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									General Notes: For Industry, best to schedule after the 10th of the month
           Unless listed, 4-hour versions are summaries or splits of the larger 8-hour version. Avoid applies to both versions.

                                                                                                   Target Audience
      Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study           Scheduling Note              (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                        Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                         Covers hot update areas, including fair value accounting, IFRS, FASB conceptual
                                                            Avoid AUAA, FASBI, APB, SBAA,
                                            Accounting;                                        Firm / Industry           framework, FASB Codification, PCAOB update, Audit Documentation SAS, Risk
                                                            FRU, AFASB, TTAU and TTGP.
AAUW            DS    2        Update        Auditing                                                                    Assessment SASs, SSARs Update
ACCNR           DS    1     Intermediate     Auditing       Avoid ICDAR                        Firm                      Understanding SAS No. 115 and other types of auditor communications
                                                                                                                         Identifies ten critical skills that will help controllers improve performance, measure results,
                                                            Avoid CDLT                         Industry
ACCS            PB    1      Advanced         Finance                                                                    and add value to their company.
ADPRT           AH    1      Advanced         Auditing      Avoid HCRPM.                       Firm                      Reviews the most recent changes to the peer review standards.
                                                                                                                         This takes our basic course in this area (AIT) one step further by utilizing "real-life" case
                                                            Avoid AIT, CL4FIN48                Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                         studies to discuss some of the more difficult applications of FAS 109 and FIN 48.
ADTX            TW    1      Advanced       Accounting
                                                            Avoid SCORP, NBLLC, TUPTE,
                                                                                               Firm / Industry           Covers the ins and outs of complex S Corporation transactions.
ADVSC           BM    1      Advanced          Taxes        BDPTE.
                                                                                                                         Covers more advanced issues often arising in audits of employee benefit plans:
                                                            New for 2012. Avoid AFKP, FOTB,
                                            Accounting;                                     Firm                         assessing audit risk and selecting an appropriate mix of audit procedures, fair value
AEMP            AH    1      Advanced        Auditing                                                                    measurement, participant loans, and application of recent standards and rules.
                                                                                                                         Major changes to the estate tax will cause there to be a renewed interest in estate
                                                            Avoid EPE, ITET                    Firm
AEP             SP    1      Advanced          Taxes                                                                     planning over the next couple of years.
                                                            Avoid EO-F990. Avoid Extension
                                                                                                                         Deals with more advanced issues than the general forms driven course (EO-F990). Also
                                                            deadline (11/15). Qualifies for    Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                         includes discussion of Private Foundations.
AF990           SP    1      Advanced          Taxes        Yellow Book.
                                                                                                                         This is a pull from our existing two-day FASB Update and Review course (APB). This
                                                            Avoid AAUW, APB, FRU, AUAA,
                                                                                               Firm / Industry           course is designed to cover the tougher topics CPAs face such as derivatives, fair value,
                                                            FASBI, SBAA.
AFASB           DS    1      Advanced       Accounting                                                                   business combinations and more.
                                                            Premier Program. Avoid AEMP,
                                                                                                                         An area under scrutiny by the DOL. The Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
                                                            EBPE and FOTB. Schedule            Firm
                                                                                                                         requirements include CPE.
AFKP            DS    1        Basic         Auditing       May/June or Oct-Dec
AFNA1           PB    1        Basic        Accounting      Available for Onsite only          Firm / Industry           Designed for non-accountants
AFNA2           PB    1        Basic         Finance        Available for Onsite only          Firm / Industry           Designed for non-accountants
AFNA3           PB    1        Basic         Finance        Available for Onsite only          Firm / Industry           Designed for non-accountants
                                                                                                                         Covers FASB 141, FASB 142 and FASB 160 . Also has a separate chapter on Variable
                                                            Avoid BCO, VIE                     Firm / Industry
AGC             DS    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                   Interest Entities (VIEs - FIN 46)
                                                            Avoid ADTX. Available in four-
                                                                                               Firm / Industry           Complex area with which many accountants must grapple.
AIT             TW    1     Intermediate    Accounting      hour version.
                                                            New for 2012. Replaces EO-SAI.
                                                                                                                         Designed for auditors with responsibility for planning, directing and reporting on a single
                                           Governmental     Qualifies for Yellow Book. Avoid   Firm
                                                                                                                         audit engagment.
AOMB            CB    1      Advanced        Auditing       COMB, EO-OMB
                                                            Premier Program. Available 6/1.
                                                            Avoid AUAA, FASBI, FRU,            Firm / Industry           See AAUW accounting notes
APB             DS    2     Intermediate    Accounting      AFASB, AAUW, SBAA, TTGP.

             CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                  9/23/11
                                                                                                   Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note                 (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                   Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                         Third course in series covers topics such as Disproportionate Distributions, Distributions
                                                         Schedule in order TLLLO, NBLLC,
                                                                                         Firm / Industry                 of Contributed Property, Disguised Sales, Death or Retirement of Partner, Troubled Debt
                                                         APLPT. Avoid BDPTE.
APLPT       BM    1      Advanced          Taxes                                                                         Transactions, and Advanced Capital Structures.
                                                         Qualifies for Yellow Book. Avoid
                                                                                               Firm                      Covers Risk Assessment standards (104-111).
ARAP        DS    1        Basic          Auditing       DEMI and RCSA.
                                                                                                                         This course starts out with a brief discussion of the more fundamental accounting issues
                                                                                                                         of the real estate industry and quickly takes participants through some of the more
                                                         Avoid REAA and REFR.                  Firm / Industry
                                        Accounting;                                                                      advanced issues they will face. Case studies and discussions are used to enhance the
ARE         TW    1      Advanced      Auditing; Taxes                                                                   learning of the participants.
                                                                                                                         This is case study approach to fraud. Participants will read about and discuss some of
                                                         Avoid FFF, FE-FFT.                    Firm / Industry           the most relevant fraud topics. This course will feature several "real-life" case studies to
                                                                                                                         show participants how some of the most common and uncommon frauds are committed.
ARWF        DS    1     Intermediate      Auditing
                                                         Split into two four-hour versions:                              Focuses on documenting non-audit engagements: accounting services, compilations,
ASCR        CDB   1     Intermediate      Auditing       CL4BPOA and CL4MACR.                                            reviews, and agreed upon procedures.
                                                         Split into two four-hour versions:
                                                                                               Firm                      Aimed at small firm audit staff.
ATDR        CDB   1     Intermediate      Auditing       CL4DFW and CL4FWD
                                                         Premier Program (both eight and
                                                         four hour versions). Same info as
                                                         AAUW. Avoid FASBI, FRU,                                         Covers hot update areas in both accounting and auditing, including IFRS, FASB
                                                                                               Firm / Industry
                                                         AFASB, APB, AAUW, SBAA,                                         Codification and ASB Clarity Project.
                                        Accounting;      TTGP. Available in four-hour
AUAA        DS    1       Update         Auditing        version.
                                                         Limited instructors available. Must
                                                         be flexible with dates when           Firm                      Industry specific audit issues for banking and financial institutions.
BANK        TW    1     Intermediate      Auditing       scheduling.
                                                         Avoid PSAS and TPT. Available in                                How to participate in advisory team in for the purchase, merger, or acquisition of a
BASB        SP    1     Intermediate       Taxes         four-hour version                                               business, with an emphasis on the tax advisor.
                                                                                                                         With the revisions to SFAS 141, there should be continued insterest in this topic. This
                                                         Avoid AGC                             Firm / Industry
BCO         DS    1      Advanced        Accounting                                                                      course will include several case studies to illustrate "real-life" situations.
                                                                                                                         Basis/Distributions for pass-through entities is currently an IRS hot spot. This course
                                                         Avoid APLPT, NBLLC, TLLLO and
                                                                                       Firm / Industry                   addresses the rules that are used to determine tax basis for partnerships, LLCs, and S
                                                                                                                         corporations and puts the computation in the contexts that often come under scrutiny.
BDPTE       BM    1     Intermediate       Taxes
                                                                                                                         The basics of an overall budget are covered in this course, including accountability, cash
                                                         Avoid CSCB and MAPB.                  Industry
BFAZ        PB    1        Basic          Finance                                                                        flow planning, performance measures and zero-based budgets.
                                                         Premier Program. CPA/JD
                                                         required to teach in Washington       Firm / Industry           How to keep from getting sued, alternatives to court, how to protect personal assets.
BLT         PB    1     Intermediate   Business Law      and Indiana.
                                                                                                                         Bankruptcy and liquidations are at an all-time high and clients are turning to CPAs to help
                                                                                               Firm / Indsustry
BNKT        TW    1     Intermediate    Business Law                                                                     them through this tough economic time.
                                         Accounting;                                                                     Focuses on fundamentails of contstruction contractors *A&A and Tax - Efficient, high
                                       Auditing; Taxes; Avoid CAFC and CCAI.                   Firm / Industry           quality audits and review services - Tax regulations - Long-term contracts, applying audit
CAAT        AH    1        Basic          Finance                                                                        risk model, tax accounting

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                   9/23/11
                                                                                             Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study           Scheduling Note            (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                    Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                    This course is a combination of our two existing construction courses (CAAT and CCAI).
                                        Accounting;     Avoid CAAT, CCAI.                Industry                   This course strictly focuses on accounting, finance and tax issues of construction
CAFC        AH    1     Intermediate      Taxes                                                                     contractors and does not discuss any audit issues.
                                                                                                                    SFAS No. 117 now requires reporting of costs by major categories of programs and
                                       Governmental     Qualifies for Yellow Book,       Firm / Industry / Gov't    supporting services. Shows how to meet SFAS 117 functional expense reporting
CAMN        TW    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                  requirements.
                                                                                                                    Focuses on advanced/tough A&A and tax issues - Minimize risk in this high-exposure
                                                      Avoid CAAT and CAFC.               Firm / Industry            industry - Key issues:look back calculations, measuring construction progress, overhead
                                     Auditing; Taxes;
                                                                                                                    allocations, combining/segmenting contracts, internal controls, AMT adjustments
CCAI        AH    1      Advanced       Finance
CCOF        PB    1     Intermediate    Finance       New for 2012                       Industry                   For controllers of the midsized organization with a "fast company style" organization.
                                                                                                                    This course is designed to share practical tools that accounting managers, controllers,
                                                        Avoid SKSB.                      Industry                   chief financial officers, can use in their daily operations to increase effectiveness, to
CDLT        PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                   increase insights, and to better serve the needs of the organization.
                                                                                                                    Equips tax advisors with the knowledge to recommend the most advantageous tax form
                                                        Available in four-hour version   Firm
CEKI        BM    1     Intermediate       Taxes                                                                    of a new business. Replaces TA-COE.
                                                        Premier Program (CL4PCD). Avoid
                                                                                                                    Transactions within the revenue and purchase cycle are two areas of common
                                                        ICDAD. Split into two four-hour Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                    mistatements and frauds. Course is aimed at accountants in public and industry.
                                                        courses: CL4PCD and CL4RCR.
CFIC        CDB   1         Basic         Auditing
CHTX              1     Intermediate       Taxes        New for 2012.                    Firm / Industry            Techniques to minimize taxes for the private (closely-held) business.
                                                                                                                    The latest and greatest news developments of the last 12 months. First, an update
                                                                                                                    chapter highlights all of the developments affecting corporate returns, with cross
                                                        Available 9/15. Avoid TSUC       All practitioners          references to subsequent chapters. Those later chapters integrate the updates into clear
                                                                                                                    and complete explanations of all C subjects. Excellent reputation -- Ultimate tax package
CITW        SP    2       Update          Taxes                                                                     on corporate returns. Not a forms course.
                                       Governmental     New for 2012. Qualifies for Yellow                          This course helps accountants and auditors safely chart a course through some of the
CL4CNAI     CD    0.5   Intermediate     Auditing       Book.                                                       risky areas of nonprofit accounting and auditing.
                                                                                                                    This course takes a look at the FASB Codification project and will allow participants to
                                                                                         Firm / Industry            use the Codification to research the most common questions fielded by the AICPA's
CL4CODI     TW    0.5      Basic        Accounting                                                                  Technical Hotline.
                                                                                         Firm / Industry with SEC
                                                                                                                    Uncertaininty in Income Tax (FIN 48) income tax reporting issues.
CL4FIN48    TW    0.5   Intermediate    Accounting                                       companies
                                                                                                                    Review of the key impacts on business of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care and
                                        Specialized                                      Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                    Reconciliation Acts of 2010.
CL4HCRA           0.5      Basic        Knowledge
                                                                                                                    Issues with Partnership and LLC taxes: allocations, contingencies, distributions,
                                                        New for 2012. Avoid TLLLO        Firm / Industry
CL4NS704          0.5   Intermediate      Taxes                                                                     deductions, basis, and more.
                                                                                         Firm/ Industry             Aimed at firm partners and managers. Good for firms with PFP practice
CL4PFS      CDB   0.5   Intermediate     Auditing
                                        Accounting;                                                                 Quick coverage of fraud schemes (using real examples) and research findings on
                                                        New for 2012                     Firm/ Industry
CL4TAOF     CDB   0.5   Intermediate     Auditing                                                                   preventive and detection measures.
                                                        Avoid CTB                        Firm / Industry            Focuses on OCBOA for tax-based entities (the most common type of OCBOA report).
CL4TBS      AH    0.5   Intermediate    Accounting

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                           9/23/11
                                                                                                Target Audience
   Acro     TM Days        Level     Field of Study          Scheduling Note                  (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                Program/Hot Issue Notes
CL4XBIN         0.5        Basic       Accounting   Avoid XDGE. Good with SECR              Firm / Industry           For SEC registered companies and their auditors
                                      Accounting;   Qualifies for Yellow Book.
                                                                                            Firm                      Case study approach to Not-for-Profit accounting and auditing.
                                     Governmental Available in four-hour version.
CNFP        CB    1     Intermediate    Auditing
                                                    Qualifies for Yellow Book. Avoid
                                                                                                                      Rounds out AICPA's offerings in the Single Audit area (EO-OMB and EO-SAI are the
                                     Governmental EO-OMB and AOMB. Pairs with               Firm
                                                                                                                      intermediate/advanced classes). Provides core training for audit staff on A-133 audits.
COMB        CB    1         Basic       Auditing    EO-YB.
                                                    Available in a four-hour version.                                 Learn how to apply leading-edge tools and methods to make your planning process more
CSCB        PB    1     Intermediate    Finance     Avoid BFAZ and MAPB.                                              strategic and your budgeting process more flexible.
                                                    Premier Program (both eight and
                                                    four hour versions). Good with                                    Includes practical matters: OCBOA effects on disclosures, which modifications used in
                                                    ICRE or RPCR, but put Comp &            Firm                      "modified cash" method, and the effects procedures performed on compilations, reviews,
                                                    Review first. Available in four-hour                              and audits. Good teaching cases.
CTB         AH    1         Basic      Accounting   version. Avoid CL4TBS.
                                                                                                                      States are becoming more aggressive in collecting revenue, especially as less flows
                                                                                            Industry accountants
                                                                                                                      through from federal programs, and sales tax is a rich resource. Furthermore, Internet
                                                                                            responsible for tax
                                                                                                                      sales aren't exactly a sacred cow anymore. Knowing how the states decide that you've
                                                      Avoid MSSU                            planning and compliance
                                                                                                                      "conducted business" within their borders and how much they may charge for that is
                                                                                            with state operations;
                                                                                                                      crucial to planning even minor things like truck routing and especially major items like
                                                                                            CPAs in public practice
CT-GST      SP    1     Intermediate      Taxes                                                                       costing.
                                                      Avoid FFSA, ARAP and RCSA.                                      An integrated approach to misstatements including those araising from fraud and errors to
DEMI        DS    1        Basic         Auditing     Qualifies for Yellow Book.                                      improve overall audit quality and effectiveness
                                                      Premier Program (four-hour
                                                      version). Available in four-hour      Firm / Industry           Replaces the old CT-IRS course.
DIRS        BM    1        Basic          Taxes       version
                                                      Premier Program. Avoid APLPT,                                   The 12 most common issues faced by pass-thru entities are examined in this course
DTT         BM    1      Advanced         Taxes       NBLLC, TLLLO, TUPTE                                             along with a case study included with each issue.
                                                      Premier Program. Avoid AFKP
                                                                                                                      An area under scrutiny by the DOL. The Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
                                       Accounting;    and FOTB. Best to schedule May,       Firm
                                                                                                                      requirements include CPE.
EBPE        DS    1        Basic        Auditing      June or early July.
                                                      Available 6/1. Offer either this or                             The HUD auditing environment is constantly changing and this course has a high level of
                                                                                            Auditors of HUD
                                       Governmental   HUD course (not both back to                                    revision each year. We now have two of the most well-known professionals in the HUD
EO-AHUD     AH    1      Advanced        Auditing     back). Qualifies for Yellow Book.                               area Max Hunt & Peter Bell co-authoring the course.
                                                                                                                      This course is about accountability and the responsibility to provide reliable financial
                                       Governmental   Qualifies for Yellow Book.            Firm / Industry           information. It is about analytical procedures and what they are and who uses them;
EO-APF      TW    1     Intermediate     Auditing                                                                     when to use them; and how to develop them. Geared for NPOs.
                                                      Good in summer. Avoid
                                                      scheduling around November 15                                   Deals with an area under increasing crackdown by IRS - Excess benefits and disclosure
                                                                                          Firm / Industry
                                                      (the extention deadline). Qualifies                             requirements.
EO-F990     SP    1        Basic          Taxes       for Yellow Book.

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                             9/23/11
                                                                                                   Target Audience
   Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study           Scheduling Note                 (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                     Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                         Premier Program. EO-YB & EO-
                                                         OMB good back to back with EO-
                                                         OMB offered the second day,
                                                                                               Auditors performing A-       Big seller for AICPA for many years - Federal regulators have stated that they are
                                                         Avoid COMB. Avoid AOMB unless
                                                                                               133 audits (a.k.a. Single    disappointed with auditor performance and this course teaches the nuts and bolts of
                                                         you have audience wanting in-
                                                                                               audits) and industry         conducting these engagements. An area with a fair amount of change from year to year.
                                                         depth two day training in this area
                                                                                               professionals wanting to     Area should see even higher demand due to increase in the number of A-133 audits
                                                         and willing to tolerate repetition.
                                                                                               prepare for the audit        (federal stimulus money).
                                                         SAYB will work well with EO-OMB
                                                         if SAYB is offered the second day.
                                                         Qualifies for Yellow Book.
EO-OMB       CB    1     Intermediate     Auditing
                                                                                               Auditors performing
                                                         Great to pair with other              Yellow Book audits and
                                                                                                                            A traditionally strong course for the AICPA for years - Covers the basics from the ground
                                                         government & not-for-profit           industry professionals
                                                                                                                            floor. A finalized new Yellow Book will be issued in summer of 2011. It is totally covered
                                                         courses as it applies to so many      wanting to prepare for the
                                                                                                                            in current version of the course. Should see very high demand in late 2011 and 2012 due
                                                         audits. Qualifies for Yellow Book.    audit. Auditors in
                                                                                                                            to revision of standards.
                                                         Available in a four-hour version.     federal/state agencies
                                                                                               should also be interested.
EO-YB        CB    1        Basic         Auditing
                                                         Avoid AEP. Available in a four-                                    There to be a renewed interest in estate planning over the next couple of years as tax
EPE          SP    1        Basic           Taxes        hour version.                                                      writers look for additional sources of revenues.
                                                                                                                            This course builds upon and expands some traditional accounting activities, provides
                                                         New for 2012. Available in four-                                   insights on managing through a business cycle, identifies the impact of global markets,
                                                         hour version.                                                      outlines techniques for conducting a customer analysis, and redefines some ideas about
ERI          PB    1     Intermediate     Finance                                                                           risk management.
                                         Specialized                                                                        Demonstrates the Excel features most useful during financial audits and accounting-
                                                                                               Firm / Industry
EXAA         TW    1     Intermediate    Knowledge                                                                          related engagements.
                                                                                                                            Keys in on the more advanced features of Excel that are used by CPAs. Each exercise
                                         Specialized                                           Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                            presented in the book is also available as an interactive Excel Workbook file.
EXPF         TW    1      Advanced       Knowledge
                                                         Premier Program (four-hour
                                                                                                                            Hot because of increase in white collar crime and lack of knowledge of how to find it and
                                                         version). Avoid FAFR, FE-MS,
                                                                                               Firm                         deal with it. Detect fraudulent financial reporting - Learn to follow the cash flow -
                                                         FE-FFT, FFSA, FFF. Available in
                                                                                                                            Common fraud schemes - Investigation techniques. Discusses the elements of SAS 82.
FAFR         TW    1     Intermediate    Accounting      four-hour version.
                                                         New for 2012                          Firm                         Qualifies for forensic cpe.
FAIP         TW    1     Intermediate     Auditing
                                                         Premier Program. Avoid AUAA,
                                                                                                                            Comprehensive update of recent FASB, AcSec, IASB and EITF pronouncements -
                                                         APB, AAUW, SBAA, TTGP.            Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                            Tailored for industry CPAs.
FASBI        DS    1     Intermediate    Accounting      Available in a four-hour version.
                                                         Avoid APB. Available in four-hour
                                                                                           Firm / Industry                  A complex area accountants seek guidance with.
FCFS         DS    1        Basic        Accounting      version.
                                                                                                                            Tools to indentify fraud schemes and training on how to focus analytical and substantive
                                         Accounting;     Avoid CL4TAOF.                        Firm                         tests in fraud engagements. Includes coverage of SAS No. 54 and 82 and the COSO
FE-AIF       TW    1     Intermediate     Auditing                                                                          report. More detailed coverage of COSO is available in ICDAD.

          CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                   9/23/11
                                                                                             Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level     Field of Study         Scheduling Note                (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                     Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                      Accounting;   Premier Program. Avoid FE-MS,                                   This course trains the practitioner to identify financial statement fraud schemes and how
FE-FFT      TW    1     Intermediate    Auditing    FAFR, FFF, ARWF                                                 to mount a defense by improving the company's internal controls.
                                                                                                                    This course provides tips for identifying the misappropriation of assets and improving
                                                      Avoid FAFR, FFF,FE-FFT, FFSA,                                 internal controls as a defense against fraud. Also trains the practitioner to focus
                                                                                         Firm / Industry
                                       Accounting;    ARWF                                                          analytical and substantive tests on the flow of cash through the company, utilizing
FE-MS       TW    1     Intermediate    Auditing                                                                    financial and non-financial information.
                                                      Premier Program (four-hour
                                                      version). Avoid FAFR, FE-FFT, FE-
                                                                                        Firm                        Training in fruad detection and fraud incident response.
                                       Accounting;    MS, FFSA, ARWF. Available in a
FFF         TW    1     Intermediate    Auditing      four-hour version.
                                                      Premier Program. Qualifies for    Auditors of gov'ts and     Fraud is always a hot topic. This case study course is popular as it looks at how common
                                                      Yellow Book. Split into two four- npos and industry staff    frauds occur in governments and not-for-profits and how they could have been
                                       Governmental   hour versions: CL4FGOV and        working for gov'ts and     prevented/detected. Course has good appeal to both industry professionals and external
FFGN        CB    1     Intermediate     Auditing     CL4FNFP                           npos                       auditors.
                                                      Premier Program (four-hour                                   Basic course for projecting balance sheet and income statement - forecast short-term
                                                      version). Avoid FSABM. Available Firm / Industry             cash needs - Forecasting sales - Using a basic forecasting model - Identify growth
FFMD        PB    1        Basic         Finance      in four-hour version.                                        mismanagement
                                                                                                                   Foundation for those new to accounting for state and local governments. Refresher for
                                                      If scheduled with GAR schedule     Professionals working for
                                                                                                                   those out of government for a while or who need to understand background of accounting
                                                      FGAC first. Qualifies for Yellow   state & local governments
                                       Governmental                                                                in the GASB 34 environment. Receives very good ratings and has been used by one of
                                                      Book.                              and their auditors
FGAC        CB    1        Basic        Accounting                                                                 the Big 4 for their training.
                                                                                         Auditors of gov'ts and
                                                                                                                   Adapts the financial statement fraud requirements per SAS No. 99 to Governmental/NPO
                                                      Premier Program. Qualifies for     npos and industry staff
                                                                                                                   audits. - Hot area because of their susceptibility to fraud. Covers fraud schemes and
                                       Governmental   Yellow Book.                       working for gov'ts and
                                                                                                                   steps to avoid/detect them. More standards driven than FFGN.
FITG        CB    1     Intermediate     Auditing                                        npos
                                                                                                                   This course develops accounting, risk management, and leadership skills to build a well-
                                                      New for 2012                       Industry
FMCS        PB    1     Intermediate     Finance                                                                   rounded base for the financial manager
                                                                                                                   49 practical tax tips which will help clients cut taxes and conserve cash. Responds to tax-
                                                      Avoid HOT, TPOI and TPOC.          Firm
FNTC        SP    1     Intermediate      Taxes                                                                    law and economic developments in an effort to save taxes.
                                                                                                                   Participants will learn the differences of auditing a 403(b) plan in comparison to the more
                                                      Avoid AFKP and EBPE. Qualifies
                                       Accounting;                                       Firm                      standard 401(k) plan. Auditing 403(b) Plans will be a new growth area over the coming
                                                      for Yellow Book.
FOTB        AH    1     Intermediate    Auditing                                                                   years for the auditor.
                                                      Avoid APB, FRU, AUAA, FASBI,                                 This course focuses on the most common GAAP issues facing CPAs and those
                                                                                         Firm / Industry
FRU         DS    1     Intermediate    Accounting    SBAA.                                                        standards which have the greatest effect on accounting and financial reporting.
                                                      Premier Program (both eight-hour
                                                                                                                    Using F/S to indicate financial performance - Show clients how to manage liquidity, deby
                                       Accounting;    and four-hour versions). Avoid
                                                                                         Firm / Industry            and prfitability - Identify and solve liquidity, leverage and profitability problems. - DuPont
                                        Auditing;     FFMD. Available in four-hour
                                                                                                                    formula for analyzing profits - Predict bankruptcy with Altman's bankruptcy model.
FSABM       PB    1        Basic        Finance       version.
                                                                                                                   This case study course has been a strong performer for many years. Deals with
                                                                                         Professionals working for
                                                      Premier Program. Avoid NPAR.                                 accounting issues, not audit. Participants enjoy value aids course contains and copies of
                                                                                         not-for-profits and their
                                       Governmental   Qualifies for Yellow Book.                                   real world audited financial statements that are included. Suggest schedule EO-AAA
FSNPO       CB    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                 one year and FSNPO the next.
FVA         DS    1     Intermediate    Accounting    Premier Program.                   Firm / Industry           Covers the popular SFAS 157 standard.

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                9/23/11
                                                                                                     Target Audience
      Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note               (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                               Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                         This is our main governmental accounting course. It is intermediate in level and
                                                                                               Professionals working for
                                                            If scheduling with FGAC, schedule                            comprehensive. Should be a strong seller for many years as industry and auditors need
                                                                                               state & local governments
                                           Governmental     second. Qualifies for Yellow Book.                           reinforcement in understanding the accounting and financial reporting requirements of the
                                                                                               and their auditors
GAR             CB    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                   GASB.
                                                                                                 Professionals working for
                                            Accounting;     Avoid GNAU, NAU. Qualifies for                                 Developed by leading Gov't/NPO expert Bill Broadus - Comprehensive gov't technical
                                                                                                 state & local governments
                                           Governmental     Yellow Book.                                                   update.
                                                                                                 and their auditors
GAU             CB    1       Update         Auditing
                                                            Premier Program, Recommend
                                                                                                 Auditors of gov'ts and
                                           Governmental     May or June and again November
                                                                                                 npos and industry staff   Developed by leading Gov't/NPO expert Bill Broadus - Comprehensive gov't/npo technical
                                            Accounting;     or December; Avoid GAU, NAU.
                                                                                                 working for gov'ts and    update.
                                           Governmental     Available in four-hour version.
GNAU            CB    1       Update         Auditing       Qualifies for Yellow Book.
                                                            DL must be approved by Peer
                                                                                                 Firm                      Course for those who are interested in becoming peer reviewers.
HCRPM           AH    2        Basic          Auditing      Review Division.
                                                            Premier Program (four-hour
                                                            version). Avoid FNTC, TPOI and                                 Reviews hottest tax planning topics for both individuals, corporations and small
                                                                                                 Firm / Industry
                                                            TPOC. Available 9/1. Available in                              businesses.
HOT             SP    1     Intermediate      Taxes         four-hour version.
                                           Governmental     Available 6/1. Avoid EO-AHUD.        Auditors of HUD           See EO-AHUD notes. This course begins with the basics and describes HUD. EO-
HUD             AH    1        Basic         Auditing       Qualifies for Yellow Book.           programs                  AHUD assumes people know what HUD is and what programs are all about.
                                                                                                                           Designed to focus on participants who know very little about business valuation, but have
                                             Advisory                                            Firm
                                                                                                                           a desire to learn more.
IBV             CDB   1        Basic         Services
                                                            Avoid CFIC. New for 2012:                                      Introductory course on internal controls. Follows (and includes) COSO IC Framework - No
                                                                                               Firm / Industry
ICDAD           CDB   1        Basic        Accounting      Available in four-hour program.                                SOX or PCAOB AS No. 5 discussion
                                                            Avoid ACCNR. Available in four-
                                                                                                                           Aimed at audit partners and managers.
                                                            hour version. Qualifies for Yellow Firm
ICDAR           DS    1     Intermediate      Auditing      Book.
                                                            Split into two four-hour courses:
                                                                                               Firm                        Intro or refresher for compilation and review services.
ICRE            AH    1        Basic          Auditing      CL4RE and CL4CE. Avoid RPCR.
                                                                                                                           This is a two-day course and more comprehensive than the introductory overview course
                                                                                                                           on IFRS (IUSA). This course not only explains the differences between IFRS and U.S.
                                                            Avoid IUSA, IUP                      Firm / Industry
                                                                                                                           GAAP, but it explains the silimarities as well. It drills down on some of the more important
IFRS            CDB   2     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                     IFRS issues rather than just giving a high level overview.
                                                                                                                           The latest and greatest developments of the last 12 months. Features an update chapter
                                                            Premier Program. Available 9/15.                               first, fully cross referenced to subsequent chapters which contain full explanations of
                                                            Avoid TRBB, TRNB. Good with          All practitioners         applicable law. Then the new developments reported in the first chapter are fully
                                                            CITW.                                                          integrated into coverage of all general individual subjects. Not a forms course, but
IITW            BM    2       Update          Taxes                                                                        handbook for practitioners.
                                                            New for 2012. Split into two four-
                                                            hour courses: CL4CSFM and            Industry                  Financial management topics in case study format.
ISFP            PB    1     Intermediate   Organization

             CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                 9/23/11
                                                                                                    Target Audience
      Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note              (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                   Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                           When we hear "trusts and estates", the first tax concept we think of is not likely to be
                                                                                                CPAs in public practice or income taxes. But, these are separate and distinct tax entities with their own tax rules,
                                                            Available in four-hour version.     industry and financial     and it's just as important to know them as it is to know those that affect a client in any
                                                                                                planners                   other way. Here, practitioners receive a clear and concise walk-through of the income tax
                                                                                                                           definitions and rules applied to trusts and estates. Very well received course.
ITET            BM    1        Basic           Taxes
                                                                                                                           This course addresses risks and controls that apply to traditional and emerging IT
                                                                                                                           environments, as well as trust services associated with the internet and cloud computing,
                                                            New for 2012                        Firms/Industry
                                             Accounting;                                                                   testing procedures, management controls, electronic evidence, COSO IT controls, and
ITRC            CDB   1     Intermediate      Auditing                                                                     the most recently ranked top IT technologies. CIT cpe credit.
                                                                                                CPAs in public practice or Growing global economy - Must for accountants involved in international transactions -
                                                                                                industry for international Addresses both inbound and outbound tax issues (previously addressed in two separate
                                                                                                business                   courses) Covers the corporate aspects of International tax only, not individual issues.
ITTF            SP    1     Intermediate       Taxes
                                                                                                                           Features a more in-depth review of the most economically significant international
                                                            Avoid IUSA, IFRS                    Firm / Industry            accounting topics and an update on the challenges and issues of the major IASB
IUP             CDB   1       Update         Accounting                                                                    projects.
                                                            Available in a four-hour version.                              Basic introduction to IFRS. This course discusses the differences between IFRS
                                                                                                Firm / Industry
IUSA            CDB   1        Basic         Accounting     Avoid IFRS, IUP                                                standards and U.S. GAAP.
                                                                                                                           Redirect focus from present work of recording transactions, reporting and control
                                                            Avoid SUAF. Available in four-hour                             activities to streamline operations, eliminate waste and inefficiencies and improve
                                                            version.                                                       profitability. Covers topics such as activity based costing, balanced scorecard, EVA,
LAMA            PB    1      Advanced         Finance                                                                      capacity management and target costing.
                                                                                                Industry                   Shows participants how to be an effective leader in the current economic environment.
LEAD            PB    1       Update       Communications
                                                                                                                           This course identifies the most common budget problem areas, while explaining how to
                                                                                                                           recognize and circumvent each one. This course is designed for executives, board
                                                            Avoid BFAZ and CSCB.                Industry
                                                                                                                           members, entrepreneurs, CFOs, controllers, financial officers, planning directors, and
MAPB            PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                      budget managers at all levels.
                                                                                                CFOs and other
                                                                                                nonpublic practitioners    Complex and quickly evolving rules, differing state by state, on where businesses are
                                                            Avoid MSSU                          with multistate activities taxable on their income in that state - Particularly hot area because of Internet and
                                                                                                and CPAs with multistate catalog sales
MIT             SP    1     Intermediate       Taxes                                            clients
                                                                                                                           This course takes pieces of the MIT and CT-GST courses to give an introductory look at
                                                            Avoid CT-GST and MIT                Firm / Industry
MSSU            SP    1        Basic           Taxes                                                                       Multistate and Sales and Use Taxes.
                                                                                                Professionals working for
                                             Accounting;    Premier Program. Avoid GNAU,                                  Developed by leading Gov't/NPO expert Bill Broadus - Comprehensive NPO technical
                                                                                                not-for-profits and their
                                            Governmental    GAU. Qualifies for Yellow Book.                               update.
NAU             CB    1       Update          Auditing
                                                            Schedule in order; TLLLO, NBLLC,                               The second course in the series deals with the intricate details of the tax consequences
                                                                                             Firm / Industry
NBLLC           BM    1     Intermediate       Taxes        APLPT. Avoid BDPTE.                                            of distributions and allocations to the member or partner.

             CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                               9/23/11
                                                                                                 Target Audience
   Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note             (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                          Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                            Professional working for    Covers not-for-profit accounting and reporting from A to Z. This fills a hole in our product
                                                         Premier Program. Avoid FSNPO.
                                        Governmental                                        not-for-profits and their   line as instead of addressing aspects of npo accounting and reporting (as FSNPO does)
                                                         Qualifies for Yellow Book.
NPAR         CB    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                         auditors                    this is a more comprehensive discussion of the topic.
                                                                                                                        Discover how you can better negotiate for what your want by when you want it by applying
NSFP         PB    1     Intermediate Communications                                                                    four critical skills of negotiation.
                                        Accounting;  Available 6/1. Avoid SECR,                                         Annual update of SEC, PCAOB, COSO, and AICPA matters. Recent MD&A
PCOU         CDB   1        Update       Auditing    Schedule after the 10th.                                           developments. Biased towards needs of auditors. For corporations, consider FASBI.
                                                                                                                        Shows participants how to apply the latest changes when preparing federal income tax
                                                         Available 10/15. Avoid CITW        Firm
                                                                                                                        returns and advise clients on new tax-saving opportunities for pass-through entities
PFIT         BM    1        Basic           Taxes
                                                         New for 2012. Avoid EO-F990.       Firms/Industry              Tax advisors to high wealth individuals. Establishing charitable trusts and foundations.
PRFO               1     Intermediate       Taxes
                                                                                            Advisors of closely held
                                                                                            businesses, business
                                                                                                                        High profile, advanced level case study approach with strategic insights in a very complex
                                                                                            owners and senior level
                                                                                                                        world of business transactions. A single example company is guided through many
                                                                                            managers, chief financial
                                                                                                                        different transactions, holding many facts constant, so that other strategic details may be
                                                                                            officers, bankers,
                                                                                                                        illustrated. Of interest to a broad audience -- business owners, senior managers, chief
                                                         Available in four-hour version.    auditors, and others
                                                                                                                        financial officers, advisors to closely held businesses, banks, auditors -- those
                                                                                            responsible for creating
                                                                                                                        responsible for creating proper structure and obtaining benefits in the purchase or sale of
                                                                                            proper structure and
                                                                                                                        a business. The course is aimed at both industry professionals (including business
                                                                                            obtaining benefits in the
                                                                                                                        owners) and professional advisors.
                                                                                            purchase or sale of a
PSAS         SP    1      Advanced          Taxes                                           business
                                                                                                                        Learn the skills needed to make intelligent choices and more fully understand the
PTCC         PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                      Controller's position as it relates to a less-than-full-time, or non-permanent position.
                                                                                                                        Reinforce and improve your understanding of various peer review topics including risk
                                                         DL must be approved by Peer
                                                                                            Firm                        assessment and its documentation, monitoring requirements, and difficult reporting
                                                         Review division.
PTPRT        AH    1      Advanced         Auditing                                                                     issues.
                                                         Premier Program. Available 10/15.
                                                         Schedule between Oct 16 and end                                Update which focuses on all tax changes concerning the upcoming tax season, packed
                                                                                           Firm / Industry
                                                         of January. Avoid TSUI, TSUC                                   with planning ideas.
PTU          BM    1       Update           Taxes        and TUPTE.
                                                                                                                        Learn proven techniques for plugging the most overlooked profit leaks by lowering costs,
                                                          Available in four-hour version.   Industry
PYPL         PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                      improving productivity, or gaining efficiencies.
PYTX         BM    1     Intermediate       Taxes                                           Tax/ Industry               Practical pointers for managing the payroll tax and reporting function.
RAAS         AH    1         Basic         Auditing                                         Firm                        For regional and large local audit firms.
                                                                                                                        This is a more hands-on, practical guidance approach to the risk assessment standards
                                                                                                                        rather than our theory-based ARAP course. Participants will learn from examples and
                                                         Avoid ARAP and DEMI.               Firm
                                                                                                                        case studies demonstrating how the risk assessment standards may be practically
RCSA         DS    1     Intermediate      Auditing                                                                     implemented and documented.
                                                                                                                        Excellent introduction to real estate industry A&A, FASB 144 on impairment will be really
                                         Accounting;     Avoid ARE and REFR.                Firm / Industry             important in the course. Provides emphasis on three stages of Real Estate Development;
REAA         TW    1        Basic         Auditing                                                                      Acquisition, Development and Sale

          CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                 9/23/11
                                                                                                Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note              (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                     Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                                                                                      This is a pull from our existing Real Estate Accounting and Auditing course (REAA).
                                                        Avoid REAA and ARE.                 Industry                  However this course only addresses the accounting and finance topics, leaving out the
REFR        TW    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                    auditing portion.
                                                                                                                      This course is predicated upon the notion that nonprofit organizations (NPOs) should be
                                                        Qualifies for Yellow Book.          Firm / Industry
RNPO        TW    1        Basic       Management                                                                     managed and operated like a business enterprise.
                                                        Premier Program (in eight-hour
                                                        and both four-hour versions).
                                                                                                                      Advanced update of comp and reviews - Comprehensive coverage - Includes SSARs
                                                        Avoid ICRE. Split into two four-      Firm
                                                                                                                      Alert and AICPA QC checklists.
                                                        hour verisons: CL4CRA and
RPCR        AH    1      Advanced        Auditing       CL4COMP.
RRNS        AH    1     Intermediate    Accounting      Available 9/1.                        Firm / Industry         Critical new FASB accounting standard; now in exposure draft.
                                                        Premier Program (in eight-hour
                                                        and all four-hour versions).
                                                        Available in four different four-hour                         Real life business ethic issues - Focuses on A&A cases - Not another dry ethics course -
                                                                                              Firm / Industry
                                                        versions: CL4AARWBE,                                          Practical, case-study driven
                                        Behavioral      CL4BIRWBE, CL4TXRWBE,
RWBE        AH    1     Intermediate      Ethics        CL4RWBE.
                                                                                              Auditors performing     The quality of A-133 audits is under greater scrutiny. In a series of case studies this
                                                        Available in four-hour version.
                                       Governmental                                           Yellow Book and A-133   course looks at common deficiencies and trouble areas noted in A-133 and Yellow Book
                                                        Qualifies for Yellow Book.
SAYB        CB    1     Intermediate     Auditing                                             audits                  engagements.
                                                        Premier Program. Avoid AUAA,
                                                                                                                      Covers hot accounting and audit areas for the small firm, including IFRS and FASB
                                        Accounting;     FASBI, AAUW, APB, TTAU and            Firm
SBAA        DS    1       Update         Auditing       TTGP.
                                                                                                                      Small business audit, Risk assessment, Effective auditing, but still in an efficient manner -
                                        Accounting;     Available in four-hour version      Firm                      Balancing small business audit issues with large company audit issues - Applying risk
SBABR       DS    1     Intermediate     Auditing                                                                     model and materiality to small businesses
                                                        Available in four-hour version.                               Focuses on the basic tax rules for this popular entity. Offers practical planning tips for the
                                                                                            Firm / Industry
SCORP       BM    1        Basic           Taxes        Avoid BDPTE and ADVSC.                                        corporation and shareholder to minimize the impact to the shareholder.
                                                        Available 6/15.                     Firm / Industry           Apply latest SEC reporting requirements, including those of SOX, S-X, S-K, etc.
SECR        CDB   2     Intermediate    Accounting
                                                        Available in a four-hour version.   Industry                  Addresses managing financial departments during business downturns.
SGYC        PB    1     Intermediate   Organization
                                                                                                                      Covers innovative ways to help the business gain a competitive advantage while reducing
                                                                                            Firm / Industry
SKLG        PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                     the financial risk of the company.
                                                        Premier Program (in both eight and
                                                                                                                      Latest trends in accounting, corporate finance, treasury management and business
                                                        four hour versions). Avoid CDLT. Industry
                                                                                                                      systems. How-to-guidance involving managerial accounting and finance.
                                                        Available in four-hour version.
SKSB        PB    1       Update          Finance
                                                                                                                      Anticipate most demand in summer months when firms have time to think about systems
                                                                                            Firm / Industry
SNPR        AH    1     Intermediate      Auditing                                                                    and make changes needed to systems and how to prepare for reiviews.

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                  9/23/11
                                                                                                  Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level        Field of Study            Scheduling Note               (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                  Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                         Management      New for 2012: Available in a four-                             Smaller company. Learn a simplified and workable approach to creating, implementing,
                                              and        hour version.                                                  monitoring and revising strategies to promote greater company success.
SPPC        PB    1     Intermediate     Organization
STP1A       DS    3         Basic           Auditing     Schedule Sept - Oct                  Firm
STP2A       DS    3     Intermediate        Auditing     Schedule Sept - Oct                  Firm
STP3A       DS    3     Intermediate        Auditing     Schedule July - Sept                 Firm
                                          ; Business     Schedule July - Sept                 Firm
STP4A       DS    3     Intermediate     Organization
                                                                                                                        Focuses on Lean Tools and Techniques for Streamlining Financial, Operational, and
                                                         Avoid LAMA.     Available in four-
                                                                                              Industry                  Managerial Accounting Operations. Good Complement to LAMA, which focuses more on
                                                         hour version.
SUAF        PB    1     Intermediate      Finance                                                                       Lean Tools and Techniques as they relate to Non-accounting operations.
                                                         New for 2012. Avoid TAW              Firm                      Followup to Trusted Business Advisor Workshop I
TAW2              1     Intermediate    Organization
                                                         Available in four-hour version.      Industry                  Good for Controllers.
TBFF        PB    1     Intermediate    Development
                                                                                                                        Learn how to produce relevant, reliable, real-time, decision-quality critical financial
                                                                                              Industry                  information that can be provided to manager when they need it for decision making and
TFCRA       PB    1     Intermediate     Accounting                                                                     control purposes.
                                         Accounting;                                                                    Covers the top 12 governmental and non-profit accounting and audit issues faced by
                                                                                              Firm / Industry
                                        Governmental                                                                    practitioners as reflected by continual AICPA Hotline calls over the past year.
TGNP        AH    1       Update          Auditing
                                                         Premier Program (four-hour
                                                                                                                        Provides the foundation for partnership and LLCs. Covers the pros and cons of each
                                                         version). Schedule in order TLLLO,
                                                                                            Firm / Industry             form of business and how to structure the entity. Also features choice of tax year
                                                         NBLLC, APLPT. Avoid BDPTE.
                                                                                                                        requirements, tax reporting issues and how investors share in profits and losses.
                                                         Available in four-hour version.
TLLLO       BM    1     Intermediate       Taxes
                                                                                                                        Learn practical and relevant communication skills for talking, listening, writing, and
                                                                                              Firm / Industry
TLWP        PB    1     Intermediate Communications                                                                     presenting designed specifically CPAs in industry or public practice.
                                                                                                                        Discussion about most common frauds over the past decade. Revenue fraud schemes,
                                                         New for 2012: Available in four-
                                         Accounting;                                          Firm / Industry           inventory fraud schemes, Accounts Receivable fraud schemes, PP&E fraud schemes,
                                                         hour version.
TMCF        CDB   1     Intermediate      Auditing                                                                      Ponzi schemes, and Bribery schemes are covered.
                                                                                                                        Becoming a master communicator who can make a persuasive presentations and hold
                                                         Available in four-hour version.      Firm / Industry
TNWIS       PB    1        Basic       Communications                                                                   productive meetings.

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                             9/23/11
                                                                                               Target Audience
  Acro      TM Days        Level       Field of Study            Scheduling Note             (Firm/Industry/Gov't)                                   Program/Hot Issue Notes
                                                        Premier Program (four-hour
                                                        version). Avoid HOT and FNTC.      All practitioners         Same as TPOI below, but with a small business/corporate focus.
TPOC        SP    1     Intermediate       Taxes        Available in four-hour version.
                                                        Premier Program (four-hour
                                                        version). Avoid HOT, FNTC.         All practitioners         Focuses on the hottest tax planning trends/topics for individuals.
TPOI        SP    1     Intermediate       Taxes        Available in four-hour version.
                                                                                                                     Very complex tax area that many CPAs need help with. As more and more businesses
                                                                                           Firm / Industry           are sold and mergers take place, more and more property transactions will be taking
TPT         BM    1        Basic           Taxes                                                                     place.
                                                                                                                     This is an 8-hour pull from IITW. This course covers the more difficult aspects of
                                                                                                                     individual federal tax returns. It provides practical insights and addresses the latest tax
                                                        Available 9/15. Avoid IITW         CPAs in public practice
                                                                                                                     developments affecting individuals. Many tax return issues are covered in this course as
TRBB        BM    1       Update           Taxes                                                                     well as tax-saving ideas for individuals.
                                                                                                                     This is an 8-hour pull from IITW. This course covers the nuts and bolts of individual
                                                                                                                     federal tax returns. It provides practical insights and addresses the latest tax
                                                        Available 9/15 - Avoid IITW        CPAs in public practice
                                                                                                                     developments affecting individuals. Many tax return issues are covered in this course as
TRNB        BM    1       Update           Taxes                                                                     well as tax-saving ideas for individuals.
                                                        Premier Program. Available 10/15.                            This course covers the latest federal tax law changes, court decisions, and IRS
                                                                                          Firm / Industry
                                                        Avoid PTU , TUPTE and TUFE                                   pronouncements related to partnerships, LLCs, and C and S corporations.
TSUC        BM    1       Update           Taxes
                                                        Premier Program (both eight and
                                                        four-hour versions). Available                               This course covers the latest federal tax law changes, court decisions, and IRS
                                                                                           Firm / Industry
                                                        10/20. Avoid PTU , TUPTE and                                 pronouncements related to individuals including practical insights and tax-saving ideas.
TSUI        BM    1       Update           Taxes        TUFE
                                                                                                                     Covers the top 12 audit issues faced by practitioners as reflected by continual AICPA
                                                        Avoid AUAA, AAUW, SBAA             Firm / Industry
TTAU        CDB   1       Update          Auditing                                                                   Hotline calls over the past year.
                                                        Avoid AUAA, AAUW, APB, SBAA,                                 Covers the top 10 GAAP topics faced by practitioners as reflected by continual AICPA
                                                                                         Firm / Industry
TTGP        CDB   1       Update        Accounting      FASBI                                                        Hotline calls over the past year.
                                                        Premier Program (four-hour
                                                                                                                     Learn at least thirty analytical tools and techniques for making more informed key
                                                        version). Available in four-hour Industry
                                                                                                                     financial decisions.
TTMD        PB    1     Intermediate      Finance       version.
                                                        Premier Program. Available 10/15.                            This course covers the latest federal tax law changes, court decisions, and IRS
                                                                                          Firm / Industry
                                                        Avoid TSUC, TSUI, TUFE, PTU                                  pronouncements related to S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs.
TUPTE       BM    1       Update          Taxes
TXRT              1        Basic          Taxes         New for 2012                       Firm                      Great to incorporate into tax staff training curricula.
VIE         TW    1        Basic        Accounting                                         Firm/ Industry            Guidance for indentification and consolidation of variable interest entities.
                                                                                                                     Applies to public company. This course provides a "how to" approach to help participants
                                                                                           Firm / Indsutry
XGDE        TW    1     Intermediate    Accounting                                                                   identify key issues and provides practical ideas on how to use XBRL.

         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                                              9/23/11

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