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					October 22-28, 2010          French Week                                                                                                                                                                   Lifelines 11

Home help for the                                                                               Ageing population
                                                                                                More than 13.4 million people in France are aged 60
                                                                                                and over, with 5.2 million of them aged 75 and over,
                                                                                                according to the national statistics body INSEE’s
elderly and infirm                                                                              latest count in 2007.
                                                                                                Most home help services are supplied by
                                                                                                associations such as ADMR. To find a home-help
                                                                                                                                                       N Cross-border hassle help
                                                                                                                                                       The European Consumer Centre has published a
                                                                                                                                                       brochure, calling attention to its information services in

T     he political will to keep the         one of the rare sectors at the moment               service near you, go to     France for EU citizens involved in small cross-border
      elderly in their homes as long        where there is job creation.                        then click on cliquez, then on your département,       commercial disputes. In particular, it refers to the trans-
      as possible has boosted demand            The CESU (chèque emploi service                 then on your nearest commune in the list.              European legal procedure, recognised in all 27 EU
for a wide range of services: from          universel) is commonly used to pay                  Not online? Ask at your mairie for a list of
                                                                                                                                                       member countries, for disputes where less than €2,000 is
   help with washing and dressing,          for the services of a home-help                     approved associations.
                                            directly or through an approved                                                                            at stake. It also advises on the steps to take before going
               housework and
                              cooking,      association. The special CESU                     in contributions, on top of the net pay                  to law.
                              shopping,     chequebook, which saves the hassle                to your employee (now you know                               The centre has been active in France with claims
                              paperwork,    of issuing a pay slip and calculating             why so many home helps work ‘on                          arising out of the Xynthia storm in March and the
                              looking       the social contributions, is available            the black’).                                             volcanic ash interruption to air transport in May. The
                              after the     once you’ve registered as a CESU                                                                           headquarters is in Kehl, a suburb of Strasbourg on the
                                            employer with URSSAF or your                                                                               German side of the Rhine.
                             … to           bank. Registration authorises the                 Tax break                                                                                                         FW
                                                                                                                                                  is available in French and English.
                             footcare,      national centre of the CESU (Cncesu)              Note that if you are taxable up to
                                                                                              €12,000 worth of these services you
                                                                                                                                                       N Online recruitment week
                             odd repair     to debit your social security
                            jobs and pet-   contributions from your account.                  pay for yourself is 50% tax-
                            walking,            Before committing yourself, you               deductible. The ceiling can be higher
                            even just       can simulate the gross cost to you of             depending on your degree of                              Jobseekers will have the week to contact France’s main
                            keeping a       employing someone on the URSSAF                   dependence and family situation. If                      recruiting companies in the annual event run by the Pôle-
                           lonely           website at:                                       you are below the taxable income                         Emploi called ‘En ligne pour l’emploi’. In a series of 10
                           elderly   ceiling but are working, you benefit                     chats they can talk online to recruiters and ask questions
                           person              NB There are reductions in social              from a 50%                                               in real time. They can apply directly for job offers,
                           company.         contributions if the employee is aged             tax credit on all approved home                          without the usual process of going through the Pôle-
                  The demand for            over 65 or the employer is over 70.               help payments.                                           Emploi, and can upload their CVs. Details of each firm
             home help services has         Otherwise, be aware that you will be                                                                       represented will be posted on the site with the sector, size,
            exploded in France. It is       paying more than 60% of the salary                See                       staff numbers and numbers of vacancies.                   FW
                                                                                                                                                       October 18-22, full details on

  Grants for the hard-up
  For those of limited means, various grants exist to help pay for some or all of the basic needs. Some grants are more                                N New carte musique to incite
  like a loan and the state recuperates part or all of the sums paid from the person’s estate on their death. Here are the
  two probably most relevant to our readers. Others apply to those who have paid, partially or fully, into the French state                              young to download legally
  retirement system. Check the CNAV (Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse) website: or contact the CCAS
  at your mairie for help finding a solution for your situation.                                                                                       The French government has come up with a new initiative
                                                                                                                                                       to try to reduce large-scale downloading of music on file-
  APA (Aide Personnalisée d’Autonomie)                                   Aide ménagère                                                                 sharing sites and peer-to-peer networks. The scheme,
  For those who have become dependent and live either at                 Aide ménagère is financial assistance to pay for a                            called carte musique jeunes, will provide a subsidy for
  home or in an institution, the grant helps cover the                   professional to come and help with washing and dressing,                      the 12-25 age group downloading music from legal sites.
  expense of assistance with basic daily needs (washing,                 household tasks, shopping and normal administrative                               The card – limited to one per person per year – offers
  dressing, meals, supervision…)                                         procedures, or even just for a bit of company.                                €50 worth of music downloads but will cost only €25.
      To be entitled you must                                                To be entitled you should be eligible for the APA
      • have stable, regular residence in France;                        (above) and have limited means. If your monthly income                        The difference will be made up by the government, which
      • be aged 60 or more;                                              is less than €692.43 (single person) or €1147.14 (couple)                     hopes to sell one million cards a year over the scheme’s
      • be medically recognised as dependent, ie, you can                the département will pay all the costs. The tasks and                         two-year lifespan. Music download site owners will be
        no longer take care of some or all basic life needs              number of hours needed are defined according to your                          limited to receiving a maximum of €5 million via the
        (there are six official degrees of dependence).                  situation and state of health.                                                scheme. While this limit may discourage large sites such
      The amount of the APA is calculated according to                       Apply to the CCAS via your local mairie.                                  as FNAC, iTunes and Amazon from taking part, the hope
  average monthly income and degree of dependence.                           NB: On your death, the state will recuperate its                          is that it could prompt young people to use smaller,
  Incomes below €695.70 have nothing to pay. Above that,                 payments of Aide ménagère from your estate if its net                         specialist online music retailers. These sites, in turn, are
  a sliding scale is applied by which up to 80% of your                  asset value exceeds €46,000. The refunding of the part to                     being asked to reduce the price of the music available.
  income may be used to help pay for the services you need.              be recuperated from your partner’s (spouse or PACS)                           The carte should be available from October 28 on the
      Apply at your mairie (ask for the Centre communale                 share of your estate can be postponed until after he/                         dedicated carte musique jeunes portal [no sign of this as
  d’action sociale – CCAS) or conseil général.                           she dies.                                                                     we went to press – Ed].
                                                                                                                                                           The plan was cleared by the European Commission
                                                                                                                                                       this week: its vice-president for competition policy,
 Technically speaking                                                           with Marcus Williamson                                                 Joaquin Almunia, said: “We welcome initiatives from
                                                                                                                                                       member states to increase the availability of music online
                                                                                                                                                       at a lower price for consumers and through legal
 Don’t get caught by Phishing                                                                                                                          distribution channels. Music online is certainly a driver
                                                                                                                                                       for the success of the Internet and for economic

 I  f you’ve been using email for any       click on any links in messages like               Again, do not reply to these kind of
                                            this. Instead, use the button ‘Signaler’          emails and delete them immediately.                          The carte musique jeunes is the carrot to the stick of
    length of time, it’s likely that you
    will at some stage have received        on                                                                        the new HADOPI law (see FW 10, p.2), with its three-
 an email purporting to be from your        (for French sites) and report the site                                                                     strikes-and-you’re-out policy. HADOPI has just started
 bank, from eBay, PayPal or Amazon.         as a case of escroquerie (fraud). For             Protect your inbox                                       sending out warning emails to alleged illegal
 The email will ask you to log in with      UK banks, forward the email to                    Most anti-virus packages now include                     downloaders. These warnings would then be followed by
 your username and password and                       anti-spam and anti-phishing features.                    a recorded letter and a judicial review, before potentially
 often ask you re-enter your personal                                                         These will attempt to stop the                           exposing the offender to a fine and/or disconnection from
 information, perhaps including full                                                                                                                   Internet access.                                        MW
 credit card details.                       Advance fee fraud                                 phishing spam from reaching you in
                                                                                              the first place and warn you if any of
     This kind of email is, of course, a    Another less sophisticated method of              the sites you access are known
 scam. Known as ‘phishing’ or               trying to obtain your information is              phishing attempts. If you don’t have
 hameçonage in French, its purpose is       what’s known as ‘advance fee fraud’.              commercial anti-virus software
 to try to get as much personal data        With this kind of scam, the                       installed, consider using one of the
 from you as possible, so that the          perpetrator will send an email telling            free options, such as AVG or Avast.
 criminal perpetrator can then syphon       an elaborate story involving millions                 In the near future we’ll look at
 money from your bank account or            of euros or dollars, which are                    online shopping and how best to
 buy goods using your credit card.          available in exchange for a small                 choose reputable e-commerce sites
     Reputable banks and online             ‘advance’ fee. The criminal would                 when you’re on the Internet.
 retailers will never ask you for           then take the money provided as an
 passwords, credit card numbers or          advance and use your personal                     French Week invites you to email your questions for
 card security codes in an email or in a    information and bank details to                   its regular Technically Speaking Questions and
 link from an email. So, don’t reply or     obtain money from your account.                   Answers section to

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