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					Aleksandra Lis
PhD Candidate,
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology,
Central European University – Budapest

CEU, Department of Sociology and Soc. Anthropology,
Nádor u. 9, H-1051,

ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 39
85-510 Bydgoszcz, Poland

2007-                Central European University - Budapest, Department of Sociology and
                     Social Anthropology, doctoral program
2006 - 2007          Central European University - Budapest, Department of Sociology and
                     Social Anthropology, MA
2001 - 2006          Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Institute of Sociology, MA

Working Experience
2007 (VIII-IX)    Internship at the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw (Instytut Spraw
                  Publicznych): translations, data collection, reports writing, website
                  maintainance, conference organization
2006 (VII-IX)     Working for Gemius S.A. in Warsaw: data bases cleaning
2005 -            Cooperation with the Research Centre for East European Studies
                  (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa) at the Bremen University:
                  Internship at the Department of Politics and Economy (VII-VIII 2005)
                  Participation in the research project NEWGOV financed by the EU 6th
                  Framework Programme and coordinated by the European University
                  Institute (Florence): data collection, statistical analysis in SPSS (VII-X
                  Participation in the research project Internationalisation and Corporate
                  Governance - project conducted together with the Institute for World
                  Economy and International Management of Bremen University and
                  with Koszalin Institute of Comparative European Studies: data
                  collection and analysis, coauthoring the final report (VIII- XI 2005)
                  Participation in the project In Brüssel angekommen? Die
                  gewerkschaftliche Interessenvertretung der neuen Mitgliedsländer auf
                    der EU-Ebene: data collection, conducting interviews, analysis and
                    writing reports (V 2007 uptill now)
2005 (IX-X)         Internship at the Vattenfall Heat Poland Co. in the Human Resources
                    Department: designing and carrying out a survey study The Employees’
                    Assessment of the Human Resources Department Performance
2002 - 2006         “Pryzmat” Sociology Students‟ Research Group of the Institute of
                    Sociology at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń: designing
                    and carrying out research projects, data collection, statistical analysis in
                    SPSS, writing reports, projects‟ coordination and administrative work
                    as the President of the organization in years 2004-2005
2002-2003           Cooperation with the Association of Impossible Initiatives “Motyka”
                    in Toruń: translations, organization and participation in youth exchange

Grants and Awards
2007 -              Central European University scholarship for doctoral program
2006 - 2007         Central European University scholarship for MA program
2005                Award in the National Competition “Internships Game” (Grasz o Staż)
2004                Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship at the University for Economy and
                    Politics in Hamburg (HWP)
2003                DAAD scholarship for a summer German language school at the
                    Bremen University
2001                Award in the National Public Speaking Competition in Poland

2008                Trade unions strength in wide EU comparison, in: Kusznir, Julia und
                    Pleines, Heiko (eds.) “Trade Unions from Post-Socialist Member States
                    in EU Governance”, ibidem-Verlag
2007                An Assesment of the Activities of Polish Trade Unions and Employers’
                    Organizations at the EU level, co-authored with Joanna Einbock,
                    KICES Working Papers No. 11 - December 2007
2007                Factors influencing corporate governance in postsocialist companies:
                    an analytical framework, co-authored with Andreas Heinrich and Heiko
                    Pleines, William Davidson Institute Working Paper Number 896 -
                    October 2007
2007                Der Einfluss politischer Interessengruppen nach 1989 auf die
                    Lustrationsprozesse in Polen, in: J. Pänke, G. Schuch, M. Brosig, R.
                    Kocot, A. Olearius and P. Stankiewicz (eds.) “Gegenwart der
                    Vergangenheit. Die Politische Aktualität historischer Erinnerung in
                    Mitteleurope”, Nomos, Baden-Baden
2005                Corporate governance in the oil and gas industry. Cases from Poland,
                    Hungary, Russia and Ukraine in a comparative perspective, co-
                    authored with Andreas Heinrich and Heiko Pleines, KICES Working
                    Paper No. 3 – December 2005
Conference Presentations
2008 (IX)          Unemployment reduction programs in EU's Poland: and "Actor-
                   Network" analysis, co-authored with Alexandra Kowalski, presented at
                   1st ISA Forum of Sociology, Barcelona 2008 – September 5-8
2007 (XII)         The impact of the practices of “good governance” on the post-socialist
                   societies, presented at 5th GARNET PhD school on „Global
                   Governance & Regionalism: The Role of EU, WTO & International
                   Economic Institutions‟ in Geneva
2006 (I)           Der Einfluss politischer Interessengruppen nach 1989 auf die
                   Lustrationsprozesse in Polen presented at Zweites Mitteleuropa-
                   Forum: Gegenwart der Vergangenheit? Die politische Aktualität
                   historischer Erinnerung in Mitteleuropa (The Second Central Europe
                   Forum: The Past in the Presence? The Political Implications of the
                   Historical Remembrance in Central Europe), organized by DGAP in
                   Andrássy University in Budapest
2003 (V)           Institutional barriers in fighting malnutrition among children in
                   Poland. Report presented at the conference Malnutrition among
                   children in Poland. Facts and Challenges organized by Danone and
                   the Polish Humanitarian Action (Polska Akcja Humanitarna) in Warsaw

English – fluent (CPE), German – fluent (ZOP), Hungarian – lower intermediate

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