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					                                                                U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                      Station        Dispensing/
 Location          Project             Partners        Opened                                                                Station Details                           Image
                                                                       Type          Production
                                                                                     H2 & HCNG       - ProtonEnergy HOGEN 300 PEM electrolyzer
               Arizona Public                                          Public
                                                                                                     - Pdc Machines compressor
  Phoenix,         Service
                                         DOE             2001                         Electrolysis   - H2 storage pressures-150, 2400 and 6000 psig
  Arizona        Hydrogen                                          Fuels HICE test
                                                                                      offsite - H2   - Storage capacity: 67,000 SCF
                Power Park                                            vehicles
                                                                                      delivered to   - Dispenser-5000 psi
                                    Schatz Energy                                                    - PEM electrolyzer delivers 2.3 kg H2/day
               Schatz Energy        Research Ctr.,                                                   - Storage capacity-12 kg at 1,200 psi
                 Research           Humboldt State                                   Compressed      - Industry standard H2 dispenser with temperature
                  Center             U., Chevron                                        H2           compensated fills to 5000 psi
                 Hydrogen             Technology         2008                                        - First “rural” station on CA’s H2 Highway
 California                                                        Fuels H2 Prius
                 Station at            Ventures,                                        Onsite       - Station supports an H2-powered Prius for 2-year demo
               Humboldt State       Caltrans, North                                   electrolysis   - Located by Humboldt State U. Plant Operations yard
                 University          Coast Unified                                                    - Plans to develop an H2 power park using renewable gas                     .
                                        AQMD                                                         from a local landfill
                 Station at                                            Private
                                     Ztek, CaFCP,                                       H2           - Ztek CTU-600H H2 reformer on a transportable platform
 Auburn,          PG&E’s
                                     Pacific Gas &       2004                                        - Converts natural gas to H2 at a rate of 600 scfh
 California    Service Center                                       Fuels CaFCP
                                        Electric                                      Natural gas    - Serves as a satellite refueling station for the CaFCP
                and Division                                           FCVs
                                                                                                     - APCI Series 200 hydrogen fueling station and a PEM
                                    Air Products and                                 Compressed      - Pdc Machines compressor, capacity 20 kg/day
                                    Chemicals, Inc.,                   Private          H2           - 12 kg storage
 Burbank,         Burbank
                                    City of Burbank,                                                 - Can deliver 0.5 kg/hr, 52 kg @ 6250 psi
 California       Hydrogen                               2006
                                        SCAQMD,                         N/a             Onsite       - Distributed Energy Systems FuelGen® H2Fueling System,
                                     Proton Energy                                    electrolysis   capable of filling 10 vehicles/day
                                                                                                     -One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels FCVs
                                                                                                     and HICE vehicles
                  GM Field
                                                                       Private       Compressed
                 Service and
 Burbank,                                                                               H2           - 15-minute fill time
                   Support                GM              N/a
 California                                                        Fuels GM fleet                    - Fuels 60+ FCVs
                                                                     customers            N/a
                                                                                        H2           - H2 compressed to 6,250 psi
                                                                                                     - H2 storage capacity-100 kg in pressurized containers
                 America            ChevronTexaco,                     Private
                                                                                     Natural gas     - Able to simultaneously fuel 2 vehicles
  Chino,         Technical           Hyundai Motor
                                                         2005                         reforming,     - Expected fuel time 3-5 minutes
 California       Center             Co., UTC Fuel                 Fuels Hyundai
                                                                                     also capable    - 5-yr DOE cost-share demonstration to showcase practical
                 Hydrogen                 Cells                     & Kia FCVs
                                                                                     of producing    application of H2 energy technology
                                                                                       H2 from       - Access limited to a fleet of 3-5 H2 FCVs

                                                                       Private            N/a
Culver City,   Shell Hydrogen                                                                        - Pressure: 70 MPa
                                          N/a            2009
 California       Station                                                                            - Capacity: 27 kg
                                                                        N/a               N/a

                                     University of                                      H2 &         - Series 100 H2 fueling station
                  UC Davis           California at                                    H2/CNG         - Converts liquid H2 to gaseous H2
                  Hydrogen            Davis, Air         2004                          blend         - Pdc Machines compressor.
 California                                                          Fuels Toyota
                   Station           Products and                                                    - Storage: 30 kg compressed hydrogen plus 1,500 gallon
                                                                   fleet customers
                                    Chemicals, Inc.                                      APCI-       liquid hydrogen in storage tank
                                                                                     delivered LH2
                                                                                                     - Stuart Energy Station (SES-f)
                                                                                     Compressed      - Electrolyzer uses HICE electricity gen-set
                 SCAQMD                                                                 H2           - Can fuel 20-30 cars/day
Diamond Bar,                          SCAQMD,
                 Hydrogen                                2004          Public                        - Located at South Coast Air Quality Management District
  California                         Hydrogenics
               Energy Station                                                           Onsite       (SCAQMD) headquarters
                                                                                      electrolysis   - One of first stations opened to the public and first H2
                                                                                                     station in CA to utilize a fueling island design

                University of        NFCRC at UC                                                     - APCI Series 200 fueling system
                                                         2003                        Compressed
                 California-           Irvine, Air                     Private                       - 25 kg/day capacity, room to expand to 50 kg/day
  Irvine,                                                                               H2
                Irvine APCI          Products and                                                    -350 bar (Phase i), 700 bar (Phase II), and liquid H2 (Phase
 California                                            upgraded
                 Hydrogen           Chemicals, Inc.,                    N/a                          III)
                                                       2006/2007                     Delivered H2
                   Station            SCAQMD                                                         - Stand-alone island for a more traditional fueling experience

                University of         National Fuel                                                  - Hydrogenics Home Fueler prototype
               California-Irvine     Cell Research                                                   - Vandenborre IMET water electrolyzer
  Irvine,                                                            Supports           H2
                Hydrogenics           Center at UC       2005                                        - 2 kg H2/day production capacity
 California                                                        Toyota FCHVs
                 Hydrogen            Irvine, AQMD,                                                   - 12-13 kg H2 storage capacity
                                                                    managed by       Delivered H2
                    Station           Hydrogenics                                                    - 5,000 psig (350 bar) filling pressure
                                                                                                     - Part of DOE’s Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure
                  Quantum                                              Private       Compressed
                                      DOE, GM,                                                       Demonstration and Validation Project
Lake Forest,    Technologies                                                            H2
                                       Quantum            N/a                                        - Supports 3-5 GM FCVs in the Lake Forrest area (GM Field
 California      Hydrogen                                           Supports GM
                                     Technologies                                                    Service and Support center for Operation Driveway located
                   Station                                            vehicles       Delivered H2
                                                                                                     nearby), supported 40 FCVs for all GM-led locations

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                                                                 U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                      Station         Dispensing/
  Location            Project           Partners         Opened                                                              Station Details                              Image
                                                                       Type           Production
                    Clean Energy                                                      Compressed
                                        GM, Clean                     Fuels H2-
Los Angeles,         LAX Airport                                                         H2
                                       Energy, LAX        2008         powered                        - Located at existing CNG station
 California           Hydrogen
                                         Airport                      Equinoxes
                       Station                                                        Delivered H2
                                                                   leased by Virgin
                                                                   Atlantic Airways

                                                                                                      -Air Products mobile fueler
                                                                       Private        Compressed      -350 bar (5,000 psi)
                     AC Transit
  Oakland.                            AC Transit, Air                                    H2           -500 kg H2 storage capacity
                       mobile                             2010
  California                            Products                      Fuels AC                        -capable of dispensing either liquid or gaseous H2
                   hydrogen fueler
                                                                    Transit buses          N/a        -solar panel on the top of the fueler provides the electrical
                                                                                                      power for the dispensing unit

                                                                       Private                        - Pdc Machines compressor
                                       AC Transit,                                    Compressed
                                                                                                      - Storage capacity-366 kg H2 at 6250 psi
                                       UTC Power,                                        H2
                     AC Transit                                       Fuels AC                        - Dispenses up to 150 kg H2/day (enough to fill 3 buses)
                                      Chevron, Van
  Oakland,            Oakland                                       Transit’s 3 FC                    - 2 H2 dispensers- can fuel 2 FC buses simultaneously at
                                        Hool, ISE         2005                        Small-scale
  California         Hydrogen                                       hybrid buses                      5,000 psi
                                     Research, DOE,                                      steam
                      Station                                            and                          - Fuels AC Transit FCEVs and will also be able to fuel a
                                      NREL, ITS UC                                    reforming of
                                                                       Hyundai                        stationary FC to help meet power needs at AC Transit’s
                                     Davis, Hyundai                                    natural gas
                                                                    Tucson FCVs                       maintenance facility
                                                                       Private        Compressed
                                                                                                      - Air Products’ HF-60 mobile hydrogen fueler
                      Camp                                                               H2
                                                                                                      - Will produce 30 kg/day
 Oceanside,          Pendleton                                     Fuels GM FCVs
                                     U.S. Navy, ZTek      N/a                                         - 60 kg of H2 storage
  California         Hydrogen                                        operated by         Steam
                                                                                                      - Dispenses at 5,000 psi
                      Station                                           Camp           methane
                                                                                                      - will fuels GM FCVs operated
                                                                      Pendleton        reforming
                                                                                                      - Air Products HF-150 mobile H2 refueler
                                                                                                      - Pdc compressor
                                     Air Products and                                 Compressed
                      Ontario                                          Private                        - Can deliver 150 kg @ 6600 psi
  Ontario,                           Chemicals, Inc.,                                    H2
                     Hydrogen                             2006                                        - Storage capacity - 60 kg compressed H2
  California                          City of Ontario,
                      Station                                            N/a                          - Capable of filling 10 vehicles/day
                                         SCAQMD                                       Delivered H2
                                                                                                      - One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels
                                                                                                      FCVs and HICE vehicles
                                                                                                      - Manual power assisted Linde LH2 mobile refueling station
                                                                                                      - APCI-delivered liquid H2 is pressure-transferred from the
                    BMW North                                                                         storage tank to the vehicle tank, no pumps or compressors
                                        BMW, Air                                       Liquid H2
  Oxnard,             America                                                                         are needed
                                     Products, Linde      2001       Supports
  California         Hydrogen                                                                         - APCI 1,500-gallon gross capacity vacuum-jacketed ASME
                                          AG                        BMW’s HICE        Delivered H2
                   Fueling Station                                                                    storage tank
                                                                                                      - Located at BMW North America Engineering and Emission
                                                                                                      Test Center
                                                                                                      - Host Site: Eldorado National Forest, U.S. Forest Service
                     Placerville                                                                      - 350 bar fueling capability
 Placerville,                         Air Products,                  Supports a          H2
                     Hydrogen                             2010                                        - Installed March 2010 for a planned 6-mo. deployment
 California                              Nissan                       Nissan FC                                    nd
                      Station                                                                         - Seeking 2 6-mo. operation in south Lake Tahoe area
                                                                    vehicle leased         N/a
                                                                                                      - Funding support by Nissan
                                                                      by USFS
                                     Naval Facilities
                                      Engineering                                     Compressed
    Port           Port Hueneme      Service Center,                   Private           H2
                                                                                                      - The Navy’s first compressed H2 station
  Hueneme,           Hydrogen         Marine Corps        2008
                                                                                                      - One-year trial
  California          Station          Southwest                         N/a          Natural gas
                                      Region Fleet                                     reforming
                                                                                                      - APCI Series 200 hydrogen fueling station and a PEM
                                         City of                                      Compressed      - Pdc Machines compressor
                     Riverside         Riverside,                      Private           H2           - 12 kg storage capacity
                     Hydrogen        SCAQMD, Air          2006                                        - Distributed Energy Systems’ FuelGen® Hydrogen Fueling
                   Fueling Station    Products and                       N/a             Onsite       Systems, can deliver 0.5 kg/hr, 52 kg @ 6250 psi
                                     Chemicals, Inc.                                   electrolysis   - Capable of filling 10 vehicles/day
                                                                                                      - One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels
                                                                                                      FCVs and HICE vehicles
                   San Francisco
San Francisco,                         San Mateo                                                      - Linde is installing the hydrogen station, which will use a
                       Airport                            2010           N/a               N/a
  California                            County                                                        Linde MaxFueler 90 fast-fill dispensing system.
                                       Santa Clara                                                    - Station went off-line at completion of FC bus demo
                    Santa Clara
                                     VTA, SamTrans,                    Private                        - Stored H2 in liquid form for efficient storage and convert the
                       Valley                                                         Compressed
                                      CEC, Ballard,                                                   liquid to H2 gas to fuel buses
  San Jose,        Transportation                                                        H2
                                     FTA, BAAQMD,         2004       Fueled VTA                       - Storage-6 ASME steel tubes, 6668 psi and 9000 gallon
  California          Authority
                                     DOE, Cal EPA,                  and SamTrans                      liquid supply tank.
                     Hydrogen                                                         Delivered H2
                                      APCI, CARB,                     FC buses                        - Could fuel 3 buses/day
                   Fueling Station
                                      CaFCP, NREL                                                     - H2 delivered by APCI
                                                                                                      - APCI HF-150 self contained, transportable fueling station
                                                                                      Compressed      - Pdc Machines compressor
                     Santa Ana       Air Products and
                                                                                         H2           - Air Products’ HF-150 mobile H2 refueler
 Santa Ana,           Mobile         Chemicals, Inc.,                 Fuels H2
                                                          2006                                        - Can deliver 150 kg @ 6600 psi
  California         Hydrogen          City of Santa                   Priuses
                                                                                         Onsite       - Capable of filling 10 vehicles/day
                      Station         Ana, SCAQMD                  operated by city
                                                                                       electrolysis   - One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels
                                                                      & AQMD
                                                                                                      FCVs and HICE vehicles

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                                                                U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                       Station         Dispensing/
 Location            Project           Partners        Opened                                                                 Station Details                               Image
                                                                        Type           Production
                                     APCI, City of                                                     - APCI Series 200 hydrogen fueling station and a PEM
                                    Santa Monica,                                      Compressed      electrolyzer
                   Santa Monica       SCAQMD,                                             H2           - Distributed Energy System’s FuelGen® H2 fueling system
Santa Monica,                                                          Fuels H2
                    Hydrogen        Proton Energy        2006                                          - Pdc Machnies compressor
  California                                                            Priuses
                      Station       Systems, DOE,                                         Onsite       - 12 kg storage
                                                                    operated by city
                                       Quantum                                          electrolysis   - One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels
                                                                       & AQMD
                                     Technologies                                                      FCVs and HICE vehicles
                                                                        Private        Compressed
                    Generation       Schatz Energy       1994                                          - Produces up to 42 standard cubic feet of H2/hour
 Thousand                                                                                 H2
                     Center            Research                                                        - Compressed H2 stored in cylinders
  Palms,                                                            Fuels golf carts
                    Hydrogen        Center, SunLine     retro fit                                      - Mini-hydrogen station, H2 is dispensed on-site to fuel low-
 California                                                          and other low     Onsite solar
                    Station at          Transit        2001-2002                                       volume vehicles (eg. golf carts)
                                                                    volume vehicles    electrolysis
                  SunLine Transit
                                                                                                       - Teledyne electolyzer
                                                                                                       - HyRadix Adéo™ H2 generator
                     SunLine                                                           Compressed      - Pdc Machines compressor
 Thousand           Transit’s                                                             H2           - H2 can be dispensed at both 3600 psig and 5000 psig
  Palms,            SunFuels                             2000           Public                         - Can fuel up to 15 cars/day or 2 buses/day
                                    SunLine Transit
 California         Hydrogen                                                              Onsite       - Station operates 24-hours offering H2, HCNG (also CNG
                  Fueling Station                                                       electrolysis   and LNG), H2 is available by appointment
                                                                                                       - Open to the public, trained technician performs H2 refueling
                                                                                                       - Fuels SunLine’s HICE and HCNG buses
                                                                                                       - APCI owns/operates 17 miles of H2 pipeline, will utilize the
                                                                                                       pipeline system to deliver H2 to the fueling site
                                                                                                       - Pressure swing absorption system will purify the pipeline-
                                                                                                       grade H2 to the higher fuel purity level required by FCV
                                     Air Products,                                     Compressed
                  Torrance Shell                                                                       - Compressed H2 @ 350 bar, 700 bar
  Torrance,                         Shell Hydrogen,                                       H2
                    Hydrogen                              N/a           Public                         - Dispenser - AP Series 200
  California                            Toyota,
                      Station                                                                          - 48 kg/day capacity, expandable with additional
                                      SCAQMD                                            Pipeline H2
                                                                                                       compression to 96 kg/day
                                                                                                       - Greenfield station, retail-like design
                                                                                                       - Several FC vehicle manufacturers are headquartered near
                                                                                                       the station, will provide multiple-fleet and public access &
                                                                                                       lower price for H2
                                                                        Private        Compressed      - PV electrolysis with grid electricity back-up
                   Honda Solar
                                                                                          H2           - Storage - 110 Nm3 @ 5000psi
  Torrance,         Hydrogen
                                      Honda R&D          2001       Fuels Honda’s                      - Fuels 1 car/day
  California        Refueling
                                                                     internal FCX      Onsite solar    - World’s first solar-powered H2 production and fueling
                                                                       FCV fleet       electrolysis    station

                                                                        Private        Compressed
                                                                                                       - Storage - 400 liters @ 420 atmospheres
  Torrance,       Honda Home                                                                           - Fuels 1 car/day
                                      Honda R&D          2003       Fuels Honda’s
  California      Energy Station                                                                       - Station designed to power a home, provide hot water and
                                                                     internal FCX       Natural gas
                                                                                                       generate hydrogen fuel for refueling FCVs
                                                                       FCV fleet         reforming

                                                                        Private        Compressed      - Station is small enough to fit into a Clarity owner’s garage -
                   Honda’s next
                                                                                          H2           “ Compressor has been eliminated, the largest and most
  Torrance,         generation
                                      Honda R&D          2010       Fuels Honda’s                      expensive component
  California      Solar Hydrogen
                                                                     internal FCX      Onsite solar    - The station pulls in solar energy during the day customer
                                                                       FCV fleet       electrolysis    can slow-fill with H2 over an 8-hour period at night
                                                                                       Compressed      - Stuart Energy H2 fueling station
                                                                                          H2           - Onsite electrolysis powered by renewable energy to
                     Toyota                                             Private                        generate 24kg H2/day
  Torrance,         Torrance           Toyota,                                            Onsite       - 48 kg 5700 psi storage in 12 X 150L Type 3 Dynatek NGV-
  California        Hydrogen         Hydrogenics                     Fuels leased       electrolysis   2 tanks
                     Station                                        Toyota FCHVs           using       - Can fuel up to 15 cars/day
                                                                                        renewable      - Supports 6 FCHVs leased to two University of CA
                                                                                          energy       campuses
                                                                                                       - H2 produced, compressed and stored onsite
                                                                                                       - Pressure: 35 MPa
  West Los         Santa Monica
                                                                                                       - Capacity: 13 kg
  Angeles,        Shell Hydrogen         Shell           2008           Public            Onsite
                                                                                                       - Public hydrogen station with an educational visitor’s center
  California          Station                                                           electrolysis
                                                                                                       - One of the SCAQMD’s ‘5 Cities Project’ stations, fuels
                                                                                       using “green”
                                                                                                       FCVs and HICE vehicles
                                                                                                       - LH2 supply with gaseous onboard storage started in 2000
                                    Air Products and                                   Compressed      - In 2003, added HF-150 mobile fueler
                     CaFCP          Chemicals, Inc.,                                      H2           - Three 750L cascading ASME steel tanks, plus 4500 gallon
    West                                                             Fuels vehicles
                   headquarters     ChevronTexaco,                                                     liquid storage tank
 Sacramento,                                             2000         operated by
                    Hydrogen        ExxonMobil, BP,                                      APCI and      - Linde LH2 cryogenic nozzle and controls technology
  California                                                            member
                  Fueling Station    Praxair, Shell                                       Praxair-     - Can deliver H2 to vehicle at 3600 and 5000 psi in under 4
                                                                    technicians and
                                        Hydrogen                                       delivered LH2   minutes
                                                                                                       - Can fuel 17-20 cars/day
                                      US Dept. of
                                                                        Private           H2
                                                                                                       -cascading storage tanks, which decreases the time required
                   NREL Wind           National
  Boulder,                                                           Fuels NREL         Renewable      for refueling
                  2H2 Hydrogen        Renewable          2009
  Colorado                                                           HICE shuttle       electrolysis   -130 kg storage capacity at 413 bar (6,000 psi)
                     Station            Energy
                                                                       bus and           from wind     -filling the shuttle bus takes 20-30 minutes.
                                                                     Daimler FCV         and solar

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                                                                 U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                       Station        Dispensing/
  Location            Project           Partners         Opened                                                               Station Details                               Image
                                                                        Type          Production
                     Proterra                                                              N/a
                     Hydrogen              N/a            2009                                        - Mobile refueler
  Colorado                                                          Fuels Proterra
                      Station                                                              N/a
                                                                      FC buses
                                     UTC Power, CT                                    Compressed
                    UTC Power’s
                                       Transit, CT                     Private           H2           - Gaseous Hydrogen at 5000 psi
   South           South Windsor
                                      DOT, Greater                                                    - The renewably-generated hydrogen is produced and
  Windsor,            Campus                              2007
                                     Hartford Transit,             Fuels CTTransit    H2 produced     liquefied using hydropower derived from the Praxair Niagara
 Connecticut         Hydrogen
                                      Praxair, FTA,                  FC buses              by         Falls Facility
                   Fueling Station
                                           DOT                                        hydropower

                                                                    Fuels Toyota
                                                                                      Compressed      - One of 9 H2 stations being built by SunHydro between
                                                                   FCVs operated
                     SunHydro          SunHydro,                                         H2           Maine and Florida, forming a hydrogen highway
 Wallingford,                                                         by Proton
                     Hydrogen         Proton Energy       2010                                        - Limited public access at first, full public access in the future
 Connecticut                                                           Energy
                      Station           Systems                                          Onsite       - H2 generated onsite using Proton Energy Systems
                                                                    Systems and
                                                                                       electrolysis   electrolyzer
                                                                    SunHydro, FC
                                                                   buses operated
                                                                    by CTTransit
                   Proton Energy                                       Private
 Wallingford,        Systems          Proton Energy
                                                          N/a                                         - Proton’s PEM electrolyzer
 Connecticut         Hydrogen            Systems                   Fuels CTTransit
                   Fueling Station                                   FC buses
                    University of
  Newark,            Delaware           EPRI, Air                                                     - EPRI Installed the H2 station next to the high-bay for
                                                          2007          Fuels
  Delaware           Hydrogen            Liquide                                                      refueling the bus
                                                                    university’s FC        N/a
                                                                      shuttle bus
                                                                                                      - America’s first H2 pump at a retail Shell gas station, with
                                                                                                      Integration of retail H2 and gasoline sales
                                                                                                      - Gaseous and liquid H2 refueling
                                       GM., Shell                                     Compressed
                   Shell’s Benning                                                                    - APCI Series 200 hydrogen fueling station
 Washington,                          Hydrogen, Air                                    H2 & LH2
                   Road Hydrogen                          2004          Public                        - Designed for future 700 bar refueling
    DC                                Products and
                       Station                                                                        - Below grade storage of LH2
                                     Chemicals, Inc.                                       N/a
                                                                                                      - Safety devices such as below-mount dispenser shear
                                                                                                      valves and liquid H2 hose break-away
                                                                                                      - Supports GM’s Project Driveway FCVs and other FCVs
                                     Progress Energy                                                  - APCI Series 300 fueling station
                                     Florida, State of                 Private        Compressed      - H2Ge system to convert natural gas into hydrogen
                                       Florida, Ford                                     H2           - Pdc compressor
  Orlando,            Energy
                                     Motor Company,       2006       Fuels 8 Ford                     - Generation capacity of <16 gge/day
   Florida           Hydrogen
                                       Chevron, Air                  HICE shuttle     Natural gas     - Station located on Progress Energy property
                                      Products and                      buses          reforming      - Fuels 8 Ford HICE shuttle buses transporting visitors at the
                                     Chemicals, Inc.                                                  Orlando International Airport
                                        Progress                                                      - APCI Series 200 fueling station supplied by a PEM
                    BP - Progress     Energy, Ford,                                   Compressed      electrolysis unit.
                                                                    Fuels 5 FCVs
   Oviedo,             Energy          BP, Florida                                       H2           - Pdc compressor
                                                          2007        driven by
   Florida           Hydrogen           Dept. of                                                      - Generation capacity of less than <20 gge/day
                       Station        Environmental                                    Electrolysis   - Station located at Progress Energy’s Jamestown
                                       Protection                                                     Operations Center
                                                                                                      - 810 solar modules can produce 146 kW per hour, which
                    Hickam AFB         HydraFLX                                          H2
  Honolulu,                                                         Fuels FC bus,                     can meet the maximum power demand of the H2 plant
                     Hydrogen         Systems LLC,        2006
   Hawaii                                                          tow-tractors and                   - HydraFLX system that generates H2 from water in a flexible
                       Station           USAF                                         Onsite solar
                                                                    ground support                    pressure management process
                                                                                                      - The H2 station can produce H2 from natural gas, ethanol,
                                                                                                      or electrolysis of water
 Des Plaines,       GTI Hydrogen                                                         H2
                                        GTI, DOE          2007          Public                        - Located at GTI’s headquarters
   Illinois            Station
                                                                                                      - Publicly-accessible by arrangement, select credit cards
                                                                                      Compressed      - Hydrogenics PEM HyLYZER electrolyzer refueler
                   Naval Surface                                       Private
                                                                                         H2           - Can produce and dispense 2.0 kg of compressed H2
                   Warfare Center       US Navy,
Crane, Indiana                                            2004                                        gas/day
                     Hydrogen          Hydrogenics                   Fuels DOD
                                                                                         Onsite       - Located at Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division
                      Station                                         vehicles
                                                                                       electrolysis   Test Center, Installed at NAVSEA's showcase test facility
                    Nuvera Fuel                                                       Compressed
                     Cells U.S.                                        Private           H2
  Billerica,                                                                                          - Nuvera PowerTap reforms natural gas to H2 onsite
                    Headquarters           N/a            2008
Massachusetts                                                                                         - Located at Nuvera’s headquarters in Billerica, MA
                     Hydrogen                                            N/a          Natural gas
                      Station                                                          reforming
                    EPA National          EPA,
                                                                                      Compressed      - Pdc Compressor
                     Vehicle and     DaimlerChrysler,
 Ann Arbor,                                                         Fuels fleet of       H2           - Stores up to 1,500 gallons of LH2
                   Fuel Emissions       UPS, Air          2004
  Michigan                                                         DaimlerChrysler                    - Series 200 APCI H2 station
                   Lab Hydrogen       Products and
                                                                    FCVs used by      Delivered H2    - Dispenses 350 bar gaseous H2
                       Station       Chemicals, Inc.

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                                                                  U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                          Station        Dispensing/
 Location             Project           Partners         Opened                                                                Station Details                              Image
                                                                           Type          Production
                                                                                                         - Liquid hydrogen supply with 350 bar dispensing
                   Sustainable                                             Private       Compressed
                                     Ford Motor Co.,                                                     - APCI delivered H2
 Dearborn,           Mobility                                                               H2
                                     Air Products and      1999                                          - First filling station to provide liquid and gaseous H2
 Michigan         Transportation                                       Fuels Ford H2
                                     Chemicals, Inc.                                                     - 700 bar upgrade of the Ford Dearborn station scheduled to
                  Lab Hydrogen                                         & FC vehicles     Delivered H2
                                                                                                         operate by the end of July 2008
                                     NextEnergy, BP,
                                       APCI, Albert                        Private
                                      Kahn Assoc.,                                                       - APCI Series 200 fueling technology
                    NextEnergy                                                           Compressed
                                     DMA Technical                         Fuels                         - Can store 50 kg H2 and dispense 20 to 40 kg H2/day
 Detroit,             Center                                                                H2
                                        Services,          2006        DaimlerChrysler                   - Located in NextEnergy’s Microgrid Power Pavilion
 Michigan            Hydrogen
                                      Praxair, REB                      A Class FCV                      - Plans for station to produce H2 onsite by different
                      Station                                                            Delivered H2
                                      Research and                     used by Wayne                     technologies for DaimlerChrysler FC vehicles
                                       Consulting,                        State U.
                  General Motors
                  Milford Proving    Air Products and                      Private                       - APCI Series 200 H2 fueling station with 350 and 700 bar
 Milford,                                                                                   H2
                      Ground         Chemicals, Inc.,      2004                                          gaseous dispensing
                     Hydrogen               GM                         Fuels GM FCVs                     - Pdc Machines compressor
                   Ford Proving                                            Private       Compressed
                                     Air Products and
 Romeo,              Grounds                                                                H2           - APCI Series 100 H2 fueling station
                                     Chemicals, Inc.,      2003
 Michigan           Hydrogen                                           Fuels Ford H2                     - Pdc Machines compressor
                     Station                                             & FCVs               N/a
                                                                                            H2           - APCI Series 300 fueling station and H2 purifier.
                                     Hydrogen, DOE,                        Private
                    Chevron                                                                              - Produces 80 kg gaseous H2/day, pressure of 5000 psi
 Selfridge,                           DOD, Hyundai
                    Hydrogen                               2007                             Steam        - Can fuel for up to 20 vehicles per day
 Michigan                            Kia, UTC Power,                   Fuels Hyundai
                  Energy Station                                                           methane       - Located at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base, limited
                                     Air Products and                    Kia FCVs
                                                                                         reforming of    access
                                     Chemicals, Inc.
                                                                                          natural gas
                                                                                                         - Stuart Energy Station electrolyzer
                                                                                                         - Pdc Machines compressor
                                      DTE Energy,                          Private       Compressed      - Can produce30 Nm3h (65 kg/day) of hydrogen at 6000 psi
                  DTE Hydrogen
                                      Stuart Energy                                         H2           for vehicles
 Southfield,       Technology
                                      Systems, BP,         2004            Fuels                         - Can produce 100,000 kW/hrs of electricity/yr, electricity can
  Michigan        Park Hydrogen
                                     DaimlerChrysler,                  DaimlerChrysler      Onsite       be fed back to the grid at peak periods or can be used to fuel
                                          DOE                              FCVs           electrolysis   several FCVs/day
                                                                                                         - Storage capacity of 140kg
                                                                                                         - 5,000 psig (345 barg) (nominal) H2 dispensing
                                       Ford Motor                                        Compressed      - Pdc compressor
                   City of Taylor
  Taylor,                             Company, BP,                                          H2           - Located at the Taylor Department of Public Works
                    Hydrogen                               2006        Fuels DPW and
 Michigan                             City of Taylor,                                                    - Supports four H2-powered Ford Focus FC vehicles: 3 used
                      Station                                           fire dept. H2
                                           DOE                                           Delivered H2    by the Fire Dept. and 1 used by DPW
                                      U. of Missouri-
                   University of       Rolla, DOT,                         Private                       - Original mobile station installed at the HyPoint Industrial
                                                            2007,                           H2
                  Missouri, Rolla     Natl. University                                                   Park
   Rolla,                                                permanent
                      mobile          Transportation                   Fuels 2 Ford E-                   - Permanent H2 fueling station opened in 2008 in St. Robert
  Missouri                                                station in                        Onsite
                    Hydrogen            Center, Air                      450 HICE                        providing fuel for a commuter service for Fort Leonard Wood
                                                            2008                         reforming of
                     Station         Force Research                     shuttle buses                    employees along Interstate 44 corridor
                                                                                          natural gas
                                     Laboratory, DLA
                                                                           Private                       - Initially used onsite H2 natural gas reforming with LH2
                                                                                         Compressed      backup, in 2004 added Series 100 H2 fueling station
                                       Air Products,
                     Cit of Las                                        Fuels 2 Honda     H2 & HCNG       supplied by 50 kW PEM electrolyzer, a portion of power
Las Vegas,                           Plug Power, City
                   Vegas Energy                            2002        FCVs and will                     delivered by solar cells
 Nevada                               of Las Vegas,
                      Station                                          power HCNG-       Onsite solar    - Fuels 2 Honda FCVs, also 4 trucks operating on HCNG
                                                                         powered         electrolysis    - Also fuel s a PEM FC providing electrical energy to the Las
                                                                         vehicles                        Vegas grid
                    Las Vegas          Las Vegas                           Private
                   Valley Water       Valley Water
                                                                                            H2           - APCI Series100 fueling station supplied by a PEM
Las Vegas,         District’s main    District, UNLV                   Fuels 2 Honda
                                                           2007                                          electolysis unit
 Nevada               campus            Research                         FCVs and
                                                                                         Onsite solar    - Pdc compressor
                     Hydrogen          Foundation,                     HCNG-powered
                      Station              DOE                            vehicles
                  Proton Energy
                                                                                              N/a        - Series 100 H2 fueling station supplied by a PEM
Las Vegas,          Systems
                                           N/a              N/a             N/a                          electrolyzer
 Nevada             Hydrogen
                                                                                              N/a        - A portion of the power is supplied by solar cells
                     Hydrogen                                              Private                       - Located at the off-grid home of the Strizki family, home is
East Amwell,         Station at                                                                          powered by solar-hydrogen-geothermal energy
                                           N/a              N/a
New Jersey             private                                            Fuels the                      - Solar generated H2 is stored onsite for use in the home (via
                                                                                         Onsite solar
                     residence                                          family’s FCVs                    a fuel cell) and to fuel FCVs
                                                                                              N/a        - APCI Series 100 hydrogen fueling station supplied by a
                   Angel’s Nest                                            Private
  Taos,                                                                                                  PEM electrolyzer.
                    Hydrogen               N/a             2004
New Mexico                                                                                Wind/solar     - Completely renewable power source (wind/solar) in a utility-
                     station                                                N/a
                                                                                          electrolysis   independent, self-sufficient community
                   GM Service
                                                                           Private       Compressed
                   and Support
Ardsley, New                                                                                H2           - 5 minute fill time
                     Facility        GM, Air Liquide        N/a
    York                                                               Fuels GM fleet                    - Center is fully operational for 30 FCVs
                                                                           FCVs               N/a

               Updated 5/2011         Available for downloading at:                            Created by Fuel Cells 2000
                                                                   U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                         Station          Dispensing/
  Location            Project            Partners          Opened                                                               Station Details                              Image
                                                                          Type            Production
                                         Shell, Air                                       Compressed
                                                                           N/a                            - 700 bar pressure
   Bronx,          Shell Hydrogen      Liquide, NYC                                          H2
                                                            2010                                          - Will support GM’s Project Driveway fuel cell vehicles and
  New York            Station             Dept. of
                                                                           N/a                            vehicles by other manufacturers
                                         Sanitation                                       Delivered H2
                                                                                          Compressed      - APCI fueling technology
                                       National Grid,                     Private
                     Hempstead                                                            H2 & HCNG       - Pdc compressor
 Hempstead,                             NYSERDA,
                      Hydrogen                              2009                                          - Can fuel 7 cars consecutively
  New York                                town of                       Fuels fleet
                       Station                                                               Onsite       - Long Island’s first H2 station, located at Hempstead’s
                                        Hempstead                       customers
                                                                                           electrolysis   Conservation and Waterways Facility
                                                                          Private         Compressed
                     GM Facility
Honepye Falls,                                                                               H2           - Temporary installation of 350 and 700 bar fueling
                     Hydrogen               GM              N/a
  New York                                                             Supports GM                        - 30 minute fueling time
                                                                        fleet FCVs             N/a
                   Shell Hydrogen
                   Station at John    GM, Shell, Port                     Private         Compressed
Jamaica, New                                                                                              - Pdc compressor
                     F. Kennedy       Authority of NY       2009                               H2
   York                                                                                                   - Supports GM Project Driveway participants
                    International      & NJ, DOE                           N/a            Delivered H2
                                                                                                          - Home Energy Station II
                                       Honda R&D                                             H2
   Latham,          Home Energy                                        Fuels Honda                        - Can fuel one car/day
                                      Americas, Plug        2004
  New York            Station                                        FCX FC cars on                       - Developed by Honda R&D Americas and located at Plug
                                         Power                                            Natural gas
                                                                      public roads in                     Power’s corporate headquarters
                                                                         NE US
 Rochester,          Green City
                                             N/a            2007      Fuels 3 HICE                        N/a
 New York            Hydrogen
                                                                      vehicles and 1       Electrolysis
                                                                         FC bus
                                                                                                          - H2 generated onsite from electrolysis of water using CO2-
                                                                                          Compressed      free hydropower from the New York Power Authority
                                                                                             H2           - Stores up to 30 kg gaseous H2 on-site @ 700 bar
                                        City of White
                                                                                                          - Distributed Energy Systems Corp.’s FuelGen H2 generation
                                        Plains, Shell                     Private
                                                                                             Onsite       system
White Plains,      Shell Hydrogen         Hydrogen,
                                                            2007                           electrolysis   - APCI Series 200 H2 fueling technology with PEM
 New York             Station         General Motors,                 Fuels GM fleet
                                                                                              using       electrolysis unit
                                      Air Products and                  customers
                                                                                            electricity   - Pdc compressor
                                      Chemicals, Inc.
                                                                                          generated by    - Commercial fueling station is located at the city’s public
                                                                                           hydropower     works garage
                                                                                                          - Serves GM Project Driveway FCVs
                   State University
                                       Basic Electric                                     Compressed
                    North Central
                                          Power                           Private            H2
 Minot, North                          Cooperative,
                      Extension                             2007                                          - 80 kg/h @ 43 Mpa
   Dakota                               Verendrye,                    Fuels 3 HICE            Wind-
                                         Electric                     pickup trucks         powered
                                       Cooperative,                                        electrolysis
                     Ohio State                                                           Compressed      - H2 delivered by Praxair, may produce H2 onsite in the
                                       Praxair, Ohio
 Columbus,           University’s                                        Fuels Ford          H2           future
                                      State University,     2006
   Ohio               Hydrogen                                         Focus FCHV                         - Station built by Ohio State’s Center for Automotive
                       Station                                         loaned to the      Delivered H2    Research
 Allentown,        APCI Hydrogen      Air Products and
                                                            2008                                          - Station is located at Air Products’ headquarters in PA
Pennsylvania          Station         Chemicals, Inc.                   Fuels 2 H2
                                                                                                          - APCI Series 300 hydrogen and HCNG fueling station
                                                                                          Compressed      supplied via an advanced natural gas reformer with liquid
                   Penn State/Air        DOE, Air                       Fuels Penn
 University                                                                                  H2           hydrogen back-up.
                     Products          Products and                     State FCV,
   Park,                                                    2004                                          - Pdc Machines compressor
                     Hydrogen         Chemicals, Inc.,                utility van and
Pennsylvania                                                                              Natural gas     - Up to 7000 psi
                      Station           Penn State                     Centre Area
                                                                       Authority bus
                     Center for
                     Hydrogen           Center for                      Fuels CHR’s                       - Current plans are to keep the temporary station at the CHR
 Aiken, South                                                                                H2
                     Research           Hydrogen            2008      HICE Silverado                      until a more accessible location at Sage Mill Industrial Park
                     Hydrogen         Research, eTec                  truck and other                     on I-20 is constructed
                                                                                          Delivered H2
                      Station                                           H2-powered
                                                                       Fuels hybrid
                      Columbia         SC Research                                           H2
  Columbia,                                                          fuel cell-electric
                      Hydrogen        Authority, city of    2009                                          - LH2 is stored and converted to gaseous H2
South Carolina                                                       bus at the U. of
                       Station           Columbia                                          Delivered
                                                                        SC and will
                                                                                           liquid H2
                                                                       serve fleet of
                                                                         H2 cars

                Updated 5/2011         Available for downloading at:                            Created by Fuel Cells 2000
                                                                  U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                         Station          Dispensing/
 Location             Project            Partners        Opened                                                                  Station Details                               Image
                                                                          Type            Production
                                        U. of Texas,
                                        Austin, GTI,
                                                                      Supports fuel
                                        GreenField                                        Compressed
                    University of                                      cell-hybrid                        - H2 generated/compressed/stored on-site
                                       Compression,                                          H2
   Austin,             Texas                                         shuttle bus and                      - Located at the J. J. Pickle Research Center
                                       TCEQ, DOT,          2007
   Texas             Hydrogen                                          will support                       - Fuels the University of Texas fuel cell bus and a Dual
                                        Texas State                                        Natural gas
                      Station                                           other H2                          Variable Output fuel cell bus
                                          Energy                                            reforming
                                                                       planned in
                                                                       Austin area
                                      EVermont, DOE,
                                      Northern Power                                                      - APCI Series 200 Hydrogen fueling station supplied by a
                                      Systems, Proton                     Private                         PEM electrolysis unit
                     EVermont         Energy Systems                                                      - Proton HOGEN H Series electrolyzer-12 kg/day, 40 kW at
                     Hydrogen         APCI, Burlington     2006        Fuels a H2-                        peak production capacity
  Vermont                                                                                     Wind-
                      Station          Dept. of Public               powered Toyota                       - Electrochemical and mechanical compression for on-site
                                          Works,                         Prius                            storage at 6,000 psi in high-pressure cylinders
                                         Burlington                                                       - Pdc Machines compressor
                                       Electric Dept,
                                                                          Private         Compressed
                     Ft. Belvoir
 Ft. Belvoir,                                                                                H2           - APCI Serries 100 H2 fueling station
                     Hydrogen            GM, DOD           2004
  Virginia                                                           Supports a GM                        - Pdc compressor.
                                                                         FCVs                  N/a
                                                                                                          - H2 production and fueling facility producing 12 kg H2/day
                                                                                                          - Pdc compressor
                   Yeager Airport                                       Fuels 3 H2-
Charleston,                             DOE, NETL,                                                        - Includes a dispenser, storage facility and trailer to dispense
                     Hydrogen                              2009       powered cars,       H2 generated
West Virginia                          Yeager Airport                                                     H2
                      Station                                            and H2-            onsite by
                                                                                                          - After 2 years, the station will be sold to a private business
                                                                     powered pickup        electrolysis
                                                                                                          for public fueling
                                                                     truck and forklift

                                                         Planned U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                          To Be
 Location             Project            Partners                    Station Type             &                                  Station Details                               Image
                                                                                                          - Linde H2 station will replace and expand the current
                                                                                                          outdated H2 facility
                                                                                                          - Will feature liquid H2 delivery and storage, and possibly an
                   AC Transit East                                                        Compressed      electrolyzer.
                                                                        Will fuel 12
East Oakland,         Oakland                                                                H2           - Will use ionic compression, which uses less electricity than
                                            N/a            N/a        Zero Emission
  California         Hydrogen                                                                             other H2 fueling stations and requires less maintenance
                                                                     Bay Area buses
                   Fueling Station                                                            N/a         - The dispensers will be added in-line with the division’s
                                                                     used in regular
                                                                                                          existing diesel fueling dispensers to help transition the
                                                                      transit service
                                                                                                          technology to mainstream use
                                                                                                          - High-performance, fast-fill dispensing systems
                                                                         Private             H2

                     AC Transit                                         Will fuel 12      Onsite solar    - Avalence electrolyzer (10 kg/day) with Integrated
 Emeryville,                            AC Transit,
                     Hydrogen                              N/a        Zero Emission       electrolysis    compression to 5,000 psi
  California                           Avalence LLC
                   Fueling Station                                   Bay Area buses       for gaseous     - 20 kg H2 storage
                                                                     used in regular          H2 and
                                                                      transit service       delivered
                                                                                            liquid H2
                                                                                                          - Location: Orange County Sanitation District's (OCSD)
                                                                                                          wastewater treatment facility
                   Fountain Valley                                                                        - Fuel: Biogas from wastewater treatment operations
  Fountain             OCSD            Air Products,                     Private                          - Will incorporate FuelCell Energy's DFC-H2 fuel cell to
                                                                                          Biogas from
   Valley,           Renewable         DOE, CARB,          N/a                                            produce onsite H2, power and heat
  California         Hydrogen           SCAQMD                             N/a                            - Will produce 300 kW of power and up to 300 lbs of H2/day
                      Station                                                                             -100 kg/day capacity, 360 and 700 bar fueling capability
                                                                                                          - Will produce sufficient H2 to fuel roughly 100 fuel cell cars
                                                                                                          - Electricity will be available for use by OCSD operations
                    Harbor City -
                                        Investment                                                        - ARB awarded Mebtahi Station Services $1.7 million to add
                   Mebtahi Station
Harbor City,                             Group, Air                                                       H2 to their existing Chevron station on Western Ave near the
                     Services                              N/a             Na                 N/a
 California                            Products and                                                       Pacific Coast Highway
                                      Chemicals, Inc.,                                                    - Will be capable of delivering 100 kg H2/day
                                      General Physics
                                      California State
                   California State                                                          H2           - Hydrogenics PEM electrolyzer
                                      University Los
                   University-Los                        Late 2010                                        - One low pressure (6 kg) and two high pressure tanks (24
Los Angeles,                             Angeles,
                       Angeles                            or early       Public             Onsite        kg), over 60 kg of storage capacity
 California                           SCAQMD, Air
                     Hydrogen                              2011                           electrolysis    - Capable of fueling 5 cars/day
                       Station                                                            powered by      - Will be located on the eastern edge of the college campus

                Updated 5/2011         Available for downloading at:                              Created by Fuel Cells 2000
                                                          Planned U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                           To Be
  Location             Project           Partners                    Station Type             &                                        Station Details                                 Image
                                                                                                               - Will be the first high-pressure fueling station for private
                    Shell Hydrogen    Shell Hydrogen,                                                          consumers in California.
   Beach,                                                   N/a           Na                  N/a
                       Station          Powertech                                                              - Will be capable of fueling 4 H2-powered vehicles at the
                                                                                                               same time.
                                                                                             H2                - Compressed H2 @ 350 bar
 Westwood,                            DaimlerChrysler,                                                         - Will support two Daimler Chrysler F-Cell vehicles
                       Hydrogen                             N/a          Public
 California                                 BP                                               Steam             - Will produce 140 kg of H2/day
                                                                                           methane             - Capable of fueling 25 cars/day
                                        City of Fort
                                          Collins,                                        Compressed           - HCNG station, plans to add H2 dispenser in the future
 Fort Collins,        Fort Collins    Colorado State,                                     H2 & HCNG            - H2 fuel generator by Avalence
                                                            N/a           N/a
  Colorado          Hythane Station     Hydrogen                                                               - City has one Hythane powered minibus, converting 5 more
                                       Components                                             N/a              to run on Hythane
                       SunHydro                           Planned
  Claymont,                                                                                                    - Will be one of 9 H2 stations built by SunHydro between
                       Hydrogen             N/a           by early       Public             Onsite
  Delaware                                                                                                     Maine and Florida, forming a hydrogen highway
                        Station                            2011                           electrolysis
                                                                                          powered by
                                                                                                               - Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative
Multiple sites,        Hydrogen       State of Hawaii,
                                                            N/a           N/a                 N/a              - 25 stations are planned by 2015
   Hawaii               Stations            GM
                                                                                                               - Will fuel a fleet of 20 GM FCVs
Scarboroough,                                                                                H2                - Will be one of 9 H2 stations built by SunHydro between
                       Hydrogen             N/a             N/a          Public
    Maine                                                                                                      Maine and Florida, forming a hydrogen highway
                    Massport/Logan    Nuvera, NAVC,                                                            - FTA grant of $4.875 million for a FC bus and refueling
   Boston,             Airport          MBTA, ISE                                                              demonstration project at Logan International Airport.
                                                            N/a           N/a
Massachusetts         Hydrogen        Corp., Keyspan,                                                          - Nuvera Powertap H2 generation system
                       Station            AVSG                                                                 - Will fuel a FC bus to be operated by Massport.
  Braintree,                                                                                 H2                - Will be one of 9 H2 stations built by SunHydro between
                       Hydrogen             N/a             N/a          Public
Massachusetts                                                                                                  Maine and Florida, forming a hydrogen highway
                                      University, Flint                                   Compressed
                                           Mass           Planned                            H2
   Flint,              Hydrogen
                                      Transporatation     by April        N/a                                  - Will fuel a Flint MTA fuel cell bus
  Michigan              Station
                                        Authority, Air     2012                             Onsite
                                      Products, Proton                                    electrolysis
                     Dull’s Family                                                            N/a
  Brookville,                                             Planned                                              - The farm showcases alternative energy and energy
                    Farm Hydrogen           N/a                           N/a
    Ohio                                                  in 2010                                              efficiency
                        Station                                                           Electrolysis
                     West Virginia
                                       WV University,                                                          - US Department of Energy grant funding of $1.15 million
Morgantown,           University
                                        US Dept. of                                                            - Will create a hydrogen highway between Morgantown and a
West Virginia         Hydrogen
                                         Energy                                                                production and fueling station at Yeager Airport in Charleston

                                                    Decommissioned U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                              Dispensed &
  Location             Project           Partners            Dates       Station Type                                                        Station Details                             Image
                     Ford’s Arizona                                          Private           Compressed
                                                                                                                      - 2002 - Stuart Energy mobile H2 station mounted on single
                        Proving                           Opened 2002,                            H2
    Yucca,                                                                                                            trailer, integrated H2 generation and storage, dual pressure
                       Grounds               N/a            decom-        Fueled Ford’s
    Arizona                                                                                                           (3600 and 5000 psi) dispensing (photo at right)
                       Hydrogen                            missioned        H2 & FC               Onsite
                                                                                                                      - APCI Series 100 hydrogen station added in 2005.
                        Station                                             vehicles            electrolysis
                                                                                                                      - Stuart Energy H2 fueling station
                                                                                                                      - Stuart’s CFP-1350 system generated 60 kg of H2/day
                      Chula Vista       City of Chula                                                                 - Pdc Machines compressor
                                                          Opened 2003,                            H2
 Chula Vista,           mobile          Vista, Ford,                                                                  - Dispensed at 3600 and 5000 psi
                                                            decom-             Public
  California           Hydrogen       Toyota, SunLine,                                                                - Could fuel 20-30 cars/day
                                                           missioned                              Onsite
                        Fueler          Hydrogenics                                                                   - Supported Honda FCX leased to city of Chula Vista
                                                                                                                      - Station was accessible to the public, key card available for
                                                                                                                      unassisted fueling

                 Updated 5/2011        Available for downloading at:                                    Created by Fuel Cells 2000
                                                    Decommissioned U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                              Dispensed &
 Location            Project             Partners             Dates       Station Type                                               Station Details                             Image
                                                                                                              - Electrolyzer and compression system operated directly
                                                                                                              from a PV array for electrolytic generation of up to 400 scfh
                                      Clean Air Now,                                          Compressed      of H2 gas
                  Xerox-Clean Air                                             Private
                                       Xerox Corp.,                                              H2           - Praxair partial fast-fill fueling system, upgraded to a full
El Segundo,        Now Project
                                      Praxair Inc., PVI     1995-1997                                         fast fill system able to fuel multiple vehicles in succession in
 California         Hydrogen                                               Fueled Xerox
                                       Corp., Kaiser                                             Onsite       under 7 minutes each
                      Station                                               H2 vehicles
                                        Engineering                                            electrolysis   - Fueled fleet of H2 vehicles used by Xerox (Ballard buses
                                                                                                              and converted H2 ICE Ford Rangers)
                    Long Beach                             Opened 2007,
Long Beach,                           Air Products and                                           H2           - APCI HF-150 Mobile Refueler
                     Hydrogen                                decom-           Public
 California                           Chemicals, Inc.                                                         - Pdc compressor
                      Station                               missioned
                                         City of Los                          Private
                    City of Los           Angeles,                                            Compressed      - HF-150 mobile APCI fueler
                                                           Opened 2002,
Los Angeles,      Angeles mobile      American Honda,                     Fueled 5 Honda         H2           - High pressure stored hydrogen (delivered)
 California         Hydrogen          Air Products and                       FCX FCVs                         - 150 kg storage capacity
                      Fueler          Chemicals, Inc.,                    leased to city of   Delivered H2    - Could fuel 26-100 cars/day
                                           Praxair                          Los Angeles
                                                                                                              - Norsk-Hydro electrolyzer
                                                                                                              - Pdc compressor
                  Praxair-BP Los                                              Public                          - 600-sq-ft building with high-pressure H2 storage tubes on
                                      DOE, SCAQMD,                                            Compressed
                     Angeles                                                                                  the roof
                                          CEC, Los         Ooened 2004,                          H2
Los Angeles,       International                                             Supported                        - Storage- 60 kg compressed H2 in ASME Steel cylinder at
                                       Angeles World         decom-
 California           Airport                                               Honda FCVs                        approximately 6,600 psi
                                      Airports, Praxair,    missioned                            Onsite
                     Hydrogen                                             leased to City of                   - 307 kg storage of supplemental H2 via 2,400 psi tube
                                             BP                                                electrolysis
                      Station                                               Los Angeles                       trailer
                                                                                                              - Fueling capacity of 10 – 20 cars/day
                                                                                                              -First retail-style H2 fueling station
                   Palm Springs                                               Private
                                                           Opened 1998,                            N/a
Palm Springs,         Airport         Air Products and
                                                             decom-                                           - Gaseous hydrogen supply
  California        Hydrogen          Chemicals, Inc.                      Fueled 2 FC
                                                            missioned                              N/a
                      Station                                             service vehicles
                                                                                                              - Stuart Energy Satellite Hydrogen Energy Station
                                                                                                              - PEM electrolyzer, produces up to 24 kg H2 daily
                                                                             Fueled AC        Compressed
                                                                                                              - Pdc Machines compressor
                   AC Transit            AC Transit,       Opened 2002;      Transit FC          H2
 Richmond,                                                                                                    - Storage- 47 kg compressed (5700 psi) hydrogen in 12 X
                    Hydrogen            Hydrogenics,         decom-          buses and
 California                                                                                                   150L Type 3 Dynatek NGV-2
                  Energy Station          CaFCP             missioned     CaFCP vehicles         Onsite
                                                                                                              - Could fuel as many as 5 cars within 8 minutes
                                                                          traveling to Bay     electrolysis
                                                                                                              - Capacity-up to 15 cars/day or 2 buses/day
                                                                             Area from
                                                                                                              - First satellite hub for CaFCP vehicles
                                                                                                              - Electrolyser Corp. (now Stuart Energy) Uni-polar
                                      UC-Riverside, Air
                  Solar-Hydrogen                                              Private         Compressed      electrolyzer was capable of using PV array or grid operation
                                        Products and
                  Production and                           Opened 1993,                          H2           for 5,000 psi H2
 Riverside,                            Chemicals, Inc.,
                      Vehicle                                decom-         Fueled UC-                        - “Solar-Hydrogen Production and Vehicle Refueling
 California                           City of Riverside,
                     Refueling                              missioned     Riverside HICE         Onsite       Station” for H2-ICE pickup truck
                                      SCAQMD, Proton
                      Station                                                 vehicle          electrolysis   - Was located at University of California, Riverside, College
                                                                                                              of Engineering – Center for Research and Technology
                                           Chevron                            Private
                     Southern           Technology                                                            - Alkaline electrolyzer, generating capacity of 40 km H2/day
                     California           Ventures,                         Fueled small                      - Pdc compressor
                                                           Opened 2007                           H2
 Rosemead,            Edison           Hyundai, UTC                       fleet of Kia and                    - Dispenses H2 at 5000 psi
  California       headquarters       Power, Southern                     Hyundai FCVs                        - Fueling time: 3-5 minutes, could fuel 18-20 vehicles/day
                                                            missioned                            Onsite
                    Hydrogen          California Edison,                    operated by                       - The station was one of up to 6 stations that Chevron plans
                      Station          DOE, Hyundai                          SCE meter                        to build and operate under a DOE Contract
                                         Kia Motors                           readers
                   Sacramento                                                                 Compressed
                                                           Opened 2008,                                       - APCI HF-150 mobile fueler
                  Municipal Utility                                                              H2
Sacramento,                             SMUD, Ford,          decom-        Fueled SMUD                        - H2 produced onsite via a large solar array
                  District (SMUD)
 California                              DOE, BP           missioned in     FCEVs and                         - Could produce enough H2 for about 14 FCVs
                     Hydrogen                                                                  Onsite solar
                                                              2009          others in the                     - Pdc compressor
                       Station                                                                 electrolysis
                    City of San          City of San                          Private
                                                                                              Compressed      - APCI HF-60 mobile fueler
    San             Francisco             Francisco,       Opened 2004,   Fueled 2 Honda
                                                                                                 H2           - Storage-60 kg
 Francisco,           mobile          American Honda,        decom-          FCX FCVs
                                                                                                              - Fueling capacity 5-10 cars/day
 California         Hydrogen          Air Products and      missioned     leased to city of
                                                                                                   N/a        - Station to be replaced by APCI Series 100 station
                      Fueler           Chemicals, Inc.                     San Francisco
    San               PG&E               PG&E, Air         Opened 2006,       Private              N/a
 Francisco,          Hydrogen            Products,           decom-                                           - HF-150 mobile refueler
 California           Station         Daimler-Chrysler      missioned           N/a                N/a
                     City of
                                                           Opened 1993,       Private              N/a
  Denver,          Denver/US          Air Products and                                                        - Delivered gaseous hydrogen supply, hydrogen/natural gas
  Colorado        DOE Hydrogen        Chemicals, Inc.                                                         blends
                                                            missioned           N/a                N/a
  Atlanta,           Hydrogen         Air Products and     1996, decom-
                                                                               Fueled                         N/a
  Georgia             Station         Chemicals, Inc.       missioned
                                                                          hydrogen hybrid          N/a
                                                                              ICE bus

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                                                  Decommissioned U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Stations
                                                                                          Dispensed &
 Location           Project            Partners             Dates       Station Type                                           Station Details                          Image
                                                                                                          - Modular, deployable HydraFLX Systems H2 production
                                                                                                          and fueling station, composed of Packaged Operating
                                                                                                          moDules (PODs) - crush proof carbon steel packages for
                                                                                                          military or commercial transport. 3 primary pods:
                                                         Opened 2004,       Private       Compressed
                  Hickam AFB                                                                               1) H2 Fuel Processor: 2 Teledyne Energy Systems HMX
                                        HCATT,              decom-                           H2
 Honolulu,           mobile                                                                               200 electrolyzers, 50kg/day
                                     Hydrogenics,         missioned,        Fueled
  Hawaii           Hydrogen                                                                               2) H2 Pressure Management: HydraFLX compression
                                     Stuart Energy        new station    government          Onsite
                     Station                                                                              system; JP8 /diesel powered, up to 5000psi
                                                             built         vehicles        electrolysis
                                                                                                          3) H2 Pressure Storage: 9 Dynetek composite tanks; stores
                                                                                                          at 5000psi
                                                                                                          - Two additional PODs provided power control and water for
                                                                                                          electrolysis; MEP 9 generator used for deployment
                 Chicago Transit
                   Authority’s      Air Products and
                                                                                          Compressed      - APCI delivered LH2
                    Chicago/        Chemicals, Inc.,
  Chicago,                                                                  Fueled 3         H2           - LH2 storage at 150 psi
                 Pulaski Avenue     Chicago Transit       1998–2000
   Illinois                                                                Ballard FC                     - LH2 vaporized to create gaseous H2 (3600 psi), compress
                     Garage         Authority, Ballard
                                                                        buses used in a   Delivered H2    and stored for fueling operations
                   Hydrogen          Power Systems
                                                                        revenue service
                                    State U. of New
                                    York at Buffalo,
                 State University                                          Fueled 2                       - H2 delivered in cylinders by Airgas, maximum pressure in
                                    American Wind                                         Compressed
                 of New York at                                          Toyota Prius                     cylinders is 2,300 psi
  Buffalo,                             Power &                                               H2
                     Buffalo                              2006-2008      HICEs leased                     - Quantum Technologies’ B35 Hydrogen Refueling System
 New York                             Hydrogen,
                    Hydrogen                                             by Quantum                       - Delivers compressed H2 at sufficient pressure to fill the
                                       Quantum                                            Delivered H2
                     Station                                            Technologies to                   vehicle to 5,000 psi
                                                                          State U. at
                   PA Energy
                 Office/ National                                           Private            N/a
   Erie,                            Air Products and     1994, decom-                                     - Delivered gaseous hydrogen supply, hydrogen/natural gas
                  Fuel Gas Inc.
Pennsylvania                        Chemicals, Inc.       missioned                                       blends
                    hydrogen                                                 N/a               N/a

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