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                                   Requirements                                                  Duties
          Job Title

                                 HS/GED, Drivers                                         Retail Sales; Retail
                                 License, Adobe                                            Management;
                                 photoshop a plus;                                      Communication Skills;
  Sales Coordinator/Manager      communication skills                                Computer Skills-Adobe Photo
   Salary – DOE

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                      2
                             Must have 4-Year Degree or      Must have the thorough     Updating customer EDI/DDL       Supervise material
                             Equivalent Experience.          knowledge of JIT,          systems, if applicable.         handling / service
    Supply Chain Manager     Must be able to read &          KANBAN, and 5S             Develop long range and near     associates, to ensure
                             interpret blue prints, BOM’s,   principles.                term production plans, using    inventory accuracy and
                             Routings, and shop orders.      Should have experience     INA/FAG MRP System.             material delivery goals
  Salary $75 to $90 yearly   Good written & verbal           in a Tier 1 or Tier 2      Functional responsibility for   are maintained.
                             communication skills.           automotive environment,    all Production Planners /       Develop and
                             Must have a 2-3 years           with working knowledge     Schedulers                      enforcement FFQ
                             experience working with         of the OEM DDL             Supervise shipping and          standards for the
                             MRP or equivalent               systems. Must be APICS     receiving functions; this       warehousing areas.
                             system(s). Physical, and        Certified and have         includes coordination with      Implementation of Lean
                             drug screen required            Degree in Business or       customers and suppliers on     Manufacturing Principles
                                                             Organizational                    material delivery

                                The Maintenance                 operations. He/She      Direct and schedule
                                Supervisor must have at       must have the attitude    maintenance, tool room,
            Maintenance         least 5 years experience       and ability to provide   and mill supply personnel
          Manager               in maintenance. They           tactical and strategic   to maximize plant capacity
                                must be able to read               leadership for       and safety. Coordinate
                                and interpret electrical,    maintenance personnel.     activities of outside
  Salary $55 to $62 yearly      pneumatic, hydraulic             They must have a       contractors. Complete
                                and mechanical prints         thorough knowledge of     forms for procuring
                                for machinery. Must               Plant IV policies,    materials, outside
                                have a thorough                procedures and goals     services, and documenting
                                working knowledge of         regarding manufacturing    maintenance work.
                                all tools and gages used             and safety.
                                                                                        Actively pursue the
                                for maintenance.
                                                                                        application of resources to
                                Physical and drug
                                                                                        preventive maintenance.
                                screen required.

                                Computer experience                                         Will assist in helping
              Music Dept      required; retail experience                                 customers find what they

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                    3
                                strongly preferred                         need

   Part Time (T, W, & F
       4pm – 9pm)
     Salary $7.00 hrly
                              Computer experience                   Will assist in helping
                            required; retail experience           customers find what they
              Register          strongly preferred                          need

  Part Time (T, W, Th & F
        4pm – 9pm)
     Salary $7.00 hrly
                              Computer experience                   Will assist in helping
                            required; retail experience           customers find what they
          Church Supplies       strongly preferred                          need

  Part Time (M, T, W, & S
        4pm – 9pm)
     Salary $7.00 hrly
                              Computer experience                   Will assist in helping
                            required; retail experience           customers find what they
          Church Supplies       strongly preferred                          need

  Part Time (M, W, Th, &
      F 9am – 2pm)
     Salary $7.00 hrly
                              Computer experience
                            required; retail experience
              Register          strongly preferred

   Part Time (M, W, & S
     12:30pm -9pm)
     Salary $7.00 hrly

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                              4
                                  Computer experience               Will assist in helping
                  Gifts Sales   required; retail experience       customers find what they
                                    strongly preferred                      need

   Part Time (M-F, 4pm-
      Salary $7.00 hrly
                                  Computer experience               Will assist in helping
                                required; retail experience       customers find what they
                   Books            strongly preferred                      need

   Full Time (M, T, W, Th
   8-4:30 & Sat 9-5:30)
      Salary $7.00 hrly
                                  Computer experience               Will assist in helping
                                required; retail experience       customers find what they
              Gifts Sales           strongly preferred                      need

    Full Time (T- Sat. 9-
      Salary $7.00 hrly
                                   Associates Degree,                Will be responsible for
                                  Drivers License, Typing         inventory control and some
                                  Test, Background Check                   purchasing
       Inventory Clerk

   Salary – DOE

                                   Associates Degree,                Will be responsible for
                                  Drivers License, Typing         inventory control and some
                                  Test, Background Check                   purchasing
       Inventory Clerk

   Salary – DOE

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                5
                                Bachelor Degree,                                       Must have Controller
                               Drivers License, Typing                               experience and computer
                               Test, Background                                             experience
          Controller           Check; Manufacturing/
                               Cost Accounting
   Salary – DOE                experience needed

                               Drivers License, 2 forms    Any manufacturing or      Must be able to stand for
                               of ID, Background          warehouse experience is   long periods at a time; will
                               Check, Sled Check (7       good                      be hanging parts to go into
  Manufacturing, Assembly,     years no felony or                                    washer approx 5 lbs each
        Production             misdemeanors)

   Salary – $9.00 hourly

                               Drivers License, 2 forms   Inspector experience        Must be able to stand for
                               of ID, Background          needed for inspecting      long periods at a time; will
                               Check, Sled Check (7       parts                          be in assembly line
          Inspector            years no felony or                                     inspecting arts for autos,
                               misdemeanors)                                               good from bad
   Salary – $10.00 hourly

                               Background Check,                                    Marketing experience a plus,      our efforts. A candidate
                               marketing experience,                                    will manage 20 to 30          with marketing ideas will
                               computer literate                                      telemarketers. Will also              be preferred.
       Project Manager                                                              manage clients, making sure        Consulting experience
                                                                                    they are totally satisfied with          also a plus.
   Salary – $30 - $40 yearly

                                                                                      Must have some clerical


   Salary – DOE
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                   6
                                                                                         Must be able to provide own
                                                                                           transportation and be
                                                                                          familiar with basic tools.
     Automotive Service

   Salary – DOE

                                  Technical Skills,                                        Must be trustworthy and
                                  management                                                 hard working, needs
                                  experience, team leader                                   computer skills, Adobe
    Sales Manager/Team            experience.                                            Photoshop is a plus, Artistic
           Leader                                                                        capability, Customer Service
                                                                                          experience and creativity a
   Salary – $8 to $10 hourly                                                                          plus

                                  Previous Janitorial                                     Must be willing to drive to
                                  experience, Clean                                      multiple locations during the
                                  background, clean drug                                    day for cleaning jobs.
          Day Porter              screen, own reliable
      Salary – $8 hourly

                               HS/GED, Drivers License, 6   Must be able to lift up to   Will inspect/sort               Previous inspection,
                               month to 1 year experience   35 lbs and work up to 12     automotive parts at our             assembly or
                                                                   hour shifts           customer locations. Will           manufacturing
                                                                                         be expected to track and         experience a plus.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                 7
                                                                                    report findings, fill out            Reliable
                                                                                    paper work and work with       transportation, good
                                                                                    very little supervision.         verbal and written
      Quality Inspector
                                                                                    These are contract            communication skills a
   Salary – $9-$11 hourly                                                           positions and number of                must.

                                                          Must be able to lift 40   Assist veterinary techs
                             HS/GED, Drivers License    lbs unassisted and 80 lbs   and veterinarians with
                                                                assisted            surgery for dogs and cats.
                                                                                    Learn to prep pets for
                                                                                    surgery, lift to and from
     Veterinary Assistant                                                           surgery table, give
                                                                                    vaccinations, clean
   Salary – $8-$11 hourly                                                           kennels, load and unload
                                                                                    pets from transports,
                                                                                    monitor pets after surgery.
                                                                                    Comprehensive Training

                             Bachelor’s degree in        MRP II System. Must        existing products.            revised products.
                             Industrial Engineering         have a thorough         Coordinate and document       Conduct time studies
                             or equivalent education     knowledge of Plant IV      new product schedule and      of manufacturing
                             and experience. Must be      goals, policies, and      coordination planning         processes as required
                             able to read prints.        procedures regarding       (SCP). Cost and                Create and maintain
                             Must have well-              manufacturing and         coordinate process print       plant and equipment
     Industrial Engineer     developed personal            safety. Cost and         non-conformance                  layout for the most
                             computer skills for word     document new and          dispositions (PPD) for           economical flow of
        Salary – DOE         processing,                revised manufacturing       changes to processes and         products. Provide
                             spreadsheets and            process for new and        prints. Provide                      cost impact
                             databases. Industrial                                  documented cost                 information to aid in
                             Engineers must learn to
                                                                                    estimates for new or          the justification of new
                             facile with MIPS, an

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                              8
                             Prior supervision and    Direct activities of             fertilizers, insecticides,   Order the performance
                          experience working with a   workers who perform           herbicides, and fungicides.     of corrective work when
                          crew. Must have a drivers   duties such as                    Establish and enforce            problems occur.
                               license. Working       landscaping, cultivating       operating procedures and        Coordinating the work
                              knowledge a plus of     lawns, or pruning trees         work standards that will          activities of other
                               Landscaping and        and shrubs. Inspect                  ensure adequate            members. Providing
                          Waterscaping. Minimum of    completed work to             performance and personnel        guidance and direction
                            2-3 years of experience   ensure conformance to        safety. Inventory supplies of       to other members.
                             with landscaping and     specifications, standards,       tools, equipment, and          Scheduling work and
                                  waterscaping        and contract                    materials to ensure that      activities as well as the
      Crew Supervisor                                 requirements. Schedule            sufficient supplies are           work of others
                                                      work for crews                 available and items are in
                                                      depending on work            usable condition. Investigate
                                                      priorities, crew and          work-related complaints in
                                                      equipment availability,      order to verify problems, and
                                                      and weather conditions.         to determine responses.
                                                      Confer with other             Monitor project activities to
                                                      supervisors to coordinate     ensure that instructions are
                                                      work activities with those   followed, deadlines are met,
                                                      of other departments or             and schedules are
                                                      units. Direct or perform                maintained.
                                                      mixing and application of

                            HS/GED or 3 years work                                     Some manufacturing
     Assembly Operator    history with same company                                  experience and workkeys

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                 9
                                  and Workkeys score                                     score and minimum of 1 year
    Salary – $8.50 hourly                                                                         experience
                                  HS/GED, 3 years work                                     Metal working, operating
  Set Up Operator- Grinding,   history with same company                                  complex equipment, set up
   Turning, Assembly Heat          and Workkeys score                                             experience

    Salary – $12.75 hourly
                                HS/GED, Drivers License                                     Must be able to call on
    Sales Representative                                                                  businesses, review billings,
                                                                                            survey phone systems,
    Salary – $15.00 hourly                                                                 demonstrate phone and
                                                                                              voice mail products
                                HS/GED, Drivers License,                                  Must be able to operate on
          EMT – B               Background Check, Drug                                    ambulance as EMT-B level,
                                 Screen, MVR required                                    perform patient care & lifting
     Salary – $9.00 hrly                                                                         up to 100 lbs.
                                HS/GED, Drivers License,                                   Must be able to drive an
      Driver/Ambulance          Background Check, Drug                                     ambulance and help lift
                                 Screen, MVR required                                       patients from bed to
     Salary – $9.00 hrly                                                                          stretcher.
                               Bachelors degree a plus but   Responsible for all             Responsible for Property     and CPC Team Trainer.
                               not required                  spreadsheet skills.               Management (record           Also responsible for
                               A minimum of 1- 2 years of    Proficiency in MS Office     keeping) and client updates,    office management with
                               experience in a high paced    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint    demographic data, and client       electronics, supplies
                                                                                               folder maintenance.         filing, public relations
                               office setting is required    and Outlook) is required.
                                                                                          Responsible for dealing with    and opening and closing
                               Experience in a real estate   Demonstrated attention
   Marketing Administrator                                                                 Clients under Contract with     of business each day.
                               related environment a plus    to detail and accuracy      file maintenance and closings      Along with any other
                               Strong interpersonal and      Ability to work               along with other marketing     duties to be performed.
                               communication skills          independently and with        duties. Will be responsible
                               Flexible and well organized   limited supervision             for electronic marketing
         Salary DOE
                               Must have advanced word       communications (phone,       through loopnet. Will act as
                                                             email, fax and mail).          intern manager, personal
                               processing and
                                                                                          assistant, event coordinator,

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                   10
      Segment Leader                                     synchronized production     Plans, schedules, and           educational/developmen
                          Bachelor’s level engineer or   environment. Possesses      forecasts manpower              t programs for
                          equivalent experience in       a diverse background in     requirements.                   segment employees.
                          highly technical                 statistics, metallurgy,   Ensures proper tools,           Ensures a full
        Salary DOE        manufacturing                   and MRP. Possesses a       components, and material        understanding and
                          environment, Excellent         good working knowledge      availability in accordance      compliance with
                          managerial/supervisory            of INA policies and      with the production             manufacturing
                          skills and ability to manage    procedures, operating      schedule.                       procedures.
                          independent operating            practices, quality and    Monitors and evaluates          Sets and monitors raw
                          group. Process a full             safety management        segment performance in          material inventory and
                          understanding of the                                       quality, productivity,          safety stock targets.
                          manufacturing process in                                   efficiency, product flow, and   Identify opportunities
                          his/her product area and is                                inventory on a daily            and develops cost
                          capable of operating in                                    basis.Troubleshoots technical   savings programs.
                                                                                     issues, coordinates             Responsible for
                                                                                     appropriate technical           employee safety,
                                                                                     support, and develops           compliance with safe
                                                                                     technical improvements.         work practices, and
                                                                                     Assess skill requirements and   effective housekeeping
                                                                                     provides                        programs.

                           BS Degree in: Industrial      Computer literate with         Matrices / Status             , Manage Capital and
                          Engineering/Manufacturing      skill using MS: Outlook,       Reports, Track Tooling         Tooling Budgets for
    Launch Team Leader      Engineering/Business          Excel, Word, Access,          Orders (TR’s) in Tool           Launches, Process
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                              11
                               Management or Equivalent       Project and Powerpoint        Room and/or Vendor,               development work
         Salary DOE                  Education;              in Windows environment         Follow Up with Other               including process
                                                                  Coordinate the            Launch Team Members                    innovation
                                                               Manufacturing Launch         to Ensure Tasks are                 improvements,
                                                                 Process, Facilitate        completed on a timely              Advanced quality
                                                                Launch Meetings –           basis, Highlight Potential      planning, Develop and
                                                                Providing Status to         Problems / Issues to                  Revise Work
                                                               Management , Create          Management in a timely          Instructions, Develop
                                                             and Modify Timelines for       manner, Order and Track         Routing and BOM’s for
                                                               each Launch, Create          Raw Materials and              New Product Launches,
                                                                        Tool                Purchased Components,          Statistical Data Analysis,
                                                                                            Meet PPAP and                    Participate in PFMEA
                                                                                            Production Deadlines for          Review, Work Flow
                                                                                            New Product Launches                 Development

    Supervision Specialist         Background Check                                       Must supervise and account
                                                                                             for federal inmates in a
  16-32 hrs alternate shifts                                                                halfway house. Must be
                                                                                           willing to rotate shifts and
     Salary $8.50 hrly                                                                   work weekends and holidays.
                               Must have sales experience,                                Provides Customer Service,        See Store Manager @
                                 Background Check and                                     Responsible for maximizing       Spinx location at Hwy14
   Cashier/Sales Associate
                               Drug Screen; no education                                 sales, Maintains proper store     & 85-Hwy 290-Hwy 101-
                                        required                                              appearance, waits on           Asheville Hwy-Hwy 9
 4/5 Days week 30 to 40 hrs
                                                                                           customers, handles cash,
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts
                                                                                           responsible for timely and
           $6.50 up
                                                                                             accurate shift reporting
                                        HS/GED               Must be able to exercise,         mature, responsible,        Call for phone interview
            Staff                                             demonstrate machines.      outgoing and fun loving. Will        at 864-325-9004.
                                                                 Must be willing to       be trained to do sales, light
         Part-Time                                              motivate women to         clerical, and lots of exercise
   Approx 20 hours weekly                                     improve their health via     equipment training. Must
        $7.00 Hourly                                         exercise and weight loss.      have good grammer and
                                                                      Must be                      writing skills.
                               HS/GED, Drug screen, Good        Embroidery machine        Responsible for framing up        Inspecting for quality,
            Embroidery         eyesight, manual dexterity,                                  work to be embroidered,        reading production and
     Machine Operator           must be able to stand for                                      loading & unloading            quality counts and
                               most of the day, must have                                   machines, setting up the       following management
                                     exp. Sewing on                                        design, threading needles,             directions.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                     12
                                         HS/GED;               Must have computer         Strong communication and           Team. Must have good
      Logistics Services        Physical and Drug test and     proficiency including        interpersonal skills, self        driving record. Will be
       Representative              Background Check             databases and all            initiative, and ability to      moving boxes or records
                                                             Microsoft office products        assume responsibility.         and doing heavy lifting
   Salary – $10.00-$12.00                                                                 Performs scheduled routes                 up to 75lbs.
            Hourly                                                                        and deliveries with help of
                                         HS/GED;                                          Computer Skills; checkout           dust and vacuum store
          Sales Clerk              Retail Sales, Cashier                                  customers (cash register),         and help customers with
                                       experience                                          will stock racks, check in               purchases
    Salary – $7.00 Hourly                                                                 merchandise from vendors,

  Walkie Rider/Order Puller      Background Check; Drug       At least 6 months DC         Must be able to work in a         To Apply Call:
                                         Screen                  experience and             fast paced environment           864-574-0156
                                                              knowledge of a walkie              pulling orders.
    Salary – $9.00 hourly                                              rider
         CDL Drivers              Class B Drivers License,                                All shifts; will be inspecting
                                  Must have clean driving                                       when not driving
         Salary - DOE
                                 HS/GED, Drivers License,       Must have 4 years in        a “Wow” guest experience;        excellent communication
 Restaurant Mgr./Asst.              Background Check             Management Role          develop the restaurant team to     skills, attention to detail
 Restaurant Mgr.                                                                           provide excellent internal and    and management
                                                             Must be able to manage      external service; build sales and   experience required.
                                                             overall operations of the      profits while complying with
  Salary - $30 to $50k yearly                                restaurant; ensure          company and regulatory policies
                                                             consistent delivery of         and procedures. Must have
      Medical Technician          Medication Technician          2nd and 3rd shift          ADL’s for residents and
                                  Certificate, Background    available. Full time and        knowledge of DHEC
                                 Check, physical and Drug         part time also          regulations and care plans.
  Salary - $7.25 hourly with               Screen
       shift differentials
              CNA               CNA License, Background          2nd and 3rd shift          ADL’s for residents and
                                Check, physical and Drug     available. Full time and        knowledge of DHEC
                                Screen                            part time also          regulations and care plans.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                            13
  Salary - $7.25 hourly with
       shift differentials
                                        HS/GED,                Industrial or Automotive     Would assist line workers in    Fax Resume/application
                                     Drivers License           Experience a Plus           assembly of automobiles and       to 864-627-4157. Call
                                                                                            assist in the cleaning of the    Diane @864-627-3927
                                                                                             production area. Would               to set up info
                                                                                            involve cleaning, scraping,        session/orientation.
    Salary - $10.75 hourly
                                                                                            wiping, mopping, sweeping

                               BA degree in related field or   Excellent communication     While performing the duties      include close vision,
                               doctor of chiropractic          and organizational skills   of this job, the employee is     distance vision and the
                               degree preferred                Knowledge of                occasionally required to         ability to adjust focus
  Admissions Representative
                               Valid drivers license           chiropractic                walk, stand/sit; use hands to    and discern color.
                                                               Data processing and         finger, handle or feel objects   Employee may also be
                                                               data management skills      or controls; reach with hands    required to carry, lift
        Salary = DOE
                                                                                           and arms; talk and hear.         and/or pull 25 lb.
                                                                                           Specific vision abilities        minimum.
                                                                                           required by the job
        Crew Leader             Valid Drivers License and       Flexible, Able to handle    Must be able to drive a truck   flexible hours, must be a
                               Drug Screen 3 years Lawn         and ride Walker mower         with a trailor, ride/handle        dependable and
                                 Service or Landscape                                        walker commercial mower,           responsible Adult.
    Salary = 11.50 hourly              experience                                            ending of the day must be
                                Background Check, Drug                                      Stand for extended time, lift
  Cooks/Coffee Attendants/                Screen                                                 25 lbs, interact with
         Stockers                                                                                     customers

   Salary DOE (25-40 hrs)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                       14
     Extruder Operators        Background Check, Drug            Experience with twin          Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
                                       Screen,                  screw extruders a plus.
                                  Minimum 2 years
       Salary = 11.56          manufacturing experience

                                        HS/GED                   Heavy Lifting of cans               Mainly residential,            Must have physical
                                 CDL Class B w/Airbrake         (min 50lbs) numerous             occasionally commercial,               strength,
                                 Endorsements, Drivers             times as well as             collect and handloading of        mounting/dismounting
                              License, Background Check,       constantly getting in and      waste, transporting waste in        truck between 800 to
     Residential Drivers
                                  Drug Screen, MVR ,            out of truck. Must be            front/rear load trucks to            1000lbs a day
                                                                     physically fit.          landfill site. Constant lifting,
                                                                                                  push and pulling waste
        Salary DOE
                                                                                               receptacles weighing 50 to
                                                                                                            75 lbs

                              HS/GED, CDL Class B with           Must be able to push,              Conduct inspections,         Their master technician
                               Airbrake Endorsements,           pull, drag, lift items up      diagnostic test, and repair a     heavy duty certification
                                Background/Drug/MVR.           to 50lbs and occasionally          variety of vehicles and         within 18 months of
                                 Minimum 1 to 2 years             work shoulder level         equipment. Will be expected                 hire.
        Salary DOE
                              experience. Must have own         w/equipment weighing           to complete 3 or more ASE
                                        Tools.                           15lbs.                     certifications toward
                                                                                                Heavy lifting up to 50lbs.       Pneumatic nail guns and
                                                                                                 Capable of reading blue          must not be afraid of
      Roofing/Framing          HS/GED – Drivers license,                                        prints, read tape measure               heights
                                 SS Card, drug screen                                         proficiently, use power tools,
          $10 hour                                                                             all types of saw equipment,
                                  HS/GED – English – No        Knowledge of                   and equipment and proper           Knowledge of all
                                    experience needed          preparation/ingredients/por    storage of food items              equipment, operation and
                              Able to handle how liquids       tions of all food & beverage   Monitor quality of all             maintenance
                              Operate cash register            items                          food/beverage preparation          Handle any improper
       Daytime Staff          Move quickly to prepare orders   Monitoring all supplies &      Knowledge of company Policies.     customer behavior
                                                               reordering                     Handle customer relations/         Oversee documentation of
                                                                Proper cleaning of utensils   comments/complaints                receipt of foods/ losses
  $8.00 hourly (30-40 Hrs.)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                             15
                               Temp to hire after 6                                   Looking for individuals with
                                       months                                          the capability to train as a
         Inspector           HS/GED, Assoc. degree                                           Class A Metal
                           Driver’s license, Background                              Finisher/Inspector Past metal
    $11 hourly (40 Hrs.)    Check, Drug Screen, Lift                                 experience helpful-stamping,
                             auto parts up to 50 lbs.                                         welding, etc.

                               Temp to hire after 6                                      Must have computer
                                       months                                           experience with all MS
       Team Leaders          HS/GED, Assoc. degree                                     applications, Leadership
                           Driver’s license, Background                                skills, Highly motivated
    $13 hourly (40 Hrs.)       Check, Drug Screen
                               Must be 22 yrs. Old        .40cpm (cents per mile)      jobs are also available        Guaranteed home time,
                           Class A CDL with at least 1    1 yr. to 3 yr. = .41 cpm   88% drop & hook – 98% no          great benefits, great
                           ½ mos. Tractor/trailer exp.       3 yrs. + = .42cpm                 touch                          miles
        Truck Driver
                            OTR (over the road) Will       Can run for .85cpm if         No New York City             Call QUILLY TURNER
                             run about 18-19 states                qualify                                             @1-888-350-2740
        Salary DOE
                              3 mos. To 1yr exp.=          Dedicated & Regional                                         FOR INTERVIEW

                            1 opening – 8-2pm - $9-        Familiar with Autotask
                            11/hr. depending on exp.              program.
                              HS Grad/GED, Drivers          Req. Answer phone,
       Administrative                license                   dispatch calls,
           Assistant         Permanent or part-time         purchasing, accounts
                           Exp. Must have knowledge          payable, accounts
      $9 - $11 hourly       of Quickbooks, Microsoft      receivable, for computer
                             programs, and possibly            networking co.

                             Requires HS/ GED, valid                                  Local delivery runs, must
                           Driver’s license, Background                              have great people skills and
        Truck Driver
                             check and drug screen,                                      a good appearance
                                  Class A license
      $10-12 per hour

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                            16
                               SC driver’s license, Must                                     Lighting and branch ckt
                               pass background check,                                              maintenance,
        Elect. Helper               MVR required                                               troubleshooting, and
                                                                                          installation. Switchgear and
        $10 per hour                                                                       distribution, Knowledge on
                                                                                         control wiring and apparatus
                                      - 3 openings –              Make accurate
                              Must have Driver’s license     measurements, must be
                                      and have own             able to use skill saw,
                             transportation, Must be able    table saw, etc. Must be
                                to lift 50 lbs and stoop,     experienced in cutting
       Flexible Hours
                              climb ladder, must be able              lumber
       $10 per hour
                                 to read tape measure,
                               HS Diploma / GED, must         operating experience,
                                  pass drug screen and        this is not swing shift,
       Forklift Machine
                               background check Forklift     will work 7am – 7pm OR
                              experience, some machine              7pm – 7am
       $10.00 an hour
                                  High School Diploma         Ability to communicate      Periods, twisting, turning,
                                Experience operating a            issues and offer          stretching or bending
                             sheetfed press REQUIRED,           suggestions when          partially across machines,
       Sheetfed Press        flexibility of work hours and   needed to enhance final            carrying boxes
         Operator             shifts REQUIRED, strong          performance of the
                                 working knowledge of          product, standing in       MUST BE ABLE TO RUN
   $17.00 - $21.00 an hour        Quality and standard          place for extended         HEIDELBURG PRESS
                                  operating procedures
                                Experience or ability to      Saturdays, Excellent                TO APPLY:                  Company
                               weld: MIG, TIG, Weld to        Attendance, Ability to     Call Gary Wingo at 800-728-       PO Box 371
           Welder               ASME code, Weld boiler          work with others,               1611, email at           Duncan, SC 29334
                                 tubes, must pass drug         attention to details, or
   $16.00 an hour to start     screen, will work 2nd shift                               mail resume to Gary Wingo
                               (6pm – 4am), ½ days on                                       at Jack Heckman Tube

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                             17
                                  High School Diploma or      Any shift, possibility to        Located in Gaffney
            Mechanical         GED, 6 months mechanical         go from temp. to
            Production            production experience,           permanent
             Workers              experience on assembly
                               line, must pass background
   $9.50/$9.95/$10.05/hr            check, able to work
                                 HS Diploma or GED, Must                                  Temporary through October
                                   pass drug screen and                                      Located in Gaffney
                                 background check, Prefer
                                 experienced electricians,
           $12.00 hourly
                                 High School Diploma or                                      Cleaning, sweeping,
              Janitor          GED, Valid Driver’s license                                mopping, vacuuming, pulling
                               required, will be working 8                                    trash, dusting, etc
   Salary = ($7.00 hourly)             hour shifts
     35-40 hours weekly

                               Must pass drug screen and                                  Must be able to lift 10-50 lbs,      Expense controls.
       Assistant Store         background check and have                                   Responsible for day to day
          Manager                 valid driver’s license                                   store operations, including
                                                                                             recruiting, training and
  Salary = ($7 - $8 hourly)                                                               supervising. Responsible for
      48 hours weekly                                                                       cash controls , labor and

     Site Representative           H.S. Diploma/GED.          Able to type 25 WPM.        Support and service to truck       Of template. Provide
      1st, 2nd or 3rd shift     Vocational/tech school a      Must be able to lift 40        drivers on usage of all          fast and courteous
  $9-9.75/hr. Full/Part-time    plus. Must have valid SC     lbs and work in outside         IdleAire products and          customer services. Sell
  MUST APPLY ONLINE!!!          Drivers’ License. Must be         environment.             services. Assist w/ install.       products/services.

        Shift Leader           H.S. Diploma required and          Or supervisory             Oversee all activities for       Inventories, proper
    1 , 2nd, or 3rd shift.      vocational/tech school a       experience. Must be          assigned shift – staffing,      handling of cash sales /
    $10.50-$11.25/hr.              plus. Some college         able to type 25 WPM.             training of site reps,         deposits, etc… May
  MUST APPLY ONLINE!!!           preferred. Valid SC DL.     Exper.w/ Microsoft Word          achieving sales goals,          cover shift alone &
                               Must have previous mgmt.          & Excel a plus.            required shift paperwork,        cover Site Rep duties.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                       18
Union Area Jobs
                             Requirements                         Duties
        Job Title

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc            19
                                 Drivers License, Drug                Part-time,             Will receive one on one
            Part-Time Sales             Screen                    20-25 hours/week         training. Must be 18 years
          Associate                                            afternoons & Saturdays        of age or older to apply.
                                                                                           Home improvement product
                                                                                             knowledge a plus. Must
        Salary - DOE                                                                         have excellent customer
                                                                                           service skills and be able to
                                                                                           interact professionally with
                                                                                              customers. Must be a
                                                                                             reliable and dependable
                                                                                             worker; reference check
                              Must possess AS Degree in         Experience and skill in    and GMAW; Fabrication and              schematics and
                               Automated Manufacturing              troubleshooting,            Support Equipment            blueprints. Must be able
                                Technology or Industrial            maintaining and          (compressed air; chilled           to lift 30-50 lbs, not
   Multi-Craft Technician &     Electronics Technology or       repairing the following    water systems and boilers)         continuously. Must be
    Robotics Technician       comparable military training     systems and equipment:       Must be knowledgeable in           available to work any
                                or industrial journeyman        PLC Controls Networks,        relay ladder logic and                     shift.
                               training status. Must have       Drive Controls; Robots,         capable of reading
   Salary $23 to $29 hourly                                    Pneumatics, Hydraulics,
                                                                   AC/DC Resistance
                                   Must have acquired                                          Troubleshooting and           not continuously. Must
                              journeyman status through                                      repairing variety of large      be available to work any
                                    completion of an                                           steel stamping dies.                    shift.
      Tool & Die Makers        apprenticeship program or                                       Experience operating
                              have an AA in Machine Tool                                    machine shop equipment.
                                 Technology or similar                                     Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs,
   Salary $22 to $25 hourly    military/industrial training.

                                                                Must have professional           Duties include but
                               Associate’s or Bachelor’s         appearance, ability to            not limited to:           Submit Resume and
                                Degree in Marketing,           clearly communicate to a    Acquiring product knowledge          CareerSource
       Sales Associate         Business or related field.       diverse customer base;          in order to sale and             Application
                                                                                            recommend furniture items
                               At least 2 years of related        Proficient computer        to customers; Scheduling
                               work experience in retail        skills, great telephone        deliveries; Performing
                                          sales.               etiquette; excellent time     accounts receivables, and
                                                                   management and             handling bank deposits.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                      20
                                                      organizational skills.

                                                                                                                  Will utilize forklift to
                          Must have H.S. Diploma or       2nd Shift:           Previous Forklift Certification;   deliver products and
                                    GED;              2:30pm- 10:30pm                                             materials to assembly
                                                      Monday – Saturday              Ability to lift 75lbs        line; occasionally will
      Material Handlers        Drug Screen and                                          repetitively;             have to be able to move
                              Background Check        $9.50/hour plus shift                                       into heavy assemblers
                                  Required.                premium                  Must have 1 year              role if material handling
       10 Openings                                                              manufacturing experience;         is not needed.
                             Temp to Hire w/ Full                               Automotive manufacturing          Apply in person at:
                              Benefits Available                                      environment                 American Staffing
                                                                                                                  302 S. Limestone St.
                                                                                                                  Gaffney, SC 29340

                                                                                                                  Heavy assembly in an
                          Must have H.S. Diploma or       2nd Shift:            Automotive manufacturing          automotive area. Able to
                                    GED;              2:30pm- 10:30pm                environment;                 utilize basic hand tools
                                                      Monday – Saturday                                           and measurements. Will
                               Drug Screen and                                   Must be able to lift 75lbs       be working in a team
     Heavy Assemblers         Background Check        $9.50/hour plus shift            repetitively;              environment with the
                                  Required.                premium                                                opportunity to work in
                                                                                   1 year manufacturing           different areas and learn
       19 Openings           Temp to Hire w/ Full                                experience- must be of a         new jobs and
                              Benefits Available                                      physical nature.            procedures.
                                                                                                                  Apply in person at:
                                                                                                                  American Staffing
                                                                                                                  302 S. Limestone St.
                                                                                                                  Gaffney, SC 29340

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                           21
                             Must have H.S. Diploma or    Full-time, Permanent         Must have CDL to drive           Will perform warehouse
   Warehouse Order Picker     GED; Background Check               Position          company truck for deliveries;           duties when not
         with CDL            and Drug Screen Required;                                 Able to load and unload                 delivering.
                                                         Benefits include: Health    trucks; Customer service
                              Must have CDL Class B        Insurance and Paid        skills in communicating with        Will be responsible for
                             or better; MVR required.            Vacation            customers on deliveries and            the upkeep and
                                                                                                 orders;                 maintenance of trucks.

                             Must have H.S. Diploma or    Full-time, Permanent        Ability to work well with         Ability to lift and load
    Warehouse Manager         GED; Background Check      Position 32 hours/week      others; Will be responsible        trucks; ability to use
                             and Drug Screen Required;                               for scheduling employees           forklift.
                                                         Benefits include: Health     and deliveries. Customer
                                                           Insurance and Paid           service skills needed.

                             Must have H.S. Diploma or         Part-time,              Ability to work well with        Proficiency w/ computer
     Part-Time Cashiers                GED;                20-30 hours/week-           others; Must have good           to use computer for
                               Drug Screen Required        mostly afternoons         customer service skills and        sales transactions, will
                                                                                     friendly, good attitude with       handle money, checks
                                                                                         good listening skills.         and credit card

                              Must be friendly, have                                    Come audition for our            Apply in-person at
     Marketers/ Waivers        great attitude, and                                    famous Lady of Liberty or           719 N. Duncan
                                    outgoing                                            Uncle Sam marketing                   Bypass
    Salary = $7.00 hourly                                                                  opportunities.
                                                                                                                             Union, SC

                                 Experienced Tax                                     Must provide exceptional client     Apply in-person at
                               Preparers needed w/                                  services preparing accurate tax       719 N. Duncan
  Experienced Tax Preparer
                             strong customer service                                 returns, checking returns, and
                                                                                    performing general office duties
           Jan-April                   skills;                                                                               Union, SC
                                                                                      as well as occasional waver
    Salary = $7.00 hourly        H.S. Diploma/GED;
                                                                                    duties all in accordance with the

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                    22
                              Background Check                                    company’s policies and

                              H.S. Diploma/GED;    Previous tax preparation          The fastest growing          Please call Katherine
                              Background Check      experience a plus and     international tax service ever is      Pendergrass at
                                                      previous teaching           looking for a Tax School          427-7222 for an
                                                    experience preferred.      Instructor; Must be flexible for       interview or
                                                                               day and evening classes; Must
                                                                                                                   apply in-person at
                                                                                   be computer proficient.
    Tax School Instructor                                                                                            719 N. Duncan
         Jan-April                                                                                                     Union, SC
        Salary DOE

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                       23
Gaffney Area Jobs
        Job Title            Requirements                                                Duties
                                                                                                                 Will utilize forklift to
                          Must have H.S. Diploma or       2 Shift:            Previous Forklift Certification;   deliver products and
                                    GED;              2:30pm- 10:30pm                                            materials to assembly
                                                      Monday – Saturday             Ability to lift 75lbs        line; occasionally will
      Material Handlers        Drug Screen and                                         repetitively;             have to be able to move
                              Background Check        $9.50/hour plus shift                                      into heavy assemblers
       10 Openings                Required.                premium                 Must have 1 year              role if material handling
                                                                               manufacturing experience;         is not needed.
                             Temp to Hire w/ Full                              Automotive manufacturing
                              Benefits Available                                     environment                 Apply in person at:
                                                                                                                 American Staffing
                                                                                                                 302 S. Limestone St.
                                                                                                                 Gaffney, SC 29340

                          Must have H.S. Diploma or       2nd Shift:           Automotive manufacturing          Heavy assembly in an
                                    GED;              2:30pm- 10:30pm               environment;                 automotive area. Able to
                                                      Monday – Saturday                                          utilize basic hand tools
                               Drug Screen and                                  Must be able to lift 75lbs       and measurements. Will
     Heavy Assemblers         Background Check        $9.50/hour plus shift           repetitively;              be working in a team
                                  Required.                premium                                               environment with the
       19 Openings                                                                1 year manufacturing           opportunity to work in
                             Temp to Hire w/ Full                               experience- must be of a         different areas and learn
                              Benefits Available                                     physical nature.            new jobs and

                                                                                                                 Apply in person at:
                                                                                                                 American Staffing
                                                                                                                 302 S. Limestone St.
                                                                                                                 Gaffney, SC 29340

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                          24
      Flux Core Welders            Employment Drug                    Industrial Fabricator             Please submit
                               Screening and background             expanding operations in
  Salary will range from $13        check required;                 Gaffney and Spartanburg
                                                                                                         resumes to
    and up depending on           Regularly scheduled             seeking carbon stick and flux        Tammy Powell by
       experience and                   overtime;                        core welders.                      email
         qualifications          Competitive benefits;                                                       at:
                                    Long term work                Must pass a vertical flux core       tpowell@upstatecareers
                               opportunities available for         welding certification test.     
                                  qualified individuals.                                                 or by fax to:
                                                                                                         Attn: Tammy
      Fabricators                  Employment Drug                Industrial Fabricator expanding       Please submit
                               Screening and background             operations in Gaffney and
                                                                     Spartanburg seeking well
                                                                                                          resumes to
   Salary = $13- $20/hour           check required;
        Depending on                                                 qualified heavy structural        Tammy Powell by
                                                                             fabricators.                    email
        Qualifications           Regularly scheduled
                                                                    Must be able to work from
                                       overtime;                  blueprints, use calculators and
                                 Competitive benefits;             tape measures, and perform          tpowell@upstatecareers
                                   Long term work                  math functions as required for
                               opportunities available for                  layout work.                  or by fax to:
                                 qualified individuals.             Requires extreme focus on             864-429-8690
                                                                        safety and quality.             Attn: Tammy Powell
                                   Training Provided              Must be able to lift 35 lbs,          please customers in a
                                                                  stand on feet up to 10 hours,        fast paced environment,
    Restaurant Sales Wait                                         and have good people skills.            clean tables, dishes,
            Staff                                                   Must be able to serve and            restrooms, floors etc.

        Salary = DOE
                                   Training Provided              Must be able to lift 35 lbs, stand   follow safety procedures
                                                                    on feet up to 10 hours, and        friendly and can manage
  Restaurant Grill Operators
                                                                      have good people skills.           3-4 associates on that
                                                                     Must be able to cook and                    shift.
        Salary = DOE                                               prepare food under pressure,

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                   25
                                                                                                 Apply online at:
    Packers- 10 Openings                                            Light to medium lifting;
         $7.75/hour             8 hour shifts- 40                                                       or
                                  hours/week                      Packaging and/or Production      in person at
                             HS Diploma required;                     experience required;
     Job Location is in        Employment Drug
       Gaffney, SC         Screening and background                  Will be responsible for      1203 John B.
                                check required;                   packaging sneakers in boxes,    White Senior
                                                                  scanning boxes, and pushing          Blvd.
                               Benefits available                    boxes down conveyor.        Spartanburg, SC
                                                                                                 **Please note job
                                                                  Base pay plus production on
                                                                                                   location is in
                                                                   number of boxes shipped.
                                                                                                   Gaffney, SC**

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                      26
Greer Area Jobs
        Job Title            Requirements                                           Duties
                             HS/GED, Drivers       SC Journeyman or SC     Must be knowledgeable on            electricians on their
                             License, Background   Master                 all aspects of electrical work         team so they can
                             Check, MVR Required                          performed by LEI. Must be               advance in the
        Job Foreman                                                           experienced on how to           company. Must keep
                                                                              operate tools, manage              accurate records
   Salary – DOE                                                          materials without waste and         requested by the office
                                                                              install quality and safe      for job costs, billing, etc.
                                                                          electrical systems. Must be         Must report problems
                                                                         able to motivate and manage         and incidents promptly
                                                                                 others under their           to the office. Should
                                                                         supervision for a timely, safe      keep up with schedules
                                                                         and quality electrical project.        to predict paths of
                                                                              Must be a professional           projects to eliminate
                                                                           company representative to         problems help with cost
                                                                            owners, customers, other                     etc
                                                                                trades, contractors,
                                                                             supervisors or any other
                                                                              people associated with
                                                                            projects under their care.
                                                                          Must be willing to train and
                                                                               evaluate helpers and.
                             HS/GED, Drivers                                       Expected to be
                             License, Background                              knowledgeable on the
                             Check; MVR required                             following areas (but not
    Experienced Assistant                                                 limited too) Switchgear and
                                                                         distribution, fixtures, feeders,
   Salary – DOE                                                             branch power and branch

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                       27
                                                                                      lighting ckts, specialty skts,
                                                                                           proper use of NEC.

                                    HS/GED                                                Delivering flowers to
    Delivery Driver             Drivers License                                       recipients; must have good
                          Delivery Experience Helpful                                  driving record; must know
        Salary - DOE                                                                    area well and must have
                                                                                      lived in the area for 5 years

                                    HS/GED                                               Must be able to follow
                                Drivers License                                       directions; self starter; good
     Delivery Driver      Delivery Experience Helpful                                  driving record; must know
      Manager                                                                          area well, must have good
                                                                                        computer skills and good
        Salary - DOE                                                                           work ethic.

                                  HS/GED,                Willing to train but needs   not required. Must be able to
                              Background Check             some artistic talent.         stand for 8 hours plus
          Designer           Computer skills a plus      American Institute Floral
        Salary - DOE                                      Designer preferred but
                          HS/GED; Drivers License;       Justice Academy’s Basic       Will handle initial calls for
                          Background Check;               Recruitment Training,          service, traffic collision
                          Drug Screen; Must be US          along with passing a        investigation, and general
                          Citizen at least 21 years of       medical exam, a                law enforcement.
       Police Officer I   age. Must meet                 psychological exam and
       12 hour shifts     requirements of and            a thorough background
      Salary – $26,984    successfully complete the            investigation.
                          SC Criminal

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                        28
City of Spartanburg Jobs

                                     To apply for the following positions:
    1. CareerSource visit = Ask a Customer Service Representative for a City of Spartanburg application. Complete the
         application and turn it in to the City of Spartanburg Human Resource Department in person at 145 Broad Street,
         Room 103.

    2.   Applying from the internet = Submit resume via e-mail to
    3.   Apply in person = To Room 103 at City Hall located at 145 Broad Street, Spartanburg.
         Job Title                 Requirements                                                        Duties
                                BS Degree in Parks and          Thorough knowledge of       Will report to Center Director
Assistant Recreation Center    Recreation or related field.        sports, athletics and    and will work on a variety of
          Director            Minimum of 2 years of direct         recreation activities.     activities during the day,
                               parks and recreation work        Strong interpersonal and    evenings and weekends and
                                 experience. Valid SC             communication skills.                holidays.
                                    drivers license
   Salary - $26,374
                                Requires High School/GED,                                   Full-Time person to control      summonses to delinquent
     Animal Control            valid SC Driver's License, No                                unlicensed or stray animals.           owners.
                               Criminal record and ability to                               Duties include: snare, control
                               lift 50 lbs animals. Relevant                                and transport animal;
Salary = ( $10.05 hourly)
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                        29
                          Training and Certifications are                investigates complaints of
                                     a plus.                             animal bite cases; issues

Spartanburg County Jobs

                                 To apply for the following positions:

   1. CareerSource visit = Ask a Customer Service Representative for the appropriate Spartanburg County application.
        Complete the application and turn it in to the Spartanburg County Human Resource Department in person at 366
        North Church Street, Room 1400.

   2.   Applying from the internet = Download appropriate application from Apply in
        person to the Spartanburg County Human Resource Department (located at 366 North Church Street, Room 1400)

        Job Title              Requirements                                        Duties
                           Any      combination    of                     Capable     of   analyzing
                           education and experience                       needs; designing, writing,
                           equivalent to graduation                       developing and testing
                           from an accredited college                     application software and
INFORMATION                or university with major                       computer        programs;
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                        30
TECHNOLOGIES               course work in computer                                   ensuring proper program
PROGRAMMER/ANALYST         science or related field and                              documentation; providing
                           considerable experience in                                technical support; training
Salary – $38,637           computer programming and                                  users.
                           systems analyst work.

                              Any combination of                                     Must be physically able to             walking and lifting.
                              education and                                          operate      a        various        Medium work, usually
                              experience equivalent to                               machines including sports              requires walking or
PARKS & RECREATION            graduation from high                                   equipment, various tools,          standing to a significant
  RECREATION LEADER -         school and some                                        etc. Must be physically            degree. Must be able to
  WOODRUFF (part-time)        experience in recreation                               able to exert up to 50           lift and/or carry weights of
   Salary – $9.85 hourly      work                                                   pounds        of        force        50 pounds. Requires
                                                                                     occasionally and/or 20            ability to read a variety of
                                                                                     pounds of force frequently        documents. Requires the
                                                                                     or constantly to lift, carry,    ability to talk, hear, record
                                                                                     push, pull, or otherwise
                                                                                                                       and deliver information in
                                                                                     move     objects.       Work
                                                                                     requires           climbing,     a teaching, instructing and
                                                                                     balancing,        stooping,           presentation setting.
                                                                                     crouching, reaching

                               Any combination of            and defending real        This is light work requiring   analyzing     written     or
                            education and experience      estate appraisals before      the exertion of up to 20      computer data, use of
                            equivalent to graduation         appellate boards or     pounds of force occasionally,    measuring devices, use of
                           from an accredited college       judges. Supervisory         up to 10 pounds of force      computer          equipment,
                                                                                      frequently, and a negligible    programs and accessories,
ASSESSOR                       or university with a        experience required.
                                                                                     amount of force constantly to    operation of motor vehicles
    MOBILE HOME                 bachelor degree               Possession of an       move objects; work requires      or equipment, determining
 DIVISION SUPERVISOR        supplemented by course           appropriate driver’s    climbing, stooping, kneeling,    the       accuracy      and

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                   31
      Salary $31,788            work in real estate and       license valid in the State         crouching, reaching,        thoroughness of work, and
                                appraisal methods and             of South Carolina.            standing, walking, and       observing            general
                                   techniques with            Possession of Real Estate            fingering; vocal          surroundings and activities;
                              considerable experience in      Appraiser License issued       communication is required       the worker is subject to
                                                                                            for expressing or exchanging     inside        and    outside
                                 the appraisal of real          by the South Carolina
                                                                                                ideas by means of the        environmental
                              property, including mobile         Real Estate Appraisal         spoken word; hearing is       conditions.mathematical skills
                                  homes, and some                       Board                    required to perceive        for required calculations.
                               experience in presenting                                    information at normal spoken      Must          have      good
                                                                                             word levels; visual acuity is   organizational and human
                                                                                             required for preparing and      relations skills.

                               High School graduate with                                   Must be physically able to        able to speak and/or signal
                              vocational/technical training                                    operate a variety of              people to exchange
                              in secretarial and computer                                        automated office            information. Must be able
                                skills and experience in                                       equipment including               to read and prepare
                               dealing with the public; or                                    computer, typewriter,            documents with proper
                              any equivalent combination                                   copier, fax, calculator, etc.        format and grammar.
                               of training and experience                                  Must be physically able to              Must have good
                              which provides the required                                   exert up to 20 pounds of           mathematical skills for
                                  skills, knowledge and                                     force occasionally, up to           required calculations.
MAGISTRATE COURT                          abilities.                                            10 pounds of force                 Must have good
   COURT CLERK/(PART-                                                                            frequently, and a           organizational and human
TIME):(3rd Shift – Weekends                                                                negligible amount of force               relations skills.
       & Holidays)                                                                           constantly to lift, carry,
                                                                                             push, pull, or otherwise
                                                                                             move objects. Must be
   Salary $11.03 hourly
                              High school diploma or                                       Must be physically able to          otherwise move objects.
                              equivalent          required.                                operate a variety of              Must be able to lift and/or
                              Experience working with                                      machinery and equipment           carry weights of 50 to 100
                              adult and youth recreational                                 including truck, mowing              pounds. Requires the
                              sports             preferred.                                equipment, chain saw,             ability to read a variety of
                              Possession of a driver’s                                     tractors, etc.      Must be          documents and reports
                              license valid in the State of                                physically able to exert up         such as work charts and
                              South Carolina.                                              to 100 pounds of force             time cards. Requires the
 SENIOR SERVICE PERSON                                                                     occasionally and/or up to         ability to talk and/or hear
        Part-Time                                                                          50 to 100 pounds of force              record and deliver
                                                                                           frequently or constantly to        information and to follow
    Salary $9.38 hourly                                                                    lift, carry, push, pull, or            verbal and written

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                          32

                         Any combination of                                           This is sedentary work           perceive information at
                         education and experience                                     requiring the exertion of up normal spoken word levels;
                         equivalent to graduation                                     to 10 pounds of force visual acuity is required for
                         from an accredited college                                   occasionally      and        a   preparing and analyzing
                         or university with major                                     negligible amount of force written or computer data,
                         course work in business                                      frequently or constantly to operation of motor vehicles
                         administration or related                                    move       objects;      work or equipment, determining
                         field and considerable                                       requires            fingering,      the accuracy and
                         registration and election                                    grasping, and repetitive thoroughness of work, and
                         experience. Also a                                           motions;                 vocal      observing general
                            minimum of five years                                     communication is required surroundings and activities;
       Salary DOE
                            supervisory experience.                                   for       expressing        or the worker is not subject to
                                                                                      exchanging ideas by means         adverse environmental
                                                                                      of the spoken word;                    conditions.
                                                                                      hearing is required to

                        Any      combination      of   SPECIAL                        This is medium work requiring    required for depth perception,
                        education and experience       REQUIREMENTS:                  the exertion of 50 pounds of         preparing and analyzing
COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC equivalent to graduation          Possession       of      an    force occasionally, up to 20        written or computer data,
DEVELOPMENT             from an accredited college     appropriate         driver's   pounds of force frequently,         visual inspection involving
                                                                                      and up to 10 pounds of force       small defects and/or small
CONSTRUCTION SPECIALIST or university with major       license valid in the State
                                                                                      constantly to move objects;          parts, use of measuring
                        course work in engineering,    of South Carolina.             work     requires    climbing,    devices, operation of motor
     Salary $33, 377    building services or related                                  balancing, stooping, kneeling,        vehicles or equipment,
                        field   and     considerable                                  crouching, walking, fingering,   determining the accuracy and
                        experience in construction                                    and        feeling;      vocal     thoroughness of work, and
                        management.                                                   communication is required for           observing general

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                     33
                                                                                      expressing or exchanging         surroundings and activities.
                                                                                      ideas by means of the spoken    Subject to inside and outside
                                                                                      word. Hearing is required to      environmental conditions,
                                                                                      perceive    information    at     hazards, and atmospheric
                                                                                      normal spoken word levels,               conditions.
                                                                                      and to receive detailed
                                                                                      information    through   oral
                                                                                      communications and/or to
                                                                                      make fine distinctions in
                                                                                      sound. Visual acuity is

                          High school graduate with      skills and abilities. Must   Must be physically able to      to 25 pounds of force
                          extensive experience in the    possess a valid S.C.         operate a variety of heavy      frequently, and/or up to
                          operations and                 driver’s license.            equipment and machinery         10     pounds    of    force
                          maintenance of heavy                                        including          loaders,     constantly     to     move
SOLID WASTE LANDFILL      equipment; or any                                           compactors,          dozer,     objects.     Requires the
    MEO IV/LANDFILL       equivalent combination of                                   compressors,        pickup,     ability to read billing
                          training and experience                                     steam cleaner, pans, front      invoices and maintenance
                          which provides the required                                 end loader, etc. Must be        reports.     Requires the
    Salary = ($24, 907)   knowledge                                                   able to exert up to 50          ability to talk, hear and
                                                                                      pounds        of      force     record     and       deliver
                                                                                      occasionally, and/or up         information, to explain
                                                                                                                      procedures, to follow oral
                                                                                                                      and written instructions.
                          Any combination of                which provides the               Under limited            maintenance program for
                          education and experience         required knowledge,          supervision, performs             parks and athletics
                          equivalent to graduation       skills and abilities. Must     complex turf/grounds               facilities. Applies
                          from high school, with           obtain S.C. Pesticide           maintenance and            chemicals to turf grasses;
                          vocational/technical              Applicators license         horticulture work and            does related work as
                          training in Horticulture and     within six months of             participates in            required. Reports to the
                          one to two years of turf          employment. Must               organization and                  Crew Leader.
   Turfgrass Technician   grass management and             possess a valid S.C.          implementation of a
                          horticulture, or any                 driver’s license.          comprehensive turf
    Salary = ($22,590)    equivalent combination of
                          education and experience

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                   34
                              High school graduate and          operate a variety of         work. Work involves        Starting salary $23,719 -
                              considerable custodial and           machinery and               climbing, moving,        Under regular supervision
                                    grounds keeping            equipment including          bending, stooping and        performs intermediate
                                   experience; or any              truck, mowing            reaching for moderate           skilled work in the
                              equivalent combination of      equipment, chain saw,        periods of time. Worker is     maintenance and repair
                                experience and training       tractors, etc. Must be         subject to inside and      of parks and recreational
                                 providing the required      physically able to exert       outside environmental       facilities and equipment.
                                  knowledge, skills and        up to 100 pounds of           conditions. Requires
                               abilities. Must possess a         force occasionally          ability to talk and/or
    Parks & Recreation        valid S.C. driver’s license.   and/or up to 50 pounds           hear; to record and
                              Must possess the ability to      of force frequently or       deliver information, to
      Salary ($23,719)          obtain a South Carolina      constantly to lift, carry,   explain procedures and to
                                  pesticide application      push, pull or otherwise        follow oral and written
                               license and HVAC license      move objects. Physical               instructions.
                               for handling Freon. Must      demands are in excess
                                  be physically able to       of those for sedentary
      Registered Nurse         All licensing requirements     school of nursing with        Registered Nurse for a       May be required to work
 Starting salary $33,036 to         by SC Graduate of          considerable exp. In           Detention Facility           different shifts and
           $40,470            accredited5% shift premium          nursing work.                                                 weekends
       Open until filled       given for 2nd and 3rd shift

                               Graduate from accredited      Must be certified in first    Performs practical nursing      of inmates detained
  Licensed Practical Nurse
                              program of practical nursing          aid & CPR.               work in the care and          at County Detention
      Open until filled
                                w/ some experience as a         Must meet all state               treatment                      facility
       2nd or 3rd Shift
                                    practical nurse.         licensing requirements.      Includes 5% shift premium
  Starting salary $23,949
                               Must be at least 21 yrs. of    H.S. graduate. Some         Deputy exam given 1st          To be considered for
      Sheriff’s Deputy         age. Pass ability test and       college/military             Thursday of each           exam, application must
  Starting salary $26,403       extensive background               preferred.              month @ Emergency            be received by Human
      Open until filled              investigation.                                       Service Acad. Duncan,            Resources by the
                                                                                          SC. Wear proper attire          previous Monday at
                                                                                           for running, jumping.                5:00 PM

     Detention Officers             H.S diploma/GED          Drug test – Background       Guards, directs and patrols   property, responds to on
  Starting salary $25,885           Physical ability to               check                inmates at County Jail.      Disturbances. Uses office
  Be able to work any shift        lift/carry/run/walk         SC Driver’s License                 Prepares                    equipment
      Open until filled             Work 2nd/3rd Shift        Must be 21 years old            Reports, inspects
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                     35
Recruitment Company Jobs

                                  To apply for the following positions:
    1. Complete the YELLOW One-Stop Job Selection Form and turn it in to the Customer Service Desk along with a copy of
       your resume, unless other wise noted to apply in person.
    2.   Follow the instructions on the job listing to apply directly with the Temporary Service.
         Job Title               Requirements                                          Duties
                               SC Drivers License, drug                                Must possess          Apply online or in person
                               screen, able to lift 50 lbs,                       mechanical/electrical     to PMI Staffing, 1203 John
                                  able to work at high                           ability, must be able to   B White Sr Blvd. Sptbg, SC
  Maintenance Mechanic
                              elevations; mechanical and                            safely operate all                29306
       Temp to Hire
                                    electrical ability                          maintenance equipment,
  Salary - $10-$12 hourly
                                                                                 must work overtime as
                                                                                  necessary, must have
                                                                                 good attendance, must
                                                                                have good driving record
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                      36
                                  Drivers License and Drug                                   MIG fluxcore welder must         APPLY IN PERSON @
   MIG Fluxcore Welder                      Screen                                              be able to certify           TEMPORARY SERVICES
      Temp to Hire                                                                                                                   INC.
                                                                                                                            359 WHITNEY RD. SUITE
    Salary - $14.00 hrly                                                                                                     15, SPARTANBURG SC
                                 Drivers License, Background   Must be able to perform       hugger and move material         CALL RANSTAD FOR
                                     Check, Drug Screen          all jobs. Drive a sit          by hand. Required to            SCREENING AT:
                                                                 down forklift, pallet        attend a 3day orientation            574-0156
                                                                         jacks,               and able to lift/push/pull
      Material Handler                                                                        75lbs. Backgrounds can
       Temp to Hire                                                                          not contain any felonies or
                                                                                               misdemeanors involving
    Salary - $10.75 hrly                                                                       theft or violence. Must
                                                                                                able to work 7 days a
                                                                                                week 10 hours a day.

     Quality Inspector             HS/GED, Background                                        Inspection of various parts           APPLY AT
      Temp to Hire                 Check, Drug Screen, 6                                      that go on the BMW cars.      EAPP.ADECCO.COM THEN
                                   months plus industrial                                    Standing long periods at a      CALL 574-0280 FOR AN
     Salary - $9.00 hrly                experience                                            time and some times lots               APPT.
                                                                                                     of walking.
                                    HS/GED, Background                                         Must be able to lift up to     SEND RESUME TO
                                    Check, Drug Screen                                           50lbs. ASE Certified       ADECCO VIA FAX, EMAIL
                                                                                               mechanic or equivalent           OF DROP OFF
    ASE Cert. Mechanic
                                                                                                     experience               574-0240 OR 2500
        Temp to Hire
                                                                                                                             WINCHESTER PLACE
           2nd Shift
                                                                                                                              SPARTANBURG, SC
  Salary - $14.00hr + DOE
                                   HS/GED, Background          Forklift duties, delivering     needed. Automotive             APPLY IN PERSON @
                                 Check, Drug Screen, 1 year     materials and products               environment,             AMERICAN STAFFING
     Material Handlers            manufacturing experience     to the lines for assembly     manufacturing experience             RESOURCES
        Temp to Hire                                              purposes. Must be             a must. Lifting on a         302 SMITH LIMESTONE
          2nd Shift                                             capable to move into a       repetitive basis. All types            STREET
Salary - $9.50hr + shift diff.                                 heavy assemblers role if       of lifts could be utilized.         GAFFNEY, SC
                                                                material handling is not
                                   HS/GED, Background            Heavy assembly in an         environment, assembly          APPLY IN PERSON @
                                 Check, Drug Screen, 1 year     automotive area. Able         line. Able to work in all      AMERICAN STAFFING
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                     37
     Heavy Assemblers             manufacturing experience     to utilize basic hand tools    areas learning new jobs           RESOURCES
        Temp to Hire                                              and measurements.               and procedures.          302 SMITH LIMESTONE
          2nd Shift                                              Lifting on a repetitive     Manufacturing experience             STREET
Salary - $9.50 hr+ shift diff.                                        bases. Team              must be of a physical            GAFFNEY, SC
                                   Drug Screen; Spinning                                      Will operate a spinning     APPLY IN PERSON @
         Spinner                        Experience                                                    machine             PMI STAFFING
      TEMP TO HIRE                                                                                                        1203 JOHN B WHITE SR
   Salary - $8.87 hourly                                                                                                  SPARTANBURG, SC
                                      Drivers License;                                                                      APPLY IN PERSON @
        Plumber                   Drug Screen + 5 years of                                                                 TEMPORARY SERVICES
      TEMP TO HIRE                   experience needed                                                                             INC.
                                                                                                                          359 WHITNEY RD. SUITE
Salary - $18 to $20 hourly +                                                                                               15, SPARTANBURG SC

     Electrician Helper             6 months to 1 year of                                      Top Electrician Helper,      APPLY IN PERSON @
      TEMP TO HIRE                      experience                                               Also could have            AMERICAN STAFFING
  Salary – $12.00 Hourly                                                                           certification.           1463 E. MAIN STREET
                                                                                                                              SPARTANBURG SC

                                           HS/GED;              Must have 3-5 years          Must be able to lift up to     APPLY IN PERSON @
                                 Drivers License, Background   machine operator exp,         70lbs and have the ability     PHILLIPS STAFFING
                                     Check, Drug Screen         the understanding of          to stand for 8 hours or      357 E BLACKSTOCK RD
    Machine Operator                                           measurements and the                   longer                  SPARTANBURG, SC
      TEMP TO HIRE                                             conversion of fractions
  Salary – $10.65 Hourly                                       and decimals is a must!
                                                                Knowledge of using a
                                                                    hand grinder.
                                        Drug Screen                                          Will be serving a banquet.    Apply online or in person
      Banquet Server
                                                                                             Must have black pants (no    at PMI Staffing (Monday –
      Temp 1-3 days
                                                                                              jeans), white buttoned         Thursday 9:00am to
                                                                                              down collared shirt and             12:00pm.
   Salary – $8.00 Hourly
                                                                                             black slip resistant shoes

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                    38
  Manufacturing Welders   HS/GED – Experience in                                     Monday-Friday – Temp to
                          Assembly Tack Welding – 6                                           Perm                 PALMETTO STAFFING -
                                                                                                                   APPLY IN PERSON
                          months -1 year exp.
                                                                                                                   25 Woods Lake Rd Suite 110
        Salary DOE        Must provide clean Sled                                                                  Greenville, SC

                           HS/GED – must have 1 yr                                   Data entry, payroll entry,      APPLY IN PERSON @
                                 experience                                                receptionist              AMERICAN STAFFING
     Part-Time Clerical                                                                                              1463 E. MAIN STREET
       $8.50 hourly                                                                   5 days/wk – 8:30 – 2:30        SPARTANBURG SC
                                                                                           Temp to Hire

                          HS/GED – must have 3 yrs                                    No certification needed         APPLY IN PERSON @
                                experience                                                                           AMERICAN STAFFING
                                                                                            5-6 days/wk               1463 E. MAIN STREET
        Salary DOE
                                                                                                                         SPARTANBURG SC
                              HS/GED, Drug Test,                                     Full Time possibly, temp to      APPLY IN PERSON @
      Manufacturing       Background check, 6months                                             perm                 PALMETTO STAFFING
        Welders              to a year experience,                                                                   25 WOODSLAKE ROAD
                          experience in assembly tack                                                               SUITE 110 GREENVILLE
        Salary DOE                  welding                                                                                     SC
                                                          APPLY AT PHILLIPS           Feed raw materials into      From bales and dispose of
                              Must pass background         STAFFING or SEND              robot by lift truck,        properly, remove bales
                             check and drug screen,       RESUME TO 864-949-         materials must be blended     from wire press, maintain
                          must be able to stand long      5676 ATTN: CHRISTY          properly, Change robot           good housekeeping
    Machine Operators     periods of time on concrete,                               blades, maintain lift truck       standards, perform
                             Company is very dusty,                                    by keeping clean and         cleaning and any minor
     $9.00 + an hour           Breathing test will be                                  removing knots from            maintenance tasks as
                              administered, 2 years                                  wheels, remove wrappings        directed by production
                                machine operating                                                                         lead operator.
                              Must have warehouse,         Be able to work shift              To APPLY:
      Call In Program      assembly and/or inspection     assigned, usually 1st or     Visit American Staffing
                              experience. Must have                 2nd                1463 East Main Street
      $10.00 hourly       reliable transportation, Must                                Spartanburg SC 29307

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                             39
                                 Must have squeeze clamp           speak English            Call Phillips Staffing to
      Forklift Operator           forklift experience, Must                                  schedule interview
                                    pass drug screen and
       Temp to Hire                Background check, will                                       864-949-5635
       $9.00 hourly             need steel toe shoes, must
                               Requires valid driver’s                                     Digging, carrying gravel        Temporary:Visit American
                               license, need a Strong Go-                                                                   Staffing office @ 1463 E.
      General Laborer                                                                                                     Main Street between 8:30am
                               Getter                                                                                         – 4:30 pm to fill out
   Salary=$10.00 hourly                                                                                                     application (Applications
                                                                                                                           taken Tues. and Wed. 8:30
                                                                                                                                and Thurs. 8:30)
                               Requires SC driver’s license                                   Construction Labor             Temporary Call for
                                  and must have own                                                                           Phone Interview
                                     transportation                                                                            (864) 235-3619
        Salary DOE
                                 Must have SC Driver’s         Must know how to use       Call for further information           Temporary
        Carpenters /
                                   license and have              basic hand tools                                               Call for Phone
         Carpenter Helpers
                                     transportation                                                                               Interview
        Salary DOE
                                Requires 1 yr. experience                                                                      (864) 235-3619

                                H.S. Diploma/GED w/ at           Able to lift 50+ lbs.        Friday, Sat., Sun.               TEMPORARY
     Machine Operator
                                     least 6 months           repetitively and have no        5:45am-6:00 pm               Apply in person at PMI
     M-F hours $9/hour
                               manufacturing experience.      felonies. Must pass test!     Get paid for 40 hours.              M-F 9a-12p

                               3 months experience pulling     Must live w/in 50 miles     Class A Truck Driving –         Call Mike for Prescreen
 Tractor Trailer Oper. w/ JB    a 45’ trailer or longer and       of Spartanburg.         over the road. 2100 miles          at 888-234-4373 or
            Hunt                       Class A CDL.                                         per week w/ 24 hours 
     Pay based on exp.                                                                       home on weekend.                         Or
     .31cpm to .34cpm                                                                                                      contact@driverhotline.
          Driver                At least 6 months of OTR      No DUIs in last 5 years –     Over the road and                CALL BRENDA at
   Long-term Permanent           exp. In last 3 years or           good MVR and           regional driver. Home         1-800-435-6469 for phone
                                graduated from trucking       references. Stable work       weekends or every              application or more
Avg. pay = $850-$1200/week       school in last 90 days.      history – no more than 7        other weekend                information. Sterling
                                      CDL – Class A              jobs in last 3 years.    depending on location                 Recruiting
                                                                                             and experience.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc                                                                                     40
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\071c4416-6048-4397-b93f-d594ec75f518.doc   41

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