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					GSN Ops Group Report
     GSN SC meeting
     Oct 15-16, 2009
   GSN NGS ancillary cost estimates
   MTBF/MTBR tracking
   O&M cost estimates
   Budget input
   Other discussions
       Station review
       GSN Station Onsite Archive
       Q330 deliveries
       CTBTO Calibration request
NGS ancillary station costs
Action Item from Spring 09 GSNSC

   Reviewed estimates of non-DAS NGS costs.
       Based on GS RAS shipment, ~90K divided up ~1/3 DAS, 1/3
        sensor, 1/3 ancillary
       Some ancillary items were redundant (joint IDA/ASL station
       Did not include basic infrastructure (power, comms, site
        maintenance, etc)
   Based on estimate of 10-12 yr life cycle, this
    gives ~$325K/yr annual recurring cost
         • Little experience with newer items
         • Some items (computers) will surely have a shorter life span.
         • Need better MTBF estimates and tracking
    MTBF/MTBR tracking
MTBF - Mean time between failures
MTBR - Mean time between replacements
   Current databases are tuned to tracking equipment as it comes and
    goes from a station. This is not always due to a failure of the
    particular system, and rarely at the time of failure.
   In a new inventory database, we will look into tracking actual times of
    failures of components and identifying failure modes and/or reasons
    for need to replace (ie, component failure, related system, PM, etc)
   Items tracked in database are typically larger (more expensive)
    items. Too much maintenance to track smaller items.

   Group will work on specifications for a joint inventory database
    design incorporating all needed features to be used by both
O&M Cost metrics
   Working for tracking costs consistently between netops for:
        Equipment, telemetry, stipends/ops expenses, shipping, field time,
         and IDC
   In addition, estimates of LOE for non-station specific costs need
    to be estimated based on:
        “Pain factor” - subjective scale of how much effort is put into each
         station. May be based on technical capabilities of host, travel
         difficulties, politics, operator turnover, etc.
        Other possible metrics
          • email counts (remove anomalies, such as automated messages).
          • Ticket tracking systems are under investigation, but too new to give
            quantitative results
   Working on baseline starting in Oct 04 to allow a comparison of
    “nominal” operations with the previous gen systems to NGS.
 Input on Budget items
Ops group asked for input on a few budget items

     GLISN salary burden ($122K)
       •   Database contract for joint ASL/IDA inventory
       •   Remaining Microbarographs
       •   Contribution to NIL VSAT
       •   station infrastructure (buildings, towers, vaults, etc)

     Possible DOE increment ($250K)
       • Work on primary sensors and borehole repackaging and
         sensor refurbishment
       • Station infrastructure refurbishment
       • CTBTO site emphasis
     Additional Discussions
   Station review (discussion tomorrow)
        Spot check, Agency driven
   Station archive
Steim is concerned with NGS design that does not include balers at all stations
      ALL NGS stations have a deep archive!
          • Implementation varies from baler to slate to ISP
   Q330 delivery schedule
        IDA is out-working current supplies of NGS DASs. ASL has systems to tide over
        Kinemetrics has been contacted to determine if they can accelerate their deliveries
   CTBTO Calibration Request
        CTBTO is asking for a voluntary participation in IMS-wide calibration. We’re
         looking into the necessity for this and will convey our current calibration policies
         and results.
        This is a non-trivial LOE - no funding apparent
Next Meeting
 January timeframe
 Topics
       Next year’s Core and Augmentation Budget
        • Proposals and updated spending plans
        • Coordination with USGS budgets
     5 year plan and Operations budget estimates
     O&M costs update

     Technical interchange

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