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									Lorrie Morgan

                                                          Kenny Rogers

                           PHOTO CREDIT: Borje   Olsson

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       Performs Overseas For First Time In A Decade • 6 Shows In 5 Countries
                                   ANR recording artist Lorrie Morgan, who is a sought-after, multi-talented enter-
                                   tainer on stages worldwide, has just returned from two stints in Europe. Marking
                                   the first time in nearly ten years, Morgan and crew traveled overseas to share her
                                   musical collection with some of her closest international fans.

                                   “After ten years, I couldn’t wait to get back. The people and sights are just as
                                   beautiful as I remember. …And it’s breathtaking to see folks from all walks of
                                   life sing the lyrics to my songs while I’m performing. Country music is truly a
                                   universal language that speaks to all,” Lorrie gushed. “I’m already talking to
                                   promoters about returning next summer.”

                                   The beginning of summer found Morgan in Germany for two consecutive shows
                                   in late June at Four Corners Music Hall in Untermeitingen, an hour just outside
                                   of Munich. The June journey then led her through the mountains and country-
                                   side to Interlaken, Switzerland where she appeared at the 3-day annual Trucker
                                   & Country Festival. Performing on an indoor stage at the bottom of the Swiss
                                   Alps, Morgan entertained the venue’s full capacity - 4,500 attendees.
   PHOTO CREDIT: Borje   Olsson

 Concluding the first leg of her European tour, her itinerary changed direction toward Italy where she performed at
 Cowboy Ranch located in Voghera, in close proximity to Milan. Morgan then returned to the U.S. to appear in
 back-to-back shows stateside before heading overseas once more in August.

 Just a few short weeks ago, Morgan appeared in Silkeborg, Denmark at the SCC Country Music Festival. At the
 finale of the night’s performance, Morgan jet-set to the Scandinavian Country Fair in Furuvik, Sweden where she
 performed the very next day.

 Having just returned to the States, Morgan’s momentum continues. A true-blue road warrior, Lorrie is now gear-
 ing up for her Fall schedule which will once again take her cross country from the Dakotas to Wyoming and Mon-
 tana, then back to the Midwest in Indiana before heading southward toward home to perform in Kentucky, Texas
 and her home state of Tennessee. She’ll wrap the 2011 tour season with dates in Alaska for a handful of dates after
 which she’ll headline shows up and down the East coast.

 In the meantime, Lorrie is preparing to release Beyond the Interview: Lorrie Morgan (ANR Records), a boxed set
 which features a documentary video with appearances by family, friends and industry peers, and some of Lorrie's
 all-time personal musical favorites. The boxed set is scheduled for a late Fall 2011 release.


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                       Kenny Rogers featured in Billboard’s
                    50th Anniversary of Adult Contemporary Chart
       Rogers’ Ranks Sixth • Best All Time & Fourth • Best Male with 28 AC Top 10 Hits
                                                According to Billboard, Kenny Rogers’ 28 Adult Contemporary
                                                Top 10’s are sixth-best all-time, and fourth-best among men, trail-
                                                ing only Elton John, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley. Kenny
                                                Rogers' feats on the AC chart include 47 hits, tying him with Barry
                                                Manilow for seventh-most in the chart's history. No core country
                                                artist has crossed over more titles to AC. Rogers has scored eight
                                                AC No. 1s.

                                                Rogers: "I remember when [the AC charts] were established, I
                                                thought it was so cool. I've always been a believer in the strength of
                                                the song. My problem is I'm a country singer who's had a lot of
                                                other musical influences, so my stuff is going to tend to be more
                                                AC. That's always been my slam in country music, that I was never
                                                a true country artist, even though "Coward of the County,"
                                                "Daytime Friends," "Buy Me a Rose," "The Gambler," those kinds
                                                of things, were truly country records. When you add to that
                                                "Through the Years," "You Believe in Me," "You Decorated My
                                                Life," those were not country, but because I had power at country
                                                music, they sold country.

 "Country always wanted to really be country, and I don't blame them - be what you want to be. I spoke at a coun-
 try seminar one year, and I told them, "Guys, what you're trying to do is protect a type of music, and those of us
 who are out there doing it are trying to protect careers. We're trying to last longer, touch more people with our mu-
 sic. I guarantee you in three years you won't be playing Garth Brooks or Shania Twain." This was in the peak of
 their careers-and they all laughed at me. Sure enough, three years later, they weren't playing them. So what are
 [these artists] supposed to do if they don't have some other source of income [or] airplay other than country?
 When that's over, our careers are over.

 "[My crossover hits] turned a lot of people toward country music that wouldn't have come to it otherwise. When
 they realized I was singing country sentiment with a little more accessible tonality, then I think they came in. And
 the great thing about country is once you come in, you don't leave. It's such a pure music.

 "I never set out to be on the AC charts; I set out to do good songs. When I was on the charts I paid a lot of atten-
 tion to them. I used to love to pick up the charts and see where songs were, where they were going, how they were
 doing. I've always tried to find songs that say what every man would like to say and every woman would like to
 hear. When you think of "Through the Years," "You Decorated My Life," "Lady," that's what those are. What man
 wouldn't want to say, "Lady, I'm your night in shining armor and I love you," and what lady wouldn't want to hear


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                                                                by Brenda L. Madden
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                           Hank Williams - The Legend Begins - Time Life
                           Hank Williams is a legend. Although he died in 1953, each new generation has discovered his
                           music, through either his original recordings or the countless cuts by other artists in a variety of
                           genres. This three CD set offers a rare glimpse of Hank with recordings from around age fifteen
                           to the later recordings of “The Health And Happiness Show.” The “snap, crackle and pop” sound
                           of vinyl, has not been removed which only accentuates the history of the material and transports
                           the listener back in time. It is easy to see why the legend of Hank Williams continues to grow.

Drake Jensen - On My Way To Finding You - www.drakejensen.ca
Canadian artist, Drake Jensen, paves his way to Nashville with his first release entitled On My
Way To Finding You, produced by notable songwriter/producer, Kim Copeland. Drake lends his
songwriting talents to three of the eleven songs. His vocals are genuine with a strong country
sound, and fit seamlessly into the production. The highlight of the project is “The Son I’ll Never
Have,” to which he offers up a heartfelt delivery. There is not a lot of fluff here, just a nice solid
country project.

                           Eric Church - Chief - www.ericchurch.com
                           Eric Church continues to push the country music “envelope” with the release of his new CD enti-
                           tled Chief in which he is unleashed and raw. The songs are edgy and rough, yet some are poign-
                           ant like “Homeboy.” Others offer up a rowdy kind of fun like “Country Music Jesus” and “I’m
                           Getting Stoned.” Co-writing all but one song, Eric displays his songwriting skills in addition to
                           his musicianship and vocal prowess. Eric Church is definitely a rebel with a clue!

Cerrito - Y Las Chicas de Country - cerritomusic.squarespace.com
Cerrito assembled some distinguished female duet partners for his album, Y Las Chicas de Coun-
try. Combining Cerrito’s international-style vocals with these country ladies (Lane Brody, Janie
Fricke, Liza Martin, Jett Williams, Moore & Moore, Lynn Anderson, Kathie Baillie, Elizabeth
Cook and Sally Ann) produced an entertaining and satisfying project. While the production has
Cerrito’s signature “Spanish” flare, it also has a traditional country sound that is particularly
pleasing on songs like “Stranger,” “Mansion On The Hill” and “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In
Love With You).” Country music mixed with a little jalapeno flavor!

                           Mike Bryant - If I Could Write A Song - www.myspace.com/countryfaith
                           Mike Bryant brings a straightforward country approach to his latest CD, If I Could Write A Song.
                           Writing all the material based on his own emotions from love and happiness to pain and regret
                           makes this a very personal project. The traditional country arrangements are highlighted by the
                           steel guitar, fiddle and mandolin. He aptly ends the project with a song honoring our soldiers,
                           entitled “They Fight For The Right,” an emotion that is truly American.
          Videographer On The Rise • Joshua Harrison
                                              by Brenda L. Madden

                       The old saying goes “that youth is wasted on the young,” but that is not always the case as
                       evidenced by Joshua Harrison - a young man with a vision who is mixing his dreams with a
                       little bit of reality.

                       Growing up in a household of creative visionaries - his mother,
                       Dixie Harrison, an entertainer, producer and talent agent and fa-
                       ther, Jim “Moose” Sowards, an award-winning TV director for
                       numerous shows including TNN’s “Nashville Now” - Joshua’s
                       dreams and creativity just came naturally.

Initially embarking on an acting career, Joshua garnered a variety of acting gigs includ-
ing the lead role in the video, “Why Me” by country music group, The Lost Trailers,
which aired regularly on CMT. Not satisfied with just being in front of the camera,
Joshua, following his father’s example, expanded his expertise to behind the camera;
therefore, opening up even more opportunities within the acting and music communities.

He formed Joshua Harrison Productions and began filming weddings just to get his feet wet, but it was not long
before he found himself taking on projects of a more creative nature. Most recently, he was the videographer for
country music singer, Allen Karl’s music video, “Butterflies.” Filmed on location at the Gold Rush Restaurant &
Bar in Nashville, Tennessee, Joshua was able to finish the shoot in one day, an extraordinary feat, especially since
he had college finals that week as well! The video, now in the editing process will begin airing soon.

While Joshua continues to grow his business by expanding into documentaries, commercials, television and film,
he is also working with his agent, Talent Trek to secure more acting parts. Nevertheless, even amidst all the glitz
and glamour of showbiz, Joshua is planning to finish his college degree. A determined man, he understands that
finding balance is the key. No matter the task - freelance videographer, actor, or college student - Joshua Harrison
puts his heart and soul into every role.

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   “Tennessee Wraith Chasers, Win Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel ”
                                                by Holly Marie Tong
                  As you may remember from a previ-          perfect choice for the investigation and competition.
                  ous issue, I had the unique opportunity    Throughout the night, each team carefully studied and
                  to accompany the Tennessee Wraith          investigated the hot spots with their high-tech equip-
                  Chasers on a paranormal investigation      ment in an attempt to collect the winning ticket. To-
                  at All Access Coach Leasing.               wards the conclusion of the show, the panel met with
                  Equipped with K-2 meters, cameras                                                       each team
                  and countless pieces of high tech                                                       and asked
                  equipment, the Wraith Chasers inves-                                                    them to pre-
                  tigate various sites that are claimed to                                                sent them
 be haunted or experiencing unexplainable activity.                                                       with their
 TWC carefully investigates these claims while remain-                                                    three pieces
 ing skeptical and logical about possibility of other in-                                                 of most
 terferences or explanations.                                                                             compelling
 While I was on the investigation and studying along-                                                     including
 side them, I couldn’t help but be impressed with not                                                     audio and
 only the fact that they have an intriguing hobby that                                                    photos.
 you simply do not run across every day, but I was even      Without regard to the fact that I was obviously rooting
 more so taken up with the fact that they are very pro-      for TWC to win the competition, it was clear to not
 fessional in what they do as they work together so well     only me, but also to the judge’s panel that they were
 as a team and each have an individuality of different       the clear cut winners of the evening. Without any sur-
 talents and personalities that makes them a rare find. I    prise TWC impressed the panel with their three strong
 found myself thinking they have something very com-         pieces of evidence, particularly an intriguing photo.
 mercial that would be likely to get them national no-       While both teams were indisputably intelligent and
 tice. Well, I was right. TWC which is comprised of          knowledgeable about paranormal studies, the judges
 Scott Porter, Steven McDougal (Doogie), Christopher         ultimately decided that TWC deserved the victory.
 Smith, Brannon Smith and Joseph Tucker recently             Ron Fabiani (Paranormal Cops), Zac and the remaining
 found themselves being offered the chance to compete        panel unanimously agreed that TWC not only brought
 on “Paranormal Challenge” which is an American              them intriguing evidence, but also noticed that they
 paranormal reality spinoff which recently began airing      worked together incredibly well as a team. They also
 on the Travel Channel. Ghost adventures lead investi-       agreed that TWC shows a great deal of overall promise
 gator Zak Begans is the creator and host of this new        as they each have individual personalities forming a
 series.                                                     very solid foundation as a likeable team.

 On Friday, August 12th                                                  I was already honored to have accom-
 I sat down and watched                                                  panied them locally on the ghost hunt
 TWC and The Office of                                                   for the January issue but now, it looks
 Paranormal Studies                                                      like TWC is deservedly receiving rec-
 team compete in a chal-                                                 ognition across America! I would like
 lenge of who could get                                                  to take this opportunity to congratulate
 the most impressive                                                     TWC on their “Paranormal Challenge
 evidence at the South                                                   Win,” and thank them for them for
 Pittsburg Hospital. The                                                 their early appreciation and promotion
 hospital which carries                                                  of Country Entertainment USA: Con-
 an interesting history of                                                gratulations guys!.. and all the best to
 paranormal experiences      Steven McDougal, Chris Smith & Scott Porter you in the upcoming months as the
 seems to me like the               PHOTO CREDIT: Travel Channel          sky looks to be the limit!

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