Marketing Strategy Training Session

					   Academy Of Culinary Arts At
Atlantic Cape Community College:
  Competitive Positioning Study

               Prepared By:
         CLARUS Corporation
               May 27, 1999
   Competitive Positioning Study
 What   is the competitive position of the
  Academy Of Culinary Arts with respect
  to program characteristics?
 Who are the competitors for the
  Academy Of Culinary Arts and how are
  they rated on their program
 What factors influence students to enroll
  in the program?
   Competitive Positioning Study
 What  are the primary and secondary
  markets for the Academy?
 What new markets should be cultivated?
 Should new program features be offered
  or changed to meet the markets’ demand?
 Review  Current Enrollment Trends
 Examine Market Segments And Changes In
  Segments From Internal Data
 Focus Groups With Current Students
 Interviews
   Employers,Graduates, Gatekeepers (Guidance
   Counselors), Non-Returning Students
 Competitive
 Recommendations For Marketing
Current Market Segments
    Market Assessment
 Who  are the current clientele?
 What are the profiles of the segments
  currently attending the ACA?
   High School
   Adults

 What  have been the changes in those market
  segments from 1994 to 1998?
 Does the current marketing efforts provide
  the needed information to the segments?
  Internal Data Collection

Thank   You!!!
  Max Slusher
  Gina Skinner
   Key Enrollment Variables
 Age
   High   School Segments
     19 And Younger
     20 To 24 Years Of Age

   Adult   Market Segments
     25 To 34 Years Of Age
     35 To 55 Years Of Age

     56 And Older

 Entry   Fall 1994 And 1998
Market Segment Composition
Market Segment            Percent
                 Fall 1994        Fall 1998
19 And Younger         63.3             65.1
20 To 24              21.0             18.9
25 To 34               9.9              9.7
35 To 55               5.6              6.3
56 And Older           0.0              0.0
Total                 99.8            100.0
      Geographic Origin
   State Of Origin
     NJ 96.8%
     PA 1.8%
     NY 0.4%

   NJ Counties Of Origin
     Atlantic23.1%
     Ocean 14.9%
     Camden 11.0%
     Cape May 10.7%
     Gloucester 9.6%
Students’ Geographic Location
      Market Segment Profile:
      19 And Younger
   Admission Decision Date
     38% By March Prior To Fall
     29% In April Prior To Fall
     Remainder After April

 98% Freshmen
 78% Just Graduated From High School
 75% Enrolled For Credit
 71.7% Caucasian, 13.6% Black
 75.5% Applied For Financial Aid
      Market Segment Profile:
      19 And Younger
 Half Of Students List Parents’ Educational
  Attainment As High School
 67.4% Male
 Educational Objective
     46.7% Employment
     22.3% Plan To Transfer
     11.4% Enrolled For Skills

   97.3% From New Jersey
      Market Segment Profile:
      19 And Younger
   Counties Of Origin
     Atlantic 19.6%
     Ocean 14.1%
     Camden 12.0%
     Gloucester 11.4%
     Cape May 9.8%
     Burlington and Monmouth 6.0%
      Market Segment Profile:
      19 And Younger
   Key Feeder High Schools
     South Regional, Atlantic City, Oakcrest, Toms
      River East, Absegame, Lower Cape May,
      Washington Township, Millville and
      Collingswood Senior
    Current Recruitment Activities:
    High School
 Fall   1998/ Spring 1999
   Admissions  Representative For ACA
   24 College Nights/ Career Days
   Two ACA Open Houses For High School
   One Culinary Presentation For Vocational
   Guidance Counselor Visits?
      Market Segment Profile:
      20 And Older
   Admission Decision Date
     13% By March Prior To Fall
     26% In April Prior To Fall
     14% In May
     13% In June And July
     Remainder August

 64% Freshmen And 30.8% Transfer
 52% Enrolled For Credit
 63.7% Caucasian, 16.5% Black, 6.6% Hispanic
 58.2% Applied For Financial Aid
      Market Segment Profile:
      20 And Older
 One-Third Of Students List Parents’
  Educational Attainment As High School
 62.6% Male
 Educational Objective (40% No Response)
     Employment
     PlanTo Transfer
     Enrolled For Skills

   95.6% From New Jersey
      Market Segment Profile:
      20 And Older
   Counties Of Origin
     Atlantic 31.9%
     Ocean 16.5%
     Cape May 12.1%
     Camden 7.7%
     Gloucester 5.5%
     Cumberland and Monmouth 4.4%
    Current Recruitment Activities
 Fall   1998/ Spring 1999
   Media Advertising
   9 Career Fairs
   Several Food Shows And Expos
Focus Groups With Current
   Two Groups
     High School
      10 Participants
     Older Adult
      12 Participants
 April 29, 1999
 Recruited By ACA
   High School Focus Group
 Many Of The Students Learned About
 The Program Through Word-Of-Mouth
   Friend Of Parents, Chef, Friends,
    Vocational School Program
   Most Of Students Interested In College But
    Undecided In High School As To Major
   Guidance Counselors Provided Little Help
     Your Grades Are Good, You Can Do Better Than
      Culinary School
   High School Focus Group
 Promotional   Materials Used For
   Video  Watched By Only One-Third Of
   One-Third Used The Web Site For
   Tours, Open House
   Visits With The Chefs
   High School Focus Group
 Other   Culinary Institutes Examined
   The Restaurant School In Philadelphia
   Johnson & Wales
   Culinary Institute Of America
   Chose ACA Because Of Location And Price;
    Rated In Top 10 Culinary Schools In East
   Recommendation Of Chefs In Industry
   High School Focus Group
 Suggestions   For Contacting High School
         And Demonstrations
   Visits
   Tours Of ACA
   Contact With Chefs
   More Info In Guidance Offices
   European Internships
   High School Focus Group
 Suggestions    To Improve Application Process

   StudentsWear Street Clothes Into Admissions
    And Financial Aid Because Of Attitude Of
   More Help And Assistance With Financial Aid
    Forms And Inconsistent Answers
      Full-Time   Culinary 11 Credits Versus College 12
   Someone     Who Understands ACA And ACCC
   High School Focus Group
 Keys   To Stress With Potential Students
   Background   Of The Chefs (International) ---
    Experience And Quality
   Availability Of Internships (European)

 Would   Like The Rules Relaxed
   Adult Focus Group
 Adults   Learned About ACA In Variety Of
   Word-Of-Mouth
   Burlington County Institute Of Technology
   Vocational Rehab And Vocational Counselors

 MajorityOf Students Called College For
 Information And Never Set Foot On Campus
   Applied And Enrolled Via Mail And Telephone
   Transcript Evaluation Could Have Been Faster
   Adult Focus Group
 Other   Competitors Considered
   CIA Best Known For Courses Offered And
    Range Of Areas Offered
   Restaurant School In Philadelphia Expensive
   ACA Cost Less, Good Reputation, Within An
    Hour’s Drive, Small Classes
     Drive At Least An Hour One Way And
 Most
 Go Through Charge Back Process
   Adult Focus Group
 Keys   To Share With Potential Students
   Hands-On  Curriculum
   Well-Rounded In Offerings
   Background Of Faculty --- Share Experiences
   Very Helpful Faculty And Staff

 Would  Like The Rules Even More Stringent
 Separate Students By Experience
 Believes The Certificate Program Denigrates
  Their Degree
Employer Interviews
 Lists Of Employers Of
  ACA Students And
  Others In Area Provided
 18 Interviews Conducted
  With Employers
 May 3 To May 6, 1999
 Telephone Interviews
  Were Used And Lasted
  Approximately 15
   Employer Results
 18Employers Forecasted Almost 500 Jobs
 In The Culinary Field
   SalariesRanged From $2.15 + Tips To $80,000
   Waiters, Cooks, Pot Scrubbers, Hostesses,
    Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Chefs
   Majority Of Positions Calls For High School
    Only; Chef Positions Require A Certificate
   Employer Results
 Majority   Has Hired An ACA Graduate
   Half Rate Them As Good, Others Split Between
    Average And Excellent
   Note They Have Strong Skills Employer Is
    Looking For
   Major Skills Of ACA Grads Include Knowledge,
    Knife Skills, Good Work Attitude
   Areas To Improve Include Prep Work,
    Paperwork, Cost Knowledge, Scheduling,
    Restaurant Experience
   Employer Results
 Other   Culinary Institutes Hired From
   CIA, Johnson & Wales
   Half Prefer An ACA Graduate Over Schools
    Above Because Local And Good Preparation
    But Many Did Not Have A Rationale
   Those Who Do Not Prefer An ACA Grad
    Look At The Individual
   Employer Results
 Majority (14 Of 18) Has Employees Who
  Would Benefit From Attending
 Assistance Needed To Entice Employees In
   Low  Costs
   Scholarships
   Flexible Scheduling (After-Labor Day Start,
    More Nights)
 Majority   Wants Summary Copy Of Results
Graduate Interviews
 Lists Of Alumni
  Provided By ACA And
  Alumni Office
 30 Alumni (Graduates)
 May 3 To May 12, 1999
 Telephone Interviews
  Which Lasted 15 To 20
   Graduate Results
 Sources   Of First Information About ACA
   Word-Of-Mouth
   Employer
   VocationalHigh School
   Magazine, Brochure, ACC Attendee

 Promotional    Materials Used
   Majority Called Or Wrote For Info And
    Noted Brochure On ACA
   One Listed Video
    Graduate Results
 First   Contact With College
   HalfCalled The College For Info
   A Few Sent In For Info And Others Visited
    The Campus
   Majority First Talked To A Person In The
    ACA (Connie Or Chefs) Rather Than
   Some Received A Lot Of Information And
    Others Little In The Application Process (Those
    Applying For Financial Aid More Contact)
   Graduate Results
 Other   Culinary Schools Considered
   Johnson  & Wales, CIA, Restaurant School In
    Philadelphia, Several Others Out Of State
   Key Reasons ACA Were Location (Close),
    Cost (Less Expensive And Financial Aid),
    Good Reputation
   Graduate Results
 Improvements   To Recruitment Process
   More  Interaction With High Schools And
    Vocational Programs --- Get Students
    Involved In Recruiting
   Target Employers And People In Food
   More Media Advertising --- Get Word Out
   More Community Events
   Graduate Results
 Improvements    To Application Process
   OnlineWeb And Computer Registration
   Do Not Go Through College But Directly To
 Keys   To Share With Potential Students
   Need  To Love Cooking
   Career Opportunities --- Realistic View Of
    Field --- Money
   Instructors’ Knowledge And Experience
   Graduate Results
 Suggestions   To Assist Students In Learning
 About ACA
   More Activities With High Schools And
   Scholarships For Employees
   Greater Media Visibility

 Rating   Of Graduate’s Experience At ACA
   25Of 30 Rate It As Excellent Because Chefs
    Were Great, Learned A Lot, Hands-On
   Graduate Results
 Current    Job Landed After ACA
   One-Third In Less Than A Month
   One-Third More Than 6 Months
   Most Of Others Had Job Before Graduating

         Average In High $30,000’s
 Salaries
 Liked Most About ACA
   Hands-On    And One-On-One Instruction
 Liked   Least About ACA
   The   Drive And Some Facilities Issues
   Graduate Results
 Suggestions   For Improvements
   More New Styles In Cooking
   Keep Classes Small
   Separate Students By Experience
Gatekeeper Interviews
 Guidance Counselors In High
  Schools And Vocational
  Schools In Service Area Were
  Target Market
 Focus Groups Were
  Attempted But Due To Low
  Turnout Telephone
  Interviews Were Conducted
 May 3 To May 6, 1999
 36 Interviews Completed
   Guidance Counselor Results
 FrequencyOf Contact With ACC
 Admissions Reps
   Over One-Third Noted Never
   One-Third Noted Once A Year Or Less
   Balance Have More Frequent Contact

         Are Coming To Counselors In
 Students
 Ninth And Tenth Grade For College Info
   Asking For Information On Majors, Costs,
    Financial Aid, Entrance Requirements
   Guidance Counselor Results
 OverTwo-Thirds Have Seen Interest In
 Programs Like ACA Increase Over Last
 Two Years
   PopularityOf TV Chefs, More Culinary
   Schools, Food Programs In Schools
   Guidance Counselor Results
 Current    Level Of Knowledge Of ACA
   Half   Have Never Heard Of To Know A Little
     Need To Send Representatives, Make
      Presentations On Campus At High School,
      Provide More Information About The Program ---
      Brochures, Costs, Admission Requirements
   Half   Know A Fair Amount Or Very Well
     Word-Of-Mouth,   Chef Interaction, Sent For
      Materials, Attended An In-Service, From Reps
   Guidance Counselor Results
          Of Contact From College Reps
 Frequency
 About ACA
   Over Half Note Never
   Others Noted Once A Year

      Of Awareness Of ACA With High
 Level
 School Students
   Have   Heard Of
     Need   To Send Representatives To Schools
   Know   Fair Amount
     Have   Learned From Teachers And Counselors
   Guidance Counselor Results
 Three-FourthsDo Not Have Adequate
 Materials On Hand Which Explains ACA
   SendBrochures, Videos, Applications Or
 There  Was Not One Type Of Student
  Interested In Culinary School
 Suggestions To Increase Awareness
   Classroom Demonstrations, Contact Teachers
   Send Information
   Guidance Counselor Results
 WaysACA Can Assist You In Serving
   GetThem Information And Send Materials
   Easy Access To Contacts

 Other   Suggestions
   Send Representatives
   Posters
   Be More Visible
Non-Returning Student
 Non-Returning
  Students’ Names And
  Contact Numbers Were
  Provided By ACCC
 Telephone Calls Were
  Made To Last Known
  Phone Number
 27 Students Were
 May 11 To May 14, 1999
   Non-Returning Student Results
 Ranged  In Age From 18 To 43
 Majority Had Just Graduated from High
  School, Balance Had Been Working, Three
  Transferred From Other Colleges
 Reasons Chose To Attend ACA
   Close To Home
   Cost (Affordable)
   Love To Cook And Dreamed Of Being A Chef
   Best Place In Area
   Non-Returning Student Results
 Other    Culinary Schools Considered
   Restaurant School Of Philadelphia
   Culinary Institute Of America
   Johnson & Wales
   One-Third Considered No Others But ACA

 Reasons    For Choosing ACA
   Cost (Cheaper)
   Location (Close To Home)
   Recommendations Of People
   Non-Returning Student Results
 Semesters   Attended
   Group   Split Evenly Between 1, 2 or 3
 Reasons   Student Left ACA
   10%  Noted Academic Reasons
   One-Third Noted Financial Reasons (Ran Out
    Of Money)
   Majority Had Personal Reasons Or Found
    Out It Not For Them
   Non-Returning Student Results
 Characteristics   While Attending ACA
   Majority   Of Students Were Employed 30 To
    40 Hours
   Single Without Children
   Half Applied For Financial Aid And Most
    Received Loans
   Only Two Went To Another Culinary
    Institution After Leaving ACA
   Majority Went To Work In The Culinary
    Field After Leaving
    Non-Returning Student Results
 Satisfied   With Experience At ACA
   Only    Two Dissatisfied With Way ACA Is Run
 Half   Plan To Return To ACA
   Those   Who Do Not Have Lost Interest In The
 How  ACA Could Have Kept Student
   For Majority, Nothing
   Financial Aid And Flexibility In Scheduling
Competitive Analysis
      Contacting The College
      About ACA
   Friday, April 30, 1999, 4:35pm
     Packet Of Info About Culinary
      Program; Operator Transferred
      To Culinary Program; Asked For
      Packet Of Info; Asked How Did
      You Hear About Us? Took Name
      And Address Only
     Packet Request Friday, April 30
     Postmarked Tuesday, May 4
     Received Saturday, May 8
     Sent In Application, May 10
     No Personalized Letter In Packet
      Contacting The College
      About ACA
   E-Mail May 13, 1999
     SentA Note That Just Sent Back
      Application And Want To Start In Fall;
      Any Chance This Won’t Happen?
     No Response

   Web Site Information Request May
    13, 1999
           Out An Information Request
     Filled
      Form For A Packet
     No Response
      Contacting The College
      About ACA
   Evening And Weekend Phone Calls
     Sunday, May 23, 1999 Busy
     Next Call Got Recording That Said Line
      Is Busy And Good-bye
   Called 609.343.5000 At 11pm
     May  23 Call; Number Goes Directly
      Into Admissions; Recording -- Pressed 2
      For Additional Info On Culinary; Got
      Voice Mail And Left Message Asking
      Status Of Application
     Two More Calls To Voice Mail After-
     Contacting The Restaurant
     School Of Philadelphia
   May 24, 1999 Morning
     Rushed  And Nonemotional; Voice
      Mail And Options On First Call;
      Keyed Operator And Asked For
      Info; Transferred To Admissions;
      Asked For Name, Address And
      How Heard About School
     Contacting Culinary Institute
     Of America
   May 24, 1999 AM
     Admissions  Office, May I Help
      You? Asked For Packet Of Info To
      Be Sent; Please Hold; Returned
      And Got Name, Address and
      Phone Number; Friendly And Very
      Easy To Talk To, Sincere; Asked
      Questions And Made Caller Feel
     Contacting Johnson & Wales
   May 24, 1999 AM
     Main Receptionist; Asked For
      Admissions Packet; Full- Or Part-
      Time; Transferred To Debbie; Let Me
      Get A Form; Full-Time Or Evening Or
      Weekend; Can I Put You On Hold For
      A Minute; Have You Attended College;
      Do You Have A Degree; When Do You
      Plan To Start; How Did You Hear
      About Us; I Will Send You A
      Viewbook; We Have A Branch In CO
      Who Offers A 13-Month Degree; Very
      Robotic And Form Oriented
   Review Of Marketing Materials
 Black   And Red Brochure --- Fall 1998
   Cover Good For Younger Market
   Need Four-Color With Less Text For Younger
 Brochure   --- Four-Color
   MayWant To Emphasize The Key Points
    When Printing New
 Fact   Sheet
   NeedsA New Look
   Updated And Restaurant Correct Name
   Review Of Marketing Materials
 Video
   Needs To Be Faster Paced
   Few Used It In Process Or Talked About It
   Not Sure It Is Worth The Cost Unless Used As
    An Infomercial
 Web   Site
   Review Interaction Of Messages For Timely
   Update The Information To Sales Info For
   Review Of Marketing Materials
 Postcards   To Applied But Not Enrolled
   May Want To Emphasize Hands-On And
    Background Of Chefs
 Radio   Ads
   Ad  Was Aimed At Adult Career Change Market
   May Want To Lead With “Love Cooking”
   Emphasize Opportunities To Work
   Need Glamour
Implications From Research
   Research Questions Answered
 Competitive   Position
   CostAnd Location Since Only Drawing
    From Within An Hour’s Drive
   Good Reputation Of Graduates
   May See Loss Of Position Due To Increase
    Of Competition In Area
   Research Questions Answered
 Competitors
   CIA
   Johnson  & Wales
   Restaurant School Of Philadelphia
   Perceived To Be Expensive, Would Have To
    Relocate Or Drive Farther But Good
   Research Questions Answered
 Factors   Which Influence Students To
   Cost(Financial Aid)
   Location (Those Willing To Move Will Not
    Choose ACA)
   Reputation Of The Graduates And The
    Chefs’ Background
   Research Questions Answered
 Primary
   Recent   High School Graduates
 Secondary    Markets For ACA
   AdultCareer Change
   Employees In Field Looking At
   Employers
   Research Questions Answered
 New   Markets To Be Cultivated
   Employees    Looking For Advancement
   Employers

 New   Program Features
   Additional Styles Of Cooking For
    Employees Looking For Advancement
   Flexible Hours And Scheduling For Adult
   Associate In Pastry And Baking
   Potential Issues To Address:
   High School Market
 HighSchool Market Offers Much
   Full-Time  ACA Recruiter
   Visiting Counselors And Disseminating
   Coordinating Demonstrations With Teams
    Of Chefs And Current Students
   Target Seven-County Area For Visits
   Visits To All Vocational Culinary Teachers
    Each Year
   Potential Issues To Address:
   High School Market
 SupportHigh School Visitations With
 Radio Aimed At 18 To 20 Year Olds
   Message  To Undecided But Like To Cook
    And Want A Glamorous Career, Call ACA
    800 Number (Needs To Ring Into ACA)
   Fast, Hip Beat

 ContinueCollege And Career Nights In
 New Jersey At High Schools
   Potential Issues To Address:
   Adult Market
 MajorFood Shows In Which ACA Is
 Competing, ACA Staff Man Recruitment
   Out-Of-New   Jersey Shows Draw Few
    Enrollees, No Need For Recruiters To Make
   Local Food Shows Within Six-County Area
    Need Presence
   Potential Issues To Address:
   Adult Market
 NewspaperAds Placed In Job
 Opportunities Emphasizing The Culinary
   People Are Looking At Change When
    Reading Want Ads
   Place In Local As Well As Regional
    Through State Classified Advertising
      TV Cooking Show Or ACA
 Cable
 Sponsorship Of Current Shows
   Potential Issues To Address:
   Employees/ Employers
 Continue  New Jersey Career Fairs For
  Potential Career Change Students
 Create A Direct Mail Campaign To
  Graduates Emphasizing Sending
  Employees To ACA
   Recommendations Key In Recruitment
   Use Them As A Network

 DoVisits With Key Employers And
 Possibly On-Site Registration
   Potential Issues To Address:
   Structural/ System
             Of Student Services For
 Coordination
 ACA Students
   Current Runaround
   Perception Of Poor Attitudes Toward
    Students From College
   One Point Of Contact For ACA Students
    With A Specialist Who Can Respond To
     Just   Did This In Financial Aid Area

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