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About the Author

Aoise Whooley wrote this book when she was nine. She lived in Greystones, Co.
Wicklow, Ireland, with her Mum, Dad, Sister, dog and her two fish. Aoise Whooley goes
to school in St. Kevin’s N.S. and her teacher is Mr. Gormley.

Aoise’s hobby is to sing and dance. She lives singing and dancing. She also plays tennis
and swims.

Aoise really hopes that you will enjoy her book.

                         COLM THE COCONUT CATCHER

A few years ago, there was a man called Colm, the Coconut Catcher. He was a nice, tall,
polite and kind man.

He was from Hawaii and he still lives in Hawaii.

He was thirty five years old, now he is thirty eight years old.

He also had a job. It was to catch coconuts for people.

If there was no one to throw down coconuts from the trees to him, Colm the Coconut
Catcher would have to climb up the big, tall trees and get the coconuts all by himself.

People sometimes paid just to see him climb up the big trees.

Colm, the Coconut Catcher, lived, absolutely loved, his job.

Colm lived in a little house. It was a very, very nice little house.

It had a huge garden with nice flowers, but mostly roses and daisies in the back garden.

He also had a small little pool in the back garden.

“I’m tired” said Colm.

“I think I’ll go to bed.” Colm yawned.

The next morning when Colm woke he said “Good morning Gold and Fishy” talking to
his goldfish. “I’ve slept late again. Bye.” Colm ran out the door.

“Ah, hi Geoge. (Colm’s workmate)” Colm smiled.

“You’ve slept late again haven’t you Colm?” George asked.

“Who cares?” Colm answered, trying to stick up for himself. “Just pass down a few

“Oh. Hi. How could I help you?” asked Colm.
“May I please have two coconuts?” Niamh asked.

“Yes, you may”. Replied Colm.

“Here you go, tow dollars please”.

“There you go, bye” Niamh went home.

“Hey, Colm, pass up a drink”. George screamed down.

“I’ll go and fetch a bottle of water from my house” Colm said.

So Colm ran home and got a big bottle of water for George and himself.

“Here George” Colm gave the bottle of water to George.

It was evening time. Colm was walking home from work.

“I wonder how the fish are?” Colm said, talking to himself.

It was now quite dark.

Colm arrived home and looked for something for dinner, but in the end he just made
himself a sandwich.

“I think I’ll go for a swim” Colm said.

Colm was swimming for around half an hour when he decided it was getting a bit chilly.

Then he went inside to bed.

The next morning, when he woke up, he got dressed and had his breakfast.

After that, he fed his two goldfish.

“I think I’ll walk to work” Colm said to his bird Crowso (cro-swo). Crowso answered
back “Hello mate”.
As Com was walking to work he sang “Oh, it’s a beautiful day today” over and over

Then he arrived at work “Yippee! I’m here before George” Colm yelled with joy.

“No, you’re not!” a voice laughed from above. It was George.

“Oh, Hi Geoge” Colm said in a sad voice.
“Just pass down a few coconuts”

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” Colm had been knocked out by a coconut.

“ I am so so so so so sorry, Colm, are you alright?” George asked while jumping down
from the tree.

Mike saw blood and immediately called an ambulance.

After two weeks Colm had recovered and lived happily ever after. But he had to quit his

                       KATE AND KATIE, THE SISTERS

“Come on Katie, we’re going to be late for school ……………again!” screamed Kate.

“Coming Kate” replied Katie.

Kate and Katie are sisters, or should I say, twins. They really like each other. They are
also best friends, they live in Hawaii with their Mommy and Daddy.

“Mum, we missed the bus, will you take us to school?” the girls asked their Mum.

“OK, wait a minute” Mum said.

When the girls arrived in school, the teacher announced that the people who would like to
be in the school play called “Cat Fight” would have to put their name in a hat.

“Only two people can be in the play” Mrs. Starburst (the teacher) said.

Katie and Kate both put their names in the hat.

The next day Kate and Katie went to school and they found out that both of their names
had been picked out of the hat.

“Yes!” Kate yelled with joy.

“Calm down now girls” Mrs. Starburst said “you can only do the play if you have cat

“Yes, yes, yes we do have two cat costumes” Kate screamed.

“Well then, we shall have our first play practice later on today, OK?” Mrs. Starburst
smiled, “but don’t forget to take your cat costumes into school tomorrow girls”.

So the two girls went home and told their mother and father the good news.

“That’s great girls” their mother and father smiled.

“Would you mind going down to the shop to get some milk off Colm and George, for
breakfast?” their dad asked.
“Ok Dad, but can we have some money please?” the girls asked.

Dad gave them the money.

“Bye” Dad waved goodbye.

The girls sang “Meow, meow, meow, meow” all the way to Colm and George’s.

“Hey Colm, can we have one coconut please?” Kate asked him.

“There you go, Oh, I almost forgot. Today, its buy one get one free”.

“That’s nice” Katie smiled.

“That would be $1.00 please” Colm said.

“Bye” George and Colm said.

“Bye bye” Kate and Katie said.

It’s now a month later.

“It’s our school play today, let’s play” the girls sang all the ride to school, on the bus.

It was one minute before the school play.

“I’m excited, are you?” Katie asked.

“Very excited” Kate answered.

“Good luck” Mrs. Starburst smiled.

Then she walked up on stage and said “Hello everyone and welcome to our school play.
Please remember to switch off your mobile phones and take a look at your nearest
emergency exits. Now we shall start”

The girls walked up on stage and pretended to hit each other like cats and sang “We are
cats and we shall fight” over and over again.
The play only lasted around five minutes. “The end” the class screamed when the play
was over.

When they got home their dad was home.

“Sorry I missed your play girls, I’m sure it was great” Dad said to them.

“Yes, well it was great” Kate snapped.

“He only missed the show because he was busy” Katie smiled.

“ Yeah, well he could have made an effort!” Kate yelled.

By now, Dad felt a little guilty about not being at the play.

“It’s ok Dad, I don’t mind” Katie said.

“Thanks Katie” Dad said “I’d better go up and say sorry to Kate”

“Yes, you should” Mum replied.

The next day when the girls arrived at school, late as usual, everyone in the class began to

“Well done, Kate and Katie!” Sarah called out.

“The play was great girls” Mrs. Starburst smiled nicely. “Congratulations”.

So the girls were proud of each other.

Finally, Kate forgave her Dad after a few days.

                         NIAMH THE BEACH DANCER

“It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?” Niamh asked her friend, Megan.

Megan and Niamh live together. They are really good friends.

“Yes, it is a beautiful day” Megan answered.

Niamh has a job, it is to dance on the beach all day.

Megan and Niamh live in Hawaii.

Then, Megan turned on the television.

“Niamh, look!” Megan yelled.

“Oh my, someone’s been killed by a shark on a beach in Spain!” Niamh screamed.

“Thank God, there are no sharks around our beach” Megan said.

“Oh look at the time! I have to go to work now, bye” Niamh went out the door.

At work, Niamh turned on a tape and began to dance.

When people walk by they put coins in Niamh’s bag.

“Thank you very much” Niamh says to the people.

Every hour Niamh would need to give her legs a break. She would sit and have a drink
while looking at all the children playing. When she got home from work she had earned
$2.00 from dancing on the beach.

“Hey Niamh, how was work?” Megan asked.

“Great, thank you” Niamh smiled.

Niamh walked into the kitchen to cook dinner.

“We’re having fish for dinner” Niamh said to Megan.
“Fine with me” Megan said.

When dinner was cooked Megan and Niamh sat down to eat.

“Thanks Niamh, this tastes wonderful” Megan said, thankful.

“You’re very welcome” Niamh said nicely.

When dinner was over Niamh and Megan went upstairs to sleep.

“Good night Niamh” Megan yawned.

“Sleep tight” Niamh said.

The next morning Niamh woke up and went straight to work.

It is half past nine now. When she arrived at the beach people were already there.

“Excuse me, are there any toilets on the beach?” an old lady asked in a shaky voice.

“Yes, just keep walking straight around fifty metres” Niamh answered the lady.

“Thank you” the old lady said, in a shaky voice.

Niamh bent down and turned on a tape, by now the beach was full of people.

Five hours later the beach was empty.

But then Niamh noticed a fin pop out of the water.

Then six more popped.

“Eh, hello, somebody, please” Niamh turned to go.

“Don’t go” something said.

“Sharks AHHHH! Talking and Walking AHHHH! How?” Niamh yelled.
“It’s Ok” a shark said.

“Somebody help me! Please please!” Niamh yelled.

“Oh are you thirsty? If you want you can have some seawa. You can” a shark said.

“Some what?” Niamh was now a little freaked out.

“Seawa is like tea or coffee for you. It is a bit of seawater and seaweed mixed together”
another sharked smiled with his jaw.

“Sounds disgusting” Niamh said with an ugly face.

“I beg your pardon” a shark said “and by the way, what on earth are you wearing?”

“I am wearing a grass skirt, a belly top and flip flops” Niamh said with a cold stare.

“I hate humans, don’t you?” the Dad shark snapped.

“We humans hate sharks too. Now I’m going home” Niamh said.

When Niamh got home Megan jumped up and said

“Where have you been? I was so worried”

“I met talking and walking sharks” Niamh sneezed.

“You met what???” Megan laughed.

“I met talking and walking sharks!” Niamh screamed.

Niamh ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

“I always knew that girl was crazy” Megan whispered.

“Hey! I heard that” Niamh yelled.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it” Megan said.

                             MIKE THE MAGICIAN

Once, there was a man called Mike. He lived in Hawaii with his wife called Noeleen.

Mike is a Magician.

“Hey Noeleen, what are you cooking today?” Mike asked.

“Why don’t you make dinner today?” Noeleen wondered.

“You know I can’t cook” Mike laughed.

“Use your magic powers” Noeleen laughed.

The next day Mike went to work.

“Ok, I have to learn how to put a match in my mouth and blow fire in the air” Mike said
to his trainer, Sean.

“Well, to start, we need a box of matches” Sean said.

“I’m going out to earn some money on the grass” Mike said. “I mean earn money for
some matches”.

When Mike arrived at the grass there were people screaming

“We want Mike We want Mike!” over and over again.

“Hey, everyone, I going to be breathing fire at the talent show next week” Mike smiled.

“Yeah, Go Mike the Magician!” people screamed.

“I’m now going to perform a trick. You, come here and I will make a balloon come out of
your head” Mike said to someone.

Guess what. A balloon did come out of the person’s head!!

“Wow!” The people cheered.

When Mike arrived home he went straight to bed.
The next day at work, Mike’s trainer Sean had got the matches.

“Just put it in your mouth and blow” Sean coughed.

“Yes! I did it!” Mike jumped with joy.

“Well done! Now try again” Sean laughed.

Mike kept doing it and was really proud of himself.

He got home and told Noeleen.

“Congratulations!” Noeleen jumped up and gave him a hug. “You’re going to be the
highlight of the talent show”.

The next day Mike was on the beach and he met Niamh the Beach Dancer.

“Hey, how are you today Mike?” asked Niamh.

“Oh, I’m very good and you?” Mike smiled.

“Good thanks” Niamh replied.

“I’m going to be performing at the talent show. Are you?” Mike asked.

“Yes, I am going to do a dance”. Niamh replied.

Now it’s a week later, the day of the talent show.

“Good luck” Noeleen said to Mike.

The lady before Mike sang a piece of opera.

“O Holy Night!” The lady sang loudly.

“Next up is Mike the Magician” a man said.

When Mike the Magician went up on the stage, the crowd went bananas.
“Hi, this year I’m going to do a new trick, it’s called Breathing Fire”

So when Mike put a match in his mouth, they all went “WOW!!!!!”

“Well done Mike” Niamh said, when he walked off stage.

“The highlight of this year’s show is Mr. Mike” a man said.

“Yeeaaw” Mike’s fans screamed.

“Yippee!” Mike laughed.

“I’m so proud of him” Noeleen smiled.

                                   CLEVER CHLOE

“You’re very right” Mr. Ching Chang said to Chloe.

Chloe is the cleverest girl in her school. (East High Secondary School”. She is doing her
leaving cert in two months.

“What’s nine thousand and five hundred minus five thousand?” Mr. Ching Chang asked.

Nobody put up their hand but Chloe.

“Chloe” Mr. Ching Chang said with a smile.

“Four thousand, five hundred” Chloe replied.

“Correct” said Mr. Ching Chang.

When Chloe got home her Mum was already there.

“Hi, Chloe” Mum smiled.

“Hey Mum” Chloe said.

“When will Pop be home?” Chloe asked, while playing with her dog, Clippy.

“He’ll be home in half an hour” Mum said.

Clippy was a Collie Cross. His paws were a golden colour. The rest of his body was

Then Dad arrived home.

“Oh! You’re home early!” Chloe jumped up with Clippy following.

“Yes, the meeting was cancelled” smiled Dad.

“That’s very good, now dinner is ready” Mum said.

After dinner, Chloe went upstairs to study for her leaving cert.
“five million, eight thousand and ninety nine minus fifty eight?” Chloe asked herself.

“Ah, it’s four million eight thousand and forty one”.

Chloe sneezed just as Mum walked in.

“Oh, are you coming down with something?” Mum asked.

“No! I’m not coming down with anything. Now please leave the room!” Chloe snapped.

“You may not be getting a cold, but you are getting cheekier!” Mum (Gabriella) frowned.

“Watch it!” Chloe yelled.

“You’re doing too much studying” Gabriella said.

The next day when Chloe was walking home from school, there was a thunder storm.

“AAHHHHH!” Chloe screamed, as she got hit by lightning.

“Chloe! Get inside!” her mother could just make out Chloe standing about twenty metres

“Hi Mum” Chloe was shivering when she arrived home.

“Hello darling” Gabriella smiled.

The next day at school Mr. Ching Chang asked Chloe what five hundred plus two
hundred and fifty equals and Chloe replied

“Five hundred and one, five hundred and two”

“No! its seven hundred and fifty!” Mr. Ching Chang frowned.

“Chloe, have you lost your mind?” Jennifer, Chloe’s best friend whispered.

“What is ninety nine add ten Chloe?” Mr. Ching Chang yelled.
“Eh, two, yeah it’s definitely two” Chloe hesitated.

By now Mr. Ching Chang was really cross.

“Chloe! Your leaving cert is in one week. You need to study.” Mr. Ching Chang was

“I…..I…..I…..I’m sorry, Mr. Ching Chang” Chloe began to cry and she ran home.

“Chloe, school doesn’t finish for fifteen minutes. Why are you home so early?” Mum

“Ask me a sum please”.

“Two hundred plus ten” Mum demanded.

“Eh, twenty” yelled Chloe.

“Oh no! you have got what I had when I was young” Mum said.

“Am I going to die?” Chloe asked.

She was really scared.

“No. all you have to do is lie in the sun for two hours” Mum said calmly.

“See you in two hours” Chloe laughed.

“Wait! Do you want…………..?” Mum began.

Chloe had already gone out the door.

After two hours Chloe ran inside and said “Mum, ask me a sum”

“Two hundred and fifty plus ninety six” Mum asked, hoping that her memory was back.

“Three hundred and forty five!” Chloe yelled.
“Yes! Your memory is back!” Gabriella smiled.

“I’m clever again!” Chloe screamed.

A week later it was Chloe’s leaving cert.

“Good luck Chloe” Chloe kept saying to herself.

Chloe was finished her maths exam muck quicker than the rest of the class.

A month later Chloe got her exam results and guess what?

Chloe got an A+++, which is excellent.

After the summer holidays Chloe went to College and lived happily for the rest of her

                                    LITTLE LUCY

“Please let our child, Lucy, come into this school” said Lucy’s parents.

Up to now Lucy had been to six different schools. She had been expelled from all of
their for scaring people (including teachers).

“OK. I’ll let your child come into my school” the Principal smiled.

The next day when Lucy walked into school she said “I don’t like this school. I can
easily get expelled!”

“Hi class” the teacher began.

“I hate this teacher” interrupted Lucy.

The teacher already hated Lucy.

“I beg your pardon, Lucy” The teacher, Miss Killer Cang yelled.

“You’re as cranky as a carrot or should I say killer carrot”

The next day Lucy had calmed down and so had Miss Killer Cang.

“I wouldn’t sit down there. There is a snake on your chair” Lucy said to Miss Killer

“Lucy do you want your name in the bad book?” Teacher warned.

“Sorry Miss” Lucy yelled.

At lunchtime Lucy made a new friend called Lumeny (Lu-min-y)

“My name is Lucy Clidispher” (Clid-iss-fer)

“That’s a weird name” laughed Lumeny.

“I’m telling!” screamed Lucy.

But she didn’t tell the teacher. Instead, she laughed.
“Ha, ha, ha! You are so funny” they both laughed.

When Lucy and Lumeny arrived into class, Lucy tricked someone, pretending there was a
snake on her chair.

“Don’t try to fool me again” the girl said. But someone had actually put a snake on her

“AAAAHHHHHH! Lucy put a snake on my chair Miss!” the girl ran around the room.

“Oh my! Lucy. How could you do something like that?” Miss Killer Cang asked.

Lucy was sent to the Principal’s office.

“Send Lucy Clidispher in” the Principal frowned.

“I’m sorry Miss” Lucy began to cry.

“You’re officially expelled” The Principal yelled.

So Lucy went home.

“I got expelled again Mummy” Lucy weeped.

“What did you do this time?” Mum demanded.

“I didn’t do it! It was some boys in my class”.

Mum was not happy about that.

“Why did you get expelled?” asked Mum.

“Five reasons” Lucy explained “I fooled someone by pretending there was a snake on her
chair, I didn’t do it, boys actually put a snake on her chair, the girl told the teacher and
the Principal did not believe me, so I got expelled” yelled Lucy.

“I’ll telephone the Principal” Mum said calmly.
“Yes, please do” Lucy cried.

Mum dialled the number.

“Hello, who is this?” the Principal enquired.

“This is Lucy Clidispher’s Mum. I’m ringing about by daughter being expelled. She was
just pretending but boys actually did put a snake on the girl’s chair” Mum said.

“Ok, Ok, Lucy is allowed to return to school” the Principal smiled.

“Phew!” Mum jumped with joy.

“On one condition, no more jokes about anything!” said the Principal.

“Yes sir. I…I…I meant madam” Mum hesitated.

“Your child starts school again tomorrow”.

So Lucy didn’t play jokes again in the class and she got on well and made loads of

                            SHANNON THE SINGER

Shannon had a beautiful voice.

Every evening she sat on the beach rocks, singing to the Hawaiian dolphins.

“You must be some kind of superstar” Shannon sang.

The dolphins jumped out of the water and made funny noises.

“Good night dolphins” Shannon said, while blowing them a kiss.

When Shannon was walking home she met Clever Chloe.

“Hi Chloe, are you coming to my concert on Saturday? Because if you are, I’ll give you a
VIP pass” smiled Shannon.

“Well, in fact I am and I wish you good luck” Chloe said.

“I’ll need plenty of that” Shannon laughed.

“Bye Shannon, thanks for the VIP pass” Chloe smiled.

“You’re welcome. Bye” Shannon said.

The next day (Friday), when Shannon woke up, her bodyguard had been scratched in the
eye by Shannon’s pet dog (Singer).

“What happened to you?” asked Shannon.

“Singer scraped me in the eye” replied Shannon’s bodyguard (Luke).

“Singer! Why did you do that?” Shannon demanded.

“Woof, Woof, Woof” barked Singer.

Shannon went into the room next door and began to sing.

“Oh, I wish I were a punkrocker, with flowers in my hair”.
“Drums good, keyboard very good, guitar good enough. Singer Excellent!” Shannon’s
Manager smiled.

That night, when Shannon was on the beach she decided to swim with the dolphins.

“May I ride on your backs?” Shannon asked the dolphins.

The dolphins made noises “eeeee, eeeee” (come on my back).

“I’ll go on yours, then yours, then yours” Shannon pointed.

So Shannon sang while on her dolphin ride.

When Shannon got off the last dolphin, she met Niamh, the beach dancer. She told
Niamh that she had been singing and having fun with the dolphins.

The next day was Shannon’s concert and she was a bit nervous.

“Go Shazo!” screamed Niamh, Megan, Colm, Katie, Luke, Lucy, Lumeny, Kate, Mike,
Noeleen, Sean and Chloe.

Shannon tried to speak but her voice was gone to a whisper.

“My voice is gone. HELP!” Shannon whispered.

“What? Is your voice gone?” Niamh yelled.

“What about the concert?” Chloe asked.

Kate and Katie began to cry. Shannon took a spoonful of honey to help her throat.

In the end, Niamh had to go on stage to tell everyone that the show was cancelled. The
crowd were very upset. Niamh promised free tickets for the concert next week.

Everyone jumped with happiness.

The concert the next week was brilliant and Shannon and Singer lived happily ever after.

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