard
Galleon           Lullaby                                  Heritage and Visions
Gallery             Inte bara Jag                          Singel
Gargamel                  Descending                              Prevail the Sea
Gargamel                Prevail the sea
Gary Boyle                Cowshed shuffle                         The Dancer
Gayle Moran               I love you then…                        I loved You Now
Generous Men:             "Taken" (promo 2010)
Genesis                   Down And Out                            And then there were Three
Genesis                   Firth of fifth                          Archive
Genesis                   Robbery, Assault and Battery            A Trick Of The Tail
Genesis                   Carpet Crawler                          Live 1976
Genesis                   Anyway                                  The Lamb Lies Down
                                                                  On Brodway
Genesis                   White Mountain                          Trespass
Genesis                   Dancing with the moonlit knight         Selling england
Genesis                   senare delen av Suppers ready           Foxtrot
Genesis                 Fly on the windshield                     The Lamb lies down on
Genesis                 Harrold The Barrel                        Nursery Crime
Genesis                 I know what I like                        Selling England...
Genesis                 Watcher of the skies                      Live
Genesis                 The battle of Epping Forest
Genesis                 Driving the last spike
Genesis                 Afterglow                                 Wind and Wuthering
Genesis                 The Musical Box                           Nursery Crime
Genesis                 Dance on a volcano                        Trick of the Tail
Genesis                 Carpet Crawlers
Genesis                 The Knife                                 Tresspass
Genesis.                Watcher of the skies.                     Foxtrot
Gentle Giant               Wreck
Gentle Giant               Alucard - Isn't It Quiet And Cold? -
                           Wreck - Mister Class And Quality?
                         A Cry For Everyone - Knots - The Boys
                              In The Band - The Runaway
                            Cogs In Cogs - Proclamation - So
                            Sincere - Free Hand - Empty City
                         Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do it - For
                               Nobody - Giant For A Day
                           Words From The Wise - All Through
                                       The Night -
                          The Advent Of Panurge - Think Of Me
                                      With Kindness

Gentle Giant            Cogs in Cogs
Gentle Giant            The advent of Panurge
Gentle Giant            Proclamation
Gentle Giant.           Three friends & Mr. Class and Quality.    Three Friends
George Duke             Piano Solo
George Duke             Ripple in Time                            Deja Vu
Ginger Trees            Forever This Longing
Gino Vanelli            Where Am I Going
Glass Hammer              "If"                                    2010 "Grace the skies"
       Glass Hammer -   Long and long ago (DVD)

Godley & Cream          The Party
Gotic                   I tu que ho veies tot tan facil
Grand Stand             The trees and the chopping nutcracker     In the middle on the edge
Greenslade                 Greenslade                             Sundance
Grobschnitt                Merry Go Round                          Comon People
Grobschnitt                Grobschnitt                             Wonderful Music
Grobschnitt                     Solar Music 1                    Solar Music Live
Grobschnitt                     Merry go round                   merry go round
Grobschnitt                     Severity town
Grobschnitt                     The Excursions of Father Smith   Jumbo
Grovjobb                        Lokomotiv
Gryphon                         Spring Song                      Treason
Guano Apes                      Lords Of The Boards
Gungfly                            Whiskers                      Please be Quiet
Gungfly                         Lamentations                     Bringing Down The Walls
Gungfly                         Lamentations                     Bringing Down The Walls
Guns & Roses                    Estranged
Händel                          Chorus                           Messiah
Hanson the the wolf             Var kommer barnen in             Existens maximum
Hansson & Karlsson              Richard Lionheart
Harry Connic Jr.                   We Are In Love                It’s Alright With Me
Hatfield And The North          Share It
Heart                              Barracuda
Hedningarna                     Täss'On Nainen
Hep Stars                       Wedding                          The Hep Stars
Hepstars                           Lilla Sofie
Herbie Hancock                  Rain Dance                       Sextant
Hola bandola band               Keops pyramid
Holabandola Band                Måndåre
Hollies                            The very last day
   Hollingsworth & Liungman -   Har Du Grävt Nån Grop Idag
Horizont                        Undran vid havet
Huuro Kolkko                       Mielisasaurus
i boom                          Luce e vita
Ian Andersson                   En Afrique                       Divinities
Il Volo                         Gente in amore                   Esser o non essere?
Il Volo                         Essere                           Essere o non essere?
Indukti                            Cold Inside                   S.U.S.A.R
Introitus                          Ghost
Introitus                          Fantasy                       Fantasy
Introitus                          Fantasy                       Fantasy
Introitus                          Fantasy                       Child
IQ                              Frequency
IQ                              The seventh house
Iron Butterfly                  In A Gadda Da Vida
ISILDURS BANE                   GOOD
Isildurs Bane                   Eyes                             Mind vol.4
It’s a beautiful Day            Whitebird
It’s a beautiful Day            Bombay Calling                   It’s a beautiful Day
It’s Us                         One Step                         …and a laughing white
                                                                 monkey will…
It's a beautiful day            White bird
IZZ                             Can’t feel The Earth Part 1      The Darkened Room
IZZ                             23 mkinutes of tragedy           The Darkened Room
J Page/R Plant                  Gallow's pole
J Page/R Plant                  Nobodys fault but mine
J Page/R Plant                  Kashmir
James Gang                        Take a look around             Yer album
Jamiroquai                        A Funk Oddesy                  Love Foolosophy
Jan garbarek                    Twelve moons                     Twelve moons
Jane                            Out In the Rain                  Here We Are
Janis Joplin                      Little girl blue
Janis Joplin                      Trust me
Janis Joplin                    Summertime
Janne Schaffer                    Earmeal                        Hot Days and Summer
Jeavestone            Angles of mercy
Jeff Beck             Stratus                                 Live at Ronnie Scott’s
Jeff Healey Band      See The Light                           See The Light
Jefferson Airplane      We can be together                    The worst of ..
Jefferson Airplane      2400 Fulton Street                    Triad
Jeffersson Airplane   White Rabbit
Jellyfish             Hush
Jericho                 Jericho                               Ethiopia
Jericho               Justin and Nova                         Jericho
Jethro Tull             Wond’ring Again                       Living in The Past
Jethro Tull             This is not love                      Catfish rising
Jethro Tull             Song for Jeffery                      Rolling stones Circus
Jethro tull             Doctor to my disease                  Catfish rising
Jethro tull             The Chateau D’isaster tapes           Box
Jethro Tull             Flying Dutchman                        Stormwatch
Jethro Tull             Flute Solo                             Bursting Out
Jethro Tull             Dangerous Vails                       Roots To Branches
Jethro Tull             Velvet Green                          Live
Jethro Tull             - Heat                                Under Wraps
Jethro Tull           Warm Sporran                            Stormwatch
Jethro tull           Something’s on the move                 Stormwatch
Jethro Tull           Old ghosts                              Stormwatch
Jethro Tull           A Passion Play (Edit part 2 min.7-14)   A Passion Play

Jethro Tull           Mother Goose
Jethro Tull           The mouse police never sleeps           Heavy Horses
Jethro Tull           Rocks on the road
Jethro Tull           Solstice Bells                          Video
Jethro Tull           March The Mad Scientist                 Box 20 Years
Jethro Tull           A Christmas Song                        The J T Christmas Album
Jethro Tull           A Passion Play                          A Passion Play
Jethro Tull           Old Ghosts                              Stormwatch
Jethro Tull           Sea Lion                                War Child
Jethro Tull           Queen and Country                       War Child
Jethro Tull           Thick as a Brick part 1                 Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull           BBC documentary
Jethro Tull           Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull           Cross Eyed Mary                         Aqualung
Jethro Tull           Jack in the Green                       Songs from the Wood
Jethro Tull           My God                                  Aqualung
Jethro Tull.          valda delar av sida B.                  Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull.          Wond'ring Again.                        Living in the past.
Jethro Tull.          Dr. Bogenbroom.                         Living in the past
Jimi Hendrix          Midnight                                War Heroes
Joakim Flinck         Tsunami                                 Hemliga Rum
Joe Cocker              I shall be released                   woodstock
John Lennon           Happy Xmas
John Mc laughlin        The unknown dissident                 Electric dreams
John Miles               Music                                Music
John Miles            Music (DVD)
John Young Band       Underside                               Live at the Classic Rock
                                                              Society 2003
Jon and Vangelis        I’ll Find My Way Home                 The Friends of Mr Cairo
Joni Mitchel          Taming the tiger
Joni Mitchell            Sex Kills                               Turbulent indigo
Joni Mitchell          River                                     Blue
Jordan Rudess            Rhythm of Time                          Time Crunch
Jose Cid               Fuga Para O Espaco
Journey                Don’t Stop Believin’                      The Essential Journey
Journey                Don’t Stop Believin’                      The Essential Journey
Jupiter Society        8511                                      First Contact/Last Warning
Kaipa                    Musiken är ljuset                       Kaipa
Kaipa                  Inget nytt under solen                    Inget nytt under solen
Kaipa                  Skenet bedrar                             Inget nytt under solen
Kaipa                  Skogspromenad                             Kaipa
Kansas                   Pinnacle                                The Masque
Kansas                   Power                                   Power
Kansas                 The devil game
Kansas                    Belexes, Can I Tell You, Song For
                             America, Child Of Innocence,
                        Carry On Wayward Son, Point Of Know
                               Return,Dust In The Wind,
                         On The Other Side, Relentless, Just
                          One Way, Every Step Of The Way,
                       Play The Game Tonight, Fight Fire With
                             Fire, Silhouettes In Disquise,
                        Once In A Lifetime, Cold Grey Morning,
                                Prelude & Introduction,
                             The Wall, Icarus II, Oceanic
                                Celebration, Greenburg.

Kate Bush                 Wuthering heights                      Kick inside
Kayak                  Friend of the Stars                       Fate of Man
Keith Jarrett             Oasis                                  Nude Ants
Kenny wayne            Aberdeen                                  Led better hights
Keziah Jones              Hidetheology
Khaled                 Dj Dj
Kim Carnes                Bette Davis eyes
King Crimson              Larks’ toungues in Aspic, part one      Lark’s Tounges in Aspic
King Crimson              The Power to Believe                    The Power to Believe pt2
King crimson             The Devils triangle                     In the wake of Poseidon
King Crimson              Red                                     Red
King Crimson           In the court of the crimson king
Kosmos                 Then just call me
Kraftverk              Ruckzuck
Kraftwerk                  Autobahn
KSMB                     Sarjent pepper                          Rövarnas visa
La Bottega dell arte      N :1                                    Un´ Esistensa
La Maschera Di Cera    Doppia Immagine
Laleh                     Invisible                              Laleh
Lamb, Cold Blood       Live at Filmore West
Lasse Tennander           Alla är vi barn I början               Alla är vi barn i början
Latte e Miele ,           "Passio secundum Mattheum"             1972. "Getzemani"
Laurie Anderson           Big science                            Big Science
Laurie Anderson           Life On A String                       Dark Angel
Le Orme                   1)Sospesi Nell Íncredible              Felona e Sorona

                         2) All Ìnfuori Del Tempo
Le Orme                Fori Di Giglio                            Ad Gloriam
Le Orme                Ad Glorian
Le Orme                Felona E Serona (DVD)
Le orme                Uomo di pezza
Led Zeppelin             No Quarter                              Houses of the Holy
Led Zeppelin                  1                                Dazed and Confused
Led Zeppelin                  Houses of the Holy               The Song Remains the
Led Zeppelin                  The song remain the same         Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin                Houses Of The Holy                 Over The Hills And Far
Leprous                        Dare                            Tall Poppy Syndrome
Levitation                  Green Queen                        Smells Electric
Linkin Park                 In The End
Lisa Dal Bello                 She                             Tango
Lisa Nilsson                Våren Kom I År                     Små Rum
Loreena Mcenniitt              The mystics dream               A night at elhambra
Loso                          Red album
Lou Reed                    Heroine
Lou Reed                    Sweet Jane                         Rock & Roll Animal
Lunatic Soul                The In-between Kingdom             LS2
Mad Crayon                  La Ballata dell’Uomo Nudo
Mad Crayon                  The Ile of Refuse                  Kalevala
Magellan                       Songsmith                       Impending Ascension
Magic Pie                   Motions of Desire                  Motions of Desire
Magic Pie                   Slightly Mad                       The Suffering Joy
Magnum                         In The beginning                Marauder
Magnum                      One Night Of Passion
Magnum                      On a storytellers night
Mahavishnu Orchestra           Smile of the beyond             Apocalypse
Mahavishnu Orchestra           Noonward Race                   The inner mounting flame
Malcolm Mclaren               Paris                            Walking with Sadie
Mamas and the Papas         California dreaming
Manfred Mann`s earthband      Lies through the eighties        Chance
Manfred Mann’s Earth band      Father of Day …                 Solar Fire
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band      Mighty Quinn                    Watch
Mangenta                       Seven                            Gluttony
Mantra                        Take it                          Take it
Mari Boine Persen
Marianne Faithful               Ballad of Lucy Jordan          Broken English
Marie Brennan                   Misty eye adventures
Marie Frediksson                Den sjunde vågen
Marillion                       The Web                        Script for a Jesters tear
Marillion                       The Thieving Magpie            Incommunicado
Marillion                       The King of sunset town        (1989) seasons end
Marillion                   Script for a jesters tear          Script for a jesters tear
Marillion                   Torch Song                         Clutching At Straws
Marillion                   That time of the night
Marillion                   Garden party (DVD)
Marillion                   Afraid of sunlight
Marillion                   Heart of Loathian                  Misplaced Childhood
Marillion                   Incubus                            Fugazi
Marillion                   Misplaced Childhood                Heart Of Loathian
Mars Volta                      The Widow                      Frances the Mute
Martin Barre                    A blues for all reasons        A trick of memory
Marvin Gaye                 I heard It Through Grapevine
Mathew’s Southern Comfort   Woodstock
metamorphosi                   inferno                         introduzione
Michelle Branch                 The Game of love                Hotel Paper
Mick Ronson                    Play don`t worry                Billy Porter
Miguel Aruemo               El Largo Dia De Viviv
Mikael Ramel                Snutten,ge de till oss, frieriet   Tredje skivan
Mikael Wiehe                    Sevillia                       Vad Bryr Sig Kärleken Om
Mike Batt                   Imbecile                                          Tarot Suite
Mike Oldfield                  Taurus 1                                       QE2
Mike Oldfield                  Tubular Bells II                               Sentinel
Mike Oldfield               Arrival                                           QE2
Mike Oldfield               Millenium Bells (DVD)
Mike Olfield                   Sheba                                          QE2
Mike Olfield                   The Orchestral Tubular Bells                   Tubular Bells
Mike Rutherford             Overnight Job                                     Smallcreeps Day
Miklagård                   narren                                            Miklagård
Mindflowers                 Red Spider                                        Improgressive
Moody Blues                 Nights in White Satin
Moody Blues                 Night in white satin
Moody Blues.                I'm just a singer in a rock n' roll band.         Seventh Sojourn
Moon safari                    moonchild                                      Blomljud
Moon Safari                    Lover’s End                                    Lover’s End
Moon Safari                 Constant Bloom                                    Blomljud
Moon Safari                 Methusaleh’s Children                             Blomljud
Moon Safari                 Heartland                                         Lover’s End
Moon Safari                 Southern Belle                                    Lover’s End
Moongarden,                    "It's you"2008.                                "Songs from the
Morte Macabre               Apoteosi Del Mistero                              Symphonic Holocaust
Mother Of God               Queen Of The Gutter                               Mother Of God
Mother of Invention         Approximate
Mothers finest                Baby love                                       live
Mothers of invention          For calvin                                      The grand wazoo
Mothers of Invention        Cosmic Debris
Mothers of invention
Mountain                    Nantucket Sleighride                              The Best Of Mountain
 Mr Brown                   Suicide                                           Mellan tre ögon
Muse                        United States of Eurasia
Museo Rosenbach             Rullervoinen Son of Evil                          Kalevala
National Health                 Borogoves                                     Affinity
National Health                 Elephants                                     National Health
Nationalteatern                 Spisa
Nationalteatern                 Hanna från Arlöv                              Livet är en Fest
Nazareth                    Telegram
Neal Morse                  Lifeline                                          Lifeline
Neil Diamond                Soolaimon
Neil Young                      Cortez the Killer                              Zuma
Neil Young                      Pocahontas                                     Unplugged
Neil Young                     Live rust                                      Like a hurricane
Neil Young                  Inca Queen                                        Life
Neil Young & Crazy Horse,       Inca queen                                    Life.
Nektar.                     A tab in the ocean.                               A tab in the ocean
Nemo                        L.D.I
Neuschwannstein                 Battlemnent                             Midsummerday
Neuschwanstein              The Bugle
Nevärlläjf                      Hem-o-röj                               Klusterfloristen
New Trolls                      Venti o centi anne
Nick Lowe                      The sound of breaking glass                    Jesus of cool
Nina Hagen                  Natur Träne
Nordagust                   Frozen                                         In the Mist of Morning
Norrland                        Cow cow                                 Ensamheten
Nova Era                    il passionel soldato
November                        Mitt hjärta skall vara gjort av sten    2:a
November                    Lek att du är barn igen
November                    Ta ett steg in i sagans land
November                Kommer Långsamt                         6:e November
Of Wondrous legends     Legends
Omega                      Idörablö                            Late Night Show
Opeth                 Coil                                  Watershed
Opeth                   1) In My Time of Need                  Damnation

                        2) Windowpane
Opeth                   Windowpane                              Damnation
           Oregon -     Amaryllis
Overhead              Enthrophy                             And we’re not here after all
Overhead                To the madness                         And we are not here after all
Overhead                To the Madness
OVERHEAD                A METHOD
Ozric Tentacles         Magic valley
Ozric Tentacles         Spyroid
PFM                   Impressioni di Settembre
PFM                     Four holes in the ground                The World became the
Paladin                 Mix Your Mind With Moonbeans            Charge!
Pär Lindh Project       The Iconoclast
Parzivals eye         Chicago                               Fragments
Parzivals Eye           "Skylights"                             Fragments" (2009)
Passport                Ostinato                                Infinity Machine

Pat Benatar           Heart breaker                         In the heat of the night
Patrick Moraz         Another Dog                           The story of I
Patrick Moraz          I                                         Best year of our lives
Patti Smith            Easter                                    Space monkey
Paul McCartney         Ram                                       Too many people

Paul Simon            50 ways to leave your lover
Paul Simon            American Tune                         There Goes Rhymin…
Pavlos Dog              Did you see him cry
Pavlovs Dogs            Julia
Pavlovs’ Dog            Did You See Him Cry                     At The Sound Of The Bell
PBII                    Book of Changes                         Plastic Soup
Peter Gabriel         Don’t give up                         So
Peter Gabriel         Wallflower                            4
Peter Gabriel         Here comes the…                       Shaking the Tree
Peter Gabriel         Wallflower                               Nr.4
Peter Gabriel                                                  Sledgehammer
Peter Gabriel           Digging in the dirt (DVD)

Peter Gabriel           Here Comes The Flood (DVD)
Peter Gabriel           Spiele Ohne Grenzen
Peter Gabriel           Family Snapshot
Phoenix                 Stima Casei                             Cantafabule
Pink Floyd            Great gig in the sky                  Dark side of the moon
Pink Floyd            Hey You                               The Wall
Pink Floyd            Corporal Clegg                        A saucerful of secrets
Pink Floyd            Echoes                                Live at pompei
Pink Floyd            Welcome to the Machine                Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd                 Not Now John                          The Final Cut
Pink Floyd                 The Narrow Way Part 1                Ummagumma
Pink Floyd                 Dogs                                 Animals
Pink Floyd                    Nicks Boggie (London 66/67)
        Arnold Layne (singel)

       See Emily Play (singel)

Mathilda Mother (Piper at the Gates of

     Apples & Oranges (singel)

     It Would be so Nice (singel)

  Remember a day (A Saucerful of

          Cymbaline (More)

  The Narrow Way (Ummagumma)

  Crumbling Land (Zabriskie Point)

  Summer 68 (Atom Heart Mother)

     One of these days (Meddle)

Burning Bridges (Obscured by Clouds)

    Time (Dark Side of the Moon)

       See-Saw (A Nice Pair)

Shine on You Crazy Diamond del 6-9
       (Wish You Were Here)

          Sheep (Animals)

    Comfortably Numb (The Wall)

   One of the Few (The Final Cut)

   One Slip (A Momentary Laps of

     Poles Apart (Division Bells)


Set the Controls from the Heart of the
Sun (video från concert Holland 1970)

    When the Tigers Brooke Free

    The Happiest Days of My Life

  Another Brick in the Wall (part II)

                                      Goodbye Blue Sky

                                    What Shall We Do Now

                                          Young Lust

                                       One of My Turns

                                         Run Like Hell

                                     Waiting for the Worms

                                 The Trial (alla från The Wall)

                                         Brian Damage

                             Total eclipse (videos från Dark Side of
                                            the Moon)

Pink Floyd                  Wish You Were Here                         Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd                  Cymbaline                                  KQED
Pink Floyd                  The Embyo                                  Project Birmingham
Pink Floyd                  Signs of life                              A Momentary lapse of
Pink Floyd                  High Hopes                                 The Division Bell
Pink Floyd                  What shall we do now                       Is there anybody out there ?
Pink Floyd                  A Saucerful of Secrets
Pink Floyd                  In the Flesh                              The Wall
Pink Floyd -                   Dogs                                   Animals
          Pink Floyd.       Obscured by clouds.                       Obscured by clouds
Pogues                      Young Ned of the hill                     Peace and love
Porcelain                Lost in haze                      …as it were. Here and there
Porcupine Tree              Open Car                                  Deadwing
Porcupine Tree              Black Dahlia                              The Incident
Porcupine Tree              Even less
Procession                  Uomni di vento                            Fiaba
Procol Harum                Pilgrims Progress                         Grand Hotel
Procol Harum                A Whiter Shade of Pale                    A Whiter shade of pale
Proto-K                     Relics of the tempels
Pugh Rogefeldt              Guldgruva
Pugh Rogefelt               Mona
Pugh Rogerfel            Storseglet
Pulsar                      Flight
Queen                    The Millionare Waltz              A Day at the Races
Queen                       Sheer heart attac
Queen                       Love Of My Life
QUEEN                       NEVERMORE / THE MARCH OF THE
                            BLACK QUEEN
Quella vecchia locanda      Immagini sfocate
Quicksilver              Joseph’s Coat                     Messenger Service
Quidam                   Gleboka rzeka                     Live in Mexico
Quidam                         They are there to remind us           Alone together
Quidam                          Of Illusions                               Alone together
Quidam                          Awakening / Deep river
Quidam                          Different                                Alone Together
Quincy Jones                      sounds                                I`m gonna miss you in the
Ralf Lundsten                En Sommarsaga                      Molndrömmar
Ralph Lundsten               Paradissymfonin                    Den Himmelska Fridens Ängd
Ralph Lundsten                   Robbie is dancing the Waltz
Ralph Lundsten                   Midvinternatt                               En Midvinter Saga
Ralph Towner                        Solstice                               Oceanus
Ravel                            Bolero                                      Bolero
Ravi Shankar                 Variation on …                      Asian Chill
Ravi shankar                     Village dance
RDM                              Mi sono svegliato e. ho chiuso gli occhi    Contaminazione
Reneaissance                 Mother Russia                       Best Of
Reneaissance                  I think of You                     Turn of cards
Reneaissance                 Mother Russia
Rennaisance                      Mother Russia
Return to Forever                Medieval Overture                           Romantic Warrior
       Return to forever -       Duel between the jester and the tyrant
Rhapsody                         Sov Lungt
Rick Wakeman                 Julias song                         1984
Rick Wakeman                     Arthur
Rick Wakeman                     Searching For Gold                          White Rock
Rick Wakeman                     Filmmusik                                   Liztomania
Rick Wakeman                     Merlin the Magician                         Konståkning 1981
Rick Wakeman.                    Catherine Howard.                           The six wives of Henry the
Rick Wakeman.                    Jane Seymour.                               The six wives of Henry the
Ritual                       Seasong for the Moominpappa         Ritual
Ritual                       What are You…                       Think Like a mountain
Ritual                           Wingspread
RITUAL                           IN THE WILD
Ritual                           In The Wild                                 The Hemulic Volontary
Roine Stolt                          The Flower King                        The Magic Circus Of Zeb
Roxy Music                       Out of the Blue                             Country Life
Roxy Music                       In every Dream Home a Heartache             Viva
Roxy Music.                      If there is something.                      I
RPWL                             SILENCED
RPWL                             BREATH IN BREATH OUT
Rupert Hine                  The Outsider                        Waving not drowning
Rush                         Limelight                           Moving Pictures
Rush                             Show don’t tell                             Presto
Rush                             Twilight Zone
Rush                             Tom Sawyer
Rush                                 Natural Sience                         Permanent waves
RUSH                             SHOW DON'T TELL
Rush                             La Villa Strangiato
Rush                             Tears                                       2112
Rush                             Xanadu                                      A farewell to kings
S.E.T.I.                         Ellipse                                     Discoveries
Saga                             Don't be late
Santana                          jin-go-lo-ba
Santana                          Oue Comova
Sartori in Tangier           King Crimson                        Beat
Scaffell Pike                        The Month Of Maying                    Lovely Joan
Sebastian Hardie                 Roseanna                                    Four Moments
Shacka Khan                   Soul Mates (DVD)
Simon & Garfunkel               Bridge over trouble water        Bridge over trouble
Simon Says                     Under the Seal                    Ceinwen
Simon Says                     Tardigrade                        Tardigrade
Simon Says                     Suddenly The Rain
SIMON SAYS                     TARDIGRADE
Simon Says                     Som Floden Flyter                 Kalevala
Singularity                    Patch Quilt
Sinkadus                       Trubadurens kval                  Kalevala
Sky                            Hotta (7.47)                      Vol.2
Sky Architect                  Deep Chasm chapter …              Excavations of the Mind
Sloche                         Potage Aux Herbes Douteuses
Solar Plexus.                  Dom bygger en stad.               Solar plexus
Solar Plexus.                  Som ett klart blått klot          Solar Plexus
Somewhere                      12 Days Of Christmas              Progressive Style
Spectrum                       Slender Thread                    Direct Flichts
Spock’s Beard                  Thoughts part 2
Spocks Beard                   NWC
Spocks Beard                   Go the Way You Go                 The Light
Spock's Beard                  The water
SPOCK'S BEARD                  THE WATER
Spyro Gyra                     Walk The Walk                    Dreams Beyond Control
Stanley Clarke              All hell broke loose             Rocks Pebbles and sand
Stanley Clarke                    Scool Days                     Hot Fun
Stanley Clarke                 I Wanna Play For You             I Wanna Play For You
Stanley Clarke                 Danger Street                    Rocks Pebbles and Sand
Status Quo                     Backwater
Steeleye Span               Camye o’er frae france           Parcel of rougues
Steve Hacket                   The Steppes
Steve Hacket                   Ace of Wands
Steve Hackett               Hoping love will last            Please don’t touch
Steve Hackett                     Please Don´t Touch             Live DVD
Steve Hackett                     Defector                       The Steppes
Steve Hackett                  Spectral Mornings                 Spectral Mornings
Steve Hackett                  Racing in A
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Sebastian
Steve Hillage                  The Salmon Song                   Fish Rising
Steve Howe                     Brake away from it all            Beginnings
Steve Howe                     Australia                         Beginnings
Steve Vai                   The Duel                         Crossroads
Steve Vai                      Rescue me or bury me
Steve Wonder                   Sir Duke
Stina Nordenstam               Memories Of A Color               Soon After Christmas
Sting                       Russians                         The Dream of the Blue turtle
Stormy Six                     Inchiesta TV
Styx                        Come Sail away                   The grand illusion
Super Sister                To the Highest Bidder            A Girl named You
Supertramp                  Crime of the Century             Hide in your shell
Supertramp                        Crime of the Century            Hide in Your Shell
Supertramp                     Crime Of The Century              Hide In Your Shell
Supertramp                     Fools Overture                    Even in the quietest
Supertramp                    Logical Song                       Breakfast in America
Supertramp                    Sister Moonshine                   Crises? What Crises?
Supertramp                    Fools Overture                     Even in the quietest
Supertramp                    Even in the Quietest moments       Even in the Quietest
Syd Barret                       The madcap laughs                        Love you
Tai Phong                      When it’s the season                    Windows
Tanison Edge                   A twist in the tale of earth…           The services of Mary Goode
Terje Rypdal                     The return of Per Ulv
Terje Rypdal                     Waves
Terje Rypdal                     Blue Angel                                If Mountains Could Sing
Terje Rypdal                     U.´N.I                                    The Single Collection
Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous,   "Seasons"                                 Rypdal/Vitous/DeJohnette"
Jack DeJohnette:                                                           (1979)
The Alan Parson Project          The Fall of the house of Usher IV         Tales of mystery and
The Alan Parsons Project         Voyager                                   Pyramid
The Beatles                      A Day in the Life                         Sargent Pepper
The Cardigans                  Carnival                                  Life
The Doors                      Moonlight Drive
The Doors                        Break on through                             The Doors
The Doors                        Soul Kitchen                                 The Doors
The doors                        LA woman                                     LA woman
The Doors                        The End
The Doors                        Light My Fire                                The Doors
The Doors                        Toolhouse Blues                              Doors in Concert
The Doors                        The Soft Parade                              The Soft Parade
The Enid                         The Falling Tower
The Flock                        The Flock                                    I am the tall tree
The Flower Kings                 Retropolis                                   (1996)
The Flower Kings                 Not Of This World                            Flower Power
The Flower Kings                 Truth will set You Free                      DVD
The Monkees                     Porpoise song                                 Head
The Moody Blues                  I’m just a singer in a rock’n roll band      The Seventh Seyourne

The Platters                     White Christmas                           Merry Christmas
The Pogues                       Fairytale of New York                     If I Should Fall From...
The Sensational Alex Harvey      The Hot City Symphony                     Impossible Dream
The Tangent                       The Sun In My Eyes
The The                          Infected                                 Infected
The tubes                         She's beautyful                          Outside inside
The Tubes                         Outside Inside                           She's A Beauty
The Windmill                      The Color Of Seasons                     To Be Continued…
Thirty seconds to Mars            The Kill                                 A Beautiful Lie
Titanic                           One Night In Eagle Rock

Todd Rundgren                     Utopias Theme                            Utopia
Tom Waits                            Cemetery Polka                        Raindogs
Tomas Di Leva                     Allt Jag Minns
Tool                           Stinkfist                               Ainime
Tool                             Hooker with a penis                       Aenima
Tool                              Die eier von satan
Tool                              Sober
Tool                              Prison Sex                               Undertow
Tool                              Vicarious
Tori Amos                         Past the mission
Torsdag i trädgår’n 2010
Toto                           Jake to the bone                        Kingdom of desire
Toto                           Jake to the Bone                        Kingdom of Desire
Transatlantic:                   "The Prowl"                               The Whirlwind"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra         Christmas Eve                             Lights
Trapeze                        Medusa                                  Medusa
Trettioåriga Kriget              Krigssång                                 Krigssånger
T-Rex                            Highway Knees
UK                          Ceasars Palace Blues                    Danger Money
U2                            New Years day                            18 Singles
UK                            DANGER MONEY
Ultravox                     The voice                                  Rage in Eden
Ultravox                      I Want To Be A Machine

Ultravox                       I Want to be a Machine
Unifaun                     Unifaun                                   Marmaduke and the Minister
Unifaun                        Rehacksis                                  Unifaun
Unitopia                       The Garden
Unitopia                       The Garden                                 Angeliqua
Uriah Heep                     The wisard
URIAH HEEP                     STEELIN'
URIAH HEEP                     SEVENTH STAR
Uriah Heep                     Stealin’                                   Sweet Freedom
Uriah Heep                     Demons and Wizards                         Rainbow Demon
Uriah Heep.                    Easy livin'                                Demons and Wizards
Uriah Heep.                    Poets justice.                             Demons and Wizards
Uriah Heep.                    The Magicians birthday                     The magicians birthday
Uriah Heep.                    Blind Eye.                                 The magicians birthday.
Van Der Graaf Generator           Meurglys III, The songwriters Guild      World Record
Van der graaf generator     Bloody Emperor
Van Der Graaf Generator     Interference                              Patterns
Van der graaf generator                     Sunshine
                                    Orthoenthian St pt1 &2
                                        Out of My Book
                                           Theme One
                                             Still Life
                                           Lizard Play

Van Der Graaf Generator       Theme one                                 First Generation
Van der Graaf Generator       After the Flood                           The least We can do is wait
                                                                        for each other
Van der graaf generator       A grounding in numbers                    Your time starts now
Van Morrison                  Moon Dance
Vangelis                      Pulstar
Vangelis                      Pulstar
Vesda Urfa                Secret Baboon                   Boris..
Walter Carlos                 Sinfonia to cantata no:29

White bird                  It’s a beautiful day
Why Not                         Gentle Giant                            Gentle Giant
Wishbone Ash                There’s The Rub                         Persophone
Wishbone Ash                The King will come                      Classic Rock
Wishbone Ash                      Life Line                             Just Testing
Wishbone Ash                    Ballad of The Beacon                    4
Wlodek Gulgowski            Soundcheck                              Soundcheck
Wobbler                         Hinterland                              Hinterland
Wonderland                      Devil and the Deep Blue Sea             Seven Wonders
Yes                           Soon                                  Relayer
Yes                         Ritual
      Yes                       Going for the One                        Going for the one
      Yes                       Time and a word                          Time and a word
      Yes                       To Be Over                               Relayer
      YES                         Machine Messiah                           Drama
      Yes                            Owner of a lonely Heart                 90125 DVD
      Yes                            Survival                                Yes
      Yes                          America
      Yes                         To Be Over                                 Relayer
      Yes                         Silent talking                             Union
      Yes                         I see you
      Yes                         Machine messiah
      Yes                         Messenger
      Yes                         Shoot High Aim Low                         Soundtrack Avatar
      Yes                         The ancient giants under the sun           Tales from topographic
      Yes                         Don’t Go
      Yes                         No opportunity nessacary
      Yes                         Gates of Delerium
      Yes                         Going For The One                          Turn Of The Century
      Yes.                        Long distance runaround.                   Fragile
      Yes.                        Heart of the sunrise.                      Fragile
      Yes.                        Siberian Khatru.                           Close to the edge
      Yesda Urfa                  Give´em Some Rawhide Chewies

      Zappa plays Zappa           I’m the Slime
      Zappa plays Zappa           Trouble every day                          DVD
      Zenit                       The city
      Zon                         Put on the show                            Astral Projector

     Tema Italienskt
 New Trolls – Vorrei Compara Una Strada                               1968   2:24   Senza Orario
    Senza Bandiera
2. Il Mucchio – Lei Se Ne Andrá                                       1970 2:57     Il Mucchio
3. Osanna - L´uomo                                                   1971 3:33     L´uomo
4. Le Orme - Collage                                                  1971 4:43     Collage
5. PFM – Appeno Un Poco                               1972   7:43     Per Un Amico
6. Banco – R.I.P.(Requiescant in pace)                1972   6:40     Darwin
7. Eneide - Cantioco Alla Stelle                                     1972 2:51     Uomini Umili
    Popoli Liberi
8. Capitolo 6 – Grande Spirito                                        1972 3:35    Frutti Per Kagua
9. Quella Vecchia Locanda - Il Cieco                  1972   4:11     Quella Vecchia Locanda
10. Le Orme – L´equilibrio                            1973   3:48     Felona E Serona
11. Jumbo - Come Vorrei Essere Uguale A Te                           1973 5:45    Vieto Ai Minori Di
    18 Anni
12. Semiramis – Clown                                                1973 4:34    Dedicato A Frazz
13. Museo Rosenbach – L´ultimo Uomo                   1973   3:57    Zarathustra
14. RDM – La Mia Musica                               1973   4:10    Contaminazione
15. Campo Di Marte – Quinto Tempo                                    1973 5:57    Campo Di Marte
16. Metamorfosi – Voilenti                            1973   3:44    Inferno

1.    Ibis – Travelling The Spectrum Of The Soul              1974  5:56   Sun Supreme
2.    Delirium – Dio Del Silenzio                                   1974 2:59    Delirium III
3.    Area – L´Elefante Bianco                                     1974 4:39    Crac
4.    Arti & Mestieri – Positivo/Negativo                          1974 3:34    Tilt
5.    Maxophone – Elzeviro                       1975        6:47   Maxophone
6.    Corte Dei Miracoli – Il Rituale Notturno                     1976 6:23    Corte Dei Miracoli
7.    Locanda Delle Fate – Profumo Di Coila Bianca.M          1977 8:26    Force Le Lucciole Non
      Si Amano Più
8. Goblin – La Danza Sizi                      1978    5:21    Il Fantastico Viaggio Del
   Bagarozzo Mark
9. Nuova Era – Nel Nulla                       1989    4:34    Dopo L´Infinito
10. A Piedi Nudi - Partenza                    1995    5:01    Creazione
11. Mad rayon – Deserti                        1999    6:36    Diamanti
12. Il Cercchio O´doro–Il Selenzio Rumoroso Del Mare    2008   7:10   Il Viaggio Di Colombo

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