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					       Elderly Care Fund Police
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               challenge - consider giving yourself a gift during this festive season.

I want to share a story with you about The African Violet Queen, an older woman whose life changed after being
visited by a counsellor, who was a friend of her nephew. The older woman was a severely depressed, lonely and
isolated person, and also suicidal at times. She had been confined to a wheelchair and only left her house to go to
church, without making meaningful contact with other church members, before or after the service. During this visit,
by the nephew and the counsellor, they were taken on a tour around the gloomy house.
Everywhere, the shades were drawn and there was little light, until they ended the tour in the older ladies’ pride and joy,
her nursery, which was attached to her house. She proudly showed her visitors her newly transplanted African Violet
plants. After showing her plants, the counsellor told her that her nephew had been concerned about her loneliness and
depression, but he saw the real problem ... she had so much time on her hands, a God given gift with plants, and she was
letting it all go to waste. He recommended that she obtain the church bulletin and visit each person in the congregation
in the event of some sad or happy occasion, such as birthdays, illness, deaths, graduations and others, and bring along a
gift - an African Violet plant that she had grown from her cuttings.

Some years later, after the visit, the church which the old lady attended, placed an article in the news bulletin “African
Violet Queen died, mourned by thousands”. The response of the counsellor to her nephew was as follows: “On the day
of our visit, I looked around her house and the only sign of life were those African Violets. I thought it would be easier
to grow the African Violet part of her life than to weed out the depression”.
Amazing changes can happen in peoples’ lives if they focus or grow the life enhancing parts of their lives rather than
focusing on the problem parts of their lives.                 (Story by Bill O Hanlon, November 1994)

                                        Consider giving yourself the following gifts this Christmas:
                              *          Reinvent your life. You are more than what you have told yourself you are and
                                         what you can achieve. Your acknowledgement and appreciation of yourself can
                                         gain you more respect from others.
                              *          Identify the things you have mastered after thinking it would be impossible, and
                                         transfer the sense of competence to managing your life holistically.
                                         Socially - associate with optimistic people and reconnect with your loved ones.
                                         Rely on others to help you survive through tough times. Join a support group.
                                         Involve yourself in community activities and consider becoming a volunteer.
                                         Emotionally - Think positive and don’t hold onto self defeating ideas for years.
                                         Free yourself from such ideas and substitute these ideas with more realistic ideas of
                                         yourself. The more positive your self perception, the more mentally healthy you
                                           will be. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The more optimistic, goal orientated
                                            and playful you are, the more hope you will have for your future.
                                            Spiritually - Research shows that people who have strong religious convictions
                                           overcome problems easier.
                                         Physically - Research indicates that people who exercise, even at the age of 60 and
                                         older, stay healthy. Eat balanced meals and sleep well.
                                    *    Dethrone some old habits and grow the solution-enhancing part of your life.
                              *          Don’t let others tell you how to think and who to be. Define your life by your
                                         respect and appreciation of yourself.

                                     The Elderly Care Fund wishes all serving members, as well as
                                      all retired members of the SAPS, a blessed Festive Season

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